Tales of a Fifth Grade Robin Hood (2021) - full transcript

After a young boy in an under-funded inner-city school discovers the head of the school board is stealing money from fundraisers and lives in a mansion, he organizes his friends together to get that money back where it belongs: in the classroom.

[alarm rings]



Oh! There he is!

Morning, buddy!

Oh, you're ready.

Here, I got you some of this.

Mind if
I have breakfast with you?

Here you go.

Whoa! Slow down, tiger!
Slow down! What's the rush?

Fundraiser's ending today.

Last day already?

That's for
Principal Richards, yeah?

That was last week.

This is for new books, gym gear,

better lunches,
pretty much everything.

Oh, wow.

Robin, I'm really
proud of you

for trying to make
your school a better place.

You know, as a CPA...

before my firm went under,
I just...

look, I just don't want you
to be shocked

if the money doesn't go
where you want it to go.

Yeah, but this is different.

-Why is that?
-Because it's me.

All right,
whatever you say, kid.

Oh, hey, my second job has
me working nights this week.

So I need you to come home
straight after school.

Go out and
party all night? Gotcha.

Very funny, mister.

No, I need you home safe and
sound before I head to work.

What if I get attacked
by giant nuclear lizards

or aliens land and try
to take over the city?

Wow, that is a...

that's actually
a really good point.

Well, in that case,
then you call me.

Calling me and telling me
you're in trouble

is way better than me
calling you

and discovering that you're
in trouble, got it?

Fine. I'll be back the second
the last bell rings.


I got your favorite TV dinners,
the ones with the brownies!

Cool! Thanks, Dad!

Of course.

See you later!


Whoa, whoa, whoa!
You forgetting something?

Oh, come on, come on!

But that's not what
I'm talking about, huh?

Oh, man, what kind of
books you got in here?

Just important ones.

Yeah? All right.

-Love you.
-Love you, too.

Hey, remember, right
after school, okay?

Got it.

Don't go fishing!
Come straight home!

Hey, Joe.
Good to see you again!

Hey, my friend!
How are you?

I got you a sandwich.

Oh, no, no, Robin.

I couldn't take it.

I'll just grab something
at school, Joe.

It's a BLT, your favorite.

Don't mention it, Joe.

Everyone needs
a little help sometimes.

Thanks, kid.

You're welcome.

Have a great day!


Okay, John, it's the last day
of the school fundraiser.

Let's prove to Robin we can
raise the money by ourselves.

Let's do it for
Principal Richards!

-We have to watch out for Wolfe!

Git on, git!

You mean the worst security
guard ever!

Okay, people, it's time to open
your hearts

and your piggy banks!

My friend John would love to
take your money!

For a good cause!

Every penny will go
to helping us!

Don't you guys want
a better school?

I'm running out of ideas.

Cake every day?

We need Robin.

You're late.
We've got everything set up.

We would've started,
but no one would listen.

Follow my lead.

Just do it fast!

Vice Principal Prince
will be here soon.

May I have your
attention, please?

I need everyone over
by this side.

I've got something you
won't want to miss.


Sadly, our fundraiser
is coming to a close.

We hoped to raise another $100
to make sure we can get books,

better lunches...

and we only have a
short time to do it

before VP Prince
shuts us down!

We've got to take
care of our school

while Principal Richards
is out sick!

But what if we had something
to enjoy right now?

I think if we raise, say, $200,

we can see our favorite teacher,
Ms. Tuck, get pied in the face!

I'd like to see that!

John, show 'em what's
behind the curtain!


Hello, students!


Pie! Pie!

Thank you, thanks.
Thank you very much.

Appreciate it.

Thank you!

Oh! That was close!


Thank you, thanks.
Thank you very much.

[engine roars]


Croc! Snake!


Get rid of that sign!

Prince Only!
Get rid of the fine.

-You got it.

-Get rid of that curb!
-Of course!

Where's my briefcase?

Oh, you could do
better than that!

Oh! That was close!

Hi, Johnston!

Yes, I'm picking up
the funds now.

All right.
All right, I'll see you at noon.

Who else got one?

You got a pie?

Oh, come on!

I skipped breakfast for this!

He's coming!

Here, let me get this done
before Prince shuts us down.

Out of the way!
Out of the way!

Move, the great me is coming.





Will you get yourself cleaned up
before you go back to class?

You look like a fool!

Come on!
Let's get you cleaned up!

Not one step!

I'm calling everyone
of your parents!

Well, at least
we reached our goal?

I can't wait for Principal
Richards to be back.

I would have thrown
a curve ball.

No, a curve pie?

Either way would have
gone right around him.

I threw it perfectly, at least
until Prince got in the way.

