Tanguy (2001) - full transcript

Tanguy is 28 years old and still living with his parents. They think it's time he moves out. He doesn't, so they hatch a plan...

I think the waters are broken.
We have to go.

Are you sure this time?
-I believe so.

Sorry. Are you ok?

Are you ok?

I am.


Hurry up now.

Bend your back,
Mrs Guetz.

I'll be over there, honey.
Keep it quiet now.

That's really good.

Mr Guetz,
the child is coming eventually?

I couldn't find more than this.
-Thank you.

Are you nervous?
-Not at all.

In the hurry,
I forgot my pants.

Really stupid. I just noticed this.

A birth, is a revolution.
Are u staying with us?

It's a boy.


You're so sweet.

You can stay you're whole live with us.

West of the lake of the East,
there's a big street.

Big meaning...

Think at the gender.
Who does remember?

We had it a few weeks ago.

Try again.

You yi tiao.

Really good, Ming. You yitiao.
-That's easy for her.

Like in expressions as kia u,
a fish, kia lou, a road.

A street with a lot of houses.

The last sentence...

It's about you first of all.
Rest a little and don't worry about it.

Can u take those 2nd years
over during a few weeks?

I can't finish my
doctoral thesis already.

Come on. Antoine's woman
just left him...

Sylvie is ill, the other has I don't
know what. I don't get it.

I'll arrange a study tour
for you, anywhere you want.

I need documentation from Beijing.

I'll be grateful forever.

It's Mireille Lelimou
from the ministry.

I'm calling because of the reformation
of the education in eastern languages.

Call as soon as possible.

Can u give me your sigaret please?

There he is.

Did you have to wait for long?
-We just arrived.

Ingrid, my brother-in-law Tanguy

Kimiko lsayoko.

You can also say 'old sow'.
She doesn't understand anything.

I worked for her father.
She's trained on the job for the embassy.

Great. Nice to meet you.
-Do u speak Japanese?

A little.
-Good. Now drive.

We're to late, aren't we.

You're talking nonsense.
-Not always, but this time I am.

Do u mind?

-That's ok.

When the stone falls on the egg,
it's a pity for the egg.

When the egg falls on the stone,
it's a pity for the egg

Thank you.

I want you.

I'm flattered.

-Hello, mom.

This arrived yesterday with a courier

Hello, dad.
-Hello, boy. Lady.

This is Kimiko.
-Nice to meet you.

Who is this.
-My parents.

She wonders who you are.
-This is my mom & this is my dad.

Where they here when we did it?
-Yes, what do u mean?

She's suprised I'm still living here.

Everything ok with Margu?rite?
-We are reflecting.

I'm humiliated.
-What's wrong?

She's afraid
we've disturbed you.

I didn't hear anything.
-We're used to it.

You see now? Nothing's wrong.

Do u want orange juice?

Do u want orange juice?

Can't he live without you?
-He just wants my opinion.

She's nog Chinese, but Japanese.
-To keep up my vocabulary?

He just said thank you.

Do u want an egg?
-No thanks. We're leaving.

Do u mind if we don't tidy?

Shall we leave?

Goodbye, lady.

I love you, mom.

And I love you, dad.
-I love you too.


Where are my car keys?
-On the cupboard.

We didn't disturb them.

Young adults
still living with their parents

You don't love me.

Of course we do, but
we would think about it during 6 months.

5months passed already.
You still haven't make up your mind?

Why would we live together?
I'm going to Peking in six months.

If you would need less time
to think about it...

Should i resign my job
& live together with you in Peking?


Doesn't sound really enthusiastic.

Sorry for not letting it appear.
But you know me.

It would be delightful if
you would join me.

Would you really appreciate it?

Of course.

Hi, St?phane.
-Hi, Mrs Guetz.

That antique dealer is a goldmine.
-I told you, didn't I?

Is lr?ne here?
-Yes, but things aren't that good.

What's wrong, lr?ne?
Tell me please.

It's Marc.
-An accident?

Yesterday night I heared...

He's stopping with hotel school.
He signed on as coccus.

He's putting out to sea sunday.

But he's still so young.

Children are so cruel.

You desire nothing of them &
you give them all your love. And then...

I'll miss him so much.
-That's the way it is with children.

Not at that age.
-He won't forget about you.

Tanguy has teached me
a beautiful Chinese saying.

One day you call her mother &
it remain like that the rest of her life.


Mrs Guetz?

Did I get any wiser, except knowing
that I'm your advisor?


They found something to remove
the salt out of seawater.

