Tales from the Other Side (2022) - full transcript

Three kids sought out to have the most legendary Halloween night ever. Their Trick-or-treat adventure brings them to the home of the local town legend "Scary Mary". Legends say that she is a woman of pure evil, but one thing is for certain - She knows just the right spooky tales to give these three kids the scare of their life. Sharing six unique stories that will lead the children down a mysterious path to the unexpected.

Thank you.

I got this.

I get it every year.

Remember you can't touch
anything until we get home.

You know it's not
that bad tonight.

I mean, how is it not raining.

Yeah, while I'm still
freezing my tits off.

You should worn a coat.

Why not wear something warmer?

Because it would
ruin my costume.

Oh, things we
sacrifice for beauty.

Girl you are too much.

Come on let's go across.

Wait it could be an animal.

What if it's a kitten?

Yeah, or maybe it's
a mountain lion

waiting to rip your face off.



Lily please It might
need your help, OK.

Oh, man I got you good.

You should see your face.

Nice run Rod.

You little buggers.

Nancy, were you in on this?

No, I swear it wasn't me.

How long were you in there?

Long enough.

Nice hair.


I like your hook.

Where are you supposed to be?

Isn't it obvious.

Oh, a prostitute.

Hey, bitch.

Girl tonight is going
to be lit as hell.

Are you ready?

Yeah, we just have
a few more blocks.

Believe me I am ready
to get a fucked up.

We can spell you know.

And we're so proud of you.

Girl, no we've got to go now.

Peter's already been
asking about you.

Wait, what?

Amy you said Alpha
Sigma rose party didn't

start until later tonight.

Yeah, I thought so too, but you
know how these frat bros are.

I promise, Nancy I
would take her trick

or treating all night.

Oh, no one's stopping them.

I took Tina Halfway, let
them finish on their own.

They're practically grown.

Yeah, please.

We'll be good.


Please, we'll be good.

OK, OK, OK, but stay clear of
weirdos and stick together.

There's safety in numbers,
and be home in an hour or mom

will kill us both.


Come on let's go.

Awesome tonight is
going to be legendary.

I'm going to eat
everything in sight.

Let's go there.



Well, that's been poisoning.

What are you talking about?

We got so much candy.

Yeah, but nothing
scary happened.

No pumpkin smashing or anything.

I just wanted to do
something amazing.

Like what?

Boy like that.

No, way that's
scary Mary's house.

Whose scary Mary?

She's the town's oldest secret.

An old witch that
never leaves her house.

They said whoever came
up to her doorstep

she poisoned them, and
boiled them into stew.

And she ate them.

So many people would go
missing mostly kids like us,

girl scouts, paper boys anyone
who came knocking at her door.

They said she's horribly
mangled, and older

than the town itself.

The last people that
I came up missing

were one to two years before
you and your family moved in.

They said she's still there
waiting for her next victim.

Well, why didn't the
police just arrest her?

No, proof.

No, bodies left to identify.

Yeah, well, it is just a story.

It's not like anyone
who know has seen her.

Then let's go.



No, one would answer
if it's just a story.

What if it isn't just a story?

Then maybe she has
some good candy.

I don't know.

Come on.

Imagine everyone's
face at school

when they hear we knock
on scary Mary's door.

We'll be legendary.



Why me?

It's your idea you knock.

Well, it looks like
there's nobody home.

I'll be right there.

Holy shit she's real.

You think it's her?

Guys, we should go.

Oh, sweeties.

Aren't you just darling.

What are you
supposed to be dear?

Sorry, to bother you ma'am.

We were just trick or treating,
but it's getting late so

we should get and be--

Oh, of course.

No, no, no, dear.




That looks amazing

And I can assure you it
tastes as good as it looks.

I don't get too many
visitors this time of year.

I bake so many goodies,
but all the stories

seem to keep many people away.


Oh, yeah.

Not what you expected huh?

