Tam Lin (1970) - full transcript

Based on the ancient Scottish ballad "Tam Lin" (one of its many titles), the plot concerns an aging, beautiful woman who uses her wealth (and occasionally, witchcraft) to control a decadent pack of attractive young people she surrounds herself with. But when her latest young stud falls for the local vicar's daughter, she vows revenge.

- I love you.

- I'm immensely old.

- Doesn't matter.

- May it matter to you.

You grow older every year.

I grow older every sordid second.

- Doesn't matter.

The older you get, the
more beautiful you become.

Like that chandelier.

- I shall love you

and love you

and love you.

Love you and leave you for dead.

Oh, well! There he is.

Who are you, hm?

- Who you into my house?
- Some cat brought me.

I had a crazy dream.

Well, you're wearing my glasses.

And you look half starved.

Would you like to stay with me?

A lot of people do. I'm immensely rich.

The deal is this. You live as you choose.

You stay as long as you want,

or as long as I can put up with you.

Whichever period might be the shorter.

- Ma'am, uh, I may be a bum, but I worry.

- Not to worry.

Things will sort themselves
out, I promise you.

So why don't you start
with a little breakfast

and see how that grabs you, eh?

Oh, wait for me!

- I hope you've all had enough to eat.

We're not stopping for lunch.

- Micky.

Can I talk to you, please?

- Go away. Tom?


Drive fast.

- Sorry. No room.

- Who is she, man?

- Mrs. Cazaret.

Queen of diamonds, hearts and spades.

- Spades.

- Oh, what very forgettable
ruins this town will make.

- I love you.

♪ when the time comes
and the seas run dry ♪

♪ will you have found
an answer or a lie ♪

♪ no time to cry ♪

♪ when the time comes and
you find yourself all alone ♪

♪ will you say you were blind ♪

♪ or were never shown ♪

♪ but you don't have to think about it ♪

♪ 'cause it's all right now ♪

♪ and it really doesn't
matter too much anyhow ♪

♪ so go together with the chosen few ♪

♪ but take care, their games
could take the best of you ♪

♪ but take care, their games
could take the best part of you ♪

♪ every reason, every lame excuse ♪

♪ is given to the
young for their misuse ♪

♪ time to cut loose ♪

♪ for some don't listen or
believe the lies they are told ♪

♪ many do, their young lives wasted ♪

♪ if they only knew ♪

♪ but as long as there is
somebody to follow, that's okay ♪

♪ and forget about your troubles,
leave them for another day ♪

♪ so let the queen bee
show you all that's you ♪

♪ but take care, her games
will take the best of you ♪

♪ but take care, her games will
take the best part of you ♪

There is a story and verse

that belongs to this country.

The border of england and Scotland.

It is hundreds of years old.

It tells the adventures of a young man,

held in thrall by the
queen of the fairies.

Who, in the centuries before pantomime,

was reckoned a dangerous lady.

It is called "a ballad of tam lin".


- Excuse me.

Someone wants a puppy.

- Everything is possible.

Try up there.

- Business? I can't have a business.

- Well, wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Got to think.

- I was told someone wanted a puppy.

- Oh!
- Could only be sue.

- That one. The saluki.

- Oh, choose a card.

The lovers!

They mean an ordeal overcome.

- And all that gypsy trash.

- This way.
- Go on, tell me.

- Let me see.

- Tell me more. It has to be-

- one must speak to sue very slowly.

She's dim, as a little silky button.

- Oh!
- Susie?

Doggy for you.

- Really? Doggy?

- There.

Is that a genuine dog?

Is he mine?

- No! Look, she's not to have him.

She's doped or something.

- Oh, no. Doped, or something?

- Give him back!
- Give him back.

Have they been tormenting you?


You must treat them as scum.

Micky, look.

- Sue.

- Why do you want a dog?

- I want to just love him.

- She'll take good care of
him. I'll see that she does.

- I don't want to sell him.

- Come.

You're from the vicarage, aren't you?

Yes, I am.

- You must come and visit us sometime.

These creatures are really rather sweet.

I promise you they
won't tease you anymore.

Would you sell the puppy to me?

How much?

- 50 pounds.

- Elroy, would you write
the young lady a check?

