Talon Falls (2017) - full transcript

Four teenagers on a road trip decide to take a detour and find them selves at at haunted house halloween scream park deep in the woods of southern Kentucky. After witnessing an assortment ...


What the hell?


somebody's tryin' to kill me.

What in heaven's name
are you talkin' about?

They're all, they're all dead.

Who's dead?

Help me!

I don't wanna die.

Where am I?

I'm Dr. onochectomy.

It appears you've
been in an accident.

A man found you on
the side of the road

and you were fortunate enough
that he brought you in.

The police are on their way,

but why don't you tell
me what you remember.

We were goin' on a trip
and there were four of us.

And how did you
guys end up here?


We, uh...

Okay, so where
are we going again?

It's a surprise.

It's hardly a surprise.

It's a dirty old cabin.


It fuckin' sucks.

It's not that bad.

I just don't
understand why we have to

go so freakin' far out of town.

I mean, it is called camping.

Oh, that's enough time for
you to give your boyfriend

some good road head.

And I bet you'd
wanna watch, too.


Come on, loser.

Seriously, five minutes.

Oh, I have to pee so bad.

Where's the bathroom?

I don't know.


Is anybody here?


What are you doing?

Who in the hell are you?

You just scared
the shit out of me.

What are you doin' back here?

Man, I was just
lookin' for the bathroom.

Did you see the sign out
there said we're closed?

You're not supposed to go
through other people's things!

See, they're my tapes!

Bathroom's in the back.

Where y'all from?



Yeah, we're down
here for fall break.

Goin' on a campin' trip.

Campin' trip?

Where y'all headed?

It's Kentucky, some
place in goreville.

You're in Kentucky, stupid.


I've never heard of goreville.

I live, I was born and
raised here in lowes.

I'd hate to live here.

Not much around here
to do, is there?

Not unless you don't
mind killin' somethin'

every once in a while.

Haven't you ever
been huntin' before?


Every once
in a while we get pricks

like you that don't mind
your own durn business.

I'm just kidding.

You lookin' for somethin' to do?

Check that out.

All right, I'm ready.

So, what is it supposed to be?

Some type of theme
park or somethin'?

What is taking so long?

Let's go check this out.

They got one of those
haunted house things

you put up for Halloween.


We gotta go check it out.

There's now way Lindsay's
gonna go for that.

Fuck her.

Quit bein' such a little pussy.

Come on, let's go.

What is taking so long?

Okay, so apparently there's
this haunted house, right?

Like, for Halloween?


I thought we could check it out.

Talon falls.

Let me guess, Lance's idea?

It could be fun.



These things aren't
even that scary.

I bet it's cheesy.


Well, if it's cheesy and stupid,

then we don't have to go.

Great, I'm glad we
got that settled.

So what's the plan, dude?

It's only a couple of miles.

They're here.

All right.

Have fun.

Are you seriously just
gonna stay in the car?


See ya.

I'll be fine.


If you get bored I guess
you can come find us.

I won't.

I guess she's
stayin' in the car.

Who cares?

Oh, wish I had my jacket.


You okay?

Yeah, I just got a little bit
creeped out bein' by myself.

Well, you can hang out
here with us if you want.

Yeah, that's fine.

But hey, I brought your jacket.

Oh thanks.

So, bad news.


It's gonna be at least
a couple more hours

that we have to stand in line.

Are you seriously
gonna wait that long?

Hell yeah.

I don't know, dude.

God, really?

Hey guys, how y'all doin'?


She always this sarcastic?

No, she's a fuckin' bitch.

It's just cold and the
lines are really long.

Well, y'all come out on
one of our busiest nights.

Do you have any idea
how long it's gonna take?

Probably about three hours.

Y'all guys aren't from
around here, are ya?

No, we're actually
on a road trip.

We just thought we'd stop
and check this place out.

Tell ya what, I'm not
supposed to do this,

but since it's your
first time here,

you got a little ways to go,

I've got four speed
passes you guys can have,

take y'all to the
front of the line.

That's awesome.

Okay, man.

Dude, what we gotta do?

Well, just hold
out your right arms.

All right guys, just march
up to the front of the line,

show the gatekeeper your wrist,

and remember, don't tell
anybody I gave you those.

Hey, thanks, dude.

We really appreciate this.

No problem.

Y'all have fun.

Let me outta here!

Let me outta here!

Let me out.

Come on, let me outta here.


Let me out!


Holy shit.


Come on guys, let's just go.

No, no, please don't.


Look at his fuckin' ass.

Die, motherfucker!

All right, man, let's go.



I got dibs.

Come on, let's go.

- Shit, it's stuck.
- It's stuck.


What about that one?



At least they can see us.

See, I told ya
somebody was watchin' us.


Help me!




Please, help me.



Please help me.


What do you want from me?

Please help!

Get away from me!


Please don't do this.

Help me.

Thank god.


Lance, what?

This is where
these fuckers stay at.


And creepy.

Can we go now?

Lance, we're probably not
supposed to be back here.

Where'd they go?

I don't know.

They're probably
just screwing around.

