Talk Back and You're Dead (2014) - full transcript

This is the story of Samantha, a girl who unbelievably fell in love with a delinquent, hot-headed guy named Top--the leader of the so-called gang "Lucky 13". And she always asks herself if they'll last forever.

--== McEphie ==--

Ah, you’re Beast!

And you’re beautiful.

I know.

Mom said that
I’m the prettiest.

Ew! Why did you do that?

My Prince Charming
wouldn’t come anymore

because someone
kissed me already.

I will be your prince charming.

I will marry you
when we grow up,

so don’t cry.

How could you be a prince
when you’re fat?

I won’t be fat
when I grow up.

I’ll be charming.


I promise.

Pinky promise?

Pinky promise.

Do you believe
in the word “destiny”?

In the modern times like ours,

maybe there are just a few,
who believe in that word.

Before, I’m one of those
who don’t believe.

It sounds old fashioned, right?

If only everything’s just that easy.

If only fairy tales are that simple.

If only the first person,
who’d tell you that he loves you

is the one you’ll end up with...

If only everything
goes smooth sailing

with no complicated twist.

And wish that each person’s love story
is made by Walt Disney.

That in spite of all the trials

it ends up with happily ever after.

Maybe I’ll believe
in the word 'fate'.

Because every person’s fate,

is written in a book
from the very beginning.

Hi, ma’am. Good morning!

Ma’am total bill, 550.

I received 1,000.

Cheater! Fraud!



What the hell
did you just say?



Keep the change.

How could you do this to me?

You crazy!

Hey, man-who-thinks-he’s-great!

You’re the one who cheated,

yet you had the nerve
to say that to my friend.


Honey, who is she?

Another lunatic.


Who are you calling lunatic?

Say sorry.

Oh no, say sorry
to my best friend.

Aside from being a liar and pervert,
you’ve got a foul mouth.

Didn’t your parents
teach you how to respect

other people,
especially women?

Didn’t your mom
teach you anything?

What did you say?


Are you scared of this jerk?

Well, I’m not.


That’s enough!

One sec.

What? We’ve been here
for hours.

Why are we hiding?
It’s not our fault.

It is, Samantha.

It’s just playtime.

We just want to get even
with Hershey.

That girl who’s with Top.

And what did Hershey do to you?

She’s conceited.


And you got me into this.

Well, we didn’t tell you
to meddle.

So it’s my fault
that I cared.

We just want him to break up
with his girlfriend.



Top's good looks will be
such a waste with Hershey.

She took him away from us.

That flirt.

And I’m prettier than her.

Why? Did you even date him?


So you girls are
also conceited now.


I still don’t think
she’s good enough for Top.

We look good together.

What the hell did you say?


Are you scared of this jerk?

Well, I’m not.

Samantha, no.

Come on.

I’m dead.

I’m so dead.

Don’t worry, girl.

We’ll make sure your make up
is great on your wake.

Shut up!



Do you wanna die?

Don’t call me bitch!

Go to hell and stay there!

I hope you don’t
think that anyone

is exempted from using
cellphones in my class.

Continue your exam.


How do you do this?



Just in case
you didn’t know.

My name is

Timothy Odelle Pendleton.

Do you wanna live?

You better surrender yourself
at Pendleton High.

So we can settle the score.

Well, Mr. Timothy Odelle Pendleton,

I will make sure, I’ll report you
to your principal,

Mr. Antonio De Leon,

to teach you some manners.


Whoever knows,

where to find Miracle Samantha Perez...

will get a reward.

What’s the reward?


13 kisses!

One from each member
of the Lucky 13 Gang.

She’s here!

Are you Miracle Samantha Perez?

Wow. Do you really
hate me that much?

You even researched
my name from NSO.

Don’t you know me?

Why? Do I have to?

Good job, bro.

Take her to the club.

If she runs,

kill her.

Hold it. Looks like this is the way
to the abandoned factory.

Are they’re going to chop me
into pieces,

and sell my organs?

I don’t want to be like “Bopis”.

Oh thank you.

Wait, this is where
the night clubs are.

Will they turn me
into a prostitute?

This is it, Lord.

I leave it all up to You.

Come on!

Help me!

This jerk kidnapped me.


Boss, Boss Top is waiting inside.

Come on.


Sorry if I slapped you.

I didn’t mean it.

Well, actually, I meant it because
I thought you cheated on my best friend.

I didn’t know it was just a dare.

Go out with me.

And why would I go on
a date with you?

Are you insane?

And who are you...

to refuse?

I'm Miracle Samantha Perez.

Perez. THE Perez clan.

Don’t challenge me.

Top, we’re under attack.

Look at what we have here.

The lucky 13? The lucky 13.

Aren’t you gonna introduce me
to that lovely lady?

Piggy, get the hell out
before I kill you.

You don’t want to share?


But after you’re done with her,
I’ll be the next one.

Can I just taste?

That’s enough!

That’s enough!

That’s enough!


Let's go.

That IV stand, check it.

The patient is complaining
that it’s rusty.


How’s Top?

What’s the full name?

All I know is Top.

Miss, please check.

Then Miss Milen’s
diet, the one in 615...

low fat, low sodium.

What’s the name? Tops?




