Tales from the Hood 3 (2020) - full transcript

As William, a lumbering man in his 50s, and Brooklyn, a six-year-old child, try to outrun an unseen evil, Brooklyn decides to tell William four moralistic but deeply horrific stories to ...

Are we there?


It's gonna be okay,

but we got to go.

- 'Kay?
- Okay.

Alright. Come on.

- Look! I can see it over there.
- Yeah.

Do you see
the bad things?


No, I think we can
rest here for a minute.

What do they
look like up close?

The bad things?

They're just, uh...



Can you tell me a story?

No, we have to be real quiet.

But when I'm scared,
Mommy tells me a story.

Well, your mommy knows
all the stories.

I don't know
any good stories.

Can I tell you a story?

- But I'm scared. I'm really scared.
- Okay, okay, okay.

But you have
to whisper. Okay?

- Like this?
- Yeah.


like... that.


Once upon a time,
there was a...

What do you want?

Look, man, I just need to talk
to you, you know, for a second.

I already told you, you call my
lawyer you got something to say.

Just hear me out for a minute,
and I'll leave you alone.

I promise.


You got five minutes.

Take a look at this.

Why are you
showing me this?

Be... Well, 'cause this is
what you're holding up.

A new medical complex that
this area desperately needs.

Since when do you
care about the neighborhood?

You know, I heard a rumor

that this whole
medical building thing

is just a hoax
to get people to move.

That you're really planning on building
more condos with much higher rent.

Everybody else took my generous
offer and... and moved.

Your family's
the last ones here.

Okay, I shouldn't
do this, but, um...

I'll up it ten grand if you
get out by the end of the week.

I can't do that.

My son is halfway through

and the doctor says it's important
that he has no extra stress.

Moving is stressful.

I'm not gonna risk my son's
health for anything or anybody.

So, you keep your money.

- We will leave when Ethan is well...
- Stop bouncing that damn ball!

Ethan, you keep bouncing that ball, son.

You get the fuck
outta my place now.

It's not your place.

It is right now.

So, get out!

I am not gonna tell you again.


That's my boy.
That's my boy.

Hey, Joe. Uh, what's up?

I'll tell you what's up.

I need to clear escrow on this damn building
in two weeks or my financing falls through.

You told me there'd be
no problems,

and now I hear there's a family
that you haven't been able to evict.

Uh, just a, you know, tiny snag.

You know, some, uh,
some judge's mom was, you know,

probably frightened
by... by a landlord.



listen, man,
they got a sick kid. Okay?

They claim they can't move until their
little brat finishes chemotherapy.

When you sold me this building,
you said it was all free and clear.

If you screw me up...

...I'll have my lawyer sue you for fraud

and send you
to the fucking poorhouse.

Yeah. Uh, yeah, man.

I... I got it.

No... no... no biggie.


Jesus, Mickey.

Got you that time, huh?

Come on inside, man.
Come on.

Haven't seen you in a while,
man. You need another job?

- Have you been taking your medication?
- Which one?

That stuff
fucks with my head, dude.

I like to be clear.

Anyway, um, I need
to ask your advice.

Fire away.

I got some people I need to get
out of one of my buildings.

I mean, like, yesterday.

Hey, David.
How the Bears been doin'?

Hey, man! Stop trippin' out and
concentrate on what I'm saying!

How do you start a fire that, you know,
that won't kill anybody or... or anything,

- but do enough damage to make 'em go?
- I can do that if you want!

Like that building I torched on Eighty-third
so you could collect the insurance.

Yeah, that... that went smoothly.

Maybe we can
work something out.

Which building
and which apartment?

Ruby Gates.

Third floor, east corner,
apartment 313.

That dump?

That's easy.

That place is already
a fire trap.

All you gotta do

is start a big grease fire
in the kitchen.

When they hear the fire alarm,

they got lots of time
to get out the rear exit

before the fire can
even get close to 'em.

Hey, man, how you, um,

how you know all that stuff?

You weren't thinking about
torching one of my buildings?

I think about
a lot of things.

Same price as
the Eighty-third Street job?


I didn't have to sneak past
anybody on that one.


I'll show up with the money
after I hear the job is done.


LeBron dribbles across the key,

he cuts between defenders,

goes to the hole...

- Slam dunk!
- And the crowd goes wild!

- Whoo! Yeah!
- Yeah! Yeah!

Time to
hit the hay, Mr. MVP.

You need your rest.

Joey told me that

people with tumors die.

Will I die?

Of course not.

We have the best doctors around.

