Tale of a Raindrop (2012) - full transcript

A lot has happened in
the last few days.

My best friend passed away.

A man told me he loves me.

I met my sister for the first time

and now she is gone.

Now I'm standing on a snowy beach.

I'm here to meet my father.

I will graduate from college next month
and start working for a broadcast company.

This is...

...a story...

... of my youth.

Tale of a Raindrop

Like Music Pouring Out from the World

I’m sorry for writing you so suddenly.

Do you know the name Nemoto Sayuri?

I’m your sister.

I've never met you or our father before.

The number written on the memo
is for a book called “Snowflake.”

Apparently our father liked it.
Please read it.

I want to hear your opinion.

P.S. Other things that our father liked:

“La vie en rose”
it’s a song from France.

Also, Charlie Chaplin’s movies.


He used to smoke cigarettes - Marlboro Red.

If you learn more about him,
please let me know.


Have you ever seen a film of Chaplin?

Chaplin...Let me think...

Oh, you know a movie of Chaplin’s
will be shown next week.

That’s right, it’s about that.

There's that guy.
He's been here for 4 years.

We should let him know that we're
graduating and quitting this job soon.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

The film is over.

Thank you.

What is it...?

I am in love with you.


I am sorry.

I'll be there tomorrow evening.

I have things that I want to bring --

Yeah, I’m OK, I will walk...

Alright, see you.

You're still taking harp lessons?

Wow. It's been long time.

Here's a souvenir.

It’s cute...

I'll come back tomorrow.
I haven't been back to my house yet.

Why are you standing there?

Welcome home

I am home.

You haven't changed.

Lunch is ready.

You’ve matured.

Mom, how’s your job?

Nothing has changed.
it’s all the same.


Nemoto Sayuri.


Do you know her?

[note] Dear Nemoto Sayuri

Sorry for calling so late.
Can we talk now?

Yoko, what’s up?

What’s going on?
Quit playing games!

-- Mom
-- What?

My mother is taking a bath now.

What are you reading?

“Snowflake,” do you know it?

You know that snowflakes fall from the sky.

It’s a story about a snowflake entwined
with the life of an ordinary woman.

The snowflake marries a raindrop.

They have a child,
but soon they leave.

and in the end they--
--I will read it.


What kind of a person was my father?

I don’t know where he lives now.
I don’t even know if he's alive.

I... don’t remember...

He was a weak person, very weak...

He left me for another woman
when you were young.

Do you want to find him?

I don’t know.

I want to know what kind of person he was.

He wasn't very well-spoken.

He mumbled a lot.

One time he blurted out
"I love you."

That was it.

He never said it again.


That’s right, he liked Chaplin.

He always took me to theaters
on our dates.

Who did you hear that from?

Think about yourself, not that man.
He's gone.


I’m sorry.
I'm sorry I got you into this mess.

It’s been a while.
How long ago did they close this school?

A scar...
what happened?

What about these bruises?

If anything happened, tell me, OK?



Lots of things happened
just before I left school.

I wish you were my sister

By the way, what’s Harumi’s father like?
I guess I’ve never asked.

How are you, Harumi?
Do anything fun lately?

It looks good on you.
You're so cute, Harumi.

Let’s go--
--The beach.

It’s been too long. Seriously.

That was fun.

Thank you.

Michiru... you are like my sister.

I want to go to Tokyo.

Come visit anytime.

Let’s do this again.

Did you do drugs again?

You said you’d quit.

What am I supposed to do?

Can’t you quit it?

Sayuri, give me some money.
I can’t borrow any more from my dad.

Can’t you get easy money?
You're a woman.

Didn’t your mother make money that way?

Don’t talk about her.


The train has stopped
due to the heavy snowstorm.

I hope the train is running.
The snow looks bad, doesn't it ?

I think it’s OK


How about taking a taxi?

It’s alright.
I'll just keep my distance.

Do you want to...
go back to the theater?

Since it’s cold.

I hope they hurry up and
get the train running.

What type of work do you do?

What kind of movies... do you like...?

I’m sorry

I’m sorry

I’m sorry...

I hope the train starts soon!

Did you just speak?

I’m doing a nursing job

Oh, yeah?

Grandpas and grandmas

Do you... Do you like snow?

Me too! I like snow very much!
--It's good.


--I’m...in love with movies.


I really love movies of Chaplin.

You really like Chaplin?

You might not like me...

But I hope...I hope
you like Chaplin.

I'll watch it.

My friend will be...
having a live concert soon.

Do you want to go with me?


Where is the club?

--It’s here.

It's here.

Harumi died...


They said she was run over by a train...

There was no suicide note.

I think it was an accident,
but nobody is sure.

No way...

Did you know that her father
abused her for a long time?

Harumi has been taking care
of our father all this time.

Not me.

Our father...
He's gone crazy.

And it was serious enough that...

someone had to be with him all the time.

But I just couldn't do it.

That’s why I moved to Tokyo
right after school.

I didn’t see her after that.

I didn’t know that

She didn’t tell anyone.


What happened to your father--
--He got worse after Harumi died.

He is in the hospital now.

He dug his own grave.

It wasn't my fault.

I’m a man.

I can't...

I can't end up in
this dying town.

It wasn’t my fault

Harumi’s hairpins...

...and her clothes.

May I have them?

Like Music Pouring Out From Her

One thousand dollars.

--You're joking!
--No joke.

