Tankers (2018) - full transcript

The movie inspired by real events tells the story of the KV-1 tank's crew heroic deed. Having a losing fight, the crew of Semyon Konovalov destroyed 16 enemy tanks, 2 armored vehicles and 8...

Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the
Russian Federation

Russian Society
of Military History

Supported by ROSTEC

The official sponsor - VTB bank

An Oda Film production in cooperation
with Pimanov and Partners

Subtitles by explosiveskull

1942. The Soviet troops had rebuffed
the enemy from Moscow.

Despite daily intensive combats,

losses in manpower and material,
the troops mount an offensive.

During redeployment,

the 15th Tank Brigade
is waiting for further orders.

Using tactics it defends
the positions

taken back from the invaders.

Creek! Creek, this is Granite.

Panzers ahead. Under attack.

Brook! Over. Do you copy?

- Traverse left. Half-speed.
- Half-speed, sir!


Sabot up!

- On the way!
- Fire!

Short hit!

Creek! Advance from the left!

Where the devil have you been?

- Shit!
- Why did you stop?!

Akimov is wounded!

Driver, 2 o'clock. Full speed ahead!

- Captain! Akimov is...
- I said, full speed!

Full speed ahead, sir!

Sabot! Quick!

Tank, 1 o'clock! I don't hear
the response!

- On the way!
- Fire!


- Driver, stop.
- Yes, sir.

It's a bloody combat, damn it!

You get this in your nut!

One odd question,
and we are it!

Use your head.

Creek, this is Granite. Do you copy?

Creek, this is Granite. D'you copy?

- We've got stuck.
- Konovalov.

- Cut the engine.
- Yes, sir!

They'll pull us out.

Wasn't able to reach you, Captain.

- Come on!
- Okay.

You were to go in battle order,
distance 30,

- and standing by.
- Hell.

Should I know you changed
to intercom

you'll be court-martialed!

Do you hear me better now?

Near the woods,
there was a tank

I followed. My radio
was out of reception.

Belay the towrope!

You have to pull it out yourselves.

See what it's like to have
no platoon support.

I give you 30 minutes for that.

You were to be with me.

You can't leave the field
without permission.

You left us open
as well as yourself.

Move! Take an axe!

Start recalling self-extraction

Start it up!

In half an hour, we meet
at the fork into Sokolovo!

Permission to speak, Captain, sir!

- Well?
- I want to pee.

- Driver, stop.
- Yes, sir.

Do it without getting out.
It's too dangerous.

Use improvised means.

Well? We're just plain people.
Give me the shell.


I'll tighten up discipline though.


There's another one there.

Andrei Chernyshov

That's it.
Bear with me, brother.

Vladimir Yepifantsev

Okay. That's it.

Sergei Gorobchenko

- Quiet, quiet.
- He'll come to soon.

Oleg Fomin

Nikolai Dobrynin

Vasily Sedykh

- Galya, the mask!
- Okay.

Vladimir Kochetkov

Vasily Stepanov

Olga Pogodina

Directed by
Konstantin Maximov

Written by Valeria Bikeeva
Co-written by Konstantin Maximov

Nurse, water!

Music by
Oleg Volyando

Director of Photography - Elena Ivanova

It's over. You were great.
I know it hurts. Be patient.

Production Designer - Yulia Charandaeva

Your commander became
conscious, too.

Together, you'll feel better.

You'd better lie down.

The sutures are fresh.

You must be thirsty.

Wait a bit. I'll bring water.

Executive Producer
Mikhail Maslennikov

General Producers
Olga Pogodina, Alexei Pimanov Denis Anisimov

Comrade Captain...

the guys're less fortunate.

I climbed out to splash it out,

when the tank was hit.
I climbed in,

my hands burning.

I didn't see the others.

They all died inside.

a film by Konstantin Maximov


What should I do now?

How to look people in the eye.

Two days ago, I promised
Teryokhin new boots.

It shames me now

that I didn't do it immediately.

