Tante Hilda! (2013) - full transcript

Centers on an eccentric aunt who is everything to everyone.

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Very slowly.

We're approaching
the G2 point.

Move the stylus by one degree.

- Like this?
- Yes, perfect.

Now move the probe

towards the GMP corn plant.

Very slowly.

Very slowly.

This is amazing!
Just amazing!

Come see this, Julio.

Come see.

Professor, it worked!


It's the G2 point!

The G2 point!

We found it!
It's the G2 point!

The G2 point!

The G2!


We did it.

We did it!

You can say that again.
It's wonderful!

Should I call DOLO,

Do I push the button?

Niet, Julio.

Patience. It's much too soon.

Let's at least drink a toast
to our bosses.

They're really

going to rake it in, right?

Comrade, we don't work for money.

Our research is for
the wellbeing of humanity.

Don't forget, a billion human beings
suffer from hunger.

You're right, Professor.
A hundred times stronger

than GMPs!

It will be a hit.

It will be a hit, big time!

Aunt Hilda!

Hey! Look who's here!

Oh, it's Aunt Hilda.


- Hello, mail lady.
- Hello, botanist.

You're happy this morning.

It's almost the weekend.

Just one more little task.


For the president of the Republic?

Got you wondering, haven't I?

Is it about the GMPs?

- You still don't agree?
- Right.

I'm a stubborn naturalist.

Who knows where it will lead.

On TV, they say it's nothing
to worry about.

On TV!

They're always spouting rubbish!

Well, I'm in a hurry.

I'll be off. See ya, girls!

Bye! Say hello to your parents!

Thank you! I will.

Hello, old Melchior!

You look great today!

Hello, my darlings!
I'm back!

West Side



Where are you?

Dad! Mom!

Hello, beautiful newcomer.

Do you like it here?

What? What do you want?

Sure, I'll bring you water
right away.



Where are you?

Hey... Mom!

What are you doing?

Look where you are!
You could fall.

I need some honey
for toast.

Get down, Mom.

Be careful.

We'll go and make some toast

Oh, nice!

Do you know where Dad is?

Dad? Which Dad?

Let's go look for him.

Who is this delightful young lady?

Have you forgotten already,
my love?

You know how to talk to cactuses.


Dad, this plant
shouldn't be out here.

Why do you lock it up?

It's the GMP
we isolated the other day.

We must first find out
whether it's dangerous.

Father Marius says
GMPs are cool.

Plants are living beings,


It's risky,
trying to manipulate them.

Would you like

another mustache,
on your nose?

Oh! Tonight's ball!

I totally forgot.

No, I don't think I can make it.

No, no.

Don't count on me.
I'm sorry.

Thank you.

Enjoy yourselves.

Oh, Dad!

Good night, my darlings.

Darn! The protection system's
gone off!

I must call Michaël.

What are you doing,

Well... Professor?


Julio, I've thought about it.

Given what happened,
we should stop.

Stop everything? But...

It's the find of the century.
We can't stop.

There's no shame in halting
negative research.

I have a bad feeling.

It might put humanity at great risk.

We must halt this.

In that case,

we must call the DOLO.
They pay, they decide.


I'm in charge.

Too much incertitude,
too many risks.



What a nice surprise!

Not at all!

It broke?

I see.

Don't worry, I'll catch
the next train there.

You can't just abandon me.
We must continue!

Julio, I must go.

We can talk on Monday.

I don't understand, Professor.

A chance like this
only comes once.

I've a problem with my conscience.

You can't do just anything.

And, as I said,
I have an emergency.

An emergency!

An emergency with legs!

And it wears skirts.


Yes, I'm listening.

Hello, uh...

What do you want?

I wanted to say that we've
made an astounding discovery.


This is no bull.
We found the G2 point.

Plants can now grow huge

and give off a crazy amount
of energy!

GMPs are ridiculous
in comparison.

They're pathetic.

Don't tire yourself out.
I know. I see everything!

