Tar (2020) - full transcript

In the murky depths of Los Angeles' world-famous La Brea Tar Pits there lies an ancient secret - a creature that, awakened by underground construction, turns a night of somber packing for Barry Greenwood and his co-workers into a desperate fight for survival.

40,000 years ago at the
end of the last ice age,

temperatures climbed and climbed
in the Los Angeles basin,

giving rise to new species
of plants and animals.

New predators attacked new prey.

But something else rose
as the heat swelled.

A hot, sticky and seemingly
endless seepage from the ground.


As decades passed, the
tar pit grew and grew.

The animals came but never left.

Slowly sucked into
the steaming hot tar.

Thousands of years later,

early Native Americans
settled in the area.

Villagers nearby used the
tar as sealant for canoes,

baskets and huts.

On one occasion, the villagers
were having a celebration,

but in the morning,

three of the tribesmen who had
ventured off were found dead,

covered and suffocated
by the black substance.

After this incident,
no one was permitted

to go near the pit in the night.

They called it Matchi-Manitou,

the evil spirit.

During the 20th century, a
sprawling urban metropolis

buried the tar pit deep
below its concrete surfaces.

Only a small open pit
remained, allowing excavators

to sift through the trove
of ancient skeletons.

Many new species were
discovered, but one,

the elusive Matchi-Manitou,
was never found.

And the urban
metropolis is the street

you find yourself standing
on right here today.

Right here on the
streets of Los Angeles.

Yo, let's go. Come on.

I've just gotta
hear it one more time.

That's very kind
of you, good sir.

40,000 years ago-

- You really still
believe this shit?

I'm not saying
that I believe it,

but I don't not believe it.

Your dad always talks about it.

Yeah, my dad would always
say, "don't go in the tar pits"

as a kid, but you know why?

'Cause it's bad, it's
gross, it's sticky.

It gets on your foot.

You're such a pussy.

Here's the deal, we
go and finish packing,

and then tomorrow we're
not gonna be here anymore,

so you can come all you want
and listen to this story.

Come on, let's go.

His eyes.

I'll never forget
that look in his eyes.

You know I always
wanna help you, Ben,

but I can't get you her number.

Come on, man! You've known
her for years, she trusts you.

I love
you like a brother

but I don't trust you with her.

Whatever, man.

Oh, hey, hey, hey!

- Come here, come here.
- What's up?

So, I'm sitting here packing,

getting everything ready to go,

and then something told me
"stop everything that you're

doing and open the book" and
I did, right to this page.

"On October 18th, an Aquarius
new moon," this is you,

"lights up your eighth house
of intimacy and shared wealth.

This is the second consecutive
new moon in Aquarius."

The first was on, get
this, September 20th.

Just like I said!

Last week.

I am going to
miss this so much.

I know.

Is my dad in?

- Dad?
- Mm?

I need the keys for
the workshop downstairs.


Isn't the please implied?

So it's gonna be one
of those days, is it?

What makes you think
because it's the last day here

that it'll be any different
than any other day?



All right, let's do it.

Through the legs.


Come on.

You're stubborn,
just like your mother.

No, I'm stubborn
just like you, Dad.

Yeah, well, sorry for
giving you a livelihood.

Yeah, you gave me a livelihood.
It just wasn't so lively.

Putting computers back
together, rebuilding laptops,

typewriters every so often.

Tell me all about
all the offers

that you got after
getting your degree.

Tell me again, enlighten
me. Just for once.

Sure, yeah, I'll
enlighten you that

I could use a little
encouragement from my father.

Is that what this
is all about, huh?

Is there some sort
of resentment?


Let me tell you
something, Zachary.

I never resented my dad, who
worked his ass off, by the way,

giving me all the advantages
and privileges that I received.

I know.

I never, ever
resented your mother.

Now you're bringing
Mom into this?

I'll just go get
back to packing.

None of us knew.

Definitely not Ben and Marigold.


What's next after all this?

Fuck if I know.


I'm gonna open up my own shop.

Gonna have candles and
cards and stuff in the front

and people to do tarot and
read palms in the back.

You know, you've
never done one of those

weird handjob things on me.

Really? I've given everybody
in this office a handjob.

Let's see.

Oh, wow.

It looks like you're in for
a really unhappy ending.




Come on, this desk
isn't gonna move itself.

You and your magical
psychic mind-reading abilities

levitate the desk outta here.

Yeah, why didn't
I think of that?

