Tales of Hell (2017) - full transcript

[static hisses]

[intense electronic music]

- Do you wanna watch another?

- I honestly feel like
we've seen everything.

- We haven't seen everything.

- Seriously, the entire
catalog run through.

Netflix, we're done with.

[woman laughs]

I'm on that verge of
going, let's chill.

- No. [laughs]

- Yeah.
- No.

- Yeah.

We literally have
nothing else to watch.

- We could watch one more.

- If you say Bee
Movie, I swear to God.

[woman laughs]

You're doing it again.

[dramatic music]
[tape rattles]

Did you hear that?

- Do you wanna?

- I'll check it.

- [Woman] Yeah, you go check.

- All right, I'll go check.

[dramatic piano music]

- [Woman] What does it say?

- [Man] Tales of Hell.

- No, I don't really
wanna watch a horror.

- Come on, it could be good.

- No, I don't think
it's the right sort of.

- Seriously, how
often to you get,

like, a tape come through.

- I know, but.

I dunno.

- Let's do it.

Just wanna have a look.

- Okay, all right.

All right fine.

But, okay, fine.

- All right, have a look.

I know you're not in the
mood but it could be fun.

- Okay.

[static hisses]

[water rushing]

[lights buzzing]

[ominous electronic music]

- Hello?


[dramatic music]
[keys clink]


Get a grip, Miranda.

[ominous music]

[floor creaking]
[woman gasps]


[television chattering]
[phone buzzing]

[dramatic music]
[woman yelps]

Come on, please!

[woman gasping]

Is anybody there?

[dramatic music]
[woman screams]

[intense orchestral music]

[keys jingling]
[lock clicks]

[dramatic music]

[woman screams]

[dramatic electronic music]

- She's 24, 25, one of the
night managers, Caucasian.

- I'm Detective Harris.

- Detective Cordova,
nice to meet you, sir.

- You first on the scene?

- Yes.

She's in here, sir.

- All right.

Call the coroner.

- He's on his way.
- Okay.

Ah geez.

That's a shame.

- You know her?

- Yeah.

Lauren Deakin.

Just 24 years old.

Works on human resources here.

- How do you know all that?

- I was here last night,

following up on a
harassment case.

- Wait, she was being harassed?

- No, not her.

Another employee, Stacey Newman.

She just took the
original report.

- Okay.

- Nice girl.

- What the hell
happened here then?

- I don't know.

She was here alone when I left.

Manager locked up behind her.

- So nobody could've
got in or out then?

- Nobody except her.

Heard the manager tell her

to use her set of
keys when she left.

Manager still here?

- Yeah, she had your card on her

that's how I knew who to call.

She's in the office over there.

Pretty shaken up.

[somber piano music]

- I know it's not the best time

but I need to ask you some
questions about last night.

- I don't wanna talk
about last night.

I mean, I don't understand.

She was fine.

I left her last night
and she was fine!

- You couldn't have
know something like this

was gonna happen.

- But I should've.

With everything that's
been going on around here,

I should've known better.

- She try to call
you last night?

- I don't know.

I couldn't get reception,
my phone was acting up.

- No calls, no voicemail?

- Like I said, my
phone wasn't working.

- All right.

Let's try to lock down
everybody's whereabouts

from last night.

I don't suppose anybody else

might've been
working after hours?

- After six on a Friday?

Not likely.

But, there are other departments

and they have keys,
so, I can't be sure.

- Can you give me a list of all
the employees who have keys?

- I can try.

- Can you think of anybody who
might've wanted to hurt her?

Somebody new in her life,
a boyfriend, girlfriend?

Anything like that?

- Nobody she talked about.

If she did I didn't know.

- All right.

What do you know about the
Stacey Newman harassment case?

We're trying to track her down.

- Not much, just...

She claimed that somebody
was following her.

- That's something.

Thanks for answering
my questions.

You have my card,

if you need anything you
don't hesitate to call me.

- Okay.


- Hmm?

- Nevermind.

- I'd like to look at your
close circuit TV footage.

Might be something there.

- It's in the back.

Take whatever you need.

- Thanks.

[dramatic orchestral music]


Where are we on Stacey Newman?

- Phone's been disconnected.

Got the number of a
long distance relative

but nothing to go on yet.

