Tantsuy so mnoy (2016) - full transcript

Hello, my name is...

Fi - no - ge - no - va

I'm 23 years old and I'm from Moscow...

You have an interesting face...


Rise and shine!

Hello! Anyone alive here? Get up!

C'mon, get up!

Leave me alone!!

Get up!!

Fly, are you insane?

Is your name Kit?

Yeah, so what?

Well then, Kit wrote yesterday: got a
rehearsal tomorrow. Die or wake me up at 9.

I chose to live.

Oooh, coffee...

Actually, honey, YOUR coffee is two blocks
down the road to the right behind the bus stop.

Get dressed!

They are all wrong...

All wrong...

Kit, Kit! Will you call me?

Yes, come in

Thank you!

Rumyantseva, yes, please come in...

[casting call]
Rumyantseva, yes, please come in...

Borisova... [casting call]


Mom, I am almost there,
can't talk right now...

Come inside!

Are you here for the casting call?

Doesn't it look like that?

Not at all, actually...


Yeah! In any case we
are fully booked for today.

Glad to hear that!

I am glad that you are glad!!

I am begging you...

I don't get it, Robert!

Please, don't worry!

Oh, no! It's Mom!

Hold on. One second.

She is always late!

You can never be late in movie business!


Hello, Ira? How is his mood today?

There we are!

Good day! Please come in!

Hold it, hold it...

You've got to be kidding me!

One... two... three... four...

I understand that I fell for him...

...and I say, "Brother,
thy shall see I am a great sinner."

And he asks, "Why?"

And I say, "Because I love you!"

My dear love,
there's nothing wrong, I am in love

Introduce yourself, please.

Tyutyushkina Katya

Umm... I have a degree in theatre acting...
and... ummm... I also go to college...

That's a dead end!


Another dead end there!

Damn it!

Hey, don't you cry on me, now!

I wouldn't even if you asked!

Here... if you think you're so smart..

That's where you need to be?

No chance!

We'll see about that!

[singing in French]

The movie will be in Russian.

I thought the director would be pleased.

Our director is from Italy.

Thank you! We will let you
know. Let's take a 5 minute break.


Who is last line to see Luca?

Call me!

Nikita... Nikita

Are you sure this is the place?

You come for a casting call and
don't even know who the director is?

Who says I don't? Some Italian bloke,
isn't he? So what?

Wow... now you really have no chance!

Robert, I am begging you,
please look out for her.

I got it under control. Don't worry!

Will you look at that! Katya!!

Why don't you pick up your phone?

Where have you been?

And what is this?

I specifically asked you
to wear something decent.

Who do you think you look like?

Like Dad

Well, I got to go.

Robert, I am begging you!

Here... wait...



You, with the skateboard... Come in!

Hold on!

Most importantly,
look the director straight in his eyes.

And smile! Good luck!

Make up!

We are good to go.

Roll camera...

Please introduce yourself.

Katya Smirnova, 19 years old.

Casting for the role of Sofia, take 1.

[Sofi and Me]


Don't fidget!

Are you filming me?

You are very perceptive.

Are you sure that..

May I?

Are you sure I am worth
spending your time and film on?

That's my business.

True, but the face is mine.

You have an interesting face!

Yes? Never thought about it.

That's why it's interesting.

Are you Russian?

Is that bad?

You speak Russian.

So do you.

I'm Italian.

Is that good?

I don't know... my grandmother is Russian.

What do they call you?


Luca.... and the mystery
of his Russian grandma.


Can you move?


Katya! Well?

It's all cool. I'll tell
you in the evening.

What do you mean in the

Bye, Mom!

Robert! Well?

I'm afraid to promise anything, but....

By the way, you don't dance half bad.

Drop by, it will be fun. You'll like it!

And why would I?

You'll see.

That's, of course, if your Mama lets you.

I am Kit, by the way. Just say you're
on my list and they will let you in.

What is your name?

Same as the name of this city!