Not some scary hag
of a witch after all.

No, that's--

It's OK no harm, no foul.

Why don't you come in?

There's plenty more
where this came from.

Oh, no.

It's really getting late.

We should really go.

People love the
old woman company.

Otherwise it'll just
all go to waste.

Here we go.

Thank you so

You have an amazing home miss--

Mary, Mary Frederick.

Yes, not far from
scary Mary is it.

So are all of you lovers
of the arcane and occult.

What's that?

Arcane and occult oh it's
part of the inspiration

of Halloween.

Mystery and Lore that many
have been inspired by.

Do you know every
story you've ever heard

has its roots in the occult?

Do you know this kind of story?

Oh, I know all kinds of stories.

Many about the
wonders of the world.

Wonders that sometimes
cause great pain.

April I'm so sorry to
hear about you gene.

Your grandfather was one of the
nicest people I've ever met.

And he always had a
great story to tell.

Thank you.

That means so much.

Now watch the table I
have to go get more papas

things from the attic.

Now Matty.

Where did your grandfather
get all this stuff?

He used to be in a circus.

Are you talking about the big
giant tent with the flying

monkeys type circus?

No, the real kind.

Grandpa used to
tell me about how

you'd roll into town on the back
of his favorite elephant man.

And all the kids
would love to get

tickets to see him perform
tricks, jump the plane circled.

Balatine abuzz where
everyone cheered them on.

Hey, check this out.

The petrified boy.

See the bow of the
terrifying child of the devil

up close, but beware we
can't go to leave the soul.

Leave their soul?

This is clearly fake why
would anyone pay to see this.

It's true.

1873 is one they found him.

After the war they used
slaves to build the railroad

from New York to San Francisco.

Used to use Negro children to
take messages above ground.

One day freight train with too
much speed jump the tracks.

Barren, the most notorious great
master of his day found him.

All burned up and left
him dead by the railroad

workers and the union leaders.

Underneath mounds of
coal from the trains

love screaming, while
slowly burning alive.

The most mysterious and
devious of them all.

Her name it's so gruesome, so
evil, so absolutely petrified.

Folks he cannot be viewed
outside the safety of these

very walls because if only
a slither of daylight were

to enter this very
room he would awake,

and he would punish those who
dare disturb his eternal rest.

Ladies and gentlemen, I
give you the petrified boy.

Ben traveled around the
country with his misfits

of bearded ladies,
and six legged tigers,

but the petrified boy was
always his main attraction.

For years his caravan grew in
size in his name and stature.

Sold out shows far beyond
their wildest imaginations.

People were so afraid
of the petrified boy

that the very
mention of its name

would scare the
patrons wallets thin.

Then one fateful morning
tragedy befell the circus.

What happened?

No, one knows what
really happened

to Ben, and his
masquerade of performers.

But your grandpa,
your grandpa believed

the workers exposed the boy
to sunlight in transport.

And the legend goes
whoever disturbs

the petrified boys
eternal rest while face

his wrath of vengeance.

Vengeance he can never be cured
for he must punish those who

left him dying in the darkness.

Thought there'd be
more of his stuff here.

Patty, I almost forgot
go back to the shed

and bring the rest
of papas things.

Make sure you bring your friend.

The windows.

There's lots of newspapers.


Whoa, that was creepy.

Yeah, it was.

Well, it is just a story.

You know, I never got
any of your names.

Oh, I'm Nancy.

This Tina, and that's Rod.

Pleasure to meet you.

You might want to take it
a little slow there honey.

There's plenty more to try.


You make so much.

Well, like I said
I like to bake.

Cooking and baking is
a of a hobby of mine.

Just don't have many people
to cook for these days.

Well, we'll be back for sure.

Oh, aren't you the
sweetest thing.

So what do you do
all day besides bake?

Do you have a job?

I used to a long time ago,
but I was smart with my money.

I saved enough to last
my whole lifetime.

