TalhotBlond (2012) - full transcript

Thomas Montgomery, a married father of two young daughters, gets seduced by the world of online gambling and chat rooms where a virtual romance and sexual obsession ultimately leads to the murder of an innocent man.







Hey, Brian.

Hey, how ya doin'?

What's up, Clint?
How ya doin'?

Yo, how about that
Bills game, huh?
I told you, didn't I?

Number one!
I told you!

Yo, Thomas, got another
load for you, man.

Whoa! Hey!
Come on!

Come on, Brian! I told you
a million times not to
sneak up on me like that!

I called out.


Well, you'll be
really sorry if
a spark catches

that beautiful head
of hair on fire.

Hey, man,
me and some of the boys
are gonna stop by

Bulldog's for a beer
after work. You want
to come?

Oh, by the time you're
finishing your shift,
I'm crawling into bed.

Come on, man,
it's Friday night.

I appreciate
the offer, Brian.
I really do.

But the girls have
an early meet tomorrow.
I gotta be rested.

Yeah, yeah. I got it.
Mr. Responsibility.

You need to live
a little, man.

What am I gonna do
at a bar? I don't
drink anymore.

Which is why
you're gonna drive me to
poker night tomorrow.

Uh, unless you're
too old and tired
for that now, too.

Oh, I wouldn't miss that.
I wouldn't miss it.

Good, 'cause I'm gonna
have some beers. Don't wanna
have to worry about driving.


You wanna quit playing
grab-ass with your boyfriend
there and get back to work?

You got it.



THOMAS: You saw
the difference,
though, right?

See how much
more pull you got

when you keep your arms
close to your head
on the downstroke?

Yeah, Dad.

So, good. And, Amy,
you keep shaving
time off like that...

Whoo! We're gonna
be at the finals
before you know it.


I call shotgun!

Why do you
always get to ride
in the window seat?

Because I'm older
than you, Amy.

Oh, it's a five-minute
ride, Amy. Just...

Stacey, next time,
your sister gets
to ride shotgun.


Stace! Keys!


STACEY: Give me that remote.
AMY: No! You always get it!

STACEY: Why does
it matter? We always
watch the same thing.

AMY: 'Cause we
only have one TV.

Oh, come on, now.
You two fight all the time.


I told you to
let Shadow in.

STACEY: You were
supposed to do that.
AMY: No, you were.

Come on, boy.
Come on, boy.


Yes, yes.
You missed me,
didn't you?

You missed me,
didn't you? Yeah.

I can't eat this, Dad.

Do you know how much fat
and salt is in this stuff?

You don't need to worry
about your weight, honey.
You're perfectly healthy.

Not if I keep
eating this.

Well, I am terribly
sorry, Your Highness.

But I don't have time to
make you a gourmet meal
every night.

I have a job,
you know.

CAROL: I'm home!

Hey, Mom.

Hey. Sorry I'm late.


What's for dinner? (KISSES)

I'm starving. (KISSES)

Do you know how much fat
and salt is in this stuff?


STACEY: I told you.

Stacey, only one hour
of TV tonight, okay?

You have an early
meet tomorrow.
I want you rested.


I'm taking Shadow
for his walk.
Can I come?

Yes, you can, peanut. Come on.

You know that new TV show
I've been watching?

Well, you wouldn't believe
how much money they spent
on this girl's party.

They gave her two cars.
Can you believe that?
Two cars.

And it's supposed
to be reality TV,
but it's all for show.

I mean, it's like
it's better than real.


Better than real?
I don't even know
what that means.

THOMAS: I love you both.
Good night, girls.

Finally asleep?
Finally some peace.

MAN ON TV: This sister
act performed alongside
The Champagne Music Makers,

The Lennon Sisters.

I'm gonna say $750.

MAN: $750. I'm sorry.
You have underbid...




Let's go, let's go,
let's go! Come on.

Come on,

Hurry it up, you two.
We gotta leave in 10 minutes.

Eat, eat.

Boom, snap, clap.
Ba-boom, snap, clap.

Snap, boom, snap, clap.
Ba-boom, snap...




Thanks, Mom.

Amy, I'm so
happy for you.
Thank you.

You did
really great.

Amy got first-place medal,
which was really great,
but Stacey did good, too.


I mean, yeah...

Oh, um...

I don't see why not.
I'll just talk to Thomas,
and I'll call you back, okay?

What's that?

Um, Tina says that
everyone's meeting up
for dinner at Applebud's.

Oh, no,
tonight's my poker night.

Oh, that's right.

Oh, come on. You can skip it
one night, can't you?

One night a month, Carol.
One night I get to spend
with the guys.

Okay. Just a suggestion.

This is delicious, Carol.

Oh, I just threw
it together.

Could've fooled me.

