Tam Cam: The Untold Story (2016) - full transcript

The film genre fiction is inspired by fairy-tale Tam Cam

Life is filled with moments of wonder.

It's a gift
that destiny has given to everyone.

But a gift
that no one can take for granted.

It will be there in the brief meeting

in every hardship
that we have to go through.

Hidden in all the mistakes
that we've made.

Waiting for us to feel with our hearts

and use our minds to decide,

use our courage
to seek and to fight for what is ours.

And there will be
journeys filled with hardships

always surrounded
by the darkness of greed...

and wickedness.

Satan's devils and the angels of heaven!

You're lucky our horses stopped in time,

else you'd be greeting your ancestors now.

Foolish girl! Do you want to die?

Please forgive your servant!

It's all right.

Are you all right?


You dare look the Prince in the face?
Avert your eyes!

Please, spare the life of your servant.

Your Highness...

we must be going!



Your Highness!


We are forever your servants,
your Majesty.



I'm all right.

How does the tribute caravan
to the nation of Chinh La going?

The tribute caravan
departed three days ago, Father.

Please don't concern yourself.

Your health
is the most important thing now.

The Prince speaks truly!

Please take care of your health,
your Majesty.

Our nation cannot be without a king,
even for a day.

I know. But the affairs of state...

Father, please leave them to me.

If that is the will of the Prince,
than I am in your service.

I am simply afraid that jealous
magistrates and conniving mandarins

will complain of your youth

because you were still too young.

I humbly recommend
you find yourself your future queen.


My father lies here deathly ill,
how can I think of taking a wife?

My son! Listen to the advice
of the head magistrate!

He has served me faithfully
for many years.

And as long as you have not yet
settled down with a family of your own...

I cannot rest easy.

Your Highness!

This matter is really urgent!

The tribute we sent to Chinh La
has been stolen!

Here, go by, go by, come to me.

Come, eat the rice from my hand.

Don't go away to a stranger's land.

So you can understand me.

You know what?

My father always told me
that God was always just.

When He takes something away from us...

He gives us something in return.

This morning I had a terrible fright...

but then...


Did you call me, Mother?

I've told her a million times...

catching fish is so easy.
I can't see what's so hard about it!

But she never listens to me.

Your father died young...

and I don't want to have to
play the part of the evil stepmother.

But we're too poor...to hire help.

So Cam has to go out
and catch shrimp herself.

You think you can sit around
doing nothing?


Mother! I'm sorry.

Actually I caught a whole basket
full of shrimp

but someone must have taken it.

What? What are you saying exactly?

Mother, there was no one there
but me and Tam

so she must be calling me a thief.

No, that's not what I'm saying at all!

Oh, I see.

What you're saying is
I've not been raised properly.

So mother hasn't taught me well,
is that it?

No, not at all!


That's not what I'm saying at all!
Mother, you don't understand!

Not raised properly? We'll see about that.

Mother, I'm sorry!
That's not what I meant.

So what did you mean? Huh?

What were you saying?


Speak up!

Huh? Huh? Huh?


we still need her to do the housework.

If you beat her to death,
what are we going to do then?

The whole town knows...

that the burden of raising you
has fallen on my head...

you lazy, pig-headed spoilt brat!

If I don't teach you a lesson,
they'll laugh at me.

Get out of my sight!

Yes, Mother!

How could this happen?

Please forgive me, Your Highness!

My garrison
is investigating the situation.

The important thing to remember now
is that Chinh La is probably very upset.

The yearly tribute to sustain
our good relations is extremely important.

With my father on his sick bed like this,
I should not have let this happen.

Praise to Your Highness!

If it please Your Highness, as our
first tribute caravan has been raided

let's simply send another caravan.

A little tardiness
certainly isn't a big problem.

This is a given.

Your Highness!

Do you think that we should invite

the princess of Chinh La
to the upcoming festival?

This is a good opportunity
to solidify our good relations.

Praise to Your Highness!

I agree whole heartedly with Tran Bang.

I believe you should proceed
as he suggests.

Here, goby, goby, come to me.

Come, eat the rice from my hand

Don't go away to a stranger's land.

So why are you crying...


Fairy godfather!

No, don't tell me.