Yes, with electrodes.
-Not afraid of the competition?

I don't believe in it.

Just like reverse osmosis. Only
interesting for filter manufacturers.

Is your pekingese still about
to leave?

Don't call him pekingese.
-It's a pet name.

He's going to Pekin, right?

In june.

So I can call him pekingese?
-If you want to.

I can't remember. Is he 26 or 27?

I'm getting old I think.
I just can't seem to remember that.

-That old?

He looks fine.

Really fine. You got try it.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Is it normal that he's still at home?
-You're blathering.

Of course I am.
The years are passing by.

He's still living home.
-He's studying.

When you're not a genie nowadays,
you're going straight to the dole.

No, the stats are good.

3 million unemployed persons
when he left school.

Accurate sciences, philosophy,
Japanese & Chinese.

If he's unemployed,
the whole mankind is.

He's graduating in june
& starts in Peking in september.

Don't cheer too fast.
-You already know about something?

A child that's being born 13 days
to late, doesn't get away just like that.

Says Enough. You don't have to be
engineer to understand that.

Mom, I'm engineer.
-Setting aside...

The ease, the advangtages.
We already know about that.

And you broke the taboo.
He's taking "beings" with him.

That's the way it goes nowadays. And
I can keep an eye on it.

Well, he's not leaving yet.
-Did you already make a choice?

The pekingese.
-Did you choose?


If you talk about the rise of the
subjectivity in the old China...

we can have the impression that the Chinese
way of thinking can become westernised...

by the concepts of the reproduction
of the reality.

It's more about the reality within
a subject...

in the metaphysical meaning,
that can act, think, laugh.

Excellent, Tanguy.

-No, sorry. It's much too late.

I was thinking: Why isn't
this happening to me?

I can't stop crying anymore.

I'm a monster.

But I can't handle it anymore.

It's not abnormal,
that u become a little impatient...

because your son of 28 can't
take care of himself.

When he'll enter,
my stomach is going to curl up...

and I will slap him.
Is that normal?

Of course, your impatience
expresses itself in this agressivity.

It's absolutely not hidious.



Second ace, 40-15.

Are you laughing with us?
-Not at all.

Come with your projectile.

-Damned, can't be true.

Adrien, leave your brother alone.
Go play further.

It would do them good if you wouldn't
become so enraged. And you too.

And us.

Come on, Philippe. You played well.
-It's only a game.

-6-3, 6-2.

Thanks to your dad, with his service.

You didn't grow a lot.
-He eats a lot nevertheless.

I must leave.
-Please stay. You look bad.

Haven't got the time. I gotta
go to the ministry.

On Saturday?

A job as teacher, your exchange,
& advisor of the minister.

You'll be independent once.
-You're the advisor of the minister?

Emmediately from final exam to pension.

See you later.

You're eating at home?
-I'll see you later.

You'll be disappointed when
he leaves.

I'm already preparing for that.

Don't talk like that.
-It was a joke.

There's always something
serious behind every joke.

That's true.

Don't touch him.
-Stop teasing her like that.

Speaking about the devil...

Did you already eat?

Get a plate. Several things are available.

Half an hour.

I can't find them Louis XIV.

He ruled for 54years. Goes without saying
that there are several models.

Yes, but when I hear Lous XIV,
I think of...

I don't know... Versailles.

That's where they come from.
Changed under Louis VI.

Well yeah, I don't want them anymore.
I don't know...

How do you say that?
How are the mirrors of the gallery?

I don't know.
But I'll pass for a moment.

You're an angel. What had you in mind
for the nursery's?



Where's the paper?
-Mr Delerme?

I need your advice.
-I'm listening.

...therapeutically cloning
with embryo's...


to treat certain diseases.
This was started by the birth...

Good evening, mom.
-Hello, darling.

Did you steal two bottles of

O, maybe when i went seeing Lucas.
I just took something.

-Are you eating at home?

I'm not that hungry.
I'll eat later on.

Something's wrong?

I need to talk to you.

Didn't we tell eachother everything?

Tell me honestly what u think of it.

I have to submit my doctoral thesis
in june. Tomorrow it's june.

Unfortunately, I underestimated it.

The farther you come, the heavier it
seems to be. I won't make it.

I talked with my companion.

He said I had to report it absolutely.

Won't that cost your job in Peking?
-Yes, Peking.

I called.
They are detaining him for me.

According to Delerme, impatience
would be disastrous now.

It will be something more than a year.

It would be stupid to ruin everything
now that I'm doing well.

But be honest, mom & dad,
what do u think of it?

