Tales from the Occult (2022) - full transcript

An old school anthology consisting of three short films, Tales from the Occult is the first in a new omnibus series about the hidden horrors that lurk behind the urban landscape of Hong Kong.

I wanna watch the Eason Chan concert!


please bless me with 2 tickets.

Can you be a little more sincere?


Our gig's next week.

Remember to practice the guitar.


Kitty cat!


It's an old flat,

but it looks good after the renovation.

Doesn't it?

Your record label treats you pretty OK.

They're only paying half the rent.

But the last tenant decorated it well,

so that saved me money.


your label bosses

aren't doing their jobs well, then!


help me unpack this.

I should be more like you...

having fans and a generous manager.

I shouldn't have listened to my mom

and studied architecture in the U.S.

Miss Koo.

Yes, Mr. Chiu?

We're almost done here.


We just need to install the door locks,

then we're set.

OK, then...

I'll send you the balance tomorrow.

- Great, thanks.
- Thank you so much.


would you mind...

Of course. Thank you!

My daughter's been nagging me for it.


Thank your daughter for me.


- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.

I should be thanking you.

I'll go finish up, then.

Sure, thanks.

- Thank you.
- Thanks again.

All done?


Stay here and unpack tonight.

We'll move your stuff

here tomorrow, OK?

Aren't you helping me unpack tonight?

I can't.

Need to plan your shows till December.

You don't have to make excuses.

I never mind

you going to your family.

I'll text you

when I finish work tonight.

I have to go.

Don't worry. I'll watch her for you.

I'll grab my stuff and move in later.

You better keep your word

and pay half the rent, OK?

I'm off.

Joseph Kwok?

So you really do live here.

This is my label's artiste.

Hi, I'm Yoyi.

I just moved in today.

I listen to your songs.

- Hello.
- Thank you.

I'm Alice.

I don't live here,

but I'll be here often.

I'm off. See you tomorrow.


I'd like to talk to you.

Can we walk and talk?


- Bye.
- Bye.

Can you see him shower

from your room?

- Miss Koo.
- Yes?

We're leaving.

- OK, thanks!
- The key

Fai, do you have the keys?

Here you go.

Thank you.

- We're off, then.
- OK.

- Bye.
- Thank you, Mr. Chiu.

Thank you, Fai.

I think this flat

helps your romance

more than your career.

Give me a break.

Good thing

there's a huge wardrobe here.

Joseph can hide in it

if you get caught.


this carpet feels awfully comfy.

Why don't you pretend to be Joseph

and let me practice?

"I was so glad

to meet you today."

Jo Jo Bear...


He's been following my fan page!


I didn't say hi properly earlier.

I was actually glad to meet you, too!”

"Don't worry,

we'll have plenty of chances to meet!”

"I'm glad you're around.

Not used to being in a new flat


"Afraid of living alone?

Don't be afraid.

Now you have someone close to you."

"Don't be afraid..."

(A male corpse was found last night.)

(The victim was connected)

(to a string of robberies in the area.)

(He is suspected to have fallen)

(while committing a robbery.)

(According to the residents,)

(a stench had been there for some time.)

(The victim fell in the gap)

(between buildings and wasn't found.)

(It's listed as a dead body found case.)

Is anyone there?

Is anyone there?

Is anyone there?

Are you all right?


Did I really see...

one of those things?

When I was in college, my roommate

participated in an experiment.

He was asked to imagine a person

from thin air on a piece of paper.

He imagined a woman with long hair.

Then, he had to constantly imagine

that she's by his side.

After a month,

he had to forget her completely.


He was in deep trouble.

Not only could he not forget the woman,

she spoke into his ear

all the time.

Scary, right?

I had to ask a taoist priest for help.

But how can an imagined person

become real?

Therein lies the rub.

The taoist priest was just a stranger

that I hired for $500.

If I had called the cops that day...

Maybe he would've been saved.

But he'd been dead for days already.

It was impossible to save his life.