I know everything already!

You went to take care of the buffaloes

and Cam killed your go by fish, right?

It's your fault.

I told you to keep it a secret

and you let the whole family know.

Saw the whole thing from up there.

But hey, what could I do?

Heaven has rules, you know.

We can't get involved
with the problems of mortals.

Just had to stand there watching,
frustrated as a dung beetle.

Hey, listen!

Don't you get tired
of crying all the time?

I'm tired just watching you.

Hey, you tired yet?

So just be quiet a minute
so I can take care of this mess.

All right, this is what I can do for you.

Go find four jars for me.

As big as that, you know it?

After that go find the fish bones
and bring them here.

Put them into four jars

and bury them in
the four corners of the yard, got it?

-But, fairy god...
-Hold on!

You're gonna ask me...

"But, fairy godfather, where can
I find the fish bones?" Right?

So predictable. Just let me do it.

There, now bury them!

Right, so these will turn into
some very useful items.

But you have to remember
to keep them absolutely secret, got it?

Thank you, fairy godfather!

Now that's what I like to hear.

Right, I'm off.


What's going on?

Attention! Stand back.

Listen up to this, here is
the announcement from his Royal Majesty.

On the Fifth of the coming month
in the year of the Dog,

the palace is organizing a
particularly special festival,

to basically choose a wife for the Prince.

So all women and girls,
low class or high born...

will have the chance
to be the Queen-to-be.

So on that day whoever of y'all
ain't too busy, come by and see us.

And if ya ain't free, then come by anyway.

It'll be a hoot, y'all see!



What is it now?

The King is holding a festival
to choose a wife for the Prince!

More of your day dreams.
Why should you care?

The thing is
all the villagers are invited.

Huh? What did you say?

All the commoners are allowed to attend.

So that means you could become
the Queen-in-waiting?

This is your chance. Cam, do you see that?

Of course!

In this whole village there's no one
that's as beautiful as your daughter!

Not only this village, but also Yen Xa,
Cu Da, even in the capital

there's no one as beautiful
as my precious daughter.

Turn around so I can take a look at you.


What is it?

At the festival all those princesses will
be showing off their fanciest dresses.

I only have this dress.

On that day
I want to be the most beautiful

and radiant girl in the entire festival.

If not I'm just gonna die!
I'm just gonna die.

Okay! My precious daughter.

I'll commission a dress
from the best tailor in town...

No! The best in the capital
to make your dress.

So that my precious daughter
will be the most beautiful girl there.

The most beautiful girl there!

Mother! The festival sounds like
it will be a lot of fun.

Oh mother, looks like someone else
wants to go to the festival!


Please let me go to the festival.

Oh mother, let her go.
She just needs to do all her chores first.

All right! The future queen has spoken...

The future queen mother
will give you an opportunity.

If I don't I won't hear the end of it.

As long as you finish your chores
on that day.

Now get out of my sight!

Oh my sweet, precious daughter.

Mother's precious daughter
is going to the palace!


Your Highness!

What have you done?

I'm helping you organize the festival
by inviting all young women to attend.

We must have people there to choose from.

But you've invited the peasantry.

How could any of those people
become the Queen-in-waiting.

Why not?

There's no real difference
between the people and royalty.

As long as she's a good and
virtuous woman, she can become my queen.

I want everyone to participate.

All the princesses from
the neighboring kingdoms will attend.

Most importantly...

the princess from Chinh La
will also be present.

We cannot treat them
on the same level as the peasants.

It's a complete disgrace.

Please think carefully on this,
Your Highness.

Mother! Please let me go to the festival!


She's put on her festival outfit!

Not bad. But have you finished
all your chores yet?

Yes, they're all finished.

-Sweeping and mopping, chopping firewood.

-Cooking, feeding the pigs.

-Fetching water.

Picking betel nut leaves, making tea.

Yes, it's all done!

All done, huh?


Don't tell me you're letting her go.


Go outside and bring me a basket of
black beans and a basket of white beans.


What for, Mother?

Don't let her go! Mother.

If you let her go,
I'm going to hang myself.

I'll kill myself, you'll see!

All right,
mother's precious little daughter!

When I come back

if you haven't separated the black beans
from the white, you're dead, got it?

