Talisman (1998) - full transcript

As the millenium draws near, an evil being awakens. Fused to an ancient Talisman for centuries -- Theriel, the Black Angel is summoned from his resting place to usher in the end of the world. The ghastly messenger must claim seven human sacrifices to complete the ritual and open the gates of Hell. A teenage boy and girl have been chosen to assist the angel in its deadly mission, yet they alone are the world's only hope for salvation.

(thunder rumbling)

(dramatic music)

(bell tolling)

(thunder rumbling)

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

(flames crackling)

(dramatic music)

(thunder rumbling)

(soft music)

(bell tolling)

(choir singing in foreign language)

- Excuse me.

- Oh, shit, man.

- You speak English?

- Yeah, sure, most of the kids here do.

Didn't you know?

This is a place where
rich Americans abroad

dump their troublemaking kids.

How many schools you been kicked out of?

- None, actually.

- Hmm, parents get divorced,
sort of an odd man out then?

- No.

- You musta done something wrong,

because nobody ever came
here for a good reason.

- So what did you do then, huh?

- Well I used to experiment
with various states

of expanded consciousness,
when I wasn't get stoned.

- And you don't to it anymore?

- Not in this municipality.

See, their approach to the subject

of recreational chemistry
is downright medieval.

So I stick to the tried and true.

Ah, better living through chemistry.

Jacob Fine, how are you, you want a slug?

- Elias Storm, man, no thanks.

- Come on, I'll introduce you around.

I know this place looks
picturesquely desolate.

But if you look close,
it's just ... seedy.


Almost everybody's gone, of course,

you know, for the winter break.

Only we hard-core unloved remain.

Of course, that includes
our local human anachronism,

Dr. Jarod, he of the shiny
jacket and poor hygiene,

teacher of theology, and
our dear headmistress,

Miss Greynitz, or as we like to call her,

the Daughter of Satan.

- Who's that?

- Oh, that's Lilia.

In a world of forbidden fruit,
she's what I call a peach.

She's also Miss Greynitz's
daughter, come on.

- Hey there, how's it going, Jakey?

- Oh, hi.

Elias, this is Burke and
Grimes, Colby, Willis.

Elias is new.

(soft music)

- Welcome to the school.

(soft music)

- Okay, okay, man, you win.

- Win what?

Come on, you can squeeze harder than that.

Show me what you've got.

Now you wanna fight me, is that it?

Huh, is that it?

I don't think it would
be too fair, do you?

You can't even shake my hand.

- What am I supposed to do, cry uncle?

- I don't know. Do whatever you want.

- Okay.

- Ow, ooh.

You wanna bite my finger?

That's playing a little
dirty. I can play dirty too.

Maybe when you're not expecting it.

- Maybe.

- Maybe.

That's right.

(soft music)

(thunder rumbling)

- Europe had Hitler. We have Burke.

Those others are kinda like
those other axis countries

or something like that, I don't know.

Personally, I advise sort
of a Switzerland approach.

You have to be careful with
those guys, especially Burke.

- So I gather.

- I don't mean just
because he's an asshole.

He's also Miss Greynitz's watchdog.

Us poor mortals get locked in at night.

He has the run of the place,

sort of like her own
personal stormtrooper.

- We get locked in at night?

- Like I said, you musta
done something wrong,

else you wouldn't be here.

- Why do you always do that?

I don't bite ... unlike the new kid.

You see, I was just wondering.

We were going into town.

I just was wondering if you
wanted me to get you anything.

- No thank you.

- Come on, we have to
report to Frau Greynitz.

- I knew I could get her to talk.

- [Greynitz] Why are you here?

- [Elias] I'm sorry.

- I assume by now you realize
that our little school,

it's a kind of dumping ground.

Forgive my bluntness.

But now we have you,
an orphan of some kind.

A trust fund of some kind.

Nothing that tells me why
you have been sent here.

- Well I really couldn't tell you why.

- I see.

A mystery.

Well, we shall certainly
solve you in no time at all.

We are not at all modern here.