It doesn't matter whether ghosts exist.

It's how you deal with your thoughts.

You should be telling yourself...

It's not my fault.

It's not my fault...

Maybe I won't remember all the moments we have

but I'll never forget you say


OK, Yoyi,

we'll keep this take.

Awesome, thank you.

Thanks, Mathew.

How was it?

Your last two takes were great.


Good work.

Go home and get some rest.

I'll come by later.

You better keep your word.

I've been alone there these few days.

You don't believe me?

Got to go.



You should go and catch up on sleep.

I have to go back to my client soon.

I don't want to go home.

Remember in secondary school,

when I saw that..."thing"?

Don't tell me that you spotted that

at your new flat.

I'd been fine

after Uncle Ronald treated me back then.

But recently, for some reason,

that feeling's been creeping back.

I keep feeling like I'm being watched.

What about Alan?

Hasn't he been with you?

I don't know why you're still with him.

"Hi! How was the recording last night?"

"It was OK, but it was an all-nighter.

I might have a cold!”

"Take care. Try stewed pears!”

"I just moved in.

There's not much at home..."

"Yoyi, I'm worried about you.

Can I see you?"

I saw him again.

I keep feeling his presence in my life.

But I'm not sure...

if it's a dream or if he's real.

When I was in college,

my roommate took part in an experiment.

It was a German experiment.

You told that story already!

Do you think I'm lying?

I can really feel him in my new flat.

Of course I believe you,

why wouldn't 1?

Your job comes with a lot of pressure.

And you just moved to a new place.

There's a lot on your plate, right?

Lie down first.

Try a breathe-in, breathe-out exercise.

In for 3 seconds, out for 3 seconds...

Try it out. Try it.

In for 3 seconds...

Out for 3 seconds...


What did the shrink say?

Uncle Ronald thinks

I haven't adjusted to the new flat yet.

He prescribed some pills for me.

I hope I'll sleep better tonight.

You're alone tonight again, right?

He's got too much work on his hands.

Only you'd fall for that.

Alice, I've been with him for so long.

I've accepted our kind of relationship.

Forget it. I don't wanna talk about it.

OK, talk when you're really in trouble.

Kitty cat!

You're so cute...

Another nightmare?

It's OK.

Stay with me for a few more nights?

You knew from the very beginning.

I can't spend every night with you.

I have a family.

I'm not asking you to get a divorce.

I just want some more time with you.

I need you, Alan.

Iris' family funded my company.

I'm under a lot of pressure at work

and you're getting on my case?

I don't know how to handle you anymore.

You're mentally unstable.

I'm sorry.

I can't believe I chose a man like you.

"Remember what today is?

Your first show was 5 years ago today.”

"How did you remember that?”

"The audience response was terrible.

You cried backstage afterwards.”

"But it's OK.You're a great singer now!"

"Thank you!

You'd been by my side all along.”

"I don't wanna see you get hurt again.”

"I want to stay by your side..."

Miss Koo, last night at 3AM,

Alan Dee fell from your balcony.

Where were you at the time?

I took a stroll by the harbor.

Was anyone with you?

I was in a foul mood,

so I wanted to be alone.

What was your relationship with him?

He's my manager.

A producer at my record label.

You were colleagues,

so he was at your home?

What happened to you at the time?

Am I a suspect?

No, not at all.

Your building's CCTV

and security guard confirmed

that between 2AM and 6AM,

you weren't seen within your building.

This way.



Miss Koo.

My condolences.

Who's she?

She lives across the hall.

Wait, Anna!

Jo... JoJo Bear...

What bear? Anna!

He's not JoJo Bear?

Are you OK?

Stay with me for a few days.

I'll pack some clothes for you later

and take some days off to stay with you.

Do you remember...

our first live gig?

You bawled your eyes out.

I sat with you backstage for 3 hours.

It's OK,

everything will pass in no time.

All these years,

you're the only one who stuck by me.