I did! Where's instant replay
when you need it?

Move it! Get going!

Walk it off!

No running!

[bell rings]


Is that our volcano?

Oh, I didn't know you
guys worked on it.

We're going to do
the presentation!

I've got my sound effects ready!

[makes explosion noises]

They're amazing!

All right, settle down, class!

Shh, shh, shh.

We have a lot to do today and
not a lot of time to do it.

Now before presentations,

we're going to test
the viscosity of liquids

with the many marbles
of my prized collection.

But first, how
to make kid-friendly

elephant toothpaste...

[P.A. system feedback]

Good morning. This is Vice
Principal Prince speaking.

How are you?


I'm fine, thank you.

I have tallied up
the total raised

by the 5th grade fundraiser.

And it comes to as
very unimpressive $653,

all of which will go

to Principal Richards's
medical expenses.

We wish him well.

Oh, FYI, until he returns,

I've been authorized to be
the acting principal.


Do you hear me?



Oh, that's amazing!
Is that true?

No, but they don't know that.


That's good.

Stop it!

Ms. Tuck, Mr. Richards
told us last week

that we had already
raised all the money needed

for his medical bills.

It is a role I humbly accept,

along with my campaign
for School Board President.

Remember, kids,
tell your parents,

"For Your Student Kingdom,
elect a real Prince."

Ms. Tuck, he stole
our fundraiser money!

Robin, you're gonna
need a lot of evidence

for an accusation like that.

Today we're starting
a new program

called "Open Concept Learning".

Wolfe, grab everything.



When you say
everything, you mean...

Yes, everything.

All right.

Well, all right, let's do...

Not me, you idiot!

-Out there!

-Stop it!

Get out!

Out there, not in here!



That concludes
today's announcements.

Do not intervene!

Intervene? That's just...

We'll be taking books,
we'll be taking desks.

What is the meaning of this?

We'll be taking anything
not nailed down

to allow students to learn in
a free-range environment.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Wait, you can't take my desk!

My marbles...


No, no, no, no, no!

I'm scheduled to be here
for eight hours.

You got that kind of time?

All right, hand it all over.


What about the chili?

That, too.

That's my life's work!
It's all I have!

It's boss's orders!


-All right, all right!
-It completes me!


What are you doing?
Stop! Stop!

You can't do this! Stop!

No, no, no, no.
You've gotta get through me!

John, it's fine.

It's not worth you getting
into trouble.

Just let him through.

[kids clamoring]



I'm sorry, excuse me!

Don't touch the children!

Stop! That's mine!
Give it!

Okay, just talk to
vice principal...



Cut your tomatoes
and get outta here!

I'm taking this with me!

No! Leave the chili!

All right, okay, hand it over,
hand over the chili!

All right, okay.

All right.

Oh, wow.

I'll miss you, Bernice!

Oh, hot, hot, hot, hot!

Kids, I'm so sorry!


One, two, three...


Hey, give it back!

Give it back!

All right, let's gather
round on the floor

for now and...

Just right here.
It's fine.

Just make a circle,
we'll just gather round for now.

Yes, it's great.

Turn your books to page 42.

We don't have our books.

Oh, right.

Maybe I can pull the
book up on my phone

and we could
just pass it around.

How are we supposed to learn
under all these conditions?


Ms. Tuck?

This is bad.

This is exactly what our money
was supposed to go towards!

I'm sure once you
find Prince

and you tell him where
the money was supposed to go,

he'll fix it.

Oh, wait.

All of the hall passes
were in my desk.

So you're just gonna have
wait until lunch to go find him.

One last thing, students.

I know you've all been
complaining about how bad

the lunch is here, so I have
some good news!

Now you can all get real
burgers, fries

and whatever else
your heart desires!


I got rid of our entire lunch
program and worked out a deal

with the fine folks at the
mall food court down the road.


Tell them Princey sent you,
and get 3% off. Vote Prince!

In other words,
I'm canceling lunch!

He can't cancel lunch!

I need lunch!
I'm a growing boy!

I can't afford mall food!

We have to do something!

[buzzer sounds]

We have to get
those desks back!

My legs are killing me!

He's up to something.

We can't let him see us
or we'll be in big trouble.

I'll be lookout.

Thank you.

I'll use my special call
if there's trouble.


What was that?



That's our fundraiser money!



Good to see you.

-You as well.
-Have a seat.


it's from the kids.

It's only $653.

So it's just a little bonus.

He's giving our money away!

We have to get in there.

No! We need evidence!

What are you doing?

Robin, don't!

-He'll see it!
-No, he won't!

It went under his chair!

Doesn't she have a kid going
to art school next year?

Well, that can't be cheap.