Your mother does feed
you every once in a while,
right, Brian?

What can I say?
I'm a growin' boy.


Nice work, hot shot.
First place, huh?

Yeah. I set
a new school record.

Good one!

Watch out, Olympics.
Here comes Amy
"The Barracuda" Montgomery!

You ready?

Yeah. Not as ready
as you are.

Let's go.
We're gonna be late.

Well, take it easy, man.
It's a poker game,
not a movie.

We'll get there
when we get there.

Ladies, don't wait up
for me. Have fun
tonight, okay?

STACEY: Thanks, Dad.
Let's go.

You're always late.
This is my one night
out a month.

Man, you could stand
to take it easy
on the cologne.

Or at least have the decency
to switch up your smell
every once in a while.

I'm just trying to
counteract your locker
room and distillery stench.

Hey, give me a break,
man. I just woke up
a few hours ago.

Youth is wasted
on the young.

Yeah, well, you'd understand
if you knew what kind
of night I had last night.

Oh, yeah? How so?

You don't wanna know.

No, I do not.
I do not wanna know.

Her name's Mandy.
She's in one
of my classes...

And, uh, I've had my eye
on her for a few weeks now,

so I invited her
and her friends
out last night.

Okay, enough stalling.
I call.

Let's see 'em.

Ah. Read 'em
and weep, boys!


You gotta know when
to hold 'em and know
when to fold 'em.


Now don't be sore losers.

That's not why
we're groaning.
RAY: Yeah.

BRIAN: Yeah.


So many chips.

Ante up.

Consider yourself lucky.

When I was your age,
I was liberating
Kuwait City.

And that's worse
than filling hoppers
full of metal all day?

It's a lot better than
hot metal flying over
your head all day,

I'll tell you that.

Tell him, Thomas.

I'm afraid I can't
support you
on that, Jake.

My... My time in
the Marines was some of
the best times of my life.

It was tough, sure,
but it's supposed
to be tough.

I'd probably still be in,
if I hadn't gotten hurt
in a training exercise.

I... I was stupid.

Truly, I... I miss
my time in the service.

Take my word for it.
Combat ain't all
it's cracked up to be.

Whatever. I get
my degree next year,

and as soon as I do,
I am outta here.

If I ever see
another steel rod,
it'll be too soon.

What are you trying to
say, Brian? That you're
too good for a career

in the manufacture of
portable abrasive power tools
for grinding, deburring,

sanding, and polishing? Huh?

Yeah, Ray.
That's exactly
what I'm saying.


This guy.

Well, don't forget
about us little guys when
you're gone, Mr. Big Shot.

Well, it has been
a pleasure taking
all your money,

but it's late.
I gotta go.

Are you kidding?
It's just midnight.
It's Saturday.

I know. But unlike you,
some of us have


I wish we could play
more than once a month.

Yeah, well, we do.

We play at All Betz Off.
We got a game or two
going almost every night.

Where's that?

It's at your
house, dude.


It's only one of
the biggest online
gaming sites in the world.

You do know how to use
a computer, don't you,
old man?

Of course I do,
but I...

I don't really...
We have one.

I don't really look
at the Internet much.

But it's not just the game.
I like talking to you guys.

Most of the time we're doing
more chatting than playing,

THOMAS: What do you mean?
You're on the phone while
you're on the computer?

No. We play poker online,

and then we send messages
to each other to talk.


Look, just type that
into your browser

and then, uh, follow
the sign-in instructions.

Those names below
are our user names.

Just come tomorrow night.
We'll show you how it's done.

Okay. I'll give
that a try.

Right on.

Now for the cashing-out
RAY: Oh, man.

Might want to make
yourselves comfortable.



You have fun tonight?

Yeah. You?


Missed you.

You want to try?

Sorry, Carol.

I think I'm just
tired, is all.
It's okay.

I love you, Carol.

I know. I love you, too.



Good boy.

Good boy, Shadow.
Good boy.



Hey. What you doin'?

Oh, the guys told me
they meet on this website,
play poker sometimes.

They invited me to join.

Nice. Welcome to
the 21st century.

I don't know.
Seems a little
impersonal to me.

It's not like
sitting together
and playing.

I think you'll
be surprised. (KISSES)

Oh. I have the early shift
tomorrow, so can you get
them up and ready for school?

Uh, sure, no problem.

Okay. Don't stay up
too late. (KISSES)


Wow. How am I gonna...



How does he know it's me?


Ah. Ah-ha.

Oh, my God.

This is crazy.

Oh. Yes!

Ah. I'm gonna take
all your money, man.


Oh, boy. (CHUCKLES)

You're dead.

I like this.

I never get straights.

I don't have to smell
your cheap cigar!

Ha-ha. Very funny.



Well, I like your name.

What's not to like?