Follow me.

Sue will be so pleased.


Oh, Micky, thank you. Thank you!

Oh, my doggie!

- This way.

What's your name?

- Janet Ainsley.

- Wait there, will you?

There you are.

You could've learnt how not
to be a silly little girl.

Now you've lost your chance.

Large as.

I think you'll have to send it back.

- Oh, she's so glamorous and...


She looked like a goddess.

She's kind, too.

I was really cross and upset,

but all the time I was with her,

I knew that she could

give me something I needed.

I can't
remember now what it was.

Did I say something silly?

- No.


- Have you seen Tom?

- No, Micky.

- Micky?


I, I know I can't have you
to myself all the time,

and I shouldn't have
said the things I said.

I just wanna stay.

- One comes, another goes.

That's the economy of life.

- But I don't know where to go.

I don't know what to do without you!

I don't know what to do.

- Please!
- You can live.

You can live.

And if you're too hurt
to live, you can die.

Elroy will drive you to the station.

- But I love you.

Please. I love you.


- Have you seen Tom?

- Tom?
- Coming.




- She wants you.

- Are you being a good
little good little girl,

being as good as you can?

- She wants you, now.

- Thank you.

- There's a good boy.

- Do you like my court?

- It's beautiful.

- I think that I should
live here, when I'm old.

It's good country for surviving in.

They have villages with
names like stand against all.

Where were you?

- In elroy's dark room.

- Where will you be when I'm older?

You were about to get disgustingly drunk.

- When you're old, I shall
be in the prime of my life!

- Sermon?

- Yes. Thank you.

- What's it about?

- It's about human heartedness.

Is that good?

- Well, it's the best
most of us can manage.

- Listen, at about a quarter
to 11, turn the oven on to 300.

- 300, yes.

- Hm?
- Yes.

- Why? Where are you of to?
- To carterhall.

Try hard.

♪ oh, I forbid ♪

♪ you maidens all ♪

♪ that wear gold in your hair ♪

♪ to come or go ♪

♪ by carterhall ♪

♪ for young Tom Lynn is there ♪

- Good morning!
- Shh!

- Good morning!
- Ah!

You look appalling.

- Come here and kiss me.

Poor baby.



Off you go and drink your medicine.

- Have you no greeting
for all us lovely people?

- Ciao-ciao!
- Ciao!

- Ciao-ciao.
- My call.

- My turn.
- My call.

- Leave you with that.
- Go on.

- You should eat something.


Oh, Micky! Micky!

♪ Tom Lynn was a-walking ♪

♪ one bright morning ♪

♪ across the hills ♪

♪ so green ♪

♪ and he cared nothing ♪

♪ for where he'd go ♪

♪ nor nothing for where he'd been ♪

♪ and he's crossed over ♪

♪ the little foot bridge ♪

♪ and down to carterhall ♪

♪ with steps so wide ♪

♪ he passes by ♪

♪ you would think that he owned it all ♪

♪ so swiftly did ♪

♪ the waters flow ♪

♪ as he came down beside ♪

♪ and you must go ♪

♪ and greet him there ♪

♪ for now's no time to hide ♪

♪ oh, I forbid ♪

♪ you maidens all ♪

♪ that wear gold in your hair ♪

♪ to come or go ♪

♪ by carterhall ♪

♪ for young Tom Lynn is there ♪

- She owns a house there.

- What's she really like?

I've wanted to know,

ever since she bought
the house a year ago.

- She's a very splendid lady.

And immensely rich.

She can afford to live
in her dreams and she,

she takes us into them for company.

Look, it's a tough environment!

You wouldn't last a
week in Micky's dreams.

- But the bonuses are good?

- Yes.

You learn how not to care.

Well, you simply don't care.

It's like breathing pure oxygen.

You must not come any further.

- You're sorry?

- No.

- Why did you let me do it?

- Shall I see you again?


- This is a very secret
place. Tell me a secret.

I can taste her on you.

She tastes like watered milk.

Little lies.

Scuttling about in there like beetles.

- How did you find out?
- Never mind.

Do you know...

Do you know that I'm in love with you?

Give me your comment on that.

- Doesn't seem likely.

