Talking About the Weather (2022) - full transcript

A woman who is trying to balance her career, relationship affair, family life and individual freedom.

You East German.

Can I please see your ID?

That's theft.

Oh, you didn't have shampoo
in the East, right?

So, what have we here?

Gotta go.

Got another five-star client.

I don't know how you do it.

One minute you're like this,
and the next you're totally different.

Do we have to keep
meeting in a hotel?


For the shampoo.

Can we talk normally?

I really have to go.




One moment.

"... takes the position between

the family..."

Wait. Almost got it.

"... family and..."


I said I'd call you.

You didn't.

We had a clear agreement.
Emma's here.


You have the university,


a bit of Max in between...

if you can
squeeze him in.

You done now?
You came to make accusat...

What did you expect?

I don't know what I expected either.
I don't know.

I don't know what I...
But I'm simply dissatisfied.

Why do you say you love me if
everything's different the next moment?

I have to finish my lecture.

Yeah, sure.

That's important.


-Hi, Clara.

Could you take
the balloons downstairs?


Clara, you still owe me
a travel expense report.

-I know. Tomorrow, OK?
-This quarter is almost over.

You still owe me a desk.

You're not coming?

No, I've got a seminar.


Hi, Mama.
It's Wednesday, I've got a seminar.

You're in the office, I can see that.

I can't see you.
You have to turn the phone around.

Then I won't see you.

No, flip it, Mama.
You need to flip it.

What do I need to do?

Ch... Change the camera.

When are you guys coming?


Mama, we talked about this,
I have appointments on Friday.

Important is that the weather holds up
so we don't have to celebrate inside.

But it's supposed to stay nice for
the weekend. Is it raining on your end?

I don't know.

Maybe later it will.

Mama, hey,
can we talk again later?

I have to go.

Of course, you're busy.
Call me, will you?

I will.

Sorry, OK?
Love you. Bye.

Bye-bye and a kiss!

...that usefulness in the sense of
pleasure means the absence of pain.

And that society's balance of happiness
is at stake.

But what does that mean?

Can you enforce the pleasure gain of
a majority at the expense of a minority?

She's not a minority,
but a woman.

Mr. Köhn,
argue that using Mill.

It gratifies her pride not
to ask Brad for help.

But she would
obviously benefit more

by simply staying alive.

In terms of utilitarianism,

Mill would thus argue that saving
the woman is of greater benefit.

Only you could believe that.

The question is if she even wants
to be saved.

And if so,
if she needs a man for that.

What Ms. Lee pinpointed here
is the cliché.

Lichtenstein is playing
with the cliché

of the emotional,
suffering, weak woman

who needs to be saved
by a strong man.

OK, but...

is it really only
a gender issue nowadays?

There are also strong women

looking for men who...

-Who what?

Or there are men like Joachim Sauer,
for example.

And who is Joachim Sauer?

-Exactly, nobody knows him.
-Angela Merkel's husband.

Yet he's probably one
of the strongest men around.

Because he can stand
living in that power structure.

I'd be willing to be saved.

Or to arrange myself permanently
like Joachim Sauer.

To stick with Mill,
we should maybe discuss

if each and every one of us
has the authority

to decide what's useful for him or her
and what's not.

As you can see,
she has it all under control,

though for the sake of correctness:

I'm retired,
but I'm not a professor emeritus.

You all know
the worldly wisdom that

a man is only as successful
as the woman behind him.

Which is why
I've decided to be a retiree

who waits on his wife hand and foot
and caters to her every whim.

Very nice.

What are you two doing here?

Gerd is onstage
threatening to care for his wife.

Concerning the curriculum
meeting yesterday:

My seminar wasn't even listed.

Oh, I'm sorry.

But do you have
compulsory modules?

I actually do.

I'd like to do a masters course,
but open it for bachelors.

I'm doing
the English module again.

You better make an appointment.

And what are we having?

Open it up.


They're going sailing next year.

I wonder who'll eat Gerd.

I'll bring it in.

If Gerd didn't retire, she'd be his
assistant in 20 years, so assiduous!

At least she's got a PhD.

