Tanki (2018) - full transcript


With the financial support of
the Ministry of Culture of Russia

The Russian Military Historical Society

This film is based on real events.
Some storylines are fictional.

All coincidence is not accidental.


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A 20mm anti-tank gun, ever seen one?
Like a hot knife through butter.

They also have 37mm guns...

Holes this big! The size of your head.

…I saw one around here somewhere.

Are you suggesting this
vindicates you somehow?

I'm not making excuses, commander,

I'm not saying I'm blameless.

- You don't say?
- That's exactly right…

It was me that sent
our forces in with armour

only fit for parades.

And without receiving the order to.

I'm afraid with discipline like that

you won't be in the fight for long.

I don't know about myself...

There are many more wars ahead
for the Red Army.

That's entirely possible.

No doubt about it.

And to secure victory it needs tanks.

Real ones.

The kind that fire can't melt.











Shipping developmental tank prototypes
to Moscow is forbidden


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Back it up, come on, back it up.

I'll tell you once again...

Stop loading, Mikhal Ilych.

What did you expect?

I already told you, no field tests and
the tanks won't make the parade-ground.

Well, if we're not allowed to load them,
then we won't.

No big deal...

Turn off the engine!

We're not allowed to load them
onto the wagons.

STOP. That's what it says, doesn't say
we can't drive them there ourselves...

And that's precisely what we'll do.

Moscow is a thousand versts away.

You can't be serious!

And back too. It's not a thousand versts
so don't speak through your hat.

- So please, stop it.
- Stop what?

This is how we can run up some mileage.

- I'm with you!
- With them where?

Get back to work, Kataeva,
no one is going anywhere.

Kharkhiv... Moscow...

It's just shy of 800 km.

Right, but we're driving by tank,
I'm sure we could cut a few corners.

At least one and a half tonnes
of diesel for each tank...

We'll put extra tanks on the armor and
take a ZiS truck packed full of fuel.

You'll pass through Kursk,
Orel and Tula...

So I guess we can arrage refuelling.

Alright, so let's assume it works...

- Better to assume it won't work.
- Hold on!

Nikolay Alexeyevich, how many days
do you expect that distance to take?

The trip rather plans itself...

The parade is on the 17th...
we have to be there in time.

One day to prepare, seven days travel.
Including a stop for repairs.

Then easy does it, 200 km per day.
Nothing too adventurous.

That does sound reasonable.

Assuming it doesn't get too adventurous.

At the very least, it's a field test.
We need to do one regardless.

You hit the nail on the head!
It's a win-win situation.

We get to run up some miles and show the
capabilities of our new Soviet hardware.

What's so funny? Covering such
a distance under their own steam.

What other tank could match such a feat?
Not to mention one with armor as heavy.

We don't even know if
our tank is capable of that.

You know it can as well as I do,
San Sanych, come on now...

We'll make it to the parade as promised.

What's the downside?

That's it! It's a no-brainer…

With all due respect, Mikhail Ilych,

the downside is that
for your own ambitions

you're preparing to roll two top-secret
tanks half-way across the country,

putting at risk not only the People's
resources investment in them, but also..

...jeapardizing national security.

Without an order from above
my department will never approve.

Regarding my ambition,
Piotr Andreevich, you're correct.

And you're right about the orders, too.

Entirely by themselves? By highway?


How then? Off-road?
You mean as the crow flies?

They can do that…?

Yes, I am aware that they're tanks.

I agree. Yes, it would be impressive,
but it's risky, to be honest…

Alright, Mikhal Ilych,
let's proceed as follows:

You can consider my approval granted.

I will inform the top leadership.
But I won't inform anyone else.

The prototypes are top secret,
so your mission is also secret.

Try to avoid any surprises.

Just don't let me down, the 17th:
right on the nose. I'm waiting.

Thank you, Comrade Zhukov.

Let's agree right now, Mikhal Ilych.
Firstly, I am going with you...

- Firstly, that's pointless...
- Pointless to discuss it.

It's not my decision to make. An NKVD
officer is madatory for the operation.

I agree.

Secondly, you have command of the
transit operation.

But I have the authority to halt
the operation

if there's any incident at all.

Or any deviation from the plan.
Do I make myself clear?

Piotr Andreevich. You're acting
like you don't know me at all.

That's exactly what worries me.