You know everything?
Even what the Professor said?

Yes! He's being manipulated
by that ecologist

he has a crush on,
while you're about to invent

vegetable fission!

He merits a good slap!

What should I do?

Just keep working as normal.

I'll be in touch.

That old Aldashin will pay for this.
He must pay!

And, as for his friend,
she'll just have to wait.

All out.

Ouch, that hurt!

Barley: 3.8 million tons.

Poultry production
has increased by 3.5.

Increase corn production.

Yes, ma'am. Order passed.

Knock, knock...

Who is it?

Try to guess!

I think I know.

My honey?

Oh, I'm so glad!

Come in, guys. Quick, quick!

What was the code...?

Darn, I've forgotten it.

- Ask her.
- You do it.

Why is it always me?

Is the honey for today or tomorrow?

It's just that...

We forgot the code, boss.

The code? I, d, i, o, t, s.

Conceived especially for you.

A new poll.

64% of the population

says it is in favor of GMPs.

That's an 8% progress.

Oh, this is so good!

What would I do without you,
my sweet honey?


Dolores here.
Call the president.

Right away, ma'am.

Robert, did you see the polls?

Yes, 64% is a lot.
You were right.

I'm always right.

For you, as president,
this means success.

And for me
and my multinational

it's a lucrative business.
We're both winners.

What about the permit
for my tests?

I will grant it, of course...

for a little... extra bonus.

This is so good.
I'll give my doggies some.

It's good, isn't it?

When all of our crops
become GMPs,

profits will skyrocket, my darlings!

Not forgetting Attilio's invention,

that super GMP!

The profits...

the profits...

will double... and triple...

The profits...

Turner! Hey! The light!

When she wants something...

she clings on good!

I think there have been leaks,
Mr. President.


The other cereal growers
are not happy.

What do they know?

They know about the permit granted
to DOLO to plant GMPs.

They want to do the same.

I don't know what to say!
They're harassing me.

I see.


What do I tell them?

Well, listen...

We'll create a commission
to calm them down.

Any other current affairs?

No. Nothing else.

Oh, yes, there's one more thing.
A little record.

Look. Over 30 letters signed
with a stupid pseudonym:

"Aunt Hilda."

GMPs this, GMPs that...

Public health,
our children's future, and so on...

Crazy old woman!


into the shredder with the rest.

How about you?
Am I scratching too hard?

Feels good, huh?

West Side

A gigonium!



What a specimen.

The most beautiful one ever.

I know you love them.

Oh! Thank you, thank you!

I'm so happy to see you!

You found the time to help
this humble botanist.

I'm touched.

It's a pleasure for me
to please you,

my dear Hilda.


there you go.

How do you feel there?

What was that?

It's none of your business!

I have them all.

Give me your bags,
my dear.

Make yourself comfortable.



Please allow me...
It's so hot.

Do you have something to tell me?

What...? What is that?

Well, you know...

DOLO bought our lab.


I can assure you...

I'm guaranteed total freedom.

How could you,
the great Michaël Aldashin,

member of the Moscow
Scientific Academy,

accept to work for that group?

Do not formulate worries.

I still lead the research.

Until when? You're involved

in a shady affair.

You know what I think
about trafficking with nature

and about GMPs.

I'll go fix your system.

Are you still doing
genetic manipulations

with those DOLO people?

There! It's fixed.

Thank you, Professor.

You do some things
better than others.

I've thought a lot
since your last visit.

You're not only trying
to break the natural laws,

but your scientific reasoning
is at fault!

It has a major flaw.

A major flaw?

If you've found point G2,
as I fear you have,

you've overlooked the result

of the spinal vector.

- Excuse me?
- Look. It will never work!

Or it'll cause great trouble.

You're right.
I will recalculate, big time!

I would rather you just give up.

As I've already told you,

with or without mistakes,
it's a dangerous adventure.

Very dangerous.

Let's get some fresh air.

I need to unwind.


look at this corn field.