We're gonna cure you.

You are gonna live
to be an old man

just like your daddy.

That's pretty old.

Tell me about it.




Who the fuck is this?

Um... s... sorry, detective.


Is... is something wrong?

Ma'am, could you
please stay right behind that line?

- Hey, um, officer...
- Sorry, no. It's restricted.

I'm David Burr.
I'm the owner of the building.

You got it. Go in.

Mr. Burr. Detective Powers.

Um, what happened?

Fire up in apartment 313.

- Was anybody hurt?
- No! No!

My husband and my son!

Where are they?

No, no!


Ethan! No!

No, no, no!

Oh, God!
Please, no, no!


h... how'd this happen?

Looks like a grease fire.
We're not sure how it started.

Why didn't they try to,
you know, to take the fire exit?

Looks like they tried.

As far as we can tell,
smoke alarm failed.

By the time they realized
the place was on fire,

smoke was probably

And then when they tried
to break the window,

sudden rush of oxygen
created a fireball.

Um, well, the mother's
still alive.

They think
she's gonna make it?

Don't know.

She burnt real bad.

Excuse me.


reached the Bradford residence.

We're not available right now

because you burned us alive.

David. Didn't expect you
till later. Come on.

Figured you...
you'd want your money.

Oh, no rush. I trust ya.

Hey, let's celebrate, man.

That family's out
of Ruby Gates, right?

They sure are.

I got a malt liquor in here
with your name on it.

You don't watch the news,
do you?

Hell, no.

Don't you know? When you watch
people on TV, they watch you back.

It's creepy.


People are dead, Mickey.

Now, I'm an accomplice
to a murder.

If the cops haul you in,
what you gonna say?

Nothing, man.

I wouldn't tell 'em nothing.

- Bullshit.
- Ah!


You and me have gotta be the
two luckiest men alive today.

Escrow on the Ruby Gates
building just closed,

and we made
a big-ass ton of cash.

That's, uh...

Tha... that's great.

Yeah. I'm going
on this, uh, cruise,

on this boat out of Thailand
they call "The Love Boat."

International waters.

You can come with me,
if you like.

Uh, that sounds...
that sounds fun,

but, um... I got some, um, some paperwork
I... I... I gotta do around here.

Suit yourself.

Don't spend it all
in one place.

This is ICU.

Um, hey, um, is there
a... a patient there

by the name of,
uh, Staci Bradford?

Are you a relative?

Yeah. Um, I'm... I'm her cousin.

I just wanted to see, uh,
how she was... how she was doin'.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Bradford passed
away about 20 minutes ago.

Her brother is here.
Do you want to speak with him?


Who is this?

Who the fuck is this?


You wanna play, huh?

Let's play, then.

Alright, I'm here.

All right.

It's Staci Bradford's brother,
isn't it?

Hey, listen, man, why don't you
stop playing fucking games, right?

Come on out here and face me like a man.
Stop being a little bitch.


Okay. Alright.

How about we have
a civilized conversation,

you know, and come to some
sort of agreement, man?

Fuck this.

Oh, shit.

Mom! Dad!

Oh, shit.

Pick me up,
pick me up, pick me up.

Pick me up, pick me up,
pick me up.

Pick me up,
pick me up, pick me up.



I see I got tricked.

Gonna take more than that,
you maladjusted motherfuckers.

Oh, shit.

Alright, I see there's more
of you clowns up in this bitch.

No problem.
I got bullets for all y'all.

More of y'all to shoot.

Oh, shit!


You need to stop messing with me
before you get hurt!

Go open up a... a haunted
attraction or something!





Your momma
told you that?

No, we saw it
on the news.

Aw, you shouldn't
be watching the news.

Mommy lets me.

Yeah, well, I'm gonna have to
talk to her about that. Okay?




you're too young.

Are we gonna be okay?

- Are the bad things still here?
- I don't think so.


Is that them?
Are they the bad things?

No, I can't see them.

You know, the bad things,
they... they know how to hide.

They know how to make
themselves look normal.

Evil has a way of looking really
nice and shiny on the outside,

on the surface,
when it has to.

That's why we're gonna
go that way. Okay?

I'll tell you what.

You can tell a story,

but you gotta whisper, okay?

You gotta use
your quiet voice.


Okay, this one's


So, once upon a time...

What you looking at?

You think I won't?

I will!

I most pertinently will!

Greetings, patriots,
this is Denton Wilbury

reporting from
bunker 5-Alpha-8.

I am still here
and still engaged.