I will not tolerate any
disobedience, insolence

or improper behavior.

This school is also my home.

Locked rooms are to be
left strictly alone.

Meal time are posted.

I trust you ate in Brevik,

as dinner, it's over for this evening.

- Well actually, I was--

- And curfew is at nine o'clock.

Classes will begin three
days after the new year.

You have seen my daughter?

- Yes, Miss Greynitz.

- She's an innocent young girl.

You will leave her alone.

You are not to speak to her at any time.

Good day, Mr. Storm.

(bell tolling)

(choir singing in foreign language)

- Excuse me.

Is it true we're locked
in our rooms at night?

- Yeah.

- Well, what if there's a fire or?

- We must trust to God
that there isn't one.

- One more question.

When do you turn the heat on around here?

(thunder rumbling)

(owl hooting)

(soft dramatic music)

(fire crackling)

(thunder rumbling)

- On the other hand, if
I was my uncle Steffi

and I wanted some ne'er-do-well
American relatives

to carry out my postmortem wishes,

I would certainly take steps
to see that they were honored.

For all we know, there
could be a Russian-made

video camera hidden inside
one of these tombstones.

Ah, here we go.

Here's dear Uncle Steffi.

- Do you know what that means?

- No, but somehow I
doubt it's a compliment.

Shall we?

- Yeah.

(thunder rumbling)


- Three feet, seven inches.


(thunder rumbling)

- What if it isn't there?

- [Father] Got it.

- Ugh, ugly little thing.

- [Father] Give me the hair.

- Right here.

- Now all that magical junk.

- Some cannabis leaves.



Ah, blood of a virgin.

Age three months, sex female.

I think the virginity in
this case is a good bet.

(thunder cracking)

And, that's about it.

- Right, you hold the talisman,

and I'll say the secret word.

- You're scared, aren't you?

- No.

- Yes, you are.

I'm not.

(mysterious music)


- What, what is it?

What is it?

(crickets chirping)

- Nothing.

Sorry, I just had a nightmare.

- Wait, let me guess.

You went to sleep, you
dreamt you were here

and you woke up screaming?

- Huh.

- [Jacob] You're not gonna be doing

that every night, are you?

- No.

- Good.

We had a screamer here a
couple of semesters ago.

He used up the goodwill
around here mighty fast.

Finally, Miss Greynitz moved
him to the other dorm, Burke's.

You don't wanna be there,

not unless you enjoy being
tied up in a sheet and beaten.

He does that.

- Don't worry about it.

- Just giving you the
benefit of my wisdom, Son.

What's the matter?

Didn't you believe me when I
told you the doors are locked?

- [Elias] Going for a walk.

- Oh, and how do you plan to manage that?

- Skeleton key.

Wanna come along?

- [Jacob] Hell no, wait.

- Suit yourself.

- You know, somehow I have a feeling

this is more than just restlessness.

- You really wanna know?

- Good point, good point.

Listen, Miss Greynitz
and Lilia live up on two.

Now those are their private digs,

so don't go trying any doors up there.

Dr. Jarod's room is down
by the back storage closet.

- Thanks.

- And watch out for Burke.

Sometimes he likes to go for walks too.

(soft mysterious music)

- Again.

(soft mysterious music)




(soft mysterious music)


Come on.

Come on, Grimes, again.

Hey, what's the matter, are you a girl?

Is that it?

- No.

- Come on, another one.


(soft mysterious music)

(crickets chirping)

Boy, that was pretty bad.

Come on, get up.

Get up.

(soft mysterious music)

Just sit here and relax,

so I can tell how delicate you really are.

Now count, if it doesn't
take too much work.

- Yeah, yeah.

(soft mysterious music)

One, two, three.

- To yourself, count to yourself.

Your problem is ... you don't
have enough imagination.

You just gotta picture
little Lilia underneath you,

and you can do this all night long.


(soft mysterious music)


(soft mysterious music)

(dramatic music)

- Oh.

I'm sorry, I didn't know you were in here.

- [Lilia] Nightmare?