You rule, guys!

Hi there!


Been here long?

Just got here.

So how do you like it? Cool, eh?

Let's go

No! No!

Come on!

Please! Don't! Where?

Don't worry! Let's go. This is my crew.

No, Kit!

Come, I'll introduce you.

Bison, Johny, Yellow,
Fly, Tima, Joker, Garik.

Those guys are Predatorz

They are our arch rivals. We
always battle against them.

And what do we have here?

What are you doing?

Hey! Break it up!

I'm cool, I'm cool!

So, this Fly, who is she?

Masha? She's one of us, a bro.

You're jealous?


By the way, thanks for the help in casting.

Are you also trying out for this film?

Allow me to introduce myself...
Luca and his Russian grandma!

We could make a good
couple if you get picked as well.

Don't really care that much.

What DO you care about?

- Mummies!

- Mummies?
- Mummies!

Check this out... first they
removed all the intestines.

After that, they peeled off the skin.


The skin was salted in seawater and after
that they'd put it back on, like a stocking.

Not a bad costume!


What's up? Another mummy was discovered?

I got the part.



I can't believe this!

Congratulations to you!

To us!

Hey you, let the girl go!

There are many of us here,
but you'll do all the talking with me.

Listen, get lost!



Don't piss me off.

I have 18 years of kung-fu under my belt.

We'll see about that!

Ok, guys. Professor,
meet Kit. Kit, meet Professor



I think I saw him somewhere before.

Hardly a reason to jump at people.

First I hear you scream. Next thing some
guy grabs you. What was I supposed to think?

How about that she's on a
date? That didn't cross your mind?

You know, Nikita, Katya is not like that.

She is not the kind of
female that gets involved.

See you later!

Did you just kiss her?

Yes, Professor, I just kissed her.

And I just saw that?



Mom, sorry I’m late,
but have I got something to tell you!

You are going to be very happy.

My dear girl...

...there is no happiness on Earth,
but there is none above it either...

Mom... listen. Today...

Today THEY came...

...and walked all over this
floor with their dirty feet.

The same floor that once bore
the step of Vertinsky himself.

THEY touched our
cupboard with their hands...

..the same one that was once
touched by Ranevskaya's own fingers.

Mom, who are THEY?

We have nothing to live on, anyway.

You are an ungrateful daughter,
and I must be a lousy mother.

That's it. Drop the curtain.

Does that mean you’ve
decided to sublet our apartment?

Sublet? You speak of it so lightly?

Dear Lord! But, you were born here!

This is our family seat.

Of course,
you're only interested in the mummies.

While your family's history...

Mom, please listen.

Your grandmother was a great actress,..

...and if it hadn’t been for your father,
I too may have become great.


Mom, I got the lead part!

So, Yekaterina Smirnova gets her first leading role and her
mother is the last person in this city to find out about it!


Congratulations to you!

And to you too!

So, the first thing to do is...


Look at me!

Look at my hands.

What do you see?

Grandma's Dynasty gold
ring is no longer there.

The other one!

I had to take it to the pawn shop.

Wouldn't be the first time after all.

Are you trying to finish me off?

Dear, you are exaggerating!


You don't know what it
means to be a mother!

Why wouldn't I?

To deny yourself everything...

...all the while your beauty fades away.

God no! Your beauty is still..

You are as beautiful today
as twenty... thirty... years

...I mean when we used to...

I mean, you are young, despite...

..but please understand. I can't.
We haven't even start filming yet.

Dear Lord!

You've aged so much!

Can't you understand that an
advanced payment is the only guarantee...

...that she is not going to run off to Mexico with
her father tomorrow to dig graves with a spoon!

Am I interrupting?

Bon giorno!

My Lord, just in time!

Such providence! Fate!

Do you believe in Fate, signor Morretti?


Fate that catches up with
you when you least expect it.

Katya, my daughter...

...she takes after me...

I am a mother.

Katya needs to eat well...

