Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space (2002) - full transcript

It's the year 2010 on the planet of cats, where lies Meguro City, a megalopolis entirely controlled by the super-corporation Catty & Co. The nefarious influence of this corporate empire extends malignantly across the feline galaxy. Tamala, a carefree, one-year-old kitten, decides to flee this cruel reality and boards her spaceship in search of her planet of origin.

Blaze of Destruction and
Rebirth Revolving around...

the World Takes the Life of
Kitten as lts Victim

Around 3500 B. C. Environs of
Greece on CatEarth

A Dark Cat Efosos from
the Minerva Psalms

Wait just a moment longer.

Total World GDP According to
Dirac's Calculations.

The rain has been falling in
Tokyo for quite a while.

Complaints like "Darn it" or
"my bones are dragging"

or "I can't do any laundry"
have become greetings.

The unusual series of record
breaking rainy days

lead to idle talk of it
effecting the fruit.

The rain pitter pattered away.

I guess you could say
hope was in short supply.

The best is yet to come...

Rain clouds concealed
the skies above Tokyo.

Yeah, everyone was
waiting for something.

You could see it their eyes.

Peering up at an angle...
ever so slightly.

Closed teeth smirk with lips
distorting right or left.

The kids' graffiti
in the streets and

the rain washing away their
hauntingly familiar nightmares.

Getting soaked in the endless
rain of the monsoon season...

under the eaves of
a drugstore.

Rain drops stick on
a window at a cafe.

Munching on steamy dumplings
at a shop front in Chinatown.

Cats live in loneliness.

Then, die like falling rain...

The ultimate meat...
for a great you.

Safe and healthy!

The ultimate meat...
for a great you.

The ultimate meat...
for a great you.

Safe and healthy!

The ultimate meat...
for a great you.

I'm freezing. What're the EW
coordinates for this area?

They're uh... 1005 and 6480.

The danger zone for
the Dark God of Death!

Oh no!

Huh? Stop.

Stop it.


Where are you going,
you little brat?

Me gonna go to Orion.

Me not a brat.

Me Tamala.

Orion? Never.
You can't go.

It's forbidden for you
to go there.

It's no use.

Me not scared.

Later you anaconda bitch.

Approaching Planet Q orbit.

Reinput ES168093 for
warp to Orion.

To Orion.

Processing ES168093
auto input.

Hon, did Enverop leave town?

Of course. His store
sells nothing but crap.

It stunk to high heaven.

What was that smell?

Besides, there wasn't
anything good.

Anyway, is your
direct mail low?

I don t get info about

Is it just me?

Diane said so too.

She said that mail from
her mom doesn't arrive.

You don't say.

I never write letters
so I wouldn t know.

Can you even write?

Shut up you queeny twink.


Welcome to Planet Q.

You got smoke coming
out of your engine.

Why tell such a lie?

It's dangerous.

Me wanna hurry up and go.
To the big city.

The city? Which one?

It's dangerous.
Terrorism and all.

Low-life dogs are
attacking cats at random.

Just stopping at a red
light is dangerous.

It's OK if you re
used to it like me...

Me not a fraidy cat.
So get going.

Moimoi, how are you gonna
spend mating season?

It's me second year.

The name's not Moimoi.
It's Michelangelo.

There's a new suppression drug
out. Kittynol...

But the side effects
make you eat a lot.

Besides, i... don t like it
very much. Mating and all.

Watching an Eastwood
video is more fun.

Do you like Eastwood?

I ma Westwood fan.


Where are you from?


Moimoi, your eyes are blue.
They re really beautiful.

The name's not Moimoi.
It's Michelangelo.

...Wow. CatEarth is more
progressive than this place.

All kinds of things are
all over the place.

I ve got a pair of vintage
jeans ordered from CatEarth.

...But, why come to this
big, nothing of a planet?

Moimoi, are we at
the big city yet?

Hey love, you re right
about the mail.

It doesn't come.

Naomi's too.

Coffee honey.


I'll have one too.


...The mail isn't the
only thing girl.

The phones are strange too.

Always cutting out
or suddenly busy.

Anyway, you stink honey.
Ever heard of a bath?

Martial law has been enforced
in the Eastern Hate district.

All citizens refrain from

in the Cat and Dog districts.
Remain at home on alert.

Violators will be arrested
and detained.

Once again...

Moimoi, me gotta pee-pee.

The name's not Moimoi.
It's Michelangelo.

The toilet is downstairs.

