Tamango (1958) - full transcript

A Dutch slave captain, on a voyage to Cuba, faces a revolt fomented by a newly captured African slave, Tamango. The slaves capture the captain's mistress, forcing a showdown.

They're coming!

Put the lookout aloft.

Lookout aloft.

Keep your eyes open!

If he spots a British cruiser,
run up the French flag.

If it's a French boat,
hoist the union Jack.

For anything else, keep it Portuguese.

- Swab down the hulls?
- Not yet, captain.

What are you waiting for?

- Let's go!
- Do your thing.

Carrying cattle?

Heave! Ho! Heave! Ho!

Heave! Ho! Heave! Ho!

Hoist away!

Heave! Ho!

- Heave! Ho!
- Hoist away!

Heave! Ho! Heave! Ho!

Easy, easy! Lower it.

Lower away!

Hurry up.

Hurry up there!


Aicheé, get me my pipe.


Clear away, captain!


Three pipes a day, doc.

A hundred and twenty pipes more,
we're safe in port.

Unless of course a warship sights us.

Ever been searched?

If I had, I wouldn't be here.

I'd be hanging from my own yardarm.

Captain! What's the matter?

The chief says we're not paying
enough for the slaves.

He says we're thieves.


What's the trouble here?

You said five barrels of rum.

- And there seem to be only two.
- Yes.

But this is not coal to light lamps with,
this time.

This is real rum.

Cuban rum.

You can drink yourself
unconscious every night.

Here you are. Taste that.

Good, right?

Two barrels?

- Two barrels.
- All right.

- What's next?
- Twenty rifles.

You told me 50.

Maybe, but these
aren't rusty blunderbusses.

They really fire.
You said 50 rifles!





You know perfectly well

it's not permitted
to pay the blacks with arms.

But me, I only use them for hunting.

Yeah. Yeah.

We know all about your hunting.

We pay you with rifles,

and on the next voyage,
we take the lead in our faces.

- Twenty rifles.
- Thirty.

- Twenty.
- Twenty-five?

All right, next.

- Careful, there.
- They're warriors.

I'm tightening their chains
to be on the safe side.

Not too tight,
you'll scar up their ankles.

How many times do I have to tell you?

Hurt a black, and you hurt his price.

- Well, doc?
- A fine specimen.

Sturdy legs, strong shoulders,
a powerful chest.

And he's got all his teeth, too.
Show him your teeth.

Hmm. Ah. Show.

He's all right.

- The others?
- So-so.

Some of them are pretty scrawny
and underfed.

We'll build them up. You point out
the ones that need double rations.

- That one.
- Mark him, bebe.

Ah, what's that? A witch doctor?

One of your colleagues, corot.

He's in good shape, my colleague.

Double his ration anyway.

If we're going to have black magic aboard,
I want it on our side.

Take it easy!

- I don't want him damaged.
- "Easy, careful."

You've gotta show 'em who's in command.

And who is, bebe?

- Sail away!
- What color is she flying?

French flag!

Get the blacks below.
Run up the union Jack.

She's bearing down on us!

- Stand by to get underway.
- Stand by to get underway!

- Take your stations.
- Take your stations!

- Hoist the jib.
- Hoist the jib!

Hoist the anchor.
Hoist the anchor!

Come on, get a move on!

Come on, come on!

Hoist the mainsail.

Hoist the mainsail!

High and tight! Easy, easy.

All right, push.

Turn out to the wind.

Secure the anchor.

Hard to port.

All right, all right.

There isn't a warship
that can catch us now.

It'll be smooth sailing to Atlanta.

why did you try to kill the white man?

He'll never make me a slave.

But how can we fight with these?

He will never make me a slave.

The whites on this boat,

you can count them on your fingers.

But we, we are a whole village.

But tamango, we're only six warriors.

The others,
they're farmers, fishermen, weavers.

No, oray.

We'll make them into warriors.

We'll show them how.

Captain! Captain!

Come in.

- Captain.
- What's the matter, Fernando?

It's the blacks.
Some of them are refusing to eat.


Join me on the deck.


Aiché, pour me some coffee.

I know the coffee's right here,

but this bilge tastes better
when you pour it.

