Tamara (2005) - full transcript

Tamara is a girl who didn't quite fit in. Tamara is constantly picked on and when a couple of friends plays a joke on Tamara, it leads to her death. The friends bury her tries to make it seem that Tamara ran away. But all is not forgotten. Tamara reutrns as a sexy seductress and plans her revenge. (due to witchcraft). Well like they say: Karma's a bitch.

¶ Come down and take a look ¶

¶ at the damage you have done ¶

¶ afraid of what's to come ¶

it's a first edition.

¶ I'd take the easy way and the
world would start spinning round ¶

Mr. Natolly.

¶ Unforgettable ¶

¶ unforgettable ¶

¶ o-o-oh ¶

¶ unforgettable ¶

I've never...
I'll be gentle, I promise.

I love you, Tamara.

¶ Unforgettable ¶

Mr. Natolly?



Oh, my God!

What's happening?

I could never love you.

Help me.

Tell me you love me.
Make them stop!

Tamara. Tamara!

Tamara! Tamara! No.

Tamara! Tamara! No.

- No.
- Tamara?

You okay?

The theme of duality.

The idea that each of us is capable of great
acts of good or evil has been with us forever.

From Cain and Abel in the Bible all the
way through to modern pop culture.

But many people believe there is a
devil or an evil force out there

tempting us to do bad things.

Others believe the potential lies
solely within each one of us.

Journey into witchcraft.

I think you've already
made that journey.

I've got to say, it looks like
you've had a really rough trip.


One more detention and I'll have the
displeasure of teaching you again next year.

Grab a copy of the gazette
on your way out!

And don't forget,
quiz on Monday.


I've got some great news
for my star pupil.

We're asked to submit editorials from
the class paper and pick the best one.

Once again, you've impressed me
with your intelligence and passion.


Hey, Kisha, there's the bitch
that wrote the article.

Somebody call animal control.

One of those drug-sniffing dogs
is off its leash again.

Back off.

Mind your own business.

I'm making this my business.

What? You got something
you want to say?

Come on, ladies.

We don't have time
for these losers.

You okay?

Don't worry about them.

They've been assholes forever.

Seriously. They think
they're hot shit right now.

But in ten years, they're gonna be
fat, bitter, divorced alcoholics.

Come on.

Yo, Tamara!

Don't move!


Tamara, what's wrong?

Tamara! Tamara, get back here!
She went in Natolly's room!

Hey! Oh!

Let me have a word with them.
No, please!

Tamara, about this drug testing.
It's not your fault.

The administration's
been planning it for months.

Look, if anyone bothers you,
I want you to come to me, okay?

I'm sorry about
the paper. I, um...

I just wanted to encourage you.

It's made so many people mad.

Nobody liked me before, and now...
Hey, hey, hey!

Now that's not true.
I like you.

I'm sure a lot of
other people do too.

High school can be tough.
Just be strong.

This too shall pass.

Are you using famous literary
quotes to make me feel better?

I'm an English teacher.
Famous quotes are my arsenal.

Is it working?

Yeah, I guess. Okay.

You know, you've got a lot
going for you, miss Riley.

If you just let people see it.

You're a very special girl.

You just have to find
your place in the world.

Oh, God.

Tamara, it's fine. It's fine.
I'm so stupid.

Tamara! Tamara! It's...


Now you don't have
anything to say?

You didn't seem to have any trouble
shooting your mouth off for the paper.

"It's no secret that some
of our star athletes

"are using
performance-enhancing drugs.

But due to the team's success,
the coach has remained silent."

Busted! Shut up, dick!

Thanks to you, coach tried
to get me to piss into a cup.

You're going down.

I'll see you soon,
you trailer trash whore.

Hey, maybe you could take it
and we could switch samples.

It's too late.

Hey. What happened with coach?

He benched me
for the rest of the season

'cause I wouldn't
take the stupid test.

Do you realize the scouts
are coming next month

and I'm not gonna be playing?

I'm sorry. That freak
has ruined everything!

It's okay. Baby, it's okay.

You're home early. I don't
wanna talk about it, dad.

The steward's closet needs cleaning.
I'll do it later.

I'm going to my room for a while.
I've had a really bad day.

Yeah, well, my day's been
one big fucking tea party!

You guys are not gonna
believe what I saw.

Tamara meeting
with one Mr. Natolly.