The patient is just
finishing the medicine

that's helping his heart beat.

When it’s finished?

Then his heart will stop.

What’s his illness?

Brain cancer.

Doc, don’t let him die.

Please, I beg you.

Miss. We can’t do
anything about it.

His family gave a directive.

Do not resuscitate.

Please return this.



It’s my fault.


Get off, woman.

I won’t run from you.

I'll go on a date with you,
and be your girlfriend.

Why are you crying?

And what are you talking about?

If I only knew that
you have a cancer,

I could’ve already granted
your dying wish.


Do I look like a freaking
cancer patient to you?

You’re not dying?


I just wasted my tears.

I’ll go ahead.

You agreed.

Give me her number.


You agreed.

You agreed to be mine.

That doesn’t count.

I thought you were
going to die.

It’s not my fault
you’re dumb.

I don’t want to.

Do you wanna die?

From now on, you’re mine.

One more thing

One more rule for you, retard.

What is it?
And don’t call me a retard.

Talk back and you’re dead.

Just a sec.


Audrey, good game!

We had a hard time beating you.

Congratulations to us.

Do you really have to rub it in
that you’re better than me?

That’s not my intention.


That’s who you are, right?

To be the best,
you'll forget everything.

You’ll step on anyone,

whatever the cost.

Why are you mad at me?

Why did I ever do to you?

Is it because we won?

Audrey, it’s just a game.

You think you’re perfect,

don't you Samantha?

Somebody told me
that you’re going out

with the bad boy from Pendleton.

Is that what a perfect princess do?

Well, I guess you’re not
the goody two shoes

you’re trying
to show everyone.

My image is my problem.

But before you take
my problem as your own,

fix your attitude problem, okay?

Your insecurity is eating you up.

Samantha, be careful with your moves.

Because one day
when you wake up,

you're already at the bottom.

I don’t know what
Audrey’s problem is.

She’s always mad at me.

And how did she know
your relationship with Top?

Hello, isn’t Audrey,
Red's sister,

who’s Top’s best friend?

And not only that.

As far as I know, Audrey likes Top
for a quite a long time now.

My god.

What did I get myself into?

Who are these villains in my life?

Top’s family is the owner
of Pendleton High,

an all-boys school
for the elite.

with notorious backgrounds.

He’s also the leader
of the Lucky 13.

That’s the top gang
in the district.

He’s undefeated in basketball.

And he’s master of many martial arts.

He’s also undefeated in kickboxing,

and he’s an Underground
Fighting Champion.

I’m pretty sure that if
I won’t follow through our deal,

you'll just see my body floating
along Pasig River.

Kind of.

So why avoid him?

I think he’s really hot.

You’re lucky.

Let’s go home.

Fit this one.



Oh my god.

I knew I’d find you here.

Why are you looking for me?

I’ve been waiting for you
in your school a while ago.

Are you avoiding me?

Avoiding you? No!


We just need to do something important
here in the mall.


Mannequins are made
to be perfect,

but there aren't any abs.

Wow. Of national relevance, huh?


Hi, my love!

Can you cut it out?

What are you?

You wanna watch a movie?

I’ll buy popcorn.

I can’t.

- Why?
- I’m gonna watch a movie...

with my girlfriend.

Girlfriend? Who?

Are you kidding me?

That’s not true.

Let’s go.

Watch and drool.

Let’s go, babe.

We’re gonna be late
for our movie.

Come on.

You won’t believe
what I’ll tell you.

Did you know that Audrey has
a gangster boyfriend?

Yesterday, she’s been
accusing Sam

of having a boyfriend
from Pendleton High.

Now, she’s the one who has.



I think his name is Top.

He’s pretending that he wants me
to be his girlfriend,

yet he has a girlfriend already.

Excuse me.

Are you from St. Celestine?

Yes, why?

Do you know Top Pendleton?

Yes, why?


That jerk is really famous
wherever he goes.

Do you know who
his girlfriend is there?

If you see someone
wearing glasses,

with a Gucci bag,

and with a lot of girls...

that’s her.

Let’s go.

I’m wondering why
all of a sudden, right?


Help me!

Oh my god, guys!
Help me!

What’s up?

Your girlfriend is here with us.


Who are you?

You don’t have
to know who am I.


Is that you?

How did you know?

Don’t you touch my girlfriend.

Or I’ll kill you.

If you want to see her alive,

come to our hide out.

You’ve got a debt
that you need to pay.

I hate you.

Piggy, bring out my girlfriend!

Top! Help me!

Let me go!

I don’t know why I’m here.

Why are you here?

Isn’t she your girlfriend?



I thought she’s your girlfriend.

As they say, a lot of people die
with the wrong idea.

Wow, okay. Go boys.

Beat him up.

Let go of me!

Dude, it’s your turn!

Top, there goes Piggy!

You thought they took Samantha,

that's why you're here?

Red doesn't know
you’re here?

I better take you home.

Samantha come out here. Now!


What's wrong with you?

Why are you making
a scene here?

If you don’t stop,
I’ll call the police.

Were you the one
who told Piggy

that Audrey is my girlfriend?

Huh? No.

Don’t lie to me.

I’m not lying.

And what happened to you?


Just be careful.

Don’t get caught.

Don’t get caught where?