...to bear such a load.

I worry it will break her,
my poor little girl.

Please, approve an advanced payment?

What is wrong with Katya?

Katya is going to be just fine.

The only thing left now,
as they say, is to make the movie.

Do you agree?


You agree! Like I knew you would!

You are our savior!

Thank you!

Well there, you see, Robert,
and you had your doubts...


What was that?

Don't fidget!

Are you filming me?

You are very perceptive!

Are you sure I am worth
spending your time and film on?

That's my business.

Yes, but the face is mine.

You have an interesting face!

Never thought about it...

That's why it's interesting.

Enough! Enough! I give up.

Behold! This is my castle!

‘Tis is where I hold feasts.

And these are my chambers.

Over here, a grand ballroom.

It also serves as the meeting hall!


I'm in trouble!

What happened?

We have a tradition with
Mom. Every Friday we go out.

Today is Tuesday. We should celebrate that.

Ok then, you touch base with the mothership
while I put the flowers in the water.

Hello? Katya? What is happening?


Where are you? I told you to be on time!

Sorry, Mom, my phone died and I
stopped by Kit's place to get it charged.

Whose place?


Why do you always have to ruin everything? Signor
Morretti will be here soon and you aren't here!

Our director? What for?

What for? For a reason.

Enough! I'll call you back.

Much obliged!

You know, Katya really wanted to join us...

...but she is so responsible...

She cares so much about the filming.

Preparations, rehearsals, all night long.

Business comes first!

What’s up? Did you have a talk?

Everything ok?

Yeah, ok. Sorry, but that's Mom.

Mom, mom!

Does your mom get to you?

To me? Mom.


She is... she is... having a blast....

...out and about... with my Dad...

What do you mean?


I'm sorry.

No sweat. It's cool.

My aunt brought me up.

I see.

How do you do that?

Do what?

Move like that!

Oh, you mean that.

It's just the way I speak.
If you can hear me...

Then what?

Then you are with me.

Can you hear?

Your phone.

This is Kit,
leave a message and I'll call you back.

Hello, Kit? Nikita. Why don't
you pick up the phone? Nikita!

Who was that?


The one that brought you up?

That's the one.

You know, I keep thinking you
should show Luca the way you dance.


Because it's really cool.
Maybe he'll use it in our movie.

Nah, he won't. He's making
a different kind of film.

How do you know?

You know,
Katya just keeps talking about you...


The heart gave birth to a single thought...

...the time had come,
and she fell in love...

...for such a long
time her soul's unrest...

...a beat inside her flaming breast...

...her soul sought someone for ages...

...and finally the wait was over.

Some tea?

What's your name?

Luca... and the mystery
of his Russian grandma...

Ok, bye. Perhaps we'll see each other,
should that prove to be necessary.

Necessary? To whom?

What is your name?

Same as the name of this city!



Have you ever thought about the meaning of the
proverb, “Love is blind as well as the hatred?”

What are you talking about?

You meet a person that everyone likes...

...everyone is in awe of him...

...he acts like a superhero...

...while at the same time
he is absolutely worthless...

...Nil! Zero!


While at the same time,
right next to you is a person...

...who understands
you well with all his heart.

The person you know so well,

but you fall head over
heels in love with this Kit!

Not going to happen!

I'm glad to hear that!
But I have to warn you.

About what?

One must know one’s enemy well.

Cool, that can't be!

That's Kit! Awesome!

love is blind and the friend zone is evil!

Quit it! I didn't even know he is a star!

Look at this!

One... two... three... four...
five... six... seven... eight


Great job, guys! Super!

Well done!

One more try?

Ok, fellas! Now...

Breathe out, concentrate. I have
some awesome news for you.

If things go right, our crew has a
real chance to get picked for a...

...for a real movie...

Directed by an Italian director,
Luca Morretti!


No sweat, baby! Kit's word stands!

May I? I hope I'm not interrupting?

You're not

She's beautiful!