Tell me something, aicheé.

What do you feel when you see the blacks?

The blacks like you,
chained and made slaves?

What does it do to you?

One lump of sugar or two?


Maybe you've got white blood
in your veins,

but you're a slave, just like they are.

You were sold, just like they were.

It was a long time ago. I was just a kid.

- I don't remember.
- But don't you feel anything?

- Milk in your coffee?
- Half and half.

Your color.

What's the matter?

You're afraid of the captain?

I won't tell him.

I la, la, la... j

you think it will last forever with him?

And even if it does,

what will you be? A slave, nothing more.

Just a slave.

Breakfast time, boys.

What's the matter?

Why the long faces?



What's wrong? Worried about the boat?

She's a fine ship, solid.

Afraid we're going to punish you?

Nobody on this ship
gets punished without reason.

I take good care of you.

I fatten you up.

I've got a doctor for you.
Visits you every day.

Not many white folks can say as much.

Come on. What is it?

The food no good?

But it's delicious!

That's really good!

Come on, boys.

There's nothing like a good meal
to buck you up. Eat.

It's good, huh?

Good boy.


What do you want me to do, feed you?

You've got a good set of teeth, use them.

Let him lie in the sun for awhile.

Once they've eaten, let them start
dancing. Give them some exercise.

Why so pale, doctor?

That was the beginning of a revolt.
I had to stop it. Understand?

Perfectly. Two men commit the same
offense, one gets thrown overboard.

The one that was worth the least.

Those beans taste like hogwash!

I want everybody on the boat well-fed,
that includes the blacks!

- Aye, captain.
- Surprises you?

Nothing surprises me anymore.

When I was a youngster,
I paraded through the streets of Paris

for Liberty, equality, fraternity.

Now look at me.
Sawbones on a negro slave ship.

Funny, isn't it?
Don't tell me about your past.

It's the future that counts.

Why? Do you have a future? You?

In any case, I've got plans. Big plans.

Look at this boat.

I'm going to build more like her,
a whole fleet.

I've got the spot picked out,
1,000 yards off the coast near Rotterdam.

It'll be the biggest shipyard
in the world.

And I've already got a backer.

And the backer's got
a daughter to marry off.

And so. It bothers you?

No, I was just wondering... about aiche.

You just worry about
the health of the slaves.

I'll take charge of their futures.


Where did you come from?

I've never seen you before.
Where did you come from?


You're a slave too?

Don"t they chain the women?

What are you doing on the boat?
Don't talk. Drink.

Hey, feeling better now?

Don't worry. I don't hold a grudge.

You're pretty tough. I like that.

Proves you've got spirit. Aiché.

Much better like that.

If you want to get along on the boat,
it's not hard.

You just have to obey, that's all.

You see, the captain's not mad at you.
You heard him.

There are a lot of big houses in Havana.

Behave and maybe he'll keep you with him.

Or sell you as a kitchen man
or a houseboy,

or a coachman.

Oh, yeah.
That's the best, to be a coachman.

White man's trash.

What did you say?

White man's trash!

You? What are you?

A rusty rifle, a bag of glass beads,
that's all you're worth.

So, don't put on any airs with me.

Here. Drink.


Maybe I didn't explain myself well.

What I was trying to say
is that you're a slave.

A slave can never fight back. Never!

Never. Never. Never! Never! Never!

And the sooner you learn that,
the better off you'll be.

Because if you don't learn it,
they won't chain you next time!

They'll hang you!

Right up there.

Do you understand?

Do you?

You'll learn.

The man that's being punished
out there on the deck, what's his name?


Um... is he the chief of the village?

- No.
- Oh?

Well, why's he so proud?

- He's a hunter.
- He's a lion hunter.

He's a fool.

Any man who tries to
disobey his master is a fool.

- What's the matter?
- She was to be married.

Don't you see the necklace she's wearing?

Her man's on the boat?

She's not even allowed to talk to him.
Against the rules.

It's better that way. It's better
if you never talk to him again.

It's much better.

Everybody knows
you're the white man's woman.

You're pretty. Have any of the sailors
been after you yet?

- They will be.
- Nobody's gonna touch me.

No? I used to think like that.

