Tales of Ginza (1955) - full transcript

When she was a little girl, Wakako Kyoguku's portrait was painted by a talented young artist. Years later, she takes it to an art gallery in Ginza, in hopes of reuniting with the creator whom she never knew the name.

Tales of Ginza

♫ No matter who you are ♫


♫ you have somewhere you call "home" ♫

Screenplay: Kazuhide Yanagizawa

♫ for me, this city is that place ♫

Lighting: Toshio Mori.
Cinematography: Minoru Yokoyama

♫ The wispy willows flower in spring ♫

Assistant Director: Shohei Imamura,
Art Design: Kimihiko Nakamura, Music: Takio Niki

♫ and in summer,
sparrows sing on their branches ♫

Head of Production: Kousei Moriyama,
Costume Design: Sanpei Satani

Editing: Tadashi Nakamura

♫ the sparrows still sing ♫

♫ beside the trash in this miserable city ♫

♫ it may be out of tune ♫

♫ but the sparrow's song ♫

♫ is my song too ♫

♫ Ginza's evening, Ginza's morning ♫

CAST. Flower Seller Coney: Tatsuya
Mihashi, Wakako Kyogoku: Yumeji Tsukioka

♫ I even know Ginza at midnight ♫

Yukino Nakamachi: Mie Kitahara
Katsumi Kyogoku: Kawadzu Seizaburou

♫ I know its every nook and cranny ♫

Osamu Yukawa: Ken Hasebe,
Mineo Akaishi: Masumi Okada Gou

Momoyama: Tooru Abe,
Santarou Mochidzuki: Shiro Osaka

♫ because I'm Ginza's sparrow after all ♫

♫ I sing in summer ♫

♫ like I've forgotten everything else ♫

♫ and fly all around Haccho ♫

♫ because for me ♫

♫ that's fun, after all. ♫

Good day everyone, ah, no, good morning!

I'm Hisaya Morishige
and despite being an amateur,

I just performed
that song for you.

I will be on your screen for a short while.

It's daybreak right now.

Since night fell, lots of frogs have
been singing their songs of love here.

Come on, Mr. Frog, control yourself!

It seems like frogs have
no sense of etiquette.

Hmm? From somewhere nearby,
a good scent is drifting over.

Ah, what a beautiful scent.

It's a fragrant and healthy smell.

Alongside the smell of
fresh air, morning comes.

A calm and extremely
peaceful Ginza morning.

Ah, I apologize.

Ginza is Ginza, but this is Tamagawa
Shinden Ginza in Tokyo's suburbs.

Hey Jun!

If you're going to Tokyo,
buy me some perfume in Ginza!

Didn't I buy you some the other day?

Not that stuff, you know, the
perfume Marilyn Monroe wears.

What is it called again?
Shan or Chan or something?

Noriko, I'm busy. See you later.

Hmm... Shan or Chan...
What was it again...

Ah, that's right. It's called Chanel!

It's Chanel No. 5! Okay?!

This is Tamagawa's greenhouse garden.

Roses, carnations and orchids

in Izu, Kawasaki, Kawaguchi, Nishiarai,

the Numata area, and here, the Tamagawa
Kinuta area, these flowers are collected.

Good morning, Coney.

This man is Ginza's flower
salesman, Mr Coney.

The flowers that paint
Tokyo in all seasons are brought from

as far as Kyushu, Hiroshima, Nagano
and Chiba to be displayed here,

Because of that, people from every
corner of Japan end up gathering here.

Morning bro!

Good morning!

- Thanks!
- You too!

Number 3! The cape!

Come on, Jeep, keep it together!

I was out late last night...

You can't be looking like asparagus
this early in the morning, dumb ass.

- Bro, I'm sorry but I'm just gonna...
- Hey, where are you going?

Hey! Jeep!

Ginza. Ginza.

Yes, this is Tokyo's Ginza.

Flowery Ginza, our
country's symbol of "being busy".

The Japanese capital, Tokyo's Ginza.

This is a bird's eye view of Ginza.

If we take a moment to
think about it academically,

On Earth, Ginza is at the Eastern longitude
of 139 degrees, 46 minutes, 7 seconds,

and the Northern latitude of
35 degrees, 40 minutes, 6 seconds.

Geologically it is on
relatively new alluvium ground.

100,000 years ago, dolphins and
sharks, and small fish

like mackerel and pilchards,
used to swim around in our Ginza.

Before it was first built 350
years ago in the Keicho era,

this place was a blue land
where whales

wouldn't get hit by cars,
and salt blew through the air.

A place worth money.

In the early morning
Ginza is still sleeping.

This flowery shopping street won't
wake up for quite a while.

The back alleys that make Ginza's
nightlife famous are asleep.

I'd like to say that they're all passed out
from merriment from the night before, but,

Even in the back alleys
there are good people.

To these people who work hard
from the early hours of the morning,

the mornings in Ginza
are bright and refreshing.

Thanks for waiting.

Ginza has a tofu shop, of course,

and it has a greengrocer
and a fishmonger too.

- Good morning.
- Hey.

This line of cars are full
of people bringing fresh fish

from Tsukiji market
to restaurants in Ginza.

"The early bird catches the worm."

And the working people of Ginza
think the morning shines with life.

- Good morning, pops.
- Good morning.

Good morning.

Where's Jeep?

Who knows? I wonder where he's gone.

- See you later!
- Goodbye!


Ah, a street washer!

Are your clothes okay?

This story's heroine: Ms. Wakako Kyogoku.

Excuse me, could you
split those roses for me?

Ah, no, not these.

Oh? Why not?

They're to be delivered
to someone who requested them.

Couldn't you do anything for me?

I really like them.

Well okay. I'll go ask Uncle Coney.

Hm? What?

Ah, the roses?

Yes, because they're so beautiful.

I love roses too. Ruri, give her some.


How many would you like?

- Let's see... half dozen?
- Okay.

- You're called Ruri?
- Yes.

She's called Misa, and she's called Yae.

Good day.

You're all cute florists.

We come from the
Ginza Juvenile House to work here.

The Juvenile House?

We're all... orphans.

But, we're excited to be working!

We work at the Ginza mart,
and all sorts of other places.

That's so admirable.

I'm going out.

But, this one is the best.

I love flowers...

but also, Uncle Coney takes us
to school. To the Kaimei night school.

Ruriko, don't chat for too long.


- Ah, are you from around here?
- Yes.

Then, I'll deliver them to you.
Where exactly?

Next to Ume Bridge.
If you ask for Kikukawa, they'll know.


- How much?
- How much, uncle?

That's right... let's
include the delivery fee.

170 Yen.

- That's so cheap. Are you sure?
- Of course.

- Then here you go.
- Thank you. Your change...

Ah, you can keep the change.

Thank you so much!

Here you go.

- 30 yen into your savings.
- Yeah.

Bro, I'm sorry.

Let's see, okay, looks like 170 of today's
deliveries would be too late tomorrow.

- Jeep.
- Yeah?

What's this?

Have you started doing this shit again?

No way bro. Th-that's just
left over from last time.

I've completely stopped.
I swear. No more drugs.

Liar! If you've stopped,
why was it over there?


You know how
dangerous this shit is.

Of course I do. That's why I...

Why d'you think Ruri's dad died?

Why is Yaeko's brother in that dark place?

- I'm back.
- Welcome back.

This shit is making
Ginza dark and filthy.

I'm gonna make sure
this shit is out of Ginza for good.

Alright, alright bro. Chaa asked me for it.

Chaa? The one
who lives with Hisako?


No lie? Okay.
I'm going over to ask about it.

- But, it was supposed to be a secret.
- Shut up!

I'm going to go ask.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Ah, Mr. Coney... I have some miso soup.

You've not had food yet
right? I'll get it ready!

- Chaa!
- Hmm?

Don't ask Jeep for weird shit please.

Ask Jeep... what are you talking about?

He finally escaped from that bad habit.

What are you talking about?

You asked Jeep to get you some drugs.

No I didn't.

Mr. Coney... I've,
I've completely stopped too.

I don't have any.

- Seriously, Mr. Coney, believe me.
- Alright.

If it wasn't you it's fine.
Sorry for suspecting you.

Jeep started again on his own. I think...

I'll get food ready.

Chaa, are you making food?

- Yeah. Mr. Coney is here so...
- Let's eat together then.