Hey, where?

Yes, how does it feel
to be kidnapped?

It’s really scary.

How does it feel to be saved
by your boyfriend?

I feel like I’ve got
really long hair.

So, he saved me.

He risked his life
just to save me.

Imagine, he’s alone.

He faced the whole gang
just for me.

It must be love.

How about you, Samantha?

When are you going
to have a boyfriend?

I’m not in a hurry, Audrey.

It feels good
to have a boyfriend.

Do you know that?
A boyfriend who loves you so much.

What else?

Tell us more.

I swear it makes me really giddy.

Is it true that
you're Top’s girlfriend?

What do you think?

Is it right to answer a question
with another question?

What if I say yes?

What is it to you anyway?

I just want to make it clear.


Because you can’t accept it?

That for once in your life,
I actually beat you.

Timothy, how’s Ashley?

Have you seen her recently?


Honey, maybe he doesn’t like Ashley.

That girl is over eager, right?

You know Timothy.

He doesn’t like girls like that.

How about Cristina Tambunting?

I heard she’s back
from Austria.

It’s their spring break, right?


You want us
to set you up with her?

Can you stop setting me up on dates?

I already have a girlfriend.

What? Why didn’t I know about that?

You just burp and it goes trending
all over the school.

Why don’t you invite her to dinner?

So we could meet her.


When there’s a crowd?

There must be Top.

And when there’s Top?

There must be Audrey.

Please excuse me!

Hi, Top!

What are you doing here?

Are you waiting for me?


You’re ten minutes late.


Yes, you!

Who else?

Can’t you run?

I’ve been waiting.

Why are you taking me?

Why not Audrey?


Who’s my girlfriend?

Isn’t it you?


Oh my gosh, that’s so sweet.


Oh, you were left behind.

What’s that?


I know.

What am I gonna do with that?

What do you do
with clothes?

Don’t you wear it?

What I mean is...

Why do I need to wear this?

What for?

What did I say?

Don’t protest, right?

Talk back, you’re dead.

Okay fine.

Make yourself nice, okay?

Make yourself look like human.

Why? Do I look like a platypus?

I’m gonna dress up, alright.


Excuse me.

What the hell are you doing?

It's been two hours and
you’re still not done.

Hold on. You told me
to look pretty, right?

How long does it take for one
to look like a human?

Do I look like a human now?

That’ll do.

You know, I’m gonna call the police.


You’ve been stealing glances at me.

You think.

I don’t like you.


Hi! Good evening.

I’m Teddy Pendleton.
Timothy’s father.

And you must be...


I’m Ginny Pendleton. Step mom.

My father’s second wife.

Glad to meet you.

Actually, the pleasure is ours.

This is the first time that Timothy
introduced his girlfriend to us.


Let’s eat, I’m hungry.

Let’s go eat, Samantha?

What if I tell them that
you also don’t like me?

Just try.

There are a lot of girls
who doesn’t have values.

That’s why I’m sure that your parents
are so proud of you.

Besides being a top student,

you're obviously a responsible girl.

Maybe that’s why
Top likes you.

Auntie, you have no idea.

By the way, who are your parents?

My parents are Crisostomo
and Celine Perez.

Of the Perez Group of Companies?

The owner of SGH Corporation?

Yes, sir.

You know, son,
you’re still young.

You have many years
ahead of you,

don’t be too serious about it.

What do you mean?

All I’m saying is...

you guys are free
to date other people.

Well, I’m not like you.

I’m loyal to women.

That is inappropriate.


You drove my mother
to kill herself.


Yes, I’ve had enough.

Stop meddling with my life,
as if you really cared about me.

You stopped being my dad
the day mom died.

Let's go.

Excuse me.


That’s why you’re grumpy.

You have a lot of issues in life.

My problems are
no match to yours.


Why? What’s your problem?

I’m not perfect.

I have a hard time passing
my parents’ exam of perfection 101.

I always fail.

I won’t be able to graduate.

Look, whatever’s going on between us,

it’s over.

Huh? Why?

Your job is done.

We’re even now.

Is that it?

Haven't you developed
feelings for me?

Can’t you love me for real?

It’s because you’re too perfect.

I’m not perfect.

Well, you’re perfect to me.



Is this the last time
I’ll hear from you?


I won’t be bothering you anymore.


And he dumped me.


Who else, but Top.

How would he dump you
if you weren’t really together.

Well, the masquerade is over now.

So, why are you crying?

Oh my god.

You actually fell for him.

You know, girls. I don’t know.

All I know is that I used
to hate him so much.

But when he dumped me...

I’m confused with what I feel.

Good for you.

What will your parents tell you

if they found out that
their only princess

is in love with an ex-convict.

Excuse me?

Oh, you didn’t know?

My bad.

I thought you knew.

Before getting into a relationship,

you should at least
get to know the person.

You should know who he really is.

Or at least find out
if he has a criminal record.




Samantha and I broke up.


What for?

Her work is done.

Didn’t you fall for her?

You know I can’t.

I made a promise.


With Sammy.

I promised to love her
for the rest of my life.

Top, you need to know something.


Samantha’s real name is

Miracle Samantha Perez.

Miracle and Sammy are one person.

You’re kidding me.