Dear spirits, help me move the
fat ass that's on the desk.

Oh. Oh, wow, it's working.


- Come on.
- All right, you ready?

One, two.

Bobby used to drive me
nuts with that tennis ball.

Hindsight's a funny gift.

Is the 10:30
gonna be on time?

If I can set
up the track in time.

I think you will.

Did you bring the
pick from the car?

- It's on the table.
- Oh, all right.

I see it. Thank you.

10:27, 10:28, 10:29.

10:30, right on time.

Was that an earthquake, Papa?

No, no, no. That was the
building across the way.

Remember I told you?


Do you know that building?

That building's
gonna be something

very special for this city.

But I thought it
was just a museum?


To some people, that's special.

I think it'd be special
if it was a train station.



Barry, Sebastian
Sterling's here to see you.

Hey, Barry. How are ya?

You know it doesn't have
to be like this, Barry.

This whole thing
could end amicably.


No, Sebastian.

With this deadline
that you're imposing,

no, I don't think the word
amicable comes to mind.

Right, the whole
two-week eviction notice,

I mean, that was a tad
harsh, and you gotta get out.

You know, but according
to the terms of the lease-

- Yeah, the lease that
was written 65 years ago.

It's a bit dated, but you
know, I've got lawyers, Barry.

You know,
Sebastian, back then,

they didn't need lawyers.

You know what it was?
It was a handshake.

That's it.

My card.

Take it, use it, call me.

If you need me,
anything for you, okay?

Anything, as long as
it's before six a.m.

No way.

"Science fair champ."

Three generations
at that place.

Greenwood Repair.

And Papa and my
dad had that bond.

I just wish that my dad
and I had more of a chance.

Oh, hey, bud.

Oh, that's, that's sad.

It's really sad.

Hey, man, I know.

I know it's sad, but, you
know, I'll be hiring in a year.

You're more than
welcome to apply.

Yeah, I appreciate that.

So what do we have
to do by six a.m.?

What do you have to do by
six a.m.? Uh, everything.

Everything must go.
Everything outta here, okay?

The boxes, the schmudtas,
the mopey old men.

Oh, you mean my dad?

Your dad needs
to get outta here.

The typewriter, gone. The
walls, the walls are filthy.

Look, there is schmutz
all over these walls.

They need to be cleaned,
carpets need to be shampooed.

Paint needs to be
repainted, and the bathroom.

Can we talk about the
bathroom for a second?

I need it to smell

and if you don't adhere to all
of those things by six a.m.

I'm gonna have to
refer to the lease.

That's where I have
to take you to court,

then I have to sue you,
then you have to pay me the-

- $100,000. I know.

Yeah, that you know.

But it's getting torn down
in a month. Why do you care?

That's just a rumor.

Are you kidding
me? That's a fact.

- No, that is a rumor.
- Ah, no. That's a fact.

Don't go start
spreading rumors.

This building is getting
torn down in a month.

Hold on, got a call coming in.


Hey, babe. Just going
through a tunnel.

Listen, hey, it's just
procedure, young Greenwald.

It's procedure.

Oh, yeah, it's
procedure you wipe my ass.

What was that?

Nothin', I was just
going over the procedure.

I got you covered.

You're a good man, Greenwald.

It's Greenwood.


Hey, did you get my card?

This isn't the
life I dreamed of.

I wanted more
adventure in my life.

Third year in a row.

Sky's the limit.

Someday this could be you.

Like grandfather,
like father, like son.

But then one year becomes
two and three and four

and family obligations and
loyalty and then you're stuck.

Oh, shit.



Help me!



Help me!

Help me, somebody!

I'm still not hungry, Ben.

But I have your favorite.

What're you doing here?

Thought you might be hungry
so I brought you some food.

It's so good to see you.

look what you did.

- Cucumber martini?
- No.


You knew exactly
what I needed today.

Okay, I'll just have one sip.

So needed that.

Look, I know it's been a
rough day for you and your dad.

Yeah, what day is it?

Come on, Zach, you
can't get away with those

throwaway "woe is
me" lines anymore.


But you know what, Rose?
It's more than that.

We never see eye to eye.

I'll be up and he'll be down.

Or he'll be up and I'll be down.

I've been the third wheel in
that situation enough times,

so trust me, I know.

You know what? Tonight,
no third wheels, okay?

Just two wheels.

No third wheels, just...

Two wheels.

In your next life chapter,
you're gonna take center stage.