Nice shot!

Maria, I'm Robin Hoode!

Okay, look! I don't care
what your excuse is!

But you need a hall pass or
it's an automatic suspension!

Okay, but what about
Principal Richards?

Do we have to worry about him?

Well, not if you
elect me School Board President

tomorrow at three p.m.

'Cause if you don't,
come Monday, Richards is back.

That'll be it.

Well, we can't
have that, can we?


Hey! Aren't you supposed
to be at lunch right now?

Don't you know
you need nutrition

for your growing brains?

You know, I eat
all the time

which is why my brains
is bigger than your brains!

Yeah, uh...


That a bobcat in the hallway?

That sounds sick.

Guys, come on!
Wolfe's on the way!

Next time if you
hear me scream, hide!

What is it, Wolfe?

I thought now might
be a good time

to talk about that
super secret plan--


Let's go somewhere where
we can talk more privately.

Oh, like the super secret
executive lounge--


What'd you see?


We just saw them go in there.

Either of you know
how to pick a lock?


What do you think?

That was a very impressive
super secret executive lounge.

The candles were
a very nice touch.

Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Yeah, you really are
quite a class act.

Have you tried these
in the super secret entrance

through the library?

'Cause that thing is awesome!

Looking forward to seeing
you Saturday. Three p.m. sharp.

I look forward to it as well.

So, uh...
what you got going on now?

You wanna do anything?

Get a sandwich or something?

Just go do whatever
it is you do.

All right.
Aye-aye, captain!

Hey! No running in the hallway!
That is a felony!

[bell rings]

Prince's office
is always locked.

We can never get in.

Wolfe said something about
a super secret entrance

inside the library.

I need to get my phone back!

It has evidence of
Prince using our money!

Meet me in the parking
lot after school.

Bring the volcano.

Okay. Everybody know the plan?


Wait for my signal.

Yes, ma'am.

Don't call me ma'am.
I'm 10.

-Yes, ma'am.

Oh, hey, Mr. Prince.
Can I talk to you?

Acting Principal Prince!

I was just wondering why,
you know, you have to cut

so much of the budget when
we've done so much fundraising?

Good question,
but it's not budget cuts.

It's "Open Concept Learning".

I'm trying to foster...

You're one of Ms. Tuck's
fundraising kids, aren't you?


Lots of things that
go into a budget

that you would never understand.

Because you're 10
and I'm an adult.

Now, If you'll excuse me...

Acting Principal Prince, wait!

Wait for what?

Wait here!
Wait, please! Just wait!

No! I'm going to my car!

Have a nice day, dear.

I hope you don't.

I'll see you tomorrow.




Our volcano!

-Are you kidding me?
-How dare you?

How dare I what?

Why would you leave
this behind my car?

You've ruined our volcano!

It fell out of my backpack!

It's my car, not yours!
Why are you crying about it?

It's $5,000.

I hope your parents
have insurance!

This is gonna be at least
three weeks in the shop


Stop crying, relax!

Calm down!

I'll make sure you get a "C"!

Um... 3, 2, 1...

He said it fell out
of his backpack!

Excuse me?

You kids are a bunch of zeroes.

Zero, zero, zero.

Hey, Mr. Prince!
We need to get going!


You have to tell Ms. Tuck we're
getting an extension or else!

What? You can always
build another volcano!

You're gonna get detention.

Oh, no! What did you
do to our volcano?


Come on, guys.

And don't worry, sir.

Ms. Tuck will understand
this is your fault.

My fault?
It slipped out of his backpack!

It's all your fault!

Your fault!
You heard it!

It's all your fault!


Know this...

I have had my eyes
on the three of you

from the beginning
of the year.

Ever since you filled that
classroom up with soap suds...

Had to get those floors clean.

And the room full of marbles?

We needed something
that could easily be grouped

into ones and tens.

Common core, 'ya know.

Oh, tell me about it...

Now I know where you live and
I know where your parents work!

You're walking a very thin line.
Do you understand?

Principal Richards may have
liked you, but I don't!

Darn it, the audio is bad.
You can't make anything out.

My volcano was
ruined for nothing?

Come on. We raised so much
to save our school!

Now we need to save
it a different way...

By stopping Prince.


But how do we do that?

We come to school tomorrow.

On a Saturday?

Man, my dad's gonna kill me!

I know, but nobody
will be around.

We get in, get into
Prince's office,

find the money as evidence

and use that to stop him
from getting elected.

We just need to
stop him before the election

at three p.m. tomorrow.

Wait. What time is it?

Almost four.


See you tomorrow?

Yep, tomorrow!

Uh, okay.

At least the color's still nice.

Thanks. The flies like it too.

Where were you?

