Tantrum (2021) - full transcript

This is the worst day of Károly's life. The domino effect that set up his misery has begun decades ago, so now he starts an angry monologue during which he takes into account every step that led him to this very day. But who is the listener?

Now, I understand
that you have to ask me...

that you ask me to...

But no! No-no-no-no!

I don't give a shit!

And you wanna know why?

I fucking do, because
everybody wants something from me!

They just keep fuckin' begging me!

Why does nobody care
about what I want?

Even Zsolti, really...

You know Zsolti? No...

I'm stupid, you don't know him.

But guess what: we've known each other
since we were 7 or 8,

since primary school or kindergarten,
or whatever, fuck it.

I wasn't a very popular kid
in primary school,

They didn't like me.

They didn't like me because,

I went to school with dumb hicks,
whose parents worked on the fields.

Come on, I'm not saying
that it's wrong, no, no...

Nothing wrong with that.

Don't get me wrong,
nothing wrong with that.

But tell me, what is wrong with
being raised by a doctor and a lawyer?

We weren't that rich, we were
a bit more well-off than the others,

they were like, "You little blue turd,
you little pussy, you faggot." You know?

I didn't have any friends, okay.

How should I put it...
I wasn't a popular kid, okay.

I don't care - it is what it is.

You know, sometimes, I could at least...

During summer, every morning,
I could go to the field.

I just had to walk a few blocks,

then came the church, and boom,
there was the football field.

Alright, okay...

Sure, it was jam-packed later,
all the kids played football,

then came the teams
who played under Coach Endre.

But I could go there before school,

or on the weekend.

So, I went there,
playing by myself, until...

I was playing there one day,

I was kicking the ball.

And then...

I don't know, it's like when you...

when you kick the ball with
pointed toes, or whatever it's called,

when you hit the ball
with pointed toes...

and boom - I hit it, and it went
really fucking high above the goalpost,

then it bounced, or
went over the fence,

and bang, it slammed against the wall.

So, I went there, obviously,
I went there...

I picked up the ball,
and there was a window,

above my head, there was a window,

and in there, I saw this
village lace-thing...



Not a carpet,
it's this disgusting, rural...

curtain! Right!

Yes, curtain.

Behind the curtain, there was Zsolti.

We knew each other.

I mean we didn't, but in a village,
everybody knows everybody.

We were never on speaking terms,
but I knew he was in Class A.

I think he was in A and I was in C.

We never really talked, but
whenever we met, we just waved "Hi."

That's it.

But I knew his name, Zsolti,
and he knew mine.

So there he was,
standing behind the curtain.

And so...

To this day, I don't know why,
but I waved him "Hi."

And he waved me back, "Hi."

And that was a good thing.

You know?
I wasn't a popular kid, I don't know.

But the fact that
somebody just waves back at you...

That's a good thing.

I nodded him,
"Don't you want to come out and kick?"

I mean the ball, you know.

And he opened the window, and said
that he would climb out the window,

only his parents were in the kitchen
and wouldn't be too happy about it.

So... I just don't know...

He had a weird childhood:
his father was drinking,

and the only thing he ever did for him
was he gave him a pocketknife.

And then his father died.


Parents die. That's it.


we were there, and...

we had a great time, kicking the ball.

It must've been on the weekend,
we played until 8:30

and Coach Endre came.

That was before he
joined that circus company, and...

before they plowed
that football field for good.

So Coach Endre came,

"Get the fuck off the field,
the training is about to start."

Then Zsolti asked me
if I wanted to go somewhere else.

I said, "Sure, let's go to the clearing
and play football there."

We began to play football there,

and it was pretty good actually.

Zsolti and I we began to
kick that ball, but then...

But then, I don't know...

He was like...

Zsolti, he was a really simple kid.
He didn't really have anything.

You know?

The only thing he had
were his mother's old books,

and that pocket knife
he got from his father, but...

What I really want to say is,

that playing football for free was
the high point of the summer for him.

I don't think he even had a ball.

So, we were playing, and had fun,

all I can say
that it was really good.