You'll see.

Hey, what's going on?

Who told you to leave the other women?

What are you doing? Answer me!

It was my fault.
I was trying to show her how to weave.

It's all right if I talk to her, isn't it?


That's right. Go on, cry.

Cry now and get it over with.

Then don't ever cry anymore.

I know how you feel.

There was a boy.
A boy like the one on the deck.

He... he wasn't afraid of anything.

He wanted me to run away with him.

We had it all planned.

He asked me to meet him under a tree

we used to play under when we were kids.

When I got there, he was there.


That's the punishment for running away.

That night, I knew you can never fight
back at your master. Never!

Not asleep yet? =no.

It's gonna storm. Storm?

There's hardly a breeze.

Ah... it's hot.

I wish we were back in Havana.

I wish we weren't on this boat.

I wish... what?

- What do you wish?
- I don't know.

I'm thirsty.

Come here.

Come here.

What's bothering you?

- Come on, what's bothering you?
- Nothing.

What are you wearing that for?

Something's bothering you tonight.

I own you. Don't I?


I own you.

But I tell you, I saw it.

They have got a way to cut through iron.

You saw a white man cut through iron?

Yes, I saw it.
They have a big knife with teeth on it.

They hide it in a long box.

Right next to the kitchen.

If we could only get our hands on it...

Yes, but how? We're chained.

And besides, they're always watching us.

You see, it'll never work. Never.

Yes. At night, when no one's up there.

Not a soul.
How much time would we have?

Twenty heartbeats. I would have to cross
the deck and get back in 20 heartbeats.

No, not you. Someone else.

- They're always watching you.
- Yes. He is right.

- Who then?
- Me.

I could be hiding up there during the day.

And then when it's quiet at night,
I could sneak out.

Let me do it. I can do it.

You would have to get back
in your hiding place and...

Stay there until the next morning.

- But where can he hide?
- And how is he going to get there?

Tomorrow in the morning,
when they get us up on deck...

Faster, boys.

Exercise is good for you. Keeps you trim.

Get him below.

What are you waiting for? Get them below!

Here, hold it.
Better feed them in the hold tonight.

It'll at least give them
a chance to calm down.

There's always one of them on every voyage
who tries to feed himself to the sharks.

Hey, pussycat.
Pussycat, what's the matter, huh?

What are you doing?
What are you looking for?

Here, hold her.

I'm gonna tell the captain you almost lost
one of his prized passengers.

It's not me
who made slaves of you.

All ll do is transport you.

The next time anybody else
breaks a rule on this ship...

That's what will happen to him.

Forgive me, krumo.

Take these.

I'm sorry.

Your health, captain.

When you're sick of everything,
there are only two things you can do:

Scuttle the ship or...

I forgot. You're different, captain.

You're a man with a future.

As if there were such a thing
as the future.

Corot, listen to me.

This is the first time we sail together,
and the last.

Stay out of my way. Understand?

Tamango is wrong. We must not listen.

Krumo was hung because of you.

If we listen to tamango,
we will all be killed.

No, in the hunt he always found the trail.
He never made a mistake.

Yes, but here he's not the hunter,
he's the hunted.

We can't win against the white man.
The captain knows everything

better than a witch doctor.
Witch doctor!

Did you read in the stars
the death of krumo, huh?

Yes. But tamango didn't ask me anything!

Tamango will lead us to our deaths.
Not if we silence him!

- Kill tamango!
- Yes, kill tamango!

Kill! Kill!

Just try it.

All right, we let him live.
But for us, he's dead.

We won't look at him or speak to him.

But I did it for you!
I did it to free you from your chains!

My chains don't bother me.

And I'd rather be here
than where krumo is.

- Oray.
- Tamango.

We can never win. Never.

Come on, let's go. Come on, move!

It's only vinegar.

It'll drive out evil spirits.

Hey, here. Have some tobacco.

It'll take the taste away. Oh!

Don't swallow it. Chew. Chew.

Like this.


Chew, chew. Go on, chew.
Come on.

Come on.


That's fine, that's fine.

You're doing fine, boy.

- What do they call you?
- Tamango.

Tamango? That's not a name.

Don't worry. I'll find you another one.

