Tali mati (2021) - full transcript

Hari and her sister return to the village where they were born after the death of their mother, a practitioner of black magic. But the inexplicable suicides of several villagers cause the hostility towards the two to explode.

Stay away.

[EKA] Had your dinner?
Should I send some soup?

I ate, don't worry

[EKA] Adi said don't stay single
for too long so someone can cook for you

[HARI] I can hire help if I need
someone to cook for me

Low Battery
15% of battery remaining

[HARI] I’m gonna charge
my phone and sleep,

got work early tomorrow,
good night.

Stay away...

Stay away...


- Sorry for last night.
- It’s okay.

It was just a dream, Eka.

- What do you want to drink?
- Love?

Is that Hari?

- Hey Bro.
- Bro!

- So sorry for last night.
- It’s okay.

- Coffee?
- Yes, sure.

- Love?
- No, thanks.

It was so strange.

I didn’t see Mom
for almost two years.

And then I suddenly dream of her.


Here’s your coffee.

Love, you sure don’t want
something to drink?

Thank you, Love.

Okay then,
I’ll continue tidying up.

Sorry that I disturbed
your work like that.

It’s fine, don't worry.

I even tried calling Mom since morning,
but she didn’t respond.

Yeah, I also tried calling her
a couple of times.

But you know yourself,
the signal is bad over there.

If only Dad was alive,

he would know where Mom is now.


I had the same dream.

I saw Mom
in the middle of the forest.

Hanging herself.

- And she said...
- Stay away.

It’s Mom.



No, it’s your uncle, Rahman.

Listen, I’m calling to tell you that

your Mom is dead,
she hanged herself.

The villagers don’t
want to get involved.

So tomorrow we must proceed
with the funeral by ourselves.

I prepared everything for tomorrow.

Make sure you and your sister be there.

Are we there?

Not yet,
just stopping for directions.

- Just use the GPS.
- There's no signal here, bro.

- Should I ask her?
- No, I got this.

- Excuse me.
- Yes, son.

I cannot believe I'm back.

No wonder dad never liked it here.

There is nothing here.

It's okay, love...

We're doing this for your mom.

I promise, we'll not be here long.

Thank you ma'am.


Why is a good looking man like you
looking for a graveyard?

It's my mom's funeral today,
we're heading there.

Thank you...


Are you Ratih's boy?

She should've been burned not buried!

- Why is she so pissed?
- Who knows.

What did she say?

The graveyard is more east.

And you know which way east is?


Let me introduce you to
Mr. Ken.

This is Mr. Ken,

the graveyard keeper.

This is Mrs. Hesti,
a friend of your mom.

And that is Mr…

- Mr. Darno.
- Mr. Darno.

Oh, right…

I am so sorry for your loss.

Don’t hesitate to
come over to my house.

- Thank you.
- I have to go now.


These are the only ones
who still care for your mom.

What kind of funeral is that, uncle?

- It is not acceptable.
- I know.

But you must know, Eka.

The villagers really
despised your mom.

They called her a shaman.

That’s why I can’t give her
a proper burial.

- But...
- Enough, Eka!

If you and Hari truly cared about her,
you should’ve been there for her.


You still remember
your mother’s house, right?

Let’s meet there.
There is something I want to discuss.

So sorry bro.

It doesn't look that creepy.

Just go inside first before commenting.


Hold on, love.

Do we really have to
spend the night here?

Did you see any hotels on our way?

It was your idea to join us.
Come on, don't be a wuss.

Thank you bro.

I also don't wanna be here for long.
One night only.

Come here.

It's actually quite cold here.

- You think so?
- Yes.

You go first.

This house belonged to my mother.

It always did.

Your mother lived here, true.

But it never was hers.

We inherited it both
when your grandmother died.

I let her live here,
because she wanted to stay.

How can you sell it,
if you both inherited it?

- Hari...
- Listen!

