Tarô no baka (2019) - full transcript

Taro is a vagabond, a wanna-be, an urchin and not what anyone would call mainstream. He does not care. Do not even ask him about his background or age. He would not know and he would not bother. The man meets two others and he begins to experience a new set of conditions.

You must be making a lot of money from
this landshark business, huh.

You're lucky, you know.

I don't like yakuza.

They're a real pain in the ass.

That's why I hate you, too.

Do you know when was
life worth the most?

- During the bubble era?
- Nice answer.
[t/n: during the bubble era, yakuzas obtained
a powerful stranglehold over the economic sectors;
their incomes could be over billions of dollars]

Your life gets more precious as
you have a lot of money.

As you feel your life is worth shit,
you'd be all fascinated and delighted. So stupid.

On television, it's stated that life is much heavier
than the whole earth. Fucking stupid.

Life was worthless during the war,
and it remains so today. It's worthless equally.


Don't give me that reaction.
Life's even more worthless now.

The number of elderly and disabled
people that need care is growing,

the number of suicides
is not decreasing.

Gangsters no longer
have a place in this world.

As a yakuza, you know it well, right?

Yakuzas, disabled people, and
old folks jumble together.

You know what is inside~?

The social outcasts.
Those who are shunned by society.

Stupid, right?

The weak lash out at the other weaker.

That's the absolute worst!

Your rage ...

should be directed at
the strong ones!

(Hall A)

- What the hell did you do?
- I'm sorry.

It's not like you think.
They suddenly went nuts.

What a useless brat.

Yoshioka ...

I'll take care of the rest.

What the hell will you do to take
care of this fucking mess, huh?

I'll contact the black doctor I know.
They won't find out about this.

Didn't I just tell you how
much I hate them?

Those jerks are all acting
like good guys,

I want to kill them! Every single one,
including their families!

All of them, seriously!

In times of war, you die for your country,
that's so much better, you know.

What now?

What to do with people like them?

Since no one telling them shit,
so I'll tell them!

Just die!

People like you all, have no shame in living,
so why don't you just die?

You all, who neither wanna live
nor die, should just be killed.

What makes you think
you're still worth living?

Whatever it is, still useless, though.

Useless people like you
should just be killed!

30,000 disabled people are
neither killed nor permitted to live,

instead got dumped into
shit places like this!

And everyone is simply
fucking happy about it!

Fucking stupid!

This world is already rotten!

Mr. Oda ...

you should just stop being
such a hypocrite.

This country is already
riddled with hypocrites.

You just made a mistake.


You should not have
gotten carried away.

Mr. Oda ...

sing a song for me.


Sing me your favorite song.

The mountain where I chased rabbits~

The river where I fished small carps~

Tsk! So noisy!


Ah, we're burying a dead
body right now.


No signal. Tsk.


Mr. Oda ...

you had sung me such a nice song.
Thank you so much.

I still dream of those days even now~

I miss my home town~

Subtitles Translation by neet21_

Oh, shit. It hurts.

She is a slut anyway.

I told you, I don't have
any feelings for her.

Shit, this hurts.

Taro! We'll carry out
our plan tomorrow.

Yes, let's do it!
We're gonna pound him to a pulp!

This boy has never been to school.

His name is Taro.
Sugio gave him that name.

Sugio said, the one without
a name is called Taro.

Sugio has been a long-time
buddy of mine.

He likes Yoko.

He admires Yoko's piano skills.

Give me the money after this, okay?

You're having fun?

You're having fun, right?

Yoko is a slut.

Sluts are filthy.

- It comes! Pull it! Pull it!
- No way! The fish getting away.

Ah no, you let it get away.

- Wait up, it almost gets caught!
- Where does it go? Where?

- Where does it go?
- Wait! How would I know.

- Seriously?
- Are you a fool?

- Eiji, did you get hit?
- Look, I've told you, right?

- What, are you serious?
- What happened after that?

You had sex?

A few years ago ...

a group of guys around here,

kidnapped a high school girl and
 they took turns rapping her.

I wanted to do the
same thing they did.

That girl was dead and dumped.