For those who have managed to sneak
me in food and other pro-ventions,

I am truly grateful.

The fact that you've been able
to get them to me on the regular

is just proof as to
the utter un-competency

of those in charge
and running this damn country.

Given time,

I know there'll be
enough of us to unite

and reclaim our greatness
once and for all.

It is never too late to return to what
we once were, a country of values,

based on a con-stu-pation as
told by a white god to white men,

where Second Amendment
con-spit-a-rors, black monkey hoodlums,

illegal beaners, ragheads,

and L-G-B-Q-T-U-R-X-W-Y-Z,

weirdos and sinners were rightfully
unwelcome in the land of the free

and the home of the brave.

For 30 long years, they've been
trying to move me off my land.

"Ignorant Domain", my ass.

Hell, this land is my land.

Only thing ignorant on this land
is me and my guns.

So, I shall continue to resist the notion
of surrendering this post, friends.

I will not give in to a government
that wants to take my guns

or take a white man's rights and give
them to a bunch of murderous infidels.

Aw, they had badges
and bullhorns,

troopers and sharpshooters,
Commies and coons.

Oh, they came for me, they did.

They even built
some wall around me.

Believe that? They couldn't
build the wall we needed.

The one in-vasioned by this
country's last truly great leader.

When he was elected to power,
he had more people at his incarceration

than any president ever.

If you don't believe me, you can
read about it in the mystery books.

Educate yourself
on the mystery of white America.

So, you can see what is real,
and avoid all fake Jews.

Yet, they had the gumption
to build one around me,

as if I'm the problem.
As if I'm the threat.

Don't matter none, I'm dug in,
and I will remain dug in,

protecting this bunker
until my final breath,

if that is what it takes
to reignite the evolution!

Oh, shit. They're at it.

Please, don't...

refrain from any antagonizing behavior.

That's right. That's right.
Refried! Refried!

I see you.

Trying to wear me down
with precursor grenades,

make me go crazy from the sound.

How many years
wasting your time?

Wasting tax payer dollars!

I'm too mentally challenged
for you to break me.

I said stop.

We are not here
to antagonize the man.

Yeah, I don't need
to be aggrandized.

You don't wanna aggrandize me.

You damn Commie fools.

I can see gorillas at the gates.

Damn. Traitor.

I know of you, missy. I been a victim
of your lack of ethnic whore-ality.

Your debate-ment of your
in-herni-ent superiority.

I could give you
a taste of this.

That'd get you
back on track.

It's not a bad idea.


Brothers, is it
a lonely mission?

At times.

At times I want companionship.

Company of a good white woman
who knows what and who she is,

one that doesn't sleep
or parade about with monkeys

like one traitorous whore
I know.

So, fuck that bitch
I once loved,

Patricia and
her monkey-loving madness.

In fact, she's not a bitch,
she's a witch.

That's a white bitch.

I took out the "B" and added a
"W", come up with "witch".

Clever, I know,
but I'm not talking about her.

I need me a white woman
that is true blue.

Yes, I do yearn
for female companionship.

Thirty years is a long time
to be alone,

even if I do have
a queer-em of inferior harlots

to attend my... kernel desires.

In fact, there's only one thing a female
of any race other than white are good for.

That's to get down on her
haunches, hindquarters raised,

to be of proper service for my Uncle
Sam when he's standing at ascension.


Come here, baby.


You like that, huh?

You like that?

You know you're here to serve
this white master?

- Hm? Yeah.
- That's enough.

- That's enough.
- Oh, enough for who?

Not enough for me,
Takwandaneesha Washington!

You feel that white power
between your legs, huh?

To any y'all listening
in, that's the sound of monkey poon!

Monkey poon!

♪ Monkey poon, monkey poon ♪

♪ Coming soon
in monkey poon ♪

Go ahead, fire away!

I'm firing in here
on all syllables!

Time to pick fruit,
you border-crossing ho!

Have some ass taco!



Now, don't worry, I'll save
some white seed for y'all.

Chinky-Lou, I'm gonna let you
chop this stick.

And Ass-ama, I'm gonna run
a Jihad on that janky ass.

And for you, Jesus-killer,
gonna break that hymen, Hymie.

But right now,
I'm the mayonnaise

on a... in a Black
and beaner sammich.


You nappy-haired harlot!

Oh, you think it's funny making me slam
my Uncle Sam into concrete wall, huh?

Oh, for Christ's sakes.

I'm sorry.

Will you forgive me?

I'm sorry I laid down alongside
those inhuman harlots...

in front of you.

But it was only
to show them their place.