Sorry, dad, I...

Uh-uh. No, no.
No excuses.

Did I not say you to
come home right after school?

You did, but there...

And it is not
not right after school?

No, it's not.

Okay, so here's
what's gonna happen.

I'm now late for work,

which means you're
in some big trouble.

But there's this guy who
stole all the fundraiser money.

Yeah, what did I
say about excuses?

Robin, you're grounded.


Go to your room,
go to your room.

You can't do that!

You're gonna be in there
for the weekend, all right?

-Hey, listen.

You keep it up, you're
gonna be there the whole year.

I have to go to work.
Be back after midnight.

Just be in there
when I get back.




Robin? What's wrong?

I got grounded.

But it's up to us to
save the school! We need you!

I know.

I lost track of time.

What about tomorrow?


Or else Prince will
win the election

and we'll never stop him!

Robin, I know your Dad
would understand.

Are we really gonna call
this off?

No, the plan's still on.

But I'll need your help
breaking me out of here.

We have a school to save.

[alarm rings]


I'm trying to sleep!


Maria? The goose has nested!

I repeat, the goose has nested!

Copy that.
We are a go!

Oh, come on!
Stop it!


Hey, Robin?

[doorbell rings]


Oh, hi, Mr. Hoode, sir.

Um, can Robin come out
and play today?

I'm afraid not.
He is very grounded.


But it's such a nice day out!

All right, so he's grounded
the whole weekend.

You'll just have to wait
'til Monday, right? Bye.


-Please, please?

-Come on, man! Please?
-Come on!

-Please, please, please?
-Please, please, please!

-Come on!


-Pretty please.



[Robin squawks]


Oh, never mind.

-You know what, it's fine.

See you... whenever.

-Thank you. Bye.

Thank you.

That was close!

We have to go.

Hey, kids?

-Yes, sir?
-Yes, sir?

You the ones that helped
robin with the fundraising?

-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.

Did it go well?

-No, sir.
-No, sir.

Well, I hope it gets better.

-Yeah, us, too.
-Yeah, us, too. Yeah.

-Yeah, bye.


I thought I was gonna
poop my pants.

Yeah, it was close.
Let's get out of here.

Hey, Joe, I got you
a doughnut, your favorite.

Well, thank you, Robin.

I'm off to save our school.

Bye, Joe!

Take it easy!


Go get 'em, kids!

Chocolate glazed! Woo!

All right, guys.
We only have a few hours

to find the money, prove Prince
stole it and save our school.

-No pressure.
-No pressure.

Wait. So, what?

We just walk in and
go straight for the office?


With all the budget cutbacks,

they probably don't have
any security on the weekends.

♪ If you like it you
should have called me back ♪

♪ But you never did

♪ Oh, yeah


What in the heck?

You have absolutely
no right to be here, okay?

Unless, of course,
you got a school pass!

Oh, yeah, we had ours,
but we forgot them.

You have any spares for us

just to see if
we have the right ones?

It's so hard to keep track.

Oh, yeah, I got a school pass.

You wanna see it?

It's gotta be fast.

That's what ours looks like.

We'll be right back with passes.

Who cares?

Get outta here!

So they can afford that guy,
but we can't have lunch?


What was all that about?

I thought we don't have
Saturday passes.

Not yet,
but I'm always prepared.

Everyone grab the blue ones.

You're doing it wrong.



Can I...

help you...

Here you are, sir.
Our Saturday passes.

Now, if you'll excuse us...

Ah, but, but, but, but, but...

Yeah, it's the wrong one.
It's supposed to be red.

Why'd you show us
the blue one then?

Because I don't have
any red ones, okay?

They keep 'em in a
lockbox inside

because we got budget cuts
going on in this school!

It's a nightmare in there!

Come on!
Get outta here!

Go on home! Come on!


-So now what?
-Got any more ideas?

Guess drama got cut too.

We're here to fix your pipes.

We went pipeless!

Whole school, no pipes!

Aliens have crash-landed.

Oh, that'd explain
the damage to my car.

Get outta here!

We came here for a
dance battle, boy!

[hip hop music plays]

Yeah, that's next week.

[record scratch]

Someone's appendix
broke in there! We gotta help!

Hey, hold up, okay?

This school is
not zoned for surgeries.

All right, now get outta
here, Doogie Howser!

Who's Doogie Howser?

I think he's that kid that
moved to Texas last year.

If we can't get past him,

we need to get him away
from the door.

Robin, does that
pie booth have wheels?

'Cause I have an idea.

What the...

"Dear Wolfe, here's the prize
for my favorite security guard.

"Just stick your
head through,

close your yes and
count to 10?"

Favorite security guard?