Miracle was gone,

when she got into an accident,
and had amnesia.

You mean to say,

I’ve been around the world
searching for her.

She’s just in front of me.

And I hurt her.

Ah, damn.

I’ll sit here.

I got here first.

I want on the window side.

It’s cold.

Hey dude.

Help me! Help me!

Let me go.

In just a few minutes,
Top will come over.

He’s not coming.

Don’t fool me.

You’ve fooled me once.

Are you really Top’s girlfriend?

Yes, before.

Now, not anymore.

You’re just wasting your time.

Top won’t come.

You know, Piggy,

I’m losing my patience with you.

Let’s go.

Don’t be annoying.

That’s enough.


Don’t stop.


Top, that’s enough!

Top, on your back!


Retard, I told you
not to get caught.

Are you okay?

What are you doing here?

Isn’t it obvious?
We’re saving you.

You’re so slow.

You know, you’ll die early by smoking.

You’re saying something?

Stop that.

I don’t want to be
a brain-dead zombie like you.

What did you call me?

I just saved your ass.

You wanna die, stupid girl.

You’ll die early
from lung cancer,

so please don’t get me involved
with your second hand smoke.

Okay, okay.

What? Can you quit complaining?

What’s your problem?

You’ve fallen for me already?

That’s what I hate about girls.

You save them,
they fall for you.

And then they get clingy.

You’re saying a lot of things,

go kiss her.

What did you say?

Why would I kiss
this brain-dead zombie

and ex-con?

Come on, I’ll take you home.

Did you really have
to call him an ex-con?

He’s not that bad, Samantha.

If you’d only give him a chance...

He’s not bad?

Why is he treating my like that?

He’s just covering up what
he really feels for you.

He’s the one
who’s retarded.

He fights with the one he likes.

He’s intimidated with you.

You’re not like the other girls.

You’re a fighter.

His level of confidence
got lower because of you.

Believe it or not,

he feels shy
because of you.

And now that you know
that he went to jail.

I’m sure he wouldn’t show up
to you for a long time.


Well then, I guess I’m not
that important to him.

Did you know that this is the second time
he did this for you?


Audrey was kidnapped.

Mistaken identity.

It was supposed to be you.

He’s got a lot of girlfriends.

Top doesn’t like girls.

Is there a guy
who doesn’t like girls?

That’s Top.

He got hurt,

because of a girl,
he met ten years ago.

He got hurt so bad.

That was ten years ago.

Why can’t he forgive her until now?


because she’s not that easy to forget.

What do you need again?

Come with me. My treat.

You’re kidding, right?

I’m serious.

And why would
someone like you,

want to go out
with an ex-con?

Because I know
that he’s too eager,

to tell me the fact
that I’m wrong.

Which flavor do you like?



Such a girly flavor
for a macho gangster.

Well, it brings back memories.

Your mom?


Thank you.

What really happened to her?

Stop that.

Maybe some other time.


How about tomorrow?


I got a basketball game tomorrow.

Can I watch?

No. You’re not allowed.

Why not?

You’re just not allowed to.

Why can’t I watch?

Why are you so stubborn?

You’re not allowed!

I’m not allowed, huh?

You’re dead!


I’ll call you Miracle.

We’re friends, right?






Why are we gonna sit at the back?

There are a lot of unoccupied seats in front.

I don’t want to get hit
by the ball.

Yes, that’s it.
Let's sit at the back.

I got a question.

Is your brother a good cook?

Yes, he is.

Mom taught us how to cook
when she was still at home.

Did you know that he cooks better
than our head cook at home?

What’s his favorite food?



Now, you’re smiling.

You’ve fallen deeply
in love, huh?


Don’t worry,
it’s just the two of us.

Mond, get in,
replace Top.


What are you doing here?

Didn’t I tell you that you’re not
allowed to watch?

Are you retarded,
or just a plain moron?

Stupid bitch!

I’m sorry.

What did you just say?

Damn it.

Don’t make me say it again.

Miracle, I said, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for being a jerk.

I’m sorry for yelling at you.

I’m sorry for calling you a bitch.

You know,
I take it back.

There, I said it.

So you finally admit
that you’re a jerk.

Shut up.

You can’t make me...

What the hell was that for, retard?

One slap, one kiss.

I like you.

Do you need a girl again
to present to your parents?

Will you just look for someone else
who will get fooled by you, Top?

Look, I’m not really good at this.

I can’t really explain
or show how I feel but...

What I said about
me liking you...

Miracle, I really mean it.


Well, so it’s official then.

You’re my girl.

And this time, it’s for real.

Don’t you go seeing
any other guys.

I’ll seriously kill you.



Yeah. I’m your hot hubby.

You’re my retarded wifey.

Got that?

Why are you always
calling me retarded?

Why don’t you call me Sam?

Don’t talk back to me
like that, wifey.

Stop poking my head,
stupid hubby.

What was that?

So it’s official then.

You’re my wife
and I’m your husband.



Say it again.

Call me hubby.


Come on, wifey, louder.


That’s my girl.

You know, Top,

you’re handsome,

but please speak Tagalog.

And stop smoking.

I don’t want you to get sick
because of your vice.

Well, if that’s what you want then...

Okay, I’ll try.

