Takut: Tujuh Hari Bersama Setan (2015) - full transcript


A Film By
Nayato Fio Nuala

From the best selling novel
"Seven Days in The Gripping Villa"
"Fear" series by Cerberus Plouton

Seven Days with Satan

... why aren't we there yet until now?

Aden ...

Papa hadn't given you the wrong address, had he?

No, Young Master.

This is the right road, isn't this?

Better ask him first.

... there's somebody there.

Aden ...

... if Andaru Villa still far from here.

I was just wondering ...

Excuse me.

Aden. Aden!

Aden, come here!

Hurry! / Okay.


Aden, let's just go!

What is it?






I've been staying here for a week.

My purpose coming here ...

... is to look for my elder sister.

She's been missing for a long time.

I'm not alone here.

... Dewa.

I'm accompanied by my best friend ...

You had a bad dream again?

Yes, Wa.

Don't be afraid.

Thanks, Wa.

I'll always be here for you.

By the way ...

... let's take a walk.

I'll see you here in ten minutes.

I'm going to my room now.



I don't think ...

... I made it to the villa last night.

... breakfast is ready.

Young Master ...

I'm going out now.

Let's have breakfast together!




Aden, wait!



He's gone so fast.






You work here?

Have you seen Aden?



Challenging me?





Lisa, Lisa!

Are you all right?

... that you must be disturbed by the spirit again, right?

I know ...

Okay then.

I still feel scared if I see them.

I've tried but it's useless!

But I can't!

... you must be able to control your fear.

... I told you ...

Lisa ...

Don't get scared anymore.

I'll always keep an eye on you.

But I'm scared, Wa.

Yeah, I know.

Okay then.

So you can calm down.

We better take a walk now.


Frightening, isn't it?

And it's said that the spirit becomes a haunting spirit.

I heard that somebody hung herself in that big tree
in front of room number 14.

And you're the one with the gift.

A human being was born with or without a gift.

How can you say it's a gift?

I can see things.

But I can't avoid them.

Moreover telling them to leave.

I have a frequency which is strong enough to attract

You don't need to be afraid, Lisa.

I'll always be here for you.

That's easy for you to say.

You can see things ...

... and also can make them scared of you.

Of all the people who have the gift to see creatures
from another dimension ...

... some of them also have the ability to exorcise them.

But only a few.

Well ...

Many of them are scared too.

... to be scared is the biggest mistake.

... the more it gets control over you.

Because the more you get scared ...

You know that man?

He seems to have been watching us.


Is there anything wrong with us?


You overheard us?


By the way, hi.

I'm Elisa.

And this is Dewa.




Do you ...

... live here or on a holiday?


Just moved here.

Where's your place?

Andaru Villa.

That Villa?

... I stay in Cempaka Hotel.

By the way ...

Opposite your villa.

Drop by some time.

Dewa in Room 15.

I stay in room 14.

Is there a big tree over there?


Have you never seen ...

... seen things?

You happen to know something?

No, I've just heard from people's talk.

... there was a woman who hung herself there.

They said ...


I've seen that.

So it's true?

Only certain people can see them.

Yudha ...

... feel free to come to my place.

I must go now.

Excuse me.

Come on, Wa.

Very well.

You just take a rest.

I'm going to my room now.


What are you doing here?


Excuse me, Miss.

What the hell is this?





What's wrong, Nia?

Nia? Nia?

What's wrong?

Si ...

... there's a satan's head.

... in my locker ...


You're delusional!

I'm serious, Si.

There's nothing here.

I'm serious.

It was here!

Nothing here!

But there's nothing here, Nia!

Forget it. You're just delusional, that's all.

Let's get out of here.

Come on.

Come on.

How come that receptionist suddenly just got into
my room?

How weird!

And when she saw me, she kind of frightened.

What the hell was she doing there?


So ...

... are any of your things are missing?

No, actually.

But the weird thing is when she saw me she seemed

I was lonely at the villa.

Sorry for disturbing you.

You paint?


He painted them all, Yudha.

It's Dewa's painting.

Your painting is cool, Wa.

But not as good as this.

I also used to paint.

Dewa can paint everything.

Not everything.

Well, Dewa's knowledge on paintings is great.

I'm sure that you and Dewa will like each other.


... you still like to paint?

By the way ...


Yudha ...

... may I know ...


... what makes you move to Andaru Villa?

So I need fresh air like this.

My lungs need a rehab.

You ...

Yeah, there's a problem with my lungs.

No, I mean you ... / Lisa.

What do you mean?

Nothing. Just forget it.

I must go now.



Wa ...

