Tanguy Is Back (2019) - full transcript

16 years later, Tanguy, now 44, returns to his parents' house with his daughter Zhu under his arm because Meï Lin left him. Disappointed to see their "little one" in this state, Paul and ...


Soft music with Chinese notes






*A Beautiful Morning
(The Rascals)


- Are you going back to bed?

-I can't, my coach is coming.

Don't you have your supervisory board
this morning?

-Oh, shit!

I had completely forgotten !

He's laughing.

So used
to not giving a fuck anymore.

-You who was afraid to be bored.

Laughing mockingly


He sighs.


He urinates with difficulty.



And two.

Until the end, stretching.
Come on, a ...

-Hello, Mehdi.
-Good-morning Paul.

- Will I come back and get you in 1 hour?

-Do not bother,
Carole picks me up.

-We are going to work
the hamstrings and the glutes.

The door slams.
-No !


-... in particular our factories
in Spain and Algeria

are growing strongly.

Our figures are achieved
and we hope

an increase still in double digits.

-So, excuse me, I'm cutting you off.

But on the near-eastern area,
namely, Cyprus, Israel and Egypt ...


The birds sing.

-I tell
you that you should take your 7 iron.

- Leave me alone.

-As you wish.

Disapproving exclamation

Cry of a bird

-And shit!
-You see !

Why aren't you listening to me?

-But it's my osteoarthritis.

-You would have listened to me,
there would be no osteoarthritis that holds.

-Paul !

It's yours.

-I arrive.

-It's not true !

It will be dark.

Mocking laughter

He blows.

- Between osteoarthritis and the prostate,
you have to prick yourself.

-I still have beautiful leftovers.

5 euros that I arrive directly
on the green.


-You should take your iron #7.
disapproving Laughter


And here is the work!

-Good game.
-My champion.

You see it's not the iron.

-Three weeks.

We do Los Angeles-Tokyo,

Tokyo-Beijing and Beijing-Paris.

-If you go through Beijing,
you must call Tanguy!

He will give you addresses.
-Give me his email.

- Shall we get something back?

-We won't hang around
if we want to go shopping.

-What's to eat at home?

Mocking laughter -
At least that's clear.

-I don't know why I'm asking,
there's never anything.

-It's not wrong,
it pisses me off to cook so much.

-It's the same for me.
-Is that so ?

-It is true ?
- Shall we have a restaurant?

-Ah yes !
-Why not.

-No, we are finishing season 2
of The Affair .

- You haven't seen her?

- Years that we wanted to see him.

We saw season 1
and almost all of season 2,

yesterday and the day before yesterday.

-It's great, isn't it?

-And when Noah ...

- Shut up, don't say anything.

-I will pay.
-We share.

* Horn

(-You think ...)
(-Wait ...)

* The series is in English.


-Easy on the vodka.



He turns off the television.

-Yes ?

I can barely hear you.
Who is here ?

-Who is it?

-I dunno.

* ...

*-Mom !

-Tanguy !

Intriguing music with Chinese notes


-What is happening ?

-Mei-Lin left me.

-Oh my God, that's not true.

-No kidding ?


She left.

-Oh, my poor darling.

Are you coming straight from Beijing?

-What happened ?

-Come on. Let's not stay there.

Take care of the luggage.

-I will help you, Polux.

- My poor darling,
you must be exhausted.

You will tell me everything.

Did you have dinner?
-In the plane.

- Go and sit in the living room, my darling.
I arrive.

Soft music

Zhu and Paul discuss.

Sigh of effort


here you have.
-Thank you.

Sigh of effort

- Blow your nose.
-She weighs heavy.

What is in there?
-Dad's books

and my school stuff.
-You don't want to eat anything?

-No thank you, Mamé.

I'd like to take a shower.
-Of course my dear.

Take the guest
bedroom bathroom .

-And the apartment on the landing?

-It's bad, we rented it ...

You come only in summer, normally.

-Is this The Affair ?
-YES !

-Is it after Noah killed Scotty?

-he kills Scotty?

-Ah damn. Sorry.

-We weren't really watching.

Come on, I'll give you some towels.

Are you not too offbeat?
-Yes, a little, but it's okay.

She blows.

- Didn't you see anything coming?


She was business as usual.

-And then ?

- 2 days ago, she told me that
she had met someone

and that she was going with him.

-Like that? Direct?
Outraged exclamation

-Do you know who it is ?

- What does that change,

-So she told you that and then?

-And then nothing.

She's gone.

- Maybe it's just a passing fancy.

It's over, she told me.

-My poor darling.

What did she say to Zhu?


That she loved him,
but was leaving.

My whole life is falling apart.

- Don't cry, big boy.

-My poor love.
We open a door.

Zhu clears his throat.

My darling, are you feeling better?
-Yes, it feels good.

-You don't want to eat anything?
-No thank you, Mamé.

-Do you want to go to bed
after these emotions?

Do you mind
sleeping on the sofa?

Your father takes the guest room.
-Of course.

-Thank you darling.

-It's normal, dad.
Come. You've had a rough day.

-Good night.

-Good night, my boy.
-Good night.

(in Chinese)

-I put your vanity
in the bathroom.

-Thank you darling.

-I'm going to make your bed!

-Just put me a sheet and a quilt,
I will.

-She has guts, the little one.
Exclamation of amazement

He's in
such bad shape ... I've never seen him like this.

-I can't believe it!
I wouldn't have believed that of her.

-Neither do I.
He's never gonna get over it.

-Always in the shade.

-She has gone mad or what?
That she leaves Tanguy, I don't mind,

but that she abandons her own daughter,
it is shameful.

If she gets dumped by her guy
and wants him back,

I won't let her.

- Do not react hot, we'll see.
-It's all seen. Slut.


Soft music with Chinese notes


(-Close the door
to not wake Zhu.)

Did you manage to sleep?