That's what I've been saying.

- You get me.
- No, I don't get you.

The stars get you.

They tell me what's going
on with you and I relay it.

That's it.



Sorry to bother you guys.

Oh, no. You could
never be a bother to us.

Oh, god, there must've
been another accident

or something from that subway.

Anyway, what's up?

Yeah, so, I get
a little bit anal

with these types of things,

and I was wondering if
you had any more of that

premium quality bubble wrap?


Really appreciate it.

See ya.

Can you get any creepier?

Did you hear the way
she said "anal" to me?

- Here you go.
- Oh!

You didn't have to do
that. I could've done that.

Oh, it's totally fine.
Don't worry about it.

I'm almost done
packing the back office.

I'll make sure that
it's packed tightly.

- You really are the best.
- You really mean that?

Of course I do.

As soon as we move
and I hire new people,

I'm bumping you up.

Carmenia, I wouldn't be
where I am today without you.

So, let's get going?

Oh, right. Yeah,
I'll get right on that.

Why isn't it working?

Well, I don't know. Let's see.

- You got it connected, yeah?
- Yeah.

Is it tight?

Let's see here.

There we go.



What was that?

Just that construction.


Doesn't sound like construction.

Motherfucking subway!

Guess we can't do any more work.

Hopefully the power
comes back on soon.

Or not. Remember, what
was that, two weeks ago?

It didn't come on
for like 45 minutes.

What if it doesn't
come on again?

You know what? Screw it,
maybe we should just go.

Yeah, so let's
all go have a drink,

because Zach here's gonna
front the 100 grand.

Come on, I was just saying,
you know, even Sebastian.

He probably wouldn't want
us to move in the dark.

Yes, he will.

I'm afraid we have
no choice, okay?

But someone's gonna get hurt.

I don't want Marigold
to move in the dark.

Or Ben, I don't want him
to move in the light.

It was my grandfather, it
was your great-grandfather,

he kinda had to leave
Europe in a hurry.

He was a stowaway in the
belly of a cargo ship.

Two weeks on the
Atlantic, pitch black.

Hey, hey.

So now you are afraid
to lift a few boxes

in the dark, is that right?

Is that how I raised you?

You're right, but you
also didn't raise me

with an extra 100
grand to spare, Dad.


Is that the way we really want
to spend our last night here?

Arguing with all
this negativity?

Let's just turn around,
be a little positive,

and do what we have to do.

And I can help you
with whatever you need.

I know.


Sorry for talking
back, we'll go pack.

It's okay. That's my boy.

If you're gonna do nothing,
at least do it quietly.

I hear words, but I'm
night-blind, so I can't-

- Yeah, huh?

Rose never should've turned
up at the office that night.

Mom got me this.

Dad got me this.

Wait, I remember the
day I got this picture.

She wasn't even
supposed to be in town.

Love you.

Biggest mistake of her life.

need to take five.




I'm not gonna sit
here and do this by myself.

Ah, fuck it.

I didn't say anything earlier
because you were kinda being

a douche when we were moving
the desk, but I won two tickets

to the zoo in the Ralph's
Grocery Store drawing.

And I know that you
like the meerkats.

I love those meerkats.

Anyway, they're only valid

the first Tuesday
of every month.

I'm gonna go Tuesday after next.

Wait, did you see that?

Dude, you're paranoid.

You're paranoid!

I'm not the one who
said I saw anything.

Shh! Now you're being
defensive and paranoid.

It's probably Diana.

I think it was over here, yeah?

It was you two.

I know her shadow.

What we saw definitely
was not that.

Wait, you guys saw something?

I saw something but I
thought it was you guys.

No, we were in
our reception area.

Maybe it's the girl that works
with you, that Carmen girl.


No, she's in the back, packing.

If it wasn't us
and it wasn't you

then what the hell was it?

Girls, girls. Come
here, come here.

Listen, I know it's scary.

Don't worry, I've got
this all under con...

That was a drill, right?

Yeah, it's like a
bulldozer or something,

but come hang out in
reception with us.


What the fuck was that?

It felt like the
building burped.

It was probably
just the subway construction.

What happened to that light?

Dude, relax.

You relax! Remember
before it was darker?

And then now it's
flickering and-

- When did you become
such a crazy drama queen?

You're a drama queen! Everyone
here needs to calm down!

Everybody just calm down.

Everything's gonna be okay.

Yeah, no. I know.