Are you kiddin' me?



...making it through
regular high school.

Oh, my God.

Hi, Katie.

Call me Tommy.

Oh, no. I don't have
a picture. Uh...



Come on, ladies!
Rise and shine!
Let's go! Come on!

Come on!
It's only 6:30.
We've got plenty of time.

I know, I know.

Come on, girls!
Get the lead out!

STACEY: All right.
The bus is almost here.

The bus? Seriously?

I'm sorry, honey,
but I've got some things
to do before work,

and I just won't have
time to take you.

Bye, Dad!

I'll pick you up
after school!
I love you!

Love you, too!

What happened
to you last night?

Last night, online.

You were on a roll,
then you just up
and disappeared.

Oh, yeah.
Sorry about that.

Uh, I didn't realize
how late it was.

Okay. Well, you gonna
be back on tonight,

give us a chance
to win back our chits?

Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

Girls in bed?


What's wrong?



How was your day?

Oh, long.

You know, not only
did I have to go
in early, but then,

Elizabeth called in sick
because Theresa got
the flu or something

and she had to stay
and take care of her.

And Dr. Thompson,
you know,

sometimes I think
he's losing his mind
or something,

because he keeps asking
the same questions
over and over again.

And, I mean,
he's almost 80.

And he goes
into work every day,
which is commendable,

but sometimes
I think he's getting

Mmm. You must be tired.

Mmm, when am I not?

Maybe you should
get ready for bed.

Get a good night's sleep.

Yeah, maybe I should.
Maybe that's just
what I need.

Good night.

You win some,
you lose some, boys.

Come on, Katie.

What you doin'?

Oh, I just, uh, figured
I'd play a few hands
with the boys.

Two nights in a row.
Three if you count
real poker night.

It's relaxing for me.

You don't have anything
against me relaxing after
a hard day's work, do you?

Well, of course not.

You could use
some relaxing,

Okay. All right,
don't stay up
too late, okay?

Come on, Katie.


Hi, Katie.

So impatient.

Here it comes.

Harrison Ford.

"Old guy."

Not so bad yourself.

I know.

Worse when I'm deployed.

How far is that?

Not brave...

A true marine fights
to defend what he loves.

Of course.

I like chatting with
you, too. I gotta go.


You are so beautiful.

What on earth
are you doing
on there?

Oh, you know,
e-mails, surfing.
The usual. Why?

You have been
online for two hours.

Oh. Look who's talking.

You've been hogging it
practically every night
for the last month.

I'm just gonna be
a little bit.


I told the guys
I'd be there at 9:00.
That was an hour ago.

Can't you do that
some other time?

Oh, yeah. Like I've got
all the time in the world.

You can miss one night
of computer online poker

every once in a while.
It won't kill you.

I'm home!

STACEY: Can I see it?

AMY: It's not yours, Stacey.

THOMAS: It's not a toy,
and it's not yours, either.

Hey, what's going on?

Dad got a new computer.

This one's way more
awesome than the old one.
It's awesome.

Wow. That's unexpected.

Girls, don't you have some
homework you should do?


Now, please.

Come on. Thank you.

What did you do?
Oh, now,
don't start...

We have a computer already.

I know that,
but it's old and
it's slow, and I figured,

why fight over
the one we have?

How did you
pay for that?

I put it on
the credit card.

Well, it's only a few extra
dollars a month on the bill.

We don't have a few
extra dollars a month.

Well, I work hard
all day for us, Carol,

to take care
of you and the girls.

I work hard,
too, Thomas.

I work just
as hard as you do.

I know that.
That's not what
I'm saying.

What are you
saying, then?

What made you think
that you could go out
and buy that thing

without talking it
over with me first?

We couldn't survive
without you working.

I know that.
And I... I appreciate it.
I do.

And together, we make sure
the girls have everything
they need, and you, too.

If... If one of you needs
a new pair of shoes

or some makeup,
we take care
of that, right?

That's ridiculous.

A new pair of shoes
doesn't cost as much
as a computer.

I've been wearing
these same boots for
the last eight years, Carol.

How many pairs of shoes
have you bought in
the last eight years?

All the money I bring in
to help us, I don't ask
for much, do I?

I just wanted something.
Just once. Just for me.

Would you begrudge me that?



Thank you, Carol.
I love you.

Dinner's on the stove.

I love my time with you.

Someday, Katie.
When I get back
from my tour. I promise.

THOMAS: Don't be sad,
Katie. I'm not.

The time I spend here
with you, it's what
keeps me alive.

Sometimes I feel like
you're the only thing
I've got going for me.

The men in my platoon
are okay,

but they don't take the time
to understand me like you do.

And my C.O...

Well, I've got to
stick with him because
that's the way things are.

But sometimes I wish
I didn't have to.