- Nevertheless, it's true.

It has to do with a collection of

quite futile things.

For example, the shape of your upper lip.

It's almost mysterious.

And unlikely.

- Doesn't sound like love.

- It's love.

And you'd better believe me.

Because it means that you
are an awful lot of trouble.

What was that?

- Without a doubt, it was
the cry of a human voice.

Come on.

Well, let's go and see.

Don't do that, Micky!

- There.

Swear that you'll love me forever.

If they find us, our love is unlucky.

I accept it as an omen.

- I think it came from nearer the house!

Whose human voice do you think it was?

- Three guesses.

- It's not love.

- It's what I need most.
- Does that sound like love?

- Oh, Micky.

Micky, when I tell you
I love you, I mean it.

And I do love you, almost all the time.

- Ah-hah. But when I'm unkind
to you, you don't love me.

- I do.
- No.

That's because you're a baby.

But if you stay with me,
I'll make you into a man.

♪ if you wanna be sad ♪

♪ stay at home and be sad all alone ♪

♪ no one here will miss you ♪

♪ they all have enough
cares of their own ♪

- would you like one of these?

- I'll swallow anything,
as long as it's illegal!

- Guy, guy, turn that music off.

And I'll give you my white dress.

- No, it's too difficult!
- Oh, come on, come on.

- Let's blindfold her.
- No, please, don't!

- I don't want to!
- Oh, come on, do it.

- It isn't a game!

- No! Leave her alone!

I don't want to know about the future.

- Go on. Describe your anxieties.

- I never used them. They fuck me.

- Tom, me ol' love, you look shag.

Are you getting a bumpy ride?

- What's she doing?
- Shh, fortunes.

- Okay, let's begin.

- Oh, but I know it! It's Rosie's pendant!

Well, if I know whose it is,

I can't say anything about it, can I?

- Lots of money.

Lots of wants.

Very strong.

Something to do with driving in the dark.

Might be lucky.

In what way lucky?

- I don't know. Look, I
don't want to do this.

- Oh, shh, Van. Don't be silly.

- Who do they belong to?

- Well, they're...

- What's the matter?

- Oh, I don't know. I was just frightened.

- I don't know, I don't know.

- Tell me!

- I didn't ask to do this!
- You put up with what you get!

- Poor sweetie, Van, you
shall have my white dress.

- I don't want your dress!

Honestly, what's the matter?

It's hysterics.

Leave her alone.

- Pick 'em up.

- They're your future.

♪ amen ♪

I believe.

I believe
in god the father, almighty,

make up heaven and earth and
Jesus Christ, his only son,

our lord, was conceived by the holy ghost.

- We always hope, and so we should,

that love will make us happy.

But in this life, outside
of the story books,

there are no happy-ever-afters.

Love is ingrained with anxiety,

and sorrow.

Through love, in ways we
cannot turn aside from,

we learn what a heavy
thing it is to be human,

and that's the start of growing wise.

A poet said "we must
love one another or die."

Well, this is very true.

But a second truth cuts deeper.

We must love one another and die.

If we have the courage
and Patience to accept

both these truths, together,

and try and live by them as best we can,

then we are human hearted.

May the lord bless to us
the preaching of this word

and to his name be all glory and praise.

Goodbye. Bye bye.

Bye bye, Jean.

Good morning.

- Bye bye.
- How's your garden doing?

- Fine, thank you.
- Good, good, good.

♪ as he stood so still ♪

♪ by the church yard wall ♪

♪ he spied his lady fair ♪

♪ and they surely knew ♪

♪ that they must live ♪

♪ and love without a care ♪

- Lord penzance.

Goodness me.

- Micky will be looking for you.

- Get in, friend.

- Would you like to have lunch with us?

- Would you like to have lunch with her?

- I'd like that very much.

Off you go, friend.

- You won't get into trouble, will you?

I don't know.

She's staying with us while
her mother's in hospital.

- Hello.

- Hello.

- Would you like a picnic?

- Yes.

- Fine, we'll have one.


Where's that Tom?

- He went to church.

- Oh, did he now?

And what would he expect to find there?

- Soul food.