Do you know...

whenever you get in trouble,

I get worried and heartbroken?

I'm sorry...

Alan's death was so sudden.

I don't know how to get over it...

Why is he the only one you love?

I can take care of you, too!

What are you doing?

Yoyi, listen to me.

I won't let anyone hurt you again.

JoJo Bear...

Alan was never serious about you.

Why did you do that?

Yoyi, we're great together.

Why did you do that?!

- We're great together!
- Why did you do that?!

Yoyi! Yoyi!

"Yoyi, we're finally alone now.

I fear to show up after the renovation.”

"The renovation”

Fai, do you have the keys?

Thanks, Fai.

"But now [ feel relieved...”

"I've been by your side all this time."

"Take care. Try stewed pears!”


"Why don't I go see you now?"

"Please don't!"

Deep breaths! Deep breaths!

It's just a dream!

You're fine! It's OK!

Deep breaths, breathe in, breathe out.

Good... Good... You're OK.

You're OK now.

He can't come back for you again.

Yeah... it'll be OK.

It's impossible.

Hi everyone,

it's Wilson Yeung again!

Speaking of investment, I'm the expert!

But investment requires talent,

vision and guts.

Nothing less!

Your future is up to you and you alone.

People always wonder

Wilson, how do you...

SO many ways to make money.

The answer lies in here.

The money out there is infinite.

What matters is how you make them.

There are many paths in life

and plenty to see.

Whether you're doing it right or not,

you'll reach the finish line in the end.

Success or failure?

First place or last?

The choice is up to you.

That's why you haven't

- ...exited this feed.
- It's you!

Oh, hello.

The Gate to Wealth?

- Yup.
- I follow your channel.

- This is a live stream.
- your tips are useful.



It's OK. I'll go to your shop later, OK?


- Yup.
- Let's chat later.

My shop is 310, on the 3/F.

No problem.

Thanks, cutie!

What a place.

Pretty girls

and so much to buy.

Isn't that swell?



Pardon me.

I'm in the elevator but we're still on.

Pardon me. Sorry.

Sorry, just captured something odd.

Yeah, right.

I hear the mall's haunted.

Don't be paranoid.

This mall isn't haunted. It's booming!

Look over there.

Salmons stream against the current,

but they end up in your stomachs.

Look at these shops!

This mall is lit!


So adorable!

The economy is worse than during SARS.

No one knew history would repeat itself,

but property prices won't drop again.

Let me repeat this:

I know the pandemic is troubling,

but what is the most important?

As the saying goes:

No opportunity without crisis;

no rebirth without death.

Rich people don't get rich by idling.

Look at this shop.

It's very timely, isn't it?

Look at what it's selling.

Let's go take a look.


What the...!

Sorry about that.

I was cleaning up.

I'd like to know,

why are you selling such a scary mask?

Scary sells!

[t does?

- Yup!
- How much is it?


Say that again?


What a bargain!

Resilience under adversity.

Clever girl!

To revive a ghost town, find a gimmick.

Look at her. Even during this pandemic,

face masks can be personalized.

Heroes are products of circumstances!

See this?

Shoppers? There are plenty here.

Covering most age groups, too.

The shops sell just about everything.

Look at the big screen there.

Live soccer matches and horse races!

Great place, right?

A shop with just 5% annual interest?

I wouldn't have believed it

unless I saw it for myself!

The ball's in your court now.

Where am I? Let me show you.

One Place. Your Place.

Lead Mall.

You gotta come here!

This place is packed with people.

I can barely move!


be here or be square?

It's up to you.

Team leader!

Yes, sir.

What is it?

What was that?

Is this hell?

Am I in an infinite cycle of suffering?

They're treating it like a catwalk show!

You almost ruined my video!


Go screw yourself!

Bunch of dumb asses!

Be professional!

Grab your outfits! Get back in position!

Are you done shooting upstairs?

Here's your pay...

Call us for the next shoot!

Sure, I'll give you guys a call.