I gotta go.
We'll talk tomorrow.


I love you, Tommy.

I love you, too.


You still up?

Don't go creeping up
on me like that, Carol.

You almost gave me
a heart attack.

I thought
you'd gone to bed.

Yeah, I was, but...

Come on.
It's so late.

Oh, just, uh...
Let me just finish
this one hand.

Mmm. Okay.

Hey, I was thinking,
um... It's been awhile
and we're both so busy.

Why don't we go out
tomorrow night,
just the two of us?

Are you, like,
asking me out on
a date or something?

Yeah. Yeah, I guess I am.

I mean,
what about the girls?
Who will watch them?

Well, we'll just go
to dinner and a movie.
We'll be home before midnight.

They can watch
themselves for
a couple hours.

Okay. Yeah, okay.

It's a...
It's a date.

Now let's go to bed.
Come on.

This place is so nice.
I'm surprised we've never
been here before.

I'm not.
Look at these prices.

Says the man who
just bought himself
a new laptop computer.

Oh, come on. I'm just
ribbing you, honey.
Live a little, why don't you?

It's worth it just to
have the time together,
don't you think?

Are you kidding me?
I don't have a car.


Are you kidding me?
I don't have one!

That was really nice
tonight, Thomas.
Thank you.


Oh, sure. Of course.

I thought the movie
was pretty funny,
didn't you?

Oh, damn it.

Come on.

What are you doing?


They're not my friends.



What is it?

Tommy, what's wrong?

Oh, nothing's wrong.
I'm sorry, it's just...

Look, I play with those
guys, but they don't know
the truth about me.

What I'm really
doing here is,

it's not something
that I'm even supposed
to be talking about.

But I have to keep
my real self separate
from my gamer self.

You understand?

Yeah, of course.

Are you mad at me?

No, no, of course not.
I just...

You just don't need
to be playing with
those guys anymore. Okay?

I was so worried.

You left so suddenly
the other day after
I said...

After I told you
that I loved you.

I don't wanna freak you
out. If we're moving too
fast, we can, you know...

I mailed you something.
It should be at your
dad's house by Monday.


What is it?

Just a little something
for my brave soldier.

I can't wait to find out.

You are excited,
aren't you?

I want you so bad.

I want you too, baby.






Good morning,

What are you doing?
What's... How long
have you been up?

Got up early
and went for a run.

A run?

Yeah. I'm gonna
be 50 soon.

I figured it was time
to get back into fighting

You know
what I mean?

Never too late
to turn over
a new leaf.

Never too late.

I'm gonna go
get the girls up.

Then I'm gonna hop
in the shower and
cool off, okay?



BOTH: Morning, Mom.

What up, Thomas?

Same old, same old.

I feel ya. Hey, uh,
so, what's up with that
tall hot blonde, huh?

What do you mean?
I mean, look, where'd
you meet up with her?

She just... I meet all
kinds of people online.
We just chat, you know?

I wouldn't mind chatting
with her some more myself.

I mean, she seems...
She seems pretty cool.

Yeah. She's... She's cool.

It's too bad
she lives so far.

Uh, what's...
What's the deal
with you two, anyway?


Nothing. We just chat.
This and that.
Like I said...

I figured as much.
I mean, you're old enough
to be her father, right?

She's really
something, though.

I mean, we only chatted
for a few minutes,

but it's crazy how much
we have in common.

She's a cheerleader.
I was captain of
the football team.

She wants to major
in Media when she goes
to college next fall.

That's the same major
as me. I mean,
how perfect is that?

Yeah. How perfect is that?

So, is she... Is she, like,
really tall, hot, and blond?

How would I know?

I don't know. I figured
maybe she sent you
a picture or something,

how well you guys
know each other.

Nope. Sorry!

Huh. Now I gotta know.

Maybe I'll ask her
for one next time
we play. Don't worry.

I'll let you take
a look, too. All right,
get back to work.


Hey! You're home early.

Well, it's Dr. Thompson's
wedding anniversary,
so he closed up early today.

Hey, girls!
STACEY: Hey, Mom!

AMY: Hey!

Why do you look
so surprised?

I told you all about it
Friday night at dinner.

Oh, that's right.

How romantic.
I promise, I'll take off
early when we're old

and have an anniversary.

News flash, honey,
we're already old.

We are not old.
Gimme that.

I'll go feed Shadow.

You sure are hungry.

Yeah. I guess
the exercise is
affecting my metabolism.


Speaking of,
I better go walk Shadow.

Can I come?
No time to wait, kiddo.

You gotta finish your food.
Maybe tomorrow, okay?


KATIE: My dearest Tommy,
I hope this finds you well

and that the things
inside help you
through your dark days.

I can't wait until you return
to me. I love you. Katie.





Come on, Shadow.
Come on.