If you're not good
with saving you

could find yourself
desperate for work,

and sometimes even
the right work

can bring the wrong results.

As we gather here today still
reeling from the tragic death

of Gordon Rose.

We seek to make sense of
this to understand why?

Why this happened.

Why a young man was
ripped from us so early.

Unfortunately there
are no easy answers.

While God may know his
plan we certainly do not.

As difficult and
painful as it is we

must accept that Gordon is gone.

They're great.

I was a new kid at a new school.

I got beat up a lot.

But there was one kid who stood
up for me that was Gordon.

We've been best
friends ever since.

Follow me.

I'm sorry.

You're Carter here for the job.

Yes, yes, I am.

Follow me.

So you're an editor, right?

What school did you go to?

Well, I'm from Kansas
originally so I didn't exactly

go to a film school.

I mostly made my own
movies, learn by doing.

What kind of movies did you do?

Horror mostly.

Do you have any idea
what we want from you?

Yeah, to make the
funeral videos.

Life celebrations.

Life celebrations.

Here at Evergreen Cemetery we
are proud of our commitment

to help the living to blossom,



We need you to make videos of
those who have crossed over.

OK and what turnaround
are you thinking for this?

From the time I take
the hard drive home

to editing to giving
you the final video.

You be doing the work
on site overnight.

If that's OK with you.

Yeah, that should be fine.

Can you make a
commitment Mr. Carter.

Yeah, yeah, I think so.

The young man that
was here before you,

Derek left us too soon.

We don't want someone that
will move on within a month.

We want someone that will
call Evergreen their home.

Would you mind if I ran all
this by my girlfriend first.

You go right ahead, but remember
there is a lot to be done.

And we would like you
here tonight if possible.

Oh, great.

Thank you.

Thank you, for your time.

I'll let you know
she was possible.

Fried tofu and a
beef and broccoli.

Here you go.

Are you serious?


I can't leave you
forgot, Carter.

Oh, the chili garlic sure.

Oh, if I've only had some
of the back here for you.

Such a tease.


So you should have
seen this guy who

I swear was creepier that
creepy smelled like him too.

Well, that's perfect.

It's your favorite show.

Yeah, but it's not why
we came out here is it?

I mean, we're supposed to be
here making our own films,


How far can we stretch
your dad's inheritance?

Do you regret
following me out here?

Hey, no.

Baby, we're chasing our
dreams and this is what

your dad would have wanted.

He'd be proud of you.

I'm proud of you, and you're
going to be the next Alfred

Hitchcock, remember?

And you want to be [inaudible].

Grace Kelly, she
was his favorite.

I know.

I know.

Besides think of all the
great horror movie ideas

you're going to get
working at a cemetery.

I'm glad you came back.

I had a feeling that
it was meant to be.

Your first assignment
is Lorraine.

She was a sweet
old lady, and I'm

sure that you will do
her memory justice.

The hard drive is in
your inbox on the desk.

Thank you.


Stay up, stay awake Carter.

Oh, my God, I need a break.



Hey, babe.

How's your new job?

Why did you send me that video?

What video?

Of Lorraine check your text.

I don't want you talking about.

I've just been here on packing.

Who's Lorraine?

Wait, wait, a minute.

Wait, wait.

Yeah, never mind.

I'm sorry.

I'm just pretty shot right now,
so I just need some coffee.

I'll be fine.

OK, well, why don't you come
home, and have a big sleep

with me, hitchie baby.

I just have to
export this video,

and then I'll be on my way OK.

OK, I'll see you soon.

Derrick, Derrick, How do I--

Oh shit.

The last editor.

This guy was my age.

OK, James.

Nice to meet you.

I've seen that picture before.

Hey, baby.

Who the hell is Derrick?


You know what I'm talking about.

Don't play dumb.

Baby, I don't know what
you're talking about.

What kind of sick games have
you been playing at, Heather.