Now hold on a moment, If there was a will,
how come we never heard about it?

I'm pretty sure dad would've told us.


Tell me,

Since when do you care
about this house? Since when?

Last time I spoke to your mother,

she said you did not see her
for a year and a half.

And now you suddenly
care about this house?

What the hell kid!

I know for a fact that you
weren’t close to mom either.

So don't pretend you were.


I was not close to your mother.

It's true.

Due to the same reason,

your father left her here.

Because she made a pact
with the devil.

She did things that
I never want to know.

No one in our family wants to know.

That's why nobody was close to her.

Go ask around in the village.

They knew what she was doing.

You know that all this is just
superstitious bullshit and rumors.

She didn't have friends
because she chose not to.

She even drove us away.

You might look like a big shot, uncle,

but you're mindset and the way
you talk is still that of a peasant.

Whoa, you're acting high and mighty.

A city boy, huh Hari?

Sell this place!
Then give me my share!

Get rid of it.
It brings shame to our family.

And I’m the one to
carry that shame, not you!

I want this cursed place
gone once and for all.

Just you know Hari.

I couldn't care less,
what you think about me.

You’re no better
than your lost and godless father!


Get out.


All grown up, huh?

She's actually really sad

but she doesn't show it.

I know.

She always acts strong
in front of me.

Are you okay?

I think Eka is right.

We weren't close with mom
for a reason.

And the house means nothing to us
other than pain.

Especially with all this.

Don't do that to yourself.

You couldn't know
she would commit suicide.

Maybe because I wasn't around.

Earlier, what was
your uncle blabbering about?

Eka never told you?

She did.

I mean, I know that your mom...

...was obsessed with
magic, rituals and all that stuff.

And that she sometimes would go
and disappear in the forest alone, but…

...pact with the devil...

I mean...that is new to me.

Just a bunch of superstitious bullshit,
nothing more.

Dad once told me,

that she was normal back then.

It all started after I was born.

After Eka's birth things
just snowballed.

Lemme tell you.

The people here,

think mom
practiced black magic.

They believe, that every year a fire ball
appears in the sky falling on earth.

And after it falls, people start
hanging themselves in the village.

At least
that’s what the locals believe.

They call it "The harvest".

The harvest?

They claimed mom would
cause the star to fall

and that the dead souls
would give her power.

But no one really dies, right?

They do, actually.

Statistically the area has
the highest suicide rate in the country.

So it's true?

Well only if you’re not
educated and superstitious,

you'll believe it's a curse.

But of course it's not that,

it's an economical problem.
You saw it yourself, right?

People are poor,
the village isn't doing any better.

Infrastructure is bad.
We don't even get proper signal here.

But no one wants to hear that.

Easier to find a scape goat and
who better than the crazy woman in the forest.


So, the people here
accused your mom?

Yes, that's why my father left.

Their relationship didn't do well.

Dad thought mom was crazy.

She chose to dance in the forest
rather than taking care of her children.

Already changed clothes?



You look pale.

What happened?

Do I look pale?


…just told me about,

"The harvest".



"Oh That".

So you knew about it?

When were you planning to tell me?

Tonight, after I wet my pants?

I told you not to come, right?

You should've listened to
the daughter of a shaman.

Suddenly the daughter
of a shaman, huh?

Embracing your heritage now?

Bro. If you think the story
of my mom is creepy,

you should hear the stories
of our grandmother.

He's right.

She was a real shaman.

But evil.

The worst.


What the...

So you are scared of
the sound of a clock!


At least I'm gentle enough to admit
that I'm scared. Yes I'm scared.

- It's okay.
- Just a little though.

You're cleaning up already?


Couldn't sleep.

so thought I start tidying up a little.

I'm not sure what to do with all this.

Where are you going so early?

The village.
to look for a caretaker for the house.

Ask Mrs. Hesti maybe.

The lady from the funeral.

I think she is okay.