I'ma gonna wet my pants.

Symbol of the ancient
religious cult of Minerva.

Goddess destroyed
and reborn.

Kentauros baby. Are you
part German Shepard?


Martial law has been enforced
in the Eastern Hate district.

All citizens are asked to
refrain from...

trespassing in the Cat
and Dog districts.

The octopus tattoo is
me original.

By the way, I didn't
catch your name.

I ma Tamala.

My mom calls me Tama.

It pisses me off.
So cail me Tamala.

Ah, i m gonna be nauscious.

I wanna smash it all up.

Anything and everything.
I wonder why?

You've met my uncle, right?

You know, Demeitri.

He got his tail caught
in a car.

That long tail was his pride
and joy. Me... I d have sued.

But anyway,
that cop fetish loving,

mutt Kentauros,

is on the prowl.
Did you hear?

Oh, that cute, black guy?

Not just him.

He's strutting around
with a cuter one.

That siy dog. I envy him.

Huh... I got cut off.

A fucking strike.

What's with those clothes?
Did you buy them?

I took them.

Is there anything
you cannot do?

Me fucking anaconda mom
won t gib me any treats.

She's such a racist.

That bitch wants to trade
me in for a Persian.

Persians are smaller and
uglier but...

They feel like veivet.

Fucking assholes!

My looks are all I've got.

So mom told me to panhandle
treats from the neighbors.

She says it builds character,

and that it's a great,
old occupation.








Catty!! Minerva!!

Catty!! Minerva!!

Sorry to take so long.
The place was closing.

But i bought some chips.

Me wanna go to Orion, Moimoi.

For the last time, I'm not
Moimoi. I'm Michelangelo.

It's very far away.

A long, long time ago when
my human mom got me...

this was stuck to the
cardboard box me was in.

What a beautiful sky...

Like the sky I saw
when I was little.

Moimoi, me very tasty.

Wanna eat me?

Moimoi, when me was little,
me saw a big fire.

The sky was bright red
from the big fire.

I was trembling.

If I was left in that fire...

would you jump into the
flames for me Moimoi?

Of... course... I'd save you.

News Flash.

Revision legislation in
the postal...

service has surfaced in parliament.

Posts and Telecom Minister
Canine cabinet...

due to resign.

An Upper House bill to

monopoly rights to mega power
Catty&Co. Of the Feline Galaxy

was vetoed by a majority vote
by the ruling Canine party.

The Feline minority who
supported the bill...

asked the Minister
to resign.

"Asset Seizure
"Eastwood Fan Club"
asked the Minister
to resign.

"Asset Seizure
"Eastwood Fan Club"

"Asset Seizure
"Eastwood Fan Club"
Riots erupted with cat locals
before martial law...

was enforced from 37:00 today

leaving 867 dead and
2500 injured.

87.5 FM Hate Station

Wow. A.44 magnum.

In other news...

While children played in the
Pasadena district of

Southern Hate Street at 5 PM.

A commuter car turned the
wrong way on a one way

injuring several.

Let's Catty Diet.

The ultimate diet...
for a great you.

This program has been brought
to you by...


Operation 0001-0099 Complete.

Time required 00: 09: 20:40:031.

Start Operation 0100.

Oh, Marithe, what's wrong?

Now there. It was just a
bad dream. You're okay now.

Momma will never leave you.

Refrain from trespassing
in the Cat and Dog districts.

Remain at home on alert.

Violators will be arrested
and detained.

Two Catty Diet drinks.


Oh, smash it all to hell.


All of this town.

Then, I'll create a town
to my liking.

Surrounded by loveliness...

Chandeliers. Ruby glass.
Tapestries. The works.

And filled with cuties.

Where can I find me
a good man?

That s all you talk
about lately.

Anyway, Dalia s son
was spaced out this morning.

So i asked, "What's wrong?"

He said he s having strange

What kind of?

A beautiful, scary cat robot
going up...

an escalator to the heavens.

Oh, girl. He just flirting
with you.


Do you smell something?

Huh? Something reeks.

It stinks to high hell.

Kentauros baby.
Where do you live?

In Hate? Downtown?


Stop it! That hurts. Help!

Operation 0112 In Progress

The window won't open...

Stupid window.

That's better.

I II bet the magazine
is hot...

after firing a.44 magnum.

But, I'm sure we'll
meet again.

Did you say something?

...Moimoi, it's a wonder
you were never killed.


You who.

What! What was that?

