Takumi-kun Series: Nijiiro no garasu (2009) - full transcript

Takumi and Gii are now a couple, but Takumi is still uncomfortable with showing affection. Not only that, but Takumi grows jealous when Gii starts paying attention to a good-looking first year student. Is Gii's love really that fickle?

Away from much human habitation and
deep within the mountains stands?

An all-boys school.
The Shidou High-Class Academy.

It was here that I was able to make
an encounter that drastically changed my destiny.

That person was not only a resident from America
that came back to study over here?

But also a person who was always
the center of attention in school.

From everyone?s point of view, he was
just a degree or two distance away from themselves?

When compared with myself, that was fellow who
was entirely on the opposite side of the world from me.

It?s as though he was
of existence above the clouds.

Even so, that person has told me?

?Takumi, I love you.?

Takumi-kun Series
*originally hardsubbed by zvarkio*

- Ah, he?s finally come!

See there! Hey, Takumi! Today you?re
attending class by yourself again, eh?

Every other time, you?d come with Gii.

By this time, he?s probably gotten himself
another lover over in America, huh?

Gii will be coming back today.

After all this time, it?s finally time for
your reunion! By doing this? And doing things like this?

Aren?t you cute, Takumi-chan?~

That?s great? This guy probably does it with Gii, huh?
- Do tell us, how does that feel to you?

Tell us! - Yeah, it?s fine, you know!
- It feels good, doesn?t it?

- Yeah, it must, really!
- Do tell us how he makes you feel.

It's really nothing to be ashamed about, you know!
- That's right! - Do tell us, please!

Morning! Takumi?


Did you hear, Gii?
That this morning was incredible, wasn?t it?

What about it?

At the moment of your return from America, you
made an open kiss with Hayama, didn?t you?

Everyone throughout the class made
a ruckus about it, you know.

That wasn?t anything but a morning greeting, really!

Isn?t that right, Takumi?

At any rate, all around here just causes over
exaggerated commotion more than anything else.

But, Gii?!
- What?

Maybe after all? Actions like this morning?
If you do things like that in front of everyone,
it will cause?

I?m sorry, Hayama-kun!

Even though I was there,
I wasn?t able to do anything for you.

That?s not it, Suzuki-kun.
Don?t worry about it!

You intended to protect Takumi, didn?t you?
With that thought in mind, that?s already plenty, Takeshi.

This is some souvenir coffee from Seattle!

Although fractals are great,
do enjoy like a coffee break, occasionally.

Well, although coffee doesn't have
much taste for celebrations?
Why don?t we still have a cheer?

Yes, let?s.
- Cheers!


C?mon, Takumi also!
- Yet, what about our earlier talk??

If you don?t do as you?re told,
I?ll do the same again~

Ah- wait there! Gii, quit it!
I get it! I got it already!


Hayama has sure changed, hasn?t he?

That?s for sure! Although I had always thought of him
as a full-out obstinate and cruel guy?

Every since he?s been going out with Gii, he
now tends to give off some good vibes.

Good vibes?
- To see you even talking with everyone in such a fun way?

That wouldn?t have been even imaginable
like at this time last year.

You better be grateful to me! It?s all thanks
to my extreme consultations with Gii, you know!

Well, it?s been troublesome on Yoshizawa?s side too, huh?

It?s since you?re going out with
prince of the Shidou Academy, after all.

That?s great that we can look back
at those day?s troubles!

That?s certainly...
Just as everyone says?

The previous me? Would be weak at
involving in matters with other people

And would close off my heart towards all sorts of people.

That?s right?
That was all true until I met Gii?

Gii, are you asleep?

Hey, Takumi?

Will you not come over here?

Hey, why?d you turn them back on?

Hey, Gii...

Regarding this morning?s incident...

Again you have to bring that topic up??

Takumi, do you hate it when I kiss you?

It?s not that I hate it?

But? Doing so in front of everyone is just?

No one?s looking now.

If it?s like this, it should be fine, right?

Otherwise... If it?s like this?

That?s enough, Gii?

By doing this, stop trying to deceive me!

From here, if we?re to do something like this?
If someone like a teacher were to discover this?