Not to de-fiend you, my queen.

You are my godless.

My pure, white,

delicious... godless.

Oh, ah, yes.

Oh. Oh, Jesus.

Sugar dumpling, I done hurt you.

I... I can fix it.

I'll make it all better.

Promise. Promise.

Just wait.


Okay, it's gonna be better, it's
gonna be better, it's gonna be better.

To any of my supporters out there
that sometimes sneak me food,

I'd really appreciate, well...

...a nice, new poster
of a fine white woman.

Uh, given my druthers,

one that's draped
in red, white, and blue,

and parched up on a big,
monkey-maiming, spic-smooshing,

camel jockey jacking,
Jew-killing, white missile.

Also, if possible,

a... couple of new dolls

for my queer-em.
A black one and a brown one.

Seems I've about given the ones here
all their subhuman asses can handle,

so if you could arrange that, then you
will have my humble thanks and gravi-tide.

Well, time's late.
Gonna go out, fill the canteen,

take one last look at the dirty
diaper-spora of ethnic scum

they got keeping an internal
watch on your humble servant,

then come back in
and lock down for the night.

'Til tomorrow, this is
Denton Wilbury,


ain't taking my guns,
second amended-ment supporting,

illegal alias hating,

L-G-B-Q-R-S and the rest of them
goddamn letters despise-ering,

God-fearing, true American
signing off.

Goddamn it!

Alrighty, then.

Bang, bang, bang!

Bang, bang, bang!
Bang, bang, bang!

Come on, buddy,
let's go, let's go.

Bang, bang, bang, bang,
bang, bang, bang, bang!

That was it!

The final straw.

You can call that the straw
that broke the mammal's back!

So, what?

Y'all want a piece of me?

Come get some.

I'll shoot your black asses.

I sure as hell will!

You wanna try me, any of ya?

Bring it on, infant-tells!

Bring it the fuck on!

I thought we got all those
real bullets out of there.

- Ugh, I'm gonna hear about this.
- Is he dead?

Yeah, is he dead?


Don't bang
on the force field.

Yeah, Jimmy.
It disturbs the animals.

You think
they're all extinct?

No, I think the Mississippi Zoo
might still have one.

Hey, do we have time to go see
the misogynist exhibit?

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Oh, well, the zoo doesn't close
for another 20 minutes.

So, if we hurry, okay?
Let's go.

I can't wait! I hope
it's as cool as the last one.

So, where did that
tall tale come from?

What's a tall tale?

It's a story
that isn't real.

It happened.
Mom told me.

But will she be okay?

Yeah. Yeah,
she's gonna be fine.

Because you never come to pick me up.
It's always Mom.

Yeah, well, this time
she called me,

and she asked me
to come get you.

All those monsters and stuff.

But she's gonna be okay.

And look here,
we're gonna be fine too.

We just got to get
to our spot,

and she's gonna
meet us there.

Those demons, they're scary.


You said that's
what's chasing us.

No, I said "monsters".

Mom takes me to church.
They talk about demons.

You don't come to church.
That's why you can't see them.

You never go to church.
Mommy goes every Sunday.

Yeah, well, your mother
is a saint.

I'm more of a, uh...

work in progress.

- Alright, we gotta rendezvous.
- What's "rendezvous"?

Rendezvous, that's where
we're gonna meet your mother.

Carry me again?
On your back this time.

Come on, but you're heavy
for your size.

On the way, can I
tell another story?

Well, since you're
right by my ear,

I guess I don't
have any choice.

Once upon a time....

- ♪ I'm feeling kinda drunk ♪
- ♪ Drunk ♪

- ♪ Feeling dumb ♪
- ♪' Dumb ♪

- ♪ Right now ♪
- ♪ Right now, right now ♪

♪ Need your touch
Need your love ♪

♪ Wanna fuck
Make me cum now ♪

♪ Right now, right now ♪

♪ You say you wanna have
a wonderful time ♪

♪ I'll give you climax
if you're up for the climb ♪

♪ I'll make your last bitch feel like nothing
if you wanna fall in love with the dime ♪

♪ Can't be a pussy
if you're fucking with mine ♪

- ♪ I'm feeling kinda drunk ♪
- ♪ So drunk ♪

- ♪ Feeling dumb right now ♪
- ♪ So drunk, so drunk ♪

♪ Need your touch
Need your touch ♪

- ♪ Right now ♪
- ♪ Need your ♪

♪ Feeling kind of drunk ♪

♪ Feeling dumb... ♪

Bitch, you lost your
motherfucking mind?