So you're postponing your thesis for one and a
half year and you're staying home for all that time?

So you have enough of me?
-Not at all.

Why are you acting like this?

It was a joke.
-I don't think it was funny.

28 or 30 years, what does it matter?
Proust stayed at home untill it was 35.

Your mother will tell you.

If you're father agrees,
I don't see any drawback.

Everything ok, darling?


Something's wrong?
-No, nothing.

Sorry, I was dreaming.

Come on girls.
Six times to and fro.

Push on your legs, stretch your legs.

Sarah, you're keeping your head under water.

Come on, keep on.

I'm laughing my ass off.
-I don't see what's funny.

I'm only finding that I was right once
again. He will stay home for years.

No one year.
-Like every year.

Does he have to forget his thesis
to prove you're wrong?

Do u know what he will be doing
in one and a half year?

The same as always.

He'll have enough of that chinese stuff
and will look for new things...

and will stay at home untill 2020.

Good evening, Edith, Paul. Miss.

Philippe Gildas, my mother.
-We already met before.

What happened to you?
-I bumped myself.

Everything ok withTanguy?
-Irremovable, like always.

Excuse me. They are waiting for me.

He'll never change.
-Don't change the subject.

He'll leave when his thesis is done.

You should have rent a flat for
him long time ago.

My child won't be a richman's child.

That's how you make a
sponge out of him.

Then he'll stay forever at your place.

If you want to quarrel about Tanguy
every day, you won't see us again.

Cheers to the Pekinese.

I don't want to lecture, but you
are far too indulgent.

Are you coming?

I can't handle it anymore.

What's wrong?

I checked about Proust.
He didn't leave on his 35.

His parents died, otherwise
he would still have been there.

Why are you saying that?
-I can't handle it anymore, Paul.

Not another year.

One and a half year,
two pregnancies.

It's getting too much for me.

Say that again.
-I'm a bad mother.

It's getting too much for me. He's
living here for already 28years.

What? Have I been speaking to the walls
during all this years?

He's still living home, because you wanted it that way.
-Yes, it's my fault.

I was afraid he would leave. But now
I'm afraid he'll stay forever.

Do you realise what's happening to us now?
-Don't make it worse than it already is.

Still living home at that age,
like if it is a hotel...

and his stuff lying around everywhere.

And bringing everybody over here.

And those girls he's bringing.
And he goes around with our friends.

His good manners, his smile.

His sweet voice.
And his damned thesis.

I can't stand him anymore.
-It's obviously an overdosis.

He has to leave, Paul.

When he's gone, he's the sweetest thing
I have. My flesh & blood.

But first he has to leave.
Otherwise I'll be sick.

Maybe your mother was right.
Let's find a flat for him.

No. He has to do that himself.

But he doesn't care about it.

No, no, no.

What are we going to do then?

The're must be a solution.

Which one

He has to be discussed about it.

If he doesn't feel well at home
anymore, he will leave.

That's horrible.

You're making a mess of it.

Look who's talking.

I'll resign & find a new job
in Peking.

And then i'll hear you're not leaving.
-I will. It will only be a little later.

So you're staying here &
I'll wait there for you during 1 year?

You can also stay here, then we
can think about living together.

In september for instance.

Are you serious?
-Of course.

You're terrible.

But I love you.

One ice cube, one.

Hi, dad.

Have you seen my striped shirt?


Miss Guetz, you tell us.
What will it be today?

Beatiful coquilles.
-It's time for it now.

What's that?

It smells good.

Can i take your car, dad?

Not tonight. Your mother & I may
go out tonight.

Yours then?
-That one is in the garage


That's ok. Good evening.

See it turns out better than expected?

Use my bathroom in the meanwhile.

No, i don't want to be a burden.
-Come on, that would please me.

Nathalie... Can I say Nathalie?
-Of course.

My wife told me good things about you.

Doesn't happen often.

Tanguy made a good choice
this time.

Don't tell me you know nothing
about it?

Tanguy hasn't explained anything?

Come, I'll show you the bathroom.

You people are sick.
Go examine yourself.

I was at the house-warming of a friend
recently. Nice parents.

But when I saw him in his flat, proud...

of going to the lauderette &
preparing his own food...

I felt sorry for him.
-You're talking like a richman's son.

Ok, I'm privileged. But it's not about
the material advantages.

Why? We were used to leave our
parents home at quickly as possible.

Mine are intelligent & big-hearted.

They always let me do what i wanted to.
Why should I give up on that?

I'm coming

I don't understand Phil.
She's spoiling all my clothes.