She is still down there
at the bottom of the sea,


If Taro flies ...

I will fly, too.

But when I fly high ...

and then crash down ...

I will die.

You know, students like you who got
in on a sports scholarship,

if you quit Judo,
everything will be worthless.

Same goes if your knee is broken,
it means you're useless.

You get it?

Coming to school will be pointless.

You ain't get any reason to live!

You don't intend to focus on
studying in the first place, right?

You will never, though.

You're gonna be living in the shadows!
In the gloomy nooks of society!

If you get into trouble again, you're out.

You'll be expelled immediately.

Also ...

I'll make you pay for quitting Judo.

I had chosen you.

Moreover, your brother
must be ashamed of you.

Hey, it's cold. No ...

- I can't stand the cold at all.
- But I like it.

When it's pouring ...


Is it you, Taro?

Are you okay?

You okay?



- What are you doing?
- Why do you two always stick together?

- I was playing this game.
- I was playing it, too.

You like him, right?

- Yup! I like him, a lot!
- I like her a lot, too.

What does it mean
to like someone?


I wonder what it means.

It's just ... I like her ...

- Sing me a song.
- Sure!

My name is Aiko~

From now on and forever ...

as I grow older ...

I will always be the same ...

continue pursuing the future~

The cherry blossoms ...

- Taro!
- What's up?

Let's do the plan today!

What's he gonna do this time?

Hey, are you sure want to
carry the plan out?

Are you fucking scared?
Just go back home instead.

- Why should we?
- Why my ass! Are you a fool?

This fool guy is scared shitless.

- You're just fucking scared, fool!
- He's scared shitless!

What's wrong?

He's scared shitless!

You are Yoshioka, right?

What does a slut mean?

Have you lost your mind?

It hurts!

Hey! Take his money!
He must have some money!

- Heck yes!
- It hurts ...

Take the money!

Sugio! Do your part now!

Sugio! Do it right now!

- Who the hell are you ...
- Huh?

Who the hell are you?

Are you a fool?
I won't fucking tell you, of course!

Eiji, right?

You shithead!
Apologize to me!

Get down on your knees,
you ugly pig!

What the hell is so funny about it?


What the hell are you laughing at?

Don't you fucking laugh!

Money! Money!

Guys, don't you think he's dead?

Of course he's not!

Fly ...

to the sky ...

We fly ...

When we fly high ...

and then crash down ...

Come on, faster, Eiji!


- Lights! Lights!
- Turn on the lights.


That was crazy.

Guys, look what we have here!
Eiji, look!

A gun!?


That's a pistol.

We've got a pistol!
Oh my god!

- It's heavy.
- Oh my god! This is awesome!

Eiji, we've got such awesome stuff!

- Oh, shit man! This is a real pistol!
- Let me try it, too. Let me!


- Let me see it.
- Awesome!

This is a fucking real pistol!

Oh, shit! Awesome!

Stop it!

Stop it, Eiji!

This is the real one.


That guy is a yakuza, right?

He is Yoshioka.

Is he a gangster?

Aren't we fucked up?

- We are fucked up, right?
- By what?

We should give it back.

Let's give it back right now.

- Let's give it back ...
- Shut the fuck up!

What a fucking fool! You fool!

You fool! You fool!

You fool! You fool!

You fool!

Be careful using it!

- Whoa!
- Hey! Come here!

I told you to stop it!

Eiji, this is awesome.

Hey, what the hell?

Don't you two fucking move!

- What's this about?
- Turn around and put your hands on the wall!

- Huh? What's with you?
- What's this about, Eiji?

- I'm serious.
- Stop it.

- I'm fucking serious.
- Eiji!

- What's with you?
- Take your clothes off.

Take your clothes off
and just shut up!


Shut up! You understand?

I understand.

Take off your clothes!

Turn around and put your
hands on the wall, now!

Yes, like that. Stay still.
Now take off your clothes.

You just clicked your tongue, huh?

Get what I've told you?
Take your clothes off now.

I get it, I'll take it off.

- Take off your pants, too.
- What the hell?

Heck no.

What's your problem?

Okay, we'll take them off, too.

- Any problem?
- No, I'll take it off.