It was good...

until that fucking
rabid dog didn't come.

It followed us, and we began to run,
because we were scared shitless.

So we ran, and we jumped into
a ditch, or a pit or whatever.

We thought it wouldn't
follow us there - but it did!

Zsolti and I began to panic,

He grabbed one of the dog's paw,
and I grabbed the other and...

we yanked it into the ditch,
and the dog rolled down there.

So... the dog never came back,
and we just ran.

Because we were really fucking scared.

We didn't really discuss it like,
"That was pretty heavy." or something.

So, then I asked Zsolti...

If he wanted to meet again.

And he said, "Okay."

He told me I didn't have to...

it was enough to
just knock on the window.

I didn't have to slam
the ball against the wall.


And then...

We played through
the entire summer.

And that was really great.

I finally had a friend, you know?

So, he... Zsolti.

Or... I don't know
how should I say this to you.

He isn't bad, you know?
No, no, no, no, no...

He isn't bad at all.

He wasn't bad.

This is what I'm saying,
he was a really simple kid, I mean...

he was... very nice.

Everybody liked him right away,
I liked him right away.

He was this lovable kinda guy.
You look just as lovable as he did.

A little lovable kid,

I always wanted to
pinch his cheeks...

You know?

Everybody liked him.

He wasn't popular but wasn't
as unpopular as I was.

That they didn't like me.

The other kids just tolerated him,
and they said things like,

"Come Zsolti,
and have some of my chips!"

or "Zsolti, come to my birthday."
You know?

No one has ever asked me for anything,
or offered me anything,

nor did they ever invite me anywhere.

But they invited him, you know?

Because he was such a lovable kid.
A kind of a loser.

Even my goddamned parents!

They just loved him! Every time,
when he came over, they said,

"Ooh, he is such a cute kid!"
"Such a darling little kid."

And he is so kind,
and he is so helpful,

And Zsolti this and Zsolti that,
and Zsolti, whatever the fuck!

But wait! I'm sure you think now,

you think I was jealous of him,
but I wasn't.

I was not. I swear to you, I wasn't.

Though actually,

I'm not saying, that...

I felt good when, upon arriving home
from school, my mom first question was,

this was after the summer.
So this was during the fall.

She asked me about Zsolti.
She didn't care about my test results.

"What's up with Zsolti?
How is Zsolti doing?"

You know what I mean?
So, I'm not saying, that...

It did bother me. Of course I knew...

I knew that my mother loved me.

But... one time...

Zsolti really wanted this... wait...


We were at my parents and Zsolti
just said this to me under his breath...

We were eating lunch
or supper at our house, whatever.

So, under his breath,
he begins to tell me...

We sat in front of each other,
while my mom was working.

He said that he really wants
to learn to play the guitar.

Only that he doesn't have a guitar,
nor can he afford it.

You know what I mean?
Right under his breath.

He was pretty smart, he said it
loud enough, so my mom could hear it.

A few day went by...

That fall was really great.
We were still playing outside.

If I want to be honest, that was
the only thing you could do with him.


One day, my dad comes home
with a fucking guitar case.

And he just says to Zsolti,
"Here is your guitar case."

I mean... it wasn't just a guitar case,

there was an actual guitar
in that fucking guitar case.

So, we open it,

and Zsolti... he almost began to cry.

He even hugged my dad!

And I'm looking at this guitar...

I mean, it wasn't...

It wasn't a brand new guitar,
the kind that you see Santana play...

But it was an actual guitar.

Just a few scratches,
and it had new strings.

And I just couldn't get my dad
to buy me a Sega!

"No! "It's stupid! What for?"

"You'd be wasting your time!"


So, Zsolti was just like this. Anyway!

That's not the point.

You know what I want to say,
that's just wasn't the point.

What I want to say is this:

Zsolti became a part of my life.

Not just for me,
but for the whole family.

For all of us.

But later it was alright,
because I got into high school.

A high school for gifted students.

While he wanted to go
to vocational school.