Thanks, hubby.

Come with me.


At the theme park.

Top and Samantha are there.

You know I wouldn’t be seen in
the same place with Samantha.

You used to be best friends.

When we were kids.

I settled for being number two.

Okay, just a best friend.

And when she left, I was happy
to be number one.

Now that she’s back,

she's showing me,

that I’m second best
all over again.

Audrey, you know what happened, right?

Isn’t it right that
as her best friend,

you should be the first one
to understand?


I got hurt that much.

I don’t want it anymore.

So you think that keeping yourself here
will make you number one?

It doesn’t look good on you, Top.

Miracle is so annoying.

Are you really gonna do that
for your girlfriend?

She’s not my girlfriend.


Did you two break up again?

She’s not my girlfriend.

She’s my wife.


Come on, go!

I want that bear.

Bear! I want the bear!

Yes I do.


I want it.

Move over.

Give me that bear.

No way.

He won that for me.

That can’t be,
that’s for my wifey.

So, what now?

Top, never mind.


Okay, to be fair,

you two should fight over it.

If Top wins, he’ll get the bear.

But if my date wins,
trade dates.

Fair enough.

- Game.
- No way.

What are you?

Are you gonna trade me
for that bear?

Don’t worry, I won’t lose.



Do your best.

Your date looks yummy.

It’s okay with me
to just taste her a bit.

Just to taste.

You’re a jerk.

Top, what are you doing?

You're unbelievable!

Top, let’s go.

Are you okay?

- Audrey, come on.
- Bro, that poor guy...


You can’t lock yourself up there forever.

I can.

You’ll starve.

Try to be a gentleman.

That girl is stubborn.

Don’t be sad.

Everything will be okay.

You’ll see.

Why are you crying?

It’s none of your business.

Why are you so mad at me?

Did I do something wrong?

Whatever it is, I’m sorry.

I hope you can forgive me.

Why are you saying sorry?

Don’t you remember anything?

All I know is that
I feel like I miss you.

I don’t know why.

But I feel like I want
to be friends with you.


is that trash who took
my wife’s toy?


Of your wife?

Hold it...

We didn’t know that
we’re gonna fight with you.

We can talk about this.

That’s too bad for you.

Don’t worry, this'll be quick.

After one...


Where’s the freakin’ bear?


Where’s the cap?

I lost it.



Do you have a cap?



Just relax.

Here, get some smoke.

I can’t.

I quit.

Anyways, I’m gonna take this
back to wifey.

I’m coming.

Top, Red.

It’s good that you came.

I would like you to meet Lee.

He’s my cousin from France.

So, you’re Samantha’s boyfriend.

The weather is bad.

You know each other?

Unfortunately, yes.

Are you friends?


Why don't we...
Talk outside?

You need a lot of explanation to do.

Come here.

You told me that Sammy is in Japan.

That’s why I looked for her in Japan.

So if I told you that
she’s in Zimbabwe,

you'll go there?


Wherever she is,

I’ll look for her.

Ten years.

After ten long years,

I didn’t expect that
you wouldn’t give up…

I told you. You can’t stop me.

Top, you better leave
my cousin alone,

or I swear to God...



She belongs to me.

She’s mine.

She can never be yours.

Because she’s bound
by fixed marriage.


I’ll talk to her.

She doesn’t even know yet.

And even if she finds out,

she can’t do anything about it.

It’ll be better,
if we go home.

It’ll make Sammy feel bad
if you’ll get mad at her.

I know the difference
of like and love.

I’m old enough.

Why don’t you like him?

Tell me the truth.

Do you know Top?

Yes. And he’s not going to do
any good for you.

He’s dangerous.

Trust him.

Princess, this is not
the time to be stubborn.

Top is my happiness.

Please don’t take away
my happiness from me.

Just be happy for me,
if you really love me.

Because seriously, I don’t think I can last
a day without him.

I know I’m still young...

the two of us.

I don’t know why I’m saying this.

I know that everything’s
happening fast,

that's why it’s hard to believe.

But bro, do you know
the feeling,

like you've known him
for a long time?

So now he’s here,

my life wouldn’t be complete,
if he’ll go away.

Red told me about everything.

Audrey, in no time,
Lee will tell my parents.

What will I do?

You have two options.

Forget and leave Top.

Is that even an option?

I don’t think so.

What’s the other one?

Fight for your love,
and stay together.

But we’re too young to run away.

Sam, do you see another option?

Sam, whenever you decide...

Sam, just don’t hurt Top.

Go away.

I don’t want to talk to you.

Timothy Odelle Pendleton!

You’re smoking again.

Who cares?

We’re through, right?


He just scared you
a little bit,

and you'll give up easily?

What will I do?

Do I stand a chance?

I don’t want to hurt you.

I want you to take me somewhere.

Somewhere far away.

Take me to your castle, my prince.

I don’t have a castle.

And I’m not a prince.

And I hate fairy tales.

Don’t compare me
to those assholes.

Riding white horses,
wearing stupid capes.

Dumb haircuts.

Thank you so much for ruining
my imagination, Top.

I stopped believing
in fairy tales ten years ago.

How come?

Some crazy fairy punched me in the face.

Why are you looking
at me like that?

You don’t wanna leave with me.