I'm looking at a picture of you
two right now on my monitor.

I don't know who Derrick is.

He was the editor
here before me,

and now you've been
cheating on me with him.

I know you're scared.

You will be OK.

Heather, Heather, are you there?


Stay with me.

You're dead.

You always dead.

As we gather here today still
reeling from the tragic death

of Carter Lamb.

We seem to make sense of
this, to understand why?

Why this happened.

As difficult and
painful as it is we

must accept that Carter is gone.

Well, I hope that
little yarn didn't

scare you too much my darlings.

Not for Rod apparently.

Luckily we don't have to
start working any time soon.

I'd hate to have to
work someplace scary.

Yeah, that's why I want
to be a fashion designer.

No, scary places for me.

Yeah, I would never
work at a morgue

no matter how much they pay me.

It's not like he wanted to
he just needed the money.

Yeah, well, I would never
need the money that bad.

You know your dad's not going
to pay for everything you know.

We're only kids for so long.

I'd rather steal for a living.

Oh, my dear.

There are many
repercussions of thievery

more beyond just the
risk of jail or prison.

Rod, was just joking ma'am he
wouldn't have the guts to steal

a penny from his grandma.

Well, thievery is
no laughing matter.

People take stealing
too lightly.

They are not aware of
the dangers they're

putting themselves in and
police the least of your worries

if you steal from
the wrong person.

Not everyone suffers
because of the law

some suffer different

Are we really doing this?

Sure, why not we said we
wanted adventure, right?

I mean, they're place in town
we would go if you really

want to get your fortune read.

You're not got to do it
here to carnival weird tent.

Hello, anybody here?

Yo you've got customers
you want our money or what?

Come on let's go we can
do this another day.

Hold your horses.

Hold your horses.

I'll be right with you.

Well, now what have we here?

Aren't you a wonderful
looking young couple.


Thank you.



So what can I do to young
folks for this evening?

We want to get
our fortunes read.

Well, you've come to the
right place for that my dear.

What about you?


Are you here for a reading
as well or just along

for the ride?


He wants one as well.


Well, let's not
waste any more time,

and get started then, shall we?


Your crystal ball is beautiful.

Well, thank you.

How old is that?

Oh, hundreds of years.

It's been in my
family for generations

ever since we first ventured
into the mystic arts.

Everything all right, dearie?

Yeah, I'm fine.


So let's begin, shall we?

Yes, please.

No, where are my plastic cards.

Must have left them in the back.

Forgive me sometimes I swear
if I didn't have my head

attached it would go missing.

Be back in a jiffy.

You OK?


What are you doing?

We said we wanted
adventure, right?

Come on let's take it.

Come on let's go, go, go, go.

What are you doing with that?

You hear me?

You get back here this instant.

You'll rot in hell
for what you've done.

Oh, my God can you
believe we did that.

What a rush huh?

And why did you do that?

What do you mean?

To spice things up that
was the whole point, right?

In fact I'm feeling
a little frisky so.

I think you're--

What do you say?

--missing the point.

I'm missing the point.

Yeah, Abby.

When we said we need
to switch things up.

I mean, doing stuff like
this take things like that.

That's not what we
were talking about.

No, that's not what
you were talking about.

So tell me Jonas what does
excite you these days, having

a Manhattan rather than a beer.

Because that's going real big
especially considering what

you've already done.

Because on a scale
from one to 10

I think you've broken the scale.

Abby, let's not go there.

Oh, you don't want
to go there huh?

Well, I don't want to find
out that my husband had

to find excitement by
going to another woman.

I said don't we've already
done that and work through it.

At least I thought we did.

I don't even know you anymore.

Ditto on that front.

I'm going to bed.


Walk away just
like you always do,

but you know what even
after everything you

did I'm still here.

You got do this shit like that
again to spice up our lives.

Do me a favor don't include me.


Don't touch me.

You ruined our lives.