I said to him, "For fuck sake",

your father went there,
and look what happened to him."

"Your mother too. And look what happened
to her. Go to a proper high school!"

"You don't have as many points
as I do, but go there anyway."

And you know what? He fucking did.
He went there!

Alright, it was a crummy place,
but still.

He put himself into perspective,
because I told him so.

And then... it was okay,

I was allowed to go home, or
I went home on some weekends.

We kept seeing each other,
and one time, Zsolti tells me,

that he has a hard time
with certain subjects.

I said, "This is the number
of my private tutor."

He said couldn't afford it.

I said, "Fuck it!"

"I'll go to my private tutor,
and I'll make a photocopy of my notes,

I'll send them via mail, and
then you can study from something."

So that you could
make something out of this. And...

He finished it. He graduated too.

Then came the career guidance.
Career guidance and counseling.

I obviously I did
what I was good at - economics.

You need to
look at things realistically.

Meanwhile, Zsolti...

Where did he go?
What did he choose? Guess what?

Hungarian literature!

Because he wants to
become writer, a musician.

I said, "For fuck sake, Zsolti,
you can't make a living out of this!"

"No, this what I want to do."

"Okay, I'm not your
father or your mother."

I mean, sometimes I felt like I was,
but whatever, really.

I'm not his father or mother
to tell him what to do.

So right, okay...
We live in the same city again.

Our majors were different.
Zsolti said that we should live together.

I said, "We can't live together,
because you can't afford the rent."

So we didn't live together.

Although he came over plenty of times.

He practically lived there.

Actually, he
did chip in sometimes.

He bought some food sometimes,

and on occasion,
he paid part of the overhead.

But I didn't mind, because
I knew that was Zsolti.

He just lived and fucking ate there.
But he didn't ask.

Right, he never asked.

Alright, he asked.
Fuck it, he did ask!

And he fucking did come over!

And in second grade,
Kata became my girlfriend.

Kata too...

Well, you know...

She loves me.

Or she did love me. She still does,
she is my wife, after all.

But you can't help but notice when
she keeps saying, "How cute Zsolti is."

Zsolti this, and Zsolti that,
and let's invite him.

And I said, "For fuck sake, we're
celebrating our six-month anniversary."

But she kept saying
that we should ask Zsolti over.

They really did get along,
they did like each other, but...

I'm not going to say
it didn't bother me, because it did.

Especially at the beginning,
when you know, you get home,

you come home
after a long as fuck day,

and your best friend and your girlfriend
are sitting on the sofa,

they are sipping wine,
as they're watching a movie.

And the candles are lit,
you know to set the mood.

And they say, "It's nothing, 'cause
they're watching an art house film."

To which I say,
"Why couldn't you wait for me?"

And they said, "Because you don't
like these - you like action flicks."


I admit that my taste in film
is not the same as hers.

And obviously Zsolti's taste
is different too.



Whatever, you just
get over things like this.

Because you just love your wife.
You trust that she loves you too.

You trust her that she trusts in you.

So, Kata and I we both graduated.

And I said to Kata...


we can't stay here: it's a good city
to be a university student, and stuff,

but we need a proper life,
a proper job, let's move to Pest.

She was reluctant,

because "Our friends and
everyone we know live here."

But I convinced her,
and we moved here.

Zsolti stayed there.

If I want to be really honest,
I'd say that I didn't mind that.


No, what I wanted for Kata and me is
to get ahead without knowing anybody.

Of course, at first
we rented a shitty apartment.

She got her first job,
and I got my first job,

then she had her first raise,
and I had my first raise,

we moved into a bigger apartment, then
we got a loan, then bam-bam-bam, get it?

And then, before you know it,
you have your own apartment.

I mean, of course,

our parents also helped.

But still...

And then...

One day, Kata tells me
that "She is ready."

I just looked at her, I just
had no idea what she was talking about.

"What the fuck are you ready for?"

Then suddenly, I understood
what she meant, and I said, "Oh, okay."

I proposed to her, of course.

To which she said yes.

Not long after that...

