Talk to Her (2002) - full transcript

After a chance encounter at a theater, two men, Benigno and Marco, meet at a private clinic where Benigno works. Lydia, Marco's girlfriend and a bullfighter by profession, has been gored and is in a coma. It so happens that Benigno is looking after another woman in a coma, Alicia, a young ballet student. The lives of the four characters will flow in all directions, past, present and future, dragging all of them towards an unsuspected destiny.


The stage is crowded with
wooden chairs and tables.

Two women come out...


...and their eyes are closed,
as if they were sleepwalkers.

You feel afraid that they
may bump into everything.

But suddenly...

...a man appears.

His face is really sad.

The saddest face
I have ever seen.

He throws the chairs away
so they won't bump into them.

You can't imagine
how exciting it was.

A man over forty
was sitting next to me...


...and he cried several
times, he was so moved.

But you couldn't do less
than that. It was so beautiful.

I have a surprise for you.

I went backstage. Pina Bausch
gave me an autograph for you.

I had to buy
the picture, huh?


It's in English.

But it says something like...

...sometimes you can
overcome your obstacles...

...and dance.

Let's see.

-Oh, she's menstruating.
-It's before time.


Hello, good afternoon.

Benigno, would you
mind staying tonight?

My sister can't
stay with my children...

-... and I can't leave them alone.
-What did you come for?

-You should have called, girl.
-It's not too much to ask?

You've stayed three
nights this week already.

Don't worry, an afternoon
off is good enough for me.

I have to hire workmen
to fix my floor...'s a mess.

Then I have to frame
a picture and that's it.

My situation isn't
getting better.

We can tell them at the
clinic and let them decide.

It's not your fault your husband
left you and your three kids.

Come at night when you can,
and if you can't, I'll stay.

We can manage.

Thank you very much.

I noticed you stopped
integral nurturing.

-Yes, she didn't keep it down.
-We can start again tomorrow.

Yes. Come on, go.

Come on.

-And cheer up.

It's okay.

Six bulls and a woman.

Next Wednesday at
Merced Huelva Plaza...

...Lydia Gonzalez
is fighting six bulls.

-Six are many. Good evening.
-Good evening.

Why did you make
such a drastic decision?

Bullfighting is my job.
Two bulls, six.

Any number.

People say some bullfighters
refuse to bullfight with you...

...because you're a woman.

People can say whatever they
want. It's their business.

The world of bullfighting
is full with male chauvinism... must acknowledge that.

There are exceptions. Niño
de Valencia didn't mind...

...bullfighting with
you for several months.

That is over.

Do you think it was all a
staging to advertise himself...

...and he left you
as soon as he got that?

I warned you backstage I
wouldn't talk about this.

Talking is good, girl.
It is.

Talking about our problems is
the first step to get over them...

-... because Niño de Valencia...
-There you go again.

Lydia, honey, don't be rude.

Let me finish the question.
Because Niño...

I told you backstage I
wouldn't talk about this.

You didn't tell me
anything backstage...

...and I don't
like you saying that.

People may think we
arrange the interviews...

...and I don't,
I just go live.

I'm one of the few
who dare to go live...

...and you should acknowledge
you've been pimped.

Niño de Valencia
has been pimping you.

That man has shared with
you not just your fame...

...but also your bed.

He dumped you
when it suited him.

Hello, Juan Luis,
it's Marco.

How are you?

I need to ask you something.

I'd like to write an
article about Lydia Gonzalez.

Don't look at me
like that, Lydia.

Yes, I'm watching it too.

...the audience has the right...

I'd like to go deep.'re rudely
sparing details.

Oh, for the Sunday paper?

Very good.



This woman has gone crazy.

She's addressing it to you.

She'd let the bull gut her
if only you could see it.

We shouldn't have come.

Specially you.

Yes, but Niño must focus.

He has no time
for other concerns.

I won't concern him...

...but tell him to come by the
chalet to pick up his stuff...

...or he can tell
me where to send it.

-Send it to my place.
-He should tell me.

I have nothing
to do with you.

Here, you can leave
whenever you want.

-Good evening.
-Whisky on the rocks, please.

Old-fashioned or highball?


Excuse me, can I talk
to you for a minute?

I'm sorry.

What were you saying?

Can I talk to
you for a minute?


If you take me to Madrid
we could talk on the way.

I'd love to.

Let's go, then.

Who named you Lydia?

My father.

It was like fixing your
fate since you were born.

He always wanted
to be a bullfighter...

...but he was just
a banderillero.

He was the one who supported
me the most in the world.

But he died, a year ago.

I'm sorry.

"El Pais" wants an article about
you for the Sunday paper.

Do you write
about bullfighting?

I don't remember your name.

I know nothing
about bullfighting.

What are you
doing here, then?

But I do know a lot
about desperate women.

Really? Who told
you I was desperate?

I got that impression.

You don't care about bulls...

...but about my relationship
with Niño de Valencia.

Tell "El Pais" no.
Tell them to leave me alone.

-Good night.
-Good night.

-Get me out of here!
-What is it?

Get me out of here, please!

-But why?
-There's a snake in my kitchen.

Give me the keys.