THOMAS: As of this day,
Thomas Montgomery,
47 years old, ceases to exist.

He's replaced
by a 20-year-old,
battle-scarred marine.

All paperwork,
birth certificate,
social security card, is set.

He is strong, good-looking,
and battle-hardened.

He has money in the bank.
2.5 million dollars.

He is six feet,
two inches tall, 200 pounds.

He's a great lover.

And he's moving to Indiana to
be with the love of his life.

I don't know, Amanda.

Normally, he's not the most
talkative man in the world,

but lately he's been so
distant. If he's not at work,
he's either exercising

or walking the dog.

And if he's not doing those
things, he's on the computer
playing his poker.

You've been
complaining about this
for a while now, Carol.

I know. Because I'm waiting
for him to get out of this
funk, but...

You think
it's a midlife crisis?

If it is a midlife crisis,
I wish he would hurry up
and get into old age.

I don't know. It's like
there's something not
right with him these days.

When's the last time
you two had...

Don't even ask.

(STAMMERS) I hate to
bring this up at all,
but, uh...

I mean, have you
considered that maybe
he's having an affair?


Thomas? When would
he even have the time?

I don't know.
Becoming emotionally
distant, exercising?

Spending hours online?

It is the digital age.

You don't have
to leave your house
to have an affair.

No. Not Thomas.
I know him too well.

Nobody ever really
knows anyone, Carol.

Amanda. We have been
married for almost 18 years!

My point precisely.
It's, uh...

Maybe you're right.

Maybe he is just
spending time playing
poker with his buddies.

Maybe it is just
a midlife crisis,
but if it were me,

I'd do a little detective
work the next time
I was home alone.

Honey, it's better
to know for sure
one way or another, right?


BRIAN: That's it.


ALL: Oh!


His luck.

It's like playing with
a robot or something.

Yeah, what's the deal,

Where's all the gloating
we've come to expect when
you take our money?

Sorry, fellas. I, uh,
I guess I'm just
a little tired. That's all.

That's what happens
when you stay online
past your bedtime.


You know, maybe you're right.
I think I'll have to leave
a little early.

Catch up on some shut-eye.

Whoa. Come on.
Don't... Don't...
Don't be such a wimp.

Let's play a few
more hands, at least.

What's the deal, Thomas?
You're acting like
you're gonna be late

for an important
meeting or something.


Okay, fine. Just deal...
Deal the damn cards.

RAY: Attaboy!
MAN: Yes!





Semper fi?


(ECHOES) Would you pass
the meatloaf, honey?



Would you pass
the meatloaf?

Thank you.
You okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

So, what about
the talent show?

THOMAS: Carol?


Oh, there you are.

Going to bed already? Huh?


Guess I'll play
a few hands with
the boys, then, okay?


All right, then.


KATIE: Hello?


It's so great to hear
your voice, baby.

You too, Tommy. Why are
you whispering like that?

It's late here.
I'm not supposed to be
calling outside the base.

I might have to hang up
in a moment's notice,
just so you know.



Baby, I can't stop
thinking about you

ever since you
sent that package.


Maybe you could
send another one?

Anything for
my brave soldier.

Why can't you send me
something special?

Oh, there's nothing but
sand and rocks here, Katie.


But when I get home,
I'll send you something.

Better yet,
I'll bring it to you.

I think I know what
you're talking about.



It's not what
you think, Katie. I...

Oh, you're so bad.
Tell me.


Let me finish.

I love you, Katie.

You give my life meaning.

I... I'd die out here
if it wasn't for you, and
I'm not about to let that go.


When I get back...

Will you marry me?

Yes! Oh, my God, yes!
Yes, I will!

I'm gonna make you
so happy. I promise!

I know you will, baby.
I know you will.

Oh, I love you, Tommy.

I love you so much!

Tommy, there's so much
that we're gonna get
to do together.

That's great, baby.
That's great. But I gotta go
before they catch me, okay?

Oh, okay. Okay.

I'll call you tomorrow.

All right. I love you.

I love you, Katie Brooks.

I'll be Katie Montgomery soon.

I'm so excited, Tommy.

I love you so much.

Look, I gotta go, baby.


Oh, cool!
Mom's home early!

Hi, Mom.

Hello. What are you
doing home so soon?

Have a seat, Thomas.

What's wrong?
What happened?

A seat.

Am I not tall enough
for you, Thomas?


Maybe I'm not hot enough.
I'm certainly not blond
enough, either.

Mom, are you okay?

Girls, would you
leave us alone for
a little bit, please?

What's going on?

Do what your father says,

Why don't you and Amy
take Shadow for a walk,

Your father and I
need to talk.

Come on, Amy.
I'll let you hold
the leash.

I had a feeling,
but I didn't want
to believe it.

