Tales from Earthsea (2006) - full transcript

Something bizarre has come over the land. The kingdom is deteriorating. People are beginning to act strange... What's even more strange is that people are beginning to see dragons, which shouldn't enter the world of humans. Due to all these bizarre events, Ged, a wandering wizard, is investigating the cause. During his journey, he meets Prince Arren, a young distraught teenage boy. While Arren may look like a shy young teen, he has a severe dark side, which grants him strength, hatred, ruthlessness and has no mercy, especially when it comes to protecting Teru. For the witch Kumo this is a perfect opportunity. She can use the boy's "fears" against the very one who would help him, Ged.

Only in silence the word,
only in dark the light,

only in dying life:

bright the hawk's flight on the empty sky.

- The Creation of Éa

Ease the sail!

It's blowing too hard!

Curse it! A storm this time of year?
Where's my Weatherworker?

What are you waiting for?
Calm the waves before we sink!

What's wrong?

Captain... I can't remember them.

I can't remember the True Names
of wind and waves.

What? Are you mad?


There's something above the clouds!


What is that?

A dragon!
What is it doing here?

There's another one!

Dragons fighting? That's impossible!

More than 2,000 sheep
have taken the fever in Enlad alone.

Half of them have died.

Seven hundred cattle
have been infected.

We've lost 50 head so far.

In fact, a baby on Taon
has also come down with the fever.


If we panic,
what will become of the People?

Seal off the affected areas.

Send every healer
in the kingdom to find a cure.

Send provisions
to those who need them.

Wizard Root!
Find out what's behind this.

Your Majesty.

And the drought
in the provinces?

We sent Weatherworkers
but the results were disappointing.

Soon it may be too late
for the spring planting.

Why have these misfortunes
befallen us, Root?

I sense the Light dimming,
Your Majesty.

The Light?

The Light of the Balance
that sustains the world.

Your Majesty!

What now?

Terrible news!

Dragons have been sighted
off the coast!

- Dragons?
- Two, Majesty. One was killed.

Dragons here, in the East?
Can this really be true?

Long ago, dragons
and men were one.

But men who coveted possessions
chose the land and the sea.

Dragons who wanted freedom,
chose wind and fire.

Since then, dragons and men
remained apart.

To hear that dragons have been seen,
and were even fighting...

The twilight that threatens
us is ever deepening.

Bring the captain to me.
I would hear more of this.

Root, I want you there too.

Please... Your Majesty!

- We'll get in trouble!
- I have to!

- What is it?
- Have you seen Prince Arren?

He's been gone since last night.

Prince Arren? Gone?

That's enough.

His Majesty is occupied.

Surely you can see that.

Forgive me.

It's just... he seems so sad lately.
We were worried.

That's absurd!
Arren is 17, not a child.

Forgive this disturbance, Your Majesty.

Your people are more important.

- Very well, then.
- Your Majesty.

I must tend
to my correspondence.

We await your command, sire.

I'm imagining things.


So you are my death...

Are you hurt?

Steady there, lad!

Is this what you seek?

This is dangerous country
for travelers.

You were lucky this time.
You must be hungry.

It's not much,
but you're welcome to it.

What is your name, lad?

My name is Arren.

Arren, is it?
It means sword, doesn't it?

So you hail from Enlad.

How did you know?

That blade
was forged with magic.

I doubt you could unsheathe it.

What is it?

It's nothing.


If you have nowhere to go,
why not come with me?

I doubt our meeting here
was an accident.

And I'd welcome
a companion on the road.

Arren! Are you coming?

What should I call you?

Call me Sparrowhawk.

Another abandoned farm.
Farmers leaving their land...

There's more to this
than poor harvests.

Come, Arren.
We'd better push on.

Lord Sparrowhawk?

Sparrowhawk will do.
What is it?


Where are we heading?

First, we go to the next town.
But after that...

...even I don't know.

- Getting tired?
- No.

Come along.
We're almost there.

There it is.