What do you think?

Amazing color,
even-sized stems,

nothing sticks out,

fresh out from the salon.

It's no doubt a GMP crop.

Yes, GMPs.
They've planted them even here.

They can't do this!

And who is behind this?
I can tell you:

DOLO, my dear!

You must forgive me.

I'm going to be very mean.

I just can't allow this.

Hilda! Think about it!

This is useless!

Chief, look at that woman!
What is she doing?

My God! What is all this?
Take them to the station!

Therefore, the court has decided,

in judgment after trial
and, in the final instance,

for having voluntarily
destroyed 2 GMP wheat plants

on crop No. 138,

on land in Beaumont-les-Vignes,

to sentence...

Hilda Bontempelli

and Michaël Aldashin
to 8 months in prison.

Good, lawyers. Well done!

2 for the price of 1.
A traitor and a pain in the ass.

Good riddance!

- That's unfair!
- Silence!


Silence, or I will evacuate
the court!

Listen to me!

The Professor
has been sentenced

for something he didn't do!

I'm the one who destroyed
those GMPs.

And I'm not fighting for me,
but for all of you...

Keep quiet, lady!

- Shame on you, Mister!
- Keep quiet!

Manipulating nature
is a great risk!


Long Live Hilda

You can't always win,
Miss. I-live-in-a-bubble.


Come on, let's go.

- The man is here, boss.
- All cleaned up.

We'll put him here.

Few people get to see me.

I made you come here
for an important reason.

I have a question.

Can you continue the research
that Aldashin abandoned?

I have everything.

I know everything.

- What's your name?
- Julio Attilio.

Well, finish the job.

We will baptize the invention
"Attilem," after you.

We'll do good business together,

I have something for you, ma'am.
A little trifle.


Close your eyes.

Oh! A surprise!

I love surprises!

Well, look.

At your service, boss.

You degenerate gherkin!

You triple idiot!

I'm allergic to all plants!

I'm sorry. I am an idiot.
I had no idea.

Well, don't ever forget it,
if you want to work with me.

- Got that?
- Got it...

I don't know where you learned
your French. It's hopeless.

- I want a radical change!
- Got that?

What are you doing?

I need a surface...

If you write one more digit,

I'll make you eat your pencil.

No, I...

I'm not kidding!

You will eat it all up!
Got that?


Here, boy.

This notebook

will save you trouble.

Special edition.

Our hopes for GMPs...

Wait! Go back, please.

DOLO has made
a prodigious discovery.

I can assure you
that we will experience

a real revolution
in every sector:

Agri-food, energy,

health... This is an historic moment
for the world.

So, without further delay,

I now have the great honor

of introducing
the inventor of this wonder,

a man called

Julio Attilio!

Ladies and gentlemen,


This new cereal will send

all previous genetic research
to the antiquarian's.

It needs almost no pesticides
or fertilizers,

and extremely little water.

And its profitability
is multiplied by 50.

It is pure perfection.

Attilem! Attilem!

This is going exactly
as I planned.

Good job, Julio!

Millions of farmers
are now growing Attilem.

Cultivated surfaces are
increasing everywhere.

My body and mind
both feel better.

With Attilem,
I stopped eating fat.

This is a revolution.

Hunger is disappearing
all over the globe.

Its energetic power is so strong

that all our energy issues...

Welcome, Attilem...

It will solve
all our problems...

Peasants everywhere plant you...

Attilem, Attilem, we love you...

We will never be hungry again...

All the sorrow in every nation
is over now...

I know how I'll make money

when I get out of here, then.

With Attilem!

Now they celebrate.
But it will end badly.

You'll end badly.

The whole world's speaking
of Julio Attilio.

A candidate for the Nobel
Peace Prize, Le Soir...

That's how it all started.

Science flowed in me
like a nice, cold beer.

A superior force dictated
formulas to me.

It was amazing.

Attilem is very good.
For now.

But we must think ahead.

Right, Julio?