If you haven't separated the black beans
from the white,

you're dead, got it?

My lord, this is the 27th soul.

In only 60 more days,

the Thien Cam, Xa Phu and Lap Ho
constellations will align.

By that time I must have 49 souls for
the Giac La amulet to obtain its powers.

At this rate we won't be in time.

My lord, the servants
are working as fast as they can

but to find souls
that have the right birth day,

month and year is extremely difficult.

Our servants have had to work
day and night to find this many.

But this alignment only happens
once in thousands of years.

If I miss this opportunity my chance
to become human will be gone with it.

My lord, please don't be angry!

Your servant will find
the remaining souls you require.

You've done well
robbing the tribute caravan.

What of the selection process
for the Queen-in-waiting?

All things are prepared, my lord.

Only those whom we've chosen
will be able to

get close to the Prince
at the festival tomorrow.

The fates have really
got it out for you, I tell you.

Never met anyone with your bad luck.

Fairy godfather!

I knew you were going to end up crying.


quiet for a second

so I can figure this thing out!

Every problem has a solution!

Okay, what's the problem now?

Stop, don't tell me,
I already know everything!

I'm the fairy godfather,
how can I not know?

And you take so freakin' long
telling your sob story.

But you got to wonder

what on heaven's earth makes those two
so downright evil beats the heck outta me.

They're like the Energizer bunny.

But what do you going to do?

Now, what about these beans?

We could be pickin' at 'em til New Years

and still wouldn't be done.
What to do, what to do?

The festival is almost over!

Stop crying!

Calm down!

And I'll figure out a way to help you.

But honestly I'm drawing a blank here.

Fairy godfather!

Ah, that's it

Got it.

Man, how smart am I?

Listen, do you remember
the four jars with the

fish bones I told you to bury
the other day?

Go get them and bring them to me.


Come on, move a little slower,
don't you want to get to the festival?



It has come time, Dukes and Countesses,
Princesses of neighboring kingdoms

and all y'all fine ladies,
to meet the Prince.

And now I'm just tickled
to introduce to y'all

the Princess of the faraway land
of Phu Lang Sa.

She is known as

Mademoiselle Mary Hoxe
Mariano de la Phonte.

She is the 87th princess
of King Nicolo De la Phonte

and has a special talent for singing.

What do you think Your Highness?

You're done.

Our next fine young lady is

the eldest daughter
of our Defense Minister

Vo Thi Anh Tho,

and how she loves poetry,
both recitation and creation.

Isn't she a wonder, Your Highness?

Not her either?

You're done!

So pretty.

Thank you!

A horse!


Hurry up and get on your way
to find happiness for yourself.

But remember, the bigger the happiness,
the bigger the trial.

I now have the distinct honor
of presenting the Princess of Phu Tang.

Her name is Sakura Osaka Bururu.

Your Highness!

Have you chosen anyone yet?

Your Highness!

I know, how about we just go ahead
and choose one of them.

You know, we could always pick
that girl that does the poetry.

...including silk dancing, lion dancing,
arrow dancing...

-Sure her poetry was a little strange...
-...dancing on one leg.

...but her skin was so fair
and looked soft.

And especially, belly dancing.


What a joke.

This isn't a joke.

If it's difficult for you to pick one

maybe you could just pick two then.

Your Highness!

Your Highness!

And now the Princess of Chinh La.

Your Highness!

Your Highness!

Your Highness!

Your Highness!

Your Highness!

Your Highness!

Your Highness!

Out of the way!

Can you calm down for one second?

Calm down?

This has all been set up before hand,
it's a joke.

If I can't even choose my own bride,
then what freedom do I have?

I don't see what the big deal is.
Just choose someone.

Then after that
you can marry as many women as you want.

You don't get it.

I can't live in a marriage
that's been decided for me.

What you want isn't important right now,
what's important is national security.

Do you realize that you just offended
the emissary and the princess of Chinh La?

That's kinda true, Your Highness.

You must return immediately!

Your Highness!

Your Highness.

Your Highness.


Your Highness?

Go into the stream and see what it is
that's shining in the sunlight.

At once!

Your Highness,
I've found a slipper of exquisite beauty.

Your Highness.