-I took something,
but I woke up a lot of times.

-It's normal,
you have jet lag.

- Shall I make you some orange juice?
-I'd really like it, thank you.

When I woke up
I remembered she was gone

it was horrible.

- Here, they are very hot.

-Thank you dad.

Thanks Mom.

-You don't eat?

-I'm not very hungry.

My life is ruined.

-Do not talk nonsense.

You have a wonderful daughter who loves you.

-It is said to be the spitting image
of Mei-Lin.

-And you too!

What she is pretty

when she's not wearing her glasses.

She should wear contact lenses.

-We are here

and we love you.

-What will become of us?

- You're not in a state to think about it

You are not on the street.
Let some time pass.

we must not let ourselves be defeated.

We can't stop the black birds
from flying above us,

but we can prevent them
from making their nests there.

- Mom is right.

Did you tell your job that you were leaving?

And the French high school?

We have to do it, Tanguy.

Shall we do it together?

Give me their email, I'll do it.

Where are my glasses ?

-Are they in the bedroom?

-I had them at the bakery ...

Ah, not!

They are there !

Intriguing music with Chinese notes

Someone knocked.

-Come in.


-Look at what I found for you.

Don't you want to try it?

I'm making a machine, do
you have other things?

-I dunno.

-The sleeves are a bit short,
but it's okay.

I have an invitation from the Guimet museum
for this afternoon.

I take Zhu.
It might interest you.

We are presented with a Buddhist manuscript
written by two Chinese monks in ...

7th century.

-I do not care.

-Do you prefer to go golf with dad?

-No I do not want to.

-For tonight...

you want me to make you
a chicken broth the way you like?

- Do what you want, mom.


She sighs.


-It is in a state ...

-It's like mourning,
it takes time.

-I'm afraid he'll do something stupid.

-Do you prefer to play golf?

I can stay there.

-No, go ahead, that makes Zhu happy.

Golf, I can go there every day.
-You're sure ?


I have already warned them.

We open the door.

-Can I help you, Mamé?

-It's nice, but I'm almost done.

Tell me, darling, have
you heard from your mom?

-No and I don't want to talk about it.

-As you want, but if you need,
don't hesitate, we're here.

Didn't he cut off his head?

-He said it tasted good.
-It's disgusting.

You go back or you cut it,
but I don't cook that, it disgusts me.

-I will do it, Mamé.

-Thank you sweetie.

-Delicious, your chicken broth, Mamé.

-It's nice, sweetie.

You haven't touched your plate ...

But I'm not very hungry.

(in Chinese)
-You should force yourself, dad.

-I know, darling,
but it's not working.

-As you don't know yet

if you are going to stay in France
or return to Beijing,

we said to ourselves that in the meantime,
we had to educate Zhu.

-She graduated in June.

-I know...

-We could register it at l'Alsacienne.

-It would be perfect, for her.

No ?

I dunno.
-I would like to, dad.

It's hard
to work alone.

-I'm calling early tomorrow.
-Thank you, Polux.

-Happy that you are there.

I don't know what I would do without you.

-If you can't count
on your parents, then who?

-You have finished ?

-Yes thanks.
-Thank you.

-Don't shake, my darling.


-You find that normal

that he came back to Edith and Paul
with his daughter?

-What did you want him to do?

-Mei-Lin is leaving him.

In 48 hours, he crashes his job,
withdraws his daughter from high school

and hop, direct to papa-mum.

-He lost everything, poor man.
It's normal for him to come back.

-No, not in France,
with his parents, it's not the same.

-She talks about Alien.

-When we know the bestiau,

we can at least ask the question.

The television is on.

Water is flowing.

* -This little bunny

is made of 10 pieces of chocolate
nested within each other.

* -So here, we are sticking

with a small
white chocolate cone ,

all the little things
that we cut out.

It is a work of superposition.


-Good evening, Mamé.
I present to you Louise and Maxime.

My grandmother.

- I can't shake your hand.

-Can I help you ?

-It's nice, don't bother.

Is your father here?

-He watches TV in your room.

Do you mind if we work here?
We have a presentation to prepare.

- Not at all, on the contrary.
We open a door.

He urinates.

He stops urinating.

He sighs.

He urinates again.


He blows.

Zhu and his friends are talking.


-Sympathetic, this youth.

-She's amazing, Zhu.
She already has friends.

-She won't let down.

If Tanguy could do the same.
-Should compare what is comparable.

-I ran into the Corcos,
they're coming to dinner.

-Oh no.

-If there is for 4, there is for 6.
And Tanguy eats nothing.

-But it will still bring us
until no time.

And with Zhu sleeping on the couch ...
It's not possible.

Don't you want to cancel them?

Next time with pleasure,
but hey ...


-How did it go
at the urologist?

-Oh fuck !

I completely zapped.

- You worry me right now.
You forget everything.

-I have Alzheimer's.

-No, but resume your
appointment immediately

or you will forget again.

- Good evening, my big one!
(-Good evening dad.)


Someone is practicing on the piano.


The door slams.
Key ringing

-Slept well ?

Boy, you can take a bath
with us and watch TV, but ...

Be careful.
There were crumbs everywhere.

And you broke my book
with your can.

- Sorry, dad,
I'm completely west.

Excuse me, I'll buy you one back.

-But no. It is not serious.

-Thanks Mom.

She sighs.

-Tell me, my darling ...

Still no news from Mei-Lin?

She's not responding to my emails.

-If it's over, it's normal.

-She could answer,
she's not dead.

assuming she doesn't change her mind,

do you have any idea what you're gonna do


I still can't believe it.


-I go.

Ah, hello, Mrs. Hendricks.
-Hello, Mr. Guetz.

I'm sorry,
I have bad news.

-My management called me last night,

I have to return the apartment to you
sooner than expected.

They send me to Hanoi.

