Tape (2020) - full transcript

Based on true events and set in New York City, TAPE is the story of an aspiring actress (Isabelle Fuhrman) who crosses paths with the darker side of the entertainment industry.


♪ There she is dancing

♪ Closing her eyes

♪ She'll feel the music

♪ Going deep in time

♪ There she is dreaming

♪ She wants to be seen

♪ Dream takes her far

♪ Far from her home

♪ There she is sleeping

♪ There she is bleeding

♪ Ode, into rivers

♪ There she is dreaming

♪ There she is bleeding

♪ Only Earth's whispers

♪ Go out to go in

♪ Places will fill

♪ Fill up with the blood

♪ No pressure will break them

♪ The Earth will crack

♪ Fire will flare

♪ Hoping to make them

♪ The Earth will crack

♪ Fire will flare

♪ Hoping to make them...


[SIGHS] Come.
Come, Lavinia. Look.

Thy foes are bound.


Stained with mud.

Here stands the spring.

Now, prepare your throat.

Lavinia, come,
receive the blood.

What would you say,
if I should let you speak?

You could not beg for grace.
Hark, wretch!

How I mean to martyr you.

This one hand yet is
left to cut your throat.

That Lavinia
'tween her stumps.

Hark, villains!
I will grind your bones to dust.

Both her sweet hands,
her tongue.

And that more dear than hands or tongue,
her spotless chastity.

Inhuman traitor,
you constrained and forced.




Both her hands,
her tongue,

and that more dear
than hands or tongue,

her spotless chastity.



♪ Body remembers
A hand that didn't save

♪ A mind that detached

♪ Body, she knows

♪ Body remembers
The words unsaid

♪ If you tell a lie


MAN: Jenny, can you step on please,
so I can set the frame?


Can you sit?

Hi. My name is Jenny.

I'm gonna be doing a monologue

- from Oleana...
- Okay, great.

You can come sit by
the camera.


Look at all of you.

Look at all of you.

The sign-up sheet
is here.

I trust that you found
your names and initialed.

Please make sure your
email address is correct,

and be sure to add
your home address as well,

and we will start seeing you
in a few moments.

Yes, my dear.

- My name isn't on the list.
- Where did you submit?

Through the notice on casting networks.

LUX: Did you receive an email? WOMAN 1: Yes.

LUX: And did you respond?
WOMAN 1: I didn't know I was supposed to.

LUX: Yes, you were.
I'm sorry.


WOMAN 2: Hey.

Are you okay?

I didn't know I was supposed to respond.
Did you?

WOMAN 2: Yeah,
it was in the email.

WOMAN 1: I didn't see it there.

WOMAN 2: I... I have it.

Right here. Okay. Um...

"To complete your submission,
you must perform all the following steps

"in order to receive
an invitation for audition.

"Step one, send an email."

Blah, blah, blah.

"You must be on our guest list in
order to enter the audition area.

"If you don't receive a confirmation,
please do not show up for audition.

"This confirmation only applies
to adult applicants

"eighteen years old."
How old are you?

I'm 18.


WOMAN 2: "The legal guardian of the child

"must perform these steps
as indicated.

"Step one.
Call us toll-free 866..."

Did your mom call?

No, she wouldn't.

I thought,
maybe I could sneak in anyway.

Hey, it's okay.

You're very beautiful.

I'm sure you're
really talented.

- You'll get your chance.

- LUX: Pearl Osborne.
- Yes, that's me.

LUX: Come on.

- Good luck.
- Thanks.

This is Jenny.
She's gonna be reading with you.

- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- You, too.

Step in front
of the camera.

- Okay. State your name.
- Pearl Osborne.

LUX: Hi, Pearl.
Have a seat.

Okay, before we begin,
maybe you could just

tell us why you think you are the
perfect candidate for this project?

I can't tell you how grateful I
am for this opportunity. Um...

My name's Pearl Osborne
and I'm an actor.


I think I'm the perfect
candidate for this project,

because I have the talent
and training from NYU.


But I've been struggling...

a bit with the business
aspect of acting.

I need the tools,
like better photographs and...

whatever else...
The makeover offers and...

I need to learn
how to market myself,

so I can have the career
I've always dreamed of.

I've had a lot of
ups and downs

since I decided
to be an actor.

And, uh...

I understand that
I have a lifetime

of more ups and downs if I
continue with this career.

But I'd really like
a real shot at it.


We'll see Faye Mara next.

Hey, Faye.

- How'd it go?
- Oh, my God. I don't know.

Uh, good, I think.
He seemed to like me.

I mean, he said he'd be sending out an email

for callbacks later in the week,

I'm nervous and excited!

What about you? Are you nervous and excited?

I'm very excited.

did you do the sides or a monologue?

- Uh, sides. You?
- A monologue.

- What from?
- Titus from Titus Andronicus.

- Well, what's that?
- Uh, Shakespeare.

I don't know
that play very well.

This is my favorite.
You should watch the Julie Taymor version.

Oh, really.
That's the one where, um, the girl gets raped

and she... The guys who rape her,
they cut off her tongue

so she can't tell anyone,
and are wrists as well,

so she can't write
who they are either?

- Yeah.
- I love Julie Taymor.

Yeah. My teacher saw the
original production she did

in just a little theater
off Broadway.

Look where she is now.

- Exactly.
- You never know, right?

- Even a shitty reality TV show.
- Totally.