I mean nine months later,
Vera was born.

And that...

That was good.
It was just the three of us.

And Kata still loved me.

I could see it on her.
There was no problem.

Vera kept growing.
And we got a bigger apartment.

From a bad car, I got fucking great car,
and a managing director position.

You know...

I can't really attribute
this whole thing on that, but still,

there is this feeling you know...

when you are in a relationship,
I say that for simplicity's sake.

But it could be anything.

So there is this voice begins to tingle
in the back of your head,

"Just what if, if you...
haven't tried everything,

you haven't lived enough,
you haven't done this or that."

And you wake up in the morning,
and behind you...

Your girl is right beside you.

The mother of your child.

You've been together for
so many years,

but your first thought isn't going to be

"How wonderful she is" or
"How much I love this woman." No.

You'll ask yourself,

"Am I going to spend the rest of my life
with this woman?"

And that is terrible.

It slowly eats you up.
You can't think of anything else.

And you just...
you keep thinking about this,

and then one day,
a new colleague comes.

An assistant.

You know it's...
I dunno, he's a bit like...

He's clever - a bit of a climber,
but he is a very nice kid.

Yeah, so...

He kinda reminds you of yourself,
when you thought...

when you had that fire in you,
and when you thought,

that you'd do things
that nobody had done before.

You just spend
an awful lot of time with this kid.

And he just looks up to you,
and he is there for you, and you say:

"This is great. He'll be alright."

I'll guide this kid on the right path.

And one day, this kid asks you,

if you would want to
have a beer with him.

Sure, you go to the pub.
It's you who pays -

it's still early for him...
You know, entry level salaries.

We have one round, then another,
and your girl is already calling you,

"Where are you? Are you okay?"
And you say, "Relax, Kata, relax,

I'll be home soon,
I'm just having a beer with this guy."

And then she calms down.

Because you're drinking with a guy,
she doesn't get jealous.

Now, you are drinking
the third, then the fourth beer,

and you're are feeling
this tingle in your brain.

The felling of "I haven't drunk
this much in a long time."

I've never been
a big drinker, mind you.

But now, as I got old...

I say quote-unquote old, as I'm
not that old, but...

you get pickled. And then...

And there is this kid,
and he keeps looking at me.

But-no-no-no! It's nothing... No!

I know what this looks like,
but I swear you it wasn't.

No, but you just feel...

You know...

Right, and then...

And then...

And then you just casually ask him,

and you smile...

"Got a girlfriend? Anything?"

And he says no,
he doesn't have a girlfriend,

He is... He can't really think
about a relationship.

And you just smile.

He looks at me and says,
"You must've been there too."

I say, "Are you kidding?
I only had one girlfriend."

"My wife."

"She called me before.
She's waiting for me at home."

"I've never been the adventurous type."
To this, he says,

"This doesn't mean that he is,
but he is open to new things."

Now, at this point...

You're asking yourself,
is he implying something, or what?

So, I told him,
"Okay, it's time to leave."

But I left my car at the office.

This pub was next to the office.

The weather was really shitty,
it was cold as fuck.

You don't want to
let the kid to commute.

Especially in this
current situation.

So - Taxi. I tell him,

"Sit at the front, because,
you'll get out first."

He said no, he will sit next to me.
So we sat there at the back.

I sure you know how
these downtown cab drivers are.

They just don't give
a shit about their customers.

They just drive
with their headset on.

We just sit next to
each other, you know? And then...

There was quite a lot of room...

But the kid seemed
to move closer to me.

I mean, he sat closer
he was supposed to.

He kept inching closer...

Then, the cabdriver turns the wheel,
at a sharper turn.

Now, the kid gets pressed against me,
and his hand falls into my lap,

right between my legs.

And he begins to feel around.

And it...

I didn't mind it.

I didn't mind it, although I knew I
should, so I firmly put his hand away.

And then... I was like...

I was hoping that I made it clear
that I was not interested.

But he...

He just smiled.

That's it.

You know? He had this knowing smile.

He said, "Thank you".