Maybe one of the only ones here
who really liked mom.

Yesterday she asked us to visit
before we leave.

I don't know,

if I should feel bad about this.

About how I feel.

Because I don't really miss mom.

I know, Eka

I feel the same.

I just feel bad because
I didn’t get to know mom better.

Come with me.

Get out of here a little?

Come on.

You're still listening to that old crap?

Still listening to that old songs?

The 90's, bro, those were the days.

Yea, the days with no smart phones,
laptops and bad fashion.

- Where are you guys going?
- The village. Change of scenery.

You'll be okay by yourself?

I'm fine.

Take care guys.


- Excuse me.
- Yes?

I want to ask where is
Mrs. Hesti’s house?

Oh, Mrs. Hesti? Her house
is next to the village gate.

- Okay, thank you.
- You’re welcome.

That’s Mr. Darno.

Mom’s friend too.


Mr. Darno?


I know who you are.

- Can we come in?
- What do you want?


We are looking for someone
who could take care of our mother's house.



Mom would have liked us to keep it,
but since we live in Jakarta...


She wouldn't have.

Leave this house and leave this village.

I see why he was mom’s friend.

Let’s go.

- You wanna leave the village?
- Come on now.

Neither of you look like your mother.

We would like to keep it,

But we would need a caretaker.

Could you recommend someone?

Why would you want to keep it?

It's not for sure yet,
but at least for the time being,

We are sure our mom
would've liked if we keep it.

I'm not sure she would have.

Your mother would
have not wanted you here.

You're the second person
to tell me that today.

Did she say anything to you
before she died?


it was all so sudden.

It will be hard to find someone
to take care of that house.

The villagers were
quite afraid of your mother.

It doesn't have to be someone
from the village.

We just want the house
to be in good hands.

While we figure out
another solution.

I'll ask around. Who knows,
maybe there is someone.

Thank you.

That's my husband and my son.

You better leave now.

It was nice of you to stop by.

Yea, we are also in a hurry.

Thank you for your help.
Excuse us.

Ma'am, did my mother
really say nothing before she died?

She would have never
hanged herself.

I think the curse got to her.

She knew it would.
She told me about it once.



He is sick today.

Go inside.

What do you think you're doing?

That old witch is dead
because of those two!

Why would you let them in?


What are you reading?

How long were you
standing there already?

Long enough to see you
read this crap.

I don't know what I'm reading.

Is it because...

...of what Mrs. Hesti said?


Why would she even say
something like that?

No idea.


We need to talk.

I understand,

that you have to be here,

while you find a solution for the house,

But I came to tell you that
I can't handle it here anymore, Hari.

I checked,

the bus schedule.

There is one tomorrow morning
leaving for Jakarta.

I packed most of mom's things.

And I'll bring it with me to Jakarta.

I just want to get out of here, Hari.

I just wanna keep mom
in a good memory.


this place...this house

just reminds me
of all the bad stuff about her.

I understand.

- Really?
- Yes.

You were right.

It makes no sense to
keep this place.

It's not even a day yet
and I can't stand it.

I’ll find someone
to look after it till we sell it.

Then I'll leave, too.


not even mom liked the house.


I don't really know what mom liked.

Sometimes I think,

I didn't really know her at all.

Thanks bro,
for driving us to the bus station.

No problem.

I don't think they have any taxi here.

You know what will be nice?
Getting a massage once we're home.


Don't. Don't.

Look around you.

Your mother would have not wanted
you lynched by an angry mob.

They think it's
your mother's doing.

- But my mom is dead.
- Well, they don't care.

Hari, let's go or
we might miss the bus.

The bus won't leave.

There’s a storm next town,
all the exits are blocked.

The storm is to keep us in here.

For the harvest.


I have enough
of this weird explanations.

- Hari... Let's go.
- He's fucking creepy.

Give them a way.


- And the next airport is also quite far.
- It's okay.

It's just one more day.