- Well, good luck.
- Thanks. You, too.

I mean, they only take...
six, but,

maybe we'll be lucky,
and we'll...

- ...see you tomorrow.
- Hope so.

- Bye.
- Bye.





WOMAN: I know.

I got three callbacks
in one week.

I know,
I can't even believe it.

No, it's just...
Thank you for believing.

I just wanna lick your face.
I love you so much.


I was just so close

to giving up,
you know, and...

I'm just...
I'm so excited.




- All right.
- WOMAN: Yeah, you know...

- Hey!
- Hey!

- Hey!
- Hey!

So worried you
were gonna be late.

- Oh, hey!
- Hi.

- How are you? You made it.
- Yeah.

Did you all get sent the oil of the...

- Yeah.
- So freaking cheesy.

So are we doing
that same commercial,

- or is he giving us sides?
- I think we get new sides,

but he wants
a similar presentation...

- Wait. I don't think I saw it.
- Here. One sec.

Do you need to
spend a fortune

to get a better
anti-aging face cream?

"Absolutely not"
says the research...

WOMAN 1: Oh, yeah. I can do that. No problem.

They'll do that if they have to, right?

I bet you just don't really like the idea of

commercials and American
capitalism machinery.

I just want to do something more
meaningful with my talent, you know?

Films, TV...
But, you know...

I'll do it. [LAUGHS]

I'll do whatever it takes.
I'll play the game.

Whatever it takes.

We'll get to do
meaningful work.

I mean, he cast Gossip Girl, Law and Order,

but, also some, like,
serious, unique features.

What did you bring
for your select bodywear?

Oh, my God!
They are so strict.

Did you read?
He said no thongs or see-through material.

You'll be disqualified
from auditioning.

What are they? Evangelicals?
All I own are thongs.

WOMAN 1: Yeah, me too.
Black ones.

I had to go buy
a new bikini.

WOMAN 2: Oh, my God, Guys. Here he comes.

WOMAN 3: Okay. He's coming. I see him.

What are you all
doing down here?

- WOMAN: The door's locked.
- Did you buzz?

Yeah, I did.

I guess they're late.
Ah, well, we can start down here.

Okay. Well,
first of all congratulations to you all.

Only four of you will
emerge victorious today,

but now that I believe in
each and every one of you,

that's why you're here.

If today is not
a success for you,

don't think for a moment that this is
the end of our working relationship.

I actually have
a management company.

So we can discuss the
possibility of working together,

um, in the future,
but let's just get through today, okay?

So this last step
of the process

will evaluate form
and composition,

commercial blocking
and presentation.

Now we're gonna start first
with form and composition.

You're gonna demonstrate
your physical stature

by walking from one end
of the studio to the other,

in your select bodywear.


You will then change into
the second outfit of the day,

for the commercial portion
of the audition.

I hope you read my notes
and brought with you

a suitable
commercial outfit...

Like a pencil-skirt,

suit-pants, or a collard dress shirt. Great.

The aim of the commercial is to
feel like a product presentation.

Did you background research
on infomercials

and product demonstrations
as I asked?

Great. Whatever it is you've
learned through formal training

will be replaced
on the spot.

The real world of acting
and film and television

is very different than what you've
learned through formal training.

The real world is much more about connection,

chemistry and socialization

than anything you've learned academically.

I come from the old-school of thought

that states that,

"To test the strength
of something,

"you throw it in the fire
and you see if it burns."

So I'm looking for that
phoenix among you

that will rise from the ashes
and transcend my trial by fire.

- Me. Pick me.
- [CHUCKLES] Just wait.

- Oh, here we go.
- So sorry.

- So sorry to keep you waiting.
- LUX: That's okay.

I am so sorry.
You can go over a little.

You have the same space
you used last time and, uh...

I don't think anyone's entered after you.

- Sorry.
- Oh, here we go.

- Sorry. Sorry.
- All right.

I know we're here a little early today,

but there's going to be
neighboring auditions going on.

Please try not to be a
distraction in the hallways.

All right, ladies.
Well, welcome to this semifinals audition.

You are all
one audition away...

PEARL: Are you coming?
ROSA: Actually, I didn't get a callback.

- PEARL: Well, why are you here?
- I don't know, I...

thought I could get him
to reconsider,

but I changed my mind.

I think that's
a good idea.

Why don't you come in?
Totally! That's a great idea.

Only four are selected.

Also, I think he likes the long hair.
Look at you.

You should run.

Come on. I'll talk to him with you.

ROSA: No. No!


No, I'm sorry.
I'm just...

Just angry.

It's a fucked-up business.

With so much luck...

It's so unfair.

So many talented people
who never get to work.

Yeah. Well, good luck.


♪ Body remembers
A hand that didn't save

♪ A mind that detached

♪ Body, she knows

♪ Body remembers
The words unsaid

♪ If you tell a lie





♪ Body remembers
A hand that didn't save

♪ A mind that detached

♪ Body, she knows

♪ Body remembers
The words unsaid

♪ If you tell a lie

♪ She'll hold the truth

PEARL: No, I don't want...

'Cause it's just really hard to get, like...

Who knows?
And the time spent is like two hours.

Well, I just really...

I really wanted it.

I don't care
about the other one.

No, I mean...

It's like all they cared
about was appearance.

I came in and they were like... [SNIFFLES]

"Oh, you're too fat."