- Excuse me?

- I was just wondering why
you were up, wandering around.

I sometimes have nightmares, and

I go walking.

I thought maybe you'd had a nightmare.

- No, actually I-

Well actually I did have a nightmare, but

I was just curious.

You know, it's all new to me and I-

I'm Elias St-

(crickets chirping)

- Are you going to hurt me?

- I don't understand.
Why would I hurt you?

- That's, that's what boys
do to girls, isn't it?

- No.


I'm just.

I'm sitting down, see?

I don't wanna hurt you.

- What was your nightmare about?

- Um,

just my sister.

- What happens to your
sister in the dream?

- I can't remember.

- Maybe it's a warning.

Where is your sister now?

- Dead.

How about you? Do you have
any brothers or sisters?

- Should I tell you about my nightmare?

- If you want.

- It's about God.

- [Elias] You had a nightmare about God?

- Yes.

I heard somebody say, or maybe I read it,

that steeples of churches
are the teeth of God.

In my dream, I can see
God like a huge mouth

full of teeth like steeples.

And out of the mouth of
God, I can hear screaming.

But it's not God
screaming, you understand?

- No.

- It's the voices of the damned.

And they're calling out
for me to set them free.

But to do this, I have
to go into the mouth.

- So what do you do?

- I woke up. Do you think it's fair?

- [Elias] What, that you woke up?

- No.

Some people end up in hell for something

that only takes one second.

Even the worst person
doesn't sin all the time,

so why should the
punishment go on forever?

- I suppose you only get one life,

and if you use it right, that's heaven.

If you use it wrong, that's hell.

And it goes on forever because
you only had one chance.

- Really?

That sounds really simple.

Do you think that life is that easy?

You think it's always that
easy to do the right thing?

- So tell me, is your father still-

(door banging)

- It's my mother.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

I wasn't here just because of the dream.

I was hiding.

- Hiding, why?

- Sometimes my mother has
me do things late at night.

- What things?

- Sh.

(soft dramatic music)

- Oh, there you are.

I was looking all over for you.

- I'm sorry.

- Well, do you want to go now?

- Of course, I'll go.

I know what I have to do.

(soft mysterious music)

(thunder rumbling)

- Only frigging train of the day,

and it leaves at 7:30 in the morning.

- Oh, you're just breaking my heart.

Having to drag your own asses
to some warm little beach

full of topless French bitches.

- Yeah, it's hell, but
somebody's gotta do it.

- I'll see you guys next semes--

- Get away from me with that thing.

- I'm gonna miss having
a couple of pussies

like you two around.

- I hate that son of a bitch.

(Lilia moaning)

Whoa, what is that?

(Lilia moaning)

(door creaking)

(Lilia moaning)

(soft mysterious music)


(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

(flames crackling)

(dramatic music)

- [Jacob] I need to get out more.

This place is happening after curfew.

- You don't believe me?

- I didn't say that.

I mean I did think it,
but I didn't say it.

- Come on.

- Hey, now you know, if you're late

for breakfast, they don't feed you.

And it's not like they're all that anxious

to feed you around here
in the first place.

- Yeah, it'll only take a second.

- Look, not that I'm
suggesting that you can't tell

the difference between
a dream and reality,

but maybe you just fell
asleep out here somewhere

and sorta, and now you can't tell

the difference between
a dream and reality.

- You ever wash blackboards
when you were a kid?

- No, I missed out on that.

- Well something I noticed.

When you wet down a backboard,

even after it's already been erased,

the last thing that was on it,

sort of, kind of, reappears.

- Well you learn something new every day.

(thunder rumbling)

My God, a wet blackboard.

- Wait'll it starts to dry.

(thunder rumbling)

(soft dramatic music)

- Right that's, what?

(soft dramatic music)

- What is it?

Do you know?

- Come on. You're only dreaming.

- I'm following.

Dig in, it's simple fare, but well.

Actually, it's loathsome,
but what are you gonna do?

Like I said, the hard-core unloved.

- Where are?