And now he is gone.

Don't blame yourself.
You couldn't know.

War is a bad place for feelings.

Heard about Konovalov?

He's a good guy.
What a twist.

- They had a bad time.
- Start it up!

Hard luck.

He lost two crews.
Damn this war!

Let's hunt for spare parts.

I'd prefer to get new ones.

Where are the oil seals?

Where can I get them for you?

While they're coming I'll be
as dry as a bone myself.

Bicker with the uppers!

Keep demanding!
Do I need to teach you?

You know it yourself.
We badly need spare parts, Armen.

And I am bickering. All the time.

- Says you.
- They're stingy.

- Lieutenant, sir?
- Yes?

I heard about one mech.

They say he's working miracles.

A helluva pro!
They swear

he can diagnose an engine
blindfolded. He can feel them.

He has raised from dead

a regiment of tanks.

They say Germans
are hunting for his head.

Gubkin, stop wagging your tongue!

Let's go.

We took everything
we could.

We'll do without
miracle workers -

with him as a storyteller.

- What is the genius' name?
- Pavel Chumak.

Why listening to him?
Start it up!

It's dangerous here.
We're in plain sight.

- It looks strange.
- What?

Somebody took the starter.

- You sure?
- I wonder myself.


- Well done!
- Take that!

Atta boy!

Great job!

At last we're here.
Hi, guys!

Where's your HQ?

Hi! I, too, like motorbikes.

- Where's your HQ?
- This way!

Thanks. Relax.

Come on! Hold to the right!

Over there!

It's war, Major.
If we shoot our men

for every blunder, who'll stay

- to fight then?
- He lost his platoon.

He's not to blame.

They were ambushed,
you understand?

Where was he
at that moment?

He had brought two tanks
from Mansurovo.

Konovalov is an excellent

- He should be court-marshaled!
- Leave my men alone.

Have you seen him fight?
He's a masterful tactician.

He's an ace and I need him here!

I know him since the military
school days.

He's cheeky and egotistic.

He went to Spain having never
finished the school.

He's taking decisions
all by himself,

thinking himself right.

- That's why he's still alive.
- Court-marshal him?

For those like him,
it's a tragedy he didn't die.

He'll have to live with it.

The morale of the men
is my responsibility.

We should teach him.

The tribunal will decide
what to do with him.

Is that all?

Well, while Konovalov
is under my command

it's me who decides to condemn
or pardon him.

Is that clear?

Permission to speak, sir!

Fresh forces.

Good afternoon. We had the devil
of a job getting here.

I am an engineer
from the Kirov Plant,

Pavla Chumak.
Accept new T-34s.

Welcome! We've heard
much about you.

Loads of work here.

The KVs give trouble.
Time's short.

- Time to attack.
- I know about the KVs.

- I'll try hard.
- Good.

Meet my deputy and morale officer
Vasily Krotov.

- Glad to meet you!
- Honestly, I'm impressed.

- I'm used to it,
- Gubkin, call for Rykov!

- Yes!
- We've technician Rykov.

He goes under your command.

- He's a keyman.
- Great.

I need more hands
especially as

we'll have a new
repair station here.

Where can I wash myself?

I'll show you the way.

Thank you.

Excuse me, you mentioned
certain Konovalov...

Semyon is his first name, isn't?

- Yes, it is.
- Thank you.

Comrade Engineer!

- Let's go.
- This way?


The KV tank is a mighty machine.

- We cast good armor.
- True.

It saved a lot of lives.

But for it, we'd have left Moscow.

It's as sure as fate.

But its transmission is weak
for such weight.

Which is not the case with

the new T-34's.
Some machine!

An excellent tank!
You're right!

New radio, electric drive
for the turret,

right, Pavla?

That's progress!

And here's who we are
to thank first all.

Hand kissing is quite unnecessary.

You have first to thank
the Kirov Plant's workers.

I'm sure you'll give the comrades

our heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

- And greetings from the front.
- Sure.