- Keep trying, will ya?

Hey, can you give me a
list of all the employees?

- Yes, sir, will do.

You heading out?

- Yeah.

[keys jingling]

[door slams]

[light piano music]

[moves into intense
orchestral music]

[dramatic music]

[phone ringing]

- Harris.

- [Cordova] You're not going
to believe this, detective.

- What?

- I sent a couple of
officers out to the dock

for a secondary sweep, get this,

we found another body.

- Where?

- Hidden in the
trash on the dock.

The body's fresh.

We're trying to ID the guy now.

He's got a distinctive
tattoo on his left forearm.

Find anything on those tapes?

- I don't know.

I'm on my way.

[keys jingle]

[dramatic music]

[engine revs]

[dramatic music]

[static hisses]

[fabric ripping]

[upbeat electronic music]

[women giggling]

- Hey, where are you going?

Was there something
wrong with my face?

What, do I have to drive a
nice car to connect with you?

- No, it's 'cause
you have a penis.

[upbeat electronic music]

[women laughing]

[sultry electronic music]

[loud rock music]

[sultry electronic music]

[woman moans]

[sultry electronic music]

[woman moaning]

[sultry electronic music]

[woman moaning]

[light buzzing]

[wind whooshing]

[lock rattling]

[door creaks]

[dramatic music]

[chain rattles]

[dramatic music]

[music box tinkles]

[light buzzing]

[music box tinkling]

[box clicks]

[dramatic music]

[light buzzing]

[dramatic music]

[woman yelps]

[dramatic music]

[flesh ripping]

[woman thuds]

[light buzzing]

[water splashing]

[drawer rattles]

[dramatic electronic music]

[scissors snapping]

[dramatic music]

[woman moans]

[dramatic music]

[woman screams]

[woman moaning]

[woman screams]

[scissors thudding]

[dramatic electronic music]

[woman huffing]

[dramatic piano music]

[intense electronic music]

[static hisses]

[spooky music]

[woman moans]

- Quiet, Jonathan, we don't
want to wake up your father.

- Sorry, mom.

[man snores]

Why do we always have
to do this in here, mom?

I have a room or we
could to the hotel.

- With what money are you
going to get a hotel room?

We both know you don't work.

Plus, I can't have your father
thinking I'm sleeping around.

If he looked at his
credit card bill

and saw that I'd been
staying in a hotel.

Plus, your little brother's
right in the next room.

- You could always
pay the hotel in cash.

- [scoffs] I can't go
throwing money around.

I have to take care of you

and your little brother.

You know your father
isn't working.

- I just, I wanna be with you

without it having
to be a secret.

- Oh yeah?

- Yeah, mommy.

I love you.

- Mommy loves her little Johnny.

But it won't work.

Not while your father and
brother are still alive.

- But Kyle is nine.

I can practically
raise him myself.

- Yeah, but don't you
want to live your life?

Don't you want to
enjoy it and have fun?

- I want to be with you.

[lips smacking]

- Go to your room, John.

I'll be in, in a
minute to tuck you in.

[wood creaking]

[bottle crumples]

- Susan.

Where are you going?

- God, I just got up to go
to the bathroom, Stanley.

- This side of the bed is cold.

It's like nobody's been
there all night again.

It's cold, Susan, ice cold.

- What do you want me
to say to you, Stan?

What do you want me to say?

That I was at a hotel
fucking some guy?

Would it make a difference?

Would anything I say make a
difference to you at this point?

- I still love you.

- Wow.

Well, you probably should
have thought of that

before you fucked
your secretary.

- I quit that job
for you, Susan.

Just come back to bed, okay?

- No.

No, I'm going to go
make a cup of coffee.

Do you want anything?

- Yeah I do.

I want my wife back.

- Well, that ship has sailed.

Go back to sleep, Stanley.

- You know you look like
you've been with another man.

- What if I had?

What if I had?

- Would you just fucking
come back to bed, Susan?

Just come back to bed.

[Susan stomping]

[doorknob rattles]

- [John] Mom?

What's wrong?

What's wrong?

- It's your fucking father.


He treats me like shit.

I just wish I could be rid
of him and your brother.

I just wanna live my life.

I just wanna be free.

- So do I, mom.

- Do you really
mean that, Johnny?

- Of course.