She tried to kiss him,
and he totally shot her down.

You've got to be kidding me.

He was all like, "someday, you'll
find your place in the world."

You know,

I think it's time
we teach that loser a lesson.


What's wrong?


Honey, what's wrong?

Tamara's got
a little crush on me.

She'll be fine. I think she's
more embarrassed than anything.

When are these schoolgirls gonna learn
that they're no match for a real woman?

I think I might have some news
that will cheer you up.

Yeah? Mm-hmm.

We may have to start

What do you mean?

Oh, I don't know.

I was thinking maybe some pink,
or maybe some blue.

Are you serious? Mm-hmm.

Yeah. I think we may have
actually done it this time.

Oh, God, that's great!

That's great.

Yo, there he is.

Yo, Roger! What's up?

Listen, there's gonna be
a party tomorrow night.

A party? Think you can make it?

Do I think I can make it?

Yeah, but only if you promise to
stop repeating everything I say.

Look, pardon
my skepticism, but...

We hardly hang out in the same
social circles, all right?

It's senior year, man!

Time to put aside all this petty high
school bullshit and have some fun.

Please tell me you just
said "fun." Who are you?

Jesse. What's up?

I just moved here three months ago from LA.
The fresh air is great.

But the social scene sucks.

No clubs, no raves.

But I do hear they're having

a barn dance next month, so...

well, there won't be
any farm animals,

but I'm having a pretty kick-ass party
tomorrow night if you want to come.

Totally. Chloe too?

I don't think that I can. What?

Come on. Okay, I guess.

Awesome. Roger here
was just bailing.

No, no, I can attend.


I'll call you with the address.
All right.

It's gonna be fun. You remember
what fun is, don't you?

Hey, hey, hey, one more thing.

You still work at
the a.V. Center, right?

What's wrong with you, girl?

You've been up here
all afternoon.

You think this magic shit's
gonna make you feel better?

Of all the habits to pick up from
that no-good mother of yours.

Couldn't learn to cook.

I'm sorry.

I tried to make things
work with her.

Sometimes love ain't enough.


Love isn't enough.

I'll make you love me.

To the ancients
who were before time,

hear my prayers.

I supplicate myself before you,

now ready to make
the sacrifice you desire.

To the old ones,
endowed with the powers

of love and attraction,

bind my fate to that
of the one I desire.


And like this flame,
like a Phoenix from the ashes,

let me rise anew to claim
all that should be mine.


With a touch,

grant me the power to sway
others to do my bidding.

And destroy those
who stand in my path.

For this,

I offer up my heart,

my soul,

my blood.

I spill it your name.

Yeah. Some witch.

What are you doing?



What? I can't hear you.

It's my cell. Reception's bad.

It's bill. I had to call you.

I've been thinking about what you said. And
I want you to know that I care for you too.

This isn't Mr. Natolly.

I told you yesterday that someday
you'd find your place in the world.

I'd like that place
to be with me.

But what about Mrs. Natolly?

We're having problems.

I don't want to talk about it over the phone.
Can you meet me tonight?

Um, yes.

Great. Come to the Capri motel.
Room 39.

9:30 okay? Okay.

Tamara, I've been dreaming
about this for a long time.

I'd love to spend
the night with you.

I'd like that too. Great.
I'll see you then.

I love you.

I love you.

It worked.

You are just so cruel.

What the hell's
taking him so long?

You'd think with all the freshmen he's done
here, he'd have his own check-in line.

I got both the rooms.
Phase one is complete.

Why are we getting two rooms?

You ever heard
of exotic dancers, rog?


I mean, of course.

Just help me unload
this video gear.



We early?

No. It's gonna be
a small party.

My folks are going
out of town soon.

That's when we're having
the big blowout at my house.

Patrickpalooza 5, baby.

What's up, man? How you doing?
How you doing?

All right, it's shot time!

Let's make it happen.

It's okay. I got us some wine.

So, you tapped that yet,
buddy, or what?

So, about the locker room.
I'm sorry.

I'm glad you could come.

No problem.

You guys really should give
Tamara a break.

She's a really cool girl.


All right, cheers.

Now that is one
quality libation.

You know what
I'm talking about?

Hey, Sean. Phase two?

Yeah. I'm just gonna go to the
car and get some more beer.

Do it.



Hey, is that the dancer?
It sure is.