- Thank you.
- OK, bye.

All this for some dumb video.

If it wasn't for the rent waiver,

I would've said no!

Occupancy on 1/F and 2/F is only at 30%.

Now they want people to rent the 3/F?

Welcome to...

..."Wonder Quest."

"Remember the Fortune Fire"

14 years ago?

It left over 100 people injured.

Fortune Mall has now been rebuilt.

The décor is brand-new,

but rumors of the paranormal

have put tenants in a tough spot.

Stay tuned and I'll show you!

- Thanks!
- Count us in the next event.

Do you know what today is?

Why am I here?

Hey, where are your clothes?

Put them in the paper bag.

- OK.
- Thank you.

Wilson's here...

Hi, guys!

You're really here.

Your improv there caught me off-guard.

You know,

without my skills, I would've been lost!

You said you studied acting?

The Acting Academy?

That wasn't me. It was her.

She's Rain from the 2/F.

- Oh, the cutie girl from downstairs!
- Hello.

Yes, we just met.

You're Miss Tarot Card?

Call me Angela.

Angela.. Hello.

Gimme your number for future events.

I'll call you for future events

Sure, just a sec.

What's wrong, Wilson?

What did you just see?

Say, Angela, this mall of yours...

It's haunted.

How'd you know?


I'll get your number later.

I want my money back, you lowlife!

- I want my money!
- What money?

Don't invest if you can't afford it!

Don't trust him. His tips are shit!

He's a cheat!

You're nuts!

I asked you to invest, not to speculate!

Serve you right for speculating blindly!

You goddamn scum!


This lowlife's a goddamn scammer!

Wilson from "Gate to Wealth"!

You recognize me?

You really are a fan!

I can recognize you

even if you're dead!

Really? Then I'd better turn dead!

Put on a mask!

It's dangerous, OK

Wilson, remember the tragedy years ago?

A cigarette butt sparked a huge fire!

I want my money!

Pay up, scumbag!

I don't know what you're talking about.

The perp still hasn't been arrested!

I really have to go!

Wilson! Wilson!

Saw a girl with a gas mask upstairs?

They're all upstairs! See for yourself!

Tell us more, Wilson!


As you can see,

even top influencer Wilson's here.

That means I got the right tip.

I came here to ambush him.

More importantly,

I'm here...

to uncover...

the truth...

behind the tragedy of...

Fortune Mall.

This newly rebuilt mall

is rumored to be haunted.

Ten minutes ago,

this place was packed.

And now? Look.

Nobody here, not even a security guard.

Someone's behind you!

"Someone's behind you!"

What the hell?

- "Not this way!"
- These shops...

They're all vacant.


Where's your manager?

Gate to Wealth? I have a complaint...

Hello? I can't... hear you...

(The fire was at Fortune Mall in Kwun Tong.)

(It started at 9:20 this morning.)

(According to the neighbourhood)

(the restaurant caught)

(fire first and spreaded to the whole building.)

(Man power has been strengthened...)

- (to fight the fire.)
- It's been so long,

why still talk about it...

(Supports are given from nearby fire stations.)

Excuse me, Mr. Yeung.

You can't smoke here.

Use the restroom.

You can take a few puffs there.

Where's your manager?

Ask your boss to pay me at my car later.

I'll be there

after a smoke.

By the way,

Who invited other influencers here?

That's very disrespectful to me.

Only my manager can answer that.

He didn't tell me anything.

Then find him, man.

You expect me to wait here?

- Hurry up!
- You're right.

I'll call him.

Mr. Yeung...

Bathrooms are on the 2/F.

I can't hold it in my hand?

"The Gate to Wealth's Victims Alliance"

Who's there?

What's wrong? Why are you so scared?

A ghost!


Do you hear that?

That means the Fortune Fire was manmade.

Can you guess who did it?

"I don't need you if I know."

I play an important role tonight!

"Female bathroom on the 2/F."

"Should be here.”

I'm in the bathroom now.