- Coney, you're fine here, right?
- Yeah.

- Chaa!
- What is it, Hatsue?

I broke my spray! Let me borrow yours.


Hatsu, are you going out?

Yeah. I'm going to walk Maron.

I might be late to work at
the shop, but it's okay, right?

How far are you driving to walk your dog?

It's not that - this one's boyfriend
is waiting at Dr. Momoyama's place.

Good morning. I'm borrowing
Hatsue for a while, Madam.

Good work, doctor.

If you forget to bring me a
souvenir tonight, you'll regret it.

Oui, madam.

Bye bye!

Who was that?

You should know him.
He's Gou Momoyama, the artist.

- The boss of the Doroba corporation.
- Ah.

Don't you paint too, Coney?

It's just a hobby.

Who painted that one?


It's a memento from my brother.

- Can you tell?
- Yeah...

But Uncle Coney is better.

Ah, that florist from Ginza.

Hey, sir, do you know
where the Kikukawa family lives?


They have a beautiful lady.

Ah, it's this house.

I see.

The restaurant, right?

Thank you.

Hello! It's the florist!

Thank you, Ruriko.

- Kimi.
- Yes?

Put these in a vase.

- Wow, how beautiful.
- Come back again soon!

So, mother, I'm counting on you..

I can't keep up with you, Bunjaku.

Ah, I was just about to bring you your tea.

I apologize.

How is Mr. Iwai?

He's sorting through his paintings.

Why is that?

He's sorting those he'd put in the
exhibition, and those he wouldn't.

But Miss, why don't we display them all?

Mother, you should call me Wakako now.

Oh my, that's right. It was an accident.

In the end, if we don't sell
plenty of pieces, it'll be a problem.

After all, it’s all to fund your
work, Mi-, no, Wakako.

You're right.

I would take all of the
pieces in this room to your exhibition.

- You've been a great help.
- Not at all.

Hey, Mr. Iwai, what
about those ones over there?

Ah, those... I wouldn't
put those in an exhibition.

Why's that?

We'd like to make as
much money as possible.

But, those won't sell at a good price.

Probably around 5,000 to 6,000 yen.

Wait, even if it is 5,000...
Well... I suppose so, these pieces...

The young misses' art
was so adorable back then...

I feel like they are almost priceless.

Madam, you have a call from Mr. Shintanaka.

I see, then I will be but a second.

Oh, did I miss this one?

Hmm... this is quite a good piece.


Whose signature is this?

It's from when my father was still
in office in Fengtian, Manchu.

It must have been around
15 or 16 years ago...

We had a student in at the office
for about a week. He painted this.

A student?

But to paint something this
fine, it's on a level

with the big artists
in their early years.

The only thing I remember
is that he was called Goro.

Mr. Goro...

He was kind, and a very good person.

I wonder where he is now.

What do you think, Miss? Why don't
we put this one in the exhibition too.

Oh, but that...

What if this Goro person comes and

wants to buy it back
and introduces himself?

Well, actually, that painting brings
back a lot of childhood memories.

Ah, okay. Then we don't have to sell it.

Wouldn't it be great if this G.M. appeared?

Miss, please allow me to
display it at the exhibition.

Miss, one moment

You have a telegram.

It's probably from your husband.

You should read it now.

It might be good news,
despite being from Mr. Kyogoku.

Wow, my cousin from Osaka,
Yukino is visiting Tokyo.

Ah, Mr. Nakamachi's daughter.

Mother, I know it'll be a pain,
but Yukino is coming.

- It would only be a couple of days.
- No, it shouldn't be a problem at all.

Anyway... I wonder where
in the world Mr. Kyogoku is...

He probably hasn't gone to
the Kugenuma household either,

despite fawning over little Tamayo so much.

Mother, could you stop talking
about my husband please.

Oh, that painter has come here again today.

He's quite determined.

Good day.

To get to Ginza,
you can take the electric railway, bus,

subway, a 70 yen Japanese taxi,
or an 80 yen foreign taxi.

Public transport here is very convenient.

Those who prefer transport
over walking have no need to worry.

However, after all,
the main entrance to Ginza is

the Shinbashi station, which has been
around since Ginza was called Nenga Road.

The Yurakucho station has 320,000
passengers coming on and off it a day.

You have to pay for the
train in advance to get on.

The Tsubame trains that are in use there
move at over 90 kilometers an hour.

They are at Osaka at 9am,

and after passing Ginza's Haccho,
they arrive in Tokyo at 5pm.

There is no longer 1st class
accommodations, but it is said

that high-class people can
board without an advance ticket.

Let us observe those with tickets.

Do people call it the "post-war symbol",
Osaka's Ms. Yukino Nakamachi?


Yukino, welcome.

I've come a long way!

Dear, where is your luggage?

Ah... ah! That person is bringing it.

- Mr. Akashi! Over here!
- Who's that? An acquaintance?

He's a pro baseball player, new to the
Tokyo Snakes. He's called Mineo Akashi.

I made friends with him on the train.

- Ah, thank you.
- See you later.

Win that competition, okay?

Of course I will!

- I'll come watch one day.
- Uh-huh.


Yukino, what competition?

The "Miss Ordinary" competition.

- My, as in the magazine?
- Yeah.

I'm Osaka's participant,

so I'm participating in
the national competition.

My, how surprising.

I assume your aunt and
uncle know about this, right?

No they don't.

I haven't told them.
It would be a pain, so I

just said I was coming
to look around Tokyo.


Ah, this is good.

- Can you take us to Tsukiji?
- Okay. Ah, Madam.

- I have a message from your husband.
- Eh?

He wants to meet you to talk.
I'll take you there.

No. I don't need to meet my husband.

Ah, one second.

What's wrong?

Nothing, don't worry.


- Hello.
- Is this your sister?

- She's my cousin, from Osaka.
- Oh?

Good day.

- Show me your painting.

Well, I'm still finishing it.
Can you tell what it is?

My, how rude.

I went to see a
Western art gallery.

The host told me it was set up by you.

- It's already set up?
- Yes. It's a very beautiful collection.

Is it your husband's hobby?

No, it was my late father's collection.

Ah, I see.

There was one that was from when you were
young, signed G.M. Is that your husband's?

No, my husband hasn't got a taste for art.


What do you think?

It's so-so.

Is that so.

- Ah, it was upside down.
- Oh, really?

Okay, I've got to go.

- Goodbye.
- See you later.

Who was that?

- Aunt's boyfriend?
- My!

Come, let's go.


I'm home.

Come in, Yukino.

- Hey, can't we go to Ginza now?
- I'll show you around later on.

Welcome home.

I'm Yukino Nakamachi.

- I'm always in Aunt Wakako's care.
- Welcome.

- Now, come on in.
- Here, a souvenir.

- My my.
- Come on, Aunt soon, right?

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Here, isn't this yours?

Ah, thank you very much.
Hold that a moment, please.

Ah, so Tokyo's Geisha speak
the Tokyo dialect I see.

My, where are you from?

Me? I'm from Osaka. I just got here.

But you don't seem to speak the
Osaka dialect.

That's because... Aunt, hurry!


Well, I'll see you later on.

Ah, if you go to Ginza,
go to the Taisei Gallery.

Mr. Iwai said he wanted to
talk to you about the art.

The bright neon lights of
Ginza are sometimes called Lux.

they are very bright,

They use electricity from
nearby towns.

The south uses Kurume City's,
and the north uses Akita City's.

Well, moving on from that, Ginza at night.

At noon, it is the Ginza of shopping,

At night, it is the Ginza of partying.

But, for some beautiful
ladies looking for partners,

it is the Ginza of sex money.

- Ah, ma'am.
- Ruri.

She's a cute florist
that works here in Ginza.

Oh really?

Ah, you don't have flowers, though.

Yes, at night we're students.

We have remedial lessons soon.

That's great.

Today we have social studies.

Ah, if you want flowers?
Go see Uncle Coney.

You'll see him around.


Aunt, that was Mr. Coney?

Which is your art?

Ah, this one!

Ah, welcome.

Thank you for having me.

The Utrillo and Fragonard
sketches have already been bought.

They sold for more than I thought,
we should be grateful.

Ma'am, if you would come to the office.

Wait a moment, Yukino.

In the cultural country of Japan,
there are a total of 16 galleries.

13 of those galleries are in Ginza.