The door is unlocked.

Okay. Calm down.
Stay here.

Oh, my purse.

Thank you.

Take me to a hotel.

I won't go back into
that house ever again.

What hotel?

The Eurobuilding,
for example.


Don't tell anyone about
the animal, please.

Only my family knows that.

Don't worry. I respect
other people's phobias.

After what you did for me...

...I feel I can't
say no to the article.

Sleep on the matter.

I'll call you tomorrow
to see what you decided.

Thanks for everything.

-Good night.
-Good night.

Do you want me to stay?

I can sleep on the sofa.
It wouldn't be the first time.


I must learn
to be on my own.

-Hi, Benigno.

-Hello, everyone.
-Good morning.


Are you washing her hair?

What do you think?

-How was the night?
-As usual.

Come on, give it to me.
I'll finish it.

-I'm out of here.
-See you.

Have a nice day, Matilde.

Oh, it's a really hot day.

We should cut her hair.

Cut it short, it's more
practical and comfortable.

We'll cut it as usual, like
it was the day she arrived.

I don't want her to notice any
difference if she wakes up.

After four years in a coma
it would be a miracle, Benigno.

Well, I believe in miracles,
and you should, too.

-Why me?
-Because you need them.

Maybe one will happen to you
and you won't even notice...

...because you don't
believe in them.

Oh, Christ, it's so hot!

I bought a thing for
perspiration at the drugstore...

...because it's
driving me crazy.

I sweat through everything but
my armpits, look at my face.

-What is it called?
-Oh, Christ, "Pespirex".

-Hi, it's Marco.

-Do you remember me?
-Of course I do.

-How are you?

I should buy some clothes,
all I have is this dress.

I can go to your house
and get anything you need.

No, I don't want
anything from there.

There will be time.

-Where are we going?
-To Sibila.

-You must think I'm crazy.

Because I don't want
to go home anymore.

No, I understand it.

When me and my wife split...

...I could no longer
sleep in the same bed...

-... so I slept on the couch.

I slept there
for over a week...

...until I decided
to buy a new bed.

So you are separated.

I'm alone.


Marco, we must talk
after the bullfight.

-We've been talking for an hour.
-You have.

Not me.

That's true.

Did you read about the nun?

The one who was raped
by missionaries in Africa.

By the priests themselves.

It's terrible.

If you can't trust the
missionaries, who can you trust?

They used to
rape the natives.


They're afraid of AIDS, so
now they're raping their own.


I used to think very
high of missionaries.

There must be
all kinds of them.

-They are not all rapists.
-I hope so.

-No, some are pedophiles.
-What is that?

The issue of fucking
has no remedy.

Be quiet, Antonio.
Don't be stupid.

-How will the bullfight be?
-Very nice, but fat.

-How much will it weight?
-Over a thousand pounds.

Well, I'm leaving.

Lydia, remember we'll
have dinner at home tonight.

The kids really want
to see their aunt.

Good luck.

The bull's coming.

Calm down, girl.

Come on.

Good afternoon.

-How is she?
-She's very ill.

The bull split her in half.

My father must be happy now.

"Not the girl...
not the girl."

My mother and I would
tell him once and again.

But the girl was
exactly like him.

Don't be mad, girl.

What time is it?

It's been four hours.


-Are you leaving to Cordoba?

I'd like to stay,
but I can't.

The doctors say there's
nothing else to do.

Our bar has been
closed for three weeks.

The children are
with a neighbor.

I've neglected them.

Don't worry, if
anything happened... could be
here within 2 hours.

-You can be sure about that.
-We must keep the faith.


I keep on lighting
candles for my saints...

...but it's very hard
for me to have faith.

When do you think we
can put her medals on?

Not yet.

Because of everything
she has...

...the wounds, the tracheotomy...


She never took them off.


-I'll go get a vase.
-Thank you.

I have to go to
America for three months.

My agent says it
is very important...


...the way things are...

...I don't want to go.

Can you step
out for a minute?

You can't smoke in here.

Did she talk to you
before the bullfight?


Well, in fact, I talked.

What did you talk about?

My stuff.

Didn't she tell you
something about me?

The truth is, Lydia hadn't
talked about you for long.

What happened to
her is my fault.

No, it was my fault.

They say that he
spent the nights...

...just crying.

They say that
he didn't eat...

...he just spent
his time drinking.

They swear that
the sky itself...

...trembled when
it heard him crying.

He so suffered for her...

...that he even called
her as he laid dying.

"Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay"...

...he sang.

"Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay"...

...he moaned.

"Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay"...

...he sang...

...of a deadly passion...

...he was dying.

That a sad dove...

...goes and sings for
him early in the morning... the little lonely house...

...with its little doors...

...opened wide.

They swear that dove... nothing
but his soul...

...that he is still waiting...

...for that poor
wretch to come back.




...don't cry.

The stones never will...


...what can they know...

...about love?

This Caetano has
given me goose-bumps.

Marco, I've always
wanted to ask you.

Why did you cry
the night I met you...

...after hunting that animal?

It brought me a
lot of memories.

What memories?

I had to hunt another
snake years ago.

We were in Africa.