That's the going rate for a girl like her.

And apparently that's how much
she's getting per night.

A hundred thousand yen...

Not a bad living, eh?
I’m jealous.

Michiru, you've got a job, right?


Don't be like me.

Where could I find this girl?

She never goes back to her own house.

She's been going to high school
while she stays in this apartment.

Apparently she's living
with some hot shot college kid.

Thank you very much for your help

Are you going to charge your friend?

I guess I can’t

Thanks again.

So...what is it?
Between you and the girl?

I guess...

She might be my sister.

Sayuri is a good girl, really

Why doesn’t she come back here?

It wasn’t me, I didn’t dump her

I needed more and more money,
and she needed me to be with her.

My friend died.

She was like my sister.

What does that have to do with her?

Go to this website.

Her prostitute name is “Myako”.

[on screen]
Nice to meet you, Myako.

[on screen]
It’s my first time here.

[on screen]
Maybe you could teach me some stuff.



You're Sayuri?

I’m sorry for not replying your letter

Why send it after all this time?

Has your mother...

Did she ever say she wished
you were never born?

So that Dad would never have left?

If you were in misery--
even a little bit-

I thought we could
have become friends.

How do I look--
You don't look like anything!

And yeah, I don’t like you very much.


Soon--there will be a Chaplin show
in the theater where I work.

I'm going to catch the last train.

--Is there another show next week?

I don’t think so

Can I stay a little longer?

Is it done?

Can I sit next to you?


Can I stay over at your house?
I have no place to go.


Our Dad.
What kind of man was he?

A man who read “Snowflake”,
watched Chaplin movies,

and listened to “La Vie en Rose”.
Our Dad.

Our Dad.
What kind of man was he?

A man who left your mother.
Who left my mother.

And us!
That’s our Dad.

Your half and my half.

Our Dad.

My mom, who I don’t understand --

My mom, who I hate --

-- fell in love with him.

“La Vie En Rose”

Even as we listen to the song
our Dad is gone.

I’m sorry...

Will you come back?


I can't live without you, Sayuri.

I can live without you now.

I need you.

I’m sorry -- but I love you.

Stop it!

I really love you.

You're the only one I can count on, Sayuri.

Please understand me.

I really want to get better.

You've got to be kidding me.

You’ll never understand.

Tell me you're joking!

Do you love somebody?


I wish I could become like you


You have no idea how happy I'd be
if you were miserable.

Stop it!

I don’t need it...


Neither do I

Have it...

You can go

I got a letter from our father’s friend.


Just one to my mother.

I don’t need it anymore.

Be miserable.

How is my Tokyo accent?

How long has he been here?

It was long time ago,
when I was still small.

He took care of me alright.

He said he had a kid my age.

Didn’t you know that?

My mother never said anything.

But I tried to contact her...

If your father had still been alive...

What were you planning to say?

Would you like to go see his house?

I found the key.
You want to go in?

Northern Shinkansen...
you wouldn't know this...

There was a huge construction site
and your father worked in it.

He came to our bath house often.

He took really good care of me.

But it was a shame--
the way it ended.

You okay?

I’m fine.

It’s a photo of Ura, your dad.

You have his eyes.

How did he die?

They said that in the end
his body was worn out.

He'd stopped working...
and he didn’t have many friends.

He was drinking and driving.

People in town said
it was suicide.

But I don’t believe that.

Your dad wasn't the...suicidal type.

By the way...


He said it is a painting of his daughter

Doesn’t it look like you?

You guys never met, but I
guess it’s in the blood.

Are you OK?

I don’t need this.

Please keep it.

I really don’t need it.

He was...

like a father to me.

To me...

he was nothing.

Saito Michiru.
22 years old.

I’m graduating this year
and I have a job in broadcasting.

My dream is to be a journalist.

Recently, I lost my best friend.

I just met my sister for the first time
and now she's gone.

A man confessed his love for me.

He's not much of a talker
and he loves silent films.

Saito Michiru.
22 years old.

I’m graduating this year
and I have a job in broadcasting.

My dream is to be a journalist.

Recently, I lost my best friend.

I just met my sister for the first time
and now she's gone.

A man confessed his love for me.

He's not much of a talker
and he loves silent films.

Saito Michiru.
22 years old.

I’m graduating this year
and I have a job in broadcasting.

My dream is to be a journalist.

Recently, I lost my best friend.

I just met my sister for the first time
and now she's gone.

A man confessed his love for me.

He's not much of a talker
and he loves silent films.

Saito Michiru.
22 years old.

I’m graduating this year
and I have a job in broadcasting.

My dream is to be a journalist.

Dear Sayuri...

Thank you for your letter.

I read the book “Snowflake.”

There was a lot that happened
before my graduation.

A tale...of...a raindrop...

This might sound cliché,
but I will stay strong.

I will keep the story alive.

The cold days seem to continue.
Best Regards.

P.S. You may never read this letter,

but I hope to see you somewhere, someday.

Yeah, the job starts next week.

I’m going to live in a good apartment.
Don’t worry.

It’s a strong building as well.

Huh? Yeah.
I have to return a book to the library now.

See you, bye.

The world silently
crawled inside me.

I cannot stay here any longer,

and that’s what I have found.

Even if the raindrops
wet the concrete floors,

with my red shoes,

I will never stop dancing
under the rainbow.

3rd Chapter: Like Music Pouring Out from Me