Now I'm off, okay?
Snowed under with work.

I'm off.

- Well, so...
- The KV lost 42 tons, but

this tank badly needs a new engine.

I've rummaged all the fields

looking for the spare parts

that could be salvaged from wrecks.

Good for you! I've brought
something, too.

Here you are! Diffusers, oil seals,
pumps, filters.

Headgaskets No 33, too.
Not many, but still.

Good. But what about the pipes
for dispensers?

We're badly in need
of compressors, too!

There’s a simple choice.

- Meaning?
- Take an autoclave secondary unit,

change the bushings

and increase pressure up to 70.
It may produce some result.

Hey there! Is anybody alive there?

Where's the crew?



Are you nuts?
What do you want?

Get out! Let's get acquainted.

- I'm your new gunner.
- I see.

Halt! What're you doing?

- Come down here to me.
- Tell me what you want.

Okay. I see.

Well, to start with -
what time is it?

- Dinnertime.
- Okay.

- What day is it today?
- Tuesday.

- What year is it today?
- 1942.

You're right. 1942.

Memorize this date, big guy.

On this day you first met
Gunner Seetov!

Since now your life splits
into before and after.

- Hey!
- Screw you.


- Seetov?
- Hi!

- Gubkin?
- You're in our crew now?

But some jerk doesn't want
to get acquainted.

It's Shinkevich.
I vouch for him.

- I left #10 yesterday.
- Why?

- The engine failed.
- Well, okay.

I'm glad we're together again.
You'll be safe with me.

Comrade Colonel!

Captain Konovalov
reporting for duty, sir!

At ease, Konovalov.

The major will list you

and take a new tank.

Yes, sir!

Well, go to the HQ to do
the formalities.

Pavla! I'll see you tonight.

Comrade Captain!

What an unexpected meeting!
Long time no see!

Are you here on an excursion

or want to get more men killed?

Want an apple?

Captain Konovalov,
#8's chief!

Holy shit! Let this cup
pass from me.

Your rank and position?

Junior Sergeant Shinkevich.

Sergeant Seetov. Gunner.

Come on!

We need to replace the radiators

and the cooling jacket.

Plus we need a driveshaft

for the final drive
with brake lining.

A lot of. This KV came
through hell.

It should be fixed the soonest.

- Is it clear?
- Yes, sir!

It's more than clear.

What a lame luck, this commander.

And how
to fix it the soonest -

- does he know?
- Anyway,

he'll make us sweat.

Konovalov? Wait!

Enough pouting.

Well, hi. Glad to see you.

Me too.

I'll deal with your #8.

Right now I need
to repair the tanks

that can move,
and then I'll fix yours.

Thanks. We can manage.

Stop it.

Come on.

I've wangled from our neighbors
some relays, pipes, radiators,

they're coming soon.

Thank you for the spare parts
but we'll manage.



As you were! Come back.

The standard is 6 seconds.

Running workouts greatly help

such sedentary workers as tankmen.
Move, Shinkevich!

Tank crew proficiency...

Hell's bells!

As you were! Come back.

... is what allows us
to meet any challenge.

Move! Move!

Tank crew proficiency

brings success

and ensures the survival
of the personnel.

As you were! Come back.

Let's fix it the soonest,
or we're Spartans!

Quiet! Repeat.

Here you are.

Thanks, Armen. We're worn out
completely by Chief.

Let's drink a toast!


May women always find
things in us

to be repaired or fixed.

To their wise decisions

that make our life better!

Great toast! To you, Pavla!

One fine day, we forced
a river and...

Oh, shit! What the hell?

Only one handle,
still it's acting up.

Maybe it needs an autoclave,
too. Gubkin.

- What?
- You brought some crap.

- It should work well.
- It should.

Give me my money back!

What money?

No need to worry. The device's
made in Leningrad.

You've broken it yourself!

- It was okay in the morning.
- Take it back!

- Show the sale receipt!
- What sale receipt?

- A stamped one!
- I'll stamp your face now!