You who? Is that a
CatEarth greeting?

Don t you know?

You who means...

I m gonna kick your ass.

Oh, I see.

Hey, Moimoi. What's this
lake called?


What s it called?


It's very deep and connected
to the ocean 250 km away.

Me gonna call it Lochness.

Lochness? What's that?

A lake in the northern
hemisphere on CatEarth.

Descendants of the
Cat Tudor dynasty...

use gene manipulation for
giant pets named Nessy.

Some are over 5000 feet
and very tasty.

A misguided fellow plotted
to poach some.



Oh no!

No! No!!

Operation 0100-0234 Complete

Time Required 00: 23: 15:32:931

A presentation by
Professor Nominos from

the Catford Strategy Lab
on Planet Q.

Antitheology in Capitalism

Antitheology in Capitalism
Today, I would like to present my...

Antitheology in Capitalism
alarming findings to the world.

Similarities of
Catty&Co. And Minerva

Similarities of
Catty&Co. And Minerva
Please recall the meddlesome
Catty&Co. Iogo that you see

Similarities of
Catty&Co. And Minerva
in your local shopping
mall each day.

In your local shopping
mall each day.

Being persecuted since 100 B.C.,
the same code word,

was passed down in the
ancient documents of...

the secret Minerva religion
of the Feline galaxy.

To world historians,
economists and

theologians who succumb to
large capital...

I d like to inform you of the
embarrassing truth that...

has been concealed until today.

I d like to express my respect
to the Cat Chinese regime's,

brave decision in sponsoring
this presentation.

Please divert your attention
to these excavated relics.

From 80 to 50 B.C.,

the same cat eyes mark was found,

in all of the Minervan archives.

After this, persecuted cult members,

who were almost destroyed,
revived the mark.

It was printed in the
postal system on...

secret mail for sending
messages during...

a period of chaos and war.

From 1490, a consumer goods

made use of the cat eyes...

trademark along with the
brand name CATTY...

on in-house
manufactured goods.

From the mid 1800s as a
conglomerate of postal works

and household consumer goods
manufacturing and sales,

the CATTY & COMPANY brand name
appears on the world market...

and a massive public
relations campaign begins.

With massive capital and
political connections,

Catty&Co. Merges with industries
in the Feline Galaxy,

as well as with neighboring
Cat Planets.

After repetitive mergers,
Catty&Co. Has gotten...

where it has today.

1869. A match box series

a cat sold at a famous
hotel boutique,

in Meguro, Tokyo.

A female cat written along
with the Catty&Co. Iogo.


The same cat appears in a commercial
on a West Coast...

network, CatEarth. USA.

Suffering from Amnesia?



Now in tablet form.

The cat eyes mark from the
Minerva Catty and

product advertising with the
cute female cat,

appeared from 1869.

Who could she be?

This female cat who doesn t

Doesn't she ever die?

Is she a product of data?

No, wrong.
Positively incorrect.

This beautifui cat is alive.

Always searching... A long,
long time has passed,

as if I was having a
incredibly long dream.

A continuous dream of one
tiny girl passed...

in front of me
one afternoon.

Following after her trail,
all I found was...

the dark history of a
vast conspiracy.

They don t matter to me.

Catty or Minerva...

Fire! Fire!!

I want to see Tamala again.

What was she anyway...

Good day listeners.

Your own Chuck Dopler
isn't having a good day.

I mean, life is dangerous.

Terrorism! It's everywhere.

What's happening to our country?

Can you see outside the
radio booth? The smoke.

What's up with that? You folks
in Burika are in trouble.

Incident at Hate EW3.

16 dead, wounded unknown.
Unit 5 and 7, respond now.

Tamala / Tatla are coming!
The end is near!

Cat's Eye Shopping Center

Huh, what am i doing?

I can't move.
My head's a boiling.

My head's a pounding.

Why's Kentauros shaking?

Silly Kentauros.
I'm here for you.

Hey Kentauros. I know.
Let's go on a picnic.

If those stupid cats
would just shut up...

Let s go to the forest.

You who.

You who.

Hi, Michelangelo Nominos?

This is the I'M
credit card center.

We couldn't withdrawal
from your bank account.

If you borrow money,
you must pay it back.

It's tough on me too.
There's no use.

But I'm broke. Of course,
I don't hate working but...

That's it. I'll look for
a job I like.

Maybe... write a novel.

I'll keep living with
my things...

in this room with big windows.

In this room...

What... What was that?