We?ll probably be expelled from school right away.

But? Maybe after all? To be expelled will
also be fairly relieving. Or something like that.

Are you seriously saying something like that?


To stop going to school...

For mountains of people, there are those
that have their circumstances.

Even at times like these...
Don?t say such things so lightly!

Times like these, you say??

Let?s sleep already.

Good night.

Hold on, Gii!


Seattle is really famous, isn?t it?

Their coffee is. The variety of it and well?

Also, there?s that thing? ?The Four??
- Morning, Hayama-kun!

"The Four Greatest Sports?"? Were you able to watch them all?
- No, not all of them.

American football and?
- Yeah, that and baseball and basketball.

How were they?
- Gii? Are you angry?

About what?

Since? Gii, this morning...

Leaving that aside, class is about to start. We?re
supposed to change classrooms for the first period, right?

- Let?s go!

Wherever did Gii go, I wonder?


Where did you go?!

Oh? It?s Takumi!

Hey Gii? About yesterday?
If you?re offended, let me apologize.

Yesterday?s happening??

Stop trying to dodge the subject!
You are mad, aren?t you?

It?s because I said that during homeroom,
in front of everyone. I wanted you to stop doing that?

Hmm? That?s why Takumi wants to improve my mood, eh?

Well, that is also true, but?

You know, Takumi,
can I ask a favor of you?

A request for something?

To tell you the truth?
I was hoping to hold a party.

A party??

Well, it?s not intended to be something of that much attention...
- But? A party for what?

To celebrate the acceptance of Morita Tooru-kun
to this academy.

This Morita Tooru? is who?

The vice-monitor of class 1-D.

That person being the vice-monitor means?
that he?s like a transfer student, right?

Yeah. Right in July, he began attending here.

Why have an acceptance party now, of all times?

That?s definitely something, isn?t it... Then,
for this time of the term, why don?t we host a Halloween party?

Whatever the pretext under the event is,
it doesn?t really matter.

In any case, I just want to invite him to the party.
The other members will be Shozou, Takabayashi and Takeshi.

And then myself and you, too, Takumi.

For such a gathering of second-years?
someone like a first-year wouldn?t come, you know.

That?s almost certain that he?ll reject the invite.

The one to undertake the mission to invite him
will be you, Takumi.

Excuse me...
- Yes?

I was wondering? The fellow that
goes by ?Morita Tooru?, where would he be?

If it?s Morita? Always during lunch break,
he?s in the library.

Excuse me...
- Yes?

Looking for something?


You?re the second-year?
If I?m not mistaken, you are? Hayama-san.

That?s true, but...

Why do you know about me??

Aren?t you always together with Saki Gii-senpai?

Yup. You are...?

I go by Morita Tooru.

Pardon me?

Did you need something from me?


What are you searching for?

Although typically I read only mystery stories...

I try to occasionally read up on something else.

By the arrangements, it should be around here.
- If that?s so, let me join you in looking for it.

What?s the book?


The ones that are non-linear designs.
- "Fractals", eh? ?Fractals??

Sorry to trouble you.

Excuse me, but? Morita-kun?


Never mind... "Fractals"?
It was called ?Fractals?, right?


Did you invite him yet?

Nope, not yet.

But? why that kid?

It?s essential to have a ?beauty? at a party,
isn?t it?

That guy is the most handsome fellow of
all the first-years, after all.

Gii? Do you have an interest in that kid?

At any rate, just invite him quickly!

Good night!

As I thought, that guy is appropriate.

That guy, you say...
- Takumi, definitely invite him before the day ends.

All right, I know.

Class is about to start!

You found it, that book.

Hayama-senpai! Finally, I found it.

About yesterday... Thank you very much!

Nah? It wasn?t anything much?

You?re quite amazing, aren?t you, Hayama-senpai?

To be able to accompany such a fantastic group of people?

?Fantastic group of people??

Yes. Honestly, I?m quite envious.

Well, see you later!

Yes! Goodbye, senpai!


Did you invite Morita Tooru yet?

- And?

Although I did, he said he had some
other business so he couldn?t come.

What?s with that?

If Morita-kun isn?t there?
There?s no meaning behind this all, you know?

