Talbis Iblis (2022) - full transcript

A woman decides to leave Kuala Lumpur to give birth to her child out of wedlock, and is arranged to stay with a midwife. Unbeknownst to her, the midwife has her own evil plan for her child.

"I will approach them...

...from their front, their back,
their right, their left...

...and then You will find
most of them ungrateful."

You've been a bad girl.


...you have suffered enough.

Don't do that to my baby.

Junaidah, your child is dead.

He's alive!

Don't touch my son!

Are you sure
this is what you want?

I'm sure.

Look after this gift well.

Everything you need to know...

...has been written in this book.

If you obey the rules...

...it will happen, for certain.

You will know...

...when the time comes.

But don't be fooled.

Are you sure that
it will happen?

It's been written.

He is yours.



There's no end to this!

As a family
motivation expert,...

...what is your message for
all the parents out there?

In my opinion...

...as parents...

...we have to give our kids
the opportunity and space...

...to share their feelings
with us.

This is what I practice
with my daughter.

Until now, thank God,
we have a good relationship.....

Why did you switch it off?

Don't you want to listen
to your mother's free advice?

You're always
getting into trouble...

...to get her attention.
Listen up. Listen.

Abu Merah Hill
5 KM

Can't you smoke later?

What's the problem?

You were still smoking
last month.

What was that?

Can you stop bothering me?

I have a bad feeling.

When do you ever
not have a bad feeling?

Are you seeing things again?

Shad, pull over.

I'm going to throw up.

No way!
We are following this agent.

Just hold it in.

Mak Ju has been waiting for you.

Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you too.

Drive on.


-Yes, it's enough.

You can pay the balance
to Mak Ju.

-Let's go.


Can I ask you something?

Has anything ever happened...

...at this house?


Nothing, just that I...

...I tried to Google
this place, but...

...I couldn't find
any information.

There was one blog
which mentioned...

...a lot of people have disappeared
from this area.

Elves, maybe?


Stop talking nonsense!

You never quit embarrassing me!

Madam, please.

That tree...

...never fails to attract
everyone's attention.

I've loved that tree
since I was a child.

Please come in.

Use the front door.

You're looking wealthier, Zaini.

Smells like something died
in here.

My favourite song.

Cik Tam...

Naughty boy.

Don't like cats?

A little scared of them.

This is Hajar.

Your wife.

I'm hungry.

My name is Junaidah.

Call me Mak Ju.

So there's no dinner, or what?

It's time for prayers.

Would you like to pray first?

It's okay.

Control your desires, Zaini.

You've gone too far already.

Why don't you want this child?

None of your business.

How many siblings do you have?


Hajar is the eldest.

Her father disappeared
after her brother died.

And Hajar's mother.....
Oh yes!

Hajar's mother.

Hajar's mother
is the best psychologist, ever.

Whom Hajar loves to death.

Right, darling?

You forgot to put
the salt, or what?

Are you scared to die
from eating healthy?

I'll cook for you tomorrow.

Is it a boy or a girl?

We did a scan.

But we didn't see it's "thing".

The doctor said that
even though...

...we couldn't see it,
doesn't mean it is a girl.

Sometimes "it" hides from view.

But we don't really care.

We're not keeping it anyway.

I'll do a "lenggang perut" ceremony

It can tell you
the gender of your child.

The traditional way.

You can smoke outside.

Kick it.

Is this your family home?

So you know about...

...the people who disappeared
from this area?

What fairy tale is that from?

No, I just heard
a lot of stories.

Kick it.

Boy or girl?

When the eye of the coconut
faces upwards,...

...it's a boy.

Why are you sad?

I'm reminded of my brother.

Have you done anything
during this pregnancy?

Is there something wrong?


The doctor said
after the scan that...

...this baby is deformed.

A cleft lip?

Maybe because
I did all sorts of bad things.

What did you do?

I smoked.

I drank and
ate a lot of acidic foods.

Whatever that could...

...terminate the pregnancy.
But nothing happened, Mak Ju.

Except to make this baby deformed.

Drink this.

Keep calm.

Why did you want
to get rid of this baby?

I couldn't even
look after my brother.

I'm not good at anything.

That's why
my mother hates me so much.

And even more now,
with a child out of wedlock.

I'm lucky to have Arshad.

He's the only person I have.

This man who wants to give up
this child?


You can be a good mother.

A child is God's gift to us.

I would have liked
to have a child of my own.

But I can't.

Hajar, I will look after you
and this child...

...well right up
until you give birth.


Hello? Hello? I can't hear you.