I couldn't...

How could you, Thomas?

Oh, it's not what
you think, Carol.

Oh, stop it, Thomas!
I've read it all!

You've been doing
this for months,

and saving all
of the e-mails
and messages

and the pictures.

(STAMMERS) I know what
I did. It's not right.

It's not fair to you.

But come on, Carol.
It's not like... It's not
like I cheated on you.

I never even met the girl.

I don't want to hear it,
Thomas Montgomery!

You can deny it to yourself
all you want, but you had
an affair.

And of course you didn't
meet her, you son of a bitch.

Then you'd have to admit
the truth about who you are.

No. No, you've got
to understand, Carol,

it's got nothing
to do with you.

How could you say that!
It's got everything
to do with me!

No. I love you and
the girls. You know that.

But it's, uh,
it's not you.
It's not.

I couldn't help it.

She just started to talk to me
and this and that, and it was
innocent at first,

but she kept at it.

Oh, don't try to
blame her, Thomas!

You were the adult here!

At least you were
supposed to be.

Well, why don't you try
being an adult now

and you tell me, why?

I don't know.

I honestly don't know.

I got caught up in it,

I... I can't
explain it, Carol.

Sometimes I look in the
mirror and I feel...


It just didn't turn out...

I just wanted
something that would...


You wouldn't understand.

I have been
beside you for almost
two decades, Thomas.

Sharing the burdens
of this life.

The disappointments.
You think I don't


I... I...

Don't bother
with the tears.

And don't expect
any from me.

I've known about
this for days,

and I've cried my tears
alone in our bedroom

while you've been
out here...

Playing at love
with this girl.

I'm so sorry, Carol.

You should be.

You should also be
ashamed of yourself.

That little girl
is only 18 years old.

She could be your
own daughter.

It's bad enough
you had an affair...

But what you did
to her...

It sickens me.
You sicken me.


What are you gonna do?

I should kick you out
of the house right now,

but for the sake
of the family

and for the sake
of pure economics, I'm not
gonna make you leave.

But you're gonna have
to find somewhere else
to sleep.

Okay. I'm so sorry, Carol.
I will do anything.

I don't know how
I'm gonna explain
this to the girls

without breaking
their hearts.

Oh, oh.

I made a mistake, Carol.
I know that, but...

Please, just give
me a chance.

But there is one more thing.

The girl.

I'll... I'll...
She thinks Tommy's
at war. I'll kill him.

I'll just, I'll kill him,
Carol. And she'll be sad
for a bit,

but she's young.
She'll survive it.

You think that you can cover
up your lies with more lies?

What is wrong with you?

Well, what do you
expect me to do?

I don't expect you to
do anything. I already
took care of it.

What did you do, Carol?


Katie, enclosed
is a picture of my family.

The girls are my daughters,
age 11 and 13.

The woman is me.

The that you see
is Thomas Montgomery.

We've been married
for over 17 years.

Nearly as long as
you've been alive.

We don't have a son.

There is no Tommy.

I've read the correspondence
that you and Tommy have had
over the last year.

My husband has been
lying to you.

Playing with your emotions
this entire time.

I'm not writing this to hurt
you, even though it might.

I'm writing this
so that you can know

that the fantasy is over
and move on with your life.

Do not trust words
on the computer, Katie.

Unfortunately for us, we are
living in the real world,

and I have to see
the real deceiver every day

and deal with
his behavior and lies.

Carol Montgomery.

Oh, my God.

What have I done?



Good night, honey.

Good night, Dad.

Good night, peanut.
Come here.

You know
I love you girls,
don't you? Very much.

We love you,
too, Dad.
We love you.

Are you gonna sleep in
the garage again tonight?


How much longer is it
gonna be like this?

Well, I don't know.

As long as it
takes, I guess.

But I promise you,
I will never leave
you two, okay?



Good night.
Love you.



I don't know...

Is that couch

Oh, you know it.

But I'm okay.

I'm just glad
I get to stay under
the same roof, so...

I'll see you
in the morning.

Good night, Carol.

Good night, Thomas.


You go out to lunch
and you come back with
flowers. Secret admirer?

These are for you.

What's this?

Hey, is Thomas still
in the dog house?

No, my dog's in
the dog house.
Thomas is in the garage.

Oh. Well, he should
have been sending you
flowers weeks ago.

What's wrong?

I can't believe I forgot.




Just a few hands.

No harm in that.

What the hell?



Come on, come on, come on.


I'm so sorry, Katie.

I know it was wrong.
I'm sorry.

You made me feel special.

Never to hurt you.


Tommy loved you, too.



Can we stay friends?



Hello, Katie.

My name is
Thomas Montgomery.

I'm 47 years old.

Nice to meet you!

I missed you so much.

Oh. I gotta go.