She had the same
phobia you do.

She waited outside
the tent, terrified...


...and completely naked...

...because she had discovered
the animal while we slept.

Was it the same woman for
whom you slept in the couch?

I hate that woman.

No... I haven't
seen her in years.

Even worse. What can I do
for you to forget her?

Exactly what you're doing.

You were fast asleep, we
didn't want to wake you up.

-Is Dr. Vega here?
-He must be in his office.

I saw him arrive.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

Rosa, close the door,
there's an air current!

Oh, you opened your eyes.

-That gives me the creeps.
-What when they yawn?

Oh, I shit my pants.

Good morning, doctor.
I want to talk to you.

Sure. How are you?
How did you spend the night?

I'll buy you a cup of coffee.

Doctor... how long can
Lydia remains like that?

Months, years.

For the rest of her life.

Is there no hope?

As a doctor I must
tell you there isn't.



"Meryl Lazy Lee Moon wakes
from a coma after 15 years."

She went into a coma
after her third childbirth.

Meryl was in a persistent
vegetative state...

...just like Lydia, in
theory, unconscious for life.

Her waking up contradicts
everything I'll tell you.

This means that
there is hope.

No, I insist,
scientifically, there isn't.

But if you think so,
I won't take your hope away.

Can she open her eyes
or am I hallucinating?

Yes, she can open her eyes...

...but it doesn't mean
she's looking at you...

...or noticing anything.

Lydia's cerebral cortex
is completely devastated.

However, her cerebral
stem is intact.

It controls
automatic functions... breathing, sleeping,
intestinal movement.

She can open her eyes
as a mechanical act.

Her brain is off, it can't
conceive ideas or feelings.

Come in.

Hey, you...
come in, come in.

Yes, you.


-My name is Benigno.
-Marco Zuloaga.

She is Alicia.

Is this the first night
you've stayed here?

-The first is the worst.

You get used to it.

What are those boots for?

This is for her feet
not to bend sideways...

...or fall forward.

They look like
Ibizan boots.

Really? I've never
been to Ibiza.

I know you.

Have you read
something I've written?

No, no, no. It was during the
performance of "Caffe Muller".

We were sitting
together, by chance.

I didn't notice.

At a certain point... couldn't hold
back your tears.

He's the man I
told you about.

The one I saw cry while
watching "Caffe Muller".

Well, I have to go.

Are you leaving? So soon?

We haven't talked
about anything yet.

-Some other time.
-Will you come back today?

-Then come and visit us.

I never leave, and I
spend many nights here.

I'm a veteran nurse,
you can count on me.

-Thank you. Bye.
-See you.

-Mr. Roncero.
-Good morning.

Good morning.

Do you want me
to call Dr. Vega?

No, go on with
what you're doing.

The other day...

...going through my stuff...

...I found a notebook
with some data...

...about the day that
you went to see me.

I had written down a subject...

...that we'd discuss on
your second appointment.

You never had a
second appointment.

What subject?

Your... sexual orientation.

My sexual orientation?

Yes, your sexuality.

Whether you are attracted
to men or women.

When you went to
see me you told me...

...that you were
a virgin then.


...answering your question...

...I think my orientation
is towards men.

Is that why you
went to see me?

Well, I don't remember now.

But I guess... I guess.

-But I am very well now.
-Are you with someone?

More or less.
I'm no longer alone.

I don't have that
problem anymore.

I hope you didn't
mind my question.

No, no, not at all.

-Her father came, didn't he?

-He asked me if I was gay.

Well, we used the
American way, more subtle.

He asked what my
orientation was.

-What did you tell him?
-That I like men.

Is it true?

No, you fool.
I lied to him.

How dare he ask me whether
I like men or women?

-Who cares?
-I don't.

I don't like knowing.

Have I asked the chief
nurse if she's gay?

Or do I ask you if you like
bestialism or coprophagy?

No, you're right.
One shouldn't ask that.

Maybe I'll have to travel... I won't be able
to come every week.

But I've been offered
a creation in Geneva...

...a choreography, and
that makes my heart beat.

I have an old
idea for a ballet.

It's called "Trenches".

It's about the
First World War.

Problem: I'd need many boys...

...many dancers
because, of course...

...there are many
soldiers in war.

But in Geneva
everyone dances.

It's wonderful.

There are also female
dancers because, you see... ballet,
when a soldier dies...

...his soul emerges
from his body.

His ghost does. And that's
what it is: a female dancer.

Long, white tutu, like the
dancers in "Giselle", classic...

...but stained with blood...

-That's beautiful.

-Alicia's loving it.
-Beautiful, because...

...from death...
life emerges.

From the masculine,
the feminine emerges.

Of course...

From the earthly...


-... the beach.

From the earthly...

Water emerges.

No... the ethereal emerges.

Oh... right.

From the earthly
the ethereal emerges...

...the untouchable,
the ghastly.

And I have the music.

From Krystof Penderesky...

...the piece for the
victims at Hiroshima.

Second World War,
it doesn't matter.

Of course it doesn't!
Alicia remembers perfectly.

Yes, that's the
music for the battle.

It's brutal, savage...

