Takut: Faces of Fear (2008) - full transcript

Anthology of 6 horror story from Indonesia. From ghost,zombie,insect,murderer and cannibal.

Hey, Dinna!


Dammit, you scared me!
You're like Shira, jumping on everyone.

In that case, maybe I can kiss you.

Hey, get off my girl, or I'll mess you up!

Easy, bro...

Dinna may be your girlfriend,
but she's not your wife yet.


She's still ours to share
until next month.

Take that!

Did you forget to turn off the lights?

- What lights, where?
- There!

I think it's from next door.

Honey, have you forgotten
your own house?

That's our house... with the light on.

At least I haven't forgotten about you.

The house is okay.
You want to go check?

Maybe a burglar broke into your house.

Pipin's house was broken into yesterday.

Pipin? Pipin is a sissy, just letting
them take everything like that.

Give me the key.

My telephone.

- Hello.. Andre?
- I'm on my way.

- What time is it?
- I had deadline for Monday.

What the hell were you thinking?!

I could've picked her up myself.

I know I'm late,
but it's not like I forgot about her.

Hi Bayu.

I'm picking up Shira.

Sorry I'm late. Is she inside?


Hey...hey, Andre...

Shira is at school. Didn't you pick her up?

Hey! Listen, this is my house.
You can't just come in like this.

Shira? Papa's here!

I told you, she's not here.

What's this then?

Her shoe, of course. She does live here.

- Shira!
- Here..

Look, hold on a minute.
Your taxi is waiting.

I'd go find Shira if I were you.

Dinna will kill you
if she finds out that you left her.



Just go. Hurry!


Good morning, Bayu...

What's gotten into you?
Washing your car so early in the morning?

Good morning.

Well it's not every morning
that I see Bayu washing the car.

Not only that, he mopped the floor
and did the laundry, too.

Hey, will you join us for breakfast?

No, a client is coming
to see the Show Unit.


Come to breakfast, honey.

I'll see you inside.

Honey, when you were home last night,
did Andre call?

Why would Andre call?

- He's with Shira.
- I'm just asking.

It's just that he got to the school
really late.

I just wish he would call.


Yes, this is where Shira lives.

Shira has been kidnapped.

Hello? Who is this?

I saw what you did last night.

If you want to know where the body is,
follow my instructions.

Ok...How much money do you want?

But I want to speak to her first.


Are you okay?

Don't be afraid, baby.
Shira! Shira!...hello..hello

Who are you calling?

Hello? Police Station?

Don't do that, he will hurt her.

Look, let me deal with this.
I will handle it, okay?



Where's the body?


Dinna! No!

If you want to buy that house,
I can give you a special price.

- How about the security?
- It's very safe here, Sir.

Let's step inside the Show Unit
and I'll tell you more about it.

Right this way.

No way he'll force me into this.
That's a typical man.

- It's unfair
- you know where I stand on this kind of thing, right?

Why don't you go out
with him, Mar?


Well, I guess
you've got to go then.

No, that's a move.
That's definitely a move.

I'm going to my mother's house.
Were having a keris cleansing ritual.

Were Javanese, you know.

And tonight
is the eve of a Kliwon Friday.



Naya, shall we go inside?

Yes Uncle, I will in a second.
I just need to make a quick call.

- Is Leo here?
- He's in the back.

Let's go, we're starting soon.

I'll be right there.
Hey, Din? What's up?

Oh, really?

Naya, let's go.

- Where's Naya?
- She's still outside.

She'll come in.


Is Naya coming in?

Hello, Brother.
Yes, she will, eventually.

You know her, she's only here
because she couldn't find

a good excuse this time.

How are you and Tommy?

I've been too busy
to go to court.

But, you know, it's not
like I'm going anywhere.

It's he who wants to go off and get
married again.

Excuse me.

Hello? Hi, Mar.

- How could you say that?
- Hey, Cousin, let's go to your room.

How long has it been
since I last saw you?

Two years, you think?

I think so.

You were such a boy.
Look at you now.

You have a girlfriend?

No. I've been single for a long time.

Liar. I bet you score a lot.
Girls like your type, you know.

Really, Sister?

- Let's just stay here, okay?
- But...

Come on. There are enough of them...

They won't notice we're gone.

Let all those Kejawen believers
be possessed by the demons.

Watch your mouth, Sis.

I've seen someone get possessed.

Wouldn't you be scared
if a ghost possessed you...

...and wouldn't go away?

Ah, what demon do you think
could stand me?

Leo, come here.

Come on.
Sit here and have a cigarette with me.

Stupid me. Do you have a lighter?

No. I don't smoke.

Oh, really? That's crazy.
You don't smoke, don't have a girlfriend.

A real good boy, aren't you?

Not really, Sis.

I have had girlfriends, you know.

Oh, I am sure you have.

Your lips.

Sis, I'd better go get ready.

- Who's this?
- Hey.

Tell me!

She's just a friend.
Please give it back.

I thought you didn't have a girlfriend.

She's just a friend.
Give it back to me, please Sis.

Will you stop calling me 'Sis'?




Sister Yani?





What demon could stand me?



She must have been a virgin.

How do you know?

Poor girl...

He killed her.


Right when they were 'doing it'!

He cut her throat
at the moment of orgasm.

You're making it up. That's too creepy.

Am not. My brother is a policeman.
He told me.

During the orgasm?

You do believe that the body
has a power don't you?

I guess so...

Well, that's why the killer
cut off her body parts.

Even the police
couldn't find those parts.

What did he take?

Her teeth were all gone.

Her fingers... eyeballs...
and her heart.

They say those body parts
can give you mystic power.

- Is this for real?
- Of course!