Like, uh... like George.

- Or Henry. How do you like Henry?
- Henry!

Hmm? -

aiché! Bring down the red book.

I'm going to make something out of you.

Do you know what a coachman is? Hmm?

I'll make you a coachman.
A fine, black buck of a coachman.

Look, boy. Here. Huh?

Coachman. Ha!

And you can't go around naked anymore.


You can't be a jungle savage anymore.

That's the way you're going to look like,

- You'd like that, wouldn't you?
- Yes, sir.

"Giddyup, giddyup,” that's what you'll say
all day long. "Giddyup."

Yes, sir, mighty fine. Just fine.

Giddyup, giddyup.

- Giddyup. Giddyup!
- Giddyup.

But behave yourself.

Giddyup, giddyup, giddyup.

There's another spot there.

I'll get it clean. I'll make it shine.

Bright as the sun,
the captain will be happy.

- You certainly have changed.
- This slave has a good master.

He's happy.

Look, you may be able to fool
a white man acting stupid like that,

- but you can't fool me.
- What are you mad about?

I'm doing what you want.
Isn't this what you want?

Yes, that's what I want.

Then leave me alone. Let me work.

Not until I've paid you what I owe you.

- You don't owe me a thing.
- Oh, yes, I do.

Now we're even.


Come on! Dump this swill.

Put that file back.

I knew it.
I knew you were up to something.

"Yes, captain, mighty fine.
Yes, sir. Just fine."

What do you want?
You want to get yourself killed

and everybody else along with you?

- Come on. Put it back.
- But you're not gonna tell.


Hey, you!

Have you seen the captain?


- What's your hurry?
- I have to find him.

If he finds me alone with you,
he won't like it.

- The captain jealous of me?
- He won't be jealous.

He just won't like it, that's all.

What do you care what he likes
or doesn't like?

You don't like him.
You don't like anybody except yourself.

We have the same tastes, you and me.

Why don't you admit it?
You hate the captain!

- What makes you so sure?
- How could you feel anything else?

- Come on, tell me the truth.
- The truth?

Do you see that? I wasn't born with them.

They were branded on me
by each man that bought me.

And these scars, you see them?

My first master.
A mouse would have frightened him,

but that didn't keep him
from beating me whenever he felt like it.

The captain never beats me.
He's never branded me.

He never says a mean word to me.

He treats me like a white woman.

If you want the truth, that's it.

That won't stop him from getting rid
of you as soon as we reach port.

He's going to get married
and live in Rotterdam.

Didn't you know?

And you're going to be sold and branded.

And beaten by your new master.

Unless of course it's me.

You're lying.
He's not going to get married.

And you're not gonna have me either.
You're just making all this up.

Maybe I made up all this? Look here, look!

Silk! Gowns! Jewels!

All the presents he's been
buying in every port of call.

You didn't know about them.

He hid them, there.

You're not in such a hurry anymore.

Are you, aicheé?

They'll hang you. The way they hung krumo.



Who gave you permission
to touch those things?

Don't be angry.
I found them in the bottom of the trunk.

They're beautiful, aren't they?
Put them back.

Aren't they for me? =no.

- Then who are they for?
- They're for...

None of your business whom they're for.

They're for the girl you're gonna marry,
aren't they?

Who told you I'm going to get married?


When you get married,

it'll be "goodbye, aicheé,” won't it?

What'll happen to aiché?

Why, we'll sell her!

We'll bring her into the slave market!

Put on your best dress, aicheé.

And get up on the block,
so that all the clients can see you.

Smile, show your teeth, aiché.

Turn around, aiché.

She's strong and healthy and obedient.

How much am I offered?
500 crowns over here.

And 550 over here. And 600 over here.

And sold to the gentleman
with the cigar and the big, black hat!

Come down off the block, aiché.

And follow your new master,

wherever he tells you to go.

I wonder what he'll be like,
my new master.

Handsome or ugly.

- Young or old.
- Aiché...

That's enough now.
Let's talk about it in the morning.

Old and ugly. You'll make sure of that,

so that I'll be sure to miss you.

That's enough, I said.

But I won't miss you.

I won't miss you at all.

If you're gonna beat me,
you better do it now.