Take it off.

Now jump.


Eiji ...

I said you to jump, now!

- Keep jumping and turn around.
- What the fuck?

- Turn around.
- Heck no.

Don't laugh!

Let's stop this!

Sugio, get down on your all fours.

On him?

Just do it exactly like
a gymnastic formation!

Hey, what the hell is this about?

You know, the thing that
the gymnastics groups do!

While you doing that pose, next you do …
No idea what's called ...

You know, that one when you slam
your body into the ground.

Count to three, then slam your body.

It would get me hurt if I do that.

Hurry up do it now!
You should have to do it!

Okay, we get it.
Sorry, Eiji.

So now I'm gonna slam my body against ...

All set ...


It hurts! It hurts!

It was just a warm-up, do it again!
Once more! Now!

Do it again, now!

All set! One, two, three ...


Sugio, look.
Taro's dick getting hard.

You must not do that shit now,
you a little asshole!

Just cut it off!
Yours getting hard, too, right?

It's not!

Why the heck does this
make you turn on?

How could he turn on
at a time like this?

You were subtly ...
subtly touching me there.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Hey, what are you two laughing at?
Do the next formation, now!

- Still doesn't enough?
- Do it!

- On all fours again?
- Cactus! Cactus formation!

How do you do that cactus thing?

Put someone on your shoulders and
pull your legs out like this.

It's not safe to do that pose, right?

- You've got to be kidding us.
- I can't do it.

We can't do it ...
Nobody can do it, though.

What's so funny about it?

Do it, now.

Why do you want us to
take photos, exactly?

What are we gonna
do with that gun?

Just do whatever ...

whatever we can with it.

What do we do, then?

What do we do, huh~

Do stuff we're no longer scared of, maybe.

You mean, shoot people?


I'm not scared, though.

Don't you think Taro's a little weird lately?

What to do with the gun?

Let's go grab them up!
Dragon Balls~

Can I help you?

You fool ugly hag!

Come on!


It hurts.


- Oh, look. Hey, take a look at there!
- What is it?

She's the girl Sugio likes.

I never told you I like her.

Shall we knock her down?

What about killing her and
then stealing her money?

You idiot! Don't do it, man!

I'll be right back.

He's really in love with that slut, huh?

What does to be in love mean?

Wait, Eiji!



- What's it?
- I'm starving.

Let's see what are you bringing.

- Whoa!
- Here we go~

- Can I eat it?
- Sure!

Yum! This is so yummy!

- Yum! What exactly is this?
- Oh, yum!

This is fucking delicious, Eiji.

You can eat the topping as well.
Seafood topping.

What's this?

- I don't know either.
- Whatever, I don't want it!

- Delicious!
- Yum!

Is pizza really this delicious?

Uwah, I can't believe it!

Why I didn't know this great
stuff, huh! Damn it!

This is fucking delicious.

You should never pull
the gun out, okay?


If you're caught using it,
we'll be in serious trouble.

We'll be fucked up, right?




- What's this?
- This is not good.

You get an erection?


You get an erection while eating, huh.

Where have you been, mom?

Mom, I'm talking to you!

- Where are you going, Eiji~?
- I missed you so much~

He knows he is being tailed.


You must not lie down
on the ground! Hey!

You hear me!




Gun! Hey, where's my gun?

Hey! Hey!
Hey, hey! Where's it? Hey! Hey!

Hey, do you hear me?
Where's my fucking gun?

- Give it back. Come on.
- Is it here?

- Take his pants off. Come on, take it off.
- Take it off!

- You didn't bring it with you?
- You scumbag!

- Hey! Hey!
- Forget it, get him.

Let's just kidnap him!
We'll kidnap you, you scumbag!

We'll kidnap you!

We'll kidnap you!
Come on! Let's go!

Stop that!
Don't snap any photos!

If you do, I'll kill you all!
You bitches!

Hey! Are you fucking kidding me?
Hey, hey!

- Hey, you hear me, asshole?
- Let's get out of here!

I'll kidnap you.
You asshole!

People are looking, too much trouble.
Let's get out of here now.

I swear I'm gonna kill
you next time, asshole!