If I'm not allowed to decide for myself...

then I'll let fate decide.


Upon the orders of the Prince

whomsoever shall fit their feet
into this most exquisite slipper

shall become his queen.

Y'all up there, order please, order.
Make a line!


Too tight. You're done.

It'll rip!

I say, that's enough, you're done.

That was scary.


Well, aren't you a pretty one.

Oh! It fits, Mother, it fits!

It fits!

It fits!

It fits!

My daughter is the queen in waiting,
do you see?

-My daughter...

She ain't the Queen, ma'am.

But it fits!

The entire width of my finger!
It most certainly doesn't fit.

It's not too big.

Who else has beautiful feet like
my daughter, darling as a lotus flower.

It's clear as day it fits like a charm.
What do you mean too big?

My daughter is the Queen-in-waiting.

Absolute nonsense. The Prince says
it must fit, then it must fit exactly.

Wrong by an inch is wrong by a mile.


It must fit exactly.


Back up.

Doesn't fit.

Why have you not kept in line?

Why does she look so familiar?

Um, I'm sorry, this is my slipper.

I see, and where is your evidence?

It fits! Your Highness!

It fits!

It's you!

Your Highness!

Mother, it's Tam! That's Tam!

Tam? That's impossible! Huh?

You are radiant this morning.
I could look at you forever.

But when I grow old and ugly,

will Your Highness
still want to look at me then?

I will look at you my entire life.

Not because you're beautiful,
or because you're ugly

but because...

I love you.

Your Highness.


Do you believe in fate?

Do you?

Of course!

When we met on the road...

when I found your slipper in the stream...

God did all this...

to bring us together.

I believe that our happiness today

comes as a result of our searching
and our struggles in the past.

Before that was true!

Why is it only true before?

Because from now on
for the rest of your life,

I will bring you happiness.

You need search and struggle no longer.

You dare make fun of me? Stop there.

Your Highness.

The thing that brings me
the greatest happinesses to be with you.

Praise be to Your Highness,
there is news from the border.

Chinh La has attacked
some villages in the border area.

Our forces are holding them off
until they can receive reinforcements

and directions from the palace.

I humbly request more troops
at the border to defeat our enemy.

Your Highness.

Allow me to lead our troops along

with general Trinh Thang
to defeat the enemy.

I humbly request deployment to battle.

As do I, Your Highness.


Chinh La has put on
a false face of friendship,

but they always had evil intentions.

We will show them
that we will not be bullied so easily.

Your Highness, we should not strike back.

We should not strike back.

Your Highness!

There can be no other reason
for their attack

than they want to conquer our nation.

We must strike back to show them
we are the masters of this land.

Your Highness.

Have you forgotten that we are
the ones who lost the tribute caravan?

Have you forgotten that

we offended the emissary and

the princess of Chinh La
during the festival?

In all honesty, we were at fault first.

In order to resolve this
why don't we give them a peace offering

to avoid a bloody war?

What kind of offering do you recommend?

We shall send to them
an emissary and tribute.


What good did the last one do?

The enemy's forces have already
crossed the border...

what good will tribute do us?

-But ...

An emissary shall be sent.

But only to announce to Chinh La that

they must
cease these provocative actions at once.

If not, then I will have no reservations
in meeting them on the battlefield.

-Your Highness!
-We will no longer be passive.

General Trinh Thang will immediately lead

100,000 troops to the border
to await my orders.

I take my leave, Your Highness.

I shall visit the king.

Whoever dares to disturb my father
in his recovery shall be punished.

I am now the highest authority,
my commands are absolute.

You are dismissed!

Your Highness, it's late.

It's only us here,
no need to be so formal.

I have a gift I want to give you.

You're embroidery is beautiful.

What kind of bird is this?

A golden oriole.

But why a golden oriole?

It is said that orioles
are completely faithful.

When the female dies,
the male never takes another mate.

It is so valuable!

I admire the characteristics of birds.

Your Highness.

If I'm ever no longer with you,

I want you to find someone
to love and take care of you!

You must never say such unlucky things
just before leaving me.

I just...

Don't say anything.

No matter what happens
you must never leave me.

Promise me!

I promise.