- What's up?
- It doesn't work!

- May I?
- Yeah.

Well, you know,
if we're repairing tanks

then we can fix that, too, right?

Not too great a task.


- Will it work?
- I wonder myself.

- Bravo, Pavla, bravo!
- Clever fingers!

See, what a real engineer can do!

May I invite you for a dance?

Comrade Major,
let the real engineer

leave you for a minute.
I'll be back. Thank you.

Thank you.

It's a pile of scrap, not a tank.

But you'd never ask
for a new one!

Am I to approach your
new friend?

I've wanted to beat him
since military school.

Are you going to find
faults with me

every time I pass a man?

I wouldn't, if there
was no reason.

It happened
only in your thick skull,

in your stubborn,

riveted, armored,
thickheaded head!

- If you ever were...
- What were I?

If you could just listen to me

and just believe, just believe me!


In your KV, I replaced dispensers,

pipes and relays.

Everything but injectors.
I can't get them!

Pour me some more,
go the limit!

I'll salvage it from wrecks.

The Germans hold the field!

- Nobody went there for two weeks.
- No snipers when it's dark.

We should go right now.

You won't go there alone!

Do you hear me?

I caught up with her and said,

'May I walk by your side?'

She stopped, smiled at me
and said.

'Okay. I'm Tanya. Let's walk.'

We've been walking together
for 20 years now.

What about yours?

I won her away from
an attache in Spain.

- Is she far away now?
- Yes, she is.

She's far away from me now.

Here is Lesin's KV.

Seems quiet.

Seetov, wake up!

If you've tagged along.

You can't do without me.

Take it.

- Okay.
- I'll bring the pump.

Silence! There's somebody nearby.

- Silence!
- What?

What do we do?

Seetov, follow me!


- Hush, Kraut, hush!
- Seetov, hush yourself!

Chief, we got him!

I pray it ends well.

It looks not too bad at all!

I forbid you to break
military discipline

and army regulations.

We're just to obey rules!

Observance of them is obligatory
for every serviceman.

What are you up to, Krotov?

Why? Everybody here knows
the field manual by heart.

Do you really dare to say

that these are deserters
standing before me?

They are heroes, Major!

Well done, guys! My special thanks
for the prisoner.

We'll interrogate him about

what the Krauts were doing there
at night. Bring Kantor.

- Comrade Colonel?
- Dismissed.

- Let's have a look.
- How did it start up?

Who started it up?

Gee! Somebody got the better of us.

Contacts are faulty, radiator
to be soldered.

- It runs hot like hell.
- Got revived?

Well, now we have a chance.

Look, Engineer, you're great.

May I take a ride, Your Majesty?

You may. You'll manage, my foot.

It's not for nothing
we ventured there.

The turret!

Rykov! Start it up!

Let's try.

You go on a recce, Titov.
To the Village Shilivo.

Two days ago, it was empty.

Today, there were seen panzers.

- Village Shilivo, sir.
- It's here.

- You go from here.
- I see.

Conduct reconnaissance.

Take Konovalov with you.

Why? His tank hardly moves.

He's in! Obey the orders.

Yes, sir! You and your orders.

We'll run with light throttle, okay?

We'd better go on foot then.

I can't wait to get an HPFP.

- What?
- The High-Pressure Fuel Pump.

Well, forget it!

I wonder what it's like, huh?

Like a sabot round, in your case.

This far we have come,
what next?

Orders are orders.
Easy does it.

Comrade Major!

Comrade Major,
tank #8 shouldn't go!

I think, the tank's fine.

It looks fine, too, especially
with you aboard.

The tank's starter and the engine
are a disaster.

Look, stop protecting him.

Don't play me for a fool.

You think I didn't see

that you were distracting
my attention

while he played the hero?

I let myself be duped.

Volodya, wait.

I am Volodya. The tank is in working
order and running a mission.

- And that's that.
- They won't last 100 meters.

If the tank stalls in that field,
it will be your fault!