- Willis and Colby? They
took off to the Riviera

someplace till the new semester starts.

You know, some fun in the
sun before coming back

to some mold in the cold.

No great loss, believe me.

(boys chattering)

(soft dramatic music)

- Stop it.

- I was just sitting at the table.

- Did I ask you to explain, Mr. Burke?

- No, Miss Greynitz.

- Do you think that I do not know

what goes on under my roof?

Can you be so stupid as to
think that for one second?

- No, Miss Greynitz, I was just sitting--

- I know what you did.

I know what everybody does under my roof.

So you see, I have no
interest in your lies.

Mr. Burke, do you hear me?

Do you understand me?

- Yes, Miss Greynitz.

- Since the food is to be wasted,

you are done with meals for today.

You will remain in your
room until after dinner.

When the dinner period's over,

and the rest of us have eaten,

you will come into my office.

Get out.

(soft dramatic music)

- That was about the
damnedest thing I ever saw.

I don't even know if I
wanna sit next to you.

You're kinda scary.

- I don't like bullies.

- [Jacob] Who does?

(boys chattering)

- Excuse me, I'm gonna
go talk to Dr. Jarod.

- Talk about insult.

Was it something I said?

- It's business.

See you later.

(soft dramatic music)

Dr. Jarod, I'm Elias Storm.

- So I gather.

- May I sit down?

(soft dramatic music)

I know you're a doctor of theology.

I was wondering if you, um,
might know what that was.

(soft dramatic music)

I was also wondering if
you'd heard of a relative

of mine, a late uncle.

- I know many late uncles.

- His name was Sturma, Steffon Sturma.

- Your uncle was Steffon Sturma?

- He's a great uncle actually.

- Yes, of course I've heard of him.

He's well known in some circles.

He was insane.

- Why do you think he was insane?

- Well, when a man seeks to
invoke the Angel of Darkness

and bring about the end of the world,

and when in rituals
include blood sacrifices

and unspeakable atrocities,

what would you call that if not insane?

- So this,

this is the Angel of Darkness?

- Are you playing games
with me, young man?

- I don't understand.

- They don't put this symbol on the backs

of the playing cards or show it on TV.

So how could you have come by it

without knowing what it was?

Especially considering
your exalted late uncle.

- I saw it on one of the blackboards

in one of the classrooms.

It's not there anymore, but
I was just wondering if--

- Indeed, maybe you know no
more than your questions imply.

And maybe your presence
here is a perfectly

innocent coincidence.


Of course, I do not
believe in coincidences.

And maybe I should trust
you, Mr. Storm, maybe.

But then again, maybe not.

(soft dramatic music)

Now, I'm finished with my breakfast.

Good day to you, Mr. Storm.

(dramatic music)

(birds singing)

(soft dramatic music)

(thunder cracking)

(dramatic music)

(thunder cracking)

(dramatic music)

(thunder cracking)

(dramatic music)

(thunder cracking)

(dramatic music)

(thunder cracking)

- He sees us!

(soft dramatic music)

(thunder cracking)

(soft dramatic music)

(birds singing)

(knocking on door)

- [Greynitz] Enter.

- Miss Greynitz?

- Mr. Burke, come in.

(soft dramatic music)


Sit down.

Have you been thinking today, Mr. Burke?

- Yes I have, Miss Greynitz.

- Thinking about what, this?

After a whole 12 hours with nothing to eat

and no prospect of
anything for another 12,

you must be feel yourself terribly ill.

- No, Miss Greynitz.

- You'd like something to eat?

- I guess that's up to you, Miss Greynitz.

- You guess?

Three years here with me,
and you still say I guess.

What a disappointment you are, Mr. Burke.

- I'm sorry about what happened
at breakfast, Miss Greynitz.

It won't happen again.

- Well then, we will
speak no more about it.

Please, go ahead.

Justice must be tempered with mercy.

Go on.

I brought you here to
tell you that I'm going

to be away from the school
until tomorrow morning.

- [Burke] Away?

- Yes, I know it is
unusual, but it does happen.