Aren't there any yoghurts anymore?

My mistake. I didn't ask
Phil to buy themn.

Doesn't matter.

Have you been smoking weed?

Ok, I'm off.
-You go.

And don't come early at home.

I love you, mom.

You too, dad.
-And I love you.


Ok, put your desk in your livingroom.
I need the study room.

I'm going to do some sculpturing.

What do you guys have?


Buzz off now.

Sculpturing, splendid.

I suddenly felt like it.

Schour discs, 115 millimeter...
-For an electric drill?

And two titanium boortjes, 5 en 6.
-At the back of the store, lady.

Excuse me. Do u know where I can
find the hydrochloric acid?

Second gangway on your left.
-Thank u.


Am I making too much noise?
-Not at all. Something's wrong?

You didn't lose your job, did you?

A few pages, but that's ok. As long
as you're ok.

Do you have enough room?

Who kan manage on with a little,
is prepared for everything.

How did you manage to do that?
-That's my little secret.


Tanguy, why didn't you tell anything
about your rear light?

-Yes, you.

I know of nothing.

Don't lie. We didn't educate
you that way.

I really didn't do it.
-You borrowed the car last night.

And now it's broken.
-I didn't do anything.

Sorry, but I didn't notice anything.
I'll pay for it.

You don't have to, but you have to look
out for other people's things.

Don't quarrel for a lamp.

I'll pay everything & won't touch
your car anymore in the future.

So this won't happen again.

527 franc.

He doesn't cara a hoot about us.
-Or he's not normal.

Don't blame me.

Calm down now.

He doesn't care. But let's not
give up.

Miss Guetz, how are you?
Did you liked it recently?

A lot. Give us the same again.

Did I wake you?
-It's ok, you know.

What's wrong?

I can't sleep.
-Why? Are you worried?

No, I just can't sleep.

Take a sedative.
-Doesn't work with me.

Shall I tell you a story?
-I'm too old for that.

Shall I make something to eat for you?

Get a book.
-I don't feel like reading.

I'm keeping you awake.
-That's ok, dad.

Do u have to get up early?
-6 a.m.

Then i'm leaving you alone now.

-Goodnight, dad.

Strange smell.

I don't understand.

Phil cleans everything up, but it's
always coming back.

Do u have an aspirine?
-Let me have a look.

Don't you have something else?
Asprin burns in my gullet.

What's wrong?
-Nothing, really.

Who's starting?
-Come on.

We're listening.
-Raise your fingers then.

He who does nothing wrong &
is honest...

and who doesn't know disasters..

and who's body & soul are intact...

and who are not being
punished by God...

or by other people...

are called wise.

Really good.

Which local are you in wednesday?

Your order & tickets to Peking.
-Thank you.

I told you I was grateful.
-I am, really.

No?lle Sapin.
Are you Tanguy's mother?

I work at the Dauphine.

You already met?

Coffee or tea?

This time I grabbed Tanguy by his foot
out of his cradle, his head hanging down.

I came up to a concrete stairs
with sharp edges...

and his head hit every step.

I opened the door.
After that i began to rain.

I believe there were wolves too.

I got him in my head and throw him away.

I quickly closed the door and
when i came into his room...

Tanguy flew back
like a boemerang.

And like always
he fell into my arms.

with the neverending smile.

A dream is to give
a release.

I have a patient
with a daughter of 32 ages at home.

And she isn't as pretty as your son.

Every night he dreams about
cutting her up and burn her.

Still, he isn't a monster.

How fun.

Can I take a chair?
-Can't you see they're taken?

Over there are plenty? I'm
sick and tired of always being nice.

Why aren't you coming swimming?
You're way to tense.

I'm going crazy of that bitch with her
fucking Lude XlV-door-stools.

Game, 3-1.
-That's normal, those balls are old.

New balls.

Now we're gonna beat the crap out of you guys.

Cannonballs, dad.

Cannonballs , dad.

Be honest, did you do it on purpose?

Are yoout of your mind?

A couple of dislocated neckbones.
That collar has to stay on for 3 weeks.

U have a darn hard service.
He almost got paralised.

Thank U.

Do you play in competition?
-I used to.

I'm sorry, chap.

You didn't do it on purpose.
It's not your fault.

Margu?rite, how nice.
I thought you were mad at Tanguy.

Mad? Did he say that?

No, but he often takes
friends along, I thought he was...

Silly of me of course.

If I get lucky,
he'll never forgive me.

You are looking upset?

Mom, it wasn't your fault.
-It's my fault.

No, it was inevitable.