Come on, there's nothing to worry about.
Come along, knock yourself out.

Bring a book and your swimshorts...

Why are you causing trouble, Kataeva?
That's just what I need right now!

You're taking the motorist
and the engineer.

Wouldn't get far without them.

Their efforts count for 5 tonnes,
the rest of the tank is the armor.

You're right, no arguments here.

I smelt that steel day and night,
always testing it.

Who'll tell Comrade Stalin?

Stalin? About how you smelt?

About the armor, its content and
the methods of hardening, about...

The Chief Designer will,
and about how you smelt as well.

Mikhal Ilych, I won't get in the way!
Please take me with you!

I'm be helpful, I can cook!

You can make us pies when we return.

If you were a tank driver, then fine...

Oh, please!

No! No! What's so good
about this field test?

The cold, mosquitos,
rattling around for ten hours a day.

It's no place for a young girl.

- Whereas this place is like a resort?
- That's it, argument over.

You're staying. And dry your eyes.


This new Russian development
could cause us a headache in the future.

You said they have working prototypes?

That's right, Colonel.

Two prototypes are being driven
from Kharkhiv to Moscow.

They're being driven there?

That's correct, Colonel.

Two tanks?

Give the order to our man in Kharkhiv
to gather a guerrilla group immediately

and give them their orders.

These tanks are going to go missing
somewhere between Kharkiv and Moscow.

As you wish, Colonel.


Attention, group! That's our target,
be ready to go on my command.

Any further radio transmissions
and all communication in Russian only.

Fall out.

Are we just going to crawl along?

Let's put our foot down a bit?

Oh, I'd love to, but Vasily
isn't in a rush to get there...

So outrun him...

He isn't in a rush, big deal!

Come on then!

What's going on?

Field-testing, I guess.

What kind of testing do you call this?

Oh, it's like that is it?

They decided to have a race or what?

Right, sound the horn!

Come on, overtake them, Arkady.

No chance, Mikhal Ilych,
you won't take me!

That 's enough!
Stay behind me!

Hold it at this speed!

I guess I should have expected this...

Where did you come from?

Arkady, this cylinder could blow
at any time,

the valve is broken and
there was an oily rag on top, oh Lord...

It must be sabotage...

Mikhail Ilych...!

I'll hand you over for court-martial,

Do you have any idea what you've done?

It wasn't me, someone else back at base
must have done it.

It was set up to fall, but I caught it.

I wouldn't have knocked on the window
but just couldn't hold it any longer.

Who did you leave behind in the lab?

Semenov. I left him a plan for testing.

Mikhail Ilych! We have to get rid of the
cylinder it's under 140 KG of pressure.

The valve could fail at any moment.

It could explode any second!
It'd have blown already if not for me!

Shut up, Kataeva.

You decided to ruin the field test?
I'll shoot you right here and now.

Comrade Lieutenant, let's not overreact.

Let him shoot me, just get the cylinder
out of the truck first.

Or at least don't forget to do it after.

Right, throw away the cylinder, Arkady.

Forty litres of oxygen, Mikhal Ilych!
Just throw it away? That's generous.

That's it, we're all going back.
I asked you, Mikhail Ilyich!

Ok, don't throw it away, put it down
carefully underneath a tree.

Don't get your panties in a knot,
Piotr Andreevich.

She has knowingly disrupted an operation
vital to the State!

It's a criminal offence!

Do you at least understand
what the consequences could be?

You already promised to shoot me, no?

You think this is a joke, Kataeva?

- Stop!
- Calm down, calm down!

Don't you dare lay a finger on me!

That's it, that's enough sounding off!

Calm down, Piotr Andreevich,

let's discuss this calmly,
without all the screaming.

we'll make a balanced decision on
what to do with Kataeva,

what to do with the cylinder,
and then we'll continue on our way.

Nothing bad has happened yet.

Well then. At least we don't have
to worry about the cylinder anymore.

Now we don't have to decide anything.

We're going back.

And what exactly guided you
in making this decision?

Isn't it obvious? This was sabotage.

There's a traitor among us.
We need to find him.

Agreed. And what was the goal
of this act of sabotage?

Was it not so we'd change our plans?

Without a doubt.

So if we go back now,
it means he has achieved this goal.

We have no fuel left at all.

provisions, spare parts, all blown away.

Well, the hardware is all still intact,
isn't it?

We'll find fuel along the way.