Katya? Yes, very!


You two look good together.

What is this?

A video. Katya said you will like it.


Yeah, it's sort of a short dance
routine I've made with my crew.

And what does that have to do with me?

Me and Katya thought that if you like it,
you might want to put it in our movie.

From the top!

Take a look.

Do you want to know everything about him?

I already do, because this is...

Just book lies... touch it!

Right here?

A bore! Vengeful, cruel bore!

How did you come up with that diagnosis?

You are taking revenge on me?
You want me to die of boredom?

Is that why you've dragged us to this tomb?

You asked why I study to become
an archaeologist and I thought...

Come with me,
you know nothing about history!

Do you want to know everything about him?

I already do, because this is...

Just book lies... touch it!

Are you mad?


No one is around.

Hurry, before I change my mind!

Can you hear it?


His heart is beating!


Nikita, what are you doing?

I am kissing her. Is something wrong?

Have you ever been in love?

- I... ummm... huh...

- Try to remember the feeling.
- I... ummm... huh...

One more take!

Roll camera!

And... action!

Do you want to know everything about him?

I already do, because this is...

Quiet! Touch him!

Are you mad?

There is no one around, hurry,
before I change my mind!

Can you hear it?


His heart is beating!

Cut! No! Nikita,
I don't understand. What are you doing now?

Ummm... the same thing

That's the problem!

Roll camera!

And... action!

Do you want to know everything about him?

I already do, this is...

Just some book lies. Touch him!

Are you mad?

There is no one around, hurry up,
before I change my mind.

No! Cut!

Would you like to take a 10 minute break?

You think that will help?


I don't understand what the problem is!

I think I am doing everything right!

Yes, you are acting by the script...

..the problem is you don't care about her!

You only care about yourself. Engage,
will you!

Remember that you are a man!

I have never forgotten that!

But this dead scene cannot
come out any other way!

Do you actually think
anyone is going to like this?

Take a break!

Kit! Wait up!

What do you think you are doing?


Robert called me. Did you walk off the set?

So what?

Do you even realize what it
cost me to get you this project?

I never asked for it.

Fantastic selfishness!

My God!

What if you are fired?

And they'll want the payment back?

What payment?

That payment!


You took the money in advance?

Of course!

And you would have preferred
to live somewhere in the projects?

Amidst the factory chimneys' smoke?

If it wouldn't be for this money...

...we would have to sublet...

...this apartment.

What if I don't want to
be in this project anymore?

What then?

Ahhh... I understand now!

You've simply gone mad!

Can you imagine how many
people wish to be in your place now?

Luca is a famous film director.

And you know,
it seems to me for some reason...

...that he likes you.

Maybe I should marry him, then?

Now that would've solved all our problems!

I've been told he comes from
a wealthy aristocratic family.

Perhaps you want to put me in his bed?

How are you?

Not sure... I thought
something would change...

Change in what way?

Like today I'd be different from
what I used to be yesterday.

I am always the same.

Damn! Damn! Damn!

What's wrong?

I've lost the part!


Bloody hell!


All thanks to that god damn thumb
drive! Why did I ever listen to you?


What dragged you in? What do you want?

Take the coffee. You have a shoot today.

I have no shoot today!

And there will be no more!

Calm down, it will be ok!

Leave me alone!


Go home!

If you want I'll talk to him!

You! Oh yes! He is going to
listen to you! You are a star after all!

Screw this all!

I am fed up and I am leaving!


To Madagascar, Honolulu, Tibet!

And what about me?

What about me?

What about you?

Let's take off! Are you ready?


Wait, Kit!

What about mom? The filming...

Just as I thought! You
are just like all of them.

You are all the same!

Stop! Kit!

Trolleybus Route 14 departs for Madagascar,
Honolulu, Tibet!

Katya! Are you crazy?

Leave me alone!

Only when you get down from there!

I am not going to jump, I am not crazy.

Ok, then, talk!