How'd you do that?



I'm going to go back to bed.

You're not yourself you know.


I said you're not yourself.

I haven't been in a while.

I'm going to go get dressed.

What about breakfast?

You eat it.


What happened?

What happened?

What is it?

He was there.

Who's here?

The man.


The man from the carnival.

The old guy from the carnival.

The fortune teller.

Honey, there's no way
that man will come here.

I swear.

I just saw him.

He was right in our bedroom.

Baby, come on.

I'm telling you.

We're taking the
fucking thing back.

No, we can't.

I've had enough of this.

No, we're not taking it back.

We're not keeping it.

No, no, we're not
taking it back.

No, Jonas.


I'm sorry.

I didn't mean--
I didn't mean to.

We're getting rid of this now.

What the hell?

Where did they go?

There's no way they could
have backed up this fast.

No, way.

I guess it's ours now.

We're keeping it.

Just trying to explain.

We want our lives.

I'm just trying to explain.

Don't touch me.

She never let me have anything.


She never let me have anything.

Do you know that?

Not the clothes I want, not the
food I want, not the friends I

want to be with,
not even happiness.

I thought you did once, but
you took that from me too.

You ruin everything.

And how could you?

And all this time with her.

I wanted us to say
something and I did.

About what?

You were scared?

You ruined our lives,
my life, and for what?

No, no, for what?

Abby, please.

A corkscrew?

Abby, please.

Don't touch me.

I'm just trying to explain.

I hate you.

Oh, my God.

What did you do?

I didn't do.

I didn't Do.

I'm sorry.

Ma'am, did you
kill your husband?

Miss Frederick.

Oh, please dear.

Mary is just fine.

Oh, sorry.

Mary, you sure know how
to tell a scary story.

Well, it wouldn't make
much sense for people

to call me scary Mary if
I wasn't somewhat scary.

So why are so many
people afraid of you?

Oh, Rod.


It's just that there's
so many stories about it.

Yeah, no, shame in asking
an innocent question.

This town has always had a
certain way of doing things.

What do you mean?

Oh, I just prefer
to stay by myself,

and the more I stayed alone
the more they resented me

for my solitude.

So I guess making up stories
was the only thing they

could do to make me stay alone.

Well, that's rude of everyone.

Yes, it is.

What about the missing kids?

Now that I can't explain.

Every town has its secrets I
guess that just rather blame me

than take responsibility

Well, I for one
never believed it.


Is just a bunch of
dumb crazy rumors.

And crazy is the word, isn't it?

That reminds me
of another story.

A story about just how crazy
someone may or may not be.

I hear you.

I said I hear you.

What do you need
from me this time?

OK, but I have
nothing against Frank.

You would know best.

Sorry, friend.

Sorry, friend.

Let him go Gerald.

I have my orders.

Oh, man.

Let the man go.

I have my orders.

I have my orders.

Let him go Gerald.

I have my orders.

Don't worry about me, Dave.

I'm protected by God.

Blast me.

God must be on lunch
break because, Gerald

here almost squashed your ass.

No, one loves you.

Gerald is mentally ill.

There's a lot of that go
around here lately, huh?

You're going to be a
good boy now Gerald.

I am a servant of God OK.

Let's move out of the way OK.

Let me go, and
finish his doings.

How is it that God told
you to choke Frank,

and Frank said God protect him.

This man is crazy.

He is crazy I tell you.

He's crazy.

No warnings.

One more time in
the rubber room.

It wasn't me.

I like Frank.

He's my friend.

Frank tell them I'm a friend.

You know what I
[inaudible] you did, Frank.

God doesn't speak
to either of them.

They're schizophrenic
living in a dream.

How do you know you're
not living in a dream?

I know what's real
and what's not.

You people who collect
souls and torment

cast them together with
visionaries and prophets.

You are the ones
that confuse reality.

You don't hear when
God talks to you.