What's the big deal? Right?

Did you notice anything
strange about Bu Hesti?


Hey kid?

What are you doing here?






This isn't funny anymore!

Stay here and praise me
as you should.

Stay here and praise me
as you should.

Stay here and praise me
as you should.

Hey bro, are you okay?

I saw you running over the backyard
and thought you were chasing someone.

- Was it the villagers?
- The kid...

What kid?

- I didn't see anyone.
- The boy. He was here.

What's this doing here?

Adi, don't...

Pretty ugly.

Look at this bro.

Quite creepy to find this in a forest.

It looks like these statues in temples. Right?

Yeah, similar.


are you sure, you're okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Let's head back. It's getting dark
and this place is super creepy.

I'd rather stay in your
creepy house than out here.

- I agree.
- Let's go.

Why do you suddenly want to stay?


Your brother is all alone here.

We should have
never thought of leaving.

Hari will be fine alone.

What's up with you?!

I want to go home Adi.

I can't stand it here anymore.

What's your problem
with this place?

It's actually...


Did you forget
what we saw yesterday?

You are overreacting.

To hell with you.




You guys fought?

I just decided...

...to stay here with you.

You don't have to.

I appreciate your concern,
but I'm really fine here.

Eka on the other hand isn't.

Don't worry.

She'll come around.

- Hey the way you smile is...
- Actually...

I feel very comfortable,

living here.


You're smile is quite creepy man.

Smiling is good,

for humans.


I'm going out.

I'll ask Eka to join me.

Maybe it calms her down.


- Eka...
- One moment.

I'm going to buy some coffee.
You wanna come?

I need some time alone.

Are you sure?


Two packages instant noodles,
coffee, and batteries.

- Thank you.
- My mom says I should not talk to you.


You are still here?

What does that megalith have
to do with the suicides in this village?

You know about the stones?

Yes, I saw one in the forest.

It means, he has found you.

What do you mean?

There are many megaliths,
not just one.

They're very old.

Older than humans.

It belongs to ancient deities.

The story goes, back the day…

People build temples
where megaliths were found

to worship the ancient deities.

This is getting interesting.

Do you have coffee?

When humans found
the believe in god,

they left those old customs.

Forgot about them.

But the Deity did not forget.

Every year he takes human lives
in the same month.

The harvest.

His sacrifices will hang themselves.

Breaking the connection
between mind and heart.

Between man and God.


usually when a hear a horror story
it's about a demon,

this is the first time
I'm hearing it's a god.

I know you don't believe it.

Exactly like your father.

You knew Dad?

I know your whole family.

All this is connected to your family.


Your ancestors made a pact
with him a long time ago.

In return for worshiping him,

he doesn't hurt your family.

- You better shut up.
- Your mother

knew that the god needs
a successor to replace her

because you are an adult now.

- Let go of my hand.
- that's why your mother killed herself

- so you don't come here, for your safety
- Let go of my hand

Let go of my hand or I'll hit you.

Go and take your sister
far away from here.

So that your mother's
sacrifice is not in vain.



Praise me and I will be saved,
believe me and I will be saved,

know me and I will be saved,
praise me and I will be saved,

- believe me and I will be saved...
- Where is Adi?

I woke up and couldn't find him.

I heard something
and thought he is with you.

He was here earlier.

He was here earlier.

Hari, where's Adi?

- Hari, we need to find him.
- Yeah.

Be careful Eka.




- Adi.
- Eka, wait!


How did I get here?

I'm not sure.

Let's get you home now.

Eka, help him!

Come on Adi.

Come on.

Be careful!

Adi, drink first.




Can you remember what happened?



- What happened Adi?
- I saw a torch.

And people.

A big fireball.

The shape.

The shape…

…a strange shape,

like a human.

But it wasn't.

- It told me…
- Who’s It?

It wants you here…

Who's it?

- Who's it?
- It who will make you bow.