May I take your coat?

Of course.

May I also give you my bag?

For now maybe just the bag.




-What are you doing here?
-How about yourself?

-You look beautiful!
-That's just for the jingles.

You're playing again?

Yeah, after rehab,
therapy and all that jazz.


-And yourself?

Still studying?

No, I'm doing my doctorate.

-Part-time at the institute and...
-Ms. Professor like?

We'll see.

-So how is Emma?
-Well, fine.

I have to go. Schumann's waiting.
See you later?

Yeah, sure, yeah.

I'm joining the others.

Nice shoes.

What are you doing here?

My father and Gerd
did their doctorates together.

So will you introduce me
to your parents now?

Stop it, please.


May I introduce you to my lecturer?

This is Clara Liepmann.
She's doing her doctorate with Margot.

I'm taking her seminar
on utilitarianism.

This is my father,
Alexander von Brandis.

Pleased to meet you, Alex.

My pleasure.

I prefer "Mr. von Brandis..."

At the institute,
we're all on first name terms.

Pardon me, I...

What is the subject of your doctorate,
if I may ask?

Hegel's theory of freedom.

More precisely,
the concept of intersubjectivity

in Hegel's conception
of family and bourgeois society.

And your parents
are philosophers, too?


My father was a diplomat.

And my mother
a classic housewife.


So you got around a lot
as a child.

My mother now paints, mostly.

My father bought her a studio
in Uckermarck.

Well, it was nice to meet you.

How's it going?

Since retirement, Gerd's colleague
feels invisible at conventions and so on.

Bang! You're irrelevant. Nobody cares
about you anymore. Crass, isn't it?

He's talking about
Gerd's business acquaintance.

It's unbelievably hard.
Invisible, can you imagine that?

Apparently better than you.

you don't have a drink.

No one offered me anything.

If I'd always waited to be offered
something, I'd still be in Bumblefuck.


Sorry, this will make it easier
for both of us, right?

Hey, Margot.

Greedy as ever?


Too much of a good thing
can be wonderful, right?

As if you didn't know.

I would actually
count myself among those

who enjoy
the little things in life.


Gerd has no tolerance nowadays.

We don't want him
to binge again...

You get suspicious as soon
as there's a moral consensus.


Sorry, I didn't know
you were speaking for all of us.

I wonder
who shares your opinion.

Join us, Barbie.

None of you can adequately address
the new East German states.

Well, Clara is.

If you only want to confirm
your prejudices

about the unemployed and far-right,
go to a former West, blue-collar city.

The East is struggling with democracy.
Look at the election results.

Well, 50 years of dictatorship
leave their mark, right?

Exactly, we learned that
upon evaluating the university.

Yeah, a lot went wrong
during your takeover.

All those layoffs
weren't exactly rightful.


You became a professor
very quickly and very young.

It's debatable
who benefited most from the takeover.

I'd love to see your reaction
when 30 years of your work

is suddenly questioned.

It's such a disruption
to one's biography.

You two don't even try
to imagine the implications.

What was with your father?



as a diplomat
without a country.

Oh yeah, him.

He shot himself.

God, how awful.

I'm very sorry for you.

He wasn't home much.

Oh, come on,
don't act so affected.

You think there's
some duty to stay alive?

Well, it's not just
about your own good.

Even if
there's nothing more to live for?

We're social beings.

Certain conventions are necessary.

You guys do what you want,
but I want to decide for myself,

and die the way I lived.



Shot himself?

You know what
a mess that is?


That wouldn't be my first choice.
For sure.

What was wrong with you
in there?

That's the real negation of life:

bicycle helmets.

Love and death!
We won't settle for less!

Shall I bring you in?

These are expensive glasses.
Don't throw them away.

I want your text by Monday.

If it's good, I'll include it
in my anthology. If it isn't...

I'll tell Brandis the truth
about your diplomat father.

Reconsider the affair
with your student.

You forgot your cell.

Shitty weather.

Don't worry, I won't jump.

Stop it.

I don't have children
who can reject me

when I'm old and stale.

I don't even have cats.

Your phone is on the dresser.