On occasion.

Dr. Jarod is, of course, useless.

Therefore, I look to you
to maintain order here.

- Yes, Miss Greynitz.

- I know that your
capabilities are limited,

but I suspect this won't strain them.

You are a very lucky young man.

You know that, don't you?

- Yes, Miss Greynitz.

- And do you know why you're lucky?

Because you're the worthless
son of a wealthy family,

and if one is going to be worthless,

it is always a good idea to be wealthy.

That will be all.

Leave it.

Good night, Mr. Burke.

- Good night, Miss Greynitz.

(soft music)

- Oh, hello there.

- Hello.

Don't worry, we can talk.

We'll hear if anybody comes.

- Did you get in trouble,
with your mother?

- A little.

You were lucky at breakfast.

- I didn't feel lucky.

So, uh?

- So?

(soft music)

- Have you always lived
here with your mother?

- No, I was born in New York,

and then we went to Paris when I was two.

And then we came here, around eight years.

I meant you were lucky because my mother

decided to go after Burke.

If she'd screamed at you,
too, it wouldn't have been

so bad for him, that's the
only reason she didn't.

- Your mother is--

- I'd just as soon not
talk about my mother.

If you don't mind?

- Sure.

Can I ask you a question?

- You just did.

- Okay.

When were you born?

- Why?

- I was wondering what sign you are.

- My sign?

- Yeah, you know, astrology.

- Astrology, all right.

I was born on September 23rd, 1982.

- Oh.

- You seem disappointed.

Does that mean there's
something wrong with me?

- No.

- What sign is it anyway?

- Oh, um, Pisces, I think.

- So is there anything else
you'd like to know about me?

- Sure, um,

what about your father, is he, um?

- He's dead.

Like your sister.

- I'm sorry.

- Now can I ask you questions?

- Go ahead.

- It's really just one question.

My mother thinks that
you're a bit of a mystery.

- I know.

- Do you know why?

Because she checked you out
and found out that you came

into control of your trust
fund at the age of 18.

And you're 18 now.

That means that you came here on your own.

She can't figure out why.

- I was ... in an uncomfortable situation.

And I ... needed to get
as far away as possible.

Someplace no one had ever heard of.

That's all.

- Oh, so you're just
hiding out, is that it?

- Something like that.

- You should practice more.
You're not a very good liar.

- What, you think I'm lying?

- Aren't you?

- No.

I mean I.

I see.

So you're a good liar.

- No, not at all.

Of course that could be a lie too.

- I've gotta get back to
my dorm before curfew.

- You have time.

(soft music)

Would you like to kiss me?

- No.


- Why not?

- I, I just ... don't.

- Don't you like girls?

- Yeah, yeah, I like them.

- You think I'm ugly?

- No, it's not that, I just.

- Then why not?

I want to.

Why not?

Tell me.

- I can't.

- You can't kiss me?

- I can't tell you.


I just have to be sure of something.

I just, I--

Uh, look, I'm sorry.

I just can't explain. I'm not a prude.

I have to go.

(soft music)

(crickets chirping)

- Going out for another walk?

- Yeah, something like that.

- Hey, Elias, what is it about?

What is it you're looking for?

(crickets chirping)

- I'll tell you when I find it.

(door opening and closing)

(dramatic drum music)

- You sure she said she was gonna be here?

- That's right.

And I knocked on her
door before, no answer.

They're locked in their room,

and I locked Jarod's door
before I got you two.

- And that means it's just
us ... and little Lilia.

Poor Colby and Willis.

They don't know what
they're about to miss.

(door creaking)

- I've never been here before.

- Sh.

Oh Lilia, Daddy's here.

- You think this is the right room?

- Shut up.

If she isn't here, then
I know where she'll be.

Let's go.

(dramatic drum music)

Grab her arms.

- I know you. I know you!

- I want you to.

Too bad your mother
can't be here to watch.

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

(soft dramatic music)

- Tears of young men, are they
not the most poignant of all?

(soft dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

- Get out of here.