-If that's it, don't worry,
it suits me.

My son has landed
and we are a bit cramped.

-But what are you doing here?

I can't take her.

They eat the cats over there.

Exclamation of disgust

Don't you want a cat?

-My son is allergic
to cat hair.


Thank you very much
for your welcome.

-You're welcome.
Have a good day and have a good Hanoi.

-What am I going to do with you?

-I have a good new !

Intriguing music with Chinese notes

-You will be quieter!

Oops, sorry, Kader!

Especially you, my poor Zhu.

- "Who is satisfied with little
has all the desired qualities."

- It will be more practical.

-Kader is going to drop
an allergenic bomb.

-To do what ?
-Because of the cat.

- Was there a cat?
-She had a cat.

Kader will drop the bomb.
Are you all right, Kader?

- All is well, madam.


A book falls.
-Ah darn.


Soft music


-Hello Darling.

Did you sleep well ?

I couldn't breathe.
I sneezed.

-Kader has to hand over the bomb?
-No, I can do it.

She sighs.

-What are these splendid flowers?

-It's for you.

-That's too nice. Should not.

Oh !

-L'Alsacienne then the apartment.

They came across the colocynth.

-Zhu was sleeping in the living room.
It is timely.

-They have no memory.
He's not about to leave.

-It was over 15 years ago!

-It doesn't change anything, it's in his DNA.

He's glued to their sneakers.

-You don't tell them?
-You know Edith.

I don't want to get angry with her.

-There are the champions.

Mocking laughter

-I should have stopped,
I played like shit.


-There is no rush, but ...

I will not cut the operation.

-How long ?

- For me to see. When I'm tired
of pissing every quarter of an hour.

-Do not wait too long, you will be rid of.

-Mamé is right, Polux.

You risk painful prostatitis.
We open a door.

The door slams.

-Come sit down, my darling.

We started without you

Zhu has to go to work at Louise's.

-Good evening darling.
-Good evening dad.

-Where were you ?

-With Bruno.

-Bruno Lemoine?


- Did you see him again?

That's right.
-Yeah. It reminded me of the past.

-Bruno, he's your friend forever!

-He's also my wedding witness.

- Can I leave the table?
It will be late.

-Of course my dear.
- Do you agree, Tanguy?

-Of course.
-See you tomorrow.

-Works well.

-Don't forget your toothbrush.
-Yes, Mamé.

-The grief should not make you forget
your responsibilities. It's your daughter,

not ours.

The door slams.
-You're right, I suck.

-No, but you have to fight.

- I can't go back up the slope.

-You'll get there,
you 've got your whole life ahead of you.

-Why you don't find yourself
a job?

It would save you from going in circles.

-I know.

-Do sport !
Why don't you worry?

-Dad is right. It clears your head.
It would do you a lot of good.

-Why not tennis?
Or try golf.

I'm sure you would like it.

-When I see the tenderness
you show for me,

I tell myself that I am lucky
in my misfortune.

Leave it, mom. I will do it.

-What is that ?

-Tanguy bought you your book.

-It wasn't worth it,
but it's nice.

Shall we play golf tomorrow?

-I can not. Mehdi comes at 10 a.m.

And my shoulder is making its own

-We are getting old, eh.

-After 50 years, if it hurts anywhere ...
-You're dead.

Loving laugh

Playful music


Someone knocked.

-A moment.

Come in.

Tanguy ?

What are you doing here ?

-I came home
so I'm coming to see you.

You're okay ?

-Like an old man
soon to retire.

-You're not old.

-Stop your bullshit.
You got a little harder, but you haven't changed.

-A little less hair.
-Oh yeah.

-M. Delerme is there?
-He died in February.

-No !

- Broke in his youth at 87 years old.

And apart from the joy of seeing me again,
why are you here?

-Wouldn't you have a job for me?
-I knew it.

Noelle will try to find this for you.

It's good to see you again.

-5 hrs / week
and maybe more after.

-It's great, my darling.

-That puts you back in the stirrup.

-A fund.

-The students who are going to
have you are lucky.

-I am not sure. I have the pépettes.

-I'm sure it will go very well
, sir.

-You can call me Tanguy.

- Do you know China, Maxime?

-My parents were born there,
but never took me.

But as soon as we passed the bac,
I pay myself

the trip.

-This is good.
-You will love it.

We've been lucky enough to go there
every year for ...

16 years old, eh!

-What do you want to do after graduation?


-Like Zhu.

-No, I want to do some research.

-Ah! That's right !

I open another one?
-I think it's going to be fine, right?

You have finished ?

-I will do it, Mamé.
-I will help you.

-He's nice, this kid.
Exclamation of approval

-Mollo, Bruno, please.

I said soft!


Thu. 6-0.

-At least, I don't use the cord.

-Hello how are you ?

-Good thanks.

-Do you know who it is ?
He's your ex's husband.

-Daisy ? No kidding !
What is she becoming?

-yoga teacher.
2 kids with that asshole.

He's stupid like a broomstick. In my opinion,
she pisses him off badly.

-She never knew how to choose her guys.
-Oh, that ...

- Do you have the tickets?

-No it's you.
-No, I gave them to you.

-Oh yes it's true ! Shit !
Embarrassed laughter

-You are worrying me.
A door opens.

-Oh, you tire me out.

- I shower and I arrive.

-We're not having dinner there. We're going to the theater.

-Is that so ?

-And Chu isn't here, either?

- She's at the movies.
With Louise and Maxime.

It will be fine ?

-Yes Yes.

I'll manage.

Good night.

He's opening the door.

-It's not yet Olympic shape.

She sighs.

Playful music



Little laugh

He whistles.


-It's Pierre and Émile.
-They are beautiful.


They look like you.
-You find ?


This is my daughter Chu,

finally, Zhu.
-She is pretty as a heart.

-The portrait of his mother.

-She left you overnight?