And you hear, you listen.

And understand.

If Jesus were to walk in here
and proclaim his divinity

what would happen?

He'd be called schizophrenic
dosed with Dorsey.

If you'd been living in
Brooklyn for 15 years working

in an insurance office
without ever mentioning

the minor fact that he was the
Son of God until two weeks ago.

Yeah, we'd naturally
be skeptical.

Up until two weeks ago you've
never claimed to hear God,

and you had killed your
wife or your children.

It was a test.

God was testing me.

Why would God want you to
kill the people you loved?

He told me he would destroy
the world if humanity

continued to ignore him.

That I had to be the
instrument of his will.

Oh, OK.

I didn't ask for
this responsibility.

How do you know you're no
different than Gerald or Frank?

I don't hear a voice
when God speaks to them.

Who else hears God
when he speaks to you?


When God speaks to
you everyone hears.

Of course, if I was
the only one who heard

I would consider the idea
that I might be crazy.

Did anyone else hear God when
he spoke to you in the police


No, he whispered.

Oh, yeah, he whispered.

Did your wife hear God when
he ordered you to kill her?

No, she wasn't in the room.

What if God chose to
speak to you right now

will I hear his voice?


Well, I guess God doesn't have
anything to say at the moment.

Perhaps he is meditating or he
is busy or he's on a journey.

But perhaps he's sleeping
and needs to be awakened.

Kings chapter 18 verse 27.

You tell me, Elijah
how do you know it's

God that's speaking to you?

It sounds like the voice of God.

So does James Earl Jones,
but that'll make him Jehovah.

Doctor, God talks
to me and you hear

that would mean I wasn't
psychotic wouldn't it.

Or that I am.

And if everyone hears
it mass hysteria.

Let's cross that bridge
when we get to it.

That's a deal.

A covenant.

We'll talk again soon, Tom.


Yeah, Elijah.

Elijah is here.

There's a cloud as
is a man's hand.

Rise Arvis.

Elijah, is here.

Go up to Ahab and say
prepare your chariot,

and go down before
the rain stops you.

But Judge Judy's on.

No, you must.

You must.

Come on relax.

It's Judge Judy time.

Yeah, hear oh Lord.

Hear me that this is people may
know that you are the true Lord

God, and that you have turned
their hearts back to you

once again.

What are you doing, Elijah?

Did you hear that?

It's probably somebody
just messed with the PA.

Yes, Lord.

I have been very jealous
for the Lord God of hosts,

for the children of Israel have
forsaken your covenant torn

down your altars and killed
your prophets with the sword.

I alone am left, and they
seek to take my life.

Go out and stand on the
mountain before the Lord.

Yes, Lord.

I hear your Lord.

I hear you Lord.

You've come back Lord.

You heard it to?

I heard something.

Me too.

This is crazy.

It's not crazy neither
am I. Come near me.

He's a prophet of God.

What's going on?

Tom, what are you doing?

Seize the prophets of Baals.

Let not one of them escape.

I am not troubled the house
of [inaudible] It's you

and your father have.

And that you have forsaken
the commandments of Lord.

Tom, Elijah.

I can help you This is
just a psychotic episode.

Is it?

Hear the voice of the Lord.

I am almighty God.

Walk before me and be blameless.

Doctor what is it?

It's the voice of God.

Is that you, my Lord Elijah.

It is I. Go tell your
master Elijah is here.

How is he doing?

It's getting crowded in there.

He's speaking and
responding as up

to eight separate individuals.

Is he still maintaining the
delusion about hearing God?

Yes, doctor although now
all eight personalities

can hear the voice.

We are together now is one
for the Lord speaks to us all,

and we hear and we obey.

And we understand.

What are you doing, Elijah?

Awaiting your word oh,
Lord for Elijah is here.


Are you OK?

Maybe the story
upset his stomach.

I feel funny.

Oh, my, my, my I
told you to take

it slow with the sweet honey.