Ahead? What do you mean?



I guess Attilem
should have been Aldashem.

Hilda, don't charge me.

Sorry, I'm tired.

But it's the reality.

- Attilem is everywhere.
- This is nothing.

What do you mean?

I can't sleep at night.
I've gone over the calculations

and it's likely

that Attilem is not stable.

If it is upset,
the world will be destroyed!

Everything is in this notebook.

Attilem is a time bomb.

A powerful one!

I'm ashamed!

Very ashamed.

You should have known.

I warned you.

My parents are waiting.
Let me go.

I want to redeem myself.

I want to fight
with all my strength.

The evil is done.


I will take it to the top.

To the top? You mean...

The president?

- Da!
- You still believe in him?

He sees Attilem as something
personal, so he...


Do whatever you want.

If there's a chance...

Let me go. I must return
to my greenhouse.

Do you want a go?
Want to go for a spin?

Mom, Dad!

I love you so much!

The metamorphosis has begun.

Mr. Aldashin, I've spoken
to the president.

he won't be able to meet you.

His agenda is so...

But I have very important things
to tell him!

A complete, explosive dossier.

We know your theories,

They are obsolete.

The world has changed,

accept that!

That is not the point!

We're heading for a global disaster!

I have proof!

Well, alright. Give me that.
The president will look at it.

Leave your phone number
with the secretary.

We will call you back.

"A global disaster..."

Hey! Sir!

You can't stay here.

- Hilda!
- Hilda!

We know what you're feeling.

He thinks of you too.

He thinks of me?

- Yes.
- Of course!


Hey, Ike, I think
we should get a move on.

Why, Turner?

Can't you guess?

- No.
- Can't you see we'll have a big...

no, a huge problem?

Uh... What problem?

You numbskull!

What will become of the fat
madwomen without honey?

Dammit... You're right.

I hadn't thought of that.

Hey, Ike,

did your mom ever tell you
you're an idiot?

Hey, wait!

Where will we get more now?

There's nothing but Attilem.

You're starting to get it.

Where are you going, guys?

We're going to get provisions
for the... Uh, Dolores.

Let me take care of it.

Whew! That was close!

Do you want something sweet, dear?

Attilem now,

Attilem forever.
The plant that was announced

as a great invention
appears to be a threat.

Some say "terrifying."

Infra-molecular mutations

are affecting other species,
which are changing

in real time.
The incontrollable Attilem

has invaded every continent.

We are to expect the worst.

Attilem mutations
are generalized!

People want answers.

- Down with Attilem!
- Oh boy!

Sooner than I expected.

So, what's the problem?


Attilem is getting
out of control.

Well, that's good for us.

When the time comes,
we'll destroy everything.

The more there is,

the better for us.


Nobody has yet found

a way to neutralize Attilem.

Well, guess who
is going to invent that poison?

What, me? That's impossible!

I can call Aldashin

if you want.

Don't bother.

I can manage.

Unlimited budget...

Unlimited budget!

22 departments are on orange alert,

and more will...

We're expecting winds
of over 130 km/h.

The coasts will be affected.

Special edition: Attilem's
hyper-domination is scary.

All other plants
are disappearing.

International organisms
have sounded the alarm

and predicted an unprecedented

ecological, economic,
and political catastrophe.

Every continent is infested.

- The ravages are...
- Right!

A major environmental disaster
has been announced

for our planet.

My dear friends,

I have a very bad feeling.

You are safe here, for now.

But you must get ready,
just in case.

If any danger should approach,

the No. 1 rule

is to keep your sap cold.

Then close your leaves
to protect yourselves.

Do not give in to any form of panic.

I am counting on you!



This is even better than I thought!

- What is that?
- Asparagus!

You dummy!

I can't believe it!




- Here.
- Here.

What was your job again, boys?

Well... to bring you
the buzz, buzz...

So what is this?

Any explanation?

We looked everywhere!

I swear, boss!