And the the next time,
it was like,

"You're too tall,"
and it's like...


I go out for something else
and they're like,

"You're too short
and you're too skinny."

It is just so sexist and
I'm completely objectified.



I really thought
I did a good job.

I was...

I was so frustrated.


I just wanna be able
to take care of you.

I know it's not
my responsibility.

It's just, I can't...
I can't keep staying

with Matty's parents.
I mean, they're...

They're being really...

sweet about it,
but I can tell that

they're getting sick of me,


Yeah, I mean,
my callback is tomorrow.

That was, like, my fourth one.

It'll be some good money,

I mean,
I hope I have a shot at it.

I don't know.


Yeah, I'll keep trying.

Okay. I love you.










Like a pencil-skirt, suit-pants,
or a dress shirt. Great.

- LUX: Pearl Osborne.
- Yes, that's me.

How are you?
You made it.

WOMAN: Did everyone get sent
the Oil of Olay commercial?

So freaking cheesy.

Oh, wait.
That's the one where the girl gets raped

and the guys who rape her,
cut out her tongue,

so she can't say anything,
and cut off her wrist...

WOMAN: Are you okay?

PEARL: I'm fine.



I didn't...
I didn't get it either.

ROSA: I'm sorry.

Well, it's...

- I'm just gonna go home.

Good luck.

I have to take this.

Yeah, Mom.

No, no, no.
Everything's fine.

Yeah. No, no, I'll find out.

I'll find out later in the week.

- I think it went good.
- Pearl...

I gotta go, Mom.
I love you. Bye.

Don't be upset.

- I just wanted it, so...
- I know. I know.

But we could only take four, you know,

women for this...
For this show.

I think you're
really talented.

Like, too talented for a reality show.

What you said
about management?

- It was so great.
- That's why I'm out here.

I'm really interested
in working with you.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- I really need that.
- Yeah. Yeah. I, um...

I have what's called
a "protege program"

that I think you might be perfect for.

Okay. That sounds great.
That sounds great.

I'll tell you how it works.

- You're my protege.
- ROSA: Shit!

Someone under the patronage,
protection and care

of a person that's interested
in his or her...

career or welfare.

Traditionally, you know, that's how
artists used to develop their crafts.

The person responsible
for the protege

is called a patron.

Responsibility of the patron
is to financially back

the career aspirations and development,
of the protege.

So... I...

I'd like to refer to myself
more as a patron

- than as a manager.
- You know, that sounds great.

You have, like, a certain set of
responsibilities to me, as your patron.

But your
chief responsibility

would be to
pursue your career

with extraordinary
diligence and zeal.

And my responsibility
would be to...

pursue such
a huge undertaking.

- So...
- It sounds amazing.

I have your email address.

I'll send you, you know,
some background information

on me and my
management company.

we'll probably do a screen test

before we make
any final decisions.

- Totally.
- True. Great.

Yeah, well...

Oh, my gosh. Thank you.
Thank you so much.

- All right. Okay.
- Okay.

- Take care of yourself, okay?
- Yeah. Okay.

- Uh, bye.
- Bye.

Do I know you?


PEARL: I know. I know.

Yeah. It's like I've been tryingfor
so long and it's finally...

It's finally happening.

Here, I'll put you on speaker.

I'll read you what
he sent me.

Okay. Are you there?

So he says, "Before we move onto form

"a possible relationship
as patron and protege,

"I would like to afford you
the opportunity

"to learn about my background
in respect to the industry.

"I have over ten years
experience in this industry."

- Okay, Mom, this is so cool.
- MOM: Yeah.

"I've done castings for Cosmopolitan,

Maxim, FHM...

Joe, The Village Boys, 30 Rock, Law & Order

Chappelle's Show,
Gossip Girl.

Music videos,
Co-Ed Confidentials

Forbidden Science,
ABC's Wife Swap,

major features,
independent features

and live performance venuessuch
as the Metropolitan Opera.


There's more,
but you get the gist.

I think he just wants to meet one more time

at a coffee shop,
and do a script analysis

of the scene, and then...

...screen test and,

I guess if he still...
If he still likes my work,

then he'll sign me and start
sending me out on things.

I know.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'll let you go. I'm sorry.

No, thank you.

Okay. I love you.

Yeah, I love you, too. Okay. Bye.

ROSA: Pearl,
I just wanted to talk to you.


How do you know
where I live?

ROSA: I'm sorry. I...

You're freaking me out.

I just wanted
to talk to you.

- Stop following.
- It's really important.

- Stop following me!
- I need to talk to you.

ROSA: Fuck!


- Lux.
- Hey, James.

How're you doing, man?

- I'm great.
- Good to see you.

This is Pearl.
This is James' place.

PEARL: It's so nice here.

Lux is one of my
most loyal customers.

He's been meeting
his clients here for years.

And I'm very grateful.

Oh, you make it really easy. It's the
best coffee in town, I gotta tell you.

- This is Pearl.
- Hi.

She's, uh, a very talented young actress.

One of these days,
I'll convince him to represent me.

No, I'm ready when you are,

- Still polishing my monologue.
- This is the never-ending part.

All right.
Well, good luck to you.

- See you soon.
- Thanks, man.


So is he an actor?

Oh, well,
you know the Europe joke.

It's like,
if someone says they're an actor,

you ask them,
"What restaurant?"

PEARL: Yeah.

Okay. So here is...

This is Angela.
Your character.