What the hell?!
Okay, put me down!

- I can walk!
- Supposed to be singing backup! Back the fuck up!

Thank you.

- Hey, hold on.
- What?

You wanna yell
at me too?

Nah, I don't work
for E-Lips.

I was just sitting in
on the session.

Then why don't you
go back in there?

Because I'm interested
in finding talent.

And you have more in your little finger
than E-Lips has in her whole damn body.

Thank you.

But that is what just
got me fired, so...

Just... Will you come talk to me for a second?

God, why did I do that?

I always self-destruct,
and I needed that job, too.

No, you don't.

Backup singing is just dimming your light.

She fired you because she knows
her voice can't compete with yours.

True. But tell that to my landlord
'cause he don't give a fuck.

What you need is to be seen
by the right people.

You need a manager.

And are you a manager?

Aspiring. Look,
give me a few months.

And if I can't make it happen,
then dump me.

- What you got to lose?
- A roof over my head.

A way to pay my bills.

You want me to go on?

What's your name?

Chela Simpson.

Chela Simpson,
my name is Park.

You say you need a job?

I think I can
get you one.

I run errands for
this rich, old lady

who lives in this
sweet-ass mansion.

She's looking to find
a paid companion.

So, what do you think?


Nice place.

I told you
she has major bank.

She was so beautiful.

Let's go meet her.
She's right in here.

Is that her?

Miss Benoit,
this is my friend, Chela.

It's a pleasure
to meet you, Miss Benoit.

Of course it is.

Please, have a seat.

Aren't you a pretty thing?

And as you can see,

I love being surrounded
by pretty things,

including Park.

Back in my prime,

I would have seduced you both.

Probably at the same time.

You're flushing, my dear.

Well, you'll have to
get used to my frankness.

Why have filters at my age?

Yes, ma'am. Of course.


Park, will you go
pick up my blood?

No problem, Miss Benoit.

I'll be right back.


did you just tell him
to pick up blood?

The indignities of old age.

Yes, I... I'm anemic,

and I need transfusions,

and I hate hospitals,

so I have them here.

Oh. Right.

But don't wait too long
to lay with him.

I can smell the chemistry

between the both of you.

So, how you getting along
with Miss Benoit?

Oh, my God. I'm about
to lose my fucking mind.

- That's what.
- How come?

Because all we do
all day, every day,

is watch this old-ass video
of her doing Carmen.

She never gets tired of it.

And it's like torture
because I fucking hate opera.

Especially, when I have
to watch the same one

over and over and over
and over again.

Are you bored?

No. No, ma'am.
Of course not.

I mean...
you had such a beautiful voice.

I was just wondering if you

maybe had, uh,

any other tapes?

You don't understand.

This was my one
and only public performance.


In 1958, it was unheard of

for a colored girl
to star in an opera.

But I was allowed to be hired
as the third understudy.

The two girls ahead of me
came down with a flu.

They were sick as dogs.

It was Saturday night,
and they were desperate.

So, I went on.

And I had this man...

Uh, well, I can't remember his name.
Anyway, he was in love with me,

and he had a motion camera.

I got him to film it.

And as you can see...

- Uh...
- Oh...

I was...


Miss Benoit, you...

Oh, dear.

Oh, you thought I couldn't walk.

Oh, no, it's just that
my knees hurt me so much,

so much of the time,
that I have... I ju... Ooh.

I just don't even bother.

I was so good

that the theater owner
wanted to make me his star.

And then came
the damn uproar.

Folks enraged because they
let that nigger play Carmen.

Demanded their
ticket money back.


That's really messed up.

I even got fired
as an understudy,

and I never had another
opportunity after that.

Time just passed me by.

Oh, people despise old

almost as much
as they do black.

I know what it's like not to be
able to do what you love.

I, um, I never told you this,
but I'm a singer, too.

Oh! You are? Opera?

No, ma'am. Just pop, R&B.

I write my own stuff, too.

Well, please.

Let me hear you, dear. Please.

Yes, yes, yes!

Okay. Okay, okay, okay.

- Stand up. Yes.
- Okay.

♪ 'Cause I'm up now ♪

♪ And you need
the constant control ♪

♪ But I feel down ♪

♪ And you need
the constant control ♪

You have
a serviceable instrument.

And with proper training,

you might develop
into a real singer.

You fucking bitch!


Fuck you!

I am a real singer.


Oh, my dear.

I have hurt your feelings,
haven't I? Oh, I...

That was not my intention.