♪ you are my sunshine ♪

♪ my only sunshine ♪

♪ you make me happy ♪

♪ when skies are grey ♪

♪ you'll never know, dear ♪

♪ how much I love you ♪

♪ my sunshine ♪

♪ away ♪

- Now, it's going to be all right.

- It won't, it won't!

- Oh!
- Oh, no.

- You breathed!
- I never breathed.

- Your absence has been remarked.

Oh, look!

Good evening.

- And where have you been all
day, Billy boy, Billy boy?

- Wandering around.

- Oh, I heard you went to church.

What did you pick up there? Homely wisdom?

You take care of that
frail flesh, my love.

The wiser you get, the farther
it takes you from home.

We must find you some new
interests, mustn't we?


- Let's play a soothing game.

Something very old
fashioned and restrained.

We could create tableau
vivant scenes of rustic life

and Tom could photograph them for us.

- What an incredibly tedious idea.

- Wait a minute.

Shall we be entertained?

- I guarantee it.

- Then go ahead.

- Tableau vivant. Who
will our first subject?


Well, I have a subject.

It needs handling with
integrity and a lot of heart,

but I think it'll be commercial.

"She was only a vicar's daughter."

- It all sounds very vulgar and boring.

- Not at all.

This is an unflinching glimpse

of a love that dares not speak its name.

Featuring, in the role
of the vicar's daughter-

- elroy! He knows all about those things.

- Elroy does not play with the children.

Well, then Rosie!

- Seated one there at the
organ. No, better still.

Flat on her back, behind the
altar, and bashful, dear!

What we're aiming at
is a fumbling poignancy

that will touch the heart.

Now, I am the boy from the big city

and I shall be doing a certain
amount of poignant fumbling.

Oh, no you won't!

- I want you to look like that. Lovely.



That's enough.

Right. You've made your experiment.

I hope you enjoyed it.

If you ever cause trouble
in my house again,

you'll leave at once, is that understood?

Answer me!

- Yes.

- Wipe your nose.

You torpid collection.

- Well, looks like the end of that party.

- Life is an illusion,
therefore nothing is permanent.

I think I shall go to Sweden.

- I have a dog to feed.

- The only stayers here are
Tom and I, or I and Tom.

No settled order.

Tom, my old gladiator, are we reconciled?

- May I have a few minutes of your time?

I assure you I won't keep you long.

Won't you sit down?

Let me get you a glass.

There we are.

Oh, you've got blood on that.

Vatican cloth. 90 guineas.

For what we received,
make us truly thankful.

I've been Mrs. Cazaret's
personal secretary

and accountant for about 16 years.

During that time, I've
bought lots of suits.

Lots of children.

Bright boys.

And out they go, their
suits on their backs.

And nothing more.

- You rancid old queen.

What can I do for you?

- Nothing, dear.

I need to do something for you.

In here are two little stories.

About dead children, long ago.

"Benny shape is an American
citizen, no settled occupation,

no fixed address, died 10th
of August, 1955, aged 21.

Sole occupant of Morgan
two-seated sports car,

property of Mrs. Michaela cazaret,

which overturned on the route Napoleon,

14 miles south of granaud.

Death caused by multiple injuries,

including partial decapitation.

Fergus condolan, no settled
occupation, no fixed address,

died 2nd of September, 1962, aged 20."

- What's this got to do with me?

- Make an effort, dear.
- Work it out for yourself.

"Died 2nd September, '62.

Sole occupant of a mini Cooper,

property of Mrs. Michaela
cazaret, which collided

with the buttress of a
railway bridge on the a40,

three miles west of high whitham.

Cause of death..."

Oh, yes.

You wouldn't believe, would you,

that a face could spread so wide?

You dare touch me!

Silly boy.

Won't think was made to think.

Don't care was made to care.

That was a great pity, really.

He's such a lovely boy.

I am a confidential private
secretary of long service.

I keep all the accounts.

♪ oh, pleasant is ♪

♪ the fairy land ♪

♪ but an eerie tale ♪

♪ to tell ♪

♪ but at the end ♪

♪ of seven years ♪

♪ we pay a tithe ♪

♪ I am so young ♪

♪ and fair of face ♪

♪ I'm feared it will be myself ♪

- No more games, Micky.