You can get a divorce.

Then you and I can
run away together.

They way things are today
no one would ever know

that you're my mom.

They'll just think that you
have a really young boyfriend.

- You know,

Sigmund Freud said that every
boy wants to kill his father

and make love to his mother.

And you've made
love to me, Johnny.

[John laughs]

Are you ready to pay
the price for that love?

- What do you mean?

- You would never.

- Never what?

- You don't wanna know.

- Come on, tell me.

I'd do anything
just to have you.

[Susan exhales deeply]

- Do you love me, Johnny?

- You know I do, mom.

- Do you love your father?

- Of course.

- What about your brother?

- Of course.

- But you love me
the most, right?

- You know I do, mom.

I love you more than anything.

- Would you kill them for me?

[John laughs]

- What?

- Would you?

Will you kill them for me?

- Mom, Kyle is nine.

- He's not even your
fucking brother.

- What do you mean?

- Your father knocked
up his secretary

and the bitch left
him with a baby.

That is not my son.

- That doesn't mean
he deserves to die.

- I just wanna be free.

- No, this isn't the way.

- I thought you said
you loved me, Johnny.

- You can get a divorce.

- And risk losing everything?

- If I do this I
can lose everything!

- Then you have to
do it right, Johnny.

I thought you said that
you would do anything

to be with me.

You said that.

- Yeah, but not this.


[doorknob clicks]

- Mom.

- Don't call me that.

- Mom, can you
make me breakfast?

- Do not call me that.

My name is Susan.

- But why, mommy?

- Don't fucking call me
mommy, my name is Susan.

We've been over this.

- Sorry.

Think about it.

- Yes, mom.

- How come he gets
to call you mom?

- Because

he's my son and I love him.

- So am I.

- Mm-mm.

You are the son of a whore

that ruined this entire family.

So, do you want
breakfast or not?

- [Kyle] Okay, mommy.

- [Susan] Think about it.

[fist thuds]

- Hey.

Wow, what is that about?

- I've been doing
a lot of thinking,

and you are right,
you are right,

we really, really
need to work this out.

- [Stanley] Really, Susan?


- Yes, yes!


Really, really.

- I have to go to school.

[door slams]

[low intense music]

[John huffing]

[door clicks]

[John huffing]

- Mommy loves her Johnny.

[water rushing]

[dishes clang]

[Susan sobs]

[Susan screams]

[water rushing]

[light knocking]

- [John] Mom, it's John.


Mom, are you in there?

[rapid knocking]

[rapid knocking]

Mom, open up!

[John knocking]


[droning ambient music]

- Are you okay, baby?

[door creaks]

- [Kyle] Mommy!

- Where's Johnny?

- The incident was
really hard on him, babe.

The paramedics had to
rip him off of you.

He's been in his room
ever since this happened.

He's been locked up in
there for, like, weeks.

Had to try to get him some food

and he seems to be eating it

but he won't come
out and talk to me.

You know how hard
this must be on a kid.

Watching his mom go through
something like this.

- Johnny's in his room then?

- -[Stanley] Yeah.

- Okay.

[rapid knocking]


It's me.

- Mom.

I'd thought I'd
never see you again.

I'm so glad you're okay.

Why are you holding a knife?

- [Susan] Go lay down, Johnny,
I'm going to tuck you in.

- Okay.

[door slams]

- I love you, Johnny.

- I love you too, mom.

- No you don't.

- Why would you say that?

- I don't know.

I'm just upset.

- What, is it my fault?

- No.

No, it's not your fault.

Unless you consider that
I gave you an option

to help me escape and
you wouldn't do it

so I had to explore
other options.

- Mom, what are you saying?

- I'm saying that,

because you won't get rid
of your father and brother

so we can be together

maybe we can be
together in heaven,

like Romeo and Juliet.

- I don't want you to die, mom.

- It's the only way.

- Maybe there's another way.

- But I thought you
said you wouldn't do it.

- If it's to keep you alive.

If it's to keep
you alive I will.

- Oh, good boy.

Good boy.

Good boy.

[John moaning]

[dramatic music]

[drawer rattles]

[wine splashing]

[glasses clinking]

- I was thinking we could
get a sitter tomorrow night,

go to a fancy dinner,
just you and me.