Let's go.

Let's go. Come on.
Good dog, this way.

I found it!

I found it!

I found it!

I found the keys!

It hurts ...

It hurts.

What the fuck.

It sucks.

You there!

Come at me.

It hurts.

- Yoshioka came looking for you.
- What? Are you serious?

What should I do?

You must take full responsibility
for your actions.

You used to be friends
with him, right, bro?

Your problems with him are
none of my business.

Don't use Judo techniques
on your brother, dad told ...

It hurts ...

Dad told us so.

Hey, stop!

There you are.

Ah, gah! I give up! Give up!

You're getting really strong, bro.

Yoshioka's gonna kill me.

What are you talking about?

I'm telling you ...

Yoshioka's gonna kill me.

Eiji, don't this.

- Please you should stop this.
- I won't stop.

What are you laughing at?


What's it that you want
us to stop, huh?

Guys, this is seriously not good.

What's it that not good?

- Taro, take it.
- Hurry! Hurry!

Here we go.

- Whee! Oh, here we go!
- Oh, no! This is crazy!

- I'm firing.
- Here we go! Fire!

- Hot! Hot! Hot!
- Ouch, it's hot, it's hot, it's hot!

Shit, man!
We've missed the target.

You suck at this.

- How the hell am I supposed to hit that?
- Come on, Sugio. You should try it, too.

- Come on, do it now!
- Sugio! Hey!

Taro, look! It's a bit burnt.

- Oh, shit! You okay?
- It was hot.

- Do it, Sugio!
- Do it now!

- Here he goes.
- This is gonna be crazy shit!

Oh, shit man!
Hey! Hey! Step closer! Closer!

Step closer! Closer!

Closer! Closer!

Hey, that's dangerous.
Watch out.

Oh my gosh!

Oh, shit man!

Get out of here right now!
We're gonna be fucked up!

Hey, Taro!
Wait for me! Hey!

Quit being a prostitute, please.

I told you to stop being a fucking slut!

It looks so lame.

Don't fuck with me!

How's it? Hey!

[girls] Let's go, we should
inform the teachers.

It hurts? Give up?
Give up already?

Get off me!

You bite my leg, disgusting!

I will break it!
I will break your hand!

Tongare! Tongare! Tongare~!

Tongare! Tongare~!

Posing like mount Fuji, Tongare~!
Tongare! Tongare~!

Like a rocket! Tongare~!
Tongare! Tongare~!

Like a cedar tree!
Like a spear~!

Tonga! Tonga!
Tongare! Tongare~!

Getting it sharped, spear the ground~

Getting it sharped, cut the sun in half~


We should get going now.

- Going now?
- Yes, let's go.


(I don't take orders from anyone)

- Auntie, what are you doing here?
- What's wrong?

What are you doing here?
You don't go to school?

How old are you?

You have kids, Auntie?

I do have.

How old?

Much older than you.

Which school do you attend?

Are your kids cute?

Why are you asking me that?

Not cute?

Of course, they're cute.

But sometimes they're not, right?


There must be a time when they
don't act all cute, right?

Well, that's ...

How about when they're
doing it with their dicks?

I spend the most of my
time masturbating.

Hold on!

Are you mad?

I'm sorry.

Please stay a bit longer.

- What's your name?
- My name's Taro. And auntie?

Where do you live?

How are you doing at school?

You keep asking me this and
that about school.

I've never attended a school, you know.
Not once in my life.

Not even elementary school.
That sucks.

Auntie, I'm no good and hopeless.

That's a thing I can't do
anything about, though.

I'm now around 14 or 15.

I don't know how to read kanji,
but I can read hiragana.

I learned them on my own.

I can't read manga either.

I don't have a dad,
and my mom hasn't been home lately.

But Eiji and Sugio are there for me.
They're my buddies.

They call me, Taro.

Mom calls me Yoshizumi.

I didn't tell Eiji and Sugio what my name
was when they asked.

Sugio said the one without
a name is called, Taro.

By the way, the dog Sugio's family adopted
didn't have a name either.

They call the dog, Taro.

So, my name is Taro.

Cool name, right?