She's... What... Tamala?

...The town is up in arms.
Everyone has gone mad...

A Descent into the Maelstrom

Horrible things are happening.

You talking to me?

Have I lost it?

Is this a dream?

Could you spare an old man
a cup of milk?

This Ole World in
Minerva's dreams.

Ever heard of the Minerva,
you whipper snapper?

This ancient cursed secret
religion infests us even now.

Who are you?

Is your arm okay?

You got a smoke?
Marlboro Reds. I hate lights.

Repeated destruction and rebirth...

the progress of an undying world.

Their activity based in
a crazed doctrine...

devoted to live sacrifice.

A crazed cult that couldn't avoid
persecution and mass killings.

Some believers sought
revenge and changed...

their identities to fulfiil their pledge.

Then, they changed its name.

Now, here's the kicker son.

They changed the name to

I've heard of it.
That new cab company right?

A jeans manufacturer?

Huh? Where was I now?

Oh yes. Making use of
underground passageways,

built by Catty,

they began by cheaply
contracting mail delivery,

from battle fields of
the chaotic Middle Ages.

Letters from soldiers to
their mothers.

Love letters to sweethearts.

The crazed believers ran
around the battles with joy.

They realized something...
the power of information.

If they could control the
vortex of information in,

blackmail ransom letters,
fiuxuation in exchange rates,

you name it,

they could rule the planet
and get revenge.

The entire universe would
be Minerva s and Catty s.

They processed information
faster than anyone.

They completely destroyed all
rivals and took over.

Making money creating and
selling volumes of matches,

canned goods, films, jeans.

Business, business, business.

Before you know it, the
persecuted end up the rulers.

And where is revenge?

Turning into nothing but
an emotioniess anti-cat.

A " destruction and rebirth machine '

The children are the only ones
who see this control.

I guess you're too old.

The ominous robot of
Minerva and Catty&Co.,

hoping to propagate the planet,
the Minerva religion created,

a robot named Tatla from
a deep sea of information.

An icon to enhance
unrest and chaos.

Through telephone lines
and fiber optics,

controlling the REM sleep
of kids under age one,

using low frequency wave
pattern loops visuals,

of Tatla are projected
in their temporal lobes.

Of the kids have seen the
same robot in their dreams.

But that s not all.
Tatla is growing.

The result of this excess
self-propagation is...

the creation of another world.

A world different from ours,
one of terrible nightmares.

Their world is invading our world.


She was originally a
mythicai goddess.

A beautiful goddess repeating
destruction and rebirth.

I know all, see ail.

This appetite for destruction
and rebirth is hardwired...

in Tatla s program.

This being " destroy things,
buy things, then destroy them"

If so then, the world will
advance infinitely.

The Minerva religion EQUALS the
shitty slogan of Catty&Co.

I know all, see ail.

Oh dear... The power's gone off.

The stage has been set.

Then they created an
ill-natured femaie cat.

You don't know huh?

In 1869 of the CatEarth
calendar on the Planet of

Edessa in the Orion system
200,000 newborn kittens

went missing in
a big fire at night.

It was never made public.

We whispered the name of this
dreadful night calling it...

the Red Night of Edessa.

200,000 kittens were tested to
overwrite Tatla s program.

But only one female kitten
was successful.

Sent to the place they long
to control during a time,

of chaos and war. No, the opposite.

They were fascinated with
war and revolution.

They're so damn annoying.

That s right. They love blood.

Blood flowing from others.

Their true nature.

Then, by Tamala being
eaten, this female cat can propagate

their appetite by being sent
into this place of chaos.

Along with Tatla, they created
a pussy cat unconscious of

destruction and rebirth.

Why was she eaten you ask?

Others religions practice
this too right?

But they were proper religions.

' A single grain of wheat
can take root. '

A sacrifice. A scapegoat.

Destruction and rebirth feeds
on sacrifice of beauty.

A sacrifice. A ritual becoming
of these crazed believers.

I have no idea what
you're babbling about.

Don't play dumb.

That s why you're
hurting young man.

That's why I came without
an invitation.

Then maybe... just maybe
I am you.

I m a...

Tamala was born in 1869.

She's been alive for
over 100 years.

I m a cat who never dies too.

Cat got your tongue?

I know all, see ail.

But that girl is unworthy.

She never dies.
She's one year old forever.

She s the one true victim.
She must be saved.

She was born on Orion and soon
ripped away from her mother.

The Red Night of Edessa
Midnight Aprii 29, 1869.