What time is it?

Almost nine.


Thanks for the blanket.

Could you turn it down a bit?


For weeks, you've come in, taken aspirin
and left. I have no idea how you are.

Yet another Oscar.

Faraz Samadi Ahadi.

For your third role
as a terrorist.

What's your secret?


Come on.
Good morning.

Hi, Jasmin.

-The quarterly bill? I'm sorry...
-Your guest lecturer is waiting.

Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Clara Liepmann.

We already know each other.

we spoke on the phone.

It's all good.
Mrs. Kramps has entertained me well.


Please. Thanks.

Your lecture will be there and then
we'll eat at the Italian restaurant.

-Who's going to copy my handouts?
-Morning, Clara.


This is Hannah Rath, our guest speaker
from the University of Greifswald.

-Nice to meet you.
-Professor Hug.

I look forward
to your contribution this afternoon.

You don't remember, do you?

Remember what?

I studied with you in Erlangen.
20 years ago.

You wanted me to apply
as your research assistant.

Oh, yeah?

The master about
Goodman's Theory of Symbols?

I'm sorry.
With so many students, I...

Yeah, sure.


See you later.

You were a terrible lecturer
and very hurtful, not only to me.

So what do you want now?

An apology 20 years later?

Stop playing the victim.

-You're evil.

We need to sit
at the same table.


Exactly, 7 p.m.

Thanks for making it possible.
Great, thanks, bye!

You OK?

What was that
with your father yesterday?

With my father?

I see. And I thought
you were hiding from me.

Why would I do that?

Could you please
bring this to the lecture?


I have to go.

See you.

Hey, Emma, it's Mama.

my schedule has changed, so we can leave
today if you want. I can pick you up.

Let me know if that'll work.

See you, bye.

Why are you waiting outside?

Papa's annoying me again.

Because of math?

Oh, come on.


How long will this act of revenge
on your parents last?

Come on.
Be happy it's not a double bass.

Did you get the Werther exam back?


Don't act like we just
saw each other yesterday.

I made you sandwiches
for the drive.

Well, Nealsy Boy?

Wanna join Aunt Clara
on vacation?

He's been shy
since starting kindergarten.

You're working again?


Throw him the ball.

-Have you thought it over?
-Yet another new toy?

Pole position.
Third qualifying.

Have you considered
our vacation?

The house is big enough.

No, I have a conference in Kiel.

Join us afterwards.

I'll think it over.

Come on,
make Emma happy.

As for math there's room for improvement.
Could you talk to her as well?


So, big girl.

Have fun, you two.

And say hi to Grandma.

-Have a nice weekend.
-You too, bye!

Race you to the house?

Come on, I'll hurry.

Go, run!

Max von Brandis?

My assistant.

-Answer it?
-No, please.

Go to "Messages", then "New."
"Could you..." Please type:

"Could you please
take care of Hannah Rath."

Question mark.

"I reserved as usual.
7 p.m. for Liepmann."


"I'll call you."


An emoji?

No, send it.

So the long lost daughter
is back, too.

Hi, Klaus. How are you?

Bad people always do well,
as you know.

I thought
you were coming tomorrow.


I haven't prepared anything.
I thought you had appointments.

I canceled them all for you.

What an honor, my dear.

Beautiful, thanks.
But next time please call me.

I was headed to
ladies' hour at the gym.

Give me something, too.

Shall I... take your bag?
Give me it.

Come on, Mama. I'll do it.

-Don't be like that.
-Mama, no!

Let me do it.

Well then,
into my cozy home with you.

Never miss a thing.
Right, Klaus?

Well, you never know these days.

He's getting worse.

The world hasn't become more peaceful.
That much is for sure.

He's full of it.

Come on, sweethearts.
Hit any traffic?

It was a struggle.

Without Pia's sandwiches,
it would've been a close shave.

sometimes I wonder about you...

-Are you baking the cottage cheese cake?
-No, Renate is. I'm baking a...

crumble cherry cake.

She always puts mandarins in it.

So it's nice and fresh.

-Can I sleep in your room, Grandma?
-Of course you can.

Is that a new T-shirt?