Kit's gone psycho. He lost the part in
the film and stormed off somewhere.

I hope he's gone far.

Not funny! I've got to help him.
Jump on the wagon, Professor.

Why did he get thrown out,
I mean lose his part?

He had a fight with Luca...

Luca... as in THE director?

Then it's obvious and clear as day.

See here,
when two dominant males engage in a duel...

Can you cut the chase?

On a par.

Ok, don't cut that much.
Give me the whole last part.

You are currently in the dominant position.
You have a part, he doesn't.
That hurts.

Then I'll drop out.

And what will your mother say?

Nothing, we don't speak to each other.

Dropping out wouldn't work.

It's akin to a feat, and acts of
bravery are fit for men. He won't like it.

You need to become a victim.

Better if you get fired.

And how do I do that?

Why did you do it?

Do what?

You didn't like his dance routine?


Nikita is a very good
actor and a great dancer.

Yes. Quite possibly.

You can't imagine what it means to him.

This is his dream part!

Not on this planet.

Do you have a dream?

I want to be with you!

That is a wish not a dream.

Makes no difference.

The dream can never be
taken away or destroyed.

That's why it has power.

And the wish is a thin stem in the wind.

It won't survive.

Not in my case.

No one can merge the
desired with the actual.

I will do it.

Not on this planet.

Katya, maybe I'm not making myself clear?


On the contrary, it is all very clear.

Then it's my fault. I am
not attentive enough.

You are the most attentive
person I've ever known.

You know... If an actor doesn't believe in a
director, perhaps the director is not that good.

This is going to be a wonderful movie,
I am sure.

What do you dream about?

To meet my Father and astonish him.

Is that why you act in movies?


That is why I want to become like him,
you understand?

Explain it to me.

My father is an archaeologist.

Mom says he prefers to
live someone else's death...

...while she wants to live her own life.

I have an idea.

The skull of the most ancient human being,
can you imagine?

It is approximately 7 million years old.


Do you want me to take a
picture of you with this relic?

I do!

Well. Don't be shy!

Go ahead!

I still cannot believe, that I held the
authentic Toumai Skull in my hands.

It was discovered by a French
poly-anthropologist Michel Brunet...

In the Northeastern
region of Chad Republic...

Near the southern outskirts of Sahara.

While performing excavations
in a place called Toros Mineo,

in 2001.


Did you love her? The
character I'm playing.

Sometimes I think it
was nothing but a dream.

Be careful!!

Time to go home.

Are you contemplating my death?

Good morning.

Thank you for the
dress. You shouldn't have.

Fits you perfectly.

Thank you!

Wait, wait. I don't understand. So now
you're in love with that director of yours?

Didn't you go to save Kit?

I'm not in love with anyone...
it's just... he’s a good man.

Dig this,
I held the Toumai skull in my hands!

Wow! Whatever they say,
friend-zone has it's advantages.

And what about Klt?

Don't know. He doesn't answer his phone.

No matter what,
you are going to have to make a choice.

I know.

I just need a couple of minutes...

I want you to see something,
that I couldn't say with words.

We will let you know.

Katya said I would find you here...

What does that change?

I need you.

Hey! We need to get Luca a gift.

Make it a surprise.

It is going to be hard to surprise him.

My dear, it is going to be much
harder to do when we are in Italy.

Mom, not now. I don't feel too good.

Wait, have you had something
with him I need to know about?

Mom, you need to know nothing.
There was nothing between us.

Even better, because a surprise
like that might be too much for him.


There you are. I've been looking
all over for you. What happened?


How could've that...

Do you need me to tell you the details?

Pregnancy, Katya, leads to kids.

No way?


Katya, that means you will have a baby.

I can't believe it!

Is it the dancer's kid?

I'll jump off the roof right now!

I'll take that as a yes.

Which one of us is pregnant? You or me?

Feels like it's me.

Something is moving inside my ribcage.

Where did we stop?

What do I do, Pasha?