Also, this girl, who lives
near the riverside,

Eiji said that Sugio's
in love with her.

What does to be in love mean?

Ah, also, what does a slut mean?

You must do know those kinds of stuff,
I need you to explain them to me.

Oh yeah, let me show
you something great.

You mustn’t tell this to anyone.

This is awesome.
It's a real one.

Auntie, I might attempt to shoot you
if I have this gun in my hand.

What would you do if your
kids have killed people?

Would you still think they're cute?
Auntie, why don't you give it a try.

- No, thanks.
- Take it! Just take it!

- W-wait!
- Take it!

I can't! I can't! I can't!
No! No!

- Please stop it! Stop it!
- Hold it!

Please forgive me!

In this case, “Please forgive me”
should be my line.

I, a stranger, assault you for no reason.

So, that's on me.

- I don't go to school, though.
- That's okay, it's not your fault.

Hey! Auntie!

If I kill you,
will you forgive me?

What? Please stop ...

Oh, by the way, my mom
prays to a prayer pot.

What's exactly she prays
to the prayer pot for?

Please stop this.

Do you know what's it for?

Auntie, why does she pray?

Do you pray, too?

- What? No, I don't ...
- I hate prayers.

What exactly do people pray to?
Tell me more about it.

They pray to God?

What's God?

Why don't you now pray!
Pray, now!

Pray 10 times straight for me
and shoot me right after!

I will forgive you for everything,
so shoot me now!

Somebody, help me!

Pray to your God!
And shoot me!

- Please stop!
- Shoot me now! Shoot me!

- Hey, you ugly hag, shoot me!
- I can't, please stop!

I told you to shoot me!

- Hey you!
- Hey, wait!

Hey, stop right there!
We won't hit you this time!

Don't run, hey!

You lovely boy~

You'll never get away from me.

- Hey, you! You bastard!
- You bastard, you really ...

You're a real pain in the ass!
Fucking pain in the ass!

So, what to do, huh?

- Put him to death!
- Go to hell!

- You wanna die, right?
- All right, let's just do it.

- I'll give it back! I'll give it back!
- Send him to hell!

You'll give it back, huh~?

Wait, please!
Yoshioka, I'll give it back.

Life is short, right~

You shithead!

Go to hell!
You fucking idiot brat!

I almost died.

You could have been killed.

My entire body hurts.

Will you be okay?

Don't worry.
You better go home now.

Shall we kill Yoshioka instead?

Let's just kill him.

- Good idea ...
- Right?

- I'm kinda feeling a lot better now.
- Good, then.

Sugio is not coming.

All right, let's do it!

Hello, you all~!

- Move! Hey!
- Tie him down!

Pin him down! Pin him down!

- Get up, come on!
- He is felled!

Hey, stand up straight!

- Come on, man
- Come on! Come on!

Come on, get up!

Get your shit together!

- Hey! Get up! Hey!
- He swoons.

It fucking hurts, fools.

In the Tokyo Air Raid of March 10, 1945,

the densely populated downtown district of
Shitamichi was turned into a sea of flames.

Approximately 100,000 people
died in a single night.

You like it?

I can't read these at all.

But this seems to be something
I'd enjoy reading.

You can have it.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

I quit school.
You can have it all.

My entire body is numb.


I've been choked off so many times.

My head is so dizzy as hell.

You really like it?

I do.

Many people are dead.


What happens when you die?

Nothing happens.

It's just all dark ...

and everything is over.

There will be no bombs dropped, right?

You're just so amusing.

I don't think I'll cry out my pain when I'm dying,
no matter how bad it hurts.

You fool! You're dying anyway,
you may as well cry out your pain.

Ah, I see.

Sugio, that fool brat,
has backed out again, huh?

Seems so.

Do you think he hates us?


You will shoot me?

You fool.
The probability is fifty-fifty.

That's crazy, man.

Taro the fool.

I don't mind dying, though.

That was close, man!

Oh, shit!

He's come, finally.

We have an appointment for you.


- Who is he with?
- Dunno.



- Who's he?
- I'm Sugio's father.

- You've got to be kidding me?
- Why don't you take a seat?