They can give you
wealth, beauty. Anything.

And a virgin at the point of orgasm
has the most power.


What are you doing in here?

We got some leaks
near the cutting machine.

- Looking for some cleaning supplies
- Well, come on, let's go!

Beautiful, isn't she?

Do you know what she really likes?

She likes to be watched.

Know what I mean?

It's on the house...

So, you like to watch.

But, wouldn't you rather take part
and join me?

Doesn't it feel good?

Now, let's play...

You will make me so beautiful...

Irina! Wake up.


Honey, please wake up.


Are you sure she won't wake up?

Yes, don't worry.
But just to make sure...

Irina! Wake up.


What's wrong with you, Irina?

...And now, back to our movie.

'' Cockroaches in the mouth ''
Good, he hates insects.

To hell with him!

Hey, listen...
I want to see him.

And I want him to see Me!

- No, you can't...
- Yes I can!

You didn't order that,
it's not on The List.

Why don't you go home
and leave this to me.

Give that to me.

I'll put it on The List!

What do you want?
More money?

I have money.

Wait a second...
Next on The List...


'' Leeches on the face ''

I want to see him die.
Come on!

You work so slow.

Some dukun you are,
If you can't even pull this off.

Can't you let me see him?

- What's that?
- Swallow it.

Eat it if you want to see.
Come on.



I can see you.

Sarah, how are you doing this?

Not 'how'. Think 'why'!

- We agreed to break up nicely.
- F**k you!

How dare you dump me for that bitch!

You're the bitch.
You slept with my brother.

So what!
How do you like your pretty face, now!?

She won't think you're so cute now,
will she?

If she ever wakes up, that is.

Don't you dare...
You're going to pay for this.

Damn! He turned me off!

Turn it back on. I want to see!

Hey Andre...

Okay Dukun, finish him off!


Yes, 'Dukun'. Surprised?

Why are you with him?

Come on, Dukun, do it now!

You're not the only one
who can cast a spell.

I'm paying your √Ądukun now!

I also hired the dukun !!


You hired the dukun , too?

What does he mean?

'' Scorpion attack ''

Is that true?

Dukun.. is it true? Is it true?

Dukun... What's happening?

Dukun... What's going on?

It's in my stomach.

Please stop it. It hurts!

Dukun.. Dukun.. make it stop!

Dukun.. Dukun..
why are you doing this?


'' Choking centipede ''
Because it is on The List.

An accident at the Namro-4 lab

...the spread of a deadly virus
throughout Jakarta.

Within three days the Authorities
had quarantined the entire city.

The highly contagious virus...

...caused violent
and cannibalistic behavior.

A week after the evacuation
the Gegana Special Forces...

...were sent in to rescue
the uninfected.

Of sixty people found,
only Anton and I survived.

Most of the people have lost everything...

...family, friends,
and worst of all their souls.

All they have left is... the Hunger.

My brother.

Stay cool. The coordinants are being
transmitted at zero-seven-hundred hours.

Hatta, stay close to Anton and Antariksa.
Gadis goes with me.

Listen! You can write whatever you like
in that tabloid of yours

but if you try going
off on your own again...

I'll ask Antariksa to put a bullet
right between your eyes. Understand?

Yeah, I hear you.
Just take it easy, okay?

Hatta, run!

Don't worry, just stay close to me.

Anton, slow down.

We are all doomed
to die like a dogs here, aren't we?

And you still believe
they're gonna rescue us?

- Our Captain is the best, Anton.
- Whatever...

We will be safe, okay.

Oh, hang on...

Stupid me. 'Karaeng'

'Karaeng'. That's your father, right?
Of course they won't let you die.

Stop it! Damn you. Take one more step
and I'll blow your head off.

How is Mr. Vice President?
He's your father, right?

That's our pick-up point.

- Follow me.
- Okay.

But what about the others?

Ngurah is always on time.
Our Captain never misses his target.

Do you think they'll make it?

That's Gadis and Captain Ngurah.

As accurate as a Swiss watch.

There they are.


They got me, Hatta.

Most of us lost everything.

and worse of all, our souls.

All there is left is... the Hunger.


Not sure what happened,
but she just dumped me after that.

Yes, it hurt.

But I've moved on now.

Can you come to my house tomorrow?
I'd like to cook for you.

Tomorrow? Your house?

Look, I know you own this place
and that you run the kitchen.

We've been chatting for a while now
but you haven't mentioned your name.

Adjie, the more you struggle,
the more this will hurt you.

This is for you, Dara.

I'll be just a second, Eko.

Eko, but weren't we suppose to meet
tomorrow night?

Yes, you're right.

You see, I was supposed
to train that actress client of mine.

But she cancelled,
something came up.

I've been asked to act too, you know.
I'll tell you about it some time.

Anyway, so I went home.
And on my way home I remembered you.

I remembered you told me that you
live around here. So I...

What was that?

Excuse me.

Help! Help me, please!



Sorry for the wait.

I'll make it quick.

Andre, what would you like to drink?

Excuse me, Dara, I'm Rama.
We met...

Gosh, who else has been here?
Looks like there's been a party.

Nobody has been here.

Have you eaten?
Go on, try my cooking.

This is delicious.

Why aren't you eating?
It's really good.

Thank you, Dara. I'm not hungry.

- What's your name again?
- Rama.

Man, Dara's gone through
all this trouble. Come on, have some.

Are you on a diet or something?

Let me show you something.

You want this, right?

Just like this.

Let me tell you, it's all about
determination and effort. Hard work.

A hundred crunches a day for
two years, you'll get there.

Are you a member of
the Bugar Fitness Center?

What's that noise?