Listen, I want you to go
into my bedroom upstairs.

On the corner table,
you'll see a jewelry box.

Please go, bring it to me.

Go. I'm so sorry, dear.

Oh, my God.

All right.

Now, this was given to me
long ago by an admirer.

It's from Austria.

And I want you to have it.

Thank you, Miss Benoit.

It really is beautiful.

Oh, you're welcome, dear. Oh.

Are you okay?

I'm feeling a little exhausted.

I need a transfusion.

Please go to the refrigerator
and get me a bag of blood.

Don't you need, like, a nurse

- to come in and do all of that?
- Oh, no, no, no, no. Look.

I have a permanent catheter,

and it's... it's very easy.

I'll show you.


chela: And then, she had me hang the
bag up and attach the tube to her arm.

Look, what's wrong, baby?

You can't be that frosted
over the transfusion?

I sang for her today.

And then she told me
that I wasn't a real singer.

Oh, she's a crazy
old lady, Chela.

You can't let her get to you.

When she said that thing about me
not being a real singer, I saw red.

I want to kill that bitch.

Do you want to?

Do I want to what?

Do you want to kill her?

Because that's a way
to make a lot of money.

Alright, Miss Benoit's got a ton of cash...

...jewels, and other
valuable shit up in the house.

She doesn't like banks.
She's got no family.

We could clean the place out
and nobody would be the wiser.

You can't be serious.

With that kind of cash,
we could buy a studio.

Pay big producers,
take you right up to the top.

Chela, are you ready
to record now?


What's wrong?

You'll never be a singer, girl.



- Oh, shit.
- Baby, what's wrong?

Oh, my God, that was awful.

Holy fuck, that was terrible.

It's okay. It's okay,
you just had a nightmare.


Do you really think
we could do it?

Get away with
killing her?

Yeah, I d... I do.

Then let's do it.

Let's kill her.

Okay, so explain this to me again.
How is this supposed to kill her?

Okay, I'm a universal donor,

which means I can
give blood to anyone.

But you're type B.

Miss Benoit's type O.

If we put type B in her,

then her antibodies
will attack her own blood.

She'll get sick and die.

It's like poisoning her.

Everybody'll think
she died of anemia.

You dig?

The next time I pick up
the blood for Miss Benoit,

I'll mix some
of your blood into it.

Spread it out over a week,
so it builds up slowly.

Yeah, is that... is that enough?
I'm starting to get woozy.

Yeah. Yeah, that... that's plenty.

Okay, Chela,
I'm doing this tomorrow.

If you wanna change your mind...

now's the time.


I'm good.

Let's take the old bag out.

Are you okay, Miss Benoit?

I've been feeling...

badly on and off
for the past few days.

It must be the flu.

Oh, no.

You know what? I'm gonna go
get you a glass of water.

- Chela?
- Yes, ma'am?




I want to thank you.

You are a gift.

Come on, Miss Benoit,

you're freaking me out.
Don't talk like that.

You're gonna be just fine.


I am sure that you are right.

You know what? You're really
not looking good.

I'm gonna go call Park.

Oh, my God!

The crazy ass old bitch is
D-E-A-D. Dead!

- And we are rich...
- Bitch!




Ah, ah, ah!

Miss Benoit?

What's happening?

Can you hear me?

Park? Park!

Park! Park!


Park! What? Park!

What? Park!


Wait! What?


No! Park!

Park! Park!


Miss Benoit's room?

How did I get here?



Where is he?

Oh, God, I feel like
everything hurts.

What is happening?

What is happening? What is happening?
What is happening?

Oh, no, no, no.

Oh, no.

Park! Park!

Come and help me!

E... everything hurts!

Chela? Is that you?

- What is wrong with me? What happened to me?
- Calm down, Chela.

- Oh, my God, you don't know. You gotta help me.
- Calm down, Chela.

Calm down, okay?

Please help me. Help me.

- Please.
- I'll help you.

We've been lovers for many
decades, Marie and I.

Who do you think it was
that shot that film of her?

I was the first to steal a body,
but Marie, she was very patient.

She waited until
I could find her the...

perfect instrument.

Goodbye, Chela.

Yes, thanks for coming.

Alright, next.

Chee-la Simpson?

Go ahead.

Are we almost there?

Well, we can certainly
get there a lot faster

if we were to take this.

I don't like it.

You do wanna go and see
your mommy, don't you?

Then we get on.

Here we go.


- Once upon a time...
- No!

The stories you tell don't
need no "once upon a time".

Okay, how about "It was the best of
times, it was the worst of times"?