We won't die of hunger…
The country will feed us somehow.


Here's what we'll do.

We'll leave Kataeva and Arkady here.

They'll make for the nearest phone
and call the factory for help.


Are you married, Piotr Andreevich?

No. And what difference does it make?

I was just thinking...

About how eager you were
to get rid of Kataeva.

Lida! Lida!! Come here!

It's getting dark already! Lida!

Who knows what that's about...
By caterpillars, so what...

Could be a tractor or off-roader...

Their lights are on.

You have no idea how much good stuff
is piled up there.

More than you can carry.

Good stuff, you say?

Up to here, yeah. Piled up
as high as the tree branches.

I'm telling you, gaffer...
they stole it.

What if they're military?

What military? They'rе civilian…

There can't be more than five of them..

I'm telling you, who on earth
would use the swamp and not the road?

Only thieves, that's who.


They could give you a lesson or two
in how to steal tractor-fulls.

How about we teach them a lesson?
Let's get them.

They're acting like it's their backyard.

Alright, get our people together.

We could certainly use
some tractors, too.

They're asleep, there's one on watch,
we can move in.

Two from the hill, two from the road.

You're with me. On my command.

Everyone get down.

Get in the tank now!
Piotr, get under the armor!

Get it started and let's move.

We didn't pack away our camp.

So hop out and pack it away.

- We having a pop at these thieves
- Out of the turret...?

Head into the grove.
They'll stop by themselves.

Stop! We're going nowhere.

But Mikhail Ilyich has already set off.

Well, we're not going anywhere!
Can't you see I'm still in my undies?

I'm not going anywhere without my tunic.

Crush these scumbags!

It would be my pleasure.

No. It looks like we're done.

Get out, sweeties. Let's have a chat...

Right, I'll go.

Take a seat, Piotr Andreevich.
The management is on the case.

Come out slowly, ok?

You're not going to cause any trouble...

And we're not going to spoil your girl.

Hand over the girl and I'll get out.

No dice. Get out. I'm giving the orders!

And tell your buddy
to unlock his tractor, too.

Don't worry, we'll come to an agreement.

It's a no-brainer, you don't
have any other option.

Calm down...

Climb out.

Right, tie him up.

Cool, a bag.

- Tighter, tighter.
- Take this.

Start the engine, or I'll sh-shoot.

Well, everything is on schedule,
Georgy Konstantinovich.

Well, some minor difficulties,
of course.

That's to be expected, of course.

But they'll reach Moscow on time.

Well, you know Koshkin.

That's good news.

When he gets in touch, send my regards.

Yes. And tell him I have informed Stalin
the tanks will be at the inspection.

All the best.

Well, what did they say?

What's wrong with your eyesight?

You can't tell a tractor from a tank?!

How the hell was I supposed to know....
Couldn't see a damn thing...

If you can't see, then don't touch!

Trust you to bring me an armored train
full of KGB, too...

A tank is good loot, no?

Are you slow? You've baited a bear,

and now it's going to eat you up!

What are we going to do
with this loot of yours?

We'll do whatever it takes.

Whatever it takes!

They won't leave a stone unturned...

... until they get their hands on us.

We need to get rid of them.

And we'd better make like a tree
and piss off into the swamp...

Go to ground and wait
for the second coming!

Gaffer, there's this...
guy that's not from round here.

Says he wants to talk to you. Shoot him?

You said you caught them all.

The thing is…

They survive by hunting, and thievery.

Wouldn't accept Soviet authority, twenty
years they've been hiding in the woods.

Outlaw scum, they're going to kill us.

Why didn't they kill us straight away?

They were worried they couldn't
handle the tanks.

That's right, they wanted to show off
their loot in front of their leader.

But he's not a fool like they are.

He's figured out the Soviet authorities
won't just give him two tanks.

- So maybe he'll let us go?
- He won't let us go.

I told you, he's no fool.

I'd promise him we wouldn't tell anyone
but he wouldn't believe it.

I wouldn't tell him the truth about us,

without truth what faith can there be?

We need to make a run for it.

Why are you waving your purse around?
Want to find out my price?

The price is what the buyer offers.

I don't see them queueing up...

I don't recall inviting you to my stall.

This isn't a market, quite the opposite.

A quiet life in a quiet spot.

Nobody knows you're here or searches
for you. But for the grace of God...