Oh, okay.

Well, let's just see here.


Okay, here we go!

One... two...

three, four...

I'm doing it!

I'm the best and I'm doing it!

What are you doing in there?

You know, just stretching.

I think my vest is stuck!

Hey, Croc, go find those kids.
They're up to something.

You gonna help us?

Oh, yeah, yeah.
I'll be right there.

Do you have a psychiatrist?

John, you run distraction!

We'll go to the principal's



Hey, knuckleheads...

Come get me!

I'm coming, guys!

[slowed-down shout]



Okay! There has to be another
way in his office somewhere!

Robin, look! All this stuff
they stole is here.


-What are we gonna do now?
-I don't know!

There's a door around front,
but it's probably locked!

Don't worry!
I have the keys!

Oh, man...

-You should go first!
-You should go first!

I will go first because
I'm the bravest!

I think I found the back
door to Prince's office!

What makes you say that?

Oh, makes sense.

It's locked.

Maybe there's a key
or something over here.

I found a key!

Go see if it works.

Doesn't work.

Someone paid a ton of money
for an addition to the school.

That's a lot of overtime.

What happened
to the budget cuts?

It's dated only
a couple of weeks

before Principal Richards left.

Can we use that as evidence?

Not unless we can prove that
this is our fundraiser money.

Let's see what else we can find.

I thought you said
the election was at one?

Oh, did I?
My mistake. It's at three.

But now that you're here,
I'd love to talk about it.

I don't know.

You're running for President
of the School Board.

That just seems icky.

Well, why don't we
talk about it over lunch,

say, McAllister's Prime Rib?

-My treat.

Oh, in that case, all right.


Oh, well, well, well!

Good to see you there, punk!

Hey, Wolfe, you hungry?

I mean, I can always eat.

Then eat this!



I'll go find John,
hopefully he lost them!

I'll be right behind you.

I just need to check
something out real quick.


Come on, John,
in here!

Robin! Where'd you go?

Robin, you can't just
leave us like that!

We could have used your help!

I know, and I'm sorry.
But you guys gotta see this!


Just wait 'til you see
the next room.

Welcome to the new
executive lounge!


What is this place?

I dunno, but it's time to party!

Let's go look for that
fundraiser money.

I'll check Prince's office.

I actually know a great dry
cleaner that can get out chili.

He's right next to
Ramichi's House of Waffles.

Well, that's pretty good.
Down on 4th Street.

Someone's coming.

Maria, go jam the door!

Looks like they found
the super secret lounge!

Nah, it's jammed!

I jammed the door,

but it's not gonna hold 'em
off for that long!

I have an idea!

Here we go!

Here we--

Oh, my...

Okay, here...

Okay, there's something
wrong with this door!

It should pop right--

You guys wanna help
me with this?


All right, fine!
Here we go!

[slowed down shouting]


Okay, I'm fine.
Go on without me!


-Come on, kids!
-You come on out!

-It's time!


Give it up!


All right...


Cover me!

Why do I have to stay behind?

Because Robin said so.

Oh, no!
All the balls are gone!

We got him!

Don't worry.

Your friends will be
joining you soon enough.

Oh, congratulations.
You defeated a kid.

A real annoying kid, too!

They don't just give
these to anyone!

Okay, that hurts.

You and Snake go.

I'll make sure this one
doesn't get up to anything.

I don't think John can
hold them off for that long.

We have to find a way
into Prince's office!

They're probably in here!

You hear that?
Someone's coming!




I would have thought
I would have at least

scared one of them!


See? Nothing!

There's literally no one here!

Take a look at this office here.

Oh, no, not that office!

That office only has one key
and I'm the only one who has it!

Got it right here.

He calls me sometimes
in the morning and says,

"Hey, can you use your
keys to let me in?"

I go, "I don't have to be
in for another two hours!"

You know, it's the worst job!

It's rude.

It's... I've tried...
anyway, come on.

Let's go.
Let's go find 'em.

Come on!

No time to waste!

Let's get inside!
Come on!

It's not working.

Watch an expert do it.

You're welcome.

Let's find that money
and save our school!

All right, the money
has to be in here.

Look for someplace secure.

Somewhere only
Prince could get to.

Well, this is a place to start.

PRINCE: Yes, I was thinking
that same thing.

Someone's coming! Hide!

You know, Mrs. Cross,
I am so happy you decided

to vote Prince for
School Board President.

You'll be able to send your
kid to art school for life.

Please, no.


Let me get you those funds.

No looking.

I still don't know, Prince.

Well, just think of
it as a gift.

If you decide not to vote
for me, you keep it anyway.

-Are you sure?

Come on. I'll show you where
we're gonna build the new gym.