...and the music
for the deaths... a masterpiece...

...that you will
listen to right now.

You are going to flip.



Take care.

And you take care, Katerina.

Though you look gorgeous.
You must stage "Trenches".

I will.

-Take care of her.
-Yes, of course.



We will put this
by the window.

You'll watch your friends
dance across the street.

And look.

I love this bedroom.

I'll have it made,
all of it.



Come in and close
the door, please.

-How are you?
-Hi, Benigno.

-Take a seat.

Alicia, look who's here.

We were breathing some air,
reading some magazines...

Were you?

Hey, who is that
woman who just left?

Katerina, Alicia's teacher.

-Her teacher?
-Her ballet teacher.

Yes, she's quite a
character, Katerina.

He has a dance school
right in front of my house.

Alicia was her student.

Katerina loves her as
if she was her daughter.


Benigno, you've been at
the window for half an hour.

I'm coming, mom.

I'm going home.

-Take care.

See you tomorrow.

What is it?
Are you following me?


Well, yes.


I think this is yours.

It must have fallen...

-Thank you.
-Is everything in it?

-I didn't touch anything.

Thank you.

-Where are you going?

Do you mind if I walk with
you? I have nothing to do.

Okay, but I'm going home.

Yes, sure.

It suits me.

I wouldn't live
without dancing.

I enjoy very much watching it.
Do you like ballet?

I guess. Yes, sure.

But I have never
seen anything.

What else do you do?
Besides dancing.

Well, I love to travel...

...and I go to the
movies very often.

Lately I've discovered
silent movies.

They're my favorite,
I love them.

-Silent movies?

Where do you hang out?

-I don't.
-You have to, some time.

No, I had been taking
care of my mother...

...but she died
two months ago.

I'm sorry. Mine died
too, but long ago.

Well, we're here.

Thanks about the wallet.

Dr. Roncero, psychiatrist.
Seventh floor, left.

Twenty three.

If I stayed all
day by the window...

...she didn't come to class.

But I remembered her address...

...and that her father
was a psychiatrist.

Dr. Roncero's office.

I want to get
a consultation...

-... an appointment.
-Is tomorrow at 5 okay?

Can't it be sooner?

No. Tomorrow at five.

-Give me your name.

-May I help you?
-I have an appointment.

-At five.
-Come in.

Come in, don't stand there.

Excuse me.

-Benigno Martin?

I need your data.


I just wanted to
see Alicia again...

...but since the father was
there and he was a psychiatrist...

...I told him
I missed my mother.

For the last 15
years, you say?

Yes. I've been taking care of
her since I was almost a kid.

During these past 15 years... did nothing but
take care of your mother.

I never left her side.

Well, I studied
to be a nurse...

...and I had to go
out to go to school.

I also studied esthetics...

...make-up and hairdressing...

...but I did that by mail.

Do you mean that you
put make-up on your mother...

-... that you did her hair?

Yes, I cut her hair, dyed
it, gave her manicures...

...I massaged her,
front, back.

My mother wasn't
disabled, nor crazy.

She was just a
little lazy, you know.

My mother was a very
beautiful woman.

I didn't like to
see her untidy.

What did your
father say about it?

-Nothing, what could he say?
-Is he dead?

No, Christ! No.

He lives in Sweden.

I guess, because... I haven't
heard from him in years.

Does he never
come to see you?


No, he's had a new
family for some time now...

...when he left my mother.

We don't have a relationship.

Why did you come
to see me, Benigno?

-What is your problem?

I have no problem.

There most be something if you
came to see a psychiatrist.

Well, loneliness, I guess.

Have you ever had
sex with a woman?


And with a man?

Not either.

I'd like you to come
and see me next week.

-Is there something wrong?

...but...'ve had a...
let's say...

-... special adolescence.
-Not that special.

Yes, very special.

Well, whatever you say, yes.

We should make a
deeper analysis.

Yes, sure, let's analyze it.

I'll come next week, then.


-Well, nice to meet you.

See you.

-What are you doing here?
-Nothing, I was leaving.

Don't get nervous.
I just wanted to see you.

But I'm harmless.

Dr. Roncero's office.

Hello, Lola.

Yes, I just shit
the largest thing.


...and two...

...and three...
stay forward.

And one...

...and two...
and three...

...stay back.

An accident?

Can you cover for me?

Alicia never went back
to the dance school.

I didn't want to
scare her again... I only went back
to her home a week later... I had told
the father.

It didn't stop
raining all week.

The next time I
saw her was here.

What happened to her?

A car accident.
One of those rainy days.

Her father didn't want her
to be alone for a minute...

...night or day.

He asked for the best nurses...

...and well, I have a
great reputation here...

...and I was recommended.

When he saw me he
remembered that we had met...

...and he doubted
for a minute, but...

...finally he hired Matilde
and me, exclusively.

It's four years now...

...and here we are.

Right, Alicia?

I started going to watch
ballet on my free days.

I also go to the movies.

I watch as many
silent movies as I can:

German, American,
Italian, all of them.

Then I tell her
all that I've seen.

These last four years have
been the richest of my life...

...taking care of Alicia...

...and doing the
things she liked to do.