Gii, you?ll be so fine with Morita-kun, huh?

When you invited him, did you mention my name?


He?ll get the message if you do.

Aren?t you one quite full of yourself?

Ever since then there wasn?t a single time
we slept at the same time?

As I thought,
Gii does feel something for Morita-kun?

And so he?s given up on me already?

That?s why he?s onto Morita-kun...

By the way, where?s Suzuki?

At lunch breaks, he always seems
to be at the chemistry room!

Well, that?s expected of the president of
the science club, eh? Always fervent about his research.

As it?s Takeshi, since his health isn?t too great,
he needs to relax as much as he can.

What?s with that? How disappointing. After all this trouble,
I?ve got some amazing Belgium chocolate made and ready for him.

Well, you can just dish it out
to him at tomorrow?s party.

I?ve already carefully prepared all the
party goods, too. They should be here soon.

Gii, you?re still throwing a party?

- But Morita-kun hasn?t?

After I tell someone to do something,
they?ll do it!

Sheesh, this is heavy?

Why did Gii have to go out of his way to
bring all this stuff along from America?

What happened now? Between you and Gii?

Gii? It seems as though Gii has
given up on me or something.


Why are you saying that all of a sudden?
There?s now way that could be true.

But? Recently?

Whatever I should do when I accompany Gii,
I just don?t know sometimes?

To me, you know? People should?

After confessing their feelings to each other?
And then they begin going out?

I always thought they?d both become very happy.

Moreover, after that each person should be
able to read all of the other?s feelings?

Together they should understand each other.


That has never at all happened for us.

Although I do believe in Gii?

Perhaps it is that I still
cannot look into his heart .

Whatever he?s thinking about,
I don?t know at all.

It?s that way for all lovers! What?s
important is that you believe in your partner.

And then see what happens. That?s where you?re
free to expect and watch anxiously for, no?

At the school hall, I forgot
to take some paper cups!

I?ll go bring them over.
- Okay.

Take care of yourself, okay?

Happy Halloween!
Happy, happy Halloween!~

Eat plentifully, really!
All of this here is fine, you know!

Why is it that??

Trick or treat!

You?re late, Takumi!

- Yeah?

Gii? Why is he here??
- I directly invited him, myself.

With one hit, it?d be okay, you know!

It?s just great
that they seem to be having fun.

Morita, you should try it on, too!

Gii, as this doesn?t happen often,
why don?t we take a group picture?

That?s an awesome idea! Yeah!
That?s just great! Let?s take it quickly!

C?mon! Hurry along, too, Hayama!

Come on, hurry!

All right!

What?s one added to one?
- Two!

C?mon everyone, be sure to eat
as much as you can!

Morita-kun, do be sure to eat a lot!
- I will! Thank you!

Although we say that everyone should eat a bunch,
everything was prepared by Gii, you know!

Gii, do properly eat some, hey!
We have this much, after all!

This is really a good shot, isn?t it?

Let me check it out!
- Here, see!

You?re lookin? good, too, Morita-kun!

Later, I?ll print it out and give you a copy!
- Thank you very much!

Takumi! After all, this is a party that
Morita-kun could participate with us?

I brought Takumi?s violin and prepared it for you.

If you?ll play?

Morita-kun will definitely also want to listen.

So, Takumi, I beg of you.

All right, I get it.


Do you really like him?

Are you really satisfied with him?

I?m sorry?

What?s wrong, Takumi?

Weren?t you in the middle of that song?!



Wait up!

That?s enough! I already
know about your feelings, Gii!

That?s not how it is, Takumi! Listen~!
- I?ve had enough of these feelings!

Why don?t you just clearly state
that you?ve given up on me?!

If you find Morita-kun that much better,
go just say it clearly and go out with him!

That?s because no one out there would reject you!
I?m tired of what you?re always doing for yourself-

Are you listening carefully?
To what I have to say.

Today?s party was?

?Takeshi?s farewell party.

Farewell party?? Why do you say that?
What?s the meaning of that?

That guy is...

He will stop going to school starting tomorrow.

There?ll be an announcement made to us on Monday.

That can?t be?

Suzuki-kun? Did he do something of the nature to
get himself expelled or something?