I’m so sick of my bodyguards.

I’m so sick of my crazy, stupid,
over-protective cousin.


I may not be a prince,

but I can be your slave.

I can't offer you
a big white castle,

all I can give you is myself.

If that’s enough for you,

you can leave this place

and come with me.

I’ll take care of you, I promise.

Where to?

What now? You’ve been there,
for like an hour.

Did you drown
in the bath tub?

It’s because...

Because what?


You keep on saying “because”!

If I get irritated,
I’ll kick this door.

Because I got my period.

What do you need?


Damn. Which one here?

Screw it.

Thank you.

This is a lot.

I don’t know what you need.

Rather than go back there again,

I bought everything.

Think of this, I’m a man,

carrying a bunch of napkins.

Thank you.


What are you doing here?


Go to the couch.

This is my room,
I’ll sleep here.

And besides...

I know.

Talk back and I’m dead.

Good girl.

Good night.



How long have we
known each other?

Three months?

Just three months?

But why do I feel like,
I’ve known you for a lifetime?

Go to sleep.


If you got three wishes,
what would they be?

I think you want
something to happen?

You don’t want me to sleep.

Answer my question.

Say my name.

Top, if you have three wishes...

That’s it. My first wish.
Say my name.

My real name.


Thanks, Miracle.

Good night.

You have two more wishes.

There’s still tomorrow.

Thank God.

Glad that you came.

I’m tired with my company here.


If I know, you haven’t slept

because you’ve been staring
at me the whole night.


Leader, we’re hungry.

We’ve travelled quite far.

Don’t you have food there?

Yeah. Give us something to eat.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Are you ready
for my second wish?

Oh no.

What are you?

It’s just cooking oil.

You’re human.

Don’t be fussy!

It hurts. I got splashed.

I don’t like it.

Lower down the fire.

Just do this.

It’s okay.

What’s your plan, Red?

Top can’t leave Samantha.

We know that.

You’ve seen how he is.

He’s really serious.

You know, I feel like,
we’re betraying our friend.

We can’t do anything.

If our friend can’t leave Samantha,

we'll make Samantha leave Top.

How would we know that?

She loves Top.

And she’ll do everything for him.

I don’t know yet if
we’re doing the right thing.

It’s how it should be, dude.

So they won’t have a hard time
with what’s gonna happen.

I’ll help you.


Our boss might get mad.

Do you need anything?

I want to tell you something.

Go ahead.

This is the last day
you’ll be with Top.

You can’t go with him anymore.

Are you kidding me?

No, Samantha.

I’m serious.

Hey, Red. Stop joking around.

It’s not funny.

Your parents are here.


What’s bad is that
they already know

that you ran away
with Top.

It's not good.

My god...

They’re trying
to destroy Top’s business.

They gave us three days

to return you to them.

If we can’t bring you home tomorrow,

The Pendleton’s company
will crumble down.

They’ll get you.

And Top will be in trouble.


They’ll file a case against Top.

Kidnapping and rape.

Rape? Impossible.

Nothing happened between us.

Even so!

You’re a minor.

You have to decide.

Tomorrow, a helicopter will come.

It would be better if you won’t
tell him about this.

Because you know what he’ll do
once he discovers this.

I’m sorry, Samantha.


Hey, what’s wrong?




I love you.

I love you very much.

Don’t say that like,

you'll be gone.

Top, eat a lot.

There’s no dessert yet,
it’s sweet already.

Maybe what'll happen
next is the wedding.

We won’t be friends anymore if you
won’t get me as your ring bearer.

We’ll be F.O. (Friendship Over),
Top, I swear.

Don’t worry.

I’ll make all of you the flower boys.

Flower boys? 13!

Lucky flower boys!


Top, let’s go out.


What if all of a sudden...


We got separated?

I won’t allow that.

What will you do if that happens?

I’ll fight for us.

How about you, what will you do,

if I’ll be gone?



Yes, nothing.

If that’s what you want,
I’ll just understand it.

Why do I have this feeling
that I’m gonna lose you?

You love me, right?

Yes, so much.

There you go.

Then you won’t leave me.

I love you, Top.

I’ll take you downstairs.

You take care of Top.

Lee, keep your promise.

Of course.

Let’s go, Samantha.

Wow. I missed you too.

Since when did you become rude

and disrespectful
to your parents?

You have no shame.

You are a Perez.

For god’s sake!

What if this news spreads?

My god, Samantha.

What if this...


That’s the important thing for you, right?

Your image, your company,

what other people would say.

Samantha, that’s enough.

Respect your mom.

Samantha, I didn’t expect
you’ll be like that.

What happened to you?

Is that what you get from going out
with that worthless person?

Don’t call him worthless, mom.

You don’t know him.

I don’t know him?

I hired a private investigator
to check all about him.

You shouldn’t judge him
because of his gang fights.

It’s just normal to...

To go to jail?

With the crime of kidnapping?

Is that normal with you?

Did he really get you already?

You’re such a big disappointment.


See for yourself.

Who did this to you?

My boyfriend.

We’ll call the police.

No, please, no.

Please don’t do that.

China, call the police.

No, please. No!



I’m so sorry.

I’m so sorry.

Is this true?

Do you believe it?