- Don't you think it's a little
last minute for a sitter?

- John's almost 17
he could watch Kyle.

He's old enough.

- Yeah.

[John yells]

- What the fuck are
you doing, John?

- [John] I love you, mom!

[Stanley yells]

- John, what the fuck are doing?

- I'm sorry, mom made me do it!

- [Stanley] John!

[knife whishes]

[Stanley thuds]

- [John] Dad!

[John sobbing]
[Stanley coughs]

- Help me.

Help me.

I'm losing.

- Well, finish him!

Do it!

- No, I can't.

I can't.

- Help me.

- Do I have to do
everything myself?

[Stanley screams]

- No, dad!

[John sobbing]


I'm sorry, dad.

- It's not finished yet.

[John gasps]

[John thuds]

[intense electronic music]

- I love you, mommy.

- I love you too, baby.

[intense electronic music]

[static hisses]

[dark electronic music]

[moves into ominous
electronic music]

- You made it.


- Yes, I made it.

Screaming and
cursing all the way.

- I'm glad you decided to come.

It's a tough thing to
admit, needing help.

- I need help, that's for sure.

- Ben's a great guy.

He's knows firsthand
about the recovery.

You can trust him.

- I don't do good
with other people.

- You do fine at the store.

You'll be fine.

- Okay.

Let's do it.

- Hannah, so glad you made it.

- [Hannah] Never
miss a meeting, Ben.

- That's what I like to hear.

- [Ben] Natalie?

- [Natalie] Guilty as charged.

- [Ben] Sorry about
our meeting place.

The old street theater
is the only place in town

that supports us for the moment.

There were, at one time,
about 10 different groups

but now there's just us.

The rest cease to exist.

Their members stopped coming.

- [Natalie] It's okay.

Really, it is.

- Good evening, everyone.

Welcome to another meeting of
the Resurrection Survivors.

I see we have a few
returning faces here,

as well as a guest.



as always let's go around
and introduce ourselves,

if we want to.

You can use your real
name or create an alias.

I think most of
you know my story,

so I'll go last.

Claire, would you
like to start us off?

- I'm Claire.

I watched my boyfriend
turn after he got bit

and eventually watched
him follow the pack.

Before that, though, I
fought hard for my life.

He tried so many
times to get at me.

I had to...

Sever my own arm
off after he bit me

just because of the fear of
turning into one of them.

Remember then...

Days later when we were told

that not everyone
who was bit turned,

so did I cut my own
arm off for nothing?

Would I have been safe?

- I'm Jerry.

Damn, I'm sorry, I busted
in on you, didn't I, Claire?

- No, I'm done, really.

- Sure?

Just making sure.


I wasn't really
affected by the undead,


slow walkers,

whatever they call them.


I didn't lose anyone.

I didn't kill anyone.

I was involved with the
disposing of all those bodies.

The stench.


- Go ahead, Gale.

- I'm Gale.

I'm here because I
had to shoot my sister

after she was attacked
by one of those rot bags,

as they call them.

- It's okay.

- It's not okay.

It's not like one of
those old horror movies,

this is real life!

We were getting ready for
our yearly trip, you know?

The kids were at my mother's.

It was just Amy and me.


when people used
to do normal thing?

But it was just
like Claire said,

I thought she'd turn.

I mean, that's what
happens, right?

- They never could find
a reason why some did

and some didn't.

My guess is we
aren't meant to know.

- Hannah.

You all know me.

I defended my neighborhood
for two weeks straight.

I guess killing off all those
I got to know over the years

kinda took its toll on me.

Some called me Superwoman

but I don't like that.

I just did what I had to do.

- Thanks, Hannah.

Would you like to
share anything?

- Let's see.

I'm Natalie.

I'm a veterinarian.


Now I work in Hannah's
little hardware shop.

I just started a few days ago.

I guess you could
say she's my sponsor.


I quit being a vet
because I had a breakdown.


So I'm here.

I'm here because I watched my
dead, one-year old daughter

climb out of her grave.

- No shit.

- Yeah, real shit.

Real, real shit.

- And here I am going on
about hauling dead bodies.

I can't even imagine.

- God, Nat, you told me you
just had a loss in your family.

You didn't tell me it was this.

- No, I couldn't.

I can't even get anyone
to talk to me anymore.