If you're well-behaved and
do good work for the head magistrate...

then this is only
a taste of what's to come.

Honor, riches, glory,
power shall all be yours.

What does the magistrate want us to do?

For you, it won't be difficult.

Ever since Your Highness left this house,
it's been so sad around here.

That you have generously graced us
with your presence today...

has brightened our little home.

Mother, don't talk like that,
it's still me, the same old Tam.

I wouldn't dare!

You are now the queen, the phoenix,

you are no longer the same old Tam.

Oh my husband!

We celebrate your death anniversary
in such great bounty because of the Queen.

There's only one thing missing.

Oh! You mean betel nut
leaves that have been prepared by Tam.

Your betel nut leaves
are always the most beautiful.

So true. When your father was alive,
that is what he loved the most.

I'll go out and pick some leaves
so you can prepare them for him.

Mother! How can you do that
with your poor health? Let me!

No, I'll do it!

-Let me do it.
-Please stop!

Cam, you've never been good at climbing
the tree. I'm used to it, let me do it.

That is right.

You're the best
at climbing the betel nut tree.

There's no one else here that
can climb it, isn't that right, Mother?

Be careful!

Be careful, sister.

Where are my trousers?

In the room. Go in and change.

It's another crime...

It's so strange.

It's not just strange,
it's a whole chunk of strange!

Why would the head detective
give his cases

to Your Highness to take care of?

Because he only knows how to push
his responsibility off to someone else,

-he doesn't see...
-That's nonsense!

The detective has submitted
this case to me,

because this is the fortieth incident.

The strangest thing about them is...

that the corpses are all rotting

as if they'd been dead for many years.

This isn't strange, Your Highness...

This is disgusting...



Call for Tran Bang

Can't let this get out of control
like this.


Your Highness.

It's all about Tran Bang! What about me?

I must do this.

I must do this for Cam.

Mother! Mother, what are you doing?

I'm flicking away all the ants for you.

Mother! Mother, what are you doing?



You go die! Die!


Your Highness!
Something's happened with the Queen.

This commoner and her daughter
would like to see the Prince.


Your Highness, it's all my fault.

The Queen was simply trying to pick
some betel nut to offer to her father,

when she slipped and fell to her death.

Before she died, she had a wish.

Her dying wish was that
her dear sister Cam come to the palace

to take her place in caring for you.

Tam, from now on
for the rest of your life,

I will bring you happiness.

You need search and struggle no longer.

I believe that fate has brought you to me.


Your Highness!

You want to fight? I'll fight you.

Your Highness! The thing that brings me
the greatest happiness is to be with you.

Your Highness.

How are you feeling?

I feel so powerless.

I can't even protect...

the one I love.

Your Highness.

Your Highness!

What is it?

There is urgent news from the border.

Speak quickly.

The emissary we sent
to Chinh La has been killed.

What insolence.

We cannot stand for this.
They defy your authority.

All right.

In that case, let's teach them a lesson.

You speak truly.

Your Highness.


Your Highness!

Certainly there are some things
we can let go.

But we cannot ignore
an invasion of our sovereign territory.

We must gather our entire army

for a concentrated attack
to drive the enemy back across the border.

I don't think so.

If we execute a direct attack
our losses will be

too great,
and victory will not be certain.

We'll split our forces into three armies.

I will personally lead the army

that will draw the enemy
into Mai Chau valley.

The other two armies
will be led by Ngo Sy and Nguyen Trong.

They will use a pincer formation
to close in and destroy the enemy army.

Mai Chau Valley
is extremely rugged terrain.

It will not be easy to draw them
deep into the valley.

If we're not careful,
it will become our own death trap.

But this is a serious matter
of national security,

it's not a child's game.

I will gather
the magistrates and mandarins

to come up with the final strategy.


This is my final decision.

Tran Bang!

Yes, Your Highness.

Gather the troops.
I will personally oversee their training.

Yes, Your Highness.

In three days, we will attack,
according to your plan.

In addition
to what you've already committed,

our king wants control over
two large ports in the Mao Hai Sea.

Do you agree?

All right.

Tell your King

that once I'm on the throne,
I will fulfill our agreement, as promised.

Of course you will.

Insolent fool!

Once the King dies,

it will be easy for you
to take the throne.