Here is the hero himself.

Reporting not ready for action?

The tank's faulty?
Not all parts salvaged?

Speak! I am all ears.

The tank is working.

The task will be performed.

Go ahead!

Don't worry. We'll manage.

Now go faster! Over.

Roger. Rykov, put on speed!

Come on! You're as good as new!

Put on speed!

Are there any problems?

No problem! We're catching up!

Rykov, what happened?

The gear doesn't engage.
The gear gate's broken.

Go back! Tank #2 go on
with the mission!


- Roger to retreat.
- We'll detour it.

The 1st gear doesn't engage

- Can we reverse?
- Yeah, but we won't go far.

We don't need go very far.

Can we reverse up a slope?

I'll try.

Driver, three o'clock.

Steady! Come on!

Come on! Come on!

A bit more!

Driver, stop!

Rock! This is Granite. Over.

The engine gets hot.
It won't last long.

Let's try again.

It's overheating.

Cut the engine.

- Yes, sir!
- The village is empty.

The smoke hangs too low
for a chimney, though.

Rock! This is Granite. Over.

Target, to the right of the hut.

At the level of the well.

- Shall I start it up?
- No.

I see no target!

Distance 800 meters.

- Up! Locked!
- On the way!


They're creeping out, cockroaches.

Well, there you are.

In plain sight.

We've smoked them out.

Gunner, target center tank,
12 o'clock. Sabot.

- Will I start it up?
- No, let the engine get cool.

- Panzer, 12 o'clock, 700.
- Up and locked!

- Waiting.
- What are we waiting for?

- We spare ammo.
- We have a lot.

No idea how many of them.

Distance 500, Chief.

Now we're in for it.

Bloody hell…


Short hit, right. Sabot!

- Target identified. 500.
- Easy.

- Up and locked!
- Correction minus 5.

Minus 5, sir!

- You alive?
- They may dream on!

Like hell they'll puncture
the KV's armor!

Sabot up and locked!


That's better! Hit!


Traverse left! Panzer, 12 o'clock.

- Shit.
- I'm starting it up.


Panzer, left, 400.


That's it!

Granite! This is Rock! Panzers!
Taking in the reverse. Over.

Rock! This is Granite!

Providing frontal fire. Over.

Who'll hit it first?
We or Titov?

Sabot up and locked!

Come on, Seetov!


- Hit!
- Cool, Chief!

- That's it!
- Cool.

- Have a smoke.
- Thank you!

Take it.

You were ordered to retreat.
Your tank smoked.

Why to go out for nothing?

Sorry, I have to report on you.

It's okay.

Where can I get
an engine for you?

Smile at Krotov and
get anything you want.

- It's not funny.
- We'll fix it.

I'd like to bust him one for that.

Well? You got oneself
into a mess again?

Another refusal to obey orders

during the action?
You'll pay for that.

Do you hear me?
No kidding!

Look. You know you're right.

Semyon, don't!

- Wow!
- Well, I never!


Come on!

The major will beat him.

Shut your hatch!
Semyon wins the fight.

Back-seat driver you are!

- Raising your hand against me?
- What?

- Cruising for a bruising?
- Hands off!


Come on, Chief!

You're such a hero, eh?

I'm not a pushover for you.

Break! Do you hear me?

Want to be court-marshaled?

I will have no fighting in my unit!

Now is not the time for that!

Your cap, sir.

Too much health?
Attention to orders!

- Comrade Captain!
- Come on, come on!

- Good for you!
- Great!

- The ball to Chief!
- Here!

- Who's against whom?
- Okay! Make a pass!

Tank #8 against them all.

- Play the pass!
- Well, Chief!

Come on, Chief!

- Here!
- Come on!

- Take it!
- It's okay! Okay!

- One-nil!
- Look alive!

Pass the ball to Chief!

- Warmed up!
- One-one!

- Here!
- Pass here!

As happy as kids.

Give a pass to the left!

- Goal!
- Hurray!