Hey! Shut it!


I said shut it! Damn dog!


Okay, look.
I want to go back.

Everyone here is nice.
They can look after Hajar.

So why should I stay?

Yeah, I know.

What are you doing out here?
It's late.

I'll call you back.

Horror Seekers
Abu Merah Hill Mystery

The Haunted Abu Merah Hill
Many Missing Persons

The jetty where people
were rumoured to have disappeared




Who was he talking to?

It's okay, I'll handle it later.

Do we have to be worried?

Why the long face?


It won't be long until...

...our lives will be better.

Peeping Tom!

Go to bed.

What? Go to bed!


Who is that?

Get out!

Hajar! Hajar!

Are you nuts?

Arshad! Arshad!

I saw.....

I just want to sleep.
Is that too much to ask?


Good morning.

Do you have some bread and eggs?

I want to make Arshad
some breakfast.

Didn't you sleep?

What's wrong?

After Hazim's death,...

...I always dream about him.

I was still so young.

I was 12 years old.

Five, four.

My brother was 6 years old.
-Three, two, one!

-Don't run, child!

Where's your brother?
Stop running! Be careful!






A boy has drowned! Help!

Wake up, Hazim.

Oh God.

Come on, pass him to me. Oh God.

Come on.

Help her.

I understand...

...how it feels...

...to lose someone we love.

I can't really remember, Mak Ju.

The only thing
I can remember is...

...I heard a child laughing.

And then I blacked out.

All I know is that
it is my fault Hazim died.

Rubbish! That's fate.

We can't do anything about it.

But my nightmare last night,
Mak Ju.....

The nightmare...

...wasn't like before.

Different from the rest.

It felt so real,
not like a dream.

Your guilt...

...makes you imagine these things.

Especially now
that you are pregnant.

Do you understand?

Don't dwell on these things.

Everything is too salty!

The pregnancy food yesterday
tasted better than this.

Drink that.

Look, Mak Ju is here
to look after you, right?

I want to go back to KL.

I'm not getting enough rest.

What with all your nightmares.

And I have a gig this weekend.

I need the money. Okay?

Why so quiet? Say something.

I need to use the bathroom.

Always the bathroom.


...Hajar is pregnant.

Of course
she is feeling sensitive.

Why don't you show her
some attention?

I don't think I need
a marriage counselor.

My mother in law
is a great psychologist.

Have you pruned the weeds
by the tree?

After this coffee.

Smoke outside.


Can I smoke here?

It's hard to have a smoke here.
Have to smoke outside.

Women are so fussy.

Can I sit down?

This is nice.

Bro, about last night,...

...just keep it to yourself,

What sort of man
leaves his pregnant wife?

That's horrible, right?


So icky.

I don't quite understand.

So Mak Ju is the type that...

...likes retards like you?

At least I know
how to respect women.

Get out!



Mum, listen to me carefully.

If you want me to stay here,...

...I want the RM100,000
you promised me.

I hate staying here
with these weirdos.

Why should I care?

It's not as if you are here!

Hajar! I'm hungry!

What's going on?

You want to leave so badly, right?

Just go!

Mak Ju can take care
of the baby and I.

Don't be so emotional.
I'm hungry.

Mum paid you, didn't she?

My mother paid you...

...to marry me...

...and then leave me here?

You and mum are exactly the same!

Get out.

So now you know?

It's good that you know.
Makes it easier.

What did you think?

That I did all this
because I love you?

That thing...

...might not even be mine, right?

Get out!



Hey baldie!
Do you want to work or not?


Mak Ju, where's your boyfriend?

I want to leave.
Please open the gate.

Arshad, wouldn't it be good
if you stayed a bit longer?

Sacrifice a little
for Hajar's sake.

What for?

I don't want to
sacrifice for Hajar.

Then I will sacrifice you.

I know your type only too well.

What do you want?

A cigarette?


Now you can smoke.

From here?
No, not here.

From here.

Enjoy it.

Why Arshad?

Any man who is willing
to get rid of his child...

...deserves something like this.

But he has done nothing
to hurt his child.

Why does he deserve to be killed?

Ju, we have to go back there.

There's no need to.

Get rid of his car.

I'll take care of him.

Don't worry.

He'll come back.

Believe me.

I don't want to have anything
to do with him anymore.

Anything that is from him,...

...should not be in my life.


Calm yourself. Be patient.

This child needs love.

I don't want this thing!

This thing should just die!

You should have just killed
this thing from the start!


That's a big sin.
-I don't care!

I have sinned so much anyway!

He has...