That?s not it at all. That?s a guy who
has more personal reasons behind what he does.

Personal reasons??

Is that why earlier...

After joking about getting expelled or
dropping out of school, you were?

Don?t talk about this with others, okay?

The ones who know about Takeshi?s leave of
school are just me and Shouzou.

If more people find out,
that?ll just be more difficult for Takeshi?

But? Then, why is Morita-kun involved??

Hey, you two!

What are you two doing alone so sneakily?

Hurry and come back!
- Heading over now!

C?mon, Takumi! Let?s go.

I?m sorry! To have left so suddenly and randomly.

By the occasion of you running out like that, Hayama?

It now seems they can merrily talk about what they have
in common? Looks like those two are talking like friends now.

You?re around the library some, aren?t you?

What kind of books do you read usually?

I read mystery stories.

That?s how it is, huh?

Mysteries are sure interesting, aren?t they?

What sort of books are you interested in?

Science books and the like.

That?s since you?re the science club president, huh?

Eh? You know about that?

Over there, next to his science club,

if I had to say at this time,
that was my first glance of Suzuki-kun?s smile.

Well, n-next time, you know,
do come to see the science club.

There?s a lot of amazing and interesting
things we do, really.

That happy expression of Suzuki-kun?
I had never seen it before.

I?m sorry, Gii.

I not only doubted your feelings, but also?

Even though the reason you wanted to invite Morita-kun
was for the sake of Suzuki-kun. I?

I knew about it, you know.

That you lied about inviting him and whatnot.

Was that so?

Yet, I was glad.

Wasn?t that just your ?reflex? of jealousy, right?

That?s still fairly mysterious, you know?

You were born in America, Gii?

And I in Japan. For such a faraway place,
to even fathom this encounter between us, it?s?

Incredibly mysterious, in my opinion.

Even if it was the same neighborhood, there?s still
plenty of people you?ll never meet in your whole life.

It?s destiny, really.


Ever since I met you...

that?s how I felt.

My thoughts have been working to reach you
from faraway all along.

That?s why it isn?t in the slightest bit
mysterious. We were meant to meet.

Do you really think so?

If it wasn?t so, now,
I wouldn?t even be here.

To think we just had a party yesterday,
and yet, you?re leaving today!

Although it?s just been a year and a half spent
with you guys? Really, it?s been a lot of fun!

I?ll be absolutely sure to watch
over your science club, you know!

Yes. Please do and thank you, Matsumoto-sensei!

Suzuki-kun! We?ll surely meet again, right?

Everyone, thanks for all that you?ve done!


This is...

It?s what you like, right?

Yeah. I?m most happy.

Thank you?

All the best to you!

I?ll do my best to overcome this!

Well then, that?s it.

It?s going to become lonely, huh?

Let?s go back already.

What?s the matter, Gii?

It?s like your countenance is a bit off still?

Is it, Gii? What is the meaning of this all?

Suzuki-kun has...

Takeshi has?

gone to the hospital.

The hospital?

Why I went to America was?

Not just because it was my dad?s company?


I went to see a doctor I knew.

So that it wouldn?t be revealed about Takeshi?

Although he?s desperately tried
not to let anyone know about this?

It?s a fact that he can?t move his
body freely anymore.


Ever since Takeshi matriculated into this school?

There was no prospects for him to
graduate from Shidou.

Although the actual person knew himself?

For him, it?s been that?

All over his body, he has been inflicted with a
terminal disease causing muscle ossification.

His muscles are? ossifying??

All of his bones are gradually degrading?

And so it?s not just his muscles?

This ?immobility? has already spread to
all of his limb joints, too.

That?s in the meanwhile of his
loss of touch and movement.

Moreover, this will even reach his respiratory system?

That fellow did?

Go to the hospital to die.


To try and not develop this any further?

He went to a nursing-home-like hospital?

He has made this decision himself.

So that he wouldn?t cause trouble to those around him.

He said that it was so he could
spend the remainder of his life there.

Yet, I tried at all costs not to give up hope!

In his stead, I looked all over for
some doctor who could treat or cure this!

It was all for Takeshi?s sake that I went away.

So then??