He thanked me for the ride,
and got out, and I went home.

Of course, Kata immediately
began to argue with me,

Why was I out for so long?
And why do I smell of booze?

Vera wasn't home, of course.

She was sleeping over
at one of her friends.

I just took Kata by her hand,
and led her into the bedroom.

I went to the office
on the next day.

I was waiting for the kid to...



Let's say it: Gergő.


I waited for Gergő to say something.

But no-no-no...

No. Like this thing yesterday night,
didn't even happen.

And this thing begins to nag you.

What is going on? Did I
hallucinate this whole thing, or what?

And so...

A day goes by, then another,
and another, and another, and you...

I got suspicious: "What is going on?"

"Is he just messing with me?"

"He won't even come to me?"

He goes for lunch without me, while
we always went out for lunch together?

I gotta tell you honestly:
it did bother me.

But not because of that!

No! No! It's not about that.

It's not because... because of that...

It's one thing that you think about
your wife, but also, "What is going on?"

So now I'm into this kid?

Okay, I said it!

And then...

You go home,

and you want nobody to bother you,
while you have a beer in front of the TV,

and then Kata sits down.

She sits down in front of you,

she is smiling...

With tears in her eyes,
she tells you that she is pregnant.

She got pregnant on that night.

You just can't say anything.

You just stand...

sit there, time stands still.

You know you have to say something,

you try to imitate
her emotional reactions

sort of copy what you see
on your wife's face.

But it's...

It's hard for you to be happy,
though you are not sad either.

You try to act happy, and smile,

you also try to
force some tears to come out...

Why the fuck do we need another kid?

You know? Even one kid
costs a shitload of money.

And Kata isn't young either.

She is in that age when this is
very dangerous, especially now,

with all this going on, you know.

But at the same time,
you also think,

just what if - if it's a boy?


Right, sure, I love Vera, really.
I'd walk through fire for her.

But you can't play football with her.

That's it. She is just
not interested.

And then...

When it's total chaos...

It's total chaos, and you may think
that you have enough on your plate.

But no, no! A week passes,
and you hear a knock on the door,

Guess who is standing
at the door?

It's Zsolti!

He is just fucking
standing there, smiling.

We haven't seen each other for
more than ten years,

we rarely speak on the phone,
except on birthdays, or on at Christmas.

We hardly ever talk,
but there he is now,

he smiles, and jumps into my neck,

"Man, am I glad to see you!!"
And I say, "Sure, me too."

It's good to see him again, but...

I was really glad for him...

Really, but...

then you notice that
there is a sports bag by his feet.

You know?

He didn't just came, like

"Hey, I thought I'd drop by
for a surprise visit."

No, he came with
a fucking sports bag!

You let him in, and sure enough,
he and Kata are glad to see each other.

Ooooh, they are really happy!

Such happiness!

And it hits you, "Just what
are they so happy about?"


Okay, I don't want to
drag this any longer.

Thirty minutes in,
Zsolti tells us,

that he was fired
both from his job and his apartment.

Because in the last five years,
he devoted his life...

He fucking did say that!

In the last five years,
he devoted his life...

"to write the greatest
Hungarian family saga."

"And that it will be everything."

"It would be for everyone!
And it would be a bestseller!"

And that he would become rich!

But nobody believed him: neither
his boss, nor his landlord!

So they threw his ass out! That's right!
They threw his ass out!

So, he has no place to live.

And this... little man...

He loaded up his shitty car
from his last 5,000 forints,

and he drove up to Pest.

He came to me, 'cause he thought,

that I'd give him a place to stay
until he finishes his book.



I don't know how he said it...


Because the ending of his book
"still feels very false."

That's what he said, and immediately,
Kata goes like, "It's wonderful!"

"It's great - Oh, right
we have a free guestroom."

Yes! Yes, we have a free guestroom,

Yes, we have a free guestroom,
but it's not for you,

it's for the parents,
not for Zsolti!

That's the whole point!
It's not for Zsolti!

But you try to make a face like
when you heard the baby news.