You even did me a service.

I love Margu?rite, but she's been nagging
for months about moving in together...

and having children.
-No way?

I lead her on, but
I kept getting tangled in.

I didn't know
how to talk myself out of it.

I already started accepting the facts
and thought: Maybe this is life.

Of course this is life.

Want me to ring her ?
saying it was a joke?

U think I want a some sort of
forced up love?

No, thanks to you
I got my dignity back.

I can't take it anymore.

He's off to china, we are taking
a vacation and after we'll see.

Thanks for taking me, dad.
-Please, sun.

Wenn are you coming back?
-The 8, in about a week.

Give me that bag.
-No it's fine, it's not heavy.



Leaves on time

Hold, I'll take care of it.

Come along, hurry

En Club 2000?
-Everything is full

It?s ok, dad.

And business class ?
-Just one place left.

How much?
-One way or return also ?

34.612 franc inclusif.

I?ll think of something else, come?on.
-Give it to me.

I was worried, what took you?

Z'n vluchtwas geannuleerd.
I cost me a fortune.

And 2 hours delay, I stayed with him to make sure.

At least he?s gone.

A week holiday

Waarom geefje het niet toe?
He came in shorts...

On a bike, a tandem.

Admit it Patrick.

He said: I?m not graduating this year.

Honestly mom, dad, what do you think ?

-What is good, can?t hurt.

To the return of the small genius.

What?s he doing there anyway?
-I don?t know, I never understand anything he does.

Getting books for that stupid
report, I believe.

Stop it.
-It?s true.

There are 10 people on earth
who get it.

Who cares

The subjectivity in china
-Everybody lacks it.

The parents drink
-ln vino veritas.

It?s starting again, it passed
but now it returns.

Go see a doctor.
-I know what?s bothering you, .. your son.

The plane of china Airlines
crashed short after the landing.

with 350 people
including 2 french people.

They are still searching
for the black box.

My god, I knew it.
-What do you mean ?

You know, you thought it yourself as well
-No I didn?t.

Lyer. Oh, my baby...

Caml down.

Pick up.

Should Pekin
come home today?

My mother.
-My baby. I?ll never forgive myself

Do something !
-Stop screaming.

Is this a moment where you don?t care?
Your son is dead and..


Oh, my baby.

My baby.
-Yes, I?m happy to.

Beautiful, look at it.

You shouldn?t have.
-Something nice.

Don?t eat that, it?s due overtime
-Doesn?t matter.

It?s edible up to a month after
the expiration date.

Wat is het?
-Kao Liang, the saviour of Peking.

During the Ming-dynastie general
Liou had a wall built.

One day all the sources
in town dried out.

In those days there lived
a dragonking and a woman.

The let the sources drie out out of

Nobody dared fight
the dragons...

but Kao lang

The general ordered him to find
some elder people...

Because they were the dragons..

He had to drill the 2
watercases on their car.

The dragons would be

When it was done
he had to drive back to Peking

But he could?nt look back before
he had rode a hundred passes.

I?m boring you guys.
-No, it?s fascinating.

He saddled up his best horse
and went to look for the old couple.

He did what the general told him to do
and drilled the barrels of water

It looked like an armu rushed
forward to him.

Kao Liang rode of
and forgot to count.

But unfortunately he looked
Back after 99 passes.

He got washed away by the water,
but all the sources ran again.

And thanks to him alle the people
never ran out of water.

Kinda like you, dad.

It?s a nice story.

Is it ok
if I rest for a moment.


I love you mom.
- I love you to.

I love you to dad.
-And I love you.


Your parents are cool.

She tinks you?re cool.

Is there room for us?
-it?s Tanguy.

No doubt about it, he?s back.

We?re not gonna wear ourselves out anymore.

There is only one solution.
We find him a flat.

You said: Over my dead body.
-Only fools never reconsider

But if he doesn?t wants to?

I live to see that.

You?ll need your rest.

Then we won?t be on your case

Say something.

Philom?ne could do your house
And you can come by every day.

This remains your home.

You remember that saying ?

One day they?ll call her mother
and she?ll stay that for the rest of her life

I understand.

Why? We?re doing you a favor
We want you to be happy.

I know, dad.

And at my age still at home
People are talking about me.

Let the talk.

And it didn?t think about you guys.
Bet you want some privacy as well

We didn?t even think
about that.

That doesn?t matter.


I?m laughing my ass of

Laugh away.
-That is the deal.

To the Pekinees.

And to think we just had to
talk about it.

I still have to see
-Looks in the paper.