Except traveling, of course.

For me it's the opposite
with Lydia.

Why is that?

I don't even dare
to touch her.

I don't recognize her body.

I'm unable even to help
the nurses turn her in bed...

...and I feel very mean.

Talk to her.

Tell her.

Yes, I'd like to,
but she can't hear me.

How can you be so sure
they can't hear us?

Because her brain
is off, Benigno.

A woman's brain
is a mystery...

...even more
the state they're in.

Women must be
taken into account.

Talk to them, have some
detail once and again...

...caress them at times...

...remind them that they
exist, they're alive...

...and that we care.

That's the only therapy,
I talk through experience.

How experienced
are you with women?

Benigno... experienced
are you with women?


I asked how experienced
are you with women?

As much as I can be!

I lived with one for 20 years
and four with this one.

Well, I love the
bullfighter's boyfriend.

I'm sure he has a big cock.

How do you know that?
Have you seen it?


That kind of thing
shows in their faces.

In their faces... and
mostly in their crotch.

Well, I have
a sixth sense.

He and Benigno have become
very good friends, right?


Do you think
he's gay too?

No way.
What a thing to say.

Are you saying
Benigno is gay?

Am I saying it?
It's vox populi, baby.

-You're very wrong.
-Dr. Vera says I'm right.

-How could he know?
-Alicia's father told him.

I don't like him acting so
freely with the sick girl...

...but Dr. Vega
told me not to worry...

...that Benigno isn't
attracted to women, but to men.

You're so mean. I'm leaving
so you can talk at ease.

This poor girl has
a crush on Benigno.

I wish her luck.

-Hello, Benigno.

Tonight is my free night,
I'm going to the movies.

I must go back to
work one of these days.

This woman isn't right.

Benigno, please.

Man, understand.

Poor girl, her skin is dry.

Let's see...


Have you talked to her?

No, and don't insist.


Bye, Lydia.

You must be very
patient with him.


...have a nice day.


"Waning lover."

Rosa has the flu.

I hope you didn't catch it.

I'm glad you are fine.

Even so, I'll massage you...

...and rub rosemary
alcohol on you.


No, there's nothing
wrong with me.

It's just that... last
night I saw a movie that...

...that disturbed me.

It's a love story...

...between Alfredo, a
chubby boy, like myself...

...but a good guy...

...and Amparo, his girlfriend...

...who is a scientist.

Amparo is experimenting
with a diet formula...

...which will be a
nutritional breakthrough.



"It may be dangerous, I
Haven't tested it in humans."

"Do you still
think I'm selfish?"

"It made me feel so good!"

"Don't worry honey!
I'll find an antidote!"

But time went by.

Amparo worked hard, but
she didn't find an antidote...

...and poor Alfredo
waned day by day.

"Don't look for me.
I'll always love you."

Alfredo left to keep
her from suffering.

He abandoned Madrid...

...and went back
to his mother's...

...with whom he hadn't
spoken in 10 years...

...because she was something!

He hadn't even told
Amparo where she lived.

In the movie,
many things happen...

...but the important thing is...

...that after years...

...of remorse and study...

...Amparo discovers...

...Alfredo's mother's address...

...and she shows up there.

"... don't feel guilty."

"... freely and
because I love you..."



And Alfredo...

...stays inside of her...



Let's see, give
me your hands.

Like that... like that... that.

Oh, it's cool out
here! How nice!

Oh, being on the
terrace is so nice!

Isn't it?

And Lydia likes
being taken out too.

Right, Lydia?

You heard her, she loves it.

Look at them.

It looks like they're
talking about us.

What do you think
they'd talk about?

Because these
girls are shameless.

Women tell each other
everything. Everything.

Lydia would tell her it's 2
months since the bull got her.

Come on, walk.

Benjamin and Angela...

...have you come to be
married without being forced... your own free will?

-Yes, we come freely.
-Yes, we come freely.

Therefore, since you want to
be joined in holy matrimony...

...take each other's hands...

...and express your consent
before God and His church.

I, Angela, want
you, Benjamin... be my husband...

...and I give
myself to you...

...and I promise
to be faithful... happiness
and in sorrow... sickness and in health...

...every day of my life.

Our Lord, who had love
be born between you...

...may confirm
this mutual consent...

...that you have
expressed before His church.

What God has joined
should not be severed by man.

What are you doing here?

I thought we'd
meet at the hotel.

I changed my mind.

I have always liked weddings.

Weren't you going to see your
sister before the bullfight?

I called her, she'll
come to the hotel.

I had to promise her we'd
have dinner at her bar tonight.

Whatever you want.

-... through the Holy Church...
-Nice ceremony, isn't it?


I didn't think
she was so young.

I guess you came
because you didn't know.

Marco, I came because I don't
want another day to finish...

...without us talking.

You don't have to worry.
I'm over Angela.

I have proofs.

For example, I didn't cry
during the ceremony, you did.

-There's no reason.

-You don't believe me?
-That's not it.

It took me a decade
to get over her...

...but I swear it's over.

-Lydia, believe me, it's over.

Angela and I traveled a lot.

The excuse was writing
a tourist guide...

...about some exotic place...