That was too close!

Do you know how
to break into a safe?

If we use the chemicals
from our volcano project,

set them off against
the safe's mechanism,

and force of the reaction
causes the safe to break,

which would open it!

Let's try.

Now I just left Cross
at the gym.

Here are the keys to
Ms. Tuck's room.

Get baking soda, vinegar...

Go! I'll figure it out,
and good luck.

Cross at the gym.

Now the next thing
we need to do--


What? Get her!

She went that way!

Search all the rooms!
She could be anywhere!

She can't be that far.

Maybe she turned invisible!

I wouldn't put anything
past these kids!

Shut up and search the rooms!

Can't have an explosion
without a volcano.

Hey! TP Prince!
Over here!

Wolfe, you go that way!

Hey, guys!
Come and get me!

Why are you doing this?

You took our desks
and canceled lunch!

So what?
You didn't need 'em.

Maybe, but you're
still pretty bad.


Look, boss!
I got her!

Get off of me!

I came around from
the side, boss! I got her!

Take her to the other room
with the other kids.

Oh, I will.
Oh, I'm doing it, all right!

Here we go!



I'd better stay with Croc.

Make sure these brats
don't escape.

Sounds good to me!

Let us out of here!
We have rights!

[speaks foreign language]

Not in there...
[speaks foreign language]


At least Robin's
still out there.

Yeah. That's what
I'm afraid of.

Okay, science,
let's see what happens.

Before you know it, I will
be School Board President

and Principal Richards
will be history.


What are you doing here?

You can't go through with this!

Oh, I can and I will.

I won't let you.
I'll set off my volcano!

Ooh, a volcano.
So scary.

This isn't a regular volcano.

Oh, really?
What is it?

Your worst nightmare.



The election is starting
in 10 minutes.

We have to get out of here
and stop it.

But we're stuck.

What would Robin do?

Besides leave me behind?

He only does that
because he trusts you.

No. It's because I'm a star
athlete at the school.

Either way, feeling sorry
for yourself

is not going to help us.

What would Robin do?

Wolfe! Get in here?

I can't find my phone!


Yay! Foam party! Nice.

So what's going on in here?

That brat set off
an actual volcano!

Now we have 10 minutes to get
to the School Board election.


Where did you get an ice cream?

I always have ice cream.

All right, get the safe to the
gym and help me find my phone!

The whole safe?
That seems a little impractical.

You're impractical!
Hurry up!

Quit playing with the foam!

Now get that safe to the gym
and find my phone and hurry up!

Put a little on top.


Knock, knock,
can I come in?

Okay, hey, I know
you're mad at me and I get it.

But I have here your
favorite PB&J

cut diagonally just the way
you like it, with chips, huh?

Robin, you interested?

Look, kiddo, I'm really
sorry I got so mad at you,

It's just...
I worry, you know.

I was a lot like you in school.

You know, I had big dreams,
a big personality.

It's just... school dragged
everything out of me.

Every time something
good would happen,

something bad would happen.

I didn't want to get
your hopes up because

I know how quickly things
can come crashing down.

But I've come to realize that
I shouldn't rob you

of your hope and optimism
based off my experience.

Because that might not be yours.

You should be allowed
to believe in whatever it is

you want to believe in.

And if it happens to be
this school

and your fundraising
can help rescue it,

then who am I to take that
away from you, right, son?

Right, son?

Son, hey...


PRINCE: Ladies and gentlemen of
the school board committee,

please make your way down
to the auditorium

and get ready to vote for your
new school board president.


Hey, come out!
Oh, man!

You're gonna be
so grounded, man!


Hmm, just in time.

Soon nobody will be able
to stop me from

taking over this school...

and the district.


Stop it!

Come on!
Set me down.

It's too small to fit
into anyway.

Prince is President.

We have to get outta here,
but we're stuck.

Do you have any ideas?

You're the idea person anyway.

Why do I always have to
be the idea person?

It's always, "Maria,
could you build the volcano,

I'll give the presentation?"

Then it's "Could you just give
the presentation, too?

You know volcanos so
much better than we do."

It's so annoying.

At least you're valued
for your brain.

People look at me and think,
"Hey, he's strong and fast.

He can do all the strong
and fast things."

I got other skills.

I'm taking Algebra 2
at the high school first period

on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Oh, I had no idea.

You never asked.

That's why you're always late?

Not that that matters,
now that we won't have a school.

But, like,
do you have any ideas?


And here he is, Prince!

Thank you, Don Pardo.


Is that thing on?



I mean, it's supposed to be.

We'll just say there is
something wrong with the upload.

Fine, but where's the money?

Right there in my safe.

Give me a second,
I've got to get the...