Hort Town.

Are they prisoners?

They are slaves.

Here, people are goods
to buy and sell.

Trading in human lives!

Two guineas, gentlemen!
Do I hear two guineas?

I have two guineas!

Three! Sold to the gentleman
for three guineas!

No, sorry!
Couldn't possibly find room!

Gauzes from Sowl!
Silks from Lorbanery!

Furs and felts and woolens!

Is this a market day?

No. It's like this year round.

Silks and satins!
Canvass and fleecefells!

What can I show you?

This is Lorbanery's finest silk!

Fine as a mayfly's wing!

I don't have a wife.
I need a cloak for my friend.

Wizards! No girlfriend, eh?

- But I don't need a cloak.
- You can't go about like that.

You should hide
that thing on your belt.

What about this?

Fleece from Gont.
Highest quality.

Four warp strings.
This is Andradean work.

On Gont they use six or more.

You used to be a sorceress.
Why are you selling fakes?

People don't believe
in foolish tricks any more.

My goods are
not what I claim.

But at least they're real...

...not mere lies and air
like magic and sorcery!


Thank you!


Unhand me!

Calm yourself, young master.

I have something for you.
It's the door to bliss.

What is it?

Hazia, my lord. Ha-zi-a.

Take one.
Leave sorrow and fear behind.

No more sorrow or fear...

You'll never be troubled
with the pain of this world again.

You needn't pay me.
It's my pleasure.


What are you doing?

Is this your friend, my lord?

And what about you?
Don't wizards have troubles too?

I'm sorry. I have no use
for what you're selling.

Save us from the arrogance
of sorcerers!

I suppose you've lost
your powers too!

Hazia is not something
to toy with, Arren. Look!

The hazia eater feels
himself in paradise.

Then the spirit leaves the body
and wanders aimlessly in darkness.

When it returns? More hazia.
And finally, death.

What's the matter?

Feeling better?

The wind is fresh up here.

Something's wrong with this town.

Not only this town, lad.

Farmers' crops wither.
Their sheep and cattle are falling sick.

Even people's minds
have lost their way.

Is it some sort of pestilence?

No. A pestilence
is how the Balance restores itself.

But this? I fear someone
is trying to destroy the Balance.

There's only one creature
in Earthsea capable of such evil.

Only one.

Well then.
Shall we go back to the inn?

I'd like to rest a little longer.

Very well.

I'll be waiting.
Keep your wits about you.

I will.

Slave takers?

A witch, are you?

And an ugly one at that!

Won't fetch much with that face.

Just a few guineas.
But we can still have a little fun.

Oww! My finger!

The witch has spirit!

I'm going to enjoy this.

Who's there?

Step forward and show yourself!

Well, well.

What are you
doing here, boy?

Go ahead. Take him!

No hard feelings, boy.
Just following the boss's orders.

I'll make it quick.

Or maybe you'd like to be a slave?

Beg for your life!

Changed your mind?

Life is nothing to me.

So you want a fight, eh?

Draw your sword!

All right, kid. Now it's my turn.

Uh oh.

Hold on there son.
You don't care about the girl?

Do it.

If you want her so much,
here she is!

Come on men!
Let's go!

Are you...




A bird...

So! We meet again, boy.

Take him!

He'll fetch a good price.
Don't be too rough.

Take him away!

Just an old piece of junk.
Couldn't give it away!

Give it up, it's no use.


Or I'll feed you to the hounds!

Come on!

Get moving!

What's going on?

I don't know.
Move, you lazy animals!

Confound it! What's wrong?


Let's go, Arren.

Can you stand?

What about the others?

I left none bound.
Now it's up to them.

How did you know
where to find me?

When you didn't come,
I scoured Hort Town.

Finally, someone told me
a young man was taken by slavers.

I had to make
a spell of finding.

I am sorry, I was foolish.

No, it was my fault.

I should've been more careful.

I'm sorry.

Who's there?

It's me, Sparrowhawk.