That should be proof that artists are
satisfied with Ginza as an art city.

This is because, people come to
experience the artistic atmosphere

and come back time and time again.


That hurt.

I'm sorry.

- I was the one who walked into you.
- Then, thank you.

That's my phrase.

No, because you were the one who allowed
me to speak to such a beautiful lady.

You're straight to the point, aren't you.

Yes, you're right. Do you like art?

Not at all. I'm waiting for my aunt.

If you want to talk about art
you've got the wrong girl.

Okay. You'll come with me for tea, right?

I'm Shu Yugawa.

- You're a Shu boy then?
- Yes.

I'm Yukino Nakamichi.

Well, let's go.

Where shall we go?

I don't know this town.

Don't you have a regular cafe?

I mean, I only just arrived in
Tokyo about an hour ago.

This is my first time in Ginza.

Oh! That's a surprise.

Then, I'll show you around.

Wait a second. I'll tell my aunt.

Good evening.

- Why not? It'd be great...
- But I prefer that place on Namiki street.

But why though...

Good evening.

- Would you I like any flowers?
- Ah, yes please.


Ah, don't worry about the change.

Here, Hatsue.

Merci, Mon petit.

Mr. Coney.

- What?
- One second.

You know,

Jeep came around earlier.

Jeep did?

But he was supposed to
be doing the east today.

He was mean to me.
He told you a lie.

What did he say?

He's definitely using.

He's lying to you, he has to.

Where did he get it?

Who knows... I gave it up,
so I have no clue.

Okay, I'll find out for you.

I want him to stop using it,
more than anything.

No, not just him. I want
there to be no drugs in Ginza.

- But Mr. Coney, that's impossible.
- There's no such thing as impossible.

But it's dangerous. It's pretty organized..

Chaa, I'd do anything to make Ginza better.

♫ Ginza's evening, Ginza's morning ♫

♫ I even know Ginza at midnight ♫

♫ I know its every nook and cranny ♫

♫ because I'm Ginza's sparrow after all ♫

♫ I sing in summer ♫

♫ like I've forgotten everything else ♫

♫ and fly all around Haccho ♫

♫ because for me that's fun, after all. ♫

With your style, you
could be an A class model.

You think so?

Not that I'm not confident.

Leave it to me.

I’m the manager at the Ginza
Fashion Model Club after all.

But, I don't know what to
do until the competition is over.

- That shouldn't matter.
- Hey, want to dance?

I don't dance the mambo.

How boring.

Right, I'll show you the best
Japanese places around.

What time is it?

It's still early.

I've got to go back to my aunt's.


Ms. Yukino.

I apologize.

You're very welcome.

I'm counting on you.

Don't worry, I'll handle it.

Iwai, come on, come on!

Who was that beautiful lady?

Doctor, you're ridiculous as always.

However, you're astute as usual.

She's Wakako Kyogoku.
She's married, though.

But she might seem single, though.

She's selling art to
try and support herself.

What, is she getting divorced?

Is there really a man
in the world like that?

- What a waste.
- Ah, Doctor.

Now we're on the topic,
look at this art, this one.

Oh... it's a portrait of her
when she was younger.

She's trying to find the author.
He signs his works as G.M.

She met him once, 14 or 15 years
ago, and wants to meet him again.

I see...

Iwai, could you explain in more detail?

I know who this G.M. person is.

You know, Doctor?

Ah, Ma'am.

I'm sorry, but I have a question for you.

What is it?

The picture of the little girl in
the Taisei Gallery, holding the flowers,

Ah... that is me when I was young.

Ah, it is.

What about it?

Ma'am, who painted that piece?

When, and where?

It was 15 years ago, in Fengtian. We don't
know who painted it though.

Just that it was a student called Goro.

It was Goro? Goro, for certain?


He was a very kind person.

But, I don't know if he's still around.

Ma'am, actually, I knew of
someone who painted like that.

Oh my! Who is it?

- And is he-
- No...

I could be wrong. I'm not certain.

It's just a hunch, but...

if it is the case... he's no longer alive.

Oh no.

But, I could be wrong.

It was probably a mistake.

It is now the era of quiz competitions.

There are so many types of competition now.

It is as if they wish
to annoy the thinking man.

Now, this place is where
the sponsored

"Miss Ordinary" competition
is taking place.

But, it isn't decided that
the winner will be ordinary.

Plenty of products are in
partnership with the competition.

The judges are a film producer,
a photography chief,

a beautician, a designer,
and the manga artist Mr. Osaki.

They stare at beautiful women
with a serious expression on their face.

The well-known artist,
Dr. Gou Momoyama is also present.

Well then, let us introduce
the chairwoman, Takiko Mizunoe.

This competition has
not been easy to organize.

Hey, Ms. Turkey, it's been
more profitable than they first thought.

Doctors, are you all ready?

Then, Ms. Turkey go ahead.

Okay, could the Kyoto participant,
Yukiko Nonomura, come up.

Go ahead.

Mr. Shimizu, I have something
I need to do.

Okay then, everyone, goodbye.

Okay, could the Osaka participant,
Yukino Nakamachi, come up.

- How rude.
- I'm sorry.

You should get Tamayo from Kugenuma
and bring her here to live together.

Yes. But Kjogoku's
mother is one of those people.

She wouldn't just give her to me.

Mrs. Wakako. You
be quiet with things like this.

You need to go to Kugenuma
and be blunt with your conditions.

Ah. Mrs. Wakako.

These are for Tamayo.

My, you are always so thoughtful.

What are you saying?

The reason I can run this house
is completely due to my late husband.

- Kimi, is the car here yet?
- Not yet!

Ah, it just got here!

- Well then mother, I'll be off.
- Be careful, okay?

Hello? It's Kikukawa.

Ah, Mr. Iwai.

Mrs. Wakako is just about to leave.

Eh, is that so? That's a shame.

Actually, we've figured out who the artist
for the "girl holding flowers" painting is.

Eh? Yes. When will she be back?

Is that so.

Well then, I will visit you later on.

Yes. Okay, see you later.

- Good day.
- Hey.

Lend me 20 yen.

- You're almost done, eh?
- Yes.

How did the competition go?

Wow, how did you know?

I heard from the Madam.

I came in 3rd... how ridiculous.

So you're a third-class lady then?

1st and 2nd weren't even that pretty!

When will you be going back to Osaka?

My, you know that too?

I heard it all from her.

Apparently your father is angry and
calling you to come home you know?

I don't want to. I'm going to work here.

I want to try and be a fashion model.

A fashion model? That sounds great.

But, you should go back
to Osaka once, with the Madam.

Did my aunt say that too?

You're right. She treated
me to some tea earlier.

I see.


You're here working all the time,
but aren't you after my aunt instead?

- After?
- Yes.

She is very pretty after all.

If that was true, I'd be going
to sketch things in Kugenuma today.


I mean, she went there today.

Hmm... I see.

- Ah, what is this?
- Ah, don't touch it.

It's a Yuproktis Flava.

- Ah. That poison from before?
- Yes.

It's dangerous.

Hey, who in the world are you?


I'm Santaro Mochizuki.

- I see, I'm-
- Ms. Yukino Nakamachi.

You're from Osaka,
20 years and 3 months old,

You're 5'3, and you
weigh 105 lbs.

My, you seem to know everything.

Ah, Doctor, a little lower.

Like this?

Yes, here we go.

So it's Gou Momoyama, Or G.M. I see.

But now you don't sign G.M.

Ah, it was one I used
a lot while I was a student.

My friend used to call me
"General Motor" after all!

It seems like your current work
has a different style to this one.

I mean, it was 15 years ago.

I was in the middle
of searching for a "form".

I must say, it's quite clumsy for me.

It seems as if you and the model might
have had some romantic memories together?

- Could I hear about them in more detail?
- Hey!

You ask some tasteless
questions, don't you.

Everyone has a few nostalgic,
springtime memories, don't they?

I'll leave it to your imagination.

You got out of that one!

When it becomes summer,
most of the people in Ginza

go to Yuigahama in Kamakura, Shonan.

They move to the Ginza of the Sea
with a small purse and not much more.

Shichirigahama's beaches, and the
thongs of people.

Eh, no, the throngs of people.

Here lies the far away coast of Kugenuma.

Ms. Kyogoku!

- Tamayo!
- Ah!


- Tamayo.