- Oh, you are my perfect joy.

- Did you tell elroy to
show me that photograph?

- Perfect, perfect, only joy.

- Did you tell him?
- Say you love me.

- No more games, Micky!

- But people don't have anything
to share with each other, except games.

Games and toys.

- Say you love me.
- I'm going to leave.

- But why?

I make you happy.

- You waste my life!

You waste it!

- What is your sovereign
affliction? Boredom, anxiety?

- I want to leave!

- If you say you're afraid
of me, I'll let you go.

- You won't let me go.

- Quite right. I won't.

But will you stay?

- No.

No, I won't stay.

I love you.

- Micky.
- Now.

You belong to me now.

- Micky, please.

- I love you, please.
- Micky.

- I love you.

- Micky, please let me go!

- With real tears, look.

- Please, Micky.

- I love you. Real tears.

- Let me go.


- I'll give you a lick of my tears.

Because I love you.

- Micky.

- Say you're afraid of me.

And then you won't be so frightened.

- I'm afraid.

I shall waste you.

I'll waste you and waste you.

- I wasn't sure if I'd like
you at all if I met you again.

I've thought about it all week.

You don't care, do you?

- This is how I'll look when I'm dead.

But there'll be nothing
going on in my head.

- And what's going on in your head now?

Talk to me.

- I can't. I'm half asleep.

Oh, no.

Oh, no, you're wide awake.

Wide awake?

I live in a bloody daze.

I'm trying to see you clearly.

I really am.

It's very hard.

- We don't have to meet again.

It's up to you.

- Sunshine.

- You just have to tell me.

Are you afraid of her?

She can't kill you!

- Well, she's rich and
they've bought a licence.

Well, perhaps
it's time you left her, then.

You can't stay a boy all your life.

- You don't know anything about it.

- Well, then tell me.

- There's no way you could understand.

- I think I could if you'd only tell me.

- I've got to get back.


- Janet, I've got to get going.

Train's leaving in half an hour.

- How long did you say you'd be away for?

- Oh, even a ecumenical
conference can't drag on

much longer than 10 days.

You haven't sent that woman's check back.

Six weeks. You'd think you
couldn't bare to part with it.

- I've parted with it.

- Janet...

If you were to tell me
what was worrying you,

do you think I'd be able to help?

So often, we...

We can't help the people we want to help

and we can help the people we...

Oh, well.

Well, let's not resent each other, hm?

Come on. We'll have to go.

Miss Gibson?

I must talk to you.

Got yourself into trouble, have you?

- Yes.

- And you heard I'd get rid of it for you?

Do you want to get rid of it?

- Yes.

- Do you...

Do you know when it was?

- Yes.

- That seems all right.

Have you told him about it?

Do you like him?

- Yes.

- How much money have you got?

- I think you ought to
tell how much you charge.

- Can you afford 100 pounds?

- Yes.

- I can give you a note
to a man in Edinburgh.

Oh, he's kind and safe. He'll
take proper care of you.

You look very like your mother.

She used to talk to me sometimes.

I cast her horoscopes.

Yes, I

I found your chart in one
of her chest of drawers.

Did my father realise she came?

- Does your father
realise that you've come?

If you get rid of the
child, you'll be sorry.

- But what ought I to do?

- I don't tell people
what they ought to do.

I'll write the note for you.

- Oh, oh, it's, it's, it's coming.

- It's coming.
- Coming.


Oh, my god,
that's passion for you.

Where's passion's plaything?


- Good morning.

Ain't nobody here but me.

- Micky, I'm going away for a while.

- Have a sticky pick.
- No.

- Where are you going?
- To think.

Shall I send a case of champagne

to your morbid little caravan?

Four pounds a week, all modern
conveniences under the hitch.

- You followed me.

- Oh, no, not personally.

What're you going to think about?

You know, yesterday, I bought
the most astonishing hat.

And if you're a hat man,
as I'm confident you are,

this hat will fill you
with remorse and chagrin.

Now, tell me.

Does this hat not fill you
with remorse and chagrin?

Haven't I given you a rather good time?

- Yes.

Made you happy?

- Oh, yes.

- Then stay with me.

You choose to stay or you choose to go.