I'm asking you, Konovalov,

why you took a defective tank
for the mission?

I repeat

why you took a defective tank
for the mission?

Comrade Colonel,

Konovalov's crew showed bravery
in action. They took...

Stop it, Titov!

Will you give him your tank
for the offensive?

Well, Konovalov?

It's me who ordered his KV
to go on the recce.

What?! Did you know
the machine was not fight-worthy?

Yes, I did.


You go as tank-borne infantrymen.

- Colonel!
- As you were!

Make the battalion ready for action,

As the Commander-in-Chief's
order says

our Front goes into the offensive
at 5:00 am. Is it clear?


Good luck, Konovalov!

Krotov, why?

You should have looked
into Pavla's ID.

Her married name is Konovalova.

Make way!

Look, Seetov! Let me have
your gun sight?

- What?
- Thanks.

I will "thanks" you now!
Give it back!


What's up? Put it back!

- We'll have to fight as infantry.
- What infantry?

Hold it for me.

Why infantry?
It doesn't make sense.

The Krauts gonna shoot us
like chickens.

We ain't bloody foot soldiers
in no way!

They at least know what to do.

You ever charged across the field?

Had no chance to.

- Put it back and go away!
- Are you nuts?

Go away! Come on!

- Get lost! Sergeich, what the hell?
- What?

No, it's not a mistake.

It's based on combat intel.

- Very good.
- Comrade Colonel!

- Comrade Colonel!
- One minute.

Let me fix Tank #8, please.

You have other tasks to do.

You're in charge of the battalion.

All tanks are in order.

Let me fix #8 and they will go
under own power.

Give me a chance.
I'll manage.

Wait a minute.

Pavla, I understand that Konovalov
and you are very close.

Very good.

So, help me, and they
will go in the tank. They will!

Move! Come to me!

Give it back.

No scavenging!
Here you are, Seetov!

- That's another cup of tea!
- Get down! Move your ass.

Gubkin, be ready to hook
the towrope!

Drive closer! Come on! Come on!

Do you hear? Drive nearer!

Don't you dare utter a word!

Well, Chief, I'm loading ammo,


Come on!

- Once more.
- Put it here.

Once more!


Let's try to start the engine.

- Take the guns.
- Give light!

It'll be a miracle
if the engine catches up.

Come on! A bit more!

Rykov, now!

Damn! Try again!

- Now it should catch up...
- Be ready for action!

- Hell! Bloody hell!
- Crews, fall in!

Rykov, once again!
Keep trying!

Change the spanner!
Hold the light!

Come on!

- Mount!
- Hold the light!

- Well?
- Mount!

Fall in!


If I knew she was your wife

I'd never, you know...

If something happens to me,

no need to keep
an eye to her.

- I'll get you from the grave.
- Got it.

Once more.

Hold the light!

What are we sitting?

Forward, towards the dawn,

Good luck!

Go to hell... you too.



- Wait.
- Take care.

Rykov, start it up!

Bear no grudge.
We did all we could.

One hour would've been enough.

I will start the engine!
Where you going? Rykov! Wait!

Come, come.

Okay. Thank you.

I must be going.

I know I was a fool.


Don't you dare to die.

God be with us!

Pavla, look!

Maybe I'll blow the secret,
but the captured Kraut said

that there's a KV
near Terekhovo.

What? How come?

It's the lame #10
from the 3rd Battalion.

He said they had
no heavy tanks at all,

so, they towed it to them.

It stays operational, hidden,

but lacks Relay Type 24-F.

I know where I can get the relay!

Where're you going?


- Wounded?
- They fire from that dugout.

- I see.
- Rykov, hold on.

How will my Tanya do without me?

I'll meet her, Chief,

won't I?


Pavla asked to tell you.
Only don't ask me more.

There's a tank at the fork
into Terekhovo.

- The 4th ref. point, remember?
- I do.

- How did it get there?
- It doesn't matter. Go there!

I'll contact Sobol and tell him. Go!