...has brought me
nothing but pain!

Calm down.

You're just
feeling emotional right now.

You need to find some peace.
Come here.

Come here.


What are you thinking about?

Am I such a terrible person,
Mak Ju?

Everyone hates me.


You are perfect.

Your mother shouldn't
have blamed you...

...for Hazim's death.

You were just a child.


You can choose your own family.

It isn't necessary
to be related by blood...

...or even marriage.

This is who you are.

We're done.

This is for you.

Don't you look beautiful
like this?

You are so beautiful.

What do you want?

Every time you do this,
you get worse.

Don't worry about me.

The ingredients
for the drink have finished.

Why are you giving it to her?

You didn't give it
to the ones before?

To induce the birth.

This is the one
I have been searching for!

The right child!

The quicker, the better.

The ones before this
were never right.


This is our dream child.

You and I...

...will raise this child.


...will build
a happy family together.

The wait...

...will end.

This is our child.

I am sure
it will happen this time.

Mak Ju?

Mak Ju?

Are you satisfied now, mother?

What are you talking about?

Haven't you done enough
to me all this time?

I tried to call Arshad,
but he isn't answering!

Arshad is gone!

You paid him off, didn't you?

You've gotten what you want,
don't bother me anymore!

Cik Tam?

Cik Tam?

Cik Tam?

Cik Tam!

Cik Tam?

Don't touch her!

It's not the right time.

Take her inside.

What have you done?

Why did you kill Cik Tam?
Didn't I feed you just now?

Please ease the way for me...

...to give birth to this child.

Please protect me
from any trouble.

It is only You I worship, O Allah.


How are you today?

I told you not to wander around,
didn't I?

I saw Cik Tam last night.

In the pot.

He was dead.

I saw something at the tree,
Mak Ju.

Cik Tam was around just now.

Dreaming again?

It's normal
so close to giving birth.

What do you put inside the pot?

This place...

...has "something",
doesn't it, Mak Ju?


Be patient.
Calm down.

Don't be angry.

It's not good for the baby.

You really want to know
about the fairy tale?

It's a story about a girl
who was pregnant out of wedlock.

Her father couldn't accept it.

And he knew what he had to do.


A moment.

After that,...

...no one knows what happened.

Let go!
Enough. Run!

Hey, Junaidah! Are you crazy?



Junaidah, don't!

Kak Ju!


Junaidah, what are you doing?

Let us out!


Hopefully, they were all safe.

So you mean that...

...whatever is in the pot
is related to this story?


It's just to guard against
bad things from happening.

This place is haunted.

I'm just following customs.


If you are not comfortable...

...you can leave this place.

I won't stop you.

But you are pregnant.

And all alone.

If anything happens...

...I don't want you
to regret anything.


Let's go.

We are going into town.

To buy some things for the baby.

If you want to leave,...

...please go ahead.

Make sure to drink that.

Hold on.


There's a problem.

What's going on?

Hajar's mother called me,
looking for her.

I can keep my mouth shut.

But you have to
give me something in return.

One more thing.

The stuff you gave me
is not working.

I have no more money!

Tell her that I need
something new.

Who is it?

Did you hear me?

Hajar's mother called Zaini.

Ask him to come here.

Can you hear me?

Come here and see Mak Ju.


That tree...

...has always been
an attraction to everyone.

Get out!


Are you trying to help me?



Soul meets the veins.

Flesh meets the body,
return to us.

Help me!
Don't leave me!

Please don't leave me!

Please don't leave me!

She wants to kill me!

Don't leave me.

Okay. Follow me.




I'm home!

I locked the door...

...to make sure you're safe.

Help me.

This book.

What does she want to do
to my baby?

She has done this to other women,
hasn't she?


Hajar's gone!

I know you are a good person.

Please let my child and I go.

Take this key.

There's a jetty not far
from here.

Wait for me there.

If you see anything, don't stop.


Leave this.


You don't believe...

...that is our child?

That belongs to me!


It's time.

We've waited so long
for this day.


You are obsessed
with this thing.

You've become like her.

You started it!

Don't do that to my child.

Junaidah, he's dead.

He's alive!

Forgive me.

I swear...

..I will do anything
for you to return.


I know someone who can help you.

Are you sure
this is what you want?

I'm sure.

You will know...

...when the time comes.

But, don't be fooled.

Are you sure that
it will happen?

It's been written.

All that I have done.

All of it was because...

...I love you, Ju.

But you don't even realise that.

You treat me like a slave.

And it's all because
of that book.

That book will destroy you.

You're mistaken.