How did it go?

There?s no longer anything left for us to do for him.

I don?t want to let him die!


That guy?s on the verge of death?!

Saki Giichi-kun?

There?s a phone for you.

That appearance of Gii? Up till now?
Never seen such before.

That?s because Gii had been crying?


I? just didn?t know what to say to him.

And so, I couldn?t even utter any word.

Stay at his side.

And then? Show him your smile.

Did you say smile?
At this sort of time??

It?s because of that time that you should!

Akaike-kun, are you? really okay?

Can?t you see that I?ve already taken in the damage?

That?s not what I really meant.

You know, I?m...

Acknowledging that not a lot of time remains?

I do know what it means for Suzuki-kun
to be hospitalized.

As I haven?t wanted to admit defeat?
I haven?t been able to grasp it, myself.

Even though my mother had been an expert doctor.

To get angry because of words? It would
always become so weighty after so long?

That?s how your character has been, too, hasn?t it?

I also have often? Since I was young?
I was told that I lacked charm and elegance.

That?s all because of that wall
you?ve created for yourself, you know!

Then? Gii has broken down that wall?


Gii? Would he really think of it like that?

That?s what I?d like to think, but?

After that? Someone called him on the phone?
Then afterwards?

He became his usual self all of a sudden.
As it seemed to be something urgent, he just left.

That probably was related to
his father?s work, in my opinion.

Once he?s requested to do something,
he doesn?t refuse.

Gii is the son of a significant business representative.

In the future, he?s supposed to succeed his father?s position.

Moreover, compared to myself?

That just makes me want to know more about him!

By learning and knowing about him,
I do hope to get closer to Gii!


The ones that are non-linear designs.

Could it be that? it?s the same with Morita-kun?

For Suzuki-kun, even if it?s just a
little bit, I do want to be closer to him?

Two days later, on Monday?

By our homeroom teacher, Matsumoto-sensei and?

By the class monitor of 2-D?

As representatives of our class, they
allowed us to visit Suzuki-kun at the hospital?

Hey, Gii??
- Hmm?

How did you know, Gii?
About Suzuki?s feelings and thoughts.

I?ve been his friend since freshman year.

Just by watching him, I know.

Ever since the day that Morita-kun entered our school?

Although he had been disappointed in all other new students?

Morita was someone altogether different to his eyes.

That?s what we?d call a dream coming into vision, perhaps.

Attraction from first sight, eh?

Then, after meeting and hearing him upon coincidences?

And then encountering him at the library,
among other situations?


To Suzuki-kun?

Do you think we can cheer him up?

You oaf!

More importantly, those flowers?

Be sure to hold on to them well!

But you know? These magnolia lilies were truly
tough to notice at the florist?s, weren?t they?

That?s why I researched them on Wikipedia.

At my house, we have two plants of this, too.

These are the flowers that call forth spring, right?

That?s right.

Lily Magnolia, eh? Thank you.

How are your feeling?

Thanks to you both for coming over?
I feel a lot better

Nonetheless? This room is like a hotel room, isn?t it?
It?s most incredible!

Hayama-kun has become more straightforward now, huh?

Takeshi? It?s fine to say whatever shamelessly, you know!

Shamelessly? - Hey, Gii, if you say troublesome things,
right now you?ll be dumped by Hayama-kun, you know!

That?s right, you know! I?ll dump you!
- Takumi. You really are...

Hayama-kun has become much more open, hasn?t he?

What? No, I?m just, erm?

That?s fine. It?s all good.

Moreover, I? Towards that kiss
of you two in the classroom?

Really have seen the seriousness of you two.

I?m sorry, but let?s stop that conversation already?

You?re still concerned over that, aren?t you?!

That?s because?! What if it became
more of a fuss at school?!

Or shall I say? It?s all fine,
this matter is already?

Really, is it not thanks to Hayama-kun?

I?m sorry.
It?s not because I don?t want to say this?

But when I saw you two kiss each other?
In all honestly, I was initially very surprised.

Yet, afterwards I was concerned

Even so, you know, Gii
looked really happy that way?

With having that look?

I thought no one would ever complain
or gossip about that again

And so? It was like that circumstance?