Get back to your room, get out.

(soft dramatic music)

(thunder rumbling)

- No, Elias, I have to admit

that I didn't hear any screams last night.

Maybe it was some sort of
primitive male bonding ritual,

you know, like howling at the moon.

I have no problem
picturing Burke doing that.

- No, it wasn't like that.

They were coming from that room at the end

of the second floor corridor.

It's like a library.

- Second floor is forbidden
territory, man. I warned you.

- Yeah well there's nothing
I can do about it now.

She saw me.

She was in there, and,

and that's where those
screams were coming from.

It was like they were being
tortured or ... or killed.

- Aw, see, see you just
trying to make me feel good.

- And there was this strange smell.

It was like.

- [Jacob] What?

- Like burning meat.

- What can I say?

I mean, torture and a
barbecue? Sounds good to me.

- You know what today is?

- Yeah, yeah, I know.

- It's the last day of the millennium.

50 generations since the last one.

An even hundred since we started counting.

- Well if it's gonna be
the end of the Earth,

I can't think of a more
appropriate place to experience it.

I mean we are in hell.

We are.

- [Jarod] Mr. Storm.

- Dr. Jarod, have you seen Lilia?

- I'm afraid I haven't.

I spent most of the
morning locked in my room.

Clearly someone's idea of a joke.

You were wandering the
halls last night, so I hear.

- Yes I was.

- Mrs. Greynitz spoke to me about it.

She's considering expelling you.

- Did Mrs. Greynitz tell you what happened

to Burke and his friend?

- Yes, she said they left late last night,

some sort of jaunt.

- And you believe that?

- Why do you care, Mr. Storm,

what I believe and what I don't?

(thunder rumbling)

- A few weeks ago, I received this letter.

My sister and I were both
orphaned 12 years ago.

Our parents were murdered
at Steffon Sturma's grave,

and my sister ... disappeared.

At least I think she did.

I don't really remember what
happened all that clearly.

- Why do you tell me this?

- This letter is not signed,

but it says that my sister's here.

Do you recognize the handwriting?

- I couldn't say.

I don't know why you're
telling me about this.

- My sister and I are
both blood descendants

of Steffon Sturma, the
only living descendants.

My parents brought us to his grave,

because they had to do something,

perform some kind of ritual.

I was wondering if you
might have some idea

what kinda ritual that may have been.

- How should I know?

- [Elias] Why are you afraid?

- Why shouldn't I be
afraid today, of all days?

The last day.

- Do you really believe that?

- I don't know.

- Dr. Jarod, I need your help.

I think Lilia is in danger,

and I think Mrs. Greynitz
is using her for something,

I don't know what.

But something evil.

I don't know about the rest of the world,

but I have to help my-

to help her.

(soft dramatic music)

(thunder cracking)

- Mr. Storm, you don't know what

you're getting yourself involved in.

- Maybe not.

But I am involved.

(soft dramatic music)

- Have you seen Lilia?

- No, but she's got a way
of making herself scarce.

Elias, Burke and Grimes are gone.

- I know.

- Yeah, but you see, I didn't believe you.

But I checked the room and
nothing's been touched.

Their clothes, their
packs are still there.

Their toothbrushes.

Why would they just go off
in the middle of the night,

and where would they go?

The next train from Brevik doesn't leave

until tomorrow morning.

- I think something happened to them

in that library last night.

Look, I need your help.

- Yeah, well, there's something
you need to understand.

If I get kicked outta here,
my parents have assured me

that my next stop is military academy.

Now I don't like one Burke.

I certainly don't wanna end
up in a place full of Burkes.

- I think Burke and Grimes
were killed last night.

- Aw, come on.

- And I think Lilia is in danger,

and I think the answer is in that library.

(soft violin music)

(birds singing)

(soft violin music)

(soft dramatic music)

(thunder cracking)

(soft dramatic music)

(clock ticking)

(soft dramatic music)

(door creaking)

- Dr. Jarod, what are you doing here?

- I must ask you a question.

I know that you were out
of your room last night.