-After 16 years of living together.

-My poor.

-It's life.

-What will you do now ?
-I live for my daughter.

I'm waiting for her to be big, after ...

- Don't say nonsense.

Where do you live ?
-At my parents.

-They are fine ?
-In great shape for their age.


Are you not answering?

-He's my husband, I'll call him back.

-Do you want to drink something?

-You will have made him go crazy,
that one ...

- I was not aware of it.

We are cruel when we are young.

- Is she still so pretty?


- Can I go to work at Louise's,

We have a math test tomorrow.

-Of course my dear.

-Good night.
-You too.

-Good night.

-Good evening, sweetie.

-Where does she go ?
-Revise at Louise.

- What does she work for.

-That's why
she's 1st in her class.

-Like her mother.

-And like you especially.

- Do you have any news?

She still does not answer my emails.

-She carries!
It is mental cruelty.

-I would be you,

I would give up on it.

Won't you spend your life waiting for it?

-With time,
I thought I could see more clearly ...

But it is the reverse.

The more it goes, the more I am lost.

-And Marguerite, are you going to see her again?
-I dunno.

-But yes, leave him alone.


Are you taking us to dinner?
I'm sick of making food.

-Let's go !
- I'll get my jacket!

-She was good, this girl.

-Don't dream.
-No, I'm just saying she was fine.

-You lived there a long time?
-16 years old.

-Ah yes.

-And you don't miss it?

-I like above all to transmit,
no matter the place.

-Excuse me, ladies.

- It doesn't say anymore, we say "ladies".

-Do as you like.
I can talk to you ?


-You don't change.

- What do you imagine?

-Only stuff
that I've seen before.

I arranged your cans for you.

I moved your class from Friday
to 11 a.m.

-It's nice, thank you!

-What will you do now ?

Are you staying in France, are you going back to Beijing?

-I dunno.

The more time passes, the
less I can see clearly.

-You have no plans, wishes?

- My daughter only keeps me going.

I'm waiting for her to be big, after ...

- You're not the first to whom this happens.

One fine day, without you expecting it,

you will fall in love again.


-It's certain.
-But yes.

-It made me happy to see you again.


-You came

in Autolib '?

-No choice, there are three of us.

- Me, I didn't want to.

Most have semen stains
on the seats.

-Non ?

-People use it to fuck.

- More than to hope that ours
is an exception.

-It makes him laugh, that idiot.

- Kiss Zhu for us.
-I'll do it for sure.

-Come for dinner next week.

-We can't, we're going to Beijing.

Tanguy, do you have any restaurant addresses?

-I'm sending you this.

- Come on!

Ciao !

- "Little children, little worries.

Big kids, big worries. "

-They haven't finished having them.

He said it. The more time passes, the
less he can see clearly.

They have it for 100 years.
-But no.

- I'll sign it for you.

-20 written, 19 oral.

-We know, Mamé.

-I can say that I am proud
of my granddaughter.

-How many points is that ahead?

-56 ?

You will have it with honors.

- "When we have 10 steps to take,
9 go halfway."

-What do you plan to do after the baccalaureate?

-With similar notes in French?

-She has the same in math
and physics.


-Do you think of a specialty?



- "Give back the care you received young,

it is a debt that you pay.
Your children will learn it

then pay it back to you. "


- Anyone wanting more sauerkraut?

-No thanks.

-Never refill,
it's the secret of my line.

-I don't mind, Mamé.

-You look like your mom.

-I jump from rooster to donkey ...
You saw the price of the contributions

for next year?
They don't care about the world!

- I'll go play at Fourqueux.

-Excuse me, I feel bad.

I'm going to bed.

-It's not okay ?
-I am sorry...

You don't blame me?

Good night.

-Did I say something stupid ?

Edith sighs.



Loud music in headphones


-Tanguy ?


-You gave me one of those scares!

-I thought you went to bed
last night.

-I was lying down.

But Bruno called me.

He insisted, insisted
that I join him in a bar.

It was bad.

-It was bad?
He nods.

Until 6 a.m.?

-I'm exhausted, I'm going to bed.
Good night mom.

Disturbing music with Chinese notes



Paul !

He blows.

-What time is it ?
-6 h.

Tanguy had supposedly gone
to bed,

he went out until 6 a.m.
with Bruno.

-So what ? He is 44 years old.
- Do you find that normal?

He was down 36 last night.

-It is that he is better.

Much better than he claims.

Mei-Lin's departure
hit him hard,

but it suits him well
to be with mum and dad.

He sighs.

- Do we have
to talk about it now?

-I am scared. He's been here for 3 months

and when we ask what he wants to do,

he doesn't know, it's too early,
I don't know what else ...

I'm sure he's playing comedy on us.

He is well at home.

-Because he's out,
he's acting?

-You do not understand.

He has found the nest.

He hasn't changed, Paul!

Intriguing music

- We see that tomorrow?


-We have it until the end of our days.

Serious funny notes


Edith sighs.

A door opens ...

and closes.


-Yes, I have a class at 10 a.m.

-You will be fresh ...

-Is there no orange juice?
Anyone want one?


The juicer starts up.


-It is really nice,
this apartment.

I think I prefer it

to the old.
Edith almost suffocates.

-The other was exceptional, Tanguy.


He was taller, it's true.

This one is more intimate.

-But the view? You remember it ?


We feel more protected.

Like in a cocoon.

I love you dad.

- Me too, my chicken.

-And I love you, mom.

-I love you too.


Edith almost suffocates.

Playful music


This is not possible !

You haven't seen my sweater with ...

The blue that I wear all the time
to go golf, with ...


-He came back...

We have it until the end of time ...

- "The one who, inside,

is without deception or error

and outside

knows neither calamity nor plague,

the one whose mind ... "

(Do you know who it is ?)


(-It's the one
who lived with his old people.)