- Even on the Internet.
- It's all gone.

"It's all gone..." Gibberish.

You idiots!

Go to this address.
They'll have some.

But... How...?


Get out of here, now!
Are you deaf or stupid?

Get out of here,

- Dolores!

I got the sample.

They found a miracle product.


Have you checked it works?


Not yet.

Down with Attilem!

This is a piece of Attilem.

Look. One drop is enough.

My goodness!

Result: All gone!

Now, if I understand correctly...

We're saved! This is a great
occasion to redeem yourself.

I'm giving the order to start
using that product, now!

Hold on! Let's not get carried away.

You could ruin my business.

Are you sure this is it?

Yes, I think so.



Tell me it's not true!

Why would I say that?

Come on, please.

- Tell me!
- Oh, I see...

Look! Beehives!



Can we come in?

Yes, come in.
I think he'll answer this time.

Please answer...

It's closed.
How will we get to it?

Don't you have an idea?

It's ringing! Finally!

- Hilda!
- Michaël!

Intrusion! There!

Danger, danger!

Don't move. I'll go see.

Danger! Ouch!

It's child's play, right, Ike?

Yes. The boss will be happy,
for once.

I won't regret that.

Oh, no!

Horrible bugs!

Oh gosh!

Hey, what...?

The devil is here.

I can't believe it!

I won't let this happen!

You're going to come in useful,
for once.

Thanks, Daddy!
What would I do without you?

Dolo, Dolo,
the people will kill you!

Ma'am, we've reached point 0.

Attilem is no longer making profits.

Okay, go!

Buy Attilox



Shh, don't say anything.

No way.

No way!

Look, our neighbors

have mowed their lawn.

Yup. Too bad the moles

made a mess of it.

Yeah, forget solidarity!

The president is waiting.
He's early.

Ultra-rich, sweetie!



tell me, who is the richest
woman ever?

It's me!

Yes, it's me. It's me!!

Not one plant remains.

Oh! Life is beautiful.
No more allergies.

I have triumphed!

It's so good.

Oh! My new suit!

We'll get it off.

Don't worry about it.

It's okay, Johnson.


Can we talk?

Maybe later. Not now.

What will you do now?

Easy. We ask ourselves...

how can we keep making money
in this situation?

But... everything is destroyed.

- Annihilated.
- Look around you!

Everything's destroyed.
It's an unprecedented catastrophe.

I know, my little bunny.

We just have to plant seeds.

You seem to be taking this
very lightly.

Not me! I'm...

I'm very worried.

Later on, my friend. Later.

Oh, they found honey!

My sweet honey!

Attention, soldiers!

What's with the look?

This? Well, we...

inhaled the thing
that destroys Attilem...

and this happened.


- It's hopeless. It keeps growing.
- Like your dogs.


What is this?

I don't know.
A side-effect, maybe?

"A side-effect, maybe?"

Nonsense! What state did you
find the greenhouse in?

It's full of plants.

And bees. Bad bees.


Flowers! You see?
I always have a solution.

This is so good!

Come with me!

I'll show you
how I will earn money now.

Hey, the 2 of you!
If things don't work out...

you already know what to do.

Operation "Desert Bumblebee."

Yes, ma'am!

- Come on, let's go!
- Dolores!

- We should really...
- Later!

It's all over now.

You are safe.

So don't panic!

Have you found anything,


I've almost finished
checking the air.

There seems to be no pollution.

The plants were very scared.

I have the impression
that they sent a message.

Like a strange, unusual smell.
Can you smell anything?

Not really.

I detected a stealth element,
not harmful,

but its exact composition
is hard to define.

I'm trying to understand.

Well, I can smell it.


- I will study the composition.
- Yes.

Oh! Hilda, I...

Come on!

What is it now?



Oh! I can't believe it!

You, here? I'm so happy

to see you again!

Mom and Dad will be
even happier.

I'll go get them.

They must have finished their nap.

Hey, not so fast.