- My, you're so wet.
- Ah, no good,

Teacher, I'm leaving early.

Okay then.

- Tamayo, have you been well?
- Yeah.

Has your father come home?

No, he's been away the
whoooole time you've been in Tokyo.

He sent me a doll from a
place called Kyushu though.

I see.

Then, your grandma has
been looking after you, right?

Yeah, but, mom,

Why aren't you coming home?

I'm sorry that I'm making it hard for you.

I'm a bad mom.

But Tamayo,

I think you'll understand
when you're older.

It's hard for me.

I know.

After all, grandma is nice
to me, but not to you.

Ah, Tamayo.

I'm going to start working in Tokyo.

I'm going to work really hard.

If my work goes well, I'm going
to ask your father and grandma

if you can come live with me, okay?


Do your best until then, okay?

It's late...

Doctor, why are you so fidgety?

Come on, calm down, calm down.

Madam, has Mrs. Wakako
still not returned?

Yes, she's still in Kugenuma...

How troubling...

Dr. Momoyama has some cameramen here.

I'm sorry. She should be
coming home around now.

It's gotten complicated now.

Iwai... where is she?

They're saying she should
be home any moment.

Ah, then of course we'll
wait. It's a 15-year reunion!

Everyone, I'm sorry we've kept you waiting.

No no, so long as we have these, it's fine!

Doctor! Doctor!

Come sit down. Let me take care of it.


Ah, Doctor!

Ah, I've met you somewhere...

What do you mean, "somewhere"?
You ran away from judging me today!

Ah, the contest!


So, what did you place?

Because you didn't cast
your vote, I came in 3rd.


Ah, that can't be true.

The others don't have the eye.

So, you are here because?

I'm Wakako Kyogoku's cousin.

Hmm... that's a surprise. Come on, come in.

- Come over here.
- Is that okay?

Flower is our friend.

Flower gives us the beauty
and tender heart.

Though she has no...

Good evening.

Ah, Ma'am.

- What about school?
- It ended early today.

I'm waiting here for
Uncle Coney to get back.

I see. Are you studying English?

- Hey, Ma'am.
- Yes?

What does "Say it with flowers" mean?

"Say it with flowers"?

Look, it's written on that sign, right?

Ah. It means...
to talk while you have flowers?

Who knows what that means?

Ah, speaking of flowers, that
picture of you...

This came out this evening.


Oh my.

Ah, Uncle Coney.

- I'm intruding.
- Welcome.

- I gave her the evening news.
- Yeah.

- Ah, Ruriko, let's go home.
- Yeah.

Do you want any flowers'?

No, I was just passing through.

It's good, right, that
they found the artist.


Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.
Goodbye, Ma'am.


But to think that he's G.M.

I know you're happy you found him,
and I m sorry to say this, but.

- Be careful around that Momoyama guy.
- Oh my.

I don't know about before, but the current
Mr. Momoyama is not your kind of person.

From reading this article, he doesn't
really sound like the old G.M. either.

So, you remember him well then?

No, not clearly.

Well, according to the newspaper,
he was your first love...

Mr. Iwai from the Taisei Gallery said that!

Is that so.

Then, why did you put
that art in a gallery?

That was also Mr. Iwai's doing.

And I... would like to meet
him again, if I could.

If you met him, what would you do?

I'd have to meet him first.

But Mr. Coney... you said you
thought you knew the artist.

No, wait.

! want to make sure I'm right.

If it's not Momoyama,
then I want to know who he is.

I was also thinking to look for him.

But, you said he might not be alive.

I want to find out if that's the case.

♫ Ginza's evening, Ginza's morning ♫

♫ I even know Ginza at midnight ♫

♫ I know its every nook and cranny ♫

♫ because I'm Ginza's sparrow after all ♫

♫ I sing in summer ♫

♫ like I've forgotten everything else ♫

♫ and fly all around Haccho ♫

♫ because for me that's fun, after all. ♫


give me some advice.

My my, Hatsu.

What are you doing, I'm busy.

Look at this evening paper.

I've read it.

This isn't much like you.

Don't you think Mr. Momoyama's
"feelings" are for business?

I know, I know.

But, what even is this?

It's way too flashy, to find his first
love again because of the painting.

You're silly. Have you really
fallen that much in love?

Cheating is cheating, and business is
business. Find out which it is.

But I'm still young... I don't think I'd be
able to tell if it was cheating like you.

- Oh come on, I'll slap you.
- Hatsue.

Dr. Momoyama is here.

Ah, welcome, doctor.

Good day.

- A scotch soda, please.
- Okay.

- A beer for me.
- A small bottle.

We don't have small bottles.

Doctor, Hatsu is angry.

For real, Doctor.

Ah, that's a publicity stunt.

There's been a lot of serious news,
so they jumped on a sweet story like that.

Of course he'd say that
though, right, mom?

After all, that woman is very pretty.

It's okay.

- The doctor's a tough guy after all.
- What are you saying, Madam?

Hatsue, stop sulking over there
and come talk to me about it.

I’m angry, you know.

There's nothing to be angry about!

Anyway, do you want something to eat?

Pink lady, Angel's kiss?

I'll have a double vodka.

Wow, amazing.

Dr. Momoyama is here, right?

- Ah,
- My, Jeep, you’re-

I have something Dr. Momoyama
will want to hear.

I'd like to ask you something.

What is it? Go ahead.

It's about the G.M. signature.

Could you come out front?

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- Hey Jeep!
- Ah, bro.

I keep telling you over and over. Get
your money honestly. Don't extort people.

I wasn't extorting, I was...

Sir, is this all he took from you?

- No, Mr. Coney, the money is fine.
- No, that's no good.

I might just be a Ginza florist, but

I want to make sure that people who
come here to party can do it without worry.

But this money wasn't extorted from me.

There's a reason I gave him
the money, isn't that fine?

- Is that right, Jeep?
- Well then, I have business to attend to.

Jeep, it wasn't extortion, right?

He offered it to me.

I just warned him that
the real G.M. was in Ginza.

- Is that true?
- It is.

I met someone who said they painted it.

- And it wasn't that Dr. Momoyama.
- Then, who was it?

Bro, I don't want to work
at the florist any more.


What are you talking about?

I want to do my own thing.

Hey, Jeep, wait!

Hey, who is it?

Where is he?

No. Where is he and what is his name?

I'll tell! I'll tell! It's Goro Mitsuboshi.


I went over to the Opera for business and
he was there saying Momoyama was a fake.

Goro Mitsuboshi... G.M. I see.

He's a recruiter for the Snakes...
He's always at the Opera.

The Opera, okay.

Mr. Mitsubishi, you're awful.

I was throwing slow today,
but Imamura couldn't hit me once.

No, no,

That's not enough. I scouted you from Hawaii.
I can't show my face right now.

Against a team like that,
I'm expecting perfect games.

The Japanese have lots
of minor league teams.

What is it?

A girl, huh?

No wonder you weren't on form.

I’m very happy you know that
you didn't become Miss Ordinary.

Don't be happy about that.

Fashion models make
good money you know.

But I have to go to Osaka
to explain to my dad.

Tch. Right when "Papa Loves Mambo" came on.

Okay. Then I'll go convince my dad.

Good, Tres bien.

- Ms. Yukino.
- Oh my.

You haven't come to a match yet.

- I've been busy!
- I see.

- I'll come next time.
- But tomorrow, I'm in Osaka.

Well, that's good, because
I'm going to Osaka soon too.

- You should come then.
- Yeah.

Shu boy, see you later.

Hey, hey, Yukino.

Hey, be careful.

If you're going to dance, dance better.

I wasn't dancing.

Then, what are you doing?

Are you walking?

Good evening.

I don't need any flowers.

Mr. Mitsuboshi, right?

- I want to talk to you about something.
- What is it?

It's about the painting in Taisei Gallery.

Ah... let's go to the bar.

It seems like Gou Momoyama didn't paint it.

Did Momoyama ask you to come here?

No, not really... that isn't the case.

Then don't tell him,

that the person who painted it is here,

and he won't help Wakako Kyogoku.

I heard that you are the
real G.M., is that true?

I was in Fengtian 15 to
16 years ago after all.

I knew Wakako's father,
Ryouji Oguri very well.

Is that so...

Is that everything?

Well, yes.

Don't you have business with Ginza's G.M.?