Because after you sell me,
it'll be too late.

Pick up your mat.

Pick up your mat and get out!

Be quick about it.

Go down to the hold where the slaves are.

That's where you'll sleep tonight.

And every night.


- What's the matter with him?
- Nothing serious.

Why'd you let the wound
get infected like that?

Did you ever change bandages?

I should have signed a horse doctor.

He would have taken
better care of the cargo.

Have you ever cleaned the place up?

It's a pigsty!

From now on, you're going to work, corot.

The pleasure cruise is over.

What do you think I've been doing?

- Did you say something?
- Nothing important.

Because, if you've got something to say,

say it to me personally, will you?

I understand.
Aiché means more to you than I thought.

More than you'd even admit to yourself!

Are you going to strike
a white man in front of the slaves?

Pipe all hands.

Pipe all hands.

I did, captain.

Where in tarnation are they?

Come on, you lazy scum. Get up on deck!

Come on, on your feet there. Hurry it up!

What's the matter? Your shoes too small?

'Cause your feet are too big!

Come on, get a move on!

Get up on deck! Hurry it up!

Get moving!

Raise the jib.

I said raise the jib!

Raise the jib!

All right, look out.

Get over there.

Move over.

You too.

Get outta the way.

I don't know.

Check the portholes.

Check the portholes!

What is it?

- Well, what happened?
- They killed a white man.

Come on, come on!
Come on, I want to check the cargo.

There's no place to hide the body.

Tamango will be hung.

Tell them to search
for a board that's loose.

There's a space beneath the flooring.

Well, tell them!

They can't find it.

It must be there.
Tell them to try again. Go on.

Everybody all right?


They'll go to the men's hold now.

Go on, tell them.

I got it!

I can't get it loose!

What are you frightened of?

It's the storm. They're like children.

This stinkin' tub.
A bosun that barks at you.

Lousy grub and all those blacks
that wanna throw you in the drink.

- So why did you sign up?
- I had one too many one night.

And I woke up here.

But it's the last time
I'll ever sail on a slave ship.

I said that 15 years ago.

It's filthy work.

- But it pays.
- Man, it sure is blowing up a stiff one.

Hey guys, anybody see the bosun?

He must be up on deck someplace.

No, he's not.

You know what happened to the bosun,
don't you?

I don't know anything.
During the storm, I was asleep.

When he came into the hold, you saw him.

- No, I was asleep!
- All right, take him away.

And bring me another one. =no!

- No, no, no!
- He's nowhere on the ship, captain.

- Nowhere.
- Maybe he was washed over.

Bebe? He was too good a sailor.

Look at 'em. I'll bet the blacks could...

Tell us where he is! Come on!
Hold it!

Get off the deck!

Do you really think
bebe was washed overboard?

Washed over? No.

I don't want the men to get worked up.

Well, what shall I do?

Shall I feed them?
Or shall I throw it overboard?

Overboard. Let them all die.

They killed bebe.


Isn't that bebe's cat?

Listen to that.

Just like on the San domenico
that time when some of them got loose.

It was in the middle of the night,
everything was quiet.

I crept into the fo'c'sle,
all my mates were asleep.

When I woke up, they'd killed six.


Me, I managed to get away with this.

With blacks, it's crazy to carry
more than 30 at a time.

Crazy! You hear that?

I'll make them shut up.

Be quiet!

You know something!

The bosun was down here last night,
come on, you, wasn't he?

- Tell me the truth!
- I was asleep! I was asleep!

Sleeping? Who are you trying to fool?

- You slept through the storm too, eh?
- We all slept.

- Ah!
- We all slept.

- How could we do anything? We're chained.
- Shut up! Shut your mouths!

- Tobacco, where did you get that?
- The white man.

Liar! You killed my mate.

- You killed the bosun!
- He gave it to me.

- You killed him! You killed him!
- He did.

Werner! Werner!

Werner! Give me that knife.

He killed bebe.

Give me that knife.

- Come and get it.
- Huh?

Well, all right.

He killed bebe. He killed bebe.

- Put him in irons.
- Bebe... bebe...

He killed bebe. He killed bebe.

Take him up to the surgeon.