Where did you learn that?

Mommy reads to me.

"It was the age of wisdom
and the age of foolishness,

the epoch of belief
and incredulity.

The season of light
and the season of darkness.

We were all going
direct to heaven,

or maybe we were all going
direct the other way..."


Give me that.

Sadly, there's been
another attack

by the "punch and run bandit"

that has left an 80-year-old
grandmother in a coma.

Today's brutal incident was once
again caught on surveillance cameras.

The woman is walking
from a nearby pharmacy

when a man in a black hoodie
comes up from behind her

and delivers
a devastating sucker punch.

The assailant then repeatedly kicks
the woman until she flips over.

'Cause that inconsiderate bitch
was lyin' on top her damn purse,

and then had the nerve to have nothing
but 15 bucks and a dumb-ass granny phone.

This follows a series of other
attacks recently caught on camera.

A 15-year-old girl, sucker punched
on her way home from school.

The father of a newborn child
on his way home from work.

The most recent victim's
daughter had this to say.

I don't know if the police will catch
whoever did this to my grandmother,

but mark my words, karma will!

Whoever you are,

you will feel the pain of the people
you hurt, and their loved ones.

You will walk a mile
in your victim's shoes. Trust.

Trust my ass, bitch.

He appears to be
African-American, six feet tall,

and always has his hood up,
the color always black.

No, this is definitely
not a booty call.

'Cause, legally it's only a booty call
when there's an exchange of booty.

So, in the eyes of the law,
this is just an "Are you still up" call.


No, my mama said I should've
been a lawyer, too.

Okay, okay.
Keep your panties on.

You know I like
to work for it a little.

Okay, yeah, I'll see you in 20.

Broke-ass motherfucker.

You don't deserve no ass.


These some fly-ass kicks.

Demon Kix, huh?

No wonder your ass broke.

Some fool gonna pay
good ends for these.

Man, hell no,
I ain't keepin' 'em, brother.

No, these were
some limited editions.

I can get paid for these joints.

They do fit a playa
hella nice though.

What's that?

Oh, yeah, man, come on through.

Nah, I'll go downstairs,
get us a quick six pack and some chicken.


Yeah, a'ight. Later.


Wouldn't mind walking a mile
in these joints.

Won't hurt to wear them
for a little bit.

Shit's like walking
in a goddamn Lamborghini.

Shit, what's up, baby girl?

Oh, you like these kicks, huh?

You ain't gonna find anything like
this anywhere else in the city, baby girl.

Catch my flow?

No. But I can see it.

What the fuck?

Hope they're waterproof.

What the hell?

The fuck?

Oh, shit!



Goddamn it.

Dude, what's wrong with you?

I shit my fucking pants.

Ugh, so I smell! God!

Bro, what came up inside your body,
laid eggs and died so you smell like this?

Yo, Big Mike, man,
just shut the fuck up, man.

Pretty sure I'm about to call you Big Stinky
right now, man. Get in the place, man, let's go.

Dude, what got you sick?

You think it was the chicken?

No, man, I never
touched that shit.

Thank God.

Man, you gotta be
fucking kidding me, bro!

I don't know the last time I
seen a grown man shit his pants.

What the...

- What the fuck, man? Come on!
- What's up?

I can't take
these goddamn shoes off.

Man, you probably too weak
from the food poisoning or whatever.

That shit will
take a nigger out.

How the fuck I'm supposed
to take my pants off

if I can't take off
these damn shoes?

You gotta help me pull these off, man.

My black ass ain't going nowhere
near your sick ass.

I'm sorry, but I ain't
trying to smell your shit

while I'm trying to eat.

Go on. Close the door.

You ain't no kind
of friend, nigga.

No, I'm the type of friend that don't
get involved in another man's shit.




You took a shower in your pants?

Man, I couldn't pull these damn
shoes off, so I pulled 'em down.

It's lucky I jacked that beautician
bitch last week and got this.

Man, I got to say,
despite your stupid shit,

pun most definitely intended,

those kicks look good as new.

Yeah, nigger.
Still worth a fortune.

If you ever
get them bad boys off.

I'm-a get these bad boys off,
nigger. Even if I...

Oh, shit.

You feel that?
It's cold in here.


It... it's, like, 90 degrees.

Man, I'm freezing.

Look, dude, ain't no telling
what you might have.

Now, what you need to do is get your
black ass to a clinic or a hospital.

Basically, anywhere
a thousand miles away from me.

Alright, well,
at least give me a ride.

My car been broke for,
like, a week.