Can you all see this?

- "Was it a ghost?"
- There's been a murder!

Was it a ghost?

"Be careful!"

Looks like she's alive.

She seems to be alive.

"Looks like she's alive."

She's lost a lot of blood.

I have to call the cops.

"It's more exciting if you investigate!”

You're right.

"Someone's behind you!"


"Everyone's gone!”

"It's really haunted!"

Wilson Yeung,

you made me lose so much money.

I'm going to kill you!

Did you all hear that?

A plot twist!

"Leave, you can't fight him!"

Another influencer?

"Don't trust him!"

An influencer did this to me.

"Is he fake?"

"Maybe he is the killer!"”

What influencer?




That makes us friends.

Our common enemy's upstairs.

"Don't trust him!"

Don't come down.

I'm from Occult Society's

- "Leave now!"
- Wonder Quest show.

I watch your live streams.

"Don't leave, I am still watching.”

Wilson made you lose money.

He ruined my life, too.

I'll stop my stream, OK?

"Don't leave! Keep filming!"

I follow your channel...

Eight minutes ago






Can you hurry up?

I really have to go!

I'm not done. Take the next stall!

How about you? Please...

I can't hurry!

Hello, Miss.

I'm sorry, but I really have to go.

Don't mind me.

What's with the scary mask?

Why won't you say anything?




I'm live again.

Look at this.

"Someone's tied up.”

What is that?

Anyone can see that's a guard!

3 live streams at the same time? Cool!

A ghost!

What's wrong? Why are you so scared?


Do you hear that?

[t means the Fortune Fire was manmade.

Can you guess who did it?

"Hurry up! Go investigate!”

I play an important role tonight!

Another guard?!


Who are you?

The security guard?

I'll kill you!

You cost us so much cash!

Hey! I don't know you!

What is this?

I'm one of your many victims!


The culprit, Wilson Yeung,

is now in our custody!

How should we deal with him?

Let us know in the chat!

Kill him!

Chop him up!

Are you live?

You're not the only man who live streams!

I lost so much money!

He's mine!

Don't be selfish, let's kill him together!


"Female bathroom on the 2/F."

"Should be here.”

I'm in the bathroom now.


There's been a murder!

Investment comes with risk!

Look! He was trying to kill me!

[t was self-defense!

I'm not guilty.

All of you saw it.

You're my witnesses!

She's lost a lot of blood.

I have to call the cops.

"It's more exciting if you investigate!”

You're right.

"Someone's behind you!"


"Hey! Not this way!"

"Told you it's not this way!"

You... from the bathroom.

Are you human or ghost?

I'm neither ghost nor human.

I told you,

investments come with risks!

You wouldn't give me a cut if you win,

but you expect me to pay when you lose?!

The world would be out of order!

How many lives have you ruined?

Why didn't you turn yourself in?

What are you talking about?

14 years ago today.

October 14, 2006.

All of Hong Kong remembers it.

The Fortune Fire!

I got burned while saving my sister

and became a monster!

What's it got to do with me?

My sister and I saw you

toss a cigarette butt

on the floor!

The fire!

You caused it!

You got the wrong man.

I'd never forget your face!



There's a fire!

Are you sure?!

You can't make up accusations like that!

Over 50 people died.

Over 70 people suffered burns.

My parents died in the fire.


Sis! Where are you?

Sis! Sis!

Mommy! Daddy! Mommy!


Don't make up nonsense.

That restaurant was full!

Maybe you got the wrong man.

How dare you?

My sister almost died from her burns

after saving my life!

Your sister?

Where's your proof?

Don't, sis!

We're here to get justice!


Apologize on camera!

Why apologize?

- Kill him!
- "An apology is too easy for him."

- Apologize.
- "It's no use to call the cops / No proof..."

It's pretty exciting

Hey. You're shoving a camera in my face,

forcing me to apologize.

Let's say...

I really did toss that cigarette.

Back then, I'd just get a fine

of a few thousand bucks.