Talk ...

I heard you quit school.

Yup, I quit.

Will you please stop
hanging out with my son?

Uncle, is Sugio cute?

I'm fine with that.

But we must be clear about it.

I must punch him as a condition.

It hurts.

Are you satisfied now?

I need to do my part as well.

Can we go outside for a minute?

Or would you rather drink it?

The snowy town~

The snowy town~

You're really gonna stop
hanging out with us?

Only my memories passing by~

The snowy town~

Come with us.

It's falling from the skies of
my far-off hometown~

Come on! Hurry, move faster!
Hey, hurry up! Hurry!

- Hurry! Ah, no way!
- Hold on! Wait!

Ah, ouch!
Hey, let's go! Do it!

It's so cold.

Watch out!

Taro's flying high ...

The world's getting smaller and smaller.

Shut the fuck up!

What's wrong with you guys, huh?

We're just fucking pissed off!

- Hey, you!
- It hurts, hey!

It hurts, hey!
What the hell is wrong with you?

Get off me! Get off me!

I will shoot you, bastard!

Sugio, your nose is bleeding.

You're just so weak, huh.

Look, it's all covered with blood.

I did a so-called baseball bat spanking!

You just have no idea how it works.

That man might have been dead.

I don't give a shit if he dies!

Just let him go to hell!

- Why?
- Shut the fuck up!

- Why the hell!
- Shut the fuck up!

Why the hell you
don't care if he dies?

Why the hell you don't
give a shit if he dies?

Fucking dirty!

- People don't die that easily!
- Yeah, you hear that!

- You fool!
- Fucking fool!

He'll never understand it
unless he gets hit like that man.

Hey, since we've got a gun,
why don't we make use of it?

You hear me, Sugio!
Let's do great stuff with that!

With that, you might be
able to rape a girl.

You can easily rape as you wish.

Let's fuck around and
try out some craziest things.

It hurts.
I can't get my leg out.

Hey! You hear me!
Sugio, let's fuck around.

Come on, you, kick it, too.

Come on, kick it.
Come on do it now!

Get up! Come on!

Why don't we just go crawfishing!

Go crawfishing you say!
Crawfishing, huh!

Why don't we just go
crawfishing instead ...

Eiji ...

My name is Aiko~

From now on and forever ...

as I grow older ...

I will always be the same ...

continue pursuing the future~

My name is Aiko~

From now on and forever ...

as I grow older ...

I will always be the same ...

continue pursuing the future~

Each and every seed ...

grew day by day~

Each time its petal falls ...

it's getting stronger~

My name is Aiko~

From now on and forever ...

as I grow older ...

I will always be the same ...

continue pursuing the future~

If it's a thing I like,
I will just say I like it~!

As I soak up the sun's rays ...

my voice is withering~

If it's a thing I don't like,
I will just say I don't like it~

In spite of the downpour ...

love will be poured into it~


My name is Aiko~

No ... please stop!


No ...

No! Somebody, help me!

No ... please stop ...

No! Don't do this ...

No! Let go of me!

No! No!

Eiji, seems it's stuck.

Just forget about it.

Yuki is dead.

Our buddy is dead.

I can see heaven within reach.

The wings of a white dove,

taking me back to my childhood.

It's not a dream, it's all real.


My body under its wings ...

is flying.

The living or the dead ...

which one do we resemble more?

The dead.

And the world will change.




Fuck you!

You just have no idea who
you're dealing with.

I want my money back!

Give me my money back!

Hey, you!

Oh, shit!

It burns ...

It burns ...


Can you take a look at this spot?

It looks bad ...

It's dented.

- Does it hurt?
- It hurts.

- You okay?
- Dunno.

It was just a minor bump before.

You sure it was supposed
to be just a bump?

Yoshioka must have been dead.

Yeah, he must have been dead.

He used to say this ...

“Useless people who neither wanna live
nor die, should be just killed.”

Didn't he just talk about himself?

If that's the case, I guess I'm one of
those people he talked about.

I think I've fallen in love with Yoko.

I'm so in love with her.

I have 30,000 with me.

30,000 cash.

Let's have sex.