I guess I did overdo it.

Oh, it's OK.

The sweets are fine.

It's just Rod here
didn't pace himself.

Now all that sugar
is catching up.

I think I need to
use the bathroom.

Oh, of course, you do.

It's all the way
down the back there.

Go on, dear.

Right up the stairs.

Maybe we should get
going Rod should really--

Oh, no need.

Oh, Rod is a big boy and
the night is still young.

He just needs to settle
his stomach that's all.

Oh, it must be the bathroom
door it sometimes gets stuck.

Now how about another
story to pass the time.

I'm sure Rod won't mind.

This one is about
a great artist.

Killing him was easy, getting
away with it was murder.

I never should have trusted her.

I never should have trusted
any woman even one as beautiful

as Ruby.

I don't usually do
this in the first date.

Do what?

Come back to some dude's pad.

OK, I feel special.

Yeah, you're special.

Very special.

So you're an artist.

I'm trying to be.

Right now I'm a starving
artist, but when I'm dead

all these paintings
will be worth millions.

I noticed you like to use a
lot of red in your paintings.

Well, there's a reason for that.

I mixed my own blood
with the paint.

It's my signature.

My old man is a painter.

Your father?

No, my old man.

My husband.

You're married.

You didn't think I'd
be available did you?

I was amazed at my good luck.

Well, it's about to get better.

My husband is Oliver Prairie

Oliver Prairie Oh, my
God, I love his work.

He's my biggest inspiration.

So I noticed.

And I copied his style.

I actually started by
making exact replicas

of his early work
just for practice.

I didn't try to sell
any of them, though.

That would be
forgery wouldn't it?

Yes, it would.

And that would be
bad wouldn't it?

Yes, very bad.

You have something
against being bad?

It depends.

On what?

I know who I'm being bad with.

I think we should slow down a
little, so I get to know you.


I'm sorry to hear.

You're so beautiful.

I'd love to paint you.

Artist always say the word
paint as if it was fuck.

It can be even more
intimate sometimes.

Oliver's painted me although
he stopped recently.

In fact he stopped
painting altogether.

And I am saying the
word as if it was fuck.

Look I have to
tell you something.

I met Oliver, I showed
him my paintings.

He was very effusive
with his praise.

He bought a shitload of them.

He told me one day I'd
be famous like him.

You'd better hope not like him
his paintings aren't selling.

Except to sell off
almost everything.

He is broke and
seriously in debt.

Oliver Prairie is broke.

I find that hard to believe.

It's true, flat
broke, desperate.

And I feel even
worse about this.

You shouldn't be here with me.

I came home with
you for a reason.

What reason?

You know what you
said before about how

your paintings would be worth
millions after you were dead.

I was joking.

I'm not.

Oliver's paintings
would be worth millions

after he dies, tens of millions.

Are you saying what I
think you're saying?

I think I am.

I think you're crazy.

Why would I even consider?

Because you did sell some of
your early copies of Oliver's

of his paintings, didn't you?

Yes, yes, I did.

OK, I admit it.

I was flat broke, and I'm
sorry now that I did it.

But times were hard, and
I didn't have a choice.

So I figured that you
might be interested in not

being flat broke,
and interested in not

going to jail for forgery.

Are you blackmailing me?


And all you have to do is commit
one little very profitable


Why don't you do it yourself?

You're the artist.

So you write that you should
make Oliver's of his paintings

immortal and invaluable.

I never killed anyone.

Your paintings are
filled with bloodshed.

That's art.

But you paint with blood, Terry.

My own.

Artist evolve, don't they?

How would we do it?

Let's talk about that after.

After what?

After we do it.

Right there.

Right there.

You did it.

I did.

Soon, baby very soon your
money troubles will be over.

Oh, this works.

It will, you'll see.

Wait, what?

Yeah, look who's awake
not yet lover boy.

What's happening?

What's happening?