Ginza's G.M.?

Are they different to that painting's G.M.?

I don't know if you've been hired
by Momoyama or the cops, but

you're a florist, Coney.
If you want to eat in Ginza,

don't stick your nose in
business that isn't yours.

What do you mean by that?

It's better you don't know.

It's just a warning.

Hey... who is Ginza's G.M?

I wouldn’t push it. But to think that
Ginza's Coney doesn't know Ginza's G.M.

Ginza's G.M...

- Hey one orange juice.

If you compare it, to the
burning feelings in my heart.

The smoke is as cool as Mt. Sakurajima.

This is where Kago Island's Ginza is.

This place is Sapporo,
Ginza, famous for Ezo.

From Hokkaido in the north,
to Kyushu in the south,

There are around 247 shopping
streets in Japan named “Ginza".

A shocking Ginza "boom".

But, the representative city of
Kansai, Osaka's shopping street

is called Dotonbori, sticking to their
own traditions and history.

A thousand days ago, it was Souemoncho,
and now, the charming name of Shinsaibashi.

Everyone in Osaka loves
these shopping streets.

Now, Wakako Kyogoku has come to Osaka to
help her stubborn cousin, Yukino Nakamachi,

convince her father to allow her to
become a fashion model.

But, where has Yukino gotten to?

50,000 spectators have gathered
here, at Osaka Namba Stadium,

to watch the Snakes versus the Waves.

Two outs, Runner on 1st and 2nd.

Pitcher, Akashi throws the ball. Ball!
Low and outside.

Count is: 3 balls, 2 strikes.

Since being traded from the Hawaiian
League, the ace, Akashi is doing great.

How will he handle Masuda,
the Waves' cleanup hitter?

This season, Masuda has a .325 batting
average and 25 home runs.

Akashi checkes the 2nd
base runner.

Urayama's safe at 2nd.

The pickoff attempt
throws off Masuda's timing.

Akashi is a veteran pitcher.

- He looks for signs, getting ready.
- Slider!

Responding to his fans,
he goes into the wind-up with a smile.

Count is 3-2. Here's the pitch.

Swing and a miss! Akashi's signature
outside slider shuts out Masuda.

The umpire raises his right hand high.

This round,
The Waves scored no points and

at the bottom of the
7th, the Snakes attack.

Ms. Nakamachi, Ms. Yukino Nakamachi,

Your companion is waiting
at the upper 2nd entrance.

Aunt, I was waiting.
Our seats are over there.

What did my dad say?

He's finally said yes.
But only under my observation.

Ah, I'm glad. What about your problem?

Yes, about that...

I bet he told you to hurry up and file
divorce papers and leave him, right.

After all, I gave him some
background knowledge.

Ah, I can't watch baseball today.
I have to go shopping.

Oh, really?

I'll see you later, okay? Excuse me.


Ah, Ma'am.

I'm sorry, you're Wakako Kyogoku, right?

- Yes...
- Have you found the artist of the piece yet?

Gou Momoyama is a fake.

I see...

I'm sorry, who are you?

I'm Goro Mitsuboshi.
My initials are G.M.. but...

I'm not a stranger.
Ask Ms. Yukino about me.

Ask Yukino?

Ma'am, why did you put the painting
in a gallery in the first place?

What do you mean?

Was it on your own initiative,
or was it because of something else?

I wonder why. I don't really understand.

I have information about the
real G.M., not the fake one.


Ah, Miss.

Are you looking for someone?

Eh, no... umm... my friend has
vanished. This is my first time in Osaka.

I could show you around,
I'm from here.

Your aunt is here right?

You know a lot.

There was that announcement.
So I came to check.

How determined.

It seems like she is
quite attractive to men.

Well, I suppose that is the case.

I'll tell her how you feel.

Ah, thank you.

- Actually, don't bother.
- Why?

I feel bad for you, Yukino.


Ma'am, don't you remember?

The painter of that piece
was a very close person to you.

15 years ago,
there was more than one student

that came to Ryouji
Oguri's place in Fengtian.

One of them was there to
help in the domestic office.

- That's my...
- Yes.

It was your husband, Katsumi Kyogoku.

Who are you? How do you know these things?

Well, I'm just a pro baseball scout,

but before the war I was on the continent.

Then, do you know that painting's G.M.?

I haven't met him but... ah, Ma'am,

That G.M.-like person
is in Ginza at the moment.

In Ginza?

Don’t you know?

No... so, what do they do
and where are they in Ginza?

If you meet your husband,
you'll understand.

My husband...

How about it, will you meet him?

If so I can contact him immediately.

My husband is here?

Well, come with me.

I'm going to take my leave.

- Ah, that's right.
- Eh?

- Here, 20 yen.
- What?

For the taxi the other day.

Ah, really. So you repay debts from
Tokyo in Osaka? How polite.

I really want some ice cream,

- Yeah? Hey, one please.
- Okay.


You're welcome.

I've stopped lending you money.

Not yet.

I'm... very hungry.

Am I treating you to food too?!

Let's go.

But didn't you come to watch Akashi play?

No, that's fine.

Akashi was playing well today.

Do you know Mitsuboshi,
the scout who found Akashi?

Yeah, the guy who's like a prospector?

He's saying that he's the G.M.
that painted the picture, you know.

Goro Mitsuboshi is G.M. after all.
But if that's the case, then G.M is...

It doesn't matter to you who he is anyway.

Ah, it's so cool.

You're kind of like a detective.

A detective?

I'd be honored if my job was to investigate
beautiful people like the Madam.

It'd be more appropriate to investigate me.

I'm Mochjdzuki, so I'm also M...
so I am related to the G.M. situation.

- You know, you are...
- I'm Yukino Nakamachi so I'm Y.N.

- So W.N. is next to you.
- Eh?

You're around W=30 and M=70, I suppose.

Don't you think your Man rating is high?

Do you think so?

Then, what about my aunt?

Yeah. W100 Plus X.

Her Woman rating is far too high,
so she's almost too dazzling.

- So, I'll take these. Can you deliver?
- Yes.

The address?

Kanagawa prefecture,

Fujisawa city,

Kugenuma, 7327.

Oh my.

What's wrong?

Just now, another customer
sent a package to that address.

- My.
- Is it for one Tamayo Kyogoku?

That's true... so, that
person that just came?

He was wearing a white
suit and a Panama hat.

He came in 5 minutes
ago from the stairs.

I see... one second.



I apologize.

Osaka's most famous street,

From the Takashimaya by the southern
sea, to the Hankyu in Umeda,

this "Midousuji" road
runs 1 Ri (2.44 miles) northward.

Daimaru and Sogou stores are
lined up along this road,

along with Takashimayas
and others famous in Osaka.

The amount of department stores
in Osaka has already become

saturated, surpassing the
buying power of its civilians.

So, these Osakan departments stores have
begun expanding to Tokyo instead.

After all, if they're after shoppers,
there are more in Ginza than Osaka.

A Daimaru has already been opened
at the Yaesu exit of Tokyo Station,

And a Sogou store is under
construction in Yurakucho.

Ginza's famous department stores are:

Matpuya, Mitsukoshi, and Matsusakaya.

By Ginza's name,
they won't allow themselves to

lose to the Kansai stores
that have just opened!

Even now, a fierce propaganda war is going
on, and prices are slashed left and right.

Now, let's look into the
Hall of a Matsusakaya store,

to see the new season's
pajama fashion show.

Pajamas are sleep-wear.

The most popular style
fashion show is the Ortega style.

They aren't for pregnant women,

because they are based on the
pro-wrestling star Ortega's gown.

And if you remove the
gown, it takes the shape

of our well-loved
kimono-style pajamas.

Ah, how comfortable.

These, as you can see, are pajamas
designed for our lovely children.

Even if their belly button is out,
they shouldn't catch a cold with these.

In this show, our Yukino Nakamachi is
also finally making her debut as a models.

She has a flowing,
Oriental silhouette that makes you

want to place lanterns in
the Soshu river and sing.

The theme is 'Yearning for China".

The gown has been cleverly
composed to have both a dressy style,

but simple design, as you can...
Oh, oh my.

What's wrong?

Pull it together, Yuki.

It seems that it's not
easy to sell nightwear.

Alright, shall we go?

A bit longer, let's just stay a bit longer.

Okay, then I'll be smoking over there.