She is, uh...

working in a small diner.

It's the last of its kind
in a city that never sleeps.

Um, she and her husband,

High school sweethearts,
whose marriage is being tested

by their dire
economic circumstances.


desperately loves Michael,

but she can't stand
his British ways.

She's a romantic.
Loves to read fairy-tale novels.

- Enchanted places

with flawless characters
and superhuman virtues.

Whereas Michael is a dreamer,
but a traditionalist.

He believes
in the honor of a man

to sacrifice himself
for his family.

Okay. Cool!

I'm sure you, um,
studied Actions at school, right?

- Yeah.
- Good, 'cause I think that

being able to put in action is the
essential tool you bring to your work.

- I agree completely.
- Can you play an action?


Now the second part of the
script is mostly choreography,

which we can do
when we get to set.

PEARL: Okay. Sounds good.

I want you to take this very seriously,

and put your
best foot forward

by giving the best performance
that you're capable of giving.

Totally, I...
This is all that I'm gonna look at

until spring test, okay?

I will... I will live it, breathe it,

sleep it, dream it...

In offering you this opportunity,

I'm silently asking you to
prove to me

that my hunch about you,
and, uh...

I feel like you hold is true,

and I'm not wasting my time
in investing behind you.

- Yeah, I know.
- And so,

if you see me holding
a hard line with you,

it is only because
I am fully vested

in the talents I take on and
decide to develop and guide.

I understand
completely and I...

I just want you to know
that I'm really grateful

for this opportunity,
and I really appreciate

everything you're doing for me
and for believing in me.

So how about I give you
the weekend to rehearse,

and, uh,
we can meet up on Monday morning and...

- Okay.
- Yeah?

- Yeah. Perfect.
-10:00 a.m.?

- Perfect.
- Okay.

So we'll meet here,
and then we can walk over

- to the location.
- Okay.

We're gonna be using an actual set,
by the way.

- It's a matter of process. Yeah.
- Oh, wow.


LUX: I'd like to use,

the same procedures as principal photography,

but on a smaller scale.

- Okay?
- PEARL: Sounds perfect.

Okay, great.
So I will see you Monday morning.

- Mm-hmm.
- Bright and early 10:00 a.m.


Good luck with
your studying.

- Thank you. Thank you so much.
- See you.

All right.


WOMAN: It was very traumatic.

I've had rough sex before,
but this was terrifying.

How did you two meet?

He walked into this club
right here...

Out of this office building
and into the club.

And he said he'd been
a fan for a long time.

And that he loved watching
my very first scene in Cream.

I think that
after I tell my story,

there'll probably be
a lot more girls after me.

I should really hope that
his wife leaves him

and takes his children
away from him,

and leaves him a lonely,
bitter man.

It was consensual, right?

- Well, not being beat up.

REPORTER: But you weren't beat up.

Well, not bruises,
but he forced me

to have sex
without a condom.

How much were you paid?

I wasn't paid.
I was gifted.

REPORTER: How much?


And you agreed to this?



- Hi.
- ROSA: Hi, Dawn.

I have an update for you.


You remember me?

I was here a few weeks ago
with a friend...

We were using
the back photo studio.

I think I left
my sunglasses.

Do you think you could
let me in to look for 'em?



Thank you so much.
I'll be right back.



♪ Body remembers
A hand that didn't save

♪ A mind that detached

♪ Body, she knows

♪ Body remembers
Words unsaid

♪ If you tell a lie

Found them.

Thank you so much.

♪ Body remembers
A hand that didn't save

♪ A mind that detached

♪ Body, she knows

♪ Body remembers
The words unsaid

♪ If you tell a lie

♪ She'll hold the truth



PEARL: Oh, yeah.

LUX: It's a point where you
look at the world, Pearl.

What do you think
about the world?

You do have the power
and you can climb it.

PEARL: I could buy it.

Oh there's nothing to buy.

You just go to the book store
and read the chapter titles.

They're interesting
and useful.

No need to even
get the book.

PEARL: I read great.

You can embrace power now.

PEARL: I want to.

- I can embrace power.
- I know you can.

What about
The Book of the Courtier?

Do you remember, in the...
In The Book of the Courtier...

PEARL: The one from like 1500?
LUX: Yeah, there's a lot of

really useful information
out there.

PEARL: Oh, that's crazy!
We studied that at NYU.

It's about women and power
and how a woman can behave

to attract
the attention of the room.

LUX: That's right.
It's real.

It's out there.
Just think about it.

How do you mean?

Do you remember in
The Book of the Courtier,

the term Sprezzatura?

PEARL: Sprezzatura?

That's what you must call today,
as an actress.

That certain nonchalance
so as to conceal all art

and make whatever it is
you do or say

appear without any effort.

- Without any thought at all.
- That's hard.

LUX: It is,
but that thing you studied is real.

But you can
bring it into your life.

It's a feminist act.
It's a kind of a power.

It's better than acting.

PEARL: Completely.
When I was at NYU,

we also
studied Veronica Franco.

- Amazing.
- LUX: And you know that

Veronica Franco
defended herself

in front of the Inquisition
on charges of witchcraft

with great dignity.

She used her power in the
most threatening situation.

And they dropped the charges.

LUX: Exactly.

LUX: Ah. Here we are.

LUX: Oh, uh,
no shoes on the carpet.

Don't mind.
Only socks on the carpet.