This is different.

You two are committing

premeditated murder here.

"Hit the bastard!"

- Death is too easy for you.
- "Kill the bastard!"

Do you know how my sister suffered?

For 14 years,

she couldn't make friends.

She lost her childhood

and her life!

No, sis!

You said you wouldn't kill him!

Don't light me up!

You're really gonna kill me?

Don't do that!

You got a bright future, young ladies.

Don't do it!

Delete the video.

We'll go our separate ways.

Then we're cool, all right?

This is where you die!

I'll kill you!

No, you'll have to pay with your life!

He should be punished for murder!

Look! Do you have any proof?

I'm different.

I have proof.

You're live streaming a murder!

Don't do it.


We'll both die

at the new Fortune Mall!

This is...

the new Fortune Mall?

That's right.


You got it.

You want to film?

Film me.

I, Wilson Yeung,

am telling you all that

I'm innocent!

Sis, I'll get him!

What do you want?!

Look at my face!

Here's your proof!

All right, all right!

I get it! I do!

What are you pouring?!

How come the door is locked?

Are you trying to die?!

I'm pouring gasoline!

You don't have to die!

You want justice? Fine!

I admit to everything.

I was wrong!

Look, I'll quit smoking.

I'm quitting...

How's that?

My life is over!

That's not true!

Shut up!

What do you want from me?

Hey! No! Don't do it!




All right, I'll drive...

I'm sorry! I'm so sorry.

Don't go!

Don't go!


Don't do this, lady.

Go back to your sister!

No! No!

No! No!




Oh shit...

Whoa, missy,

what's with the getup?

You must be drop dead gorgeous!

I'm so sorry! Please stop.

I didn't mean to steal your boyfriend.

He told me he was single!


He's all alone in hell.

Go keep him company!

I'm sorry... I'm sorry.

Whatever you say, its too late!

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

My baby's innocent.

Please don't.

No! No!


I didn't do anything wrong.

It's you two who were wrong!

Your baby's found the wrong mother!

I got it.

“In times of fear.”

She brutally

plunges the blade

into her love rival's stomach.

She vows to Kill this child of sin

in her mother's womb."


Hello, Lucky? It's Ginny.

Are you on the 4/F?


I was asleep all day. What's up?

I was going out for a bite.

I saw...

I saw someone on the 1/F.

Who did you see?

I don't know what it is.

What do you mean?

I don't know if it's human.

Are you serious?


I think... I dropped my wallet there.

It's no big deal.

Are you still at home?


I'll pick it up for you.

Wait for me at home.

Thank you.


Did you see

anything weird downstairs just now?

I checked all the floors,

from the 1st to the 5th.

I didn't see a thing.

Except for this.


You're welcome.

Chasing a deadline?

Yeah, it has to be posted tomorrow.

I got a headache from writing all day,

so I needed a stroll.

Let's go, then.

Right now?

Don't scare yourself.

You must be so immersed in your writing

that you're starting to see things.

You internet novelists

don't live a stable schedule?

True. That's why I moved here

to focus on writing.

Have you seen anything strange here?

Nothing paranormal,

just some junkies shooting up here.

I can walk you down the stairs

if you're alone next time.

I've known you for a month,

but I don't know what you do.

I teach wing chun, so I can...

Don't freak out!

I thought you said the coast was clear.

It was clear...

at the time!

Don't be scared. Get back.

What are you gonna do?

I'll check it out.

Step back!

Must be Uncle Lenny on the 3/F.

I'll kick the bastard's ass!


Lucky? It's Uncle Lenny on the 3/F.

Did you see something on the 1/F?


It's not your doing?

Hell no.

Both Sorceress on the 2/F and I saw it!

We're in deep shit.

Don't freak out!

Don't freak out!

Don't freak out!

All of you saw it.

I wasn't delusional.

Maybe the estate guys try to scare us

because they couldn't reclaim our building?

I'll call the cops.

No way!