I would first like to talk
with you in private.

- I'm so sorry...
- Let's forget the past.

I came to discuss the future.

I was scared something
had happened to you.

Oh, Dolly! Oh, my Dolly!

It's really you, Dolly.

Look who's with me.

The president himself.

The president?

I hadn't recognized him
with that beard.

He's a great friend.
He could help you.

Hilda! I've found it! I found a...



You... here?

Professor Aldashin.

It's a small world, isn't it?

This woman was my old lab boss,
and Attilio

was my assistant!

They're responsible for Attilem!

What do you mean?

You're DOLO?

My own sister!

Exactly, so half
these greenhouses are mine.

It's my inheritance.

That's what you wanted.

You can't get enough.
You want to rob us!

Hear that, Robert?

By virtue of the powers in my...

Stop! Michaël and I tried
so hard to warn you,

but you wouldn't listen.

So shut it, Mr. President!

What a joke.

It's all your fault!
Don't try to pretend!

You've forgotten the poisoned
perfume you gave me?

- You cheap saint!
- Oh!

You destroyed my life!

And you destroyed mine!
And our parents'!

Watch out for yourself, viper!

You too! Spot-head!

You're vicious!

No, you are!

You liar!

You crook!



Go on, Hilda!

There we go.

If you want it, you get it.

I'm the strongest, right?

I'm the strongest!

- Look at me.
- You did it on purpose!

With your damn pollen!
You did it again!

Help! Help!

With me!

I'll come back!
To make you suffer!

Calm down, I beg you.


Who was that?

- Do we know them?
- It was nobody. Let's go in.

What happened
with your sister?

Don't worry. I'll be back.
I will do whatever I have to...

but the greenhouses
will be mine.

Another carnage?
It's about time you stopped.

What did he say?

I said your megalomania
needs to stop now!

- Me? Megalomaniac?
- Yes, yes!

Megalomaniac and grotesque!

Grotesque? I'm surrounded

by clumsy idiots,

and I am grotesque?

Please stop.
Or I'll pee my underwear!

Enough. You're ridiculous.
We've heard enough.

Heard enough? Well, leave.

Words, words are easy.

But nobody is willing to take action.

You cowardly little sissy.

There. Anyone else

want to jump?

Johnson, maybe?

- Ouch.
- Are you okay?

I didn't mean to,
but she made me so mad!

She mentioned poisoned perfume.
What was that about?

That's where it all started.

Attilem and the ensuing
ecological catastrophe...

It's all my fault.

I am the only one to blame.

Don't say such things.

My sister was
the opposite of me,

as boisterous
as I was calm.

She could never be still.

She ran, jumped, climbed...

I wanted to be a botanist

like my parents.

That made Dolores mad
with jealousy.

When she started
to mistreat the plants,

I couldn't take it.

It was like a game to her.

So everything broke down
between us.

We ended up hating each other.

When I was alone,

I loved to mix plants
and essential oils.

I dreamed of making
magic potions.

One Christmas Eve,
I decided to make

some perfume for Dolores.

To teach her a lesson.

It smelled so good
that she sprayed on a lot

and spots immediately appeared
on her face.

It was horrible!

Dolores realized
I'd done it on purpose.

Not knowing it had been my fault,

our father was severe with her.

"Enough, Dolores!

"Go take a walk outside.

"Come back when you've calmed down."

And we never saw her again.

Do you realize, Michaël?

She was not even 13.

The police looked everywhere.

Even in the lake.
My parents suffered so much!

They never found out I had
tried to take revenge.

This was 33 years
and 2 months ago.

I've thought of her
every day since.

Oh, Hilda!

Michaël, this is so hard!

Oh! The president!

Let's go!
Move your butts, boys!

We'll blow up everything!

Yes, boss!

Hurry up, we're leaving now!

Full throttle!


I let her manipulate me

like a child,
but things will change now.

Ms. Bontempelli, your plants
are all that's left on Earth.