From Pia.
She was getting rid of stuff.

Looks comfy.

What's the WiFi-password,

There's a note on the fridge.
Take a look.

-Is it there?

Then in the living room next to the
shelves is the box with the PIN.

That was that.

And now comes this.

Then tomorrow the rest,
plus the drinks, and we're all set.

If you get stuck, ask me.
I can't stand correcting them.

A tie with four letters?


Someone who conducts
kneading regimens?

Well, a masseur.

Exclusive, special?


A city in Siberia?


-Badly performed work?

-Two or three letters?

Making fun of me again?

You watch it, Miss.

Don't finish those, it's the topping.

So how are things
at the university?


Just good?

I'm giving that lecture
next week.

I told you that.


Oh, yeah: It'll probably get published
in Margot's anthology.


And your thesis?

If it goes well,
end of next year.


That's a long time, right?

Do you care about
what I write

or just for how long?

You can read it,
I have it here.

Clara, for me, it's all so...

screwed-up and stilted.

I can explain it to you.

Not tonight.
Who's calling this late?


You have to take the call,
she's your professor!

We're having such a nice chat.

Who gets the bathroom first,
you or me?

Vodka is on sale.
Take three bottles.

Or better four:
Peter is coming.

What else do we have here?

You know why
they call it "a steal?"

No, but I'm sure
you'll tell me why.

It's related to theft.

It's more about taking something
from someone than really needing it.

What are your plans
for the next ten years?

You're full of questions.

Seriously, tell me three things
you'd like to do before turning 70.

Clara, stop asking.
I want to finish this today.

Grab that case of beer.

Want something healthy for breakfast?
Some fruit?

Can I get a magazine?

Don't you ever
think about that?

Wishes. Any wishes.


Say something.

That I want to find a job before
I retire? Something like that?

Is that what you think I want to hear
or what you really want?


-You don't have oat milk, do you?
-Oat? That's a cereal.

Exactly, they drink it in Berlin now.

I'm staying here. It's too noisy for me
in the city. There's no oat milk here.

If you really want to work again,
it'll be difficult here.

I'm just saying...

Wow, hello, Holger!
It's been so long.

-Can you do this first?

-Did you find everything?

Nice guy.
He would've been my type back then.

I can imagine.

Hey, Kathleen.

Four of these sale items.

Good evening, everybody.

Game next week?

-Who's playing?
-Red versus White.

You duds will lose anyway.



Come here.
How's life in the capital?


You're skin and bones.

You need to eat,
even during your doctorate.

And she keeps getting bigger.

Time flies.

Yeah, Heidi, I've grown, too.

-A small beer?
-A small beer.

-You look good.
-You, too.

-How long are you staying?
-The weekend.

Always in a rush, eh?
But Mama's happy, huh?

The weather's nice, too!

It's much nicer in the park than in
the hall. I told Mama straight away.

I'm going out.

She sure is a Liepmann.

I mean, look at that body.

Sorry, no offense.

-It's quite busy.
-You know, alcohol is always a solution.

Got WiFi?



She's my daughter.

It's crazy how time flies.

Hands off of the professor!

Shut your trap
and drink your beer.

Give your Mama this
with kind regards.

-Could someone please...
-Wait, I'm coming.

Emma, take this for Grandma.
And put away your cell.

Fruit? This'll be some party.
Where's the meat?

-Could you take this?
-Yeah, sure.


-There's more to come.
-Come on, Emma.

Lend us a hand.
-I am.

It's empty.

The trunk is empty.
I'm going back to the bar.

Don't be silly.
There's enough of everything.

Maybe we just forgot it.

Don't make a fuss.

What fuss?

-I'll call them.
-Clara, no you won't.


You paid for it.

What will that look like?

What will what look like?

Aunt Renate, the rosette potatoes are
missing, so I can call the bar, right?

Can you stow this for me?

I wouldn't make a fuss.
It's too much anyway, as usual.

Emma, I sat you next to Leon.
He's excited.

What fuss?

Mama, I don't want to sit
at the kids' table.

-You guys look great!
-Not really...