That's so nice... I wish
I had nightwear like that.

It'd be a waste to use it as nightwear.

I'd wear it out in Ginza.

Ah... Jeep is here.

- Where?
- Over there.

I 'll let Mr Coney know.

Mr. Coney, Jeep is here.
Hurry up and catch him!

Where is he?

He just went to the entrance.

Ask him to come work with us again.


- I'm sorry.
- It's fine.

- Greet me.
- Yes, welcome Doctor.

Welcome Doctor!

Oh my.

- Cheers.
- Yeah, cheers.

Doctor, a scotch-soda?

Hey, Chaa. Come on a trip with me.

Aren't I the wrong person? I m not
your "first love" from the newspaper.

- Right, mom?
- About that.

I've just not been into
older ladies recently.

It's not been working out.

Then why don't you invite Hatsue?
I'll call her for you.

Come on, Chaa.

What's that about, that man?

He's kind of disgusting.

Who’s that nasty man?

It doesn't matter. Mr. E, your beer.

Dr. Momoyama, any flowers?

- I'm not interested.
- I apologize.

Mr. Coney, one moment.


I found out where Jeep is staying.

He's helping someone sell drugs.

That's for certain?

So, where is he?

A shop called "Carol".

The one in east Ginza?

- Okay, I'll go look.
- You can't just look.

When you go, if you say that you heard
about it from G.M., they'll let you in.

- G.M...?
- Yes.

Ginza's G.M.

Apparently, this G.M. controls the sales of
all the drugs and narcotics in Ginza.

Hey, Chaa. This Ginza's G.M.
Who is he? What's his name?

I don't know that much.
Jeep might know more though.

Alright... thanks, Chaa.

Hey... Mr. Coney.

Just be happy with getting Jeep off drugs.

Don't get too deep, don't
get into a fight, okay?

It'll be fine.

Be careful.


I heard about this place from G.M.


This is off limits.

I heard about this place from G.M.

Can't you be quiet?

I'm sorry.

I apologize.

- Jeep.
- Ah, bro.

I’ve been looking for you.

Hey, come with me. I have to talk to you.

No. I'm not coming.

What are you on about? Hurry.

Yo. Mr. Coney.

Give me a cigarette.

Hey, come on. Hear me out.

If you've got something to say, do it here.

I cut ties with you, bro.

An adult man shouldn't be selling flowers.

I'm making my own money.

It's my own business whether
I take drugs using that money or not.

Hey, Jeep!

Hey, Coney!

Be quiet. This is my store.

I apologize, master.

You don't need to preach.

I didn't come to preach to this lot.

But Jeep shouldn't be
listening to your shit.

You're a florist, right. Once
you've done business, go home.

Mister, give me one of those flowers.

Mr. Coney, you're so heated.
I'll cool your head off.

Sorry for disturbing you.

Be quiet. I can't have my daytime nap.

Ah, it's night time.


You've misunderstood the situation.

This is just a bar.

I hope you won't go elsewhere
and start talking shit.

I know.

I have one question.

Who is G.M.? Where is he?

What'll you do if you find out?

I want to meet him. I want to talk.

If you did, you'd be preaching, right?



- Hey, how much?
- Bambi,

120 yen, please.

Listen up, Coney. This is just a bar.

I pay taxes, and I got the
police's permission to open it.

I won't say anything I promised not to say.

But, if this is a bar, then you should
be selling alcohol you drink from a cup.

I can't keep quiet about stuff you
drink from the end of a needle.


I don't know what'll happen then.


You're saying some cheeky shit.

Do you know about the hammock?

Eat this!

What's with this bastard,
he's acting all big.

Ginza's "Mr. Coney" isn't
so big after all, eh?

You bastard, I'll smash you!

It's the cops, the cops are here!

Ginza has 4000 crimes and 1300
accidents a year, on average.

In one day that means there are
5 or 6 crimes, and more than 6 accidents.

That means, the police here are busy too.

So, to reference...
or no, for your reference,

let's look in the
Tsukiji police station.

They have just passed out the meals, which
are known as "stinkfood" by the locals.

- Are you done?
- Yeah.

Hey, the chopsticks.


So, you've not met Ginza's G.M. then?

I was just looking after that store.

Because you got punched, I failed big time.

Where is this G.M.? What's his name?

- I think it's Mimuroto, not sure.
- Mimuroto?

Hey, is it Goro Mimuroto?

How old is he? Where did he come from?

Apparently he's from China.

G.M... so that's how it is...

Do you know him, then?

Hey, #17, come out.


Coney, you're released.

Sorry for being a hassle.

It's unusual for you to get in a fight.

- Did you get drunk?
- No.

I failed.

- Your savior is a woman.
- A woman?

Is it Kyogoku?

I don't know.

Now that's a welcoming party.

With so many beauties to bail you out,
we had to let you go.

I won't cause you any more trouble.

Uncle, we're glad you're okay!

- Here, cigarettes.
- And matches.

- And chocolate,
- caramel,

- drops
- and chewing gum,

- and we have a beer,
- and a cup.

And a bottle opener.

- I see... but in a place like this...
- But it's chilled!

Ah, and she's here too!

You are...

Mr. Coney,
I'm here in Wakako Kyogoku's stead.

- For the madam?
- Yes.

She's in Kugenuma because Tamayo is sick.

So... I have something
to talk to you about.

She wants to work here in Ginza.

She wants to start a business
using the art money.

Is that so.

That sounds good.

So she wants to ask you for guidance.

- Me?
- Yes.

What does she think I could do for her?

Aren’t you one of Ginza's
most influential men?

What are you talking about?

Anyway, can you go to Kugenuma
and give her some advice?

She's on her own after all.

A little... let me ask you one question.

It seems as if the madam is divorcing her
husband... how did that happen?

It didn't go well with his mother.

And apparently now, his work
is pushing the line of the law.

Oh, that's...

She's never been happy about it,
but he's never stopped

no matter how many times she asks.

Ah, and then also...

She said she wants to talk to you
about the art piece in the Taisei Gallery.

- About the painting, huh.
- Yes.

Hey, Mr. Coney.
Did you paint it?

That's ridiculous.

Is that so.

I kind of have the feeling you did.

Why is that?

Who knows...

My aunt seems to like you quite a lot.

Th-that's ridiculous.

Good morning.


Aren't you hot?

My aunt isn't home.

I know, she went to Kugenuma, right?

Are you fine with not going?

I've given up on her.

Too many rivals after all.

As in Mr. Coney?

Who knows...

Anyway I have to finish this.
There's an exhibition soon.

This, in an exhibition?

I feel like this is my best work to date!

You're right...

If you say it like that,
it does look a bit professional.

Mr. Mochidzuki, you should do
this as a professional.

Once I've gotten better.

Ah, you're in the way, move aside.

- Paint me in the picture too.
- I can't, I won't make the exhibition.

You should go to your work,
that pajama show or whatever.

I have no work today.

I came to get in your way.

Oh, come on.

Nope, I'm not moving.

Call the police, or force me out
of the way, why don't you?

In terms of force, I'm fine on my own.

Come on, you're in the way, go.

Where am I going?
I don't want to go to jail.


Then, let's go see a film.

Nope, I don't fancy that.

Want to ride a boat?

Yeah, that sounds good.

But with you, I'd be anxious.

My my, feeling anxious around the
other sex is a sign of love, you know?

What are talking about?

You fidget so much that I'm
worried the boat will capsize.

My, how rude!

- Want a drop?
- Eh?

- Good morning.
- Hey.

Un, deux, trois!

Mr. Coney, you didn't have to
come here to say thank you.

Well, I caused you a lot of trouble.

I'm glad that Tamayo's illness
doesn't seem too serious.


I'm intending to return to Tokyo tomorrow.

Mr. Iwai has apparently gotten
hold of a shop in west Ginza for me.

A shop?

- Is it a bar, then?
- Yes.

I heard from Ms. Yukino about that...

I want to sell the art,
to get a small amount of capital...

I can't just mess around forever.

I see...

But, I don't think a
bar suits you well, madam.

Oh... why is that?

Well, it's fine as a
source of income, but...

But, I hate places
like bars and cabaret halls.

But, your job is...

That's right... I go to those
kinds of places to sell flowers.

But, I don't think it's the kind
of world you'd want to jump into.

I'm a hooligan from Ginza after all...