(-Is that him?)

(-Wesh, the bastard.)

(Is he still at home?)

(-It would surprise me.)
(-You don't know, he's a genius.)

(-It is true.)

- "They call him the sage."

-That's good, Pablo.

Very good.

A door opens ...

and closes.

-Good evening mother.

Good evening dad.
-It's my sweater!

-Is that so ?

-Yes, that's mine!
Oh !


Mei-Lin had offered me almost the same.

-Thank you.
-I beg your pardon.

-Help me set the table.

Tell me, time goes by, have
you made a decision?

-Stay in France or go back to Beijing?

I don't know ...

My life has changed ...

-We understand, but ...

In the event
that Mei-Lin does not return ...

-You think ?

-It's a guess.
What are you doing ?

-I dunno...

You said that a breakup
is like mourning

it lasts a year.

-You plan to stay here for a year?
Edith almost suffocates.

-I dunno.

There, I have the feeling
of being a burden for you.

Notice, I understand you.

Have a 44 year old son

who comes back to daddy-mom
with his daughter, it's not glorious.

Poor Chu,

she didn't deserve this.
A door slams.

(-Cinema ...)
Throat clearing

-Good evening.

-Good evening.

You had a good day ?

-I got 20 in English.


- Where are your glasses?

-How do you find?

I tried lenses.
I have a week to make up my mind.

So ?

-Much better.
-It changes you.

-You are even more beautiful.

- Glad you like it.

I'm hungry, can I help you, Mamé?
She nods.

Screams of pleasure


The screams intensify.


-What is that ?

-According to you ?

- What's he doing in the guest room?

- Go ask him.

Funny music

Screams of pleasure


He bangs on the door.

-A second.

I woke you up ...
-In your opinion?

- I didn't want to disturb Chu.

-We, is it not a problem?

-Good evening, Paul.

-Marguerite, how are you?
-Very well and you ?

-Oh, we hold on.

-You look great.

-You haven't changed.

-Thanks, that's nice.

Excuse me, I have to go.

Nice to have seen you again.
Kiss Edith.

-I'll do it for sure.
-You call me.

- Looks
like you are turning the page Mei-Lin.

-I try to forget him
in the arms of another.

But I do this
with a married woman.

-Because she's married?

Like that, there is no risk.

- Of the risk of what?

-To start my life over with someone else.

In case Mei-Lin comes back.

Funny music with Chinese notes

Paul sighs.

-You're right, Edith.

We're getting bloated.

-What is happening ?

-We need to talk.

- I suspected it.

-It's not going to start again, Tanguy.

There is no way we will relive
what we experienced 16 years ago.

It's a good memory for anyone.
-No one.

-So do what it takes

before it escalates.

-It's true,
it's not a good memory.

Give me time to turn around.

- Did you understand me correctly?

-5 out of 5, dad.

I have to find a real job
and especially look for an apartment.

I have cut out.

I'll have breakfast outside.

He is about to speak.

And thanks for talking to me
with this frankness.

Have a good day.

A door opens.

- I hope he understood.

-Me too.

I can hardly see myself fighting against him again.
I have passed the age.

-And I therefore.

The doors slam.

-Bye Madam.



-There was an accident ?

-Roselyne had a heart attack.

-Zut, she's young though.

- Tobacco, cholesterol, divorce.

Astonishing she hadn't done one

Do you want to replace her?

-Is it a full time?


My daughter passes the bac in June,
I want to watch over her.

-OK, I'll ask Franck.

-If she hasn't come back in September,
let me know.

Hello Mom.

I've been to the bakery before.

And I took the newspapers.

Phone ring

-Yes, hello, it's me.

Why did you show me around then?

Never mind.

Thank you.


He sighs.

The only possible apartment
of those I saw is rented.

I have to start over.

But there is nothing on the market

and the smallest thing,
the prices are exorbitant.

-You'll end up finding it.
-It is not won.

On the other hand, I found a full-time job
at Languages-O.

-When would you start?
-Only downside, not before September.

It's already that.
Not to mention that I have other leads.

I stick to it.

Have a good day.

We hit the ball.

-What a great return!

- Soon
you will beg me to leave you a game.

-You still have work to do.

-I said "soon".


Screams of pleasure


-No it is not possible !

Funny music


Tanguy !

Who are you kidding?

Cover yourself, Marguerite, I will come in.

Serious funny notes

- Who is Marguerite?

- Sorry, it's my fault.

I was afraid that we would disturb Tanguy.

Intriguing music


-So ?

He sighs.

-Zhu layer.

Zhu, she's sleeping with Maxime.

-It's not possible,
it's still a baby.

- Go and see if you believe me.


And we did not see anything...

Do you think this has been going on for a long time?

-Since she's been studying at his house,
I guess.

-You're right.

But we're idiots!
That's the glasses, of course.

She hides her game well too.
What a fake ass!

- Looks like his father.
-Dogs don't make cats.

Desperate exclamation

-I would have preferred that you tell me about it

rather than learning it
from Polux and Mamé.

Even though the fact that my daughter
has become a woman affects me,

i have to be as open minded
as you are with me

when I was his age.

-But you were a boy.

-So what ?

-Yes and so ?

Did you protect yourself?

-Mei-Lin knew it would happen.

She had made recommendations to him.
Is not it ?

(in Chinese)

-I can go ?
I will be late.

-Go. And work well.

-See you tonight.

-It does not make us younger.
A door opens ...

-Not sure.
and closes.

Intriguing music


* -And for all these little people,

here is the program for the day.

We go to the plot ...

A door opens.

The report continues.

-I took a chestnut
with the bedside lamp.

-It's dangerous,
you could have electrocuted yourself.

-Not with the earth connection.

-Do you have tools?

-You can do that?

-Of course, with dad.

-Look in the hall closet.


-Oh my God !

- What's happening to you, dad?