If word of this gets out,

the building's value will plummet.

Here, a cross will scare ghosts away.

We're the only ones left here?

I'm in flat 2B.

I think flat 2A across the way is empty.

I'm in 3B.

3A's been empty for ages.

I'm in 5B.

I'm the only one on my floor.

I'm in 4A.

There's no one in 4B.

But I've heard noises

from 4B before.

Maybe it's their doing.

Let's just go.


We all live in this building.


we all saw a strange figure

on the 1/F.

We were discussing it.

And we want to get your input.

Haven't seen it.

That's spooky.

What did you see?

The guy was surrounded by a dark aura.

That's spooky.

Very spooky.

We shouldn't touch this.

Where're you going, Sorceress?

Water ghosts are too formidable.

We can't mess with them!

I recognize him.

He's the famous ex-gangster, Frank Ho.

No wonder Sorceress mentioned dark aura.

I've read many rumors about him online.

Once, he was ambushed by enemies.

But the moment he picked up his chopper,

he was invincible.

I think I heard it before.

I've heard of another case

where he was accused of drowning someone

and got charged with murder.

But he's released for lack of evidence.


It happened in 2017.

"Frank Ho acquitted in the
black male drowning case”

He's been laying low for 4 years.

Could he be related to that "thing"?


Bloody hands! He must be cursed.

He may get us cursed, too.

Sorceress is back.

I saw

the thing you were talking about.

In the name of the Lord...

In the name of the Lord...

In the name of the Lord...

You saw it on the 1/F,

but I saw it just above the 2/F.

That means...

it can move.

What do you want to do?

We leave,

or we get rid of it.

I'll call Sorceress.

I'll go down and look...

No... wait...

Whoever leaves, dies.

This is a warning from that "thing."

According to Sorceress,

water ghosts are formidable.

I think that "thing"

was dripping water.

What does that mean?

"Frank Ho acquitted...”

Could it be...


Plenty of people have drowned.

It doesn't have to be him.

I'm not saying that it's a ghost

coming here for revenge...

We don't mean that.

You're afraid of a dead guy?

So you'll go take care of it?

Forget it.

It's hard not to be scared.

I'm not scared.

I need to prepare.


It's been over an hour.

It's so quiet out there.

Do you think he took care of it?

Mr. Ho,

are you ready?

Mr. Ho?

Mr. Ho, are you okay?

Mr. Ho!

Mr. Ho!

Mr. Ho!

Stay behind me.

Once I take care of it,

run out of the building.

Hey! What are you doing there?

Stop messing around over there.

Maybe it can't hear you from this far?

Hey, I'm talking to you!

I think it's occupied.

Let's leave it alone.

We'll talk upstairs.

It's a person,

not a ghost.

No breath or pulse.

What does that mean?

Is this your drowning victim?

It was a he.

That's a relief.

But it's a dead person.

What are you doing?!

Calling the cops.


Even if it isn't a ghost,

the building is worthless

if this gets out.

Then what do we do?

She doesn't have to die here.

What do you mean?

You know more about

dumping bodies.


You want her to die elsewhere.

This building belongs to us all.

I won't leave you in the lurch.

We're all in the same boat.

Did you guys wonder

how a corpse

could move up the building?

I suspect she was carried over.

What a dick move.

Aren't we doing the same thing now?

Hush! You want to tell the world?

I've lived here for 20 years.

There's no one around. Don't worry.


What's the matter?


You've forgotten me already?

You raided my joint before!

I hear you've been out of the game.

Your wings are clipped, right?

Sorry, I can't talk right now.

Let's go.

What are you busy with, huh?

A big-time boss like you

is a mover now?

Are you insane?!

You should've called me.

I'm a generous man.

I remember you only raided my joint.

You didn't kick my ass.

You know,

I'm in charge of many joints in TST now.

I'll let you take over one of my...

...toilet stalls.

How about that?! Happy?

It's a huge payday, isn't it?

Let's go.