What is this?

Just a little
late-night entertainment.

You guys know how
to party, man!

Tell me you love me, Tamara.

I love you.

Welcome to reality TV, bitch!

You didn't say it was her.

Oh, my God.

I can't believe you actually
thought he would sleep with you.

You look like
a cheap ugly whore!

Oh, why, why, why?

You tell me
where she is right now!

Oh. Whoo!

That fucking dress.

You fucking loser.



It's not what you think.

I trusted you!

No, wait!



Tamara. Tamara.

God! Somebody shut her up!

Stop! Stop!

Don't hurt her!

Don't hurt her!

Tamara! Please. Tamara!



Is she all right?

I can't feel a pulse.

Move! Move!

She's dead, isn't she?

Isn't she?

No. No.

No. No!

Wait. Let's think about this.

What's there to think
about? She's dead!

I know.

But there's nothing
we can do for her.

We can figure this out.

- Just calm down.
- Calm down?

We killed her. Shut up!

No one killed her.
It was an accident.

I am not throwing my life away
because of this loser.

If we all keep our mouths shut,

everyone will think
she ran away.

No one has to know.

Are you out of your fucking mind?
Listen, you little shits!

You all struggled with her.

Call the cops,

and I'll tell them that you and your
boyfriend set this whole thing up.

That you were fighting
with her when she fell.

It'll be your word
against mine.

I've already got
a fucking record.

I'm not going to jail.

No way.


I didn't know.

God! You're not like them.

This is so wrong!

But I have a scholarship.

They're just...

I can't believe
I'm hearing this.


She scratched me.

You too.

They're gonna find
our skin under her nails.

Your hair's in her hand.

It's five against one.

And I got videotape
to back up my story.

Who do you think
they're gonna believe?

All right.

So, what's your fucking plan?

We never talk about this.


Let's finish it
and get out of here.


This is really wrong, burying
her out here like this.

We can still call the police. It's not too late.
We've already decided.

Now let's just finish it
and get out of here!

Leave him alone!

I'm afraid it's too late.

I'm done.
Can I go to the bathroom?

Hey, watch it!

You look a little pale.
Is something wrong?

Sorry I'm late.

Rough weekend.
I almost died getting here.

Well, you'll have to take
a makeup test. Okay.

Okay! Time's up, people.

Hand everything in.

Is something wrong, Jesse?

Thank you.

Can I talk to you for a sec?

Um, sure.

About Friday. I was just
feeling a little vulnerable.

It's okay.
Are you all right now?

As you can see, Mr. Natolly,

I'm better than all right.

I'm perfect.

What's up?

It's Tamara. She's alive.

She just walked into class.

But... How?

She must have been unconscious.

No. No, she was dead.
Chloe and me checked.

Obviously, we were wrong.

- Did you guys talk to her?
- Hell, no, I didn't talk to her!

I was too busy
shitting my pants.

We'll go to her and say, "look. We
didn't mean for you to get hurt."

I'll make sure she keeps
her mouth shut.

We tried it your way
and buried her alive.

I'll talk to her.

What about how she looks now?

Come on. She'd give Halle Berry a run
for the money in the hottie department.


She was into
all that magic shit.

What if she really is a witch?

And what if you really
are a fucking moron?

We messed up. That's all.
She wasn't dead.

All right, guys.
We gotta get to class.

Like I said, I'll talk to her.

Gotta get on the scoreboard
in this period.

And the pass is good,
intended for...

Tamara? Tamara?
Somebody shut her up!

Stop! Stop!

Don't hurt her! Tamara, please!

Tamara! Stop!



Is she all right?

- I can't feel a pulse.
- Move! Move!

She's dead, isn't she?

I don't know. Am I, Roger?

Tamara? In the flesh.

But... How?

Do you really care how?
Aren't you just glad to see me?

Oh, God, yes. Look, I'm
sorry for what happened.

I... You didn't mean
for me to get hurt.

No, I swear.
Things just got out of hand.


But you're okay.
And that's all that matters.

Do you really think I'm okay?

You buried me, Roger.
I'm sorry.

We thought that you... do you
have any idea what that was like?

No. I...

well, let me show you.

But I have a scholarship.
But I have a scholarship.

Imagine waking up
in the cold, wet ground.

Scared, alone.

You don't know where you are,

how you got there.