Attilox killed Attilem,
and made all the seeds sterile.

Hear that, Hilda?
The president is right.

Your plants are the only ones
that can save us now.

The evidence speaks for itself.


I can smell something.

Dolores is on her way!

I can order the deployment

of the special intervention force


I mean FST...

Please don't!
Don't do anything.

It's already a mess.

There! The computer confirms.

The genetic material of smells
is a match.

Come and see this!
It's fabulous!



I found it! I found it!

They talk, they talk!

My little darlings
really do talk!

Hilda, your intuitions
were exact.

- Freedom!
- We want to be free.


The plants have sent
a capital message.

Nature needs to be set free!

That's crazy! They would die
outside the greenhouse.

Things are clear to me now.

Very clear.

Nature has a force
that humans can't control.

We must listen.


Hilda, it's urgent.

Okay, I've thought about it.
We'd better hurry.

Come on, follow me!

You have 2 minutes
to get lost!

After that, face
the consequences!

Come on! Fast! Fast!

- Take your posts!
- Think, Dolores!

Your parents are inside.

Don't you start with that!

We'll send them a little

commercial sample like this.

Just for fun!


You see? She's nuts!

Quick! Climb up!
There's no time to waste!

Come out! Don't try to resist!

Or we'll force our way in!

What are they doing?

Playing Tarzan, you dummy.

Let's go! For freedom!


I'm counting to 3.






My mask! Quick, quick!

Enough, Dolores!
Go for a walk.

Come back when you've calmed down.

Dolly, Dolly.
I did mean to hurt you

with that perfume,
but I do regret it.

Please forgive me.

My poor Hilda.


Do you think everything
can be solved with flowers?

No, I'm sorry.
Vermin with petals is useless!

It just enrages me!

An international process
was organized

and DOLO was
severely sentenced.

This is the 1st time

a court has acknowledged
an environmental crime.

Dolores was sentenced
to 20 years in jail.

The side-effects of Attilox
have not disappeared.

It will be long and hard,
but there's still hope.

The spore cloud released
by the greenhouse

was so active

that the vegetation

has grown back
most spectacularly.

As for me, I'm living
with my boyfriend.

Mom and Dad are in good shape.

Every Sunday, we go to visit Dolores,

who is not taking it
too badly.

Hey, what happened to Attilio?

Okay, next!

Huh? Yes.

Just imagine, we've shaved
our 5 millionth beard


How is that for profit?

Sorry, I can't help myself.

Dear spectator,
the show is almost over.

But before the lights come on

I'd like to add THIS:

An animated film is not
an ephemeral adventure.

It's been 7 years

since I wrote the 1st story
with its small gallery

of characters.
The script was

enriched, deconstructed,
polished, melted, chiseled...

with 2 other colleagues,

Benoit Chieux, who also
invented the film image,

and Iouri Tcherenkov.
Patricia Valeix also helped.

Serge Besset, an old friend,
composed the score.

Electro-acoustics ace
Samuel Sighicelli did his part...

I also had the pleasure
of directing Aunt Hilda!

with Benoît Chieux

a jack-of-all-trades
who worked on sets and decors.

I personally thanked
all those lovely people

and feel an indescribable joy
thanks to them.

My assistant François Lignier
was with me throughout.

Susanne Seidel directed
the animation wisely,

so the film owes her a lot.

And we owe the "acting"
to our talented animators.

The decors were drawn
and painted with fruition,

and the character colors were
born from futuristic minds,

wisely guided and enlightened
by Maryse Tuzi,

a great organizer
of color allegories.

Venerable magician of images
and effects, Benoît Razy.

Digital witch, Izu Troin.

The scissors and glue were
handled by the editors.

The sound was conceived
by god Loïc Burkhardt.

Acoustic ranting
and dubbing also.

The sound stream was
produced by the mixers.

Subtitles: ECLAIR

Thanks for having read
all the credits.

Hugs to you all.

Jacques-Rémy Girerd
Director and Producer