Phew, we?re already
at the ads.

Is that me ?

Yes, honey.

He found something.

What are you saying.

You know what he said when I offered
to help decorate?

It?s my responsibility
I?ll do it all on my own.

That?s a good sign , no?

Left, no right.

Left or right ?

We?re here.

God, you?re early.

Come in.

Did you find the place easily?

Nice neighbourhood, very foreign.
-Here, put it in the freezer.

Mind giving us a tour.
-of course.

As you can see, this is the living room.

-Yeah, it?s allright.

My desk and a big bookcase.

The call it a bridge
The bed fits underneath.

Big windows.

How do you like the curtains?
They?re just ready.

And over there...

The kitchen.
Simple and functional.

I?ll put this on ice.

Freezer, 2 stars.

A big closet. And here the bathroom
and the toilet.

It?s amazing.


The table was broken.
I sent it back.

Wenn do you get a new one
-In about a month.

A month passes easily.

Got any beer?
-Sorry, I?m not used to it.

Open the champagne then
-Of course , how silly of me.

Oh dear god.

It snapped.
-Ah well, we didn?t came here to drink.

Or to eat.

Can?t you turn it down?
-Come on , diner is getting cold.

Another peace of paper?

You wouldn?t happen to have any crackers?

Well, enjoy you meal.

Ow, it?s hot.

It was horrible.


But he did seem pleased.


Didn?t you think so
-Yes, I did.

And the decoration.
Awful taste.

What does it matter.

Tanguy, Tanguy, Tanguy is gone.

What?s wrong son?

How nice of you.

Everything ok, are you having a good time?

Great, a goodnight to you to.

Let me give her to you.
Thanks again for a lovely evening.

He wants to say goodnight.

Yes , dear.

How nice of you.

Goodnight, kiss.

You know what Liz Taylor said ?

The nicest jewel for a woman
are knees behind her ears.

Great Liz.

Ik ben het.
-Yes, Tanguy?

What?s wrong?

I can?t sleep.
-That?s normal the first night.

Grab a bite, take a book.
-I tried that.

Than watch tv.
-He?s not doing ok.

Call a friend, go out.
Do what you did here all the time.

At home I could sleep.
-Now you have your home, good night.

I love you daddy.

I love you to, Good night.

He doesn?t need to push it.

Can I talk to mom?
-She?s sleeping.

Got to bed yourself, it?s late.

I?m gonna be sick.

Give me the..
-Now what?

I?m not feeling good.
-Open the window.

He?ll back of now.

-Yes, plus musclecramps.

You and your phone.
-Now it?s my fault.

I could have calmed him down
-Where is he now?

In the hospital, I?m going there now.

You keep me informed?

-It?s okay.

You?re not feeling good, calm down.

The car is right outside.

Are you sure you?re okay ?
-Don?t worry.

I?m sorry I don?t know what happened
to me, but I?m alright now.

You work to hard, you are exhausted
Look at that face.

I?ll be more careful
Tell dad I?m sorry.

Please stop.

Get your rest.

Don?t forget you drugs.

I?m gonna go now.
-Thanks, mom.

Feel free to call if you need me.
-I will.

No Tanguy, Not that.
You can?t ask me that.

-No, no.

No,your father would be furious.
-l can?t live alone.

I can?t cook, I can?t clean.
I don?t get those bills.

And it?s so tight in here. I?m not ready

I?m scared, I miss you.

Let me move back home
Else I?m going to ruin my testwork.

I?ll ruin everything.
I?ll die , mom.

Yes, honey, just a second.

He sais he?ll die.

Give it to me.

Can you cut the crap ?

I?m fine now.

They?re starting to know me.
Traffic was alright ?

Where are you going?
-Your place.

How do I explain it to you father.

I didn?t say anything.

Very wise.

I think they should
take back his furniture.

He hasn?t had them for a week
and they?re used for only a week.

But does he do a little remoddeling himself ?

Can we order soon?

Fortunately not so far.

If the 13th district
Wasn?t to far away...

That?s Peking.

13th district, 13 days late.
Funny isn?t it.

Paul and I are only child and had
one child, maybe it?s that.

Was he lonely, Traumatised?
For falling of the sofa.

Maybe we tried to do a to good a job

We?ll stop for today
Wenn do you want to come back?

This afternoon?

Dad, can i have your keys
I?m going to the supermarket.

Morning, excuse me.

It?s a problem of generations.

Problem of generations?
-So the shrink said.

Your bloodpressure went up like crazy.

Jacqueline, come here.