Everyone knows what happened.

When she died everyone treated
me like I had a disease.

This is almost worse.

- What did you do?

- What could I do?

I couldn't bring
myself to kill her.

So I watched as she
joined the pack.

She almost crawled,

like she was still a baby.

It's so hard losing a
child once to illness.

But a second time?

Like this.

[Natalie sighs]

I really lost it.


I did.

My husband left me.

Probably for the best.

- I think you'll fit
right in with us, Natalie.

- Where do the packs go?

Does anyone have any ideas?

- We really don't
know what happened

to all of the undead, do we?

I mean, we do know that
thousands of bodies

were disposed of properly

but what about those
we didn't find?

Those we didn't
hunt down and kill?


Where did some of them go?

- I read somewhere where
some people took 'em in

as pets, you know?

- That's messed up.

- Fucked up.

- I heard the same
thing as well.

- The world will
never be the same.

It'll always be fucked up.

No matter how much we
rebuild, restructure,

rearrange our lives.

We've changed for good.

- If there's anything I can do.

- I could use some more company.

It was a lot to take in.

- Yeah, why don't we hit
that coffee shop over there?

- No, let's head
over to my place.

It's so hard to get good
people back into my life.

- Yeah, people have changed.

It's not like it was.

[door creaks]

- It's not very much but--

- Better than what I have.

- [Natalie] Any
preference for coffee?

- Whatever you have
as long as it's hot.

- That I can do.

- So, you found
the group helpful?

- Very.

- Considering that
the Resurrection only
lasted a few weeks.

It's going to take a
lifetime to undo the harm.

- I still wonder where all
the undead went though.

Think about it.

- I know.

Most just vanished.

- I don't like the idea of
people keeping them as pets.

- Maybe not as pets.

More like keeping their
loved ones close by.

- Come again?

- Think about it.

If you could not bring
yourself to kill your loved one

what would you do?

- They were dead to begin with.

- Right, but could you really
bring yourself to kill them?

- Good point.

I can't imagine what it was like

watching your daughter crawl
away to join the rest of them.

- That's what I
have this group for.

[coffee drips]

- I'll get my coffee.

- No, really, I can.

[dramatic music]

- I thought you said you'd
never been to a group like ours.

- Dammit.

Looks like I forgot
to take out the trash.

- [Ben] There were at one
time about 10 different groups

but the rest just
ceased to exist.

Members stopped coming.

- Maybe not as pets.

More like keeping your
loved ones close by.

If you could not bring
yourself to kill your loved one

what would you do?

[pan thuds]
[Hannah yelps]

[Hannah thuds]

Shut up, Hannah!

It's still her nap time.

[giggles] Maybe I am crazy.

Maybe I just love my family.


I'm so happy for
these therapy groups.

I have had such a hard
time finding people

who understand my issues.


How else could I get
them in here for her?

She has to eat.

- Please no, don't do this!

For the love of God.

- God? [laughs]

I don't believe in his love.

However, I do believe in the
love I have for my daughter.

And that will never die.

[Hannah screams]

[Hannah thudding]

[door slams]

[intense electronic music]

[Hannah screams]

[Hannah moaning]

[dramatic music]

[child growling]

[Hannah yelps]

[child growling]
[Hannah screaming]

[child munches]

[film flickers]

[static hisses]

[ominous ambient music]

[glove box clicks]

- It's just a bag.

It's not important.

Set in motion there is no
stopping the unstoppable.


This is not where we are going.

[locks click]

[ominous ambient music]

[glove box clicks]

Stop the car, now!

- No.

We are not there yet.

[ominous music]

[leaves crunching]

[ominous music]


Put it down!

[gun blasts]

[man thuds]

[ominous music]

[man thuds]

[static hisses]

[somber piano music]

[car revving]

[tires screech]

[somber piano music]

[doors slams]

- Thank Christ.

- I wouldn't thank him yet, man.

- Guys, I really need your help.

I fucked up big this time.

- That is really not a
very good opener, Jeremy.

Why don't you cut to the chase

because I got Daisy
back watching the bar

and you know I hate that
fucking crazy bitch.

- Man, seriously, I'm
tripping out right now.

I don't know what
the fuck to do.

- Just, seriously,
Jeremy, calm down.

You know we've got your back.