I may be joining the
Japan Self-Defense Forces.

My dad said I should join.

I'm gonna die for this country.

I ...

I want to be with you for
even one second.

Because I like you.

Because I love you.

I just confessed to you.

You know, today,
Taro killed Yoshioka.

Taro shot him with a gun.

And he died on the spot.

He died immediately.

He deserved death, though.

He was trying to kill Eiji.
So he deserved it, right?

No, I don't understand what
are you talking about.

Seems too many things
you don't understand, huh?

You are hurting me!

- I don't care if it hurts.
- Let go of me!

I don't care!

You do understand what
it's like to be in pain, right?

I want to be with you.

Yoko ...

You are so great when you play piano.

I love you.

I'm so in love with you.

I've got 30,000 cash.

I'll have sex ...

with anyone who pays me.

Could you please help me ...

I don't understand these at all.

I will do anything I'm asked.

I will even give a blowjob.

And sex, too.

I really enjoy doing them.

It makes me so happy to just
know that my clients feel it good.

You know, skin-on-skin contact ...

it feels so good.

Doing those things will simply
make me fall in love.

But it's not pure love at all.

I did it for the first time when I was 14.

I've done it with over a hundred men since then,
though I didn't really count it.

Sugio, I'll ask you something ...

What does it mean to be in
love with someone?

You know, Sugio ...

Every time you listened to me
playing the piano,

I was so happy.


I like you.

That can't be true, right ...

I've always liked you.

Please ...

I want to be with you.

I love you.

I'm begging you.

Yoko, please ...

You should've at least looked at me!

Shut the fuck up!

No! No! Don't!
What the hell are you doing?

Stop ...
No! Stop!

Stop it!

Please stop ...

Don't cry!

You're such a sly hag, you know.

I tried murdering a man today.

I've murdered Yoshioka!

He must have been dead by now.

I shot him with this gun.

That's not bad, right?

How does it feel?
Your son is a murderer.

The boy from the riverside is dead, too.

He drowned in the river!

He's dead!

How's that?
Are you sad?

You have anything to say to
your son before he murders you?

How does it feel?

Tell me how you're feeling!
Why don't you now pray?

Pray, now!

I'll murder you as well!

You hear me!

- I'm sorry.
- Urgh!

- I'm so sorry.
- Screw you, old hag!

If you join the Japan Forces,
will you ever be able to return home?

I will, after four years.

Wow, four years.
That's a long time.

I've heard that joining Japan Forces
is a really big deal.

I might have to drive a tank if I join.

A tank?

Yeah, so I think it will be nice if I join.

What if a war breaks out?

As the war breaks out,
many will perish.

Perish like bugs, right?

Like bugs.

You are right.

Perish like bugs.

You can do whatever you want, too.

Because everyone's freaked out.

Let's go rape some girls out there, then.

Because Sugio will be unable to
do so for a long time.

Let's go crawfishing as well.

Let's do both tomorrow!

- Yeah!
- Let's do both.

- Yoko ...
- What is it?

- Yoko told me that she likes me.
- You must be lying.

She's always liked me.

Good for you.

I'm so happy.

- I had confessed to her.
- You serious?

It hurts ...

(Pray, live, die)

Why are you crying?

I don't know.


I don't know why I'm crying.

Is that so.

Eiji ...

You hear me? Eiji!

Wake up, Eiji!


Wake up ...

Eiji ...

Eiji, please wake up!

Eiji, wake up ...

Eiji ...

Wake up ...


Eiji ... Eiji, wake up ...


Eiji, wake up ...

Eiji, wake up!

Wake up ...

Eiji …

Front! Front! Front!

Throw in! Throw the ball in!
The ball! Ball!

Okay! Okay! Good!
Fall back!

Okay, from the outside line.


Front! Front! Front!

- Pass to the front!
- Okay, good! Go! Go! Go!

Go! Go! Go!

Nice shoot!

- Another round?
- Yeah~

Let's play again!

- Hey!
- Come on! Come on!

- Right side!
- Hey! Hey!



- What's happening?
- Ew, such a freak.


Creepy freak.

Subtitles translation by neet21_