Why must we use Chinh La to start a war?

You can't see the forest for the trees.

If I kill the King
and take the throne now,

it will be nothing short of treason.

But if our king dies and the prince
is killed during the enemy attack.

And then I drive back the aggressors,

have I not earned
the right to sit on the throne of kings?

Truly, master, you are wise.

Your Highness!

Did you enjoy the dance
I just danced for you?

This is the traditional dance of
the Co Thien village where I come from.

Your Highness!

Are you listening to me?

I've been here a month...

and still you don't pay
any attention to me.

I feel so lost in this giant palace.

Your Highness.

I simply want to take care of
you in Tam's place.

Nothing more.

My prince!

Servant girl!

Your Highness.

Now, won't you have a drink with me?

Here you are, drink up!

An oriole?

Is it you?

Your Highness.

Golden oriole, if you are my wife,
then fly into my sleeve

It's only a little bird,

nothing to pay any attention to.

Now come and drink with me.

What impudence!

You dare try to poison the prince!

Your Highness, please spare my life.

Guards, arrest her!

We need only nine more souls
and the amulet will be ready.

Please spare my life,
magistrate, please spare my life!

Tell me! If I spare you,
what value will you have to me?

Please give me another chance.
I will kill the prince.

Quiet, girl.

Please, magistrate, spare my life.

Tell me what you want me to do,

I'll do anything you ask!
Tell me, what do you want?

Magistrate, please don't kill me,
spare my life.

I swear I'll be able to do anything.
I'll kill the prince, I'll...


Now your mission will be to...

Your Highness.

The two servant girls that served you

the poisoned wine
have been executed in prison.

An enemy attack or treason?



-Find out who was behind this.

Your Highness.

Everything has been prepared
as you instructed.

I will command the scouting garrison
that will depart tonight.

I'll see you in two days time
at the Bac Chu border.


I want to change our strategy.

Nguyen Trong and Ngo Sy's two armies will

both concentrate
at the Ngu Linh foothills.

They will wait until I've drawn the enemy
into Mai Chau Valley,

then attack
their flank directly from this position.

I will report immediately to the generals.

Tran Bang.

Nguyen Luc.

You two are the ones I trust the most.

If it wasn't for you,
I wouldn't be in this mess!













Protect the prince! Arrest him. Step back.

It was so strange!

The branch fell
just as the arrow was about to strike you.

It is hard to understand.

Your Highness, don't you think so?

Yes, it's quite strange.

It seems there's something...

protecting me.


Couldn't be a ghost, could it?

No, impossible.

Hey! If Thach Bien
hadn't been so keen on protecting you

I could have questioned the one
who shot at you.

Goes to show not everything
that's fast is good.

Was he protecting me...or himself?

Your Highness, what do you mean?



I have a mission for you,
but you must stay here.

You must protect this at all costs.


Tomorrow I'm going out to battle.

The Chinh La aggressors are very powerful.

Father, there are many
who don't believe in my plan.

You need to believe in yourself.

This is the point at which you must
continue on in your journey without me.

Your Highness!

Nguyen Trong and Ngo Sy's armies have both

been slaughtered
at the Ngu Linh foothills.

How did the enemy know our movements?

Your Highness, we don't have much time.
Follow me, I know a safe place.


Where are my troops?

No need to look for them!

They're all dead.

So it was you, who I trusted most.

Why did you do this?

You chose this ending...

but you won't leave this world peacefully,
like the King did.


I'm doing this by command of my master.

Now you must die.

Decandra fruit!

You smell so sweet.

Decandra fruit!

Fall from the tree,

and I'll only take in your fragrance,
I won't eat you.

Who are you?

Where am I?

You're in my house, where'd ya think?

If I didn't drag you here then the wolves
would have gotten to you by now.

Why didn't you let them take me?

I don't want to live anymore.




You awake yet?

Here, take this medicine.

I don't want to live anymore.

You don't need to waste your time.

What are you talking about?

Fine, go ahead and die,
and take your bad karma with you.

You know how hard it was
to drag you all the way here?

Young men nowadays...

have a little hardship
and they don't wanna live anymore.

Now that you're awake,
drink your medicine.