... what's the matter with Yudha?

He seemed to have seen something.

I don't know.

You're not sleepy yet?

Still think about Yudha?

Yes, Wa.

Wa ...

Why ...

... you didn't let me tell Yudha about what really happens?

Wait for the right time.

By the way ...

... have you already found some clue on your sister,

We haven't had much time.

I know that.


You better take some rest now.

My room is not locked, as usual.

If something happens, just go to my room.


I'm leaving you now.


What are you doing here?

Miss ...

... I've heard a music around here.

Did you hear that too?

But it's gone already.

Yes, I've heard that.

By the way ...

... I want to ask you something.

There was just no other employee available.

I just helped cleaning up.


Why did you enter my room abruptly?

Miss ...

... you can tell the truth to me.

Or ...

... you want to get some information about me?

But I ...

It's the truth, Miss.

That sound ...

That sound is heard again.

Miss ...

I'm going home now.

Excuse me, Miss.

... that sound must have come from Andaru Villa.


What ...?



I'm really worried about you.

I was looking for you in your room ...

... but you're not there.

Wa ...

... I've just heard the music which accompanied Erlita
when she danced.

I'm really sure, Wa.

Are you sure?

... I happened to accompany her.

Because the last time Erlita practiced ...

The sound comes from Andaru Villa.

You're right.

Yes, Wa.

... please listen to me.

But, Wa ... / Lisa ...

I will, but not now.

Accompany me there, okay?

I'm more and more curious about that villa.

I will still accompany you.

We better take a rest now.

Okay then.

I'll accompany you to your room, okay?

Okay then.

Master Yudha?


Haven't you returned to Surabaya already?


Excuse me.

I've already prepared the breakfast.


Nia, what's wrong?

You seem to be out of breath.

I saw ...

... a satan.


The face was so frightening.

I'm afraid ...


... it's the woman who hung herself.

I've heard that rumour by the locals.

Come on.

Go away.

Once again I'm telling you, go away!


Let's eat together.

Come on, Aden.



Where the hell have you been?

Gone abruptly!

Shows abruptly!

Just now you're not there!

I've been here from earlier.

I'm not going anywhere.

I can't stand this.

... I'll tell this to mama and papa!

When I get home again ...

Damn villa!



You alone?

Yudha, what a coincidence.


You have time?

I want to talk to you about something.

Come on.


Since when can you see them?

What do you mean?

You can see the invisible ones, can't you?

I saw a woman hung herself in the tree.

From Dewa's balcony.

... you've rented the villa for a week already.

... I've heard that ...

By the way ...

Is there any particular reason?

I've been searching for my sister.

She's been missing for one year.

Last news we've heard ...

... she was here.

Her name is Erlita.

She has a long hair.

She looks like me.

I'm worried ...

By the way ...

... have you rented that villa for a long time?

Bought it, as a matter of fact.

My papa bought the villa a month ago.

You haven't answered my question yet.

What question?

Since when can you see them?


Me and Dewa used to ...


... don't go anywhere without me.

I told you ...

You're here.

... if the haunting spirit which hung herself keeps on
asking me for help.

... I won't be able to calm down ...

Wa ...

Anything wrong?

Nothing more to talk about I think?

I want to talk about something.

Come with me.

I'll be the one who go.

So you two can be more freely.

If I have something to ask you, I'll be the one who look
for you.

Come on, Lis.

I told you ...

And have you known the answer already?

I just want to know why Yudha suddenly left the hotel.

Please, listen to me, Lis.

But, Wa ...

... don't go out alone.

He saw the ghost of the woman who hung herself.

We have to find Erlita as soon as possible.

We have to finish up what we've been here for.

Lisa, listen to me.

I have to explain to Yudha.

Let me take care of Yudha.

Let's go back to the hotel.

Come on.

What's wrong with the villa?


You know anything about the villa?

I sensed something wrong with the villa.

Actually ...

... the first owner of that villa is a Dutch.

His name is Van Hellen.

They were assigned to supervise the revenue of the

One day ...

... robbers came to them.

They were all cruelly killed.

Van Hellen's wife was beheaded.

Their kids, and even Van Hellen himself, were tortured
to death.

Their servant was also killed.

So the villa ... / Yes.

The villa is now a dwelling place for wandering spirits.

That's why there are many locals who saw apparition
right there.

It doesn't matter where did I get it from.

Where did you get the information about that villa?

Obviously ...

... there's one thing which makes me curious.

And I think we must find out more about that villa.

Elisa: Let's meet at the cafe.

For Room 14.

For whom are these drinks for?

Miss Nia.


But ...