- I was here.

I heard Burke screaming,
and I came up here.

- And saw Mr. Burke?

- No, just Mrs. Greynitz and Lilia.

- And what else?

- I don't understand.

- Did you, did you smell anything?

- Yes.

There was a smell like burning meat.

And look, somebody's been reading this.

And this.

This drawing, look at it.

(soft dramatic music)

- This is Theriel, the Black Angel.

He who is destined to
usher in the end of days.

- My parents had an amulet, a talisman

at my uncle's grave, it looked like this.

I remember.

- Indeed.

Well, Mr. Storm, I have a confession.

I've also been playing
the detective today,

in the office of records.

I'm cousin to the man who works in there.

And in this office I found a record

of an adoption from 12 years ago.


Age approximately six.

English speaking, parents unknown.

Presumed dead.

Adopted by--

- Mrs. Greynitz.


(soft dramatic music)

- So it seems.

No great surprises.

Young Mr. Storm, there is
something terribly wrong

about Mrs. Greynitz and her daughter.

- [Elias] I know.

- No, you do not.

To understand, you must see them

when they think themselves unobserved.

As I have over the years.

When you see them, you'd almost believe

that Lilia is the mother

and Mrs. Greynitz is the daughter.

That the will of the child,
not the woman, commands.

- I don't understand.

- The girl, she's not as she appears.

She's not what she should be.

(soft dramatic music)

(wolves howling)

(dramatic drum music)

- Oh, hi.

- Hello.

- Fancy meeting you here.

- I knew you would be in here.

- Oh.

So, uh, I guess I won't be
starting the new semester.

- What are you talking about?

- I was sorta picturing
a sequence where you

tell your mom, I get expelled.

I end up wearing a uniform,

being beaten with bars of soap.

- She's not my mother.

- I'm sorry.

- She's not my mother.

Just an occasionally useful tool.

- Okay.

- You're clever but not
really very smart, are you?

- Smart enough not to bother
answering that question.

- Now, show me how warm you can make me.

(soft dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

- Theriel must be
summoned by the anointed.

Seven sacrifices are laid at
the seven points of the altar.

Theriel stands at the seventh point.

Through him, the gate is open.

- The gate to hell?

- Yes, the gate to hell.

From which the armies of Lucifer will come

to fight their final war on Earth.

- You believe that?

- That, young man, is for us to discover.

(door creaking)

(dramatic music)

(door creaking)

- This is fake. Did you know about this?

- [Jarod] This is Mrs.
Greynitz's private library.

I've never been here before.

(upbeat dramatic music)

(soft dramatic music)

- What is this?

What's going on? Who are you?

- Don't you know me?

I am the final sleep of the world.

I am Tidu.

- Okay, fine.

I got you.

(dramatic music)

- Oh my God.

My God, my God.

- Holy shit.

- You know what this means, don't you,

why they are here?

They're five of the seven sacrifices,

their hearts burnt out
just as the book says.

And two more sacrifices are needed,

and two more students remain.

Close the door please, close it.

(door creaking)

Mr. Storm, I'm going to call the police.

- What good'll that do?

- Do you think they're all-powerful?

You must find Jacob
and get away from here.

And quickly.

- What about Lilia?

- Don't you understand?

She's the one from whom you must run.

- I don't believe you.

- Well believe what you will.

I believe that if seven
bodies lie upon the altar

at midnight tonight, the
sun will never rise again.

Please, find Jacob and
leave here. And quickly.

(soft dramatic music)

(blow striking)

(dramatic music)

- Faith is God's great weakness.

Don't you agree?

I have none, not in God.

But in the other one,
in him, I have faith.

Because he has shown himself to me.

He has shown me the world as it will be.

He has removed the scales from my eyes.

Tonight, all things
will be changed, Doctor.

The weak will become strong.

The obscure will be
lifted up to greatness.

The slaves in hell will all be freed.

All thing on the last day.

- No (screams).

(dramatic music)


(soft music)

(body thudding)

(dramatic music)

(door creaking)

(dramatic music)

(soft dramatic music)

- My hand comes from fire.