Everything's fine.
Everyone's cool, I'm cool.

I'm on top of this.

No offense, babe, but
you don't really seem

like the kind of guy
who's on top of anything.

She has a point.

When I look like
actually into your soul,

I don't see a guy
who's on top of things.

I just see a giant vagina.

That's uncalled for.

I can handle this. Wait,
can you keep doing that?

I mean, if you want.

How about when you
do something manly,

then I'll keep
rubbing your back?

Okay, how about this?

I save your life,
you make out with me.

I think you have a better
shot with the zoo animals.

Like oo-oo, ah-ah.

Seriously, I think
that's a fair exchange.

Your life for...

Your tongue in my mouth.

Statistically speaking,
I feel like there's

a higher chance of me
getting struck by lightning

and winning the lottery in the
same day, than you actually

stepping up to the plate
and saving anyone, so...

Why not?

Shake on it?

Shake on it.

Has anybody seen Zach?

Wait, where is
the drink shaker?


Maybe just a little,
with all that's going on.

You need a drink.

- Better?
- Oh, come here.

Huh? What?

No! Dad!


My dick.

Let's go. Come on, right now.

What's going on?

I've got everything
under control.

We just have a little situation.

But isn't it the
subway or it was-

- No, no, no. Listen.

I will explain
everything in a moment.

Right now we just all
have to work together.

But we are working together.

Yeah. Yeah, I can see that.

Let's go.

Yo, I saw something.

I saw a shadow, there is
someone or something out there.

I don't know what it is.

Come on, guys, it's
probably just the subway.

At this point it doesn't
even matter what it was, okay?

We all heard what that
guy Sebastian said.

We've really gotta start moving.

I'll tell you exactly
what it is about Sebastian.

He's a dick. That's
all you need to know.

It doesn't matter.
Rules are still rules.

You know what? I hate rules.

Yeah, I know. I'm aware.

Zach, it's kinda key that
you follow a few right now.


Because we all have to
work together, that's why.

No more distractions.

We didn't do anything.

Now, we're not gonna
get anything accomplished,

unless we have a plan.

Why does it always have
to be your plan, Dad?

I have a plan, okay?

We're gonna take the
flashlights that you brought us,

we pack and we get outta here.

There you go, that's
the plan. Thank you.

- Zach?
- What?

Would you just come out
in the other room with me?


Because I need to
tell you something.

Everybody else, just
chill. We'll be right back.

Zach, would you come with me?



Sit down.

What now, Dad?



First off, I want
you to calm down.

Listen, there's something
I wanna tell you.

I gotta figure this out just
in case it's something else.

Something else?

Yeah, there's just something
else I gotta check out,

but what I need you to do is
I need you to stay in the room

and keep everything
in order, okay?

Can you do that for me? Can
you do that for your mother?

I've been doing this
for Mom for 10 years, Dad.

Ever since the day she...

Do you, listen,
do you remember...

It was a little league
semi-final game,

and you were really
frustrated with me.

The game where you
were mouthing off

and the ump almost kicked
you out of the game?

Yeah. Yeah, I was,
but you're my son.

- You won the game.
- Yeah.

- You went to the finals.
- Yeah.

Once again, you're upset.
You don't wanna play.

But you pulled it together.

You said "I'm gonna
do this for the team."



You did for the team.


So you come out the dugout,
you had confidence, man.

You step into the
box and you dig in.

First pitch.


- It was a great moment.
- Great moment.

This is another
one of those moments.

Now I really need
you to stay here.

Don't let anybody
leave, can you do that?


Yeah, that a boy.


Thought I'd never
see him again.

Just like with Mom.

Miss D?

Miss Diana?

What the...

I got it. You got the tape?

Get in here.

Come here, Barry.

Nobody's here. I want you
to stay right here, okay?

I'm coming back.

Okay? Stay here, you hear me?

Keep it closed.

Everything's fine.

I'll be right back.


Damn it!

I will not let fear control me.

I will not let fear control me.

I should really
go check on Carmenia.

Wait. No, Diana.

Diana, stop.

You gotta stay here.


I told my dad that I'd make
sure everyone stayed here.

So everyone stays here,
nobody goes anywhere.

Okay, I get it and
I respect your dad,

but he also said when he
left that he'd be right back

and it's, it's been
more than half an hour.

- I know, I know, I know.
- I think everybody's fine.

I think they're both fine.

Oh, my god.

Okay, I gotta go have a look.