Bye, Katie.

Good night, honey.



Look, Thomas,
I, uh...

I just wanted
to let you know

that I've been
chatting with Katie
a lot the past few days.

And, uh,
I hope you're cool.

What do you mean?

We're friends, Thomas.
I don't want a girl to
come between us.

But at the same time, I...
I want to let you know that
I... I really like her, man.

She's not just some
conquest to me. I want
you to know that.

She said that you
and her were, you know,
okay after you...

After what happened.

I just want that to be
the same with us, too.

Hey, everything's cool.

It's all fine. Okay?
You all have yourselves
a virtual good time.

I'll probably see you
online tonight, okay, man?


Yeah, okay.
All right. I'll, uh,
I'll see you later.

Come on.

Come on!



He's not real.

...you doing this to me?



You will regret it!

He's not what he seems,
stupid girl.

He does this all the time.

Of course I do. Of course.

...you do this, Katie.



It's really hot
in here, Thomas.

I know.

You should come inside,
in the air-conditioning.

Come to bed, Thomas.

I can't sleep with you
standing there like that.

Good night, Carol.

Good night, Thomas.


BRIAN: Katie.

KATIE: Oh, Brian.

Morning, girls.
BOTH: Morning, Mom.

BRIAN: The things
she sends me, it's...

It's kind of hard to believe
she's really a virgin.

MAN: Not for long.

BRIAN: Well, don't get
me wrong. I'm looking
forward to that, too,

I feel like this
one's different.

Feel like there's
something real there,
you know?

Come on, man. I hear all
of your stories at lunch.

Yeah, that's just talk.
It's all B.S. I...
I really like this one.

MAN: We'll see
if you're singing the same
tune come Monday.

BRIAN: All right.

Good luck, man.
BRIAN: Thanks.

You son of a bitch!

Hey! Hey, stop it,
Thomas! Take it easy!
Screw you!

Hey, what the hell
is wrong with you?
I heard you!

I heard what you
said about her!



Hey, hey, I... I'm sorry,
man. You... You okay?

Don't touch me!

Well, you've lost it,
man! You really have.

She's just a kid!
Well, to you, she is.

And she warned
me about you.
Says you're crazy.

She's been
trying to get me
to tell everyone

that you're some
kind of pervert,

but I wouldn't do it
'cause I thought
it wasn't true.

'Cause I thought
we were friends.

You can't do this
to me, Brian!

You're in love with
someone that's not
real, Thomas!

It never was!

You need to calm yourself
down, take it easy,
think straight!

I swear to God,

FOREMAN: What the hell
is going on here?

It was nothing, Al.

Get back on
the floor, Brian.

No, seriously, Al...

Anybody else would be
out in the street.

But you've given us years
of good work, Thomas.

But these last few
months and now this?

I know.
I'm sorry, Al.

You're skating
on thin ice around here.

Don't give me an excuse
to fire you, because
I just might take it.

I have a teenage
daughter myself.

Don't look at me like that.
It's a small town,
even smaller company.

People talk.
I want you to go home.

Use the weekend
to get your head
together, all right?

And, Thomas...

Don't screw up like this
again. You understand me?


All right.

Oh, I'm so stupid. Ah!
Stupid. Stupid!





Katie. Please.
Are you seeing him?

Come on!

Tell me. Tell me.

Stupid girl. Talk to me.

I know this guy.
He doesn't love you!

Please talk to me.


Fine. Whore.

I tried to warn you.

Payback's a bitch!




Dr. Thompson's office.

Hold on. It's Thomas.



Friday night's billing,
you know I get out later.

What? Extra shift?
You never work a...

What kind of surprise?

Well, I don't even know
if I can get out early
enough to pick up the girls.

Okay. Amanda says
she'll cover for me.

No. It's cool. I understand.
Okay. I'll see you then.

Working an extra shift,

Are you sure
that's what he's doing?

Yeah, I am.
He's really...

I don't think he has it
in him to do anything
stupid anymore.







The African lion...

Mmm, that one's
so cute.


There's my girls.

What was that for?

Motivation. Come on,
let's get out of here.


Where are
we going, Daddy?

It's been too long
since we've gone

and done something
as a family,
don't you think?

I say this weekend
we go camping.

Up at the lake,
just like old times.

Oh, Thomas,
you can't be serious.

I am serious
as a heart attack.
I told you.

I told you I had
a surprise for you
this weekend.

Go get your swim gear
and put your boots on!
Chop, chop! Come on!

Good girls.

Thomas, are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm better than
I've been in a long time.

Yeah, but this is just...
It's so late.

No, we...
We can be there
in an hour.

I'll get the fire going
and put up the tents

while you and the girls
are making s'mores.

Come on. It'll be fun.
I just want us...

...to be together again.

Just once.