You claw at the ground until
your hands are bloody and raw.

You try to scream,
but dirt fills your mouth.

And you feel the bugs and worms
eating at your flesh.


Oh, God.

Make it stop!

Now do you understand
what I went through?

All because you were
too scared to stand up.

Oh, God.

I'm sorry. I didn't know.

I guess everyone's right.
You are a loser.

And what would they think
if they knew the whole truth?

That you're such
a sad little boy that you...

you thought you
could bleed the pain away.

No. But it's still
there eating at you.

You know what
your problem is, Roger?

You never finish
what you start.

Good afternoon, hafton high.

I know a lot of you may view me
as just some loser video geek.

Well, this weekend
I did something horrible.

And it made me realize...

You're right.

I am a loser.

But even though I can't change the
past, I can still make things right.

I can accept my punishment.

But first I want to offer
you all a little advice.

Never be afraid to
stand up for what's right.

Don't just sit back
and allow yourself to...

Hear no evil.



Speak no evil.



See... No evil.

I can't believe
he killed himself.

If he would have known Tamara was
alive, maybe he wouldn't have.

I should have told him right away.
It's not your fault.

Yeah, he took the easy way out.

Would you listen to yourselves?

You all are so busy trying to clear
your conscience, you just don't get it.

This is our fault. All of it.

Oh, don't be so hard on yourselves.
Accidents happen.

Actually, I want to thank you.

Because of you, I'm not that same
scared, insecure girl I used to be.

Now I know what I want.

Tamara, we need to talk
about what happened.

Chloe and I didn't know what they were planning.
They said it was a party.

It was Patrick's idea.
Dick! It was yours.

It doesn't matter. It happened.

And what we did after
was just inexcusable.

I don't want excuses.

What do you want?

You'll see.

You guys, what did
she mean by that?

What was that shit about
it being my idea? Shut up.

Maybe she just wants to forget all this.
You seriously believe that?

Why not? You and I
were always nice to her.

Yeah. Until we buried her
in the woods.

How do we even know
it was really her?

I mean, look at her.
What if that magic...

don't even start with that shit again.
You know, enough!

Something happened in those woods.
I'm gonna find out what.

Here it is.

What if she's still here?

She dug herself out.

Why didn't she suffocate?


No! What is it?

She's here!

Chloe, it's empty. I saw her.

Come on. It's all right.
Look. See?

What is it?

It's a spell. But there's so
much blood, I can't make it out.

See? I told you.
She's a fucking witch.

Dude, keep it up
and I'm gonna bury you.

Maybe he's right.

Tamara, what are
you doing here?

The door was unlocked.
I needed to talk to someone.

Well, Alison's at school.

I can wait.

I don't think
that's a good idea.

Please, Mr. Natolly.

I've been through
so much lately.

And now with Roger.

Well, okay.
She should be home soon.

You know, I've been thinking
about what happened between us.

Well, nothing happened. But I'm
sorry if I misled you. Did you?

I didn't...
Look at me, Mr. Natolly.

It was a misunderstanding.
Look at me.

It's getting wet.


The table.

Are you gonna drink that?

So, do you like my new look?

I liked you the way you were.

This is me, Mr. Natolly.

Not that pathetic weakling
you felt sorry for.

I've never felt sorry for you.

And you shouldn't change
to please people.

I've changed because
I wanna be pleased.

Do you have any suggestions
on pleasing me, teach?

Tamara, stop.
Do you want me to?

You should leave. Should I?

I love my wife.

Well, aren't you loyal?

But it's only a matter
of time, bill.

I know you want me.

I can see how much.

Hi, Tamara. Come on in.

I'm sorry
I missed you last night.

Oh, don't worry. Mr. Natolly
made me feel much better.

I know. Um, but...
Let's talk about you.

You want to analyze me?

I want to know
how you're doing.

Roger's death came
as a tremendous shock.

The whole thing's got me thinking
about what's really important.

You know, like
finding true love,

having a family.

You're so young. You've got
your whole life ahead of you.

I'm afraid I'm gonna end
up in my thirties

and find myself in a marriage that's
not as happy as it used to be,

worrying that it's my fault because I
can't give my husband what he wants.

And even though
I like to think I'm strong,

there's a small part
of me that knows

there are so many hot,
young girls

who want him.

Is everything all right?


I am so sorry.