You're going to be all right, boy.

We're doing all we can to help you.

But you've got to tell me the truth.

Did you want the tobacco?

Is that why you killed bebe?

The white man, he gave it to me.

I'm going to find out the truth.

So you better tell me.

You know what happened to him, huh?

Oh, stop faking! I want the truth.

He's not faking. He's dead.

Come around. Bring the slaves up on deck
in small groups for feeding, 20 at a time.

- After exercise, below.
- Aye, aye, captain.

Swing your starboard Cannon in
to face the slave deck

and set the quarterdeck gun.

Use grapeshot. Post guards at the rigging
and double the night watch.

And I want everybody
to be armed all the time.

But they'll find the body. We can't wait.

Just six have filed their chains.

We'd never make it with six.

Yes, if we could get to the guns.

We'd never get the keys.

Maybe we could.

Aiché. She'd never do it.

She's our only chance.

Water. Huh?

- Thirsty.
- Go ahead.

Pipe down. Eat.

If you want the key,
you'll have to get it yourself.

I thought you were with us.

You were wrong.
I don't want any part of this.

But you helped us last night.
Why did you do that?

Well, why?

Because you couldn't do anything else.

Because your place is with us.


In you go. Go ahead.

Go ahead. In you go.
Come on, get in there.

Get going, come on. Get going.

Come on.

I'll take you up.

Otherwise, you might get shot at.

You sent for her. You can't let her go.

- You need her.
- Yes, I need her.

She is going to tell me
what happened to bebe.

I knew she'd do it.
Tomorrow we'll be able to move.

Your eyes shine when you talk about aiche.

I'm not thinking about her.

I'm thinking about tomorrow.

And after that.
After tomorrow...

Work, oray, work.
They've got to break at the first tug.

Did I frighten you?

Oh, it's hot in here.


Go on, drink.

Don't you understand, aiché?


I'm trying to tell you that you're free.

Mm-hmm. I know it must be quite a shock.

But it's natural.
You've been a good servant.

Never gave me anything to complain about.

I wanted to show my appreciation.

You don't mean this.

When we get to port, I'll write it out,
on a big piece of paper.

With a red seal on it,
how would you like that, eh?

Write it now.

Now? But you can't even read.

Write it.

All right.

"The slave known as aicheé
will be henceforth free.

Manumitted and discharged.

Made by my hand this day.

Captain Paul Decker.”

Where's the word that says I'm free?

Soll'm free?

I can say anything I want?
I can do anything I want?

That's right.

Then take your hands off me.

Take them off!

I can tell the truth now?
That's right, isn't it?

Of course.

You make me sick. I hate you.

I've always hated you!

Hated your hands on me.

Hated that bed!

You like my hair long, don't you?

You like to see me
all done up in jewels, huh?

Well, you... there's nothing
about you that I like. Nothing!

You're lying.

No. I'm telling the truth to a white man,

for the first time in my life!

You're lying. =no.

No. No!

- No, no! No!
- You're lying. You're lying!

Aiché, listen to me.

Why did you try to buy me like that?

What did you want to know?

What did you want to get from me?

What do you mean?

There was an old man,
lived on the edge of our plantation.

He was very poor.

He was even worse off than we were.

But everybody looked at him with envy.

Because he had a little
piece of paper that said he was free.

I was just a little girl.

But I can still remember
that piece of paper.

I can't read or write.

But if I ever saw that word again,

I'd know it.

You're right, aichée.

I was lying.

But not to you.

To myself.

I didn't... I didn't want any information.

I didn't need it. I just pretended I did.

So I'd have an excuse to get you up here.

What I really wanted was you.


You're the only woman I want to live with.

I'll give up that girl in Rotterdam
and everything that goes with her,

if you'll stay with me.


You ought to know
when a man isn't pretending.

And I'll write that word in the book,
you'll see.

It'll be the right one this time.

But I can't stay with you.
I don't belong with you.

I belong with them.

But you don't owe them anything.

You don't mean anything to them.
They're just using you.

You don't think I know?

What did they want you to get
while you were up here?

My gun? My knife? The key?

No! They didn't want anything.

Or did they want you to kill me?

This is only your second trip, aiche.
It's my 12th.