-A screw protruded,

I slaughtered my

-Ah, it's disgusting!

Go cure yourself.

Intriguing music

-Mom. Ouch.

Don't you have Hexomedine?

-I must have alcohol at 90.

-And something that stings less?
-I do not think so.

You are well loved.

Of course, 90% alcohol on

It will hurt.

-Gently, gently, gently.

-For someone who was past the age
of fighting,

you still have resources.

-I return you the compliment.

-You could have warned me anyway.

-It was funnier like that.

-He is still so cozy, Tanguy.

Paul laughs.

I didn't know Zhu was a handyman.

-She won't hold up for long.

Who is it that made Polytechnic?

-It's you.

-Tomorrow, we have a big day.
-You're right.


Intriguing music

-One more.


We have to make the bed again.
-I'm taking care of it.


Hurry up, Edith!
Do not hang around.


A door opens.


- Mamé, have
n't you seen my physics book?

-Ah not.

-We have a white bac in 3 days.
-How you gonna do ?

- "If a problem has a solution, do
n't worry.

If he doesn't,
worrying doesn't make a difference. "

-If you say so.

Drink this, it's full of vitamin C.

-Thank you, Edith.
I still wanted

I apologize and I also wanted to reassure you.

I am not fickle
and my feelings

for Zhu are serious.

-I do not doubt it. Come on, drink.

At table.

Tanguy, can you go get Zhu?

Intriguing music


He bangs on the table.

-Is that how we revise?

-What time is it ?

Your activities should not be
to the detriment of your studies.

And this is valid for you, Maxime!


(-Zhu has his white bac Thursday,

we could have a party
Wednesday night.)

-Not bad.

Paul laughs.

-They haven't seen the hour go by.

-It's good little ones.

-It's frugal tonight.
-Slow sugars.

-We have a competition tomorrow.


-Hello, Mrs. Clay.

He was the one I came to see.

Can I borrow it from you?
I have mice.

- He's not a good hunter.
He's more of a living room cat.

-But mice don't know.

The cat growls.

- When will you bring him back?

-It will depend on him.

The cat meows.


-Dad, maybe I found an apartment.

-You'll tell me that later.

Intriguing music

Energetic friction


Paul laughs.


Tanguy sniffs.


Moan of pain

He sneezes.


He inhales.


He sneezes again.

He sighs.

A door slams.

-Slept well ?

- My back hurts right now.

-It's normal, you do no sport.

-Well, I play tennis.

-Once from time to time.

You are 44 years old, you are not very young anymore.
You have to talk.

-Why don't you ride a bike?

-Is it good for the back?

Better than tennis anyway.

And take Zhu.

It must be aired too.

She spends her life in her books.

-Why not.

He sneezes.

I'm having an allergy again.

-It can't be the cat, there's more.

Intriguing music


(-Of them.)


Paul laughs.

Footsteps echo.

Hello Sweetie.
-Hello, Polux.

-Do you make rice in the morning?

- It's to dry daddy's cell phone.

I don't know why, it's full of water.

-And it works ?

- Obviously.

Intriguing music

-With this time,
we can do it all day.


Phone ring

- Wait, I have a call.


I have a course that has been moved.

-Not serious. We put the bikes away.
-It does not bother you ?

-No problem.

-Thank you dad.
-No problem.


*Dancing In The Street
(Martha Reeves)

-Tchin !


Can you put it even harder?


It increases the sound.


The music continues in the distance.

He urinates with difficulty.

He blows.



-Everything is fine ? You tell me.

Fred, we never see each other!

*With A Girl Like You
(The Troggs)


What is she doing here?

-She just told me that her white bac
has been postponed by a week.

-Oh, the little bitch!


-Good evening sir.

Thank you for letting me participate
in this evening.

Zhu a de la chance

to have you
and me to know you.


-Oh, Francois! It's okay ?

Oh, Carole !

How are you, Axel?


I said to myself that inviting Bruno
would make you happy.

-Hi Paul.


-I get rid.

How are you, Edith?

(louder, articulating)

How are you, Edith?

-Well, well ...

-They got old.

-You find ?

Oh, Vincent !

Oh, honey.

It's okay ?

-What happened to you beautiful.

-Tanguy is better, it looks like.

And Zhu found himself a fiancé.
3 for the price of 2.

- Bad.


-Three generations under the same roof,
like that.

I find it magnificent.

-I'm going to pee.
-I come with you.

The music continues in the distance.


-They gave each other the word.

-You think ?

-We didn't know about the white bac,
but Tanguy knew it.

If it's not to piss us off,
what is it for?

-It's not to piss us off.

He is well at home.

She takes a deep breath.

-It's going to be longer.

*Happy Together
(The Turtles)

Sorry, excuse me.




-We were looking for you,

are you coming to dance?
-We arrive.

-It shits.

-I love.

-Maxime told me he was admiring

of our family.
-How nice.

Why didn't you bring Marguerite?

-Who is it?
- Your daddy's fiancée.

Didn't he tell you about it?
She's great.

She will make an excellent mother-in-law
for you.

- Wait, she has to divorce.

-Nowadays, it is a formality.

- How many children does she have already?

-You are still young.

You can make him others.
Invite her to lunch.

(in Chinese)

- Don't worry, my darling.
Marguerite is just an old friend.

It is mom that I love.
We will wait for the time

that will be needed.

-It's nice
that you're with Marguerite.

Sorry Zhu,
but I was suspicious of your mother.

She's as straightforward as a backing ass
and her ass is on fire.



-I tell you that shits.

*Happy Together
(The Turtles)


(in Chinese)

- "Who remembers the benefits
of his parents

is too busy with his recognition
to judge them. "


Someone is practicing on the piano.


-Hello Mom.

Hello dad.

-Slept well ?

-Not closed the eye.