I... I think I have
another appointment.

Can we finish this later?
I'd love that.

Oh! And in case you didn't
get the moral of my story,

let me spell it out for you.

You'll never give bill children.


So, it looks like things
got pretty personal

during your private
little chats with Tamara.

What are you talking about?

She knows we've had trouble conceiving
and I sure as hell didn't tell her.

Well, I certainly didn't.

Then how does she know, bill?


How you doing, girls? Party of the
year tomorrow night at my house, okay?

Did you get a load
of those two?

A couple of my drink specials, I'm
gonna be hot dogging them all night.

God, you're such an ass.

Hey, as long
as I'm getting ass.

What are you, a rabbit?

Why don't you eat something, girl?
And get ready to party.

Thanks. But suddenly
I'm not feeling very festive.

You're letting that
freak get to you?

I'm not letting that bitch ruin my senior year.
You with me, bro?

Yeah, fuck Tamara.

All right. We'll be there.

Tamara! My classroom, now!

Sit down!

So forceful, Mr. Natolly.

How'd you know about mine
and Alison's personal problems?

You two are having problems?
Don't play games with me.

How did you know? What's come over you?
You have.

Stop it!
What did you say to Alison?

Forget about Alison. She could
never give you the things I can!

I have everything I want.

Just leave me alone, okay?

Not yet.


Something is going on with
tamera and Mr. Natolly.


I'm not pregnant.

You look beautiful.

Come on and give me a hug.

You like touching me,
don't you?

I just want some affection.

You're my girl.

We're all we've got.

I can still smell her perfume.
I can still smell her perfume.

If you loved mom as much
as you loved that bottle,

then maybe
she wouldn't have left.

And you wouldn't be chasing
your own daughter, you bastard!

You do love that bottle,
don't you?

Then finish it, daddy.

The whole thing.

There's more in the fridge.





I should really wait.

I'm already really buzzed.

Yeah, these are so strong.

They're my special mix.

Don't worry, girls.

I'm gonna take
good care of you.

You know what
I'm talking about!

Oh, it burns.

This is a private party.
You're not invited.


I'm not going to jail.
I'm not going to jail.

I'm not going to jail.
I'm not going to jail.

Not yet.

Go get me a drink.

This is messed up.

Something's wrong with Patrick.

She's gotta be up to something.

Why the hell
did you bring that?

The spell has something to do
with how she's changed.

I want to confront her
with it here

where there's a lot of people.

I think she's messing
with Mr. Natolly, too.

I'm glad you all
decided to stop by.

This party should be killer.


I gotta go to the bathroom.

Come with?



I don't believe this shit!

What the hell are you doing?

What did you do to him?


It's five against one.
It's five against one.

You want me, don't you?


More than all those other girls you
took to that cheap hotel room,

drugged, and fucked?

You know what
would really turn me on?

I want you to know
what it's like

to feel helpless,

to be taken advantage of.

So, who's gonna pitch
and who's gonna catch?

Eenie, meenie, minie, moe.

Well, Patrick, it looks
like you're the bottom.

So, go ahead, Sean.

Give me a show.

He went towards the bedrooms
with Tamara and Patrick.


He followed her.
He was acting all... Weird.

Like Patrick.

Kisha, wait! No!



Sean, stop it! Stop!

Leave him alone.

You are so beautiful.

I used to envy you.

Your perfect body.

Flawless skin.

But deep down when you look
at yourself, what do you see?

A girl so vain,

so desperate to keep her man,
she'll do anything.

Does loverboy know what you did to
make yourself beautiful for him?

Does he?

Actually, you're skin
and bones, Kisha.

You really should eat more.

What happened in there? Are you okay?
We heard you scream.

I'm starving.


What happened up there?

Come on, let's go. Come on.

I'm calling Mr. Natolly.

Why'd you want
to meet him here?

You're not gonna tell him,
are you? Chloe!

I'm done lying.
We could go to jail.

And the alternative is better?

I'm sorry, Sean can't come to the phone right now.
He's fucking Patrick.

We're meeting Mr. Natolly.
We're gonna tell him everything.

What are you doing?

Where are you meeting him?

You stupid... we're not
trying to hurt anyone, okay?

Come here, I have a plan.

Oh, fuck!

Get dressed.
There's been a change of plans.

She chewed them.

We need to get her
to a hospital.