Someone's been hurt.

I'm sorry. It's late.

It's been a long time, Ged.

He's asleep.

I'm sorry.
I'm afraid you've lost your bed.

It's his now.
Here, this will warm you.


You haven't changed.

You're keeping well, Tenar?

I suppose.
It hasn't always been easy.

And you?

Do you still wander?

That was good.

It has been a long time.

Yes, it has.

As Archmage, I have no time...

...to wander as I once did.

And what brings the Archmage
so far from home?

Evil tidings come
from every corner of Earthsea.

Things are out of balance...

...as if the sun's light
were ebbing.

Is the Art Magic ebbing too?

Yes. As if our very blood
were flowing from our veins.

So you search for the answer?


Oh dear, we woke you up.

Come, child. Don't worry.
This man is an old friend of mine.

This is Therru.
She's been with me five years.

Call me Sparrowhawk.
I'm sorry I woke you.


Well, you should be honored.
Therru never speaks to strangers.

What is it?

Could she really be...?

Lord Cob.


Forgive my intrusion.
I beg leave to speak.

What is it?

I'm afraid some
of our slaves escaped.

I see. You let
my precious merchandise go.

No. We've captured most of them.


What about the others?

We're scouring the countryside.
We'll find them.

You're a fool.

Do you think
I can't manage without you?

It was a wizard!
A wizard with a scar on his face!


A scar on his face?

It's Sparrowhawk.
The Archmage pays me a visit.

Find him for me,
Hare... or else.

I won't fail you, my lord.

I've waited long
for this day... Sparrowhawk.

Tenar! I brought the water in!

Where is she?

Tenar? Are you still asleep?


Are you sick?

Who was that?

It's that girl!

That must've been a surprise.
I'm sorry dear. I should've told you.

Don't worry. Arren is with me.

You have nothing to fear.

Sometimes his eyes are wild,
but he has a good heart.

Good morning.

Good morning.

I'm done eating!


Did you sleep well?
How do you feel?

I'm all right.

I didn't do anything to her.

Of course you didn't.
Come have breakfast.

Can't work if you don't eat.



Are you getting blisters?


Shall we rest a bit?

What a good smell.

- But...
- Yes, lad?

You're a wizard, aren't you?

Oh, I see.

You want to know why a wizard
toils in the field like a farmer?


Listen, Arren.

Everything under the sun
and stars depends on the Balance.

The wind and seas.
The power of earth and light.

All that these do is well
and rightly done within the Equilibrium.

But now, men hold
the power to control the world.

So Man must learn
to keep the Balance...

...and do what leaf and whale
and wind do of their own nature.

You know everything
has its True Name.

Magic is the power to command,
if you know a thing's True Name.

Use that power in ignorance
and the Balance is easily damaged.

Spells should be made
only of necessity.

You've been busy.

I suppose you two
deserve some lunch.

Are you feeling better, Arren?

Now eat hearty,
or you won't get your strength back.

What about the girl?

Oh, Therru?

One of the spring lambs is sick.

She's nursing it today.

Shall we change places?

No, I can manage.

- How did it go?
- That's it for today.

Dinner will be ready soon.
Better wash up.

- I'll put the ox in the stable.
- Thanks, lad.

There, you should be feeling better.
Now you need your mother's milk.

That's it.

Good girl.

What do you want?

Oh... nothing.

Why did you come here?

To hurt me?
To kill this little one?

You don't understand!
I was just...

Stay away! Get out of here!

I hate anyone who doesn't value life!

I'm sorry.

Step aside!

Let's eat.

It's so good having men
to help with the farm.

Even you two.

I'm no good with a plow,
but I do know animals.

You used to be a goatherd.

What's wrong, Arren?
Aren't you hungry?


What is this place?

Come, Arren. This way.


Come. Take my hand.


No! Leave me alone! Stop!


Arren! Wake up!


What's wrong?

A bad dream, I think.

A dream...

Spring is very short, you know.
I need all the help I can get.