You try to smile, try to act like
you're interested in this,

but you're unhappy!

I wouldn't wish that on anyone,
to have Zsolti for a week!

But okay, I give in,
I give in for Kata.

If Kata asks for it...

Okay, and they are
both artist types,

and Kata can hardly wait
to read the first draft of the book.

And anyway... I thought that...

That this could turn out real good.

You know? That night,

Zsolti asks me what if we go to grab
a few beers and play some pool?

"Oooohh" I say.

And that's when I say,

"This doesn't sound bad.
Let's give it a try."

"Great! Let's go!" And
we're off to get some beer.

I pay, obviously.

But we had a fucking great conversation.
A fucking great conversation.

I ask him, "What've you been up to?"

"Since the last time I saw you, Zsolti?"

He said he had a few relationships,

but after several rounds of beer,
he blurted out,

"If I have to be honest,"

looking back, on this
long period of my life,

the reason I've had
so many relationships,

"is that I always loved Kata."

You know?

That's when...

You don't just freak out on this,
but instead, you say,


"Gotcha! I knew it!
I fuckin' knew it!"

"I knew! For twenty years!
Because it was obvious!"

He says he never wanted to
stand between the two of us,

"Because Kata looks at you
as if you were this I don't know what."

And you know it feels good,
it's very safe and comforting,

that your wife stands by you, but...

I say to him, "Alright."

"I have to take a leak."
I go to the men's room for a piss.

As I'm pissing,
my phone is ringing.

I answer it and it's Gergő.


That he is still in the office,
he has to work for a few more hours,

he is looking through
some contracts, but then...

he is going home,
and what if I go over?

His flat is empty,

his flatmate has gone for two days.


How about spending the night there?


He said, he'd be happy
if I spent the night with him.

You're just standing there, you know...

And you want to say no.

No. No.

No-yes. Yes.

But yes. You say, yes, I'll go.

I must go there.

But Zsolti is still here.

I tell Gergő I need
an hour until I get there.

I knew his address
because of our cab ride the last time.

I come... I go out, I try
to keep on playing pool with Zsolti,

to listen to his bullshit
about his book, but I just can't.

I can't concentrate on him,
or even the game.

So I tell him, that
I need to go to the office.

Of course he is doubtful,

then he eats it up, and asks me
if I want him to join me.

I say, no, you don't have to,

"Go home, and tell Kata
everything is fine." I order two cabs.

"Sure, Zsolti! Just go home!"

And I sit into the other cab,
and the driver asks me "Where to?"

That's when it goes through your mind,

that you shouldn't go there.
It's better if you go home.

You should just hug your wife
and everything will be alright.


I say the address.

We arrive, we get there, first floor.
It's a big-ass condominium.

Gergő lives on the first floor.

He's standing on the terrace.

He gives me the code for the flat,
and tells me it's open.

I enter, and it's...

It's decorated really tastefully.
It's like as if I had decorated it.

I see the laptop, it's being open
on the table, it's a coffeetable.

I see the contracts on it,
and he says,

"We could go through the contracts now,
so we'll have less work tomorrow."

And he's smiling, you know?

He sits down,
we look at the contracts,

and he asks me...

if he could bring me
a glass of water, because...

it's like I'm all red and sweating.
I say sure.

He goes out for the water,

and this... I swear, this was
the longest 30 seconds of my life.

Because I knew that while he is
in the kitchen, I have to decide.

I have to make a decision:

do I thank him for the water,
and I drink it,

then I find a stupid excuse, leave,
and it'll be alright, or I stay,

and we'll see what happens.

And I decided.

He put down the water,

And really, right there...

It must have been really stupid, when...

I'm explaining myself
to my assistant completely naked.

"I'm not gay, I'm not a faggot."
He said, "I'm not either, so relax."

"It's just two colleagues
experimenting on each other."

That's how he said it.

"Two colleagues experimenting"
while my dick is in his hand.

I could say, sure...