Come on, they haven't danced
together for so long.

Look at Grandpa.

-No soda, dude.
-Why not?

-How often do I need to say it?
-But it's my aunt's birthday.

Doesn't matter.
We agreed on that.

Come on, Papa.

Boys aren't crybabies.

-Neither are girls.
-Oh, God...

I'm the women's representative.


Then we know
which direction to shoot in.

You again!

Alright, we have to get
you home now.

-Come on, old man!
-Grandma, need help?

you have to come back.


Oh, Mama. Please.



Are you nuts?
Calm down or we're going home.

-I said don't touch me!


You suck!

-Let's keep dancing, right?
-We're here to celebrate your birthday.

You know,
we're all working on a volunteer basis.

With passion,
heart and soul,

and they only screw us.

We want to build horse and bike paths
and they want it to be natural.

And the bureaucracy!

The road construction office,
weird regional subsidies, co-financing...

Then some horse path coordinator

will demand a district council decision
and what not.

Just you wait.

If Brussels cuts back border funding,
they've got another thing coming.

They only think from one election
to the next.

Nobody even asks us.

Like after
the Fall of the Wall.

No wonder
our youth is so messed up in the head.

What's here for them?

Those jackasses don't need to act
surprised when the roof is set on fire.

Now she's watching.

What, am I right or not?

Depends on what you mean by
"when the roof is set on fire."

Oh, nothing.

That was a deliberate provocation.

Clever as a fox. I haven't heard
"deliberate provocation" in a long time.

Don't ask me
if you don't want my opinion.

Don't be like that.
He didn't mean it.

When he's been drinking, he's unbearable.
Don't even listen.

Cut the nonsense
and drink your cough syrup.


What's the superlative
of mad cow disease?

Girl power. Cheers.

Did you dream
you're a strongman?

Go home, both of you.

You and your stupid jokes.

There, there.
Don't spoil the mood this late.

Tell that to your daughter.

You want to walk?

Good night, Clara.

I'm tired.

We're leaving soon.

So what now, Maiki?
You coming?

-Bye, take care.

Gosh, what they guzzled away!

It's a good thing we bought
that fourth bottle of vodka.

Can't complain at that price.

So beautifully arranged
and plenty as well.

Take some with you tomorrow.
I'll eat it all week.

Heidi knows what she's doing.
She's good at it, no complaints.

So well arranged!

I don't give a shit.

I couldn't care less.

The weather, the food...

If we hit any traffic.

Why don't you talk to Nicole?

Why does everyone here pretend
that hitting a child is no big deal?

I don't get it.

How can you talk
about the well-arranged food?

Say something.

How terrible that
people here only babble,

but never communicate!

You say something if you're so smart.
-As if that would help.

"Look at that Liepmann.

Just because she studied,
she thinks she's something better."

Nobody is interested.

you're barking up the wrong tree.

I tell you,
they always ask me how you guys are.

And they're proud
of what you do there.


And you?

I want to talk with you
about more than the weather.

Damned if I do,
damned if I don't.


Of course I'm proud of you!
You're my child!

Then tell me for once!

Leave it.

I'll do it.

Everything okay?


Camillo, me and nature!

Because let me tell you...

It's pitch-black outside.

Klausi always makes it
home in one piece, eh?

Fishing, as Karl Marx used to say,

is the very best!


An Old Fashioned, please.

Is this old-fashioned enough?

Can I even talk to you
or will Kathleen then divorce you?

You came by car?

Do I look like
I can still drive?

That's the only advantage
of growing up in the country:

You can impress people
with darts and billiards.

Weren't you afraid
to be alone in South America?


I met Roland pretty quickly.

Emma's papa.

Isn't it weird for you
that she lives with him now?


But she's got
her friends there,

her school,
a lake house...

Why should I remove her
just because her parents don't get along?

I really miss
talking to someone like this.

Me, too.

Kathleen actually makes it
more exciting for us.

I mean,

now we're here,

drunk in your bar,

considering if it might be sexy

one more time on the pool table.

The way you talk...

How do I talk then?

You know that?