You ain't going nowhere!

Frank's at work.

If you get in his way,

you'll end up like her.

With her,

he didn't even have to fight.

A shove with his palm,

like so...

Then we're on clean-up duty.

Sorry, Frank,

I'm being drunk and silly.

I'm sorry! I'll leave right now!

- Let's go!
- Hurry up!

Let's go.

Be careful...

I didn't think you'd be so ballsy.

I didn't think so, either.

You weren't afraid of him?

I wasn't... because you were with us.

You should be afraid of me.

People say I'm a murderer.

Is it true?

What do you think?

I think...

you don't look like one.


But what goes around comes around.

Some things follow you for life.

When things get hairy,

it's easy to lose your cool.

I once wrote this in a novel:

"In times of fear,

you can see everyone more clearly."



It's back.

It's standing there all soaked.

Go inside!

Go inside first!

I really saw it!

It's back!


If the ghost possessed a dead body,

then there's no point

in moving it.

It'll still come back for revenge.

Why's it here for me?

I didn't kill him!

Frank, why are you more scared than we?

We're laymen,

but you're a murderer!

I'm going home.

Wait up...

I want to go home!

I didn't kill anyone!

I'm a good guy!

Don't believe the rumors!

Let me leave...

No you cannot!


you got all the talismans.

Why are you so scared?

Because I'm freaking terrified, man!

So the rumors are all bullshit?


They had nothing to do with me!

Well, I believe your side of the story.

Did you warn Ginny?

It's fine.

You're abandoning her? Go tell her...

There's no need for it!

There's no need...

Be honest.

Are you hiding something?

Does this woman

"A Pregnant Woman Found Dead"”

look like that "thing"?

Who is that?

It's a love crime from last year.

Some girl's cheating boyfriend

got another girl pregnant.

The girl killed her boyfriend,

then killed the mistress

and her baby

and tossed the body in the sea.

She was acquitted for lack of evidence.

This is that suspect.

Isn't that Ginny?

The "thing” isn't here for me.

It's here for Ginny.


Hello? Uncle Lenny?


I heard water dripping outside my door.

So I came out to take a look.

Did you see anything?

Uncle Lenny! Uncle Lenny!

What happened? Go check it out!

Butt out or it'll get us!

Let the women sort it out themselves.

"What is life and death..."


If she's leaving us alone,

just pretend we don't see anything.

Did someone just knock?


Are you sure?

You didn't hear that? Someone knocked.

That's a knock!

You hear that?

I didn't hear a thing.

Come on!

You didn't see a thing,

and now you don't hear a thing?


She called your name.


She called for you!

Come in.

Didn't you say you'd call before coming?

Your line was busy.

Are you for real?

What is this? Who is she?

Hi, Mr. Ho.

Tell him already.

I can't stand it.

He's about to ruin everything.

All right, I'll tell him.

Sorry, Mr. Ho,

I'm Flora, a journalist.

We're doing a feature on a love crime.

Lucky and other residents told us

the suspect was hiding here.

She hired someone as the dead girlfriend

to get Ginny to incriminate herself.

So all this was a setup?


They saw us. You may get up now.

Don't freak out!

Don't freak out!

Let's go.

Sorry about all this, but don't worry,

Sorceress is safe and sound.

And Uncle Lenny?

He had a fall just now

because the floor was too slippery.

But he's home now.

Why didn't you tell me?

You came out of nowhere,

and we didn't know if you knew Ginny.

So we kept you in the dark.

How much are you getting paid?

The money doesn't matter.

We wanted to do something.

We can't let a killer escape scot-free.

Are you sure

you'll catch Ginny?

She's written this line in her novel.

It says,

"In times of fear,

you can see everyone more clearly."

What about the "thing"?

She's back in position.

To capture Ginny's fear,

we've installed multiple cameras.

One of them is on the actor

who plays the "thing."

Aren't we in flat 4A?

"In times of fear,

you can see everyone more clearly.”