You’re the one,
who should tell me.

Is this true?


Why don’t you speak up?

This is not true, is it?

Timothy, why don’t you tell me?

I’ll believe whatever you say.

Are you afraid that
I might not believe you?

This is not true, right?

My parents are wrong.

Even Lee.

What do you want me to say?

The truth.

Are you sure?



That’s true.


That’s true?

Why did you do that?

I have no choice.

I need to make a move.

If not...


You’re so stupid!

You’re unfair!

I gave way because
I know that,

you’re the one
he loves, and not me.

I accepted that because
I know he’ll be happy with you.

With all the pain
he’s been through.

But what did you do?

What did you do, Samantha?

You just left him?

I could’ve gone down the level
of those desperate girls,

who chase men.

I wish I did everything
to steal him away from you

but I didn’t do that.

I didn’t do that, Samantha,
because he needs you.

Being with you makes him happy.

Samantha, you’re the girl
who doesn’t stop at anything.

You’re the girl that
he keeps on looking for.

He can’t afford to lose you.

You’re the girl
I’ve been talking about.

- It’s you, Samantha.
- That’s enough, Audrey.

If you like him,
then he’s yours.

You don’t have a heart.

You don’t deserve him.

Yeah, I went to that shop.

There’s a sale.

Yes, there’s a sale.

It's the long weekend, right?
Why don't we shop?

You know that
I'm cheap.

It suits you though.


It’s good to see you, Samantha.

You’re back.

Sorry if I wasn’t able
to get in touch with you.

I made you worried.

Yes. You disappeared suddenly.

I need to hide.

I stayed with my grandmother
in France.

So that’s it.

You went to France.

You have a better life there.


I have to go away from...

From Top.

Because he kidnapped you.

Oh my god.

Is that true?

Top is a kidnapper?

No. Top didn’t kidnap me.

But you said your boyfriend beat you up.

Well, since Top went to jail...

I assumed that Top is your boyfriend.

No. Top is not my boyfriend.

He’s my half brother.

Actually, I lied before because
I don’t want to bring out the truth.

So, Top didn’t beat you up.

Who did?

My stepfather who got
addicted to drugs.

Top isn’t my boyfriend.

He’s my half-brother.

Actually, he helped me.

He’s hid me away
from my stepfather.

So, Top didn’t kidnap me.

The truth is, he saved me.

But why was Top accused?

Because he’s the one
who brought me to the beach house.

to hide me away
from my stepfather.

Oh my god.

I’m wrong.

I hurt Top.

I know where to find Top.

I can bring you to him.


It’s good to see you.

I’ve got a special delivery.

He’s all yours.

Amarie told me everything.

I’m sorry.

You’re here now.

That’s all that matters.

I’m really sorry.

Miracle, it’s okay.

Look, there’s someone
I’d like you to meet.

She's the one
I want you to meet.

My wife, Miracle...

My mom.

Hello, mom.

She can’t cook,
she can’t wash the dishes.

She can’t clean without the maid.

She’s pretty much useless
with household chores.

So basically, she’s a brat.


But I love this retard.

I really do.

She’s funny, she’s smart.

She’s weird sometimes
but that’s okay.

I think it’s cute
when she’s weird.

I know you’ll love her, too, mom.

You went out
with that guy again.

Samantha, why are you
so stubborn?

Bro, Amarie told me everything.

What happened to her
wasn’t Timothy’s fault.

I know.

You know?

Your parents know, too.

My parents know?

You knew about it,
but you kept saying bad things?

Before your relationship gets deeper.

We had to, Samantha.

I can’t believe that
this will come from me.


you’re getting married
to someone else.

What do you mean?

You’re engaged, Samantha.

Fixed marriage is our family’s tradition.

Your parents set on whom
you should marry.

I don’t understand.

All my life...

All my life, I always strive
hard to be number one.

All my life I tried
to be perfect for them.

And for what?

Just for them
to give me away?

Are my efforts
not enough for them?

For the company?

Why are they
doing this to me?


Excuse us for a bit.


We just need a girl talk.

It’s hard to find a guy,
who’s worthy of my attention.

There are a lot of boys here, Audrey,

no one has passed your critical taste?

We’ll see...

Alexander Charleston. That one.

He’s smart. Handsome.

He’s okay.

He’s gay.

This one. Hiro Yamamura.

Son of a rich clan in Japan.


He’s a masochist.

Like he’s gonna commit
harakiri when a girl leaves him.

How did you know all of that?

Well if you’ll go around,
you’ll here those from the gossipers

no secret can be kept.

And the most interesting gossip I heard

is about you.

That I’ll be under fixed marriage.

That you may find
your Mr. Destiny.

See you, Samantha.


Check it out.

Sorry, I just have to go.


Me too, auntie.

Excuse me.

And mom.

I need to go see Trix.



You’re so blessed with your kids.

Thank you.



Be sure that you’re here
when I make the announcement.

I will.

Good girl.

Have you met the wife
of the Ambassador?

She’s here.

I saw her earlier...

You made your hair blond.
It looks good on you

I dreamt of you dancing
with another guy...

with blond hair.

So you made your hair blond?

Is it bad to change
your nightmare?

Do you know the story of blue moon?

Does the blue moon
have a story?