I got you.

- Why don't we wait and
see what the situation is

before you say you
have his back, bro?

- Probably better off
if I just show you guys.

- Well, that sounds--
- Come on.

- Oh my god!

Jeremy, you have to
be fucking kidding me.

- Jeremy, what the
fuck happened to her?

- Brett, the less we know about
this situation the better.

Give me my fucking keys.

- What, you're leaving?

- Yeah, we're leaving.

- Man, I need you!


- You know what you need?

You need a fucking lawyer.


- I didn't want to
have to do this.

- Oh, good, why don't
you go with your gut.

- I know all your shit, man.

I'll tell Candace
all about Maria.

Tell her about the money.

The kid.

- That's real bro code breaking

what you're doing, my friend.

- I'll do it.

- So, you're willing
to risk my business,

my family, my house, my bar,

for some dead bitch in
the trunk of your car?

[dramatic music]

You know, a divorce,

it may break my bank

but a murder one rap, my friend,

that's some shit that you're
not walking away from.

- I have covered up every
one of your shady secrets.

I've taken out every guy
you've ever pointed at.

And I've silenced every
one of them strippers

that has ever polished you off.

You could do this one
damned thing for me

and I'll never ask you
for anything again.

- What do you think, Brett?

How do you feel about this?

- Perry, we've been
friends since we were kids.

He's family.

- So?

- And I owe him $10,000.



Fucking I owe you 20?

He's family, Perry.

- That's where it's at, right?

That's where it's at.

Get over there and get
the body out of the trunk.

I can't believe I'm fucking
helping your with this bullshit.

[dramatic music]

- [Jeremy] Sit her over there.

- Wow, this isn't rapey at all.

Jeremy, you got
your hobo mattress,

your leaky pipes, desolation.

- Let me ask you,

do panties just evaporate in
a swinging joint like this?

- Is this where you
bring all your pussies

that you crush

or just the ones that
like role playing

Nightmare on Elm Street?

- Come on, I didn't
mean for this to happen.

- Well, why don't you tell us

exactly what did happen?

- Just, the usual.

At the bar

trying to get lucky,

it's hardly any girls in there.

- Almost closing time, Daisy.

I am getting angsty, if
you know what I mean.

- Mm-hmm.

It's pretty dead
in here tonight.


- Oh, well, fuck me.

- That' the idea, isn't it?

- Talk to her yet?

- Nope.

She hasn't said five words
since she got in here.

She's giving off that kind
of bitchy, high class vibe.

She's probably out
of your league.

- Oh, shut up,

You met one out
of my league yet?

- Ooh, looks like you
may have an interception.

- Oh. [laughs]

I'm not too worried about that.

- [Daisy] Hey.

- Hey, Daisy.

Can I get one more before
I leave for the night?

- [Daisy] Sure thing, hun.

- Thank you.

[bar patrons chattering]

- Hi.
- Hi.

How ya doing?

- I'm better now.

- Oh.

Thank you.

So, what's going on?

- You smell sweet.

- That's probably
just my body spray.

- Get the fuck outta here!

- I don't have much
of a sweet tooth but.

[tablets splash]

You'll do.

- Thanks, I guess.

- You're not giving up.

- Goddamn, I'm going in.

- Hey,

don't forget to
set up the camera.

- [Jeremy] I would like
to buy you a drink.

- No, you're not sweet.

- But I'm special.

- I'm sorry, hun.

He's a little bit more my type.

- Of course he is.

Genetics lottery beats
personality every time.

You kids have fun, okay?

- Better luck next time, champ.

- Yeah, thanks, coach.

- Get 'em next time, buddy.

It's all right.

- Thanks, bro.

- Oh, Stu, when do
you ever learn to just

stay in your own league?

- I dunno, maybe when
Handsome Dan back there

doesn't need his
creepy ass sister

to hook him up with booty calls.

- Jealous much?

- Fuck you, Daisy.

This bar is full of dicks.

- Let me get this straight,

you guys roofied her?

- I thought we just
gave her a pinch.

- Jesus Christ, Jeremy!

- We were having a good time

and she started talking
about her kids and shit.

Started looking
like less of a lock,

and I didn't even
think it was working

so I slipped her
a little bit more.

- Fucking idiot.