This looks like the army.
-What the hell. You served ?

You thought it was a waste of time.

Put: I will not argue anymore with
my parents.

Here, a job for you.
Make sure you get it.

student with diploma for education
high salarie

Chicago & NewYork. Done by friday.

Wenn can you begin ?
-Wen ever you like.

Tomorrwow ? Hope you become
as bright as Tanguy.

U sure I shouldn?t do it?
-I?m almost finished.

I should vacume then ?
-No, thanks.

The bathroom?
-I did that already.

But the cifis is almost out.

Your laundry.

Thanks, Philom?ne.
I just have to put it away.


Why don?t you guys invite nobody

Because we hate our son.

Who said you could leave the table?
-I?m not dad.

U finished?
-Yes, thanks.

Can I go out tonight?
-No. Yes, you can go.

I knew there was something about him.
But nobody listened to me.

He?s 28, almost our age.
And pretend it?s normal.

Son of a.. Those little bastards.
Come here, motherfuckers.

Look at your face.

Are you mad ?
-I?m not letting them become like Tanguy.

Bastards, I?ll get you.

Bye, mom.

Bye, honey.

Bye, dad.

Here, for the phone.

I?m off then.
-Have a nice day.

I love you.
-You said to stop that.

It?s a habit.
-Stop it.

Yes, I?m to old for it.
Have a nice day.


Happy people don?t
have problems.

Ask yourself:

You see happiness
as something pure..

or as the presence of luck?

And second:
What are problems?

Let me check your french in the meantime.

It?s beel long since we sat together
-Don?t let your dad find out.

Good night, Edith. Tanguy.

How are you?
-Fine, thanks.

Isn?t paul here?
-He went to a congress in Doebai

Give him my regards, night.
-you to.

Don?t be so tense
-You?re an adult.

He didn?t forbid this ?
-He didn?t remember.

Not good, but he plays.

I?ld like to golf.
All my friends...

Pardon. We?re lookint for the pyramid
of Louvre.

We?re goint that way.
Are you coming?

Are you chinese?

U speak chines very well
-I try my best.

We?ll go with him.
-That way.

Tanguy, it?s that way.
-Oh yes, you?re right.

Can you explain this?

Explain then.

>From the father of my student.
-He gives you all that ?

He?s rich
-And royal.

Are you going to the pool?
-depends of the pool.

And how much is he paying you?
-How much?

Yes, how much?

I didn?t understand you quite good.
-15.000 franc.

15.000 franc for 10 hours of class
a month?

sometimes more, sometimes less.
The hours I mean.

So with your college and your other
jobs you earn 25.000 franc?

And don?t come back here.

And don?t look back before you
took 100 passes, dick.

Hi, sir.
-Hi, Philom?ne.

What happened ?
-The...the journey.

U doet me pijn.
-U are to tense.

The jerk is sewing us.
And who is hes lawyer? Bruno.

Bruno Lemoine?

Who we practicly raised.
Who we took on holiday.


Lie still, now the needle is broken

Call Jacqueline that I still
Want an appointment with Badinier.

The little jerk is sewing us.
While he?s making 25.000 franc.

Finish him of so he
makes a fool of himself.

So he never dares to
Look in the mirror.

We?ll do our best, now calm down.

I am calming down
but you have to understand me

And that?s not all of it.

Stay calm.

Bye mom.

We?re not talking to you bastards.

Paul, please.

Imagine the disappointment and
the grief of my clients.

Their son, their own
flesh & blood...

For who the brought so many sacrifices.

Imagine the grief & despair
of my client.

His parents who are the most
precious to him of them all

who chase him away...

We?ve always been very thoughtful, tolerant
openminded en honest.

And what do you get, all for nothing.

Bastard, punk.

I don?t understan their hate.
I never hid anything from them.

I love them.
I feal at home with them.

They only have good qualities
Except the fact that they use drugs.

So does he.
-Yes, they learned me to smoke weed.

Better then go to a dealer.

Artikel 203: Husbands commit
themselves to marriage...

to raise their children,
to keep and to feed.

He makes 25.000 franc a month.

The side-income of a student
don?t count as an income.

If you earned the minimum you
would probably be right...

But since your income, Artikel
203 is in advantage of my client.

U reached the shortest end.
-Are u kidding ?

With Artikel 203 u are finished.
-I?ve been saying that for days.

Since '92 there were 8000 cases like
this in France.

Plus the ones in Germany, Italy en Spain.

Most of the time the children
are always in their right.

U have to support him,
not to keep him in your house.

At least that?s something.

What?s that?