If only it would stay that way. Right?

Are you trying to scare me?

Heaven forbid.

Why earth do you want these tanks?
Planning to start a war?

They're mine.

Are they your property?

- Now that's enough.
- Yes.

If you double that, it will be enough.

For each tank.

It'd be good to stay
friends with us, skipper.

It would. So go on then, off you go.

Come on. Go sniff out some more cash.
If you find it, come back.

Hurry along now.

I should have started off by drowning
you all in the swamp, lads.

Scoot over.

Listen, a buyer has showed up
for your tank.

What do you think? Sell them?

What buyer?

I haven't the foggiest.
I wanted to ask you.

He was, you know,
throwing his money around.

They're my tanks, he said.

Sell them to me, or I'll kill you.

Are you serious?

Check it out… He left a deposit.

There you go, Mikhail Ilych.

Still think there's no one out to get us?

Who is out to get you?

How the hell am I supposed to know,
old man, from inside your prison cell?!

Take a guess.

What difference does it make?! Enemies!

These tanks are vital to our country
and only an enemy would want them.

I should have drowned you in the swamp
yesterday, along with your tanks,

now we're getting screwed
because of you today, instead.

Let us go, Ataman.

They'll kill all your people.

We'll make a run for the tanks
and cover you.

Don't move!

We'll hit them with the main gun.

How can I trust you?

What choice do you have?!

Fine, we'll just die in here.
Makes no difference to us.

Run like the wind to your tanks.

Vasily! Kairat! Move, move, move!

Start without me, I'll be one minute!

Where are you going?

Help me! I'm in here! Help me!

Help! Help!

Where are we going?

To the beach.

Hit them from the turret gun,
you chose a good moment to lie.

It's just a pity we don't
have anything to hit them with.

It certainly wouldn't
do any harm right now.

Let's have a look see,
shall we, Mikhail Ilych?

Oh, look what I found.

Where the hell did that come from?

What did you bring that for?

I thought we'd need to fire a few off
to celebrate.

Or for something else.

Well, that just takes the biscuit,

Hello? Yes!

How am I supposed to find out, Captain?


Of course I can hear it.

What? What can I do about it by myself?

The firing is so intense it sounds like
the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Mikhail Ilych, roll us forwards
I can't get a shot off..

Reinforcements, that's good!

That's enough!

Let me help?

You could have been useful if you
stayed in Kharkhiv.

I'll do it myself.

Get out of my sight
and take your tanks with you,

before I change my mind!

We won't get far, Ataman.

Just look what happened while
we were busy fighting for you.

Those killers came for your tanks...

So you were fighting for yourselves.

You shouldn't have captured our tanks.

If you hadn't looted us, it'd be fine.

If my men hadn't picked you up

your enemies would have
put you in the ground right there!

So we're in your debt now,
is that what you think?

Not yet, but I think you will be soon.

Right then, come with me...

Should I come with you? Mikhal Ilych?

No it's okay, I don't think... he...

Let him come.

He'll be useful.

This cannot be!

Open it up.

I don't believe it.

Be careful!

How did this end up here?

Tell your friend not to ask questions,

because I'm very curious, too.

Take as much as you need

to get those tanks of yours
as far away from me as you can.

That's it.


What does the calendar say,
Mikhail Ilych, will be make it in time?

We'll make it.

As long as we
don't get into any more adventures.

What was that?

Why did you break so suddenly?

Why don't you take a look yourselves?

Everybody out,

show me your documents

and get ready to follow me!

Well, we could follow them, of course,

and in the end everything would be fine,
without a doubt, but it'll cost us time.

So I propose the following:

we batten down the hatches
and drive on calmly.

They'll start making a racket,
then they'll stop.

Then they'll call to figure it out,
then figure it out and calm down.

The end result will be the same
but we won't waste any time.

You're always drawn
to the criminal path, Mikhail Ilych...

Why do I even ask you?

Not to mention, we need to hand
Kataevа over to the authorities.

Good day, Captain.

Leiutenant Mizulin,
NKVD Counter-intelligence.

Accompanying a special convoy.

Show me your papers!

Of course.

One minute.

Well, on the other hand,
driving off is a good option too.

It's logical.

Stop!!!! Captain, what can we do?

We'll have to call out the army,
if they won't do this the easy way!

Let's go!

Oh shit!