I know what goes on down there
in the hold, without asking anybody.

I know. They plan, they plot.

I've never carried a boatload that didn't.

They always try to revolt.
And they always fail.

I'd do the same thing in their place.

But I'm not in their place.
Neither are you.

- But I'm a part of them.
- It makes no difference.

It's what people want that matters.

And you and I, we want the same thing.

Those people out there,
they would die for their tribe.

We don't want to die for anything.

We want to live for ourselves.

Maybe it's not very great or noble.

But that's the way we are. Both of us.

What makes you so sure I'm like that?

When you gave yourself to me
for the first time for a few trinkets,

you sold them all out.

You became...

What do the slaves call it?

"White man's trash"?

You'll stay. I know you will.

The guns. We've got to get the guns.

With the guns in our hands,
we've got a chance.

They're locked in that box near the wheel.

Now listen to me,

tomorrow when they take us
up on deck for our meal,

I'll pick a man for each of you.

And then, they'll make us dance.

They always do.

After that, go lie down near your man
as though you were resting.

At my signal...

We'll never make it. Never.

It's too much, tamango.

Yes, we can make it. If we stand together.

Brothers in life.
Brothers in life!

Brothers in life!
Brothers in death!

Brothers in death!
Brothers in death!

Eat! Eat!


Aicheé, the women are going to fight too.

- If anything happens to me...
- Nothing's going to happen.

I haven't got the key.

But they're counting on it! On you.

Well, stop them. Tell tamango
I didn't get the key. Stop them.

Tamango, aichéeé isn't with us.

Hey, you! What are you doing there?
Head back with the women.

You see? It'll never work.

The guns!

Get the guns!

Get the guns!

To the bridge!

The bridge!

Hold them on deck!

Get back.

Force them back in the hold!

We lost eight men.

Throw your rifles up on deck!

Give up your arms!


We've got your woman down here!

With us!

If we have to, we'll kill her!

What are you gonna do, captain?
Use the Cannon?

No. We'll wait.

Wait? But why?
That's an order. Understand?

I don't want to lose the whole cargo.

What's come over you, captain?

I thought you had your eye on the future?

I know what I'm doing.

When they get thirsty or hungry...

They'll come up.

Why don't he fire the grapeshot?

He doesn't give a damn for us anymore.

He risks our necks for his girl!

Just a slave girl!

Anybody else got any ideas?

Right now, there are only
a few of them free of their chains.

Give them a little time,
and they'll succeed in freeing the others.

Then what?


Break out a keg of pitch.

You have no right to keep me here!

I'm not a slave anymore.

Do you understand?

I'm not a slave anymore!

I'm free!

I'm free!

I'm free! Don't you understand?

Well, what do you think he's gonna do?

He's not gonna turn the boat around!

He's not gonna take you back to Africa.

What do you expect? You can't win!

Go ahead!

When they've had enough,
they'll be coming up.

Hey. You, here.

You. Over there.

Get down. Get down!

Nobody's moving.

We won't be able to smoke them out now.

How many more of us have to get it?

Throw me over the side if you want.

But I'll tell you,
there's one thing to do.

Fire down there.
Give them a taste of lead.

Enough to break into the hold.

Get one of them out.

Just one. Which one?

Him? Or her?

They've got it bolted.

How many ways are there to open it,






Let aiché come up!

And nobody will be punished!

I swear it! Nobody!

I swear it! Tamango!

You know me, captain.

All my life I've obeyed those in command.

But there's a limit. There is a limit.

He's right, captain.

You said it yourself.

It's them... or us.

Tamango! For the last time, come out.

Come out!

Or I'll fire!


- Brother.
- Brother...

Give up if you want.

They'll let you live.

Maybe not all of you.

But most of you.

Or we can all stay and fight.

And even if we die...

We'll win,
because they can sell living men.

But you can't sell dead ones.


They won't sell me.

- I'll fight.
- I'll fight.

- I'll fight.
- I'll fight.

So? To the future?

Bring out the Cannon.

Is he shooting a cannonball into the hold?

Nah, idiot. Grapeshot.

The grapeshot will quiet them down.

Go on.

You can go.

Go on.

Go ahead.