Sometimes hearing music like that

triggers feelings inside you, as if...

as if you remember something,
but you don't even know what.

Something deep inside of you.

I'm sorry that

everything went bad back then.

At the end, that...

I left you alone with it all.

How cowardly I was and such.

Do you like it there
at the university?

You know,

when I manage
to grasp a thought...


When I manage to...

write it down
and then someone reads it and...

they understand it.

Just like me.

You know, it's...

maybe like feeling at home.

Does that make any sense?

I wanted to build a house
and start a family.

Plant a tree.
Take over my father's business.

Now I'm 39.

And have all that.

Achieved all that
and wonder what's yet to come.

Keep on going.

Keep on going,

but this is somehow home, too.

I couldn't do what you're doing.

Everything new and...

leave it all behind.

Well then,

here's to home.


What's life like with...

a huge Odin tattoo
on your chest?

It's Thor.

My father's CD collection.


It's closed.

Oh, right.

Good morning.


Hey, Grandma has
a carton of eggs for you.

Thanks, Mama.

Mama, you stink.

We're right between
the two rivers.

They've been laying
so many eggs lately.

I already gave Grandma
a carton this week.

It won't get into
our valley.

It's been so long
since they laid so many.

But if it does,
there'll be a lot,

going back and forth
between Oder and Randow.

You have to pull the strings too.
Otherwise it...

Always back and forth.

You can see for...


How's the ankle?

I just had to dance.
-I didn't mean that.

You couldn't quit, either.

Did you hang them up
according to size?

It wasn't my first time
hanging up laundry.

Well, I like that.

I don't like it
all mixed up like the Merthens do it.


So, you old grump:

Where are we vacationing?


We're going to Copenhagen.

What's with you?

You're doing it right.

Let them all talk.

They're just envious
because they have no brains.

It was different for us.

Here come the starlings.

Those vermin.

It's beautiful here.

Those starlings
ate our whole cherry harvest last year.

My grandfather hated them, too.

Cherry thieves.

So, before it starts to pour.

It'll move to the lagoon.
It won't come here. Bye.

Stay strong.


I'm a grown-up, really.

Take it.
I don't need it.

Take it.
It's for the gas.

Come here.

It's not a problem.


Don't you want to follow them, Schnurri?
You're normally so curious.

Drive safely.

Alright now, shoo!

Off you go.

So you've got everything?
Food? Cell phones? Charging cables?

-Got it.

Call when you arrive.
-I will.

Don't hit any traffic.

-That turned out great.
-It was quite bad.

-I built it up.
-You did that really well.



Were you in my room?

Just to vacuum.

I can do that myself.

You can set the table now.

For everyone?


Yo, Queen Emma!

Hi there!

-How's the love life?
-How's the love life?


What's for dinner?
I'm so hungry.

-Fine. I'll open some wine.

Is Faraz here?

Everything's cool.
Shoot and then you can pay the rent.

Well, how will he know
if you don't open your mouth.

Know what?
I'm here. Can you just talk to me?

David, they think
what you say is racist

because you can't see beyond
your privilege.

I'm not a racist!

A least
you're opening your mouth.

What choice do I have with you?

To be free again,

you have to become a terrorist.

Are there approaches
in Teunissen's work

that enable an intersubjective
conceptualization of freedom?

What might an intersubjective dynamic
of the Social look like?

How could this be identified as a dynamic
that enables freedom in a positive sense?

These questions could
form starting points

for further social
ontological studies.

Thank you.

We now have
30 minutes for questions.

If you like.

Professor Brandis?

That's an interesting question.

But it's also a question of perspective,
and as I mentioned at the beginning,

for me, Hegel's Spirit is general,
not intersubjective.

People like Brandis
will always question you,

no matter
how good you are.

You'll be criticized
harder and harder,

have to justify yourself more often,
and work twice as much.

You have what it takes.

Because you're not satisfied
with the crumbs they throw at you.

Like Sandra,
our eternal assistant.

I don't want to have
to rise above everything.

You have to forgive yourself
that you want more from life.

Anyway, this is very good.

Let me through.

I have no words for you.

-If you just for once...
-But I'm here.