I'm serious!

And, look, I would call 911,

but the cops come in here and
see all this stolen shit...

and your ass going
straight to lockup.

Oh, man, got to get my ass
to a fucking ER.

Shit got me hallucinating.

What the fu...?

Ooh, a statue. Boo!

- Hey, he's pretty good.
- Tip him and let's go.

- Oh, his breath stinks!
- Yeah.

Nice kicks, but paying
for expensive shoes

can be murder.

Hey, buddy?

This is Officer Danski.

I've got a man down
in the concourse.

You will walk a mile in your victim's shoes. Trust.



Victim's shoes.

You will feel the pain of the people you hurt.

You will walk a mile
in your victim's shoes. Trust.

Hey. Hey, doc.

Percy Woodhouse.

We've been waiting.

And waiting
and waiting.


Who the hell is that?


You're that crazy bitch
from the TV.

You expect me to believe
that voodoo shit is real?

You're running from something,
so you tell me how real it is.

When I invoked a curse for you to
walk a mile in your victim's shoes,

I had no idea you would
make it, oh, so literal.

You did what?

A proper curse will never
give pain to the conjurer.

You look confused.

Let me explain.

Your last victim.

Not only did you knock him out,
you killed him.

- And so now, you get to live his death.
- I what?

You are experiencing all the physical
ailments of the man you killed.

- Bullshit!
- Really?

Let's go over the facts.

After you put on the shoes,
did you feel...

...a chill?

That's the specter of death.

You probably pissed
and shit yourself.

That's what dead bodies
tend to do after death,

once the muscles relax.

The stiffness you felt,

temporary rigor mortis.

The pain in your stomach...

...and that disgusting smell
surrounding you

is from bacteria and gas
in your gut as it liquifies.

As bad as all that sounds,

here's your real problem.

You now have all the symptoms of
death, except you are not dead.

What the hell do you mean?

What's all this
crazy shit I'm seeing?

You're seeing chaperones.

Angels and demons shuttling
deceased souls to heaven,

hell, their final destination.

Your demons are trying
to drag you into hell,

but they can't...

...because you are both
living and dead.

Trapped between life
and afterlife.

What? Are you trying to say this crazy shit...
This... this "me walking around like a corpse"

- can happen for the rest of my life?
- Your life is over!

This is your eternity.

You trying to tell me I'm dead?

Like, dead-dead?

Son. Sadly, you must either
finish your death

and go to hell,

or continue being attacked
by demons

forever and beyond.

Of the two,
hell is the better option.

But you've got
to break the curse.

Give this poor fool
the rune!

Find the body
of the man you killed.

Next to it, beg for forgiveness.

That is your rune.

And that is your only hope.

You may want to try the morgue.

What does this guy want?

Just give me a minute.

Phil? My anniversary? Tonight.

- What're you doing? I'm trying...
- I gotta go talk to that dead body, man.

I'm trying to die and go to hell before I...
I decompose to the point where I can't.

This shit ain't medical man!
It's spiritual!

I gotta go talk to him!

I gotta...

No! Stop! Stop it! Don't!

Stop! Don't!

That's one of my favorites.


We meet Mommy here?

Yeah. We meet Mommy here.

This place smells dead.

Where is she?

She'll be here.

What's that?

It's a camera.

I want you to stay...
stay right there.

This is weird.

We gotta use this
to make it super safe.

Here you go.

There it is.



I don't think you really
know my mom.

What're you talking about?
She called me

and told me to pick you up
at school,

that I had to protect you
from the bad things.

The bad things
are already here.

- Real close.
- Uh-huh.

Do you know why
I'm so heavy for my size?

I think it's because
I'm not human.

I think it's because
I'm something else.

- What? Your crazy mama tell you that?
- No.

I've always known that.

The bad things are coming.



That's why...

I want you to...

bend down and stay low.


Like hide and seek?

Yeah. Just like a game.

We're going to have fun?


We're gonna have so much fun.

You can only kill them once.

Do you recognize them?

They remember you.

They've been right here
where you buried them,

waiting for all the fun
you promised them.

Please! Stop!


Don't you enjoy
hearing their pain?

The screams they didn't
get to make

when they discovered
who the real monster was?


I'm sorry.

Forgive me.


Please. I can take you
to your mommy.

You don't know my mommy.

But you will know me.

William, thief of innocence,

murderer of dreams,
administrator of nightmares.

Welcome to hell, motherfucker.

He always gets the good ones.

But I... I get you.

It hurts.

Can I tell you a story?