Come on, come on, please...


Don't let me down, friend.

There's a tank near Terekhovo,
an operational one!

- It's nearby, beyond the wood.
- How come?

We'll see! We've got a chance!
Let's go!

Once we ventured out with you -
no more again!

Shinkevich, Gubkin!
Follow me!

- Let's go!
- Not with me.

You have to tie three grenades
together to hit a tank.

It must be somewhere here,

this is the place. Keep up!

Catch up, dear, please!

Come on.


- Jesus!
- Holy cow...

My dear, my dear...

Don’t gape.

See? I've fixed it up for you.

You're great, Pavla.

Well done.

Oh my! Thank you!

Where's Rykov?

Come. We'll avenge our dead.

I know...

- What about fuel?
- Enough.

Thank God, the ammo rack
is half-full!

We're deep in the wood,

so now we'll go to Terekhovo.

- We'll catch up this way.
- Okay.

Let's go.

- Well, forward!
- Now they'll see

what a #8 can do!

- Cut across the field! 11 o'clock!
- 11 o'clock, sir!

From Volokhovo, it's a beeline
to our troops.

Thunderstorm! This is Granite. Over.

- Driver, stop!
- Yes, sir.

Target half-track, 500. See it?

Identified. The Krauts.

Looks like a recce party.

Turning to take in the rear, eh?

Half-speed, alongside the wood.

Half-speed, sir.

Another 200 and they flee!

Load HEAT. We'll correct
their route.

Shinkevich, come on!
Driver, a bit further on.

That's it. Driver, stop.

Stop, sir.


- Hit! Very good.
- Yeah.

Let's come nearer.

There ought to be something
to this maneuver.

- Sure.
- Gubkin, radio!

- No contacts, sir.
- 12 o'clock, half-speed,

- alongside the wood.
- 12 o'clock, half-speed, sir.

Thunderstorm! This is Granite.

Sorry for waking you up.

- How long have I slept?
- Ten kilometres.

- What about the engine?
- Works like a clock!

Thank God. Wake me up
when you need me.

They have surely warned
other Krauts.

I doubt it.

- Driver, stop.
- Yes, sir.

Thunderstorm! This is Granite.


listen to me carefully.

Judging by the smoke, there are
no less than ten panzers there.

Maybe more. They make a detour
to engage from the rear.

We're too far away to have
any radio contacts.

- We're alone here.
- We've almost a full complement of sabots

We have enough fuel.

- I'm in.
- I'll keep the goal.

- Okay, goalkeeper!
- Let's go!

Stop! Russians are here.

Thunderstorm! Over!

Driver, stop!

How many of you?..

No less than three platoons.

Where are they?
Try to detect the Russians!

- No target yet.
- The outermost tanks

- go first.
- Got it.

- On! 900.
- Don't miss with the first shell.

- It's a bad sign.
- Okay. Command!


Oh! You're a real sniper!

Keep it up!
Tank, 1 o'clock.

I'll hit it as soon I see it!

Come on! They're looking for us.
Load sabot!

- Thunderstorm! This is Granite.
- Come on!

- One mo.
- Thunderstorm! This is Granite.


- My right flank was attacked.
- Short hit, left.

Rear echelon, 50 meters back!

- Quick! They will spot us!
- Thunderstorm!

- Aim! I'll help.
- Come on.

- Up! Locked!
- On!




This is a bait. They're trying
to spot our position.

Okay. You are welcome.

- Center tank, plus 10.
- Center tank, plus 10, sir.

- Up! Locked!
- Fire!

They seem to have spotted us.

Well, Shinkevich, it's time
to show up. Half-speed!

Half-speed, sir.

Thunderstorm, do you read me?

Up! Locked!

Rapier detected a Russian KV.

- It's in plain view.
- Where?

Direction 12, 900 meters.

Any recce report on other
enemy tanks?

- No, Herr Hauptmann!
- No?

So, it's alone.

- Load! Quick!
- Ready!