I will prove it.




Hajar. Don't.

Let me go.
-Don't hurt yourself.


Think of your baby.
Don't hurt yourself.

Calm down.


Help me, Zaini.

Help me.

Zaini, help me.

Calm down.

Mak Ju.
-Help me, Zaini.

I think I'll leave.
It's getting late.

I'll get the stuff next time.

Come, help with Hajar
before you leave.


Where's Nasir?

Doesn't matter.

You are here, aren't you?

I'll give you anything you want.

Help me, Zaini.

Help me, Zaini.

I am here for you.

Think of your baby.
Don't hurt yourself.

Please don't do this to me.

What am I doing to you?

We can look after
this child together.

You don't have to do this.

I don't have a family.

I killed them all.

And I didn't feel a thing.

But you, Hajar.

I love you, Hajar.

Because I know
you will give me back my child.

-No, Mak Ju.


I love my baby, Mak Ju.

Now you suddenly care?

I never tried
to get rid of my child!

Even though he was a result
of incest with my own father!

You wanted to throw him away
like a piece of rubbish!

I'm willing to take this child.

Is that so wrong?

You are crazy!

It's time!
It's time!

Hajar, push!
Push, dear!

Harder, dear! Push slowly.

Zaini, get the things ready.

Hajar, don't raise your back.

Push, Hajar! Push!

Don't raise your back.


Harder! Hajar!

Push, Hajar.

I can see his head.


He's coming!

He's coming Hajar!


Yes, Hajar!
Yes, Hajar!

Push, Hajar!

Zaini, pass me the scissors.


Mak Ju.

Please give him to me.

This child is mine.

I don't want to see
her face anymore.


Zaini, don't.....

I'm calling you, spirit.



The soul meets the veins.

The flesh meets the body.

Rise from seven feet under.


Come up! Unite!

With your body.


Come back.

To your body, my child.


This was your body!

My child!
-Now you are my slave!


Zaini, let me go!

Zaini! My son!

Zaini! My son!


Please God.


Do you actually know
what it means?

Hajar, for as long
as you have lived...

...you don't even know
who you have been worshipping.

Now you come face to face with me.

Only now you remember God?

Don't go near him!

He is no longer your child!

He will become...

...my Master's heir!

You've always liked the sluts.

Hajar, you killed your brother!

Consorting with men until you have
an illegitimate child!

You get rid of your own child!
-Don't listen to her.

You are weak!

When it comes to women,
you are always like this.

Get up! Come on!

Let's go!


Come on, run!

Hajar, come on, let's go.

Let's go.

I am more honourable than you!

God made me from fire!

You, from earth!

Remember, Hajar!

I am here under God's will!

Now, Junaidah is mine!

And you are all humans
who have lost your way!


No, I'm not lost!

I have never forgotten God.

Yes, I have sinned!

But I love my child.

If this is my fate, O God,
I accept everything.

There is no power nor strength
except Allah.

There is no power nor strength
except Allah.

The body returns to the flesh.

Veins return to the soul.

Mak Ju!

Whatever has happened to you...

...is by God's decree.

This is all
the devil's deceptions, Mak Ju!

Fight it, Mak Ju. Fight!

Hajar! The book.


I can't find it!



Which one is it?

Here, here.

Recite this.

The body returns to the flesh.

Veins return to the soul.

Buried under seven feet of earth.

Let the fire damn you to hell!




Ju. Get up, Ju!

Ju, come on. Get up!

Ju, come on.

I'm sorry.

I was deceived.

Take Hajar and the child...

...out of here.

Ju, I won't leave you.

We have to get out.

Let's go.

Let's go.


It won't let me go.

You know what to do.



Everything has been written.


What did it mean...

...my son is to be
it's master's heir?

We'll go to this place.

Maybe you will find
the answer there.

Five, four, three, two, one!

Don't run, child!

Where's your brother?
Stop running! Be careful!




-Are you trying to help me?


The baby is crying.

I know what happened to Hazim.

That thing was there.

It has been following me
since then.

That's why Hazim died!
-The baby.

I know I'm right.

I know it's real.
Not just a dream.

That's not a dream indeed.

Your brother's death
was inevitable.

Prophecies needed
to be fulfilled.

Junaidah has failed.

And we have to make sure
you succeed.

It all started
the moment your brother died.

Everything you have
gone through...

...is predestined.

Including this very moment.

Look after this gift well.

Everything you need to know...

...has been written in this.

Now we are a family.

And we will protect this child.

Welcome, my child.

He will become my Master's heir.

Get out!