How can highly-trained operatives
fail to deal with five civilians?

Not to mention sustaining losses?!

Send in Schultz!

And get the cleaning lady in here!


Prepare a couple of extra spaces.
Just in case.

Around here.

Certainly, General.
Should I label it, or not…?

Sure. Write "Tank number 34"
or just "34".

Better still, "T-34".

What kind of bullshit is this now?

What's going on?

Some crap or other… I'll take a look.

Attention! Crews get out immediately!

If you fail to comply I will open fire
with anti-tank guns.

What now, Mikhail Ilych. Back it up?

I don't know. Better take a look.

That's it, we're done. Koshkin is toast.

What can you see out there?

We're in a jam.

We can't just plough on this time.

These guys have more than just sabers.

Let me have a look.

I'm heading over to Koshkin,
in case he does something stupid.

Listen Leiutenant, don't get involved.

They'll shoot you.

They won't shoot.

Don't go, Piotr Andreevich.

That's it, comrade Koshkin.

Let's not be foolish.
This is no joke, we have to get out.

I can see it's no joke.

You have a minute to get out
of the tank and give up.

I will open fire after a minute.

If we give up now,
then we won't make it.

If we don't then we're burying
the tanks and ourselves.

What good is that?

You don't understand, Piotr.
It's just a matter of days, or hours.

War is about to break out.
It could happen tomorrow.

I know.

We can't win without these tanks.

Miss the inspection
- we won't reach production.

The decision will have been taken.
It'll be too late.

Sure, these are great tanks.

But the Red Army is out there
with heavy weapons.

And we have armor.

No, are you serious?

This is bullshit...

You can do what you want, I'm leaving.

Hold on.

I'll go first. Stay behind me.

Start her up, Uncle Vasya, let's roll.

They're about to start shooting.
Come on, climb out.

I'm not getting out, so they'll
shoot one way or the other.

Are you nuts, honey?
Get up there, quickstep.

They've only got forty-fives.
And just look at the angle...

They won't get through our armor.
They won't even scratch the paint-work.

Wow, aren't you brave! Forty-fives...

Maybe you didn't notice
the seventy-sixes in the darkness?

Seventy-sixes won't get through either.
Provided we're not sat here like idiots.

Well, I don't know...

Why don't you hop out, Uncle Vasya,
seeing as you're so indecisive.

What do you mean indecisive?
Me, indecisive...


Where the hell are you going?!
Vasya, what do you think you're doing?


Open fire!

Let go of that!
Who taught you to shoot?

Vasily is moving forward!

- Start her up, Kolya!
- Where is he going?!

- That way!
- Why?!

I don't know.


Why the hell did he drive off?
Who authorized him? Is Lida with him?

Let's catch up with him so
you can ask him. Let's go, Kolya!


Yes or no?! Make your mind up, damn it!

Put your foot down, Kolya!

What the hell?!

- Was that an armor-piercing round?
- Yes, sir…

They continued along the gully.
They ignored all our demands.

Our armor-piercing shells had no effect.

Both tanks entered woodland
at Pesterovo.

Well done…

Excuse me, General?

I said well done.
Everything was by the book.

Why didn't you report this immediately?

That's my fault, General.

I wanted to complete the mission
and then report on it.


Now regarding the mission.
Listen to me carefully...

Piotr, wake everyone up.
We need to move.

Okay, I'll just go wash my face.

We're here, I suggest we go straight on.

This entire stretch is uninhabited.

That's good,
we need to keep off the road.

One more meeting like that
and we're done.

No arguments.

We're extremely lucky
the running gear wasn't damaged.

There's too much swamp.

We can figure that out.
We do have two tanks, after all.

Okay, we need to get ready...

...come on then.


We can't pass the swamp that way,
Mikhail Ilych, we need to use the road.

Kairat, drive on…

Come on, more, come on!

That's it, we're stuck!

Turn off the engine!

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Well done, Vasily!

What's have I got to do with it?

It doesn't matter if you tie it on,
it won't help.

We can't pull it out from this side.

- See how steep it is?
- Yeah.

It's a perfect anti-tank ditch.

What if we pull from behind?

We can pull it out,
but how do we get over there?

If we divert back through the swamp...

that's 6 kilometers.

We can go around the lake,
but we'd have to come back

so we'd lose a day.

Any ideas?

Go on ahead... I'll think of something.