- I didn't think we
gave her that much

but she blacked out immediately,

I couldn't bring her back.

She's just gone, man, dead.

- Wonderful.

- What would you have done?

Man, look at her, she's
a fucking knockout.

I couldn't take
a loss like that.

- Perry, it's not wrong.

- He's right.

Yeah, you're right,
Jeremy, you're right.

Instead of lose another
notch on your bedpost

why not render beautiful
woman comatose?

Just pound away.

Kinda like, necrophilia.

- Oh, Perry, that's gross.

I mean, she, no.

Perry, that's gross.

- Man, fuck you guys.

I didn't do that shit.

She was unresponsive.

I checked her pulse
there was nothing.

- [Perry] Check it again.

- Why?

- Because I said
to check it again.

Because if she is not dead

I am not risking
getting my hands dirty

over your shit.

She comes back to life,

you tell her the bedroom
shenanigans got a little crazy.

- Fucking dead, okay?

- Brett, will you check
her pulse, please?

- No.

I'm not going to fucking
touch a dead chick.

Perry, why the fuck
do I have to do it?

- Because I pay you to the shit

that I fucking don't wanna do.

- Fuck, okay.

No, I got nothing.

- Are you sure?

- I'm no doctor but pretty
sure I can count to zero.

- All right.

All right.

This is what we're going to do.

You're going to take her body,

you're gonna put it in
the trunk of your car,

you're gonna drive her
out to the pig farm

next to the
slaughterhouse on US 23.

Now, it's real
Boonville out there,

there's not a lot of people.

You wanna keep
your headlights off

so you don't get seen
by the farm, all right?

- Okay.

Do you know someone out there?

- Yeah, pigs.

You throw her over the fence

the next morning the
only thing left is bones.

Maybe not even that.

- How do you know for sure?

- Jeremy, you don't need
to ask how I know that.

Now, fucking get to it!

- What, you're not
going to come with me?

- No, we're not coming with you.

You're lucky that we even
came out here tonight.

Just fucking get it done.

[eerie groaning]

- I don't know, it
sounded like it was.

- [Jeremy] How
could that be her?

That didn't even sound human.

- Uh, guys!

- Where the fuck did she go?

- I fucking just saw her.

I mean, there wasn't
even a fucking sound.

- Oh my god.

- Calm down.

She could not have gotten far.

- That's what I'm saying.

If she's around here
she's heard everything

we've been saying.

- Which changes
virtually nothing.

Just find her and
let's get out of here.

[ominous music]

[ceiling thudding]

[dramatic music]

- Oh!


- Where am I?

What happened?

Did you drug me?

- No.

- Where are we and who are they?

- These are just my friends.

You passed out and
I took you here

just to make sure
that you were okay.

- I passed out?

- Yeah, in the car.

I think maybe you had a
few too many to drink.

I was just trying
to take care of you.

- I taste the pills.

- I don't understand
there was no pills.

- Did you.

- Oh, no, no, we didn't.

We could if you wanted to but.

- I wanted to take you
home to meet my children.


I told you they're home.

And they're probably starving.

- It's really late but maybe
we could find a drive-through

or something?

Pick them up some food and
we could take it to them.

- They have peculiar tastes.

Where's my phone?

- It's probably in my trunk.

- What the hell
is going on here?

- We were just trying to
make sure that you were okay.

- What?


What the hell?

Please, let me go!

- Just relax, have seat, this
is just getting really weird.

We need to get this done
as soon as possible.

- [Jeremy] What
are you doing, man?

- What you should have done
in the beginning, Jeremy.

Brett, will you please
go get the ropes

out of the back of my car?

- What, you're gonna kill her?

- Eventually.

She's seen all our faces.

- Please!


My children need
me, I'm begging you!

They're starving!

- [Jeremy] Jesus Christ, man.

- This is fucking psychology.

This is mind games, man.

She's trying to gain sympathy.

- [Jeremy] I don't know, man.

- [Woman] No, please,
just let me go.

They need me.

- What the fuck are you
waiting for, dipshit?

Get the shit out
of the trunk now.

- Come on, man, she's got kids.

- Fuck you, Conan,
I have fucking kids.

Get the fucking shit
outta the trunk!

- Fuck you so much, Perry.

So much.

- This shit isn't right, man.