I'm sorry, Tenar.
I have an errand that cannot wait.

I still can't rely on you.

Come now, Tenar.

Should you be taking Arren's horse?

He's better off without it.
Tell him I borrowed it.

Tenar. Keep a close eye
on him for me.

I promise.

I'll be back tonight!
And back at work tomorrow!

I certainly hope so.

Haven't seen him around here.

And that scar!

He must've come
from that woman's house.

She's a witch.
I don't like the looks of it.

Yes, she's an odd one.
And that little girl she keeps!

That child will bring
bad luck on us all.

No! Don't say that out loud!

Who was that?

He's not from around here.

He's a friend of ours.

He's helping us out.

Is that so?

Can I help you?

My child has a fever, ma'am.
I need that potion again.

All right. Just wait there.

Quit sticking to me!

I'm afraid!

Spare us from evil!

That's enough!

There. If the child's not better,
come see me again.

Thank you kindly, ma'am.

Actually, I was wondering...

Yes, I know.
Pay me when you can.

Thanks ma'am. You're very kind.

Hope she feels better!

I wish there were more
decent people in the world.

Therru never hurt anyone.

Well, at least the woman
looks after her own.

As for Therru, her parents
abused and abandoned her.

They burned her.
That's how she got that scar.

What a frightful child!

My goodness!
Did you see her eyes?

Please, have mercy!

No one will buy
an old woman!

Nothing to fear ladies.
Maybe you can even help me.

Seen any strangers around here?
Be much obliged for any help.

And I'll pay.

There's one at Tenar's farm!

And one with a scar
on his face!

Tenar? Who's that?

The witch! She lives
right up this road.

Thanks for the help, old hags!

Wait! Where are you going?

Stop! Liar!
You promised to pay!

There it is! That's it!

What's that?

What are you doing?

You're looking fit, boy.
Didn't think I'd find you here.

What are you doing here?

Now, now. I'm not here to fight.
Where's your wizard friend?

He's gone!
Sparrowhawk's not here.

You'd better not be hiding him.

Why should I?

You're no match for him.

Looks like she's telling the truth.
All right, we'll be back!

Till then!

Never come back, you swine!

Lord Cob will reward me for this!

So that's what happened.

Neither of you
said a word about it.

I think we fixed most of it.

Let's rebuild the fence.

Tenar? Have you known
Sparrowhawk for a long time?

Yes, I guess I have.
A long, long time.

He's always been a wanderer.

It's the life he chose.
He does it because he has to.

And finally he became Archmage,
the greatest of all wizards.

Head of the Great House of Roke?

Yes. But years before that,
he rescued me.

Rescued me, and
led me into the light.

One man, all alone.

He brought me out
of the Tombs of Atuan.


Don't get many wizards.
Looking for a weapon?

Show me that sword.

Can't recommend this one.

Very unusual workmanship,
so I bought it.

But it's rusted solid.
Can't be drawn.

You there, wizard!

Are you deaf?
I'm talking to you!

You said something, sir?

Is there something
stuck to my face?

Wrong wizard!

You! If you see a wizard
with a scar on his face...

...tell him Lord Cob
wants to see him!

Cob? Never heard that name
back where I come from.

You will, when he's Lord
of the Two Lands!

Don't forget it!

Yes sir.

I'll take the sword.
How much?

Wait a minute... your face!

What's wrong?

Nothing... I suppose.

Have you heard of
this wizard named Cob?

Careful! Keep your voice down.

Only wizard in these parts
who still has his powers.

Can't say he's loved
by people around here.

He lives in the fortress outside town.
Best keep away from there.

I never thought
I'd find you here, Cob.

You're good at farm work.
You hardly seem a beginner.

Thank you.

Won't you stay on
for a while and help?

Therru would like that too.


You don't have to decide now.
Think about it, all right?

All right.

Stable the ox for me.


I'm home!

Therru? Now where is she?

Arren! I can't find Therru.
Check the back pasture for me.