PEARL: Wait. This is so cool.
LUX: Yeah.

The owner John,
is a brilliant artist.

He does his photoshoots
here and stuff.

And so,
he has all these different setups that I can

then do
my screen tests on.

I think his cousin owns the building,

or the block,
or something like that.

- Oh, wow! These are beautiful.
- LUX: Yeah, it's brilliant.

Why don't you make yourself comfortable?
I'll start setting up.


So the substantive result

you should expect
from this screening

will be a talent
profile report.

It's this document,
but it's actual recommendations

for enhancing your strengthsand
overcoming your weaknesses.

My role as a talent producer

concerns both your on-cameraand
your off-camera development.

Some of my tactics,
methods and strategies

will go against everything
you know

about the entertainment

and the craft of acting
in general.

But where the result
is paramount...

and the end justifies the need.

Following my method
of development

will get you
where you need to go

in the quickest
and least expensive route...

The route has a cost.

This route is not
for the modest.

It's not for the meek.
It's not for the moral.

It is not
for the innocent-hearted.

If you're not willing to go

and fight ruthlessly
for what you believe

is your birthright, then there's
no point in us going any further.

I'm telling you this now because

I'm trying accelerate
the natural conclusion

of this exercise.

Pearl, this...

This screening is gonna be
a turning point for you.

There'll be no more
dragging your feet

and holding onto superficial
comfort and safety.

This challenge is gonna push
youoff the proverbial cliff

and either you're
going to fly,

or you're going to sink
into the abyss of...

stale mediocrity and...



Okay. Come on.
Let's work on this.


Are you acting with me?

Yeah. I...
You know, I...

I just figured it was easier

if I just set up the camera
and work with you.

There's just too much explaining to do,
you know what I mean?

I want this to be
just about you.

But how're you gonna
work with me?

To direct and act.

I'm taping.

Right, okay. Yeah.

- Sit right there.
- Mm-hmm.

Do you have your
lines memorized?

I think so.

Okay. Great.

So we're gonna start with you,
here at the table.

And then you can use
your instinct or intuition

to move between the kitchen
and the table as you want.

And at a certain point,
I'm gonna stop,

and then, reposition the camera there,
by the bathroom,

'cause then, of course I'm
gonnastorm into the bathroom, right?

And again,
you can use your instinct and intuition

to bring you
back over there,

but you have to be
outside that door

before I tell you to shut up.

And then,
I'll come out of the bathroom

and we will finish
the rest of the scene

- on camera.
- Okay.

- Are you ready?
- Yeah, give me... one moment.



- Do you mind if...
- Of course.

LUX: All yours.







Action. [CLAPS]

[SHOUTING] When are you
gonna start the dinner?

Not until we finish
talking about this.

Okay. Look, honey.
I know you're upset about the money, but...

But goddamn it, Michael.

I asked my brother.
What did you expect me to do?

Now you want my opinion after you
take $1,200 out of our savings account

for the faccabrute
you call a brother!

Now she wants my opinion.
My God!

You know something?

You're a real piece of work.

- PEARL: Michael, please.

LUX: Please?


What do you want me to say?
What do you want me to do here?

PEARL: Okay.
It was an emergency.

What did you expect me to do?
It was my brother.

- Can't just let him go to jail.
- I couldn't justlet my brother go to jail.

What did you expect me to do?

What did you expect me to do,

- PEARL: God!

Okay, great.
So hold there,

and then I'm gonna...
I'll move the camera.

- And then you can go.
- Okay.


LUX: And, action.

What about the time your sister
needed money for her abortion?

- LUX: You shut your mouth!
- Okay. Did...

Did I say anything
to you then?


And didn't that money come
out of our joint account?

You shut up about my sister!


I said,
shut your mouth, Angela.

If you bring my sister
into this one more time,

I will wipe the floor
with that filthy...

- With that filthy mouth of yours!
- Oh, my God, Michael.

Here I am, okay?
Wipe my mouth on the fucking floor!

I'd love to see you try.

Who do you think you are,

You think you're
so big and strong?

Well, make me move,

- What did you say?
- PEARL: I said, make me move.

Say it again.

- Come on. Say it again!
- Michael...

And cut.

PEARL: It got a little more
real than I was expecting.

LUX: Are you okay?
Did I hurt you?

- Are you sure?
- No, no, no. I'm fine.

LUX: Okay. I...

I was hoping you'd say that,
because I think you were brilliant,

and I was hoping that
you could handle that.

Any director's gonna
push for something

- to feel that real.[CHUCKLES]
- No, it's cool.

- LUX: Yeah?
- Yeah.

LUX: Okay. Well, do you wanna take
a look at it? I think we got it,

- but we can take a look at it.
- Sure.

LUX: Okay. Great.

When are you
gonna start the dinner?

Not until we finish talking about this.

Honey, look.
I know you're upset about the money,

but, damn it, Michael!

Eddie is my brother.
What did you expect me to do?

Now you want my opinion

after you took $1,200 out of
our joint savings account?

I mean,
are you fucking kidding me?

- LUX: Now!
- So bad.

- Such a bad fucking actor.
- What were you thinking?

Shut your mouth!

PEARL: Well, didn't that money
come out of our joint account?

I said, shut your mouth!

If I hear my sister's name come out
of your mouth one more time, Angela,

I'm gonna wipe this floor clean
with that filthy mouth of yours!

PEARL: Here I am, Michael.
Wipe my mouth on the fucking floor!