I went to those kinds of places
when I was young.

I love Ginza, and don't
want to ever leave it.

But, the current Ginza
is a very tough world.

It's become too dirty.

If you started a business here...

You've got to be ready to work hard.

In order to live, I'm prepared to
go through any sort of hardship.

That's wrong.

You don't really know what
it means to work hard yet.

If you're working in Ginza,
you've got to do it in a bright,

healthy and respectable shop.

For example, a small accessory store, or...

I understand.

But, Mr. Coney...

Why are you so worried about me...?


Hurry! The crab's house is going to break!

Oh no! That's not good!


Alright, that's done then.

Thank you, mister.

If the waves come
again, we'll rebuild it.

Mr. Coney...

I want you to take the painting...
the one painted by G.M.

Why is that? I don't think you should.

I thought it was important to you.

And, that G.M. person is...


I don't want to meet G.M. anymore...
It was a whim.

I want to give it to you,
because you cared about it the most.

But madam...

G M. might be still alive.

No, he definitely is still alive...

Is that true?

Well, it's just a rumor...

And anyway, madam, isn't it
just a whim to give it to me, too?

My, of course it isn't.

Mr. Coney... I've given up on the bar.

So instead, could I help at your shop?

At my store?


And then, let's make the shop even bigger.

Hey, why don't we?

Will you let me help?

Hey. Mr. Coney?

The Ginza church,
whose bell rings beautifully.

When this happens, Ginza takes on
a serene, spiritual atmosphere.

In this part, let us talk about
Ginza's pure, spiritual side.

On the first floor of this church, as a
Memory of God, there is a small bank.

The person that always appears
at its doorway is Goro Mitsuboshi.

With a serious expression,
he heads toward Sukiya Bridge.

From the shadows, two more men appear.

They also put on serious expressions,
and begin to follow Mitsuboshi.

One of these men is Santaro
Mochidzuki. That's right.

He is always painting,
but, his main job is...?

This is Miyuki Road,
colloquially called Ginza Paris.

Thanks to the people of the beautification
society, Miyuki Road is quite beautiful.

Many shops with french names line
up their stores... no no, their signboards,

and one of these stores
sells stylish clothing.

Coming out of this shop,
one Parisian wearing eyeliner...

Oh, in fact, this is our beloved
"Osaka Jen", Yukino.

Yukino, where are you going?

Ah, this is the mushy Dr. Gou Momoyama,
also out on an afternoon walk in Ginza.

Oh no, watch idiot!

To walk into a trashcan,
here of all places...

How troubling, for Ginza Paris.

N'est pas... Oui... Oui...

To get from one main street to another,

you take this alley.

You may think it's very narrow,

But to those that live in Ginza,
it's quite the convenient shortcut.

Ah, Jeep!

Jeep, what's wrong?
Mr. Coney is worried about you.

I... Chaa..
I've stopped selling flowers!

Ah, wait, wait!

Jeep, wait!

Jeep, what's wrong?

Now then, this is our
favorite, Coney's florist.

Mr Coney is working as usual.

Jeep may have left, but to take his place,
a beautiful woman has come to help...

Mr. Coney, these are for John Beck, right?

Ah, no, they're for Nippondou.

Ah, I see.

Ah, madam.

- Here, a letter.
- For me?

Yes, that man over there gave it to me.

It's from my husband.

He's said he's coming to talk.

Why don't you meet him?

The police won't shut up,
so he wants to do it secretly.

I... wont meet him.

If it's about the police,
I can help you avoid them.

You should meet him.

I have no reason to.

Madam, let's talk somewhere else.

- Ruriko, look after the store.
- Okay.

Mr. Coney.

The other day, I thought I
wanted to talk to him, but...

you know that Goro,
who painted my portrait, right?

Hey, you know him, right?

I can't hide it from you anymore.

- Actually, G.M. is my brother.
- Oh my...

At first I wasn't sure, but...

It seems to be so.

Goro Mimuroto.

Mr. Goro Mimuroto.

He was a kind elder brother,
who cared for me.

Even his grades in school
were far above mine.

He joined in with student activism in his
student years, and began to hate Japan.

That brother painted your portrait.

When I saw that portrait, I felt a
powerful nostalgia about my brother.

So the reason you were so concerned
is because of that, I suppose.

When I realized he
could have still been alive...

So, G.M. is definitely...

No, let's leave it.

I didn't intend to have this conversation.

Anyway, madam, why don't you
go see your husband?

That husband might be worth
something to you after all.

Mr. Coney, you...

How do you intend to
fix everyone's problems?

You may think that I
am a cold woman, but...

I can't see him.


The river that surrounds Ginza
is slowly getting bridged over.




And even beneath this building,

more than 30 canals flowed
through this area.

The Ginza you love is continuing to change.

People are too.

Once they've changed once, it's hard
for them to change back.

Leave me like this.


Since I started working at your florist's,

I finally started to feel alive again,
after 10 whole years.

Then madam, let me meet your husband.

You will?

I'll meet him and tell
him your true feelings.

Do you think it's too forward?

Where are you meeting?

- He said to go to the Opera Cabaret.
- Opera...

I see. Well, wait at home.

I apologize.

Ah, Mr. Coney.

Flowers please!

Sorry, today I don't have...

No, we don't need them. I have flowers.

I have one in both hands.

Excuse me, sorry.

I came to meet Mr. Kyogoku.

I came to represent his wife.


Ah, I'm sorry.

I lost control for a moment.

You got knocked out in the first round.

Hey Coney. This area is private.

I came to meet Mr. Kyogoku.

Go for it. He's doing
something interesting.

He's in the Ginza Machine
Gun Supply office.

I'm representing Kyogoku's wife.

Well, that's fine right? I'll copy it.

So how many printed?

Yeah, I 'll ask G. M.


- I came as Wakako's replacement.
- Replacement?

That shouldn't be your job.

Next time, let's try and get it in color.

I feel like that'd be better.

But, the print would be...

Swap between the two.

Mr. Mitsuboshi, we'll put
three at the Shinbashi shop.

- Okay, don't let them get exposed.
- Okay.


It'd be best for a florist
to keep to selling flowers.

Why are you trying to meet Ginza's G.M.?

- Because I want to.
- What will you do if you do?

I won't know until I meet him.

Let's stop talking about other matters.

That's related, though.

Stop trying to seduce Wakako.

Seduce her?

You've been prowling around her...

so two problems have become one.

Wakako is G.M's wife.


Are you surprised?

Do you know why you
shouldn't be digging now?

No, you're wrong. Ginza's G.M. should
be called Mimuroto.

Goro Mimuroto... my elder brother,
who left 15 years ago.

Your brother?

That's right.

He painted the portrait
in the gallery, for sure.

Well, I don't know if he is your
brother, but you can meet him.

Where is he?

The roof of this building.
Take the back staircase.

G.M. is up there, for sure?

Who is it?

Ah, it's Coney. What have
you come here for?

G.M... Where is Ginza's G.M.?

That's me. I'm G.M.

- So you're Mimuroto-
- Yes.

Goro Mimuroto.

You're my brother.

My brother, right?

It's me...

Your little brother. Kan.

I'm Kan Mimuroto.

Wait no, you're not my brother.

You're Goro's brother?

So Ginza's G.M. isn't my brother.

Coney the florist is Goro
Mimuroto's brother... huh.

Goro Mimuroto died a while back.

He died?


You didn't come here because of Wakako?


So you are...

That's right.

I'm Wakako's husband, and Goro
Mimuroto's best friend, Katsumi Kyogoku.

Apparently, Wakako still has
feelings for Goro, even now.


It seems like she doesn't
know I've taken that name.

Mr. Kyogoku.

Why have you taken on my brother's name?

Goro was my comrade, after all.

If he was, why use his name
in this illegal business?

Defiling the name of a dead man.

Do you think that's really okay?

You're doing such a horrible thing
just to hide your own name?

I'm sorry... forgive me, Coney.

I'm sorry for using his name as an alias.

I never expected his brother to appear.

It seems like I didn't have a reason
to use an alias anyway.

By now, the police know my name too.

I'm constantly on the move, so I can't
even see my wife or daughter.

Mrs. Wakako has been saying that she
has no reason to meet you.

But, I am Wakako's husband.

Mrs. Wakako doesn't want to be
the wife of a drug-lord.

The reason you dirtied Goro
Mimuroto's name is...