The rest is all lies.

- Micky, I don't wanna tell you any lies.

I want you to help me.

- I'll help you.

You go and think as much
and as long as you like.

But let's have one more evening together,

and behave like a couple
of perfect darlings.

♪ the first time I saw you ♪

♪ I had the sun in my eyes ♪

♪ I walked towards you ♪

♪ with the bright,
bright sun in my eyes ♪

♪ if it only had been rainin' ♪

♪ maybe I would have walked right on by ♪

♪ you think your love is gold ♪

♪ but it's turned to lead ♪

♪ you think your love is gold ♪

♪ but it's turned to lead ♪

♪ it's sad, sad when you're old ♪

♪ and it stops when you're dead ♪

♪ oh, yes, believe it ♪

♪ it's now, baby ♪

♪ now, baby ♪

♪ now, baby ♪

♪ and it stops when you're dead ♪

♪ it's now, now, now, baby ♪

♪ and it stops when you're dead ♪

♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ oh, yeah ♪

- I'm full.

You wanna drop me off at, uh,

my morbid little caravan?

What happens now?

- I give you one week's truce.

Then I'll hunt you down and I'll kill you!

It'll do my heart good!

- You slippery bunch of
breast-fed teenagers!

Get out! All of you!

You leave for London now!

I want to give a party for
all your special friends.

I want a whole new world.


- Please, I'd like to see Tom Lynn.

- Follow me.

Do go in.

- What do you want?

- I came to see Tom.


He left two days ago.

Do you know where I can find him?

- You know, there are days
when I lose my taste for the young.

Perhaps it has to do with
all that sleek, resilient flesh.


I cannot tell you where to find him.

- When we last met,

I remember you as being
very understanding.


- Why do you want to find him?

If you can produce a
reason that impresses me,

I'll help you.

My moods may be changeable,
but I always keep my word.

- I'm going to have his baby.

- I've seen a lot of girls go
through that little crisis.

Still, I'm not unimpressed.

- Will you help me find him?

- In view of your delicate condition,

I'll see you out myself.

♪ she had not pulled ♪

♪ a Rose but only two ♪

♪ till up then started ♪

♪ young Tom Lynn ♪

♪ says think what you mean to do ♪

♪ oh, why pull you ♪

♪ the Rose, Janet ♪

♪ among the groves ♪

♪ so green ♪

♪ you must not kill ♪

♪ the bonny babe ♪

♪ that we got us between ♪

- Oh, look, I didn't mean to make a fuss.

- Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter.

- I wasn't even going to tell you.

- Doesn't matter. There's nobody looking.

- I'm sorry.
- Oh, shh.

Let's get away from here, huh?

Okay, shh. Come on, come on.

Come on.

Come on.

How did you find me?

Miss Gibson.

How did you know?

She got a postcard with
my address on it, unsigned.

- It was Mrs. Cazaret.

- Where are we going?
- You'll see.

- Oh, you're restless.

- I thought I'd go to town.
- I'm bored with that lot.

- On account of you're a college boy?

You've managed to, uh,
outlast the rest of them.

Tell me, to what do you
attribute your success?

- Perseverance, as far as it goes.

- What makes you persevere?

- Times have changed.

I think I might be, as they
say, the man of the hour.

If not, I really ought to be wandering on.

- What do you think is expected
of the man of the hour?

- Oh. Something imprudent.

- Anything.

- Do you still feel up
to that glittering prize?

- Up to taking it?

- Up to earning it.

Yes, I see.

Yes, I think so.

- You seem so worried.
- Is it about the baby?

- No.


- My father will be coming back soon.

Can you tell me what we're going to do?

Look, whatever you say,
just tell me and I'll do it.

- But please tell me soon.
- I will, just don't worry so.

- What's wrong?

- Oh, god.

- What's the matter?
- What are you running for?

It's elroy. We're going to London.

- We should've gone days ago.
- But why?

- What are you frightened of?
- Look, just hurry up, please!

- But why? Why are you
frightened to elroy?

- It's not elroy, it's Micky.

She said she was gonna kill me.

She gave me a week's
truce and it's up today.

Now, will you-
- but that's ridiculous!

- Yes, of course it is, but it's true.