What a coincidence. Here, let me bring these to them.

We must help each other.

You're so kind to me.


You better do something else.

Take it easy.

Excuse me, Miss.

Here are your drinks.


Fine, come on in.

The office boy was busy, so I'm the one who deliver

Isn't it ...?

Just put them here.

Whom is the other drink for?


It's for my friend.

Excuse me.



What are you watching?


Thank you.

Well, Nia?


Found anything else in Room 14?

Just strange.

What do you mean strange?


Forget it. / You're mocking me.

You're the strange one.


There's a woman passed by my room.

Have you seen that?

You might get carried away by your feeling.

I must go home.

Where are you going?

Excuse me.






Sorry, I'm late.

Yeah, it's all right.

... you can have it replaced.

If you don't like it ...

... I've already ordered a drink for you.

By the way ...

It's all right.

There's a problem that I want to talk with you.

You hadn't finished talking yet yesterday, had you?

Oh, yes.

Not yet. Dewa interrupted me.

Yudha ...

... did you see any other strangeness?

... that what makes me come here late.

Well ...

I saw a dancing woman.

Wearing 'kebaya' dress.

And Aden who showed up and gone mysteriously.

There's a clock in my villa.

I have no idea why.

The clock always stops at nine.

Yudha ...

... dancing woman?

Where did you see her?

In the villa.

Lisa ...

Lisa, look.

Look at that clock.

Same as in my villa!

The clock stops at nine.

What the hell has happened to me?

Yudha ...

So you better tell me right now.

And I'm sure you know!

No, I don't know what happened to me!

... you'll certainly know what really happened to you.

You ...

You actually ...

Forget it, no need to discuss it.

I'm afraid Dewa will be looking for me.

I must go back.

... you'll certainly know who you really are.

Yudha ...

Thank you for your time.


... you haven't answered my question yet.

Lisa ...










Lisa, open it.





... don't just keep quiet.

I told you ...


You must fight back.

Don't listen to their cry for help.

They just want to make an advantage of humans.

But what?

But, Wa ...

I'm sure you can fight back.

Wa ...

... that was Rasti.

The woman who hung herself in front of my room.

I feel an empathy for her.

... they just want to take an advantage from you.

Lisa ...

I don't want you to just stay still.

It's late already.

I'm tired, want to take some rest.

I'll accompany you.


... that the spirit will harm you again.

I'm afraid ...

... I'll sleep in the sofa.

Don't worry, I ...

By the way ...

... I want to go to Yudha's villa tomorrow.


Nia, what's wrong?

Nia, Nia. Nia.

Nia, what's wrong?

Nia, what's wrong with you?



Nia, let's get out.



Where are you going?

Let me accompany you.

I want to go to Andaru Villa, Wa.

You can't go there alone.

What drawing is this?

Andaru Villa.


You drew this?

It's not my drawing.

But I don't know why, it turned out to be this drawing.

Well, I intended to do a face sketch at first.

How strange.

How did that happen?

I don't understand either.

But I'm sure ...

... there's gotta be something on this drawing.

Or maybe ...

... it's a clue for us.

Okay, let's go.

Let's go there.

I'm getting more and more curious about Andaru Villa.

Wa ...

Well, it's not my drawing.

... why did you throw it down?

And ...

... it seems that ...

... this drawing has too much negative energy.

Come on.

Let's get there fast, before it gets dark.

Never mind that.


I have something to talk about with you.

What happened to your forehead?

Okay, let's talk at the cafe.

I want to talk to you too.

I'm about to go to your villa.

I can go insane!

I can't stand all this anymore.

... my life has become more and more weird, you know.

During the time I stay in the villa ...

Don't go against your fate.

Not making any sense!

If you feel that all this is beyond your control ...

What do you mean calmly?

... face it calmly.

... which is the same as yours.

I suddenly have the ability ...

What the hell is wrong with me?

Don't you want to know ...

You two must have known it, right?

... why me and Elisa can interact with them?

That's none of my business.

You should know ...

... that me and Elisa had been to have an accident,
falling down to a ravine.

After that ...

And I'd been in a coma for a few days.

... the world has changed.

Scary things have been coming to me.

The same with what you're experiencing now.

When we feel something wrong with our life ...

... and we don't know what to do, just live with it.

Well ...

... we must still fight.

... eventhough in life we can't get what we want ...

I think ...

Then what did you do?

... after you've seen those strange things.

I mean ...

Well ...

What did you do?

... just go on with it.

I'm sure that ...

... you'll eventually get used to all this, Yud.

You know that ...

... Dewa can easily tell them to go away.

But me?

I'm not as strong as you think.