I'll be right back.


It was probably just the subway.

That's one fucked up subway.

My dad always had
all the answers.

But now he had no answers.



You okay, Dad?

What the...

What the hell?


Dad, where are you?



So, how long have you
and Zach been together?

Um, three years and three
months to the day, actually.

Happy anniversary.

Thank you.

Boom! War!


What about you?
Do you have a guy?

I'm married to
my work.

You don't think
that there's like

a Mr. Right out there for you?

You see these?

It's kinda hard
not to.

They're a blessing and
a curse at the same time.

Sometimes I feel like they can

stop people from
seeing the real me.

Boom! War!

- Deal it.
- You deal it.


Oh, shit!

He's not answering.

Don't worry, Rose. He's
probably just dropping a deuce.

Doesn't want you
to know about it.

That's disgusting.


Why are you doing all this?

- Doing what?
- This!

There's black tarry
stuff on the ground,

you've been making all those
noises, the power's out.

Why are you doing all this, huh?

Oh, no, boy.

I wish it was me doing
it, but it ain't.

No, no. It most
definitely ain't.

Well, if it ain't you,
then why are you here?

Well, the sidewalk gets cold.

Man's gotta stay warm at night.

Wait, these are mine.

I looked for these for
two weeks a year ago.

And a most
enjoyable year it was.

Much appreciated.

Oh, you want me to
fluff your pillow too?


What is all this shit anyway?

You see this?

This is the truth.

This is what's
going on out there.

I always thought Papa's
bedtime stories were just that.

Just stories.


There's clues.

'Cause he'd always say that

in every story there's
a kernel of truth.


You're mad. You
know that, right?

Well, you can call me what
you will, but I've seen it.

Seen what?

I'm gonna call 911.

Yeah, I know,
it's a good idea.

Oh, shit. My phone just died.

Does anybody
have a phone?

We need to call the cops.

Yeah, I think
mine's in my office.

Do you wanna come
with me to get it?

- Yes.
- Okay.


You guys, I thought we agreed

that we were just
gonna stay here?

Okay, well, do
you have a phone?

Me and modern technology
don't really mix, you know?


Especially Diana.

This is for you.

I was just like
you, 30 years ago.

You're nothing like me.
What're you talking about?

I was just a young
assistant archeologist

with my brother down there
at the tar pits of La Brea.

But then I saw things.

Things that people
don't wanna see.

When it was disturbed under
the ground, it would come up.

And what comes up?

Man of the tar.

This works almost every time.

Oh, my god!

What's the matter with you?

I was going places, boy.
I'm not crazy like you think.

Sometimes things
ain't what they seem.

Down there at the
tar pits of La Brea.

I told them the truth.

I did!

But sometimes people don't
wanna hear the truth.

So they gave me a label.

They called me schizophrenic.

Whoa, whoa.

No, they didn't believe me.

The deaths of all those
people 30 years ago.

Ever since then, I had to be a
man of the street.

A man of this great

Could I just
ask you one thing?

Have you seen my dad?

You're Barry Greenwood's boy?

But you're such a pussy.

So you tap that button
as fast as you can

and as hard as you can and
I'll hold the top button really

really hard while I drag my
knuckles across the screen.

Right, go.

Just breathe.


He just always does
this, it drives me crazy.

What's your name anyway?

After all these years, boy,

you finally wanna know my name?

The name's Carl.


The third.

But folks round here
just call me Carl.


Okay, remember before, I
was talking about my dad?

Have you seen him?

I thought I saw him back
there for a brief little moment.

You did? Okay.

Here's what we have to do.

We gotta work together to
beat the man of the tar

and find Mr. Barry Greenwood.


Whatever it takes, I'll buy it.

What do we do?

When noise disturbs the world

where the creature of the
tar rests, he becomes uneasy.

And when man builds down,

he disrupts the
world where he lives.

And his only recourse is
to stop that disruption,

and he used his
world to destroy.

You see, he's
friends with the tar.

Friends with the tar? How
are you friends with tar?

And every time he's disturbed,
his unrest becomes greater.

Okay, let's say I believe you.

Oh, believe.

- So, what do we do?
- It's light.

It's his eyes, young Greenwood,
he can't have the light.

See, his eyes are
his worst enemy.

At least the one he has left.

He only has one eye?

Light and silence.

Light and silence?

That's the answer.


So what do we do?

Well, I...

I'm gonna go find Zach.

Wait, Rose.