The devil take him!

I can hardly believe it!
They make game of us!

The right track is broken.

Fix the track!

Things are going to be rough.
Hold on!



I'll turn the bastards to dust.

Target two! Sabot!

- Full speed!
- Yes, sir!


Regroup the machines!

Right ahead! Rapier, left 5.

Stiletto, minus 10.

Target 10 o'clock. Sabot!

Panzer dead ahead! Sabot!

Oh, hell! It was something!

Are you okay?

The track is jammed.
It keeps turning right!

Driver, stop!

The coast is clear.
I see no target.

- I'll go down to look at it.
- Don't!

We mustn't lose the track!

Gubkin, bring the hammer!


To the right of the wood,
behind a wreck. You see them?

Indentified. On!

No, wait. Why are they
sticking to the wood?

They neither go forward
nor retreat. Why?

- What's the point in all this?
- What does it mean?

I dunno.

I see a Pak. 40 gun!

- Load! Quick!
- Up!

At my command.

This antitank gun
will puncture us like hell.

- Full speed... Damn! Shinkevich!
- Full throttle at my command!

Bogdan, get back!

- Pavla, will you?
- Okay.

I keep him in my sights.

- Command! I'm ready!
- Bogdan, we should go!

It seems I did it...

- Ready!
- Bogdan!

- Drive!
- Pavla, let's go!

Give me your hand!


- No! Missed!
- I'm coming off!

- Load!
- Ready!

Pavla, drive smooth!


- Bogdan? Stop! Stop!
- Fire!

- It's hit I think.
- Stop! Driver, stop!

Shinkevich! Can you hear me?

Bogdan! Bogdan!

Bogdan! Shinkevich!

Well, how is that?

How is that? Bogdan!

Can you hear me?


- Nothing seen because of the smoke.
- Fire!

- Traverse left!
- Got it!

Damn if all! Can't you hit
one single tank?

Come nearer!

I'm punctured!

Rapier! Dirk! Encircle the enemy!

- Keep it in your sights!
- I do.

Panzer to the right!

Hit! Only one's left. Hold on!

- Okay. Good!
- Just a moment!

For Shinkevich, you swines!

- Shit!
- Short hit, left. Full speed!

Seetov, quick!
It's stealing away!

No target detected.
Abandon the machine!

I'll dig the way out.

- Pavla, ready?
- Not yet.

- Out through the bottom escape!
- One mo...

We'll fire point-blank.

- Gubkin, abandon the tank!
- Gubkin, get out!

- Go away! I'll cover you!
- Don't be silly!

Gubkin, do you hear? Get out!


Pavla? Pavla!


Help me!

Well, finished. Cease fire!

And we were told
they were bad soldiers.

Nothing of the kind.

Over there...

Quiet. Be patient.

He stuck out, bastard!

Press it with your hand, firmly.

Press it hard.

What is it?
Real bad?

Never mind! It will heal
for the wedding.

You mean, separation?

No separation! I won't let you go,
Pavla. Do you hear me?

I won't ever let you go.

What will we do then?

We will live, Pavla!
Look at me!

We will live, Pavla! Together!

When you're beside me...

I need nothing more.

And I fear nothing.

All will be well.

What are we going to do, Chief?

Well, if we attack them
all of a sudden...

The plan looks good.

Really good.

Well, command!


Platoon, action!

- Crews, mount!
- Target right ahead!


We're the friendlies!

Konovalov? Konovalov?

Hold fire!

- Hold fire!
- All clear!

Get a doctor!
Get a doctor!

Don't you dare to die,

Don't you dare to die.

Captain Konovalov's crew destroyed 16
German tanks, 2 armed vehicles and 8 cars

together with manforce -
near Niznemityakin farmstead,

Tarasovsky district,
Rostov region.

Then, three survivors
of Captain Konovalov's crew

seized a German tank
and joined their unit.

For heroism, all participants
of this combat

were nominated for Russia's
highest awards.

Subtitles by explosiveskull