I'm not accustomed to all this yet.

I'm still often scared.

And Lisa is often possessed.

So that's why you're always together?

Yudha ...

... may I go to your villa's upstairs?


You know who she is?

The one you told me about.

... I need to know about the dancer.

But ...

I don't want to go back there again.

That villa is dangerous.


But I'm not sure yet.

Help me just this once.

... please.

Yudha ...

Then what does it have to do with you two?

It's a spirit.

I'm getting more confused now.

What if I tell you the truth in return?


I'll tell you why you have the same ability like me.

Fine, I agree.


I'm going to the toilet now.

What's wrong with you?

Why don't you answer my question up to now?

Are you sick?

If you're sick, you better go home.

I'll handle your duties.

I'm scared.


Scared of what?


Lisa, wait.

What's wrong with Elisa?

Why did she walk so fast?

She seems strange.



Wait, Lisa!



So she's possessed?

The one in front of us is not Elisa!

Are you nuts? Elisa is right in front of us.

Lisa, where are you?

How am I supposed to know that?

Who has possessed her?

... usually has no ability to communicate with us.

The spirit which enters human's body ...

Dewa, wait!








Your show was so cool. I like it.




... we can be like we used to be.

I hope that ...

I still love you.

... I'm seeing Radit now.

But, Vin ...

You're seeing Radit?

So you'd rather be with Radit than with me?


Lita ...

... for your information ...

Except you.

... no girls in this campus ever say no to me.

Who do you think you are, huh?

I really don't like to be rejected.

Vin ... / Listen.

One more thing.

I won't let you be happy with Radit.

Remember that.


Let's take a ride somewhere.


You're very amazing.

You finally made it again and again.

I'm so proud of you.

Oh, come on. I've already prepared everything to
celebrate your success.

Some other time, okay?

You don't want me to cancel it after everything is
prepared already, do you?

I've prepared everything already.

So come on.

Let me change dress first, okay?

No need. Let's just go now.

Come on.

... whose house is this?

Hey ...

Hi, darling.

What are you doing here?



She's my new girlfriend.

Lita, let me introduce her.

What is your intention for bringing me here?


Do you realize who you are now?

You're nobody.

I can get any woman I want.

So now I don't need you anymore.

You feel how painful it is to be me, right?

Now you feel what I used to feel, don't you?

Lis. Lisa.

Are you all right?


I was possessed by my sister's soul.


She told me how she died.

And there is something in that wall.

Do you remember?

I said I saw a dancing woman.

She also showed me this place.

I'm at the crime scene now.

Yes, I'm coming.


Let's go see, hurry.

See what?

They said somebody had found a body in the villa
across our hotel.

What? You serious?

Move away, move away.

Come on. Hurry up.

What's going on?

Excuse me. / Please.

Let us take care of it from here.

Thank you.

Let's go back.

Papa and mama must know about this villa.

Why it cannot connect?


You're leaving?


You can't go.

The creatures in that villa keep haunting me!

Elisa and me have to go home.

You must get used to this condition.

I mean ...

... I just want to have friends.

Yudha ...

... me and Dewa must leave.

You are part of them.


You're already dead, Yudha.

And you were murdered by two robbers.

It happened when you're on the way to the villa.

And your body was dumped to the ravine.


Yudha ...

How do you know?

You're lying!

You are the same as the others.

You asked for my help.

And you came to my dream.

I can't refuse.

This can't be happening.

Do you know ...

... why everytime you look at the clock it always stops
at nine?

Because that's your time of death.

... the time always stucks at their time of death.

For people who died of unnatural causes ...


Is that why he's always gone abruptly like that?

Because we're already dead?

He wanted to accompany you.

Yudha ...

... me and Dewa must leave now.

After this ...

So that your body can be evacuated soon.

... I'll inform your family.

So that you can be peaceful up there.

Yudha ...

... actually ...

... I'm the same as you.

Nia ...

You look like you've been chased by a ghost.

... what's wrong?


... I'd like to return the key.

Miss ...

Here's your card, Miss.


I never thought that ...

... they could do that to Erlita.

Erlita is a nice woman.

I don't know what to do anymore, Wa.


Absolutely correct.

My guess is right.

Miss Elisa is a strange woman.

What do you mean, strange?


Yudha ...

... the time always stucks at their time of death.

For people who died of unnatural causes ...

I saw Miss Elisa talking by herself.

... me and Dewa must leave now.

Whom is the other drink for?

I also saw her talking by herself before.


For my friend.

Excuse me.


Yes. She's quite weird.

It gives me the creeps.

Don't discuss it anymore!