Silence, young Greenwood.


If you can hear me,
say something back.

- Zach, where are you?
- Shut the...

Shh, shh, shh.


Zach, please say something.


Zach, you need to answer me.

Zach, stop being stubborn
for once in your life and...

The power's gonna
come back on soon.

That bad premonition
that I have?

It's gone.

Certainly somebody's gotta
call the cops, right?

This is the only time ever
I want the cops to come.

I'm not just saying
this because of the cards,

I truly think that everything's
gonna be all right.


Right, it's gone, it's gone.

Wait, wait, wait.

Let's go.

Shh, shh, shh.

Are you okay? Are you okay?

Think it's finally toast.

We are so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace, phone.

You were so good to me.

You've been so good to
me you make me wanna shout?

Kick my heels up and shout?

Throw my
hands up and shout.


Don't forget to say you will.

Don't forget to say.

♪ Say you will ♪

♪ Say you will now, baby ♪

♪ Don't forget to say yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Say you will ♪

♪ Little bit louder now,
a little bit louder now ♪

♪ A little bit louder now,
a little bit louder now ♪

♪ A little bit louder now,
a little bit louder now ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Say that you love me ♪

♪ Say that you need me ♪

♪ Say that you want me ♪

♪ You wanna please me ♪

♪ Hey, hey ♪

What the fuck is going on?

Shh, Rose,
you've gotta be quiet.

I am really not into being
shushed from you right now.

I'm sorry, okay?

It's just that there's...


Can we talk about this later?

Why can't you just tell me?

You're a lot more like
your dad than you think.

Oh, come on.

No. God, just stay here.

What is out there?

Okay, there's a really,
really bad guy out there.

Please just stay here,
let me finish this.

Come on, Rose, trust me.




The hell is your problem?

I'm sorry.

God, I just feel like we've
been in here for way too long.

Completely agreed.

I should really go
check on Carmenia.

Yeah, I'll go with
you for protection.

No, are you guys insane?

No, neither of you
are going anywhere.

You just stay here...

That's really bad energy.

Get up!

That is not a subway!

Just remember.

- Just stay here.
- Just stay here.

It's gone.

I think we're alone, you guys.

Marigold, it's not
the time for this shit.

Shut up.

Marigold, seriously.
What are you doing?

- What're you doing?
- I feel that...

That was the end of it.

No, are you out of
your mind? Sit down!


I think he's right that
we should just sit down

and wait for help to come.

I know I said we should
wait, but if it's gone,

we need to make a run for it.

No, wait.

Stop doing that.

Are you nuts?

Stop doing that!

Stop it. What're you doing?

I just gotta look.

I just know we're gonna be okay.

You guys.

I think it's gone.

Oh, my god!

Oh, shit!

Come on, work.

Damn it! Work, work, work.

Come on.


Oh, my god. It's Zach, Ben!

Diana, come on, we have to
go. Did you see that thing?

Diana, where's Marigold?

Everybody's gone.
Marigold, dead.

Everybody's gone.


I can't believe I
just killed that thing.

Diana, come on.

No, wait! Wait.

Didn't I just save your life?

Yes, kind of, okay? But
let's talk about that later.

No, no, no. Now, now.

Ben, I don't care what
you did, we just have to-

- This has nothing
to do with you!

We had a deal, a saved
life equals a kiss!


We shook on it!

I'm sick of being walked all
over by you guys all the time!

I finally did something
meaningful with my life

and I just wanted to
be acknowledged, okay?

It doesn't matter who
saved anyone's life.

We just have to get out of here!

I'm trying!

Come on!

This has nothing to
do with you, shut up!

It's dead, what's the
rush? I killed it, okay?




Come on, Diana, grab my hand!

Oh, my god.

Run, Diana!

- Zach!
- Reach, reach!

- Reach for my hand.
- Zach, help me.

Come on. No.

God damn it!

Shh, shh.


- Who is that?
- Barry?

Oh, Rose.

Oh, my god!

Rose, hold me.

- What happened?
- No, no, no. Look at me.

Are you okay?

- Yes, are you okay?
- Listen. No, no, no.

Listen to me, listen to me.

You've gotta be quiet.

That's what Zach said too.

Rose, is Zach okay?


Barry, stay awake, okay?

You gotta stay
awake, you just...

Oh, god.

Tell me a story, okay?


Keep talking, okay?
Tell me a story.

I thought I was
prepared for this, but...

Prepared for what?