Tell her to come inside
before dark.

I will.



Yuuyami semaru kumo no ue

Far, far above the clouds against the setting sun

Itsumo ichiwa de tondeiru

A falcon flies alone soaring in the wind

Taka wa kitto kanashikarou

I hear his lonely cry, so sad must he be

Oto mo todaeta kaze no naka

Riding the silent wind a falcon flies alone

Sora wo tsukanda sono tsubasa

Reaching out with his wings grasps the empty sky

Yasumeru koto wa dekinakute

Riding the silent wind never can he rest

Kokoro wo nani ni tatoeyou

What it is within my heart none can ever know

Taka no youna kono kokoro

A heart like a falcon's is this very heart

Kokoro wo nani ni tatoeyou

What it is within my heart none can ever know

Lonely falcon in the empty sky

Sora wo mau yona samishisa wo

Hitokage taeta no no michi wo

I walk alone along deserted country roads

Watashi to tomo ni ayunderu

Walking with me side by side you are always there

Anata mo kitto samishikarou

I feel your loneliness, lonely you must be

Mushi no sasayaku kusahara wo

Crickets whispering in the grassy fields

Tomo ni michiyuku hito dakedo

You walk there by my side, you walk the path with me

Taete monoiu koto mo naku

But you never say a word, never do you speak

Kokoro wo nani ni tatoeyou

What it is within my heart none can ever know

Here inside this heart that walks its path alone

Hitori michiyuku kono kokoro

Kokoro wo nani ni tatoeyou

What it is within my heart none can ever know

Hitoribocchi no samishisa wo

The sadness of one who always is alone

I killed my father.

I stabbed him and ran away.

I don't understand it.
Why did I kill him?

Did he hurt you?

No. My father
was a great man.

I am nothing. I failed my father
and I fail myself.

And yet, I'm filled
with a rage I can't control.

It's as if there were
someone else inside me.

You saw it too, didn't you?

You were right.
I shouldn't be here.

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean...

No, you were right.

If I don't leave,
it will come again.

A woman?

She lives past the marshes.

And the Archmage is with her?

He was seen in the town.
There are many witnesses.


My lord.

Let's go, men!

A greeting from the Archmage.
Thank you, Sparrowhawk.

Therru! Arren!
Dinner is ready!

Where's Arren?

Isn't he with you?


Maybe he's resting.
Therru, go see if he's there.


He's not here.

That's strange.
Where's he gone?

I'll look outside.


Tenar, Therru... take care.

Doesn't matter
which way I go.

Looks like a dead end.

It's here!

I wonder if that's Arren?



That's odd.

What are you doing?

It's you! You're back!

So sorry, but it seems
you'll do in place of the wizard.


Tenar, what's wrong?

Run away!

What a surprise!

Fancy meeting you here, princess.

No! Leave her alone!


Well now princess,
where's your prince?

Hey! Watch those teeth!

I need you to deliver a message.
Tell this to the wizard!

If he wants his woman...

...he can find her
at Lord Cob's castle.

Take her away!



Let me go, I tell you!
Let me go!

Are you all right? Therru!

Stop it! Let her go!

You stay here and be good
till the wizard gets back!

Lord Cob's waiting.
Let's get moving!



I'm sorry. I'm afraid
he's coming with me.


Where am I?

You're safe now.
The Shadow can't follow you here.

You saw it?

I know a bit of Magic myself.

I know what
you're running from.

You were wise
to flee from that man.

What man?

That is, the Archmage.

Here, drink this.
It will soothe you.

What's wrong?
It's not poisoned.

Now lie still
and rest here for a bit.

The Archmage is more dangerous
than you can imagine.

No... Sparrowhawk is a good man.

He protected me.

Then tell me. Did you ever
wonder what he seeks?


He seeks eternal life.

Eternal life?

The Archmage stands
at the pinnacle of sorcery.

Only the secret of eternal life
lies beyond his grasp.