The important thing here isn't
who you are or what you've done.

It's what you'll do to right those wrongs.

Before she left us

your mother left me a priceless gift

that was filled with love,
courage and steadfastness.

She said the universe
always returns to balance.

And one day that...

this gift will protect me,
and save this nation from danger.

That gift is you.

Heaven has given you the opportunity

to realize your mission.

Why don't you wake up? You cannot die.

Your Highness! The thing that brings me
the greatest happiness is to be with you.

You need to believe in yourself.

How are you feeling? Your majesty.

My own pride

led to the death of thousands of men.

With this, we have all 49 souls.

Now we just wait for
the alignment of the constellations.

Once I swallow the amulet in its power,

this outer skin will forever
become my true form.

What I've dreamed of for so long
will finally come to pass.

Congratulations, magistrate.

Your coronation ceremony is prepared,
exactly as you requested.

My time has finally come.

Now I only need the prince
to be taken care of,

and my plan will be complete.

And what of Tran Bang, master?

What of him?

Do you intend to keep an enemy
so close to you?

What would he think
if he knew that it was you that

caused the king
to give the order to kill his family?

So it was you!

So it was you!

You killed my family!

So it was you!

You made me do wicked things.
You made me kill the prince!


Is it you?

Am I awake or dreaming?

I never left you.


It was always you?

The golden oriole.

The lilac tree.

I always felt you were near.

I've missed you so much.

Not a moment's gone by
where I haven't thought of you.


Please promise me...
you'll never leave me again.

Is anyone here? Can I have some water?

Your Highness!



Is it you?

A ghost.

I make an oath with you...that I shall
bring the magistrate to justice,

and drive the Chinh La armies
out of our lands,

to bring happiness to the people.

The imperial seal.

-Your Highness!

Take this seal and go to general Luu Do
and all the other generals.

Bring all our remaining armies together

outside the capital,
ready them for attack.

I will battle Tao Hac to the death.

-Thus shall it be.
-Yes, Your Highness!



Thank you.


This battle will decide our fate
as a nation.

Fight with me to the last breath.

So let it be done! Destroy the enemy!
To battle.

Who else dares not bow?

I dare.

Your Highness, leave him to me.
Go after the head magistrate.

If you kill me, I'll haunt you.

Your Highness!

He is still alive.

Treasonous fool.

Today is the day you die!

You're still alive?

Incredible timing.

Run! Blood.

Hurry up, run!


That's impossible,
how can you still be alive?

Why do you keep haunting my life?



Put her in prison.

Let me go!

Tran Bang.

The magistrate...

has returned to his quarters.



Tran Bang.

Tran Bang.

Tao Hac, come out here!

Now we will decide who lives and who dies.

It will not be as easy as you think.

Come out here.

Your Highness, the amulet.

Your Highness, don't let him swallow this.

If this is my fate,
then allow me to face it.

No! It will turn you into a monster.

Your Highness.
The amulet will turn you into a monster.

Your Highness.

Tam! Don't come near me.

I'm turning into a monster.


I promised to never leave you ever again!

Your Highness!

Thank you.

No matter how many lives you
passed through, you were always beside me.

Your Highness.

I always...love you.

Your Highness.

Your Highness.

Your Highness.




I did everything I could

to protect the one I love.

Why can't I be with him now,
at the end of this journey?

Why did you treat me like that?

Please allow me to return to him.

The rules of heaven do not allow it.

I am prepared to sacrifice everything.

Are you prepared to sacrifice
all your next lives?

You will never reincarnate again.

I believe the sacrifice is worth it.

Please, godfather, I beg you.

I don't believe in miracles.

I don't believe in miracles.

Thank you...for always being beside me.

My greatest happiness...is to be with you.

By order of heaven.

Hieu Long son of the emperor,
wise and virtuous,

who drove the Chinh La aggressors back.

Sustained by the people,
supported by the mandarins and officials.

Now he sits upon the emperor's throne
by the will of heaven and of the people.

Long live the King!

By the light of love,
sacrifice and courage,

Hieu Long and Tam drove back the darkness
of greed and wickedness

and they found a miracle
at the end of their journey.

It was happiness and a peace
that will forever attend this land.

Please eat, Mother.