I hold thy heart.


(dramatic music)

(soft music)

- Oh good, you're awake.

- Please, Lilia, don't do this.

- Do you think anything
can it stop it now?

Don't you know where we are?

This is the heart of the whole world,

and soon the Black
Angel will burn it away,

just as he burned the
hearts of your friends.


You see, he burned their hearts

with his hand made of fire.

A stupid boy like you
could never understand.

This is a miracle.

More a miracle than
turning water into wine.

And you are here to be part of it.

- You're crazy.

- In a few moments, the
whole world will be crazy.


Look at him.

He stands.

- It is time for the final sacrifice.

- Elizabeth.

- She won't answer to that name.

It was I who found her

in a stinking home for forgotten children.

It was I who saw her
for what she truly was.

The proud princess, the avatar.

All of death resides within her life,

and tonight it all will come to pass,

as it has been foretold.

Tonight, the last night of the world.

(dramatic music)


- Good night, Mother, on
this last night of the world.

I've missed you, Elias.

I really have.

I've thought about you.

- Why?

- I suppose I could have
just killed her before

and not bothered tying
you down on the altar.

She wanted to be evil,

but she didn't have the
courage of her convictions.

I despise cowards.

She was always going to be the last.

And, Elias, you were always
meant to be here to see it.

- I don't understand.

- I'm sorry I lied to you.

I had to be careful.

(choir singing in foreign language)

But I will never lie to you again.

(soft dramatic music)

Don't worry about breaking taboos.

Soon, there won't be any.

Who do you think sent
you the letter, and why?

Because tonight is the
time, and this is the place.

And you and I are the ones
that must bring it about.

We were both part of the ceremony.

We were both chosen.

You ran, but it doesn't matter.

Nothing matters anymore
except that you are here.

(choir singing in foreign language)

Don't let it bother you.

A couple of days ago, they were strangers.

Now, they're just memories.

- Just?

- We stand on the edge of a great change.

And all great changes are
marked by the spilling of blood.

- Innocent blood?

- Who of us is truly innocent.

Look, his name is Theriel.

He was cast out of
heaven because he refused

to bow down before God.

But he bows down before me and you.

- Why?

- Because we're royalty.

We were anointed by our uncle.

I am to be the queen of air and fire.

You are to be the Earth king.


(soft dramatic music)

We'll begin now.

Just do as I say.

Everything will be all
right. I promise you.

My husband to be.

There is a language that made the world.

To speak in that language is to create

the way God creates,
and I have learned it.

By the words I speak, and by the summoning

of the Black Angel, we
will make the world new,

in fire and in blood.

(speaking foreign language)

Come, close to me.

They say that no one can look
into the face of God and live.

In here is the face of
that which even God fears.

Look at it, Elias.

By the power of the Black
Angel, we will open the gate

and let it walk upon the Earth.

Take my hand, Elias.

Do it, do as I say.

I love you, Elias. I love you.


(speaking foreign language)

Awaken, Black Angel, doom of the world.


(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

(knife striking)

(dramatic music)

(choir singing)

- I love you, Elizabeth. I always did.

(dramatic music)

(thunder rumbling)

- The engineers say that
it was structurally sound.

And it's dirt cheap.

Way below market, even for this place.

- Why way below market if
it isn't about to fall down?

No indoor plumbing.

- [Father] No, the plumbing is fine.

It has an evil history.

- [Mother] Ghosts?

- Mass murder.

Around five years ago,
nine victims found dead.

Seven with their hearts torn out.

- [Mother] How charming.

What did the other two have torn out?

- Nothing.

One was smothered, and the other one

had been stabbed around 100 times.

And the killer was never found.

- And this is where you want to build

your corporate retreat?

- [Father] Well I'm not superstitious.

- [Mother] Where's Linnie.

- Linnie.
- Linnie.

- Linnie, where are you?

- Linnie.

- Linnie.
- Linnie.

- Linnie.

(soft dramatic music)


(dramatic music)