...but I was really
keeping her away from drugs...

...running away from Madrid.

Life in Madrid was Hell.

Our relationship
worked only running away.

After trying for 5 years
and 7 tourist guides...

...I brought her here, to
Lucena, with her parents.

They got her away from
drugs and me forever.

Did you still love her?


That's why I cried when
I saw something moving...

...because I couldn't
share it with her.

There's nothing
worse than being away...

...from someone you still love.

What a sad story.

"Love is the saddest thing
in the world when it's over"...

...says a Jobim song.

Marco, we must talk
after the bullfight.

We've been talking
for an hour.

You have.

Not me.

That's true.

The doctor told me
my leg will take... least two
months to heal.

But, you know? I'm
glad that bull got me.

This way I can stay with
you until you awake, my love.

No one will take
me away from you.

We were back together.

We had been
together for a month.

Lydia went to the
wedding to tell you...

...but when I saw you I
knew she hadn't told you.

It was you she was crying
for at the wedding.

She called me
from the restaurant... tell me she had
cried thinking of me.

That's the last
time we talked.

I'm injured, so I won't
bullfight for a while.

If you don't mind, I'd like
to stay with her these nights.

Make yourself at home.


Hi, Alicia.

I'm alone again.

I caught you looking at
her bosom, don't deny it.

It's hard not to,
it's larger every day.

Benigno, I think
I'm going on a trip.

Why is that?

-I have to work.
-What about Lydia?

Lydia no longer needs me.

Have you two split up?

It's a way of putting it.

You know, Marco?
I figured it out.

I don't know how,
but I figured it out.

There was something about
your relationship, I'm sorry...

...that wasn't working.

When are you leaving?

In a couple of days,
but I'll see you before that.

I hope so.

I'm sorry that
you're leaving.

-Hello, Rosa.
-Hello, Marco.

Well, I'm leaving.
Benigno, see you soon.

-Bye, Rosa.


Benigno, is she
menstruating already?


I'm reading last
month's notes...

...and she should be
menstruating already.

Yes. She's a little late.


It's been over too weeks.
She's too late.

Are you sure she
had it last month?

I placed the sanitary
napkin myself.

It was the week
that you had the flu.

She even looks swollen.

Come on, sometimes
they are out of order.

Lydia, for example,
is no longer menstruating.

I see.

Still we should
tell Dr. Vega.

Hello, Benigno.


I brought some of my tourist
guides for Alicia and you.

Thanks a lot.

I've said good-bye to Lydia.

I tried to see Alicia, but
the head nurse and Dr. Vega...

...didn't let me in.

Is something wrong?

No, I think Alicia
has an infection.

Can you give me a ride home?
I don't have to stay tonight.

I hope it's nothing serious.

I don't know, man.
They're making some tests...

...but they haven't
told me anything either.

Yemen, Brazil...

...Turkey, Cuba.

-I'll read them to Alicia.
-It's just tourist guides.

If you wrote them I'm
sure they have style.

Are you leaving alone?


I wanted to talk to
you about that, Marco...

...before you leave.

About what?

About loneliness.
I want to get married.

Marry? Who?

-Alicia, who else?
-Benigno, you're insane.

Our relationship is better
than most marriages.

What's wrong with a man in
love wanting to get married?

She is in a coma!

Alicia can't say "I do"
with any part of her body.

We don't know if vegetative
life can be called life!

-Get in the car.
-How can you say that?

Get in the car!

Benigno, what you have
with Alicia is a monologue...

...and nonsense.
Talking isn't useless...

...but you also talk to plants
and you don't marry them.

I can't believe
you're saying that.

I thought you were different.

Promise me you won't say it
again, won't even think it again.


Because if you tell someone
you'll be in serious trouble...

...and I won't be
here to help you.

If it makes you
easy, I promise.

No matter how much we
love her and like her...

-Do you like her too?
-Of course I do, how couldn't I?

She likes you too.

Benigno, Alicia is
practically dead!

She can't feel
anything for anyone!

Not for me, for you,
not even for herself!

Get that into your head!

Our patient Alicia
Roncero has been raped...

...and she is pregnant.

I haven't told
her father yet...

...because you'll tell me first
who was the son-of-a-bitch.

Mr. Director, we are
greatly disturbed.

You should feel
responsible instead.

Alicia is on your floor.

Then let me expose
this situation.

Rosa, please.

Alicia hasn't had her
period for two months.

First I thought it had
just been a month, but...

...but I was wrong.

Last month's nurse's
comments say nothing about it.

It even says you placed the
sanitary napkin as usual.

That week I was
home with a flu.

You wrote it,
didn't you, Benigno?

-It's your handwriting.
-Yes, I did.

Why did you write false data?

I didn't want
people to be alarmed.

It's not the first time a patient
no longer has her period.

That's true.

How come no one noticed?

What about the night nurse?

Matilde? She called,
she can't make it today.

Didn't she notice it
was missing either?

Well, Matilde has been
having personal problems.

It's very often
that she can't come.

Who takes her place?


Do you want me to
tell Mr. Roncero...

...his daughter spends day
and night with this freak?

Please, stay calm
and be respectful.