I'd love to see you try.

I'd love to see you try it.

You kiss really well on camera.

I mean,
most people don't know how to kiss on camera,

but you do.
You know how to hold your face,

how to hold your jaw.

It's just because I practiced kissing myself

all the time,
in front of the mirror.


LUX: I think we got it.

Do you wanna change
into the robe?

PEARL: Yeah, got it,
but shouldn't we block it first?

I think you should go change into the robe,

because I'll wanna see
the light hitting your skin.

It will be different than the light
hitting the material of the robe.

I didn't know that I was gonna be nude.


Of course
you're gonna be nude.

I mean,
90 percent of the things

that I'm gonna try
and send you on

will require nudity.
I mean...

Look, when you watch movies,
you see women your age...

I mean...

Have you ever seen
a woman your age

in a movie,
that isn't naked at some point?

- PEARL: That's true, sadly.
- Yeah, sadly,

but, I mean,
this is the business we work in, you know?

But remember, you know...

Use it. Use...
Use that power.

Claim it, you know?
Be smarter than them.

Own the room.
Own your power.

PEARL: Well, I'll be...
I'll be right back.




Oh, my gosh!
I can't complete this!

I first would like to thank
my mom...

...for supporting me.

Of course,
I'd like to thank the Academy...


You want this.
You want this.

You can do this.


Oh, hey. Great.

So you can just sit
on the edge of the bed,

uh, you can keep your robe on
while I find your marks.

Where do you want my outline?
Um, left or right camera?

Just right here is fine.

I just want to make sure that
the frame works when, uh...

when you slide back
on to the bed.

So can you slide back on the
beduntil you reach the pillows?



- Shit.
- LUX: Okay.

Okay. Great.
Um, and can you...

bend your knees and use
your feet to push back?

- Sure.
- Great.


- that?
- Exactly like that?

Great. So...

lips pouting, chest out...

Seduce me with your powers.

And with that
same attitude...

I'm gonna have you...

slide all the way back,

and then you're going to
slide onto your right side.

And then you're gonna
slip your robe open.

Oh, great.
So my fat ass can be ready for the camera.

That's really self-deprecating.

I'm not really interested
in working with an actress

that I have to constantly
reassure and pump up.

I don't wanna work with someone
I have to constantly reinforce.


If you don't believe in yourself,
this is not gonna work.

I... I can do it.


I can do it.


Do you wanna do
a rehearsal,

or you wanna
just jump right in?

What's the choreography?

You're gonna start out on the
edge of the bed like you did.

- Give me one second.
- Of course.

- Okay.
- Okay.

You're gonna start there, and then you're
goingto slide back on the bed, right?

You're gonna seduce me
with your power.

You're gonna call me
with your body.

- Mm-hmm.
- And you're gonna take a beat,

and then you're going to slide
over onto your right side,

like you're teasing me,

And then I'm gonna come over
onto the bed from this side...

And then...

I'm gonna climb on top of you,
and that's when we start to make love.

Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
I just...

- All right.

- I just...
- ROSA: Fuck!

- LUX: Wait, wait, wait...
- No!

I did communicate This was a sex scene.


PEARL: Sorry. I just, um...

LUX: I can't fucking do this. All right...

You knew you were
gonna have sex on camera.

This is the most
important part

of any of the screen tests
I run for any of my clients.

As a performer,
I need to know you have the capacity.

As a performer,
you have the capacity to do this.


I understand that.

It's just not what I was expecting.

I'm not forcing you to do this.

I'm not begging you to be my client.
You can...

[DISTORTED VOICE] ...do whatever you want,
you know?

I mean, it's up to you, really.
It's your choice.

- You're free to leave...
- No, no, no.

- ...do whatever you want. It's your choice.
- I wanna do it.

- It's your choice.
- I wanna do it.

LUX: Are you sure?

Yup. I wanna do it.



I'm not gonna use
lube in the scene,

'cause I don't think
it's sexy.

But I thought I would use
a little bit beforehand,

so you feel, you know,
more comfortable.

Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Uh...

- What're you talking about?

You're making the choice
to be my protege.

You must practice
the ancient art of glamour.

You must begin acting before you
even get into the casting room.

As a woman,
you have a lot of hidden powers

that have been burnt out of
you through socialization.

This being a patriarchy,
it behooves the current order to suppress

those secret powers

that are so intrinsic
to the female gender.


An astute player will use
every natural advantage

they have
to win the game,

and to have a life
of comfort and enjoyment.

At the end of the day,

your love
for the performing arts

must become a conduit

for releasing you
from the liabilities of life,

like paying rent and bills,

and affording you

a lifestyle of comfort
and enjoyment.

If you don't understand
what I'm talking about,


We're not
on the same page,

and we don't
have to go any further.

You can take whatever it is
that you learned from me

and you can do
whatever you want with it.


If you understand
what I'm talking about,

then through
my knowledge

of the secret arts,
both ancient and modern,

I can position you in this business,
and in life,

to have everything you want.
Prosperity, enjoyment...

Just please stop talking.


I'm sorry.
I just need a minute.

That's fine. As my protege, you can...

Just stop talking!


Where's the fucking buzzer?



PEARL: What time is it?

It's one o'clock.


Thank you.


- Sorry, the buzzer doesn't work.
- Is this yours?

Yeah. Um, sorry.

- Uh, what do I owe you?
- $22.16.