And yet, he covets it.

But as he covets, so does he fear
another will discover it first.

That would be unbearable
to one so proud as the Archmage.

What does that have
to do with me?

Because it is you
who have been chosen...

...to gain the secret
of eternal life.

That's why Sparrowhawk
follows you. To kill you.

To bring me death...

Arren, will you come with me?

I've already found it.

I found the door
between life and death.

Together we can open that door.

And together,
we will live forever.

We will conquer every form
of fear and suffering.

Fear and suffering...

Come with me, Arren.
The face of death is terrible!

I don't want to die.

Listen to me, Arren.
Tell me your True Name.

Then you will have that
which you most desire.

Come, give me your True Name.


Now I'm ready for you,

Where are you, Hawk?


What's wrong, Therru?

They came and took
Tenar away!

You have to go
to Cob's castle!

Where is Arren?

He left! He said it would
come again if he didn't go!


Don't worry, Therru.

I'm going to help Tenar.
Wait for my return.

Keep this sword.
Arren will need it.

Stay home, Therru!


Come on!

I'm not going anywhere!

Lord Cob.

We brought the woman.
Just as you ordered.

You've done well, Hare.

It was nothing, my lord.
My pleasure is to serve you.

Stand aside!

Why, you!

Are you the boss?

Why did you kidnap me?
Let me go right now!

So sorry for the rough treatment.

I have business with Sparrowhawk.

You're a wizard, aren't you!
You should be ashamed!

Go find him yourself!

He's an old friend of mine.

I'd like to invite him here.

And I'm the bait!
You're going to hurt him!

Women tax my patience.

Put her in the dungeon.

Do it!

Answer me!

If something happens to
Sparrowhawk, so help me!


This way!

Come, Lebannen.
I have something special for you.

Get in there!

Make yourself at home.
You'll see your wizard soon enough.

This place reminds me
of the Tombs.


Cob! Are you making
the same mistake again?

At ease!

Any sign of the wizard?

Not yet, sir.

Where is that confounded wizard?

Let's see...

There he is!
Take your positions!

Here he comes!

Don't let him escape! Now!

Hear me! Open the path!

Stop! Wait!

He tricked us!

Well? Don't just stand there!

Cob! It's Sparrowhawk.
I'm here!

Show yourself!

It's been a long time,

I've been waiting.

Cob of Havnor!
I left you at the border...

...of the land of death.

I hear you're the Archmage now.


I'm here, Cob.
Now release Tenar!

You're pitiful, Sparrowhawk.

The great Archmage,
smitten by a woman.

You used her to lure me here.
What do you want?

What do you think?

I haven't forgotten
how you dragged me...

...to the gates of the Dry Land.

But you've forgotten why!

You used
the Pelnish Lore...

...to toy with the spirits
of the living and the dead.

Isn't that enough to repent?

You taught me a splendid lesson
there at death's door.

Now I know I can
never accept extinction.

So I gathered every
ancient lore book I could find.

Alas, some of their owners
were not cooperative.

What evil are you planning, Cob?

I've done it, Sparrowhawk!

I've woven the greatest spell of all.

The door between life and death
has been closed...

...since the beginning of time.
But I will open it!

That is forbidden!
Don't you understand?

Those with power
must wield it with wisdom.

Would you destroy the Balance
that sustains the world?

What nonsense!

The Balance is long gone.

You know that
better than anyone.

The Balance was destroyed by Man.

You think you can limit
Man's desire? It's impossible!

I will live forever.

I will gain existence without end!

Cob! Without the cycle
of death and rebirth, there is no life!

I am above Nature!

Sparrowhawk! There's someone else
who wants to meet you.

Arren! What are you doing here?

Lebannen! This man would
deprive you of eternal life!

Arren! Did you reveal
your True Name?

I'm going to live forever!

I'm tired, Sparrowhawk.
Tired of living in fear.

Arren! Life without death is not life!

Refuse death, and
you refuse life as well!

Don't lie to me!