They say, whoever you’re with
while looking up at the blue moon,

that's who you'll spend
the rest of your life with.

Do you believe that?

Are you laughing at me?


I’m serious.

Do you believe it?

Yes. You?

Okay, I believe but not
because of the blue moon.

I believe that I’ll spend
the rest of my life with you.

Whether it’s blue moon or not.

You’re mine.

Top, you’re just here.

I’ve been looking for you.

This night won’t be over ‘til
I have a dance with you.

Is it okay?


Your midnight dance is mine.

I’ll give you something.

Good evening, everyone.

Good evening.

We would like to thank you
for being present tonight

to witness this special occasion.

Tonight we would like to announce another
merger into the Perez Group of Companies.

The Dela Cruz Cargo
and Freight Forwarding International.

Together with this merger
is our announcement to everyone

the engagement of our son Jared,

to the only daughter and only heir
of the Perez Group of Companies...

Samantha Perez.


Excuse me.


Are you really my fiancé?



This can’t happen.


It could've been anybody else!

Have you thought
on what he’ll feel?

He won't lose only me,

even you.

You’re his best friend.

I am counting on you...

To comfort him
when you leave him?

Red, don’t agree on this.

Please fight.

Don't agree
with what they want.

Look, Samantha.

Like you, I’m just being
forced to do this.

But I’ve been expecting this
a long time ago.

Since we were kids,

our parents prepared us for this
tradition called fixed marriage.

We have no choice.

Whatever we chose,

there's only one thing for sure.

Somebody will get hurt.

So it’s better that
we accept this.

Since when?


How long?

Tell me how long?



Damn you.

Timothy, that’s enough.

I trusted you.

Timothy, I beg you,

please stop.

We don’t have a choice.

You’re a liar.

You told me that
you won't leave me.

Is that it?

You’ll just leave me hanging?

Because you don’t have a choice.

People have free will, Miracle.

So don’t tell me that
you don’t have a choice.

I’m so tired of you.

You keep sulking!

You’re too weak.

I’m tired that you're too emotional!

And most of all,

I’m tired of throwing pity on you.

Blue moon?

Blue damn moon.

Why did you say
that to him?

You’re right.

We don’t have a choice.

I’d rather want him
to get mad at me.

It’ll be easier for him
to forget me.

After Christmas,
we’re going somewhere.

Jared is coming.

My parents mentioned that yesterday.

Oh, good.

Samantha is the only one,
who’s not ready.

Where are we going?

We’re going to France for good.

Isn’t it so exciting?

Didn’t you always bug me
and your daddy,

that you want to live
in France with us?

So your father and I have decided
that you’re living there, too.

What about my school?

Oh, don’t worry, we already enrolled you
in a school in France.

With Jared.

But, mom.

Come on.

I’m sorry but I have
to take this call.

Crisostomo, take care of the kids.

Excuse me.


I’ll be there. Okay.

Alright, alright.

This next song is
a very special song.

It goes out to a very special someone.

Samantha, I just want to let
you know that he’s waiting.

And that no matter what happens,

he'll always be waiting.

Alright, let’s do this, yeah?

Alright, go.

Are you leaving me again?

I’m sorry.

And you’re not coming back?

I’ll come back.

I promise.

Don’t try too hard
to keep your promise.

Miracle, I understand that you...

Why do you feel so little
about yourself, Timothy?

What do you keep
acting that way to me?

Why is it easy for you to think
that I can leave you?

I don’t know.

You easily believe in lies

but it’s hard for you
to accept the truth.

I can’t leave you that long.

Whenever we get separated,
I always come back to you.

And I will always come back to you.

I’ll be waiting then.

They say that you should kiss the person
you’re with under the mistletoe.

What now, Timothy?

It’s just the two of us here.



You and Sam need to come home.

Something happened to Top.


Who’s this kid?

You two have a child?

That’s Samantha’s sibling.

What happened to Top?

Top got into an accident
when you left.

But that was two years ago, right?

When you left, Top disappeared.

I don’t know here he is.

Actually, nobody knows.

And just recently,

the news came out that
he got into an accident.

Where could he be?

The beach house.





And you’re beautiful.

I know, my mommy said..

I’m the prettiest.

You! You came back.

Of course, I came back.

I can’t let them.

This is all my fault.

If only I had gotten here sooner.

Top loved Samantha
ever since we were kids.

Because of Samantha,
Top recovered from his mom’s death.

Top promised to love
no one but Samantha.

But everything changed when
Samantha got into an accident

and lost all her memories.

She forgot about Top.

She even forgot Top’s promise to her.

Top wasn’t the only one,
who got hurt.

Even me.

She’s my best friend.

When she came back,
I expected her to remember me

but... she didn’t.

We were like sisters, right?

Maybe that’s why
I got mad at her so much

because she can’t remember me.

Have you fallen in love
with her already?

It’s not hard to love her.

But you cannot compete
with the love that spans ten years.

I promise.

Pinky promise?

Pinky promise.

Pinky promise.

Who are you? Where did you come from?



Sam, come here.

God please send me a miracle.

I badly need one.



Is that really you?

Maybe I’m dreaming again?

This is really me.

I kept my promise
that I’ll come back.

I will never let you go again.