By Minerva... Catty s dirty paw.

I feel unworthy. She longs
to meet her real mother.

Besides, Orion is a nice place.

The only place where a cat like me
who never dies...

can finally rest in peace.

I know all, see all, hear all.

Oh, no, no.
There I go again.

Just when i was talking about
the enigma of Minerva,

this enigma fabricates yet
another answer.

Why you ask? Because I
intervened in that

riddle wrapped in an enigma.

...Minerva could be a demon
possessed in history!!

How about another cup of milk?

I'll pour you one.

Then, we are hoping for
demons within ourselves.

He's whacko.
Definitely not sane.

Tune in next week
for the final climax.

Ah, it's over.

Me can't go home yet.
Wait just a moment longer.

The mirror spins around again.

The mirror... spins around...

I'm so tired of these games.

So tired of this job.

This mirror projects nothing
but lies.

This mirror... projects...
nothing but lies.

Me go to Orion. Then, I'll
smash the lying mirror.

Orion... Edessa...

Then, I'll keep on dancing.
Fucking goodbye.

I II wait just a moment longer.

I II wait just a moment longer.

You will perish.

If you stick around,
I'll kill you.

Oh, I lost my head.

What s your name?


Operation 0001-0999 Complete

Time Required 03:00: 12:32:007

To: Human Mother
c / o Tamala

Dear Tamala,
Happy 1st birthday.

Your vacation is on Planet Q.
Have fun playing.

P. S. In regards to your request,
your real mother is on Orion.

But, Tamala, you can't
leave the Cat Galaxy.

Too bad.

Where is she, you geek?

Speak up boy! You're supposed
to keep an eye on her.

...I want to set Tamala free.

You don't have a contract with

I still have a contract
with Catty.

Piease hear me out.

I'm not interested.
It's a waste of time.

Tamala is on her way to Orion.

Stop delivering letters.
Hurry up and follow her.

Where can I find me
a good man?

Not again? Anyway,
that pervert Kentauros died.

Seems he was beaten up
by kids.

Frightening. But, every dog
does have his day.

He was up to all sorts of
evil. Everyone hated him.

Anyway, did you go
to Victoria's Secret?

They ve got some great
lingerie in.

Frilly ones,
see-through ones.

Oh, I got an email.
Who now?

The world has everything now.
The past is like a lie.

Why don't we go to the country
and start a new business?

Hello? Oh, how are you baby?

I just saw a dead body
in Burika.

Yeah. Uh-huh.

...Like people say...
Cats are Ionely.

They easily drop dead
like falling rain.

But, we have each other.
No strings attached.

Like a constellation.
Shining in the night.

...Amazingly mysterious.

Got a light?

Another fucking day has begun.

Tamala, where are you going now?

To Orion.

To Orion.

Not such a long time ago.

A forgotten melody.

Recall the moment
of awakening

of this fuckin' song
while yawning.

Slowly brush your teeth
and put on the kettle.

Gaze into the mirror.

Slide a shirt on.
Open the window.

The first light of day.

A glimmering bottle of jam.

Faint sounds of traffic
like the rumble of waves.

30 minutes later, a voice
comes from the radio.

Let's go on a picnic
on a funny day.

You can take a day
if you like.

Call up friends,
"Don't be late"

Get a lot of beer,
chicken and snacks.

Go to work, sell records,
fall into a doze.

That melody is ringing
in my dreams.

A girl with dark eyes
plays the piano.

I finally awake and
head for the bathroom.

Let's go on a picnic
on a funny day.

You can take a day
if you like.

Call up friends,
"Don't be late"

Get a lot of beer,
chicken and snacks.

Met my boyfriend at night,
bought a vintage shirt.

Ate tacos,
Saw an old film.

Went home, made love,
took a shower...

fell asleep.

Maria had a dream
she never had before.

Let's go on a picnic
on a funny day.

You can take a day
if you like.

Call up friends,
"Don't be late"

Get a lot of beer,
chicken and snacks.

Call up friends,
"Don't be late"

Billions of Marias appearing
in all places over town.

Rising higher and higher,
through the millions of

clouds of atoms.

Over the stratosphere,
a lot of Marias are

drifting in the darkness

gathering with one shape.

It is an ancient satellite.

A lot of Marias were
giving us that song,

and are. And will be.

Disclaimer: All names of the cat, dogs,
other characters, product names,

corporations, religions, and the like are
fictitious. It does not refer to reality.