Listen to me, Arren.

No man nor any thing
in this world lives forever.

But only to us is it given
to know that we must die.

And that is a precious gift.

This life that is our torment
and our treasure does not endure.

It is a wave on the sea.

Would you force the sea
to grow still, to save one wave?

To save yourself?


Thought you made
a fool of me?

There's more than
one entrance to this castle!

What's happening?
I'm getting weak.

Coming here was another
of your blunders, Sparrowhawk.

Your powers are useless
in this place.

Hare! Put him in the
dungeon with the woman.

I'll finish them tomorrow...

...in the most painful
and humiliating way.

Yes, my lord.

On your feet, chickenhawk!


Sparrowhawk! Are you all right?

It'll all be over tomorrow.

Say your goodbyes
while you still have time!

Sparrowhawk! Sparrowhawk!


How did they do this?
You're the Archmage!

I'm sorry, Tenar.
I keep getting you into trouble.

Stop talking nonsense!

Which way should I go?


Arren! Wait!

Arren! Cob's men came
and took Tenar away!

Arren, your sword!
Sparrowhawk said to give it to you!

Follow you?

Tenar is a prisoner here.

Sparrowhawk too.

Even Sparrowhawk.

This is yours, isn't it?
Sparrowhawk brought it for you.

We've got to hurry.
They need our help!

I can go no further.
You must go alone.

Bring me that sword.

I know you can do it.

What do you mean?
You're right here.

I'm not here.

Cob is holding me
against my will.

Then who are you?

Stay away! Get back!

Don't come closer!

Arren's heart was always
full of fear.

The fear filled his heart
with darkness.

Fear of what?

The darkness stole his body
and ran away with it.

But it left something
important behind.

Wherever there is darkness,
there also you will find light.

Now the light
that was left behind...

...wanders alone,
like a shadow.

A shadow?

What you see now is just
a shadow chasing its body.


You are Arren, aren't you?

Don't worry.
I'll be with you.

I'll give you my True Name.

My True Name
is Lebannen... Lebannen.


It's him.

He should be ashamed
to call himself Archmage!

Remember who
he was up against.

No wizard in Earthsea
is a match for Lord Cob!

Well spoken!

By the way, what's our
little friend up to?

He shut himself in his room.

Arren's really here!

He's a lucky one, that boy.

It's just like Lord Cob
to steal the wizard's apprentice.

He's not much
use though, is he?

None at all.

When we're through with
the wizard, we'll sell the boy!

All right! Go get
Sparrowhawk and his woman.

The Archmage's time
has finally run out!

They're going to kill them.



What are you doing here?
Did they kidnap you too?

Here. This belongs to you.

I'm not worthy to hold
my father's sword.

Arren, they've got Tenar
and Sparrowhawk.

They're going to kill them.

Please! Help them
like you helped me!

I can't help anyone.

All I can do is fail.

What's wrong with you?

They'll die
if we don't do something!

They'll die!
We'll lose both of them!

We'll lose the most important
thing in the world.


What's the most important thing?

Life is the most important thing!

We'll all die someday.
What does it matter?

Why fight for life?
We know it's going to end anyway.

No! Life is precious because
we know we're going to die!

You're not afraid of death.
You're afraid of life!

You want to live forever,
then you say nothing matters.

It's the same thing!

You're afraid to live
the only life you have!


You think your life
belongs to you?

Tenar gave me life.
That's why I have to live...

...to give life to someone else.


That's the only way
we live forever.

Therru... how did you know
my True Name?

You told me yourself.

Now I'll tell you mine.
My True Name is...

Tehanu... it's Tehanu.


It'll be dawn soon.

Come on, Therru.
We've got to help them!

Arren, wait!

What is it?


It's Sparrowhawk and Tenar!

Come on!


I can't! It's too far!

Don't worry!
You can do it!

Let's go!


Time to say goodbye,

Your lover is going
on a journey.

Why don't you
send him off yourself?