Benigno... you realize you have
become the prime suspect?

Why did you hide it the
first time it was missing?

I'm sure there
is an explanation.

You would never
harm Alicia.

-You can be sure of that.
-And so?

Last night, at the parking
lot, I happened to hear...

...a conversation between
Benigno and Mr. Marco.

Benigno said he wanted
to marry Alicia.

Mr. Zuloaga tried
to dissuade him, but...

...Benigno wasn't reasoning,
he was very upset.

He also said he knew
many married couples...

...who didn't get along as
well as he and Alicia did.


Lydia Gonzalez was buried
yesterday, April 13th... La Almudena cemetery.

The 33-year-old bullfighter...

...daughter of banderillero
Antonio Gonzalez...

...had been in a coma...

Del Bosque Hospital,
may I help you?

Can I speak to
Benigno Martin?

-He's on the second floor.
-He doesn't work here anymore.

-Excuse me, Miss...
-Are you sure?


What about nurse
Rose Salazar?

-Who am I speaking with?
-Marco Zuloaga.

Hold on a second.

How can I authorize
some flyers?

Down the aisle,
in Administration.

-Yes, who is it?
-Marco Zuloaga.

-I'm calling from Jordanian.

I read that Lydia is dead.

Yes, man, she is.
I'm sorry, Marco.

I would have liked
to be informed.

I see. I don't know,
we've had so many problems...

What is it, Rosa? They told
me Benigno isn't working there.

No. Benigno is in jail.

In jail?

He's accused of
raping Alicia Roncero.

What are you saying?

Give him a hand.
He has no one to turn to.

-Have you visited him?

After what he did, I can't.

But someone must help
him and you're his friend.

Okay. Which
prison is he in?



Please wait for
me, don't go.


I want to see a prisoner.

Go to Communications.
Through this door, on the left.

Thank you.

-What do you want?

I want to see prisoner
Benigno Martin.

Today is not a visit
day, but let me see.

Excuse me, I can't hear you.

Excuse me, it's
not a visit day...

...and that inmate hasn't
requested a visitor.

He doesn't know I'm in
Madrid, I arrived yesterday.

I see. Are you family?

No, I'm his friend.
My name is Marco Zuloaga.

Can I see an ID, please?


-Can I call him on the phone?
-You can't, but he can call you.

I changed my number, can
you give him the new one?

-OK, thanks.

Very good.

Excuse me.

Remember, visit days...

...are Saturday and Sunday...

...but the inmate
must request the visit.

If he doesn't want to see you,
there's nothing we can do.

He'll want to see me.

Great. By the way, we don't
have "prisoners" in here...

I can't hear you.

Excuse me, we don't have
"prisoners", we have "inmates".

-Good-bye. Thanks.





No, it's nine.



Yes, hello?

Marco, is that you?

-Yes, Benigno.
-It's great to see you.

Hey, I've requested
your visit.

Will I see you
next Saturday?

-Where are you?

I'm in front
of the hospital.

Dr. Vega has
told me everything.

How could you, Benigno?

Man, you didn't come back to
Spain to scold me, did you?

No. Do you need me to take
anything to you on Saturday?

I need information. What
do you know about Alicia?

No one from the hospital
is allowed to talk to me.

Her father took her to another
hospital, they don't know where.

-I don't believe that.
-Me neither...

...but it's obvious
they won't tell us.

Hey, man... are you
still my friend?

Of course, why do
you think I am here?

Okay, find out what
happened to Alicia.

If she's alive,
if the baby is born...

...if it's a boy or
a girl, if it's alive.

I need to know, Marco.

You're mad at me, but
you understand, don't you?

Yes, I do.

I'll try to find out.

I'll see you next
Saturday, Benigno.

Did you find something out?

Not yet, but I will.
Be patient.

I was patient until Alicia
was 9 months pregnant...

...but that was a month ago.

You must keep on
waiting, Benigno.


What do you do
during the day?

I work at the infirmary.

This is a new prison... there's not too many
people, it's very quiet.

It doesn't look like a
prison from the outside.

Prison is not my problem...

...but not seeing Alicia.

According to forensics and
Alicia's father, I'm a psychopath.

Yes, a psychopath.

They say that's
good for the trial...

...but I don't care
about the trial.

I need to see Alicia and
know how things ended.

If this doesn't change,
I'd do something stupid.

Don't they say
I'm a psychopath?

Then I'll behave as one.

Don't say that,
Benigno, please.

Oh, find me a new lawyer.

Mine is public and he has a
hard time not punching me.

Okay, okay.

I'll call the doorwoman to
give you the keys to my home.

Hire it and pay the
lawyer with that money.

I can hire your apartment,
I hired mine too.

Okay. I like you
to be my tenant.

I've thought a lot about
you in these past months...

...mostly at night.

Why at night?

Because I read at night.

I've read all the tourist
guides you gave me.

It's been like... traveling
with you for months...

...telling me things no
one tells you about trips.

My favorite guide
is La Havana's...

...and I felt identified
with those people...

...who have nothing
and make it all up.

When you describe
that Cuban woman...

...leaning on a window
in front of the sea wall...