A psychiatric report
master lemoine gave me.

We?ll take our own professional
That?s fake.

That will take some time, you?ll have to
keep him in the house.

I shouldn?t be saying this...

but I know a few people who
can give him a beating.

That?ll teach him.

Thanks your honour.
I don?t think that?s necessary.

I?m sorry.
-shut up.

You said for yourself that business & pleasure...
-I said, shut up.

U wanted us?
You?ll get us.


Happy now?

You have to bare
winning & losing.

You?re nothing, a little pain in the ass
a rock in the shoe.

Beat it, greasehead.
-A hair also has a shadow.

I?m getting sick
of your chinese sayings.

He who thinks he?s above anger...


Go to bed, you.

We?ll get him.

A crib?
That has to be a mistake.

Is this the family Guetz?
Could you sign please.

U sure?
-Yes, go on.

Watching disney
And go to bed at 8:30.

U can count on me.

Now finish your plate.

I?ll be waiting here.

Get a grip, Edith. We?re not gonna
Let us get down by this punk.

Please. Do it for us.

You?re right.

Do you still remember me?
I?m the mother of Tanguy.

How are you?

If the mind loses his balance...

inevitable changes into
joy, fun & anger...

desire in stribing for gain...

Sorry to disturb you boy.
I?m here to bring you your snack.

Thanks this is my mother,
Edith Guetz.

She quite alright.
-U staying?

No, dad wait in the car
do your best honey.

Don?t be home late.

If they chase
fun & anger away...

The spirit renews itself.

Was he made a fool of himself?
-I think so.

I knew it.
I bet he made a complete fool out of himself.

Not just he.

What Tao is,
the mouth cannot say.

Yes, mom?
-Dis she say Tao or tarot?


What Tao is, the eyes cannot see
and the ears cannot hear.

So there?s nothing to it for you.

You have to retake the class
-What?s that hat?

It?s a chines sign that occurs
in words for sugar, fruit and softness

Somebody wants tot tutor my mother.

I want to.

That?s nice of you.

Come see.

You?re full of shit.
-No, and she?s pretty good also.

What did I tell you?

I don?t know what got over me.

I?m tired, so tired.

Forgive me.

Fucked up.
-You talking about me?

What?s wrong with you?

Tell me, what?s wrong?

Tanguy, U sure u don?t want to go?
-Why are you asking that?

Can?t you see
we hate you?

The storm has been raging all day long.

I love you. I know you all
the best in the world.

When he was 70, Lao Lai Zi dressed up
to entertain his parents.

We don?t want you to entertain us
we want you to get out.

I slept with one of
your students.

Some disappointment.

With a fall in the boarder
wisdom wins.

Forgive one is openminded..

Cut it out.

Yes, of course.

With pleasure, please hold.

That?s 01...

Gone, gone how?

All gone?

I?m coming.

You can say to the police
you can?t get your 20.000 back.

Wich you gave us
to beat up your son.

I?m not in the mood now.
Give me the money back.

Now I?m getting scared.

What happened?
-I?ll explain later. So?

I heard him leaving.
When I got up, I found this.

Every beginning has an end.
I keep the memory in my heart.

Your sun who
loved you, Tanguy.

Come to bed.

Revalidation is gonna take a while.
10, 11 months, at most a year.

But I?ll get over it.

You know Artikel 205
of civil law ?

Same as Artikel 203
But for older people.

10 months later.

Shall we go to the table ?

Why did the Pekinees
wanted to stay?

I don?t want to hurt you guys
but I?m bored to death here.

Hi, miss.
-Hi, Philom?ne.

It?s funny that China always interested him.

Land of eternal child.

Sorry to bother you
but I have to go to the bathroom

I waited as long as possible.


How are you?

It?s huge.

The Chinese here.

You?re still up with it.

We?re here.

It?s us.

Edith, my mother,
Paul, my father...

and Odile, my grandmother.

Mei Lin, my wife.

Deng, my father in law.

Zu, his wife.

Pen & Nao, the parents of Deng.


They?re happy to make acquaintance

Can I kiss you?

I knwew I?ld be a grandma
of a little chinese.

He?s honoured to welcome
the family of Tanguy...

Who brings joy every day
in this humble house.

Yes, every day.

You all live here ?
-Yes, we do.

Nice to see people
who appreciate their family

In contrary to some members

Mei Lin is tired. She?s sitting down for a minute.

Wenn is she due?
-The 10th, but it just won?t come.

The doctor sais: if it doesn?t want out
it?s comfy there.

At least now you know
it?s yours.