Don't worry, Sparrowhawk.

This world will be
in good hands after you're gone.

What can I do, Sparrowhawk?


It's not over yet.
The sun will rise soon.

What do you mean?

Don't you hear it, Tenar?
Help is almost here.

That's enough time
for goodbyes.

Do it! Finish him!


Let them go!

It's you!

Arren! Therru!

Stay out of this, boy!

Don't show him any mercy!

Get back!

Take him!

Please don't hurt me!

I'm disappointed.

I thought you
and I had an understanding.

You don't control me any more.

Then you shall see
the face of death, Lebannen!

A summoning spell!


Stay back!

Now die!

Please! Let me draw it.

For Life!

That sword was
forged with magic!

He's an old man!

Disguised by sorcery.

Lord Cob!

You can't stop me.

I will never accept death.

Wizards shouldn't fear death!

You wretched girl!

I'm not like you!

I'm better than you.
Insignificant worms!

I studied the wisdom of the ages!

I wield power!
I am almighty!

Scorned as a fool by
the wizards of Roke.

Driven out like a dog!

But I'll have my revenge.
I will never die.

I'll be the supreme Archmage!



That little fool!

Hear me, stones.
I unbind you!


Let me go!

Does it hurt, girl?


Let her go!

Stay back!

Death is terrifying!

Don't do it!

So terrifying.


So terrifying... very terrifying...

Cob! You're just like me.

You turn away from light
and see only darkness!

No! Keep away!

You forgot that all life
is connected.

Life can't be hoarded,
it can only be given!

Deny death,
and you deny life!

No! You're wrong!

Face the truth, Cob!
Everyone fears death!

No! I don't want to die.




Therru... Arren...


Time to die!
Time to die!


And you will join him.

Let her go! Don't kill her!

All who oppose me must die!

She's dead, she's dead.
Poor thing.

Sun is rising.

Hurry... must hurry...



Eternal life!

Shadow, return to darkness!

Give me life!

I want life... life!


I want to live!


So you're safe too.

What about them?

They'll be fine.
They have wings.

Thank you... Therru.

I'm going back
to pay for my crime.

And to face myself.


Can I come to see you
again someday?

Come on.

We have to thank
Sparrowhawk and Tenar.

Sora no kodokuna taka yo

Oh lonely hawk, flying in the sky

Kaze ni aragainagara

Struggling against the wind

Soko ni aru no ha hikari to yami

All around you is light and darkness

A sky for only you

Hitori dake no sora

Sora wo miagete naita

I looked up at the sky and broke into tears

Hitori ikiteru kimi yo

Oh you, you who live alone,

Shinjitsu no na wo oshiete okure

Let me hear your True Name

Itsu no hi ka kiete shimau kimi yo

Oh you, you who will one day fade away

Hikari ga yami ni tokeru youni

As light dissolves into darkness

Kokoro no naka wo toorisugiru

Your song passes straight through my heart

Kimi no uta wo utau yo

I'll sing it... your song

The End

I looked up at the sky and broke into tears

Sora wo miagete naita


Hitori ikiteru kimi yo

Oh you, you who live alone,

Shinjitsu no na wo oshiete okure

Let me hear your True Name

Itsu no hi ka shinde shimau kimi yo

Oh you, you who will one day fade away

Hikari ga yami ni ukabu youni

As light floats upon darkness

Chinmoku no naka ni toorisugiru

Your song that passes straight through silence

Toki no uta wo utau yo

I'll sing it... the song of time

Umare kieteiku hakanai

Born to fade away

Inochi-tachi yo

Oh you, bearer of a fleeting life

Owari ga ari

But where there is an end

Hajimari ga aru yo

There is a beginning

Wasurenai de

Don’t ever forget

Sora no kodokuna taka yo

Oh lonely hawk, flying in the sky

Kaze ni aragainagara

Struggling against the wind

Sora wo miagete naita

I looked up at the sky and broke into tears

Kimi yo

Oh, you...