No, we can't leave you here alone.

He's right.

Moscow is just up ahead,
you'll manage without me.

I'll stay with Kairat.

Let's go, Vasily.

Thank you.

Can I come with you?

Stop, Vasily.

I need to check our route.

Mikhal Ilych, while you're checking,
do you mind? I'll be quick.

Go ahead, but be quick.

Mikhail Ilych!


Mikhail Ilych, how do you feel?

I do hope you'll forgive me.

It's just I know you wouldn't
speak with me otherwise.

Especially in front of the girl.

No, no.

No, no, no! Come on now!
She's fine, don't worry!

She'll stumble around a while
and then find her way.

She's a smart cookie, she'll be fine.

You must take me for a monster!

But I only want the best, just like you.

But you didn't figure out
the most important thing.

You chose the wrong bosses.
The wrong bosses!

They are not going to appreciate
your tanks.

They are not going to appreciate
your talent or your hard work.

They don't give a damn
about your effort.

They're only interested in one thing.

The minute you put a foot out of place,

they'll eat you up, guts and all.

Just like so many others before you.

Because they're barbarians.
And they always will be.

I can offer you something else.

Clean cities.

Civilised people.

Modern factories,
technology and equipment,

and most importantly, you can do
exactly the same work,

but you'll get money
and respect in exchange.

Forget the money, Mikhail Ilych,
you'll go down in history.

Children will read about you
in their textbooks. Do you understand?

Thank you, Vasily,
for the care you have shown me...

It's just that...

...and you may be surprised by this...

I don't work for any boss.

I work for the people and for myself,
as I am one of the people, too.

This is how you should understand it...

Beautiful cities
and the very best factories...

These are things I plan to build here.

The money, the fame,
they're by the way.

The most important thing of all?

I hate traitors.

You're a fool.

What the hell is that?
Go on, shift over...

Oh, you bastard!

You asshole! Well, how about that...

How about that...

Damn you…

You forced my hand...

Now climb out!

I'm sorry, Mikhal Ilych...

but you've forced me to do this...

Mikhal Ilych, are you alright?

So you had time to jump on the armor.

Don't worry, we'll be back soon,
I promise.

We should go to the hills.
It might be longer but the road is dry.


Let's take shelter in the tank,
for now, just in case...

And where are your tanks,
Comrade Koshkin?

Comrade Stalin...

... in order to perform field testing
in conditions comparable to battle

...an experimental T-34 prototype…


...two prototype T-34 tanks

made the journey from Kharkhiv to Moscow
entirely under their own steam.

The tanks posted perfect performance
in all combat scenarios.

Under their own steam?

That is correct, Comrade Stalin.
Not only is 700 km cross-country

an excellent demonstration of their
off-road capabilities

but the journey took just 7 days,
and the movement of tank forces

...over such distances without
access to road or railways...

is a tremendous strategic advantage.

The journey demonstrated the robustness
and reliability of the tank.

How did you manage to get here?

You wouldn't believe me if I told you,
Mikhail Ilych.

Where's the road at?

There it is.

...and has reliable defensive armor...

Piotr was driving the tank?

Oh, come on, Mikhail Ilych. Circus bears
ride bicycles on one wheel…

And he's a Leiutenant in the NKVD.

Well done, Leiutenant!

What about Vasily?

What about him…
You could have at least left a note...

I almost untied him. It's a good thing
Piotr is the suspcious type.

So you don't remember being ambushed or
have any idea why they left you behind?

How should I know?!

Then how do you know that
the battery is flat?!

And where is he now?

What do you mean, where…?
He's in the tank.

This tank will be the little swallow
within our armored force.



Mikhail Ilyich Koshkin (1898-1940)
was a Soviet designer and engineer.

He was the head of the tank-building
design bureau

at Kharkhiv Locomotive Factory

and was the lead designer
of the T-34 tank.

Alexander Morozov and Nikolai Kucherenko

are rightfully credited as contributing
toward the tank's design as well.

Two developmental prototype T-34's
made the journey to Moscow

under their own steam
in order to attend a State inspection,

at Koshkin's initiative.
The journey took place in March 1940,

when none of the tank's contemporaries
anywhere in the world was able to cover

such distances without the need
for an overhaul in the factory.

This upper-hand in the motor
operating time of rolling armor

remained with Soviet tanks
until the end of the Second World War.