I am so sorry. I don't have enough for a tip,

but I'll come by
your restaurant later.

I... I promise.

That's $22. Thank you.



Hey. Hey,
what're you doing in my backyard?

ROSA: I'm a friend of Lux's.

- He told me to wait here for him.
- You know Lux?

ROSA: Yeah, he's a friend.

- All right. Whatever.
- Thank you.

May I sit?

May I speak?

You see that?

You took charge.

You took the power.

You stopped me.

You made me silent.

That's what I wanna see
out of you.

You're in control
of both of us.

did you do the sides or a monologue?

PEARL: Uh, sides. You?
ROSA: A monologue.

- PEARL: What from?
- Titus from Titus Andronicus.

I don't know that play very well.


that's the one where the girl gets raped

and the guys who rape her
cut out her tongue,

so she can't say anything
and cut off her wrists

so she can't write
who it was either?

- ROSA: Yeah.
- I love Julie Taymor.


And if thy tongue can speak,

Who 'twas that cut thy tongue
and ravished thee.

Write down thy mind.

Why does love speak to me?

May I speak?


I wanna show you a scene
from Monster's Ball.


You ever seen
Monster's Ball?



- She won an Oscar for this.

You're going to have to be able to do this.

I feel like people can't
have real sex in movies.

No. No, no, look at her.

There's no way
that's not real.

At the bare minimum,
you're going to have to be able to do this,

if you want a career
in Hollywood,

much less win an Oscar.

I need to think about it.

Let me show you
some of my other clients

who've had
great success with me,

and they've gone through
this exact same procedure.

Let me show you...


PEARL: Oh, I know her.

LUX: You do?
PEARL: Yeah.

She was at your audition.

LUX: No.
There was a lot of brunettes there that day.

PEARL: Are you sure?
LUX: I'm positive.

PEARL: That's cool.

She's nowhere near
as talented as you are.

Are you serious? I'm sorry,

- but you get it?
- I get it.

This is what you want
for your career?


Then we have to do this
for your screen test

if that's the career
that you want.

Look. The door is open.

It is your choice.
You can get up and leave right now.

But either
we have sex on tape,

and we go for it,
or we don't.

And this all goes away.

It makes
no difference to me.

It's totally up to you.
It is your choice.

PEARL: I know.
I know. I know...

Look at me.

If I was fucked up
and perverted,

I'd be sweating right now
and aroused.

But I'm not.

This is about the work.

I get that.


And it's not what I was expecting,

You can understand why

it's taking me a moment
to consider this.

Of course.

I would never want you
to do anything

you don't feel
comfortable doing.

Look at all
those HBO shows.

There's so much
sex and nudity.

If you're going
to book work,

you have to learn to be
comfortable with your body

and having sex on camera.

you're free to leave back to your old life,

but I'm offering you
something different.

I'm offering you
something new.

Think about it.

What have done since
you graduated Acting school?






LUX: May I speak?

PEARL: Yeah.

Mind if I turn another light on?





May I speak?


You like me asking
for permission?

You like having the power?



It's amazing.

Watching you do this.

It's amazing watching you claim your power.

I don't know that could,

I mean,
that could be right.

It's like I know exactly what
my life's going to be like

if I leave right now,

but I don't know what's
on the other side of this.

You can leave.

And go back
to my boring old life.


I've had sex with strangers
for less than this,

like bad, awkward sex.
Like that...

That I've done.

I mean,
that's something that I've done,



all I have to do is have sex with you?

Uh, fuck it.


There's one problem.

I'm on my period.

That's okay.

It might not be.

I wouldn't worry about it.

Let's just see
how it goes.

I think I can
work with that.

I'll be right back.




what is this?

- LUX: I have no idea.
- It's me, motherfucker.

Would you kindly step in front of
the camera and state your name?

Pearl Osborne.


if you can state that you are

of sound mind and body,

that you've not been drugged,

you're not drunk,

and that you're not being
forced to make this tape.

I'm full of sound mind and body.

And I am...

I've not been drugged,

and I'm not drunk,
though I...

Though I wish I was.

Sorry. Um...

I've not been forced in
any way to make this tape.

Fuck, no.


I've changed my mind.

LUX: Right here.

I'll take your robe.

I'll put on the condom.

Remember, they are lovers.

I have to believe

- that Angela loves Michael...
- What the fuck am I doing?

- I have to stop this.
- LUX: ...and desperately

want to make love.

And, action.


LUX: All right,
let's start this again.





Never mind.


PEARL: Oh, yeah.

- Oh, yeah.


PEARL: Oh, yeah.


I'm sorry. [SOBBING]

I'm sorry.






LUX: [SIGHS] Okay.

That was great.

we just need to get some other angles.

Let me, um...

Let me move the camera and
lock you on top of me, coming.

There's a little blood.

That's okay.

Let me put underwear on it.

Do you have to
be under me?

I can just pretend
to be on top.

LUX: That'll work.


Okay, hold. Hold on.

- I'm sorry.
- LUX: Let's start this again.



Pearl Osborne.

Hi, my name is Rosa Torano.

I'm of full sound mind and body.

I have not been drugged.

I'm not drunk.

I've not been forced
in any way

- to make this tape.
- LUX: Great.

- We got it.
- PEARL: Cool, I did it.

- LUX: Yeah, you did.

Um, okay.

Uh, let me...
Let me clean this up.