Shit, I gotta
go. Where's my dad?

My dad, that look on his face.

I'll never forget
that look on his face.

I was looking for my dad.

And that sound.

My god, there was a sound.

A sound like you've never heard.

I was scared.

I ran and I hid.

I was so afraid.


Okay, come here.

Something more dangerous,

and more terrible than anything.

Anything you can
possibly imagine.


Listen, you hear that?


Dad, are you down here?



Dad, are you here?

What the...

What the fuck?

Okay, grab the corner
of that carpet and just-

- Right here?
- Yeah, just pull it back.

Pull it up. That a girl.

Okay, lay it down
first. That's it.

Get behind.

Get behind but be quiet.

Quiet, quiet, quiet.


Don't move.

Don't move.

- Zach!
- Rose?




Calm down.

Why did you think you could
do this on your own, Dad?

- Listen to me.
- What?

This is important,
we gotta work fast.

I need you to do
something for me.

This one of your plans?

Okay, okay.

I need you to open that box.


- Come on, quietly, quietly.
- Okay, okay.

Okay, open it.

What is this stuff?

See that handle? Slide
it out of the sheath.

You know, Zach, sometimes
it takes something like this

just to realize that all
the battles that we fought

just weren't worth fighting.

You're right.

But this is.

You're gonna have to do this.

Can you do this?


Hey, Zach.
What is that thing?

You got it?


You got
it? That a girl.

Got it, got it?



Oh, no! The electricity
is not working!

Get at it.

Got it?

Sit down.

It's gonna be okay.

You know
what that smells like?

Smells like $100,000.


One hour till everybody's
gotta the hell outta here!

Actually, 54 minutes!

54 minutes!


Don't shush me!

I can make as much
noise as I want.

This is my building!

I can make as much
noise as I want!


Shut the fuck up.

Will you stop shushing me?

Don't you understand that there
is a Kentucky Fried Chicken

that is gonna be directly below

where we're standing very soon?

That is exciting.

You've got to be quiet!

You don't understand.

I'm so excited right
now, I could dance!

Shut up, you've got to
be quiet. Shut the fuck up!



Relax, man.

Okay? There's, there's,
don't get crazy, okay?

You, you, you can have
another 10 minutes.

You've gotta be quiet.

You don't understand
what's out there.

Out where?



Oh, shit.

Go, go.

It's okay.

It's gonna be okay.

He'll go away.

He's gone, he's gone.

I've got this.

I've got this.

Light and silence.

That's the answer.

What the fuck?

It was you.

Fucking asshole.

He's gone.

I'm so scared.

Come on, come on.



Go back, go back!


Dad, grab this!

Below you, grab it!

I got it!

What is this thing?

- Turn it on!
- What do I do?

Push the red button, Dad!

I've got it!

Point it in his eyes!

Don't fuck with my family.

I don't hear him.

- Oh, Zach.
- Zach.

Let's go.

Let's go.



You did it.


"Don't fuck with my family."

You actually said "don't
fuck with my family?"

Yeah, I actually said that.

I mean, that's...

And then you shined
a light on this thing?

Some sort of super light?

I don't know if I'd
call it a super light.

It was really bright and I was
surprised as you it worked.

It actually worked.

And the monster
was eight feet tall?

Or nine, ten?

I don't know, it was huge.

Tall monster.

Remember I told
you it had the tusk?

- The tusk?
- The tusks!

The tusk.

Right, the tusk.


Because this is the truth.

This is what's
going on down there.

I'm not crazy like you think.



We did not use the word crazy.

Well, the dad needs
medical and then I think

that we can let him and
the girl in holding go.

Yep and we
can put out an APB

for a tall homeless guy
with a thing for tar.

All right. Let's go, Dad.

And Dad, I don't
think it's over.


We'd have to
do this all on our own.

Like Papa.

We have to find the creature

and we need to go under the pit.

I'm not sure.

It's the only
way. Dad, it will be back.


They will.

Story of the man of the tar.

Some say he still
lives in the tar.

Under the streets
that were once filled

with the hustle and
bustle of trollies.

The man of the tar not
long ago attacked a family.

So many died.

I should know.

My brother was one of them.

As for the fate of Matchi-Manitou,
the creature of the tar,

no one knows.

He may be gone, or
he may be waiting.

Waiting to be awoken.

Awoken once again.

Awoken by the streets
you find yourself

standing on right here, today.

The streets of Los Angeles.