Come on.

It'll be fine, come on.

Get off me, fucker.

This is stupid.

- Lance.
- Come here.

What are you doing?

Are you crazy?

Someone could find us back here.

Did you hear that?

It sounded like
someone was coming.

It's just the fuckin' people.


I think I just saw something.

Oh my god.

All right, you stay here.

I'll go look.


This girl, was gonna take her
down to the river, you know?

So, they leave and
get down there...



They need us back
out front, men.


Can't see a damn thing.

Do you have your phone?

Yeah, take it.

Did you hear that?

Sure you're okay?

Put me down, motherfucker!

Let me go!


Let me go!


Let me outta here!


Let me outta here!


No, you guys, don't
leave me here!


Let me out of here!


Oh my god, Lindsay,
you're bleeding.

Where's Lance?

I don't know.

Lance wanted to check out
some hidden door or something.

Next thing I knew some guy
in a mask was chasing me.

Who's this guy?

So, what happened to you?

The same thing as
you guys, I guess.

I just woke up in here.

Well, they can't keep us here.

I don't think you guys
understand the gravity

of the situation we're in.

Whatever, this is
fuckin' kidnapping.

What are you doing?

I'm trying to
get this door open.

But that's not your problem.

Those dogs are trained to attack

anybody that tries to escape.

They're vicious.


Help me.

Please help me, please.



Please, no.


Please, no.

What are you doing?

Somebody help me.


Please god.


No, I don't wanna die.

No! No!


No! Help me!

I don't wanna die.

- No!
- Let her go!

Please, I don't wanna die!

Let her go!

So, what are they
gonna do to her?

Isn't it obvious?

Who'd you think all those
people were out there?

Wait, are you trying to tell me

that all the people that
we've seen have been real?

But why would they do that?

They could get caught.

You didn't think it was real.

It was disgusting.

Yeah, but what's the point?

Look around.

There's cameras everywhere.


Oh my god.

They're filming this.

But why would anybody wanna
watch something like that?

Probably some fucked up perv

still living in
his mom's basement.

All I know is
I'm not waitin' around here

to find that shit out.

Well, what are you gonna do?

Look, I'm pretty sure

I can break outta
here fairly easily,

but I'm gonna need some help.

What are you doing?

I wanna get the fuck outta here.

So, you said you had a plan.

So, what's up?

I need somebody
to distract the dog.


Is there any bread back there?

Okay, now what?

This is what we're gonna do.

No, please.

Please don't.


What is that?

Please stop.


Please stop.

What are you doing?


Oh please!


Get in there!

You get in that cage!

- Shut up!
- Get in there!

Please get me outta here.



I'm dead.

Now what?

Can't we make this
go any faster?

There's no time.

They're comin'.


What am I supposed to do?


Leave him alone!



No, leave him alone!

Stay the fuck
away from me, dude.

Help me, please.

Stay the fuck away from me.

No, leave him alone!




- No.
- Get away from him!

Let him go!


The only way you guys are
ever gonna see him again

is if we actually
get outta here.

Will you just shut
up for one second?

Well, we can't just sit here.

She just lost her boyfriend.

No, Ryder, he's right.

If we're gonna try to
escape, we've gotta do it now.

And how are we gonna do that?

Ryder, please.


All right, go ahead.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Hey, help.

Help me!

Help me!


Help me, please!

Please, help me.

No, no, no, no.

Shiny, go
check the holding room.

Hurry, please.

Please hurry, Lindsay.

Hurry, Lindsay.


Come on!


Oh my god, someone's coming.

Oh my god, someone's coming.




All right.

All right.

Help me!

Help me!

Help me.


Help me!


- Oh my god.
- Somebody!

He's eating him.

What the hell?

- Let us out.
- The dog just

fucking ate him, man!

Killed him.

What the hell?

Please let us out!

- Shut up!
- It fucking killed him!

Where are the girls?


Go get everybody together
and go get the girls now.

Get outta here, you son of
a bitch, and go get 'em!

Please let us go.


Please let us go.

What are we gonna do?

I don't know.

You go that way.


Help me.


Oh my god, Lance.

Help me.

I thought you were dead.

What have they done to you?

Where's Sean?

He's dead.

It's hot.

Hey! Stop!



Hey! Stop!



Please, somebody's
tryin' to kill me.

What in heaven's name
are you talkin' about?

They're all, they're all dead.

Who's dead?

I ran out in the
middle of the road

and tried to get him to stop,

but that's all I remember.

You know,
you're lucky to be alive.

It's a good thing Mr.
Levi was driving by.

Well, where is he?

I think he's
around here somewhere.

Let me go see if can find him.


Did you know that son of
a bitch broke my window?

You better pay me or
else I'll stick his head

up his ass and make a
jug handle outta him.

How you feelin', little lady?

I'm a little better.

Can you believe this little
thing almost got away from us?

It's a good thing I found her.

Well, I best be goin'.

Oh shit, I bet they're
lettin' people through.

I got cars to tow, you know.

Behave now.

Y'all have fun.

Help me!



Please help me!

Please help.