Would it be okay if I just pull the sheet off

and wash it in the sink?

LUX: Of course.
Thank you.




NEWSREADER: ...into the development
of a high-end box stock.


- Thank you.
- LUX: Thank you.

- Cheers to you.
- Cheers.

LUX: Mmm.

- What's this?
- That's your contract.

Oh, my God. Really?

Yeah. You were amazing.

all you have to do is sign it,

and return in with your W-9
and we start getting out there.

PEARL: Oh, my God.

- I'm so grateful.
- LUX: You did this.

I think this is going to be
a huge deal for you.

I have to call my mom.

Thank you.

What the fuck are you doing?

I told you to leave me alone
and stop following me.

This isn't about you.

Please leave, miss.

- No, I don't think I can.

LUX: What the fuck is this?

Everything is
going to be okay.

Get the fuck out of here!

ROSA: Nobody move.

Give her the tape.

It's not a tape,
you moron,

it's a memory card.

Give it to her!

Fuck you, bitch.


I thought you said
you were an actress.

I am.

You lied to me.
You said you...

You did a monologue
from Titus.

"Come, come, Lavinia,

"look, thy foe is bound.

"Stop his mouth,

"Let him not speak to me..."

What do you want?

"But let him hear
what fearful words I utter!

"O villain!

"Here stands the spring

"whom you have
stained with mud,

"this goodly summer
with your winter mixed.

"Inhuman traitor,

"you constrained and forced.

"What would you say
if I should let you speak?

"Villain, for shame you could
not beg for grace." [SOBBING]

"Hark, wretch!

"How I mean to martyr you."

What do you want?

Just leave him alone.

Did you try to find anything
about Diamond in the Rough online?

You wouldn't find anything.

If you look for anything

about this scumbag's
management company

you wouldn't find anything.

ROSA: All you would have found

is your tape
up on a porn site.

LUX: [SHOUTING] What the fuck do you want?


ROSA: I'm sorry.

I should have stopped him...

but I needed proof.

- I'm sorry.
- LUX: Don't let her stop you!

- Shut the fuck up, Mark!
- LUX: You're too talented.

Don't you ever
call me that again.

Fuck you.

What do you want
from me?

I want you

publicly humiliated.

Which I will make sure
you are.

I've had cameras on you.

Everyone, the world will know what you did.

Now I'm watching
you sweat.

I'm watching you sweat,

because I'm going to blow
your fucking brains out!

PEARL: Wait.

I don't want him to die.

It's too easy.

I want him to suffer.
I want him to pay.

He won't pay.

He'll get six months
and off in three.

Nothing changes.

Everyone is talking
about a rape culture.

It's everywhere.

Brock Turner,

Polanski, Cosby.

Everyone's talking.

Everyone talks

about a few scapegoats
so they feel better.

But nothing changes!

He won't suffer.

I'm done.

- Do it.
- Don't do it.

ROSA: It's my choice.


Isn't that what
you told me?

Isn't that what
you told us?

I know.

And you're a young lady
that's full of emotion,

and compassion, and a good sense of fairness.

because of that innocence,

this world would have eaten
you up a thousand times.

Without the proper guidance,

you would be left
with one or two options.

You either quit

the craft of acting

where you become
an evil distasteful person.

There is no shame
in how you auditioned.

And like I mentioned
to you before,

the audition was not about
qualifying you for selection,

it was for this moment
to reveal itself,

and for the proper
prescription to be applied.

A great actress
is a mistress of emotion

and the environment
around her.

if there's any lesson to be learned here,

it's that you need
to control

your emotions.

Your lack of emotional control is human

and normal.

But in order to be able to
portray the human conditions

you must transcend
beyond the human scope!

Do it.

Do it!

LUX: There.

That's it.

Well done.



WAITRESS: Do you have a permit for that?

Let me take that
from you.

We'll lock it up
in the safe.

I'll call the police.

I can't believe this is happening.

WOMAN 2: Are you okay?
WOMAN 3: Oh, my God.

WOMAN 1: Get your things.
Let's get out of here.

I thought we were going to die.

WOMAN 1: Let's go.

[ON TV] And now
for a special report.

After months
of investigation,

we have received insider
footage of the most recent

in a string
of pornography scams.

We were first contacted
by Rosa Torano

after she discovered that what
she thought was a screen test

had become a sex tape

sold to porno sites
across the world.

She was able
to follow her perpetrator,

and tape him as he lured
other young women

into the scheme.

Here is the footage of Mark
Ambrozini from the Bronx.

- I have something to tell you.
- Using a pseudonym of Lux...

- What?
- I gave that reporter

the tape.
Your tape and mine.


Yours wasn't mine
to send.

I'll call her. I'll...
I'll get it back.

I'm so sorry.


And then he raped me.

He raped me 14 times.

And then he told me if I say
that he's going to kill me.

And then,
I become pregnant.

So, I told him,
"I don't know, maybe..."


I decided that I would jerk him
off rather than be totally raped,

- because I didn't want that to be...
- And I can't move.

He pulled down my panties.

- WOMAN: And I was alone...
- ...jerked him off and tried to think of other...

...that I didn't feel very well.

And I couldn't move.

And I felt I've done something wrong.

I know I didn't,
but I still felt that.

He put his erect dick
up against the door,

trapping me inside of it.

- I'll never forget...
- ...until she fell asleep.




Just let 'em keep it.

We're in this
together now.