I thought about what you told me

"The truths
we don't like to learn

are the ones
we should know. "

It was harsh, but the sincere words
are not elegant.

You opened my eyes
to Mei-Lin.

I have to look to the future.

Intercom ringing
I'm going.

Sigh of relief

Yes ?

-Who is it?

-I don't know, I can't hear anything.


(female voice)
* -Tanguy?


Soft music with Chinese notes


-Tanguy, my love!

(in Chinese)

Sorry my love.
I don't know what got into me.

I beg you, I have never loved
you. Forgive me.

If our story had to end there,
I would die.

(with an accent)
Forgive me, my love.

Error, error, error.

Nasty Mei-Lin.

Nasty Mei-Lin.

You missed me so much.
-I missed you too.

- Let me look at you.

You no longer have glasses.
-How do you find ?

-You are even prettier than before,
my darling!

I missed you so much, my love.

-We didn't mean a word about it.

-We love Mei-Lin like our daughter.

-We said anything.
We had been drinking.

-We were dead drunk.

In these cases,
I don't know what I'm saying anymore.


You have to know how to forgive.

"Water does not stay on the mountains,
nor revenge on a big heart."

"Whoever closes his door
is at the bottom of the deserts."

-All couples know that.

It's part of life.

Whether we want it or not.

-We have known that too.

If we had done everything at the time,

we wouldn't be happy today.

A couple is played out over time.

He hesitates.

(in Chinese)
-I'm ready.

-Let's go.

The door opens...

and closes.

Playful music Indistinct
Mei-Lin's words


I've never seen you like this!

Have you thought about our daughter?

You know we have a daughter, have
you thought about her?

Do you think I'm going to go back to Beijing
with you like this?


Screams of pleasure

-Tanguy, yes!


Cries of pleasure

-They will leave.

Sigh of relief

-You don't want to come?

-No, we're taking Mei-Lin
shopping, with Zhu.

- What the hell,
keys to the Smart?

-They can't be far away.

He's laughing.

Footsteps echo.

Cry of joy


Mei-Lin grandmother!


-Yes, Mei-Lin grandmother!

Soft music with Chinese notes


-Édith ?



(in Chinese)

-It's the emotion.
It must evacuate the stale air ...

-You scared me.

-Edith great-grandmother.


Mei-Lin speaks Chinese.


-She said: "Whoever does not farts or burps
is doomed to explosion."

It is Lao Tseu.

She is breathing hard.

-Mei-Lin, Zhu, shopping.
Edith, stay home.

Are we going, darling?

See you soon.

See you soon.

Paul repeats in Chinese.

-You are going to give me the pleasure
of going to see a doctor.

The door closes.

-You don't understand, Paul.
They are not going to leave.

Now that she is pregnant,
they will stay.

Intriguing music

(in Chinese)

-I thought mom gave you

- It's no accident, dad.

Maxime and I love each other,

we want to start a family.

-You are young,
you know nothing of life!

Why don't you finish
your studies first?

-We know that we can
do both at the same time.

It's euphoric.

-Euphorizing ...

What do you think, you?

-You know what I think about it.

I do not worry about their future,
they will have their baccalaureate hands down.

-We submitted scholarship files
for the rest of our studies.

-And then, we'll be there to help them.

There is no age to start a family.

They love each other, that's the most important!

-So ?

- "The moment that chance gives you

than the time you would have chosen. "

-Yes !
They laugh.

-You know the rest.
You will miss your baccalaureate,

Maxime will leave you
because he will want to look elsewhere,

you will stay alone with your offspring, you will only
have lousy jobs

and you will have missed your life.

And your child will hate you.
This is what will happen to you.

-You are not encouraging.

- We have to tell you the truth.
It's for your own good.

-What do Maxime's parents think?

-We're having dinner with them tonight.

-I hope
they will be more reasonable.

They speak in Chinese.


Soft music


-Thank you.

Do you need help?

The TV is on.


-Oh, don't you want to stop zapping?

- What the hell are they doing?
A door opens.

He turns off the TV.

-So ?
-We had a great evening.

-Charming parents.
Very happy baby.

-Good evening, Edith.
Good evening sir.

-Good evening ...

-We offered
to settle down with us.

-Thank you for welcoming me. I know
you are not enthusiastic

at the idea of ​​seeing Zhu
mother at her age ...

If we are young,
we are no less responsible.

And we will not be alone:
my parents,

Tanguy and Mei-Lin will be there
to support us.

And you too, of course, I hope.

-Of course.
Difficult breathing

We are going to sleep ?
-Yes, let's go to bed, yes ...

-Good night.

- "Lovely parents.

(imitating him)
Very happy baby. "

-We do not care.
Let them keep their offspring.

They will only have to open a tobacco.

She sighs.

-And that's not all!
There are a whole bunch of things.

After giving birth, you shouldn't
wash for a month!

-A month without washing?
-But it's disgusting!

-You have no choice,
it's tradition!

-No !
I do not go a month without washing!

-You have to.

Good-morning Paul. Hello, Edith.

-Slept well ?

-Like a baby.

-Mei-Lin made donuts.

-As good as my mother's.

-Maxime smart.

(in Chinese)

- Are we going, darling?

-Have a good day.

-Work well.

Very cute.

-We wanted to tell you, we decided
to stay until birth.

Edith almost suffocates.

But we won't
bother you any longer.

We're going to take an apartment.

-We will help you.

-Thank you. I have money.

I wanted to thank you
for supporting us

during this difficult time.


-That's normal, my boy.

-The motherfucker,
he could have taken an apartment before!

-The main thing is that they release.

- I'll make sure! Believe me !

-My heart,
you mix sesame oil,

soy sauce and oyster sauce,
very slowly.

-Look at what I found for them!

-It's in Poitiers, Paul.

They didn't put the hood on ...

-It's fucked up, their thing.

The church bell rings.


-What's this ?
-Pork with spices.