The bleeding stopped.

We need to find Tamara
before she comes for us.

Chloe! This whole witchcraft
thing is just not possible.

There's no other explanation.

Tamara died.
And now look at her.

Patrick and Sean.
And now Kisha.

Roger killed himself.
She's doing something to them.

Okay. Let's go take a look.

So, what do we do? Knock on the
door and say, "uh, Mr. Riley?

We think your daughter's some kind
of zombie witch. Can we come in?"

"Great! Let's have tea."


Mr. Riley?

Mr. Riley, it's bill Natolly.
Tamara's English teacher.

Mr. Riley?



Mr. Riley?


Oh, my God.

It's mine.

Hang on.

Here it is.

Oh, shit.

It's a love spell.

It gives you the power
to control people by touch.

It says that the blood
of the person casting the spell

must be spilled for it to work.

We did it.
We spilled her blood.

Her fate is bound
to the one she loves.

"Like a Phoenix from the ashes,

let me rise anew to claim
all that should be mine."

The spell brought her back.

It binds her fate
to the one she loves.

She thought she was meeting you
at that motel.

You're the one she wants.

She's bound her fate to you.

Well, she knows I love...

oh, my God.


Oh, fuck! The line's dead.


We did some renovations.

What the fuck do you guys want?

Sorry, Mrs. Natolly.
But Tamara wants you dead.

Oh, God.

Mrs. Natolly?

Your husband called us.

I'll get a doctor.

What happened? We don't know.

Take her to examine room 3.

Cross and type her, 2 units of paxils.
I'll be there in a minute.

Let's roll.

Hi. My wife's here.
Alison Natolly.

She's upstairs. Room 509.

Thank you.

Family only.

You'll have to wait here
or in the cafeteria.

Where is she?

I'm sorry, sir. But you can't go in there.
I'm her husband.

I need to see some I.D.
All right.

Okay. Thank you.


Oh, baby. Oh.

They said that
Tamara wanted me dead.

I killed them both.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

They had this...
this look in their eyes.

It was a cold, soulless look.

- What's happening, bill?
- What's happening?

She's sedated.
She'll be out all night.

I know it sounds crazy...

Can I help you, miss?

What is it?
Tamara's here. Come on.

What are you doing?
We're finding Mr. Natolly.


Come on. Let's go!

Jesse, Tamara's controlling her!
I know.

So we don't want to kill her.

I don't think that she feels
the same way about us.

Here. Use this instead.

All right, go hide.
I'll get her.

Hey, Kisha! Come on.

That's right. Come on.

Come on.



Oh, God. I'm all right.
I'm okay. I'm okay.

Oh, God.


I'm gonna go get you help, okay?
Stay with me, please.

No, Jesse! You need a doctor!

Chloe. Chloe, listen.
You... you...

you gotta stop her, okay?

No. Mm-hmm.

No, Jesse. Jesse, we're gonna
stop her, okay? We are.

You're... you're...
you're a good girl, Chloe.


I wish I told you sooner.

Jesse, no!

No. No!

Damn it!

I won't let her hurt you.
I promise.

Stay back!

You'll never have him!
He loves me!

Shut up, you barren bitch!

Do you know the sacrifice I made
to be with you? I died for you!

I'd die for him too.

You can be sure of that.

Say good-bye.

It's over.

Tamara really did die
in that hotel.

You're a monster.

Nice try.

Didn't you learn the last time?
You can't kill me.

Sweet Chloe.

I'm making this my business.

You guys really should give
Tamara a break.

This is really wrong,
burying her out here like this.


Tamara! Tamara, stop!

This isn't you. It's the magic.

Try and remember who you were.
You can end this.

Don't let it control you.

Oh, God.

What have I done?

I've turned into them.

With a touch I could
have made you mine.

But I didn't want you
like that.

Like some mindless slave.

We can stop this.

There's nothing left.

No. It can't end like this!
I won't let it!

Tamara, stop! Tamara's dead!

No! No, no.
You came back for me.

Unless we're together,
this will never end.

Our fates are bound together
for as long as you live.

Well, then we'll be together.



Their fates
were bound together.

He was the only one
that could stop her.

You're going to need stitches.
But you're a very lucky girl.

It wasn't luck that saved us.

Push everybody back.
Get everybody out.

Closed-captioned by Jr media
services, inc. Burbank, ca