What's happening?

You're about to paint your
masterpiece my young friend.

I don't understand.

And you are correct.

My paintings will be more
valuable once I'm gone

but you see so will yours.

Much, much more valuable
because you're a genius.

Unappreciated now of course,
but the legend surrounding

your suicide, and the painting
you left behind is your legacy

will cement your place in the
hierarchy of the art world.

You're insane.

You're insane.

Almost definitely.

How can you do this to me?

I'm an art lover
get it over with.


Now I will have
you sign your work.

Stop please.



It's done.

It's greatest work
in my opinion.

He was a genius.

I just murdered a great artist.

And helped him
achieve immortality.

It also doesn't hurt that you
own so many of his paintings,

and I own so many of yours.

Oh, sorry, Oliver.

So sad.

Two artists one
young and unknown.

The other older
and past his prime

we're in love with
the same woman,

and they mad at each
other violently.

I wish I'd been
there to stop it.

You fooled me.

How could you?

Oliver darling you
never appreciated me.

I'm an artist too.

I call this my red period.

That story a bit too
much for both of you.

No, I think I ate too much.

Oh, it's the sugar rush.

You've had the ups and now
you're feeling the downs.


Thank you, Ms--

I mean, Mary.

You're very welcome dear.

Now make sure you
drink that right up.

You know we should
really get Rod.

No, I mean, I'll
go check on him.

Now you just make sure
you drink that right up,

Oh you'll need
all that hydration

to even out the sugar.

Just wait there
I'll be right back.

I don't feel too good Nancy.

Do you think Rod's OK?

Yeah, he just ate too much.

You know how much
Rod likes to eat.

What's wrong?

I think we should get out
of here as soon as we can.

Where are you going?

Oh, we were just
going to get Rod.

Oh, sweetheart he just left.


What do you mean he just left?

Why would he just leave?

It's OK.

He just felt like he
needed to go home and rest.

I let him out the back.

No, we need to leave.

Oh, Nancy dear you can
barely hold yourself up.

Oh, you need all hydration
you can get come on drink up.

Just relax and then after
this last story both of you

will be as right as rain.

You asked for it.

I'll wait for you to go to sleep
so I can get Santa to give all

your present.

Shut up.

All the presents.



Get off of me.

Hey, what's going on here?

Hey, hey, boys.

But mom.

It's all make believe anyway.

No, it's not.

Take it back.

Make me.

You two bed now.

Can you tell us a
Christmas story.

Yeah, a Christmas story.



OK, all right, but after this
no more messing around OK?

I think it's time for me to read
you all the true story of how

Christmas came to be.

The story begins as all do,
but on this particular day

of Christmas another
tale was meant to be.

It's a story about how the
day of giving came to be,

and it began with the
Krampus earth elf.

A tale of two brothers
one from the light

and the other of the dark.

The elf was hard at work on a
special tour for a little girl.

Knowing that if the
children around the world

awoke to a tree
without gifts and home

without love but
the evil Krampus

would finally have this way
and punish all the naughty kids

who misbehave.

It was then that
Krampus appeared.

You had to think quick.

The Krampus and the
elf fight to the death.

Well, that's enough for tonight.

Now you go to sleep.

We have a big day tomorrow.

I see your stomach couldn't
take another story, could it?

That's what happens when you
take candy from strangers.

Well, story time is over, but
there's still time for dessert.

I'm not eating
anything else from you.

Oh, it's not for you little
sweetie desserts for me.

Oh, the instincts of a child
are so pure and innocent.

If only you had the maturity
to listen to them well.

What have you done?

What did you do to us?

Nothing more than you asked for.

You wanted a night
of adventure did you?

Something legendary.

Tonight's going to be legendary.

Will be legendary.

How did you--


I just hope I lived up to all
your little hearts desired.

So tell me is poor
old Mary truly Mary?

Oh, oh, just right.

I'll be right there.