Because you didn't want to dirty yours, eh.

Coney, have a drink.

Me and Goro were...

comrades who joined student
activist groups and left Japan together.

Until we ended up in the care of
Ryouji Oguri in Fengtian,

We were close friends and comrades.

And then..


Then what happened?

He died in the woods.

No... he was murdered.

Who... who killed him?

I don't know.

Anyway, Goro died, and I lived on.

I'm sorry about that.

When he was killed, and I was spared,

I made a toast in secret... just like now.


I hate losing to people.

Goro Mimuroto's first love. Wakako
Oguri is now my wife.

But now even Mrs. Wakako has come
to loathe you and wants to divorce.

I won't let her.

Wakako is my wife.

Since I was a child,
I wasn't loved by anyone.

My mother cared for me, but it was
for the Kyogoku family name.

The only person who gave me anything
close to friendship was your brother.

But, unfortunately, he began to think
a guy like me was his comrade.

Because of his ideals, his doctrine,

he died in a futile way.


Power. He had no proof of power.

He was a good man,
but he had no power.

That was all.

Name something that Goro Mimuroto
left behind in this world.

Then, what about you?

What are you leaving behind?

Drug addiction, crime, and
the destruction of mankind, I guess.

You're making this bright Ginza dark.

Don't be stupid.

If I wasn't controlling drugs
here in Ginza, what'd happen?

I forced everyone else out with my power.

I won't let any foreigners to step in.

If I pulled back it would only invite in
an even worse narcotic overflow.

Ginza's night would
become pitch black.

I'm not going to let you
justify your evil like that.

Don't you believe in the
good will of humankind?

Good will?

If we all work together
we can make Ginza's night...

No! the whole world
brighter and at peace.


Don't say such naive things.

The history of humankind
is filled with strife.

It's survival of the fittest...
The same as in the wild.

No, it's even harder.

It's the era of nuclear energy.

Atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs... It's an
era where you don't rely on your own power.

I don't believe in anything other
than my own power. No, I won't.

Your opinion is the opposite of mine. You
forget about the thousands of good people.

I haven't forgotten.

For example, your brother,
Goro Mimuroto was one.

What did he leave behind
with that "good will"?

One oil painting of his
first love, and nothing else.

The subject of that painting
doesn't agree with you either.

I'm sure.

I didn't know about it..
And now it's decorating a gallery.

Since our marriage, she hid that painting.
She never once showed it to me.


Is she so against meeting me?

Is she determined to divorce?

That's right... that's what she's saying.

The cheeky bitch!

I did everything she asked of me.

For her happiness, I worked myself
into the ground in every way I could,

and this is how it ends up?

Are you saying I made her suffer?

That I made her miserable?

I have no place in Japan anymore.

I'm leaving Ginza behind tonight.

Damn it... if she won't come, that's fine.

I can be alone. I don't need to be loved.

Leave, Coney.

Leave and tell Wakako that.

That I am her husband.

I won't let her go.

If she tries to leave me, I'll...

I'll find my own way
to love her, until I die.


Mr. Kyogoku.

If you won't let her go,
it will only hurt her more.

If you want her to be happy, then..

I will break my back to
protect her happiness.


Sir, I need a smoke.

Mr. Mitsubishi, what's wrong?

Baseball is my side job.

Officer, this is my I.D.
There's been an urgent development.

- Calm down.
- Ahh.

What are you doing down there?

I'm not doing anything bad!

Oh no!

- Mr. Kyogoku!
- Coney, don't, it's dangerous!

Kyogoku, come down here!

Kyogoku, stop being so stupid.

Mr. Kyogoku... stop.


Give this to Wakako.

They are divorce papers.


It seems like it's my loss.

The happy, planted willow trees of Ginza

are the remains of the Edo Era.

How many kinds of willow
tree are there in Ginza?

Do you know?

The weeping willow, compared often to the
skirt of a beautiful woman.

The modern Hepburn Standing Willow,

and the "what are you moping about?"
Neurosis-type River Willow.

Who will hold this lovely weeping willow?

The strong smell of the Dove River near
here will not be included in this film.

Yukirio, who are you waiting for?



- Thanks for waiting.
- Oh, it was you, Shu-boy.

- It's not like I was waiting for you.
- Hmm...

Not for me?

- Then who were you waiting for?
- A good person.

Yukino, haven't you been
a bit cold recently?

I've done a lot for you.

The job at Matsuya is at 10am tomorrow.

I know that, but...

Hey, come on...

- No! A police officer will come you know.
- What?

- Aha!
- Aha!

Hey. Did you wait long?

No, not long.

I'll introduce you.

This is the police superintendent's
detective, Santaro Mochidzuki.

- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.

I'm in a rush, so I'll see you later.

It seems Mrs. Wakako is returning
home to Kugenuma.

Yes... I don't understand
her feelings at all.

The way she's good at making decisions
is one of her good points, unlike you.

Ah... so you are interested in her
after all?

Don't say silly things.

Right then, will the boat come soon?

Mr. Mochidzuki, why are you wearing this
on a day like today?

- I don't like it.
- Why?

It feels like you're arresting me.

It's not what you wear
on a date avec moi.

I had to go to get my
commissioner's award, so.

I came straight here afterwards.

Commissioner's award?

Ah, because of your service the other day.


That doesn't constitute an award.

The drug smuggling community
is still very deep rooted.

Then, why the award?

Isn't it obvious?

My painting won 1st prize
at the exhibition.

My, your painting did?

You got an award for that painting?

- Don't laugh about it...
- I'm sorry.

Santaro Mochidzuki.

"For this western oil-painting,
painted with great technique,

"that contributed to the investigation
of a crime organization." That's about it.

Even though it was for work,
I still feel like it's my best work.

Do you think so,

But, I think that the painting G.M. did
of my aunt is nicer.

This girl.

Well, I'll take it.

Thank you.

This painting will be here as a replacement
for the real thing, I guess.

But, that's unfortunate.

The real madam is leaving after all.

Yeah, it's sad.

But, it can't be helped.

This painting is our friend.

We 'll remember her through this painting.

Shina-style clothing is so nice.
I want to wear some.

What type of flowers are these?

Aren't they Yei Laichun?

That's silly,
Yei Laichun is a song's name.

Aren't they orchids?

Why don't you ask the madam?

Hey, madam, these flowers...

Hey, madam, you'll come back here
soon right, to Ginza?

- When?
- When it gets cooler?

I don't know.

Stay energetic, everyone.

Then I'll take my leave.

I wish you good health.

Uncle, you're not seeing her off?

We'll look after the shop! Go!

She'll be gone, hurry!

Ah, wait!

Take this!

"Say it with flowers."

"Say it with flowers."

That's right. At sad goodbyes,
and happy meetings,

If you bring flowers, it paints
our dull hearts with verdant life.

Ah, the moon and fluffy clouds,
flowers in the wind.

Today at 2:30pm, according
to the central weather station,

A typhoon is just off Ogasawara, and is
approaching with great force.

With wind speeds of 50mph, it is
moving north-north west,

It should arrive at the Japanese
islands by midnight.

Heavy damages are expected.

Are you ready for the typhoon?

For a roof leak, get a basket or a
basin, and get candles,

wooden supports, rice balls,
pickled daikon, and roof stones.

Oh my, it seems that a strong wind
is already starting to pick up.

I should consider running away soon.

But, what of Wakako and Coney?

Goodbye, old friend.

Is life just lots of "goodbyes "?


Mr. Coney.


♫ It is too bright here ♫

♫ to become desperate ♫

♫ This city's night ♫

♫ and that city's morning ♫

♫ are lit with red neon ♫

♫ and twinkle with the wishes of tomorrow ♫

♫ Say goodbye to yesterday
because today is today ♫

♫ so after falling love,
then saying goodbye ♫

♫ there is nothing else left behind ♫

♫ From spring to summer ♫

♫ and from summer to autumn ♫

♫ I even know the winter winds. ♫

♫ I even know the pain
of living in the gutter. ♫

♫ I am Ginza's sparrow after all ♫

♫ Drunkenly looking at the neon lights ♫

♫ I leave tomorrow's wishes to the wind ♫

♫ and I just live in today, here and now ♫

♫ And because of that ♫

♫ I am happy. ♫

The End

English Subtitles: Ocean Martinez for MUBI