Hmm? Nothing
wrong with a little
spontaneity, right?

I thought you
ladies liked that
kind of thing.

Yeah, we do, but this
is kind of crazy.

Well, that's...
That's just why
you like it, isn't it?

Come on.
Come be crazy with me.

You go pack a bag.
I'll get some food, okay?

Don't just
stand there! Come on!

We're never gonna
get there in time
if you don't pick it up!

* Lost my keys,
spent all my money

* But I just don't worry,
it's kind of funny

* Now, I believe in love...

AMY: I don't want it
black. It caught on fire.
It wasn't my fault.

It was your
fault, Stacey.

Why is it my fault?

I can just blame
it on you.

STACEY: Get mine
golden brown.

AMY: Ah! Ah!
The bug will bite you.

I don't know what's gotten
into you, Thomas Montgomery.

You think the girls
are asleep?

For sure. It's been
such a full day.

Are you tired?

I should be,
but I'm not.

I'm actually feeling relaxed.

That's good.
That's good.

What are you doing?

Thomas. Oh, Thomas.

This is so nice.

I'm glad you were
so spontaneous.


And last night...

You think you can
do it again tonight?

We've got some lost
time to make up for,
you know.

I hope so.
I really do.

BOY: Guys!


What do you got?

M.E. puts the time of death
somewhere between
9:00, 9:30, Friday night.

COSTA: Now he was texting
at the time. A girl with
an Indiana area code.

Hi. Can I help you?

Yes, ma'am.
Are you Katie Brooks?

I have a few
questions for you.

who is it?

Um, I don't know.

What's, uh,
what's going on?
What is this?

Katie, what do you know
about Brian Barrett of
Rivershore, Michigan?


Thomas, you almost done?


Come on, Dad!

I'm coming.

Sit there, now. Sit there.

Hey, girls. Wake up.
We're home.

Who's that?

THOMAS: Shadow, stay.

Thomas Montgomery?

Detective Moretti.
Detective Costa.
Rivershore Homicide.

Homicide? Why? What...
What happened?
What's going on?

We're investigating
the shooting death of one
of your husband's co-workers.

A Brian Barrett.

What? Brian? Oh, God.

No. Oh, it can't.

I'm terribly sorry you
had to hear the news
like this, ma'am.

You also knew
the deceased?

Yes. Yes, we all knew him.

He was a family friend.

I don't understand.
Why are you here?

We want to ask your husband
here a few questions.

Oh, Thomas?
He wasn't involved
in this.

He and Brian were friends.
They play poker together.

Okay, there must
be some mistake.

Thomas has been
with his family
all weekend camping.

Well, Brian was shot
around 9:00 p.m.
Friday night.

Thomas was working then.

Ma'am, Brian was killed
in the Grant Abrasives
parking lot.

No. That... That...
It can't.

We understand that
you had an altercation

with Brian at
the site of the murder,
Friday morning.


What are they
talking about?

Carol, would you take
the girls inside while
I talk to the detectives?

You're gonna have to come
with us, Mr. Montgomery.

What's going on here?
What did you do?

Take care of the girls.
I love you.

I always have.
Don't ever think I didn't.

Daddy, what's going on?


I love you, girls.

I'm sorry.

Mom, what are they doing?
Why are they taking Dad?

Let's go.

COSTA: Crime of passion.
Happens all the time, Thomas.

Things will go easier
if you just tell us
what happened.

We've got motive.

These files from Brian
and Katie's computers
lay it all out.

Your foreman at your work
saw you attack Mr. Barrett.

Your wife tells us that
you own an M1 rifle like
the one that killed him.

It's only a matter of time
before we find it, Thomas.

Now, come on. Your cooperation
will go a long way when this
goes to trial.

I think it's best
that I wait for my
legal counsel to arrive.

Fine. We can
wait, too. Right?

And in the mean time,
you should take another
look at that tall, hot blonde.

That's not necessary.

She's a beautiful,
young thing.

Who's this?

This is Beth Brooks.

It's Katie's mother.

Come on.

You think you're
the only one that lied about
themselves on the Internet?


Sorry. The actual
retail price is...


Smile for the camera!

Yes! God, yes!
I love you, Tommy.


OFFICER: What do
you know about Brian Barrett
of Rivershore, Michigan?

I don't know
who that is.
I don't...


Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Thomas here just
figured it all out.

I'm gonna leave
this here with you.

Your lawyer will be in,
in a minute.



* You can make it real
You can make it right

* If you're ready to believe

* You can't see
through all the truth and lies

* You only see
what you wanna see

* Nobody's girl
Living in her mixed up world

* Out of the blue
Out of control

* Nobody's girl
Caught up in her
twisted world

* Playing a game
Playing a role

* She's nobody's girl

* She's nobody's girl