My mind will clear out, and...

and that I, this is
what I thought, and...

that I knew that
I don't want this when I went there,

but I went there,
because I want him,

but this isn't what I want,
and I'll see clearly, you know,

and it is Kata whom I want,

because, if it's not Kata, then
it's not Kata whom I want, but no...

I was still full of doubts,
I didn't have a clue about anything.

I didn't know. I was sitting
in the car, and I kept thinking

that this thing
will never be this simple.

The next day I go to the office,

expecting that Gergő will say something,
and sure enough,

he acts like as if nothing had happened,
just like the last time.

And I thought, "It's good that
we don't spend too much time on this."

So then I just go home, dead tired,

I'm usually very tired by then.
Kata and Vera went shopping.

They went to look for baby clothes,
though we don't know the kid's gender.

I hope it's a boy.

And I find Zsolti
sitting in the living room,

he is sitting there, typing.

He says he wants to tell me something.
I say "Go ahead."

He begins to talk about his book.
Like if I give a fuck about his book!

It's a stupid,
nonsensical family drama,

where a family is falling apart,
the mom and the dad are drifting away,

the kids are turning against each other
and against the family, and all that.

But he found a central conflict!

And a detail! An element!

And he begins to smile.

And you know,

it's the kind of smile that...

the same kind when he told me
that he is in love with Kata,

and this smile makes you feel...



"This is the real Zsolti."

"This smile..."

"This is the real Zsolti."

"The one who fucking told me
that he loves Kata, this cocksucker,"

this little motherfucking moocher!

"This is the Zsolti I know!"

And then he turns his laptop.


video, the whole thing.

About last night. That night...

with Gergő. Shit...

This cocksucking Zsolti followed me
and he recorded the whole thing,

I'm not lying to you,
he recorded the whole thing.

Everything! Images,
videos, with my face!

My face is clearly recognizable!

So, I'm asking him,

"What the fuck do you want?"

To which he tells me...

Shit, he has the nerve to tell me,

"I want what I've always worked for,"

that you've taken for granted,

that you kept taking from me
through my whole life,

that you've just taken for granted!"
and he just points around himself.

"Your apartment, Kata,
Vera, and the baby!"

And I say to him "Go fuck yourself!"

No! What...

I won't let him!

I won't let him to
take my life from me!

You know what he said? He said,
"If you don't let me take your life,

then I'm going to ruin you!"
I'm going to ruin your whole life,

I'll tear it to the ground!

I said, "What are you using
to tear it to the ground?"

Then he turns the pics toward me.

And so then...

you know it's... yeah...

If Kata learns about this,
she'll throw me out. And Vera...

I'll never see her, and
they'd fire me from the office,

'cause let's be honest,
this is not tolerated in this country!

It's okay if you do it with whores on the
Adriatic Sea, but otherwise, it's not.

Then I say to him,
"Alright... alright...

alright, tell me what you want?
Tell me! Tell me what you want?"

"What do you want me to do?"
To which he just tells me...

"He thought out the whole thing:
that I should say..."

that there is another woman,
or that I should say, that...

I'm not ready for a second child.

"Or something like that."

I ask him, "How about I smash
this laptop on your head?"

He is grinning and asks back,

"You think I didn't make
thousands of copies?"

Then I start to beg, and beg,

"Don't, don't!"

After all I did for him!
After all my parents did!

My mother!

That guitar!

All those dinners!
He could live with us for free!

For free!
The ball! Me! And the whole thing!

No, no, I kept begging, and he tells me
that he gives me 48 hours to decide.

He gives me fucking 48 hours to decide,

how do I want him to destroy my life?
Painful or less painful?

Or really fucking painful, you know?

You know?

Zsolti - this guy whose life
was only about asking for things!

He even asked for something
without saying a fucking word!

And now, he tells me...

that he doesn't leave me a choice.
He doesn't leave me a choice!

Then I tell him...

Why am I telling you all this?

I do not know.

I ask you to put on mask,

because I can't serve you.

But you talk, talk, talk, talk...


Of course, mask, right...

You asked me...



That... that Jack. The whole bottle.

How much?


You are not gonna
fucking believe this!