Okay, all right.
We're good.

It's a little heavier--

I got it!
Gonna be fine.


Ladies and gentlemen,
as you know,

I've already advanced you $653.

But I am in a particularly
generous mood today.

So after I am voted
School Board President,

you'll each receive
an additional $5,000.

I just need to see
what's inside the safe.

I thought we agreed to $100,000?

Well, yes, it'll be $100,000

after we pilfer
the other school districts.

Did you find the last one?

Uh, the last one what?

Shh! The kid!

Oh, yeah... no.

Well, go find him!


Let's start the election.

The 113th Nottingham
District School Board Meeting

is now in session.


[police sirens sound]

Hey, the police are here!


You hear that, kids?

You'll be in
a different cell soon.


Oh, no.


Hey. Hey!

It's not that funny.

All right.

All those in favor of
making Prince

the President of the School
Board, say "Aye".


Cross, how do you vote?

Think about it, Cross.

McAllister's Prime Rib
every single night.


Well, congratulations,
School Board President Prince.

Thank you, thank you.
I can't believe I won.

By a landslide.


Shall we do a recount?

Thank you, thank you.


What do you want?

We really have to go pee!

No, you don't.

Yes, we do!
Real bad!

Just take a second.

They're bluffing.

The second we open the door,
they'll try to run off.

Okay, well, if you
don't let us go,

then we'll just have
to go on the floor.

I dare you.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Oh, come on, man!

That's gross!

Okay, okay!
I'm opening the door!


[speaking foreign language]


Hey! Hey!

You open this door right now!
You hear me?

One of these keys can
open up this door.

You know what the messed up
thing is?


I really do have to pee!


Once you take the money, I'll
have all the evidence I need.

Almost there!

Come on!
Can you reach?

I'm trying to get
leverage, but--

-You gotta reach!
-This isn't working!

I'm gonna lean back
for the leverage.

-Stop moving your face!
-Keep reaching!

I know!

All right, you better
have a good answer.

You don't even know.
Come on. Pick up.

[phone rings]

No, no, no, no!

What is that?


Robin! Robin! Robin!

I can't talk right now.

I have a sandwich.

I'm here holding
your favorite sandwich!

Please! Keep it down!

No! You don't get to keep--

Robin, what's going on?

Everything's fine.
Just tell me what's going on.

I'm sorry I ran away,
but I'm at school.

Why are you at school?

Some bad people are trying
to take over the--

Aha! I got him!

Robin, stay on the phone!
Hey, are you okay?

Let go of me!

I got the last one, boss!

I got the last one!

Robin Hoode.

They got Robin!

We have to get him
out of the there!

How do we do that and
keep everyone else inside?

-I have an idea!
-I have an idea!

Well, well, well,
if it isn't the leader

of our merry little band.

You can't get away with this!
I heard everything!

Mr. Richards will be back
and you'll have nothing.

Hello, Mr. Hoode.
This is Acting Principal Prince.

Your son has been caught
vandalizing school property.

He'll be arrested and expelled.

Have a good day.


Shut up!

This the vandal?

This is the miscreant.

There's two other
troublemakers in the hallway.

We didn't vandalize anything!

What about my office?
There was a volcanic explosion.

I can explain.

What's going on here
with all of this?

Just a public
school board meeting.

Oh, aren't those supposed
to be public?

There's a camera over there.

Well, it doesn't appear
to be plugged in.


Didn't I tell you to plug it in?

You told me
a lot of things!

And that was probably
one of 'em.

Officer, they're lying!
He's been stealing--

We'll get your statement
after we get downtown.

Let's go.

Stop! You're arresting
the wrong person!

He's the one you want!

Those are the other two



Get him!

I don't take orders from you.

Do you take bribes?


We've got a runner.

Let me go!

Get him!

It's so dirty under here!

Hurry up!


Guys! Open the door!
Open the door! Open the door!

You guys saved me!

We're not done yet.

Help us with these desks!

Perfect! Now let's block
off the whole hallway!


Get them!

It's locked, boss!

Try the other door!


Not that one,
the other one!

Nice job with the desks, guys.

Robin, we need to
talk to you

about the way you
treat me and John.


You guys are my best friends.

Doesn't feel like it.

There they are!

Get them!

Can we talk about this later?

We've got bigger problems.

One more thing.


Wait a minute, wait a minute,
hold on!

Hey, look!

Hey, what's that sound?


Normally, I don't accept
messages from parents.

But Charles Hoode
sent me a video

with some
very serious allegations

about our new principal.

It's all stemming from
this video

that his son uploaded,
you know, on the cloud.

All right, guys.
We're almost home free.

We just need to get
to the exit!