...waiting pointlessly...

...seeing how time goes
by and nothing happens...

...I thought that
woman was me.

Good morning, madam.
I'm Benigno's friend.

Oh, are you Marco,
from Argentina?


I am the doorwoman.

Benigno called to tell me...

-... that you'll hire his place.
-That's right.

It will be very untidy, because
he expressly forbid me... go in and clean.

I wasn't going to
charge for it, but...

Don't worry, I'll
take care of that.

-Should I give you the key?

I'll see if I can find it.

Have you seen him?

-How is he?


Not even in jail has
that poor man been lucky.

He hasn't got
much attention.

No one has come from
the TV, no paparazzo.

So many trashy TV programs...

...and not one has
come, I don't know... interview me, for example.

It's sad the state the mass
media are in this country.

Yes, you have that right.

-The key...
-Oh, yes!


Oh, by the way...

Do you know why
Benigno is in jail?

He's very quiet, so
the last time he came...

...he didn't say a word.

Benigno is innocent.

Well, of course
he is, I know that...

...but innocent of what?

I don't know.

You don't? Of course you
do, but you won't tell me.

But I'll make you tell me.


See you, ma'am.

If you need anything, you know...

I'm very excited, Alicia, to
see you come in by yourself.

With your canes, on your own.

-Did you see me?
-How was rehab today?

-Very good.
-Are you tired?

-Yes, very.
-It doesn't matter.

Let's do some
complementary exercises.

We'll do some

I've done a hundred today.

Yes, it doesn't matter,
let's do some more.



I have an appointment
with Mr. Saenz.

Come in.

Thank you.

The fetus was born dead.
It was a boy.

But Alicia is awake.
Benigno should know.

Regarding his state of
mind, I don't think so.

He'd do something crazy.

But I can't lie to him.

I'm his only friend,
he trusts me.

I will. It is no
problem for me.

I'll tell him Alicia is still
in coma and the baby is dead...

...but you must promise
me you won't tell him.

-What about parole?
-It isn't likely...

...and it would be very
expensive, but we can try.

Number 8.

-Hi, Marco.
-Hi, Benigno.

-Did you get wet?
-A little.

Be careful, don't get a cold.

Have a big glass of hot
milk when you get home...

...with a teaspoon of honey.


Ever since I'm here
I like rainy days.

Have you seen
the new lawyer?


Yes, he was here.

He told me everything.

It won't be easy
for me, right?

In fact, it won't.

At least Alicia is the
same after childbirth.

It consoles me and
it gives me hope.

Are you okay, Benigno?

I'd like to be able
to hug you, Marco.

But to hug you I'd have
to ask for a vis-à-vis.

I've tried it, you know?

They asked me if
you were my boyfriend.

I didn't dare to say yes... case you mind.

I don't mind at all.

You can say
whatever you want.

I've hugged very
few people in my life.

A message.

Marco, I was very
glad to see you today...

...and to be able
to say good-bye.

As you know, they
won't let me go out...

...or it will be to
confine me somewhere else.

Marco, I don't want to live
in a world without Alicia...

...a place where I can't
even keep her hairpin... I decided to escape.

I didn't tell you
for you not to worry...

...or to try to keep
me from doing it.

A very tight hug, Marco.


-To Segovia.

-Yes, to jail.
-To jail?


Madam, I need to see
Benigno Martin urgently.

I know this is not the way,
but this is life-and-death.

The principal is waiting
for you in his office.

Where is his office?

The officer with walk you.

This way.

To the right.

-Empty your pockets, please.

Hey, hey! Wait a
minute! Don't run!

Wait for me.
It's in there.

Over there.

Good morning.
I'm Marco Zuloaga.

Benigno Martin left
this letter for you.

Dear Marco...'s still raining.

I think that's
a good omen.

When Alicia had that
accident it was raining too.

I'm writing to you a few
moments before escaping.

I hope what I've taken is
enough to fall into a coma...

...and get together
with her.

You are my only friend.

The house I prepared for
Alicia and me is yours.

Wherever they take
me, come and see me...

...and talk to me.

Tell me everything.

Don't be so impenetrable.

See you forever, my friend.

These are the
retained objects...

...and these are the personal
belongings we found in his cell.

You have to sign here.

Sir, you have to sign here.

Benigno, it's me.

Alicia is alive.

You woke her up.

When I heard your message
I ran to jail to tell you...

...but I was late.

Alicia's hairpin
is in your pocket...

...and also her pictures...

...and your mother's... that they will be
with you for eternity.

...cruel signs.

Masculine below,
feminine above.

I'll get you some
water. Take a seat.

-Are you okay?

I don't know.

-I'm much better now.

Let's go, baby.

-Let's go inside.

Come on.

-You're shaking.
-I'm not.

You are.


-What have you told her?

I've seen you talking.

Alicia asked me if I was
okay and I thanked her.

Don't worry if you see
me in your neighborhood.

I live across the street
from your dance school.

-At Benigno's?

Why do you live there?

Benigno is dead.

You and I should
talk some day.

Yes, and it will be
simpler than you think.

Nothing is simple.

I'm a ballet teacher,
and nothing is simple.