Listen, I love you, I need
you and I want you, but,

you must hold onto me.

- Oh, yes, I will hold onto you.

I promise.

- Car keys are on the table.
- Be with you in one minute.

- That will do.

- I'm sorry I...


- Put those clothes on.

Get in there.

We'll be waiting outside.

- How perfect to see you again.

You look very beautiful.

A little starchy.

Was it a strain playing
house with miss muffet?

- What are you going to do?

- I am going to have you put down.

You don't believe me.

For love is kind

and suffers long

and stews gently in its
own sickening juice.

Isn't that the accepted theory?

- What do you want, Micky? Am
I supposed to cry in your lap?

- I won't deny you any
of the comforts of home.

I want you to drink this.

If you'd prefer not to swallow it,

I can have it poured down your throat.

I see I have to teach you
as humanely as possible

how to become a victim.

A victim ought to be
empty of any response,

except humility and despair.

Nothing else is appropriate.

- Micky, you are a monster.


You probably can arrange my death,

but you can't arrange
the way I feel about it.

I want to tell you something, Micky.

I want to tell you how
you're going to die.

No, no, no. No, no, it's a game.

It's a game, Micky, and
you know all about games.

Heart attack game. Sclerosis game.

Cancer game!

- I won't die!

- How do you intend to kill me?

- You, in fact, will kill yourself.

And I shall arrange the
way you feel about it.

Drink that.

Perhaps you do want to be force fed.

That won't hurt you.
It's only the beginning.

And you have a chance.

What sort of game would it be
if you didn't have a chance?

An outside chance, of course.

You see, I never resign myself.

I never give in and I never let go.

That, my lamb, is the elixir of life.

Say something nice to me.

I'm feeling rather miserable.

Come with me.

Brandy for mother.

And a cushion for you.

- I'll stand.

- What are we going to do, then?

- We're gonna play a nice
old fashioned party game.

- What game?

- Murder.

That's a kid's game.

- We shall play an adult version.

- You mean for real?
- For fun!

For real fun.

- What do you mean?

- You don't understand,
do you, dear? Never mind!

You're going to have lots of fun!

- I don't want anything to do with that.

- Anything to do with what?

- What you just said!


Real fun? Murder?

It's a very civilised game, dear.

First, we need a detective.

- I shall be the detective.

I shall dispense justice.

- Next, we need a murderer.

Who wants to be a murderer?

Well, you force me. I
shall be the murderer.

And finally, we need a victim.



- You'll be the victim.

Leave him!

Leave him!

You may prevent him
from leaving the house.

Otherwise, he is not to be touched!

I am the hunter.

I want three bitch
hounds. One, two, three.

The rest of you, stay on this floor.

I shall give you three-minute start.

Now we'll set up a court
to meet out his punishment!

But you're the murderer!

- There are subtleties to
this game as yet undisclosed.

Time. Seek him out.

All right.

Get back out of the way.


Are you with us?


Are you with us?

Take him back.

- What was the cause
of the victim's death?

- He fell and broke his neck.

- Bring him back to life.

It has been
discovered the victim

is suspected of a grave crime.

Are you guilty?

Are you guilty?

- The victim is guilty.

Take the white car and
drive as fast as you can.

I shall send my creatures after you.

And if they catch you,
they'll tear you to pieces.

Can you hear me?

Wipe your nose.

You have three minutes.

Off you go.


- It's time.


You need to stop!


Stop! Tom, you'll kill us!

Please stop!





- It's over, it's
finished. It hasn't worked!

- There he is!

- Come back here!

- No way!

Come on back!

- How dare you!

- It's over, it's finished.
- It hasn't happened.

Come on back!

It wasn't my fault.

- No.

It wasn't your fault.

- Mustn't forget these.

- Shall I be all right for money?

- I have money everywhere.


Put these on.

♪ outspoke, the queen of the fairy land ♪

♪ and an angry woman was she ♪

♪ she's taken away the bonniest knight ♪

♪ in all my company ♪

♪ and adieu, Tom Lynn ♪

♪ but had I known ♪

♪ the secrets in your mind ♪

♪ I would have picked
out your two fine eyes ♪

♪ and left you beggar blind ♪