The dancer must be informed...

...and the director as well.

Your condition might
might affect his plans.

When they both know, we'll see
which one of them really loves you.

You are a good man.

Don't laugh, I am serious.


No, but really, you are such a good person.

But... you see... I...

I... I... I am...

Go on, don't be nervous, tell me.

I don't know how to say this.


I know.

You do?


I know. I know I was wrong.

Nikita... and you...


Yes. He is back in the movie,
don't you worry.

And you... you are my Sofia...

If I understand this right,
you haven't told him.

I wanted to, but I couldn't do it.

That means Kit doesn't know either.

An equation with multiple unknowns.

Could you give us some privacy?

For a little while.

Of course!

There, there!

Mom, I'm so sorry! I don't
know how that happened!

That doesn't matter anymore.

What matters is that we are together.

It's ok. I had you at an early age,
as well.

You turned out ok. We managed, somehow.

Look at how smart you've turned out!

Yeah, right! Smart...

What do I do now?

There, there...

You can count on me!

I am Katya's mother...

May I come in?

Sure... Come in...

I presume, this is where you live.

Yep. I like it.

Looking at you that
doesn't strike me as odd.

We need to talk. It's about Katya.

Sure, no problem.

Take a seat.

Coffee, tea, whiskey?

I'll abstain.

Be so kind and tell me of
your plans for the future.

To move forward.

To evolve.

To conquer this world.

My ship is my talent. My
ship crew is my efficiency.

I can work 24 hours a day.


And what is Katya's role on this ship?

I will offer her my hand. I she wants,
she will sail with me.


And now I will interpret.

No money, nowhere to live...

...the goals are abstract,
the means are foggy...

So now tell me, my dear friend...

...and be honest about it...

Where is the place for a child here?

I am sorry,
but I don't plan to have kids yet.

Later... sometime in the future...

but now I simply can't afford it...

Cannot afford it...

Positively, these are the sanest words...

...that I have heard today.

And since I am still that person, that...

God as my witness...

was placed as His weapon
to protect my own daughter...

...then please listen to me...carefully!

Kit, please! Please sign here!


Kit! Stay!


Look, your chick is here!

Can we talk in private?

I don't have any secrets from my friends.

Yeah! Right on, bro!


What are you doing here? Lost your director?
He doesn't hang out in places like this one.

What's Luca got to do with this?

No clue. You probably should know better.

Kit, I don't understand what going on.

Your mom, on the other hand,
understands quite well.

You've spoken to mom? What did she say?

Not much, but it was enlightening.

I am really happy for you, Katya!

Guys, let's have a drink!

For a happy couple...

Luca Moretti and... Katya Smirnova!


Kit, what?

I am pregnant and it is your child.

Ain't that dandy! Cool! Congratulations!

But what makes you
think that the baby is mine?

I've only ever been with you.

What are you laughing about?

So what? You think I will believe you?

You know you were my first time.

Yeah and you got pregnant right way, right?

It appears, I did.

Hey, you are crossing the line, enough!

and you should mind your own business...

And you, get lost, run to your Italian,
or is it all over? Finita la comedia?

The filming is over after all.

What's wrong with you?

Lay off!




Katya! What happened?

Luca! Please, I have no one else
to turn to. I need money, it's urgent!

How much?

I don't know.

You don't know?

I... I don't... I don't
know how much it costs...

How much what costs?

An abortion...


An abortion? What abortion?

Your luggage, Signor Moretti?

You don't love him!

How do you know?

I feel it!

I don't.

This is not true!

You must make a choice!

I already have.

What is it?

This can't be! It's not
how it's supposed to be!

He will grant me my wish!

I... I will grant your wish!

No you can't!

Wake up! Kit where are you?

So, Kit... they've got you on the hook?

Signor, Morreti?

Flying to Rome?


You boarding pass please.

Is it ok?




The boarding is almost complete.

Cut! That's a shot! Thank you, everyone!