-Very easy, Edith.

-I took you 5 more visits
for tomorrow.

-It's nice, dad.

But you can cancel.

I was waiting to talk about it,
but that's it, I had Bruno,

her aunt rents us
her furnished apartment for 6 months.

We settle down when we want.

Exclamation of joy

-Bruno's aunt
is renting her apartment to us.



Playful music




Stop !


- Are you okay, your fingers?
-It's okay.

-You haven't forgotten anything?
-I do not think so.

- Take a quick turn.
-We will come back.

-What we don't do now,
we never do!

-Hold on ! Here, your buddha!
-You don't keep it?

-No, that will bring you luck.

- Go on, you are not parked correctly.

- Take the elevator, my darling.

-Good-bye, Mamé.
Goodbye, Polux.


- Go on, I'm telling
you , you're going to have a ticket!

-I love you mom.

-Me too. Come on, go.

-And I love you, dad.

- Me too, my chicken.


-Come on hurry up.

-Tanguy? You come ?
-I arrive.

-What are you doing ?

-Come on, shoo!

Good riddance.

- "Come on, Zhu!"
It's a good one there.

- I didn't even do it on purpose.

*A Beautiful Morning
(The Rascals)


Paul laughs.

A little hug ?

-I can't, Medhi is coming.

-And three !

We've softened up, Edith.


-My word !
But did you eat lion?

-Are you slipping away?

-Do you want to make yourself a restaurant?

-Why not.
-Oh no !

Tonight, we're watching Black Mirror .


* The series is in English.



Oh it is!



Paul laughs.


They laugh.


Dare to tell me again
that you are not losing your mind!

She sighs.

There is a knock on the door.


I saw the surgeons.

It was hard work,
but they're happy with them.

there is for 8 weeks of plaster

and at least 3 months of rehabilitation.

We have considered taking you
with us.

-It's nice, my darling.
But we will be better at home.

-At our ages,
we have our little habits.

We don't like change.

-I know.

So we returned our apartment

and we all come back
to our house.

-Ah not.

She is breathing hard.

-When all is well,
the others are there.

When things go wrong,
you can only count on your family.


- Watch out for the stairs, eh.

-And a folding screen,
for moments of privacy.

A nurse will drop by for the injection
every morning at 11 a.m.

Does your schedule suit you?

They nod shyly.

And Mei-Lin and I
will be there most of the time.

Maxime and Chu too,
since they have their revisions.

You will be like roosters in paste.
-Coosters in paste.

-You can count on us.

-Ah, I forgot.

The baby monitor.

It might sound silly,
but it's convenient.

-And then it will serve again quickly.

-If you need ...
He turns it on.

don't hesitate to call us.

We leave you.

-Rest well, roosters in paste.

-They really thought of everything.
-It's not like others.

-I am sorry.

Edith moans in pain.

-They moan,
but luckily they have them.

-That, to have them,

they are.

-Few children

would take care of their parents as well.

-Eugenie and Édouard, I'm not sure
they would do that for us.

-Of course yes.

-On the other hand, ours,
they will let us down

like crap.

-Not ?

Carole laughs.


The TV is on.

-Good evening, Mamé.
Good evening, Polux.

Did you have a good day ?

-Can you pass me the gun,

I called your mother,
she mustn't have heard.

- Sit up,
I'll give you the pillows.


There is a knock on the door.

-It was already closed.
I had to find a pharmacy on duty.

- Put that there.

-These are generics,
do you mind?

-No. Thank you.

-I'll go see
if Mei-Lin and Tanguy need me.

-I'm finished.

- You have to do something
for your prostate. It’s not reasonable.

Shall I bring you your trays
after the news?

The acquiesces.

- Do you want to go to bed?
We will continue tomorrow.

-No it's OK.

Paul snores.



The TV is on.


* Snoring

Groan of pain

But I don't know where to prick ...

Yes, I'm telling you ...

I don't know where to prick, eh.

A door opens.

-19.2 average, mention very well.

For both.

- Congratulate them for us.

-You will do it yourself.

I'll go get them.

* -In his condition, they gave him.

-Don't blame her,
she's going through a difficult time.

The acquiesces.

- "Only the fool
does not know how to forgive."

Soft piano music


-No, no, Mrs. Guetz.

Extend the step further, it is too short.

-It hurts and I'm scared.
-It's normal.

Don't worry, go for it.

Here. You continue to the sofa,
I'll take care of your husband.


We're trying without a walker

-You think ?
-But yes.

-You can do it.

-Come on, hold my hands tight.


Easy, there you go. Very good.

that's it.

And now,
go straight ahead.

Go ahead, I've got you.

-Bravo, dad.
Usain Bolt had better watch out.

we're not quite there yet.

Will need a lot more rehabilitation
than expected. For both.

Fortunately your son

is dedicated, it is rare.
I don't see this every day.

-I'm not alone.

-Good news !
Parents Mei-Lin

coming for birth baby!

-Oh fuck !
-Mom !


They speak in Chinese.

-Do you remember the first time
Paul and Edith came to China?

Tanguy said every day:

"I love you mom.

And I love you, daddy. "

They were so cute!

What were they answering?

He thinks.


He repeats.


-But they always say it!

They continue to laugh.

-They love the way
I say "I love you".


- You fidget, you fidget but
you are already eight days late, you!

-Like you, my dear.

-And like you, dad.

How long are you going to make us wait , rascal?

-The doctor said not to worry.
He is where he is.


They keep saying "kampai".

About in Chinese


Crying baby

-AH !






Shift to the left.

Tanguy translates for him.

Very good.

(-They will never leave ...)


(Can't wait for me to lose my mind completely.)

-We don't move.

We are all looking at me.

We smile.

And ... Cheese!

Device click

The baby starts to cry again.

Cheerful music with Chinese notes


It has character, the coconut.


Cheese !

Device click