You both leave the moment
the sun comes up, okay?

Nothing makes sense anymore.


- You're coming with us?
- I'll catch up. Trust me.

- But…
- Trust me.

Trust me.

Adi, rest first!



Adi, come.
Let's get some sleep.



Everything will be alright.

Come on, Adi.



They have to take him.

Don't sell this house.

Just burn it.

Burn everything to the ground, Hari.


I will follow soon. Understand?

If there's anything, call me.

You don't want to read it first?

No need.

It's all yours.

I told you the place is cursed.


I'd appreciate if you can behave politely
just like a normal human being.

I don't want to hear
about curses anymore.

All of this,

It's yours now.

That's all then.


That is all.

If you want to spend the night here,

the room is still clean.

I'd rather not.



It seems I have to stay over.

The streets are
too dangerous to drive.

We need to clean the house.

From whatever it is
your mother did here.


Where is the qibla?

Don't you know the qibla?

It's on gogel (google).

I can try to gogel (google).

Where is the qibla?

What the fuck?


What are you doing?

Look, before you say anything,

I know you don't believe in all this.

For you this is all some crazy ritual.

But believe me!
I just want us to be safe.

So even if you don't believe,
let me do my thing.

So some incense
is supposed to save us?


From what Uncle?

From all.

The curse.

- Did they teach you this in religion?
- Of course not!

I'm religious but
I'm no shaman like your mother!


I know you hated her,

- but this is not the time and place...
- Hari.

I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm sorry for your loss.

I hope she goes to heaven.

Thank you..

I gogeled (google) it.


I checked online on gogel (google).

- Google.
- Whatever.

They wrote,

any negative energy,
can be cleaned with a incense sticks.

As long as we believe.


I'm actually

scared you know.

I'm scared too.

How about we talk the whole night through?
So we don't have to sleep.

I'm not that scared.

I'm really tired.


I wanna leave
all this behind in the morning.

Good night.





Eka, open the door.


Now you may leave.

Sit here!

Wake up Eka.

I know this is not you.

Wake up Eka.

Praise me and I will be saved,
believe me and I will be saved,

know me and I will be saved.

I will get help Eka.

Believe in me! Believe in me!

I need help!

He's dead...
She is... She did it...

I can't call the cops

I believe you now.

- Please sir, Eka is in danger.
- Hari.

- You have to go right now. Leave this place.
- I can't.

It's Eka over there, my sister!
My sister! I won't leave her!

It's too late for her.


You said I'm the oldest child?

Why go after her? Why not me?

It can't possess you,

you're supposed to be the servant
by your own will, the firstborn.

- Your sister on the other hand...
- She's at the house. I tied her up.

If I take her away from here
can she be saved?

- I don't know.
- Well its worth trying.

It will not be that simple.

- It's powerful.
- You told me, it can't possess me.

You just told me that!

Maybe I'm also the only one
who has a chance to fight it.

I'll finish what my mother started.
Once and for all.


She was here, right here.


Let's focus on finding your sister.

I'll take care of your
uncle's body later.

I think we both know where she is.

Hari. That won't help you.

- Eka…
- It's not her.

Praise me and I will be saved,
believe me and I will be saved,

know me and I will be saved.

Let my sister go.
I'm already here.

Take me!

Then you know what you must do.

I will do whatever you want.

Let my sister go!

Prove it.

Let her die.


Mr. Darno.

Help me!

This is merely a human body,
filled with sin.

Circling around life and death,
bound by time.

This is merely a human body,
filled with sin.

Circling around life and death,
bound by time.

This is merely a human body,

Filled with sin,

Circling around life and death,
bound by time.

- Hari…
- Eka.


Mr. Darno.


- Hari.
- Eka.



Hari, Hari!

You can't run from here.


I know you're in there Eka.

Fight it Eka!

I know you're in there.

- Hari.
- Eka.


Sir, don’t.


Please don't. I will praise you.