Stop right there!

Nice try.
There's more than one exit.

There's no exit for you.

Let's not make this any
harder than it needs to be.

You kids already have
a long rap sheet.

Well, looks like this
is our last stand.

Robin, do you have any ideas?

We just have to hope
I can find my phone.

Oh, you mean this?

Sorry, kids.

I am going to be
school principal

and school board President.

And there's nothing
you can do to stop it!

Not so fast!

Principal Richards!

What are you doing out of bed?

Unhand those children, officer!
There are the ones you want!

Not so fast!

You're all under arrest.

I had nothing to do with this.
I'm just saying.

I don't even know
how I got here.

We have you on
video taking bribes.

Is that what I look like?

You have no hard evidence.

Look in his safe!

You'll find the missing money.

Yes, look in the safe.

Oh, no, I forgot
the combination.

Zero, zero, zero, zero.

John Prince,
you're under arrest.

For what?
Name one thing!

Misappropriation of funds,
bribing a police officer,

harassment, embezzlement,

impersonation of
an elected official,

fraud, evading the police,

obstruction of justice,
child endangerment,

loitering, jaywalking,

27 unpaid parking tickets

and a hazardous level of
cologne in an enclosed space.

Oh, please.


Hey, buddy?
How about some change to help--

Get a job.



Jail is gonna be fun!

If I can get a hotplate,
I'll make you pancakes!

Will you shut up?

My heroes!

I really wanna thank you kids
for saving our school.

If it weren't for you three,

things would have gotten
really, really bad.

In fact, I'd like to appoint
you as members

of the Student Ambassadors
to the school board.

Thank you, sir!

-Yeah, thanks.
-Thank you so much.

Sometimes all anyone needs
is a little help.

And the gratitude to thank
those who helped him.

Hey, Maria, I'm sorry
I rely on you so much.

Having you come up with
ideas and do all the bookwork,

it's not fair.

We all should do our fair share.

And I think I've been getting
by too much lately.

It definitely won't
happen in the future.

That means a lot.

And, John, you're really smart.

I'm going to listen to
a lot more of your ideas.

What you did with the marbles?

You're way more than
just an athlete.

Appreciate that.


See, what happened was...

See, what happens was
you tricked me, hmm?

You ran away.

You almost got yourself hurt
and arrested in this huge mess.

Sound about right?


And you fought for
what you believed in

even though
you knew it was hard.

You know what?
I'm proud of you, kid.

Good job.

So does that mean I'm not--

No, no, no. You're
definitely still grounded.

But that doesn't mean
that we can't get

ice cream after school, right?

Can my friends come too?

Well, these are
the two criminals

that helped you escape.

Sure, why not?


But just one scoop.


Okay, two scoops.


I ain't made of money.
Come on.

Mr. Hoode?

It's come to my
attention we may have

some new openings
on our school board.

If I remember correctly,

you have experience
handling money, correct?

As a matter of fact, I am a CPA.

Oh, perfect!

We'll need one
this coming Monday.

See you then!

Thank you, sir.

[bell rings]

All right, welcome back,
welcome back!

I missed you guys!

Give me a high-five, somebody!
There you go, there you go.

Looking good, Joe.

Hey, good to see you.
You ready for school?

You excited?

Hey, it's so good to have
you back, Mr. Richards.

Thank you, thank you.

Hi, Ms. Tuck.
I'm Robin's father.

Nice to meet you.

Thank you for all...
for all you do.

Yeah, for sure.

We should get coffee
or something.

That'd be great.

Welcome to your first day
as the board's new CPA.

So let's get you settled in.

Yes, excited.

So, listen, Robin.
Have a wonderful day.

If I'm not mistaken,
as of 12:01 a.m.,

you're officially ungrounded.

You mean it?
Thank you, dad!

-All right.
-Don't leave him hanging!

You can invite your friends
over after school.

Just don't embarrass me.

I won't.
See you later!

-He's a good one.
-He's a good one.

I really appreciate
this opportunity.

Good morning, class!

I don't have rubber bands!

Well, I was just looking
for my last missing marble,

but let's start with roll call.

Or we could start with cake.

What are you guys up--

As newly-appointed members
of the School Board--

We would like to congratulate
Ms. Tuck

on becoming the interim
School Board President.


Guys, you are so sweet,

but, you know, part of your
job as Student Ambassadors

to the School Board,
it's ensuring that all

the money fundraised
goes exactly

to where it's needed most.

And this cake,
delicious as it may be,

might be a waste of money.

Don't worry, Ms. Tuck.
We made it ourselves.

Oh, in that case, everybody
have a slice of cake!



Uh, you guys okay?

What happened?

I thought I lost my marbles.