- You got me into
this shit, man.

You called me out here
for a mop and bucket job.

Just to clean up your fuck up.

- Jeremy,


- She knows who you are.

You get roped, we all go down.

[wind whooshing]
[children giggling]

- Perry, did you see something?

- Hey, hey, hey!

Will you fucking pay attention?

This is some serious
shit right now.

- All right.

[wheels squeaking]
[children laughing]

- Hey!

Who's out there?

Fuck this.

- Have you always
been this stupid?

- I thought that I
accidentally almost killed her.

- Seriously, we need
to get outta here.

I'm pretty sure I heard
somebody playing around outside.

- Playing around?

At 3:15 in the morning.

- I dunno, man, it
sounded like kids.

- Yeah, yeah, my babies.

My babies they're getting close.

Please, I beg you, let me go.

Please, let me go!

- Shut your mouth
or I will duct tape

those goddamn lips shut myself.

- I think we should just.

- Just what?

Just let her go?

Let her go straight
to the police?

Let her tell them our names?

Really, Jeremy?

Use your fucking head!

- I won't say a word, I promise.

I promise, I won't say anything.

Please, I'm begging.

I just wanna see my babies.

- Your babies.

Your babies.

I'm so sick of this bullshit.

What are their
fucking names, huh?

- Connor,

and Becky.

- Bullshit.

It's all bullshit.

It's all fucking lies.

- And...


And James.

- What did you say?

You told her my kids' names?

You fucking told
her my kids' names?

You sick fuck.

- No, man.

- Why would you do that?
- I didn't say anything!

- Why did you tell
her my kids' names?

- I swear, man, I
didn't say anything.

Your kids never came up.

Why the fuck would I do that?

- How the fuck does
she know that shit?

How do you know this shit?

- On Norwood, you're on the
last house on the left side.

And Candace,

she planted those daisies,

and you hate them.

And Camille, she's still
up when you come home.

She pretends she's
asleep but she hears--

- Shut up!
- When you come in the front.

- Shut up!

Shut the fuck up!

- James,

he's crying

because he knows that you're
not going to his game tomorrow.

- Who do you fucking
know that I know, bitch?

Who? Tell me!

You tell her this shit?

Did he tell you this shit?


- And Candace,

she's done with you.

She only cares about the kids.

She's just gonna pack
up and that's the end.

And she's just gonna leave!
[gun blasts]

- [Brett] Perry?

- Done.

US 23 pig farm.

If this gets traced back to me

in any fucking way

I will find a way
to kill both of you.

- Leave you forever.

And the papers
will be in the mail

within a week of her departure.

- [Perry] What the fuck?

- [Woman] My babies.

- [Perry] Yeah, we know,
you're babies are hungry.

- Are here.

[metal scraping]
- What?

What the fuck is that?

[metal scraping]

[child growling]
[metal clanks]

- Perry, you mother fucker!

[wheels screeching]

[dramatic music]

[child huffing]

- Mother.


- What the fuck you do?

[Perry groaning]

Where's our mother?

Where's our mother?

[man screams]

[Perry moaning]

[man screaming]
[flesh ripping]

[blood spurts]
[Perry moans]

- It was so nice

of you to bring extras
for my babies, Jeremy.

I knew they would
just love you too.

Every last bite.

[dramatic music]
[child growling]

[dramatic music]

[ominous electronic music]

[upbeat guitar music]

[glasses clinking]

- Hey.

Did you have fun
with my brother?

What the fuck?

Where's my brother?

Where's Jeremy?

- Why don't you fucking tell me?

- Where the fuck is my brother?

Listen, bitch, if you
know what's best for you

you'll get the
fuck outta my bar.

- You know it's funny
because your brother

he's gutless.

And my children we don't like

the taste of a coward
or malevolence.

It's kind of tangy.

You wouldn't know that.

Okay, because the sweet guys,

well, the emit a different odor.

- So, wait a second,
you ate my brother

because you think
cowards taste better?

Are you fucking insane?

- No, of course not.

No, I'm a mother.

And all good mothers

we allow our children
to eat first!

[dramatic music]
[Daisy screams]

[static hisses]

[heavy breathing]

[bag rustles]

[woman yelps]

[bag rustles]

[ominous piano music]

[static hisses]

[ominous music]