That being said?? The reason you didn?t feel uneasy
was not because of me, but thanks to Gii!

Hayama-kun, you know,

in all frankness, during my first year?

I heard nothing but bad rumors about you.

Not only very sensitive and neurotic,
but also very submissive.

Even so, ever since you?ve become an item with Gii,
this kind of rumors disappeared.

Everyone? It wasn?t because we disliked you at all.

The reason why we avoided you was?
Since you shut us away from you, Hayama.

After it became our second year,
that was the first time we knew of your smile.

Everyone has seen your transformation.

That?s why, as Gii?s partner, you
are a different Hayama, really.

We really shouldn?t have judged you like a book cover.



I did not know that at all?

To see everyone think of me in that way, it?s?
In that manner? To have viewed me like that?

Let?s go.

If it was much earlier? It would have
been better to have become friends with him.

That?s true, huh?

Gii, this way!

What is it?!

Isn?t that Morita?

Why is he here?

Well, let?s go back to school.

Gii? Why are you going back?

I will regret letting him meet Morita.

Why?s that?
Why don?t we leave the two of them alone?

That guy?s going against the outside school rules.

But? Both of them share the same feelings, don?t they?
Wouldn?t Suzuki-kun be happy?

As if he?d be happy.

After knowing this, what will he do?! By seeing
Takeshi?s already worn-out state and thinking of leaving him?

Do you really want him to go, then?!

Wait a second, Gii!

In the end?
Morita-kun didn?t go to see him, huh?


Hey, Gii?

The reason why Morita-kun came to
the hospital was? At this last party?

To the reasoning behind why he was invited?
He finally realized why, huh?

That may be so, yeah?

After that, Morita-kun also? Surely because
he understood Suzuki-kun?s feelings and?

That?s why he even rushed over to the hospital?

That?s probably true, huh?

Hey, Gii?

Let?s get moving soon!

It?ll suck if we?re discovered on the way over.

Have you slept yet?

No, not yet? I?ve been thinking about a lot?

Will you come over here?

It?s been a while, hasn?t it?

For us to sleep like this?

You know, Gii?

Regarding our earlier conversation?

Why is it that you, Gii? Knew about
Suzuki-kun and Morita-kun?

Wait up just a minute, Gii!

Do you hate this?

I can?t get into the feeling tonight?

Do answer my question properly?

I?m begging you, Takumi!
Otherwise, I won?t be able to sleep!

Let me exhaust myself and be comforted by you!

All I want to do is think of nothing
and fall asleep without worries!

And ignore all the sensitivities I have!

At this rate, I will?!

What?s that?

What?s with the racket?

Wake up!

Without you saying so, that knock would be enough
to wake anyone up. ? It?s not time to joke around!

Suzuki?s condition has made
a sudden turn for the worse.

What? - By the circumstances? What?s said is
that the longest he has left is either today or tomorrow.

Right now, because of the sudden changes,
the president went to take his round over there.

That was said from the staff room?
That was the arrangement made for after those conditions.

Why did this have to??
That?s not fair?

Gii? Do you plan to go over?
- Yes.

It?s likely that the request
for you to leave won?t pass!

Wait, Gii!
What do you intend to do?

I will go storm in front of the teacher and beg
to get permission to go outside.

Oh-! Sorry about that, Saki!

Ah, sensei! I have something to ask!

Sorry, but can you ask me later?
- Excuse me!

What? What happened?

First-year Morita Tooru has disappeared.

Bring that over!


Gii, how?s it going?

Because of the commotion regarding Morita?s disappearance

none of the teachers have patience to hear me out.

The matter about Morita-kun
has become that much of a problem?

Regulate his breathing!


He seemed so much healthier?

It?s likely that he ran into some complications.


To tell you the truth, at that time?

I spoke with Takeshi?s mother.

That child? most likely
does not have much longer to live?

After his hospitalization tumult?
in regards to that virus?

We?ve already known that the remaining time
for him to live has dropped?

By the professional diagnosis, Takeshi?s body has?

Although the virus infection has abated,
his life has been put into much strain?

What is there that we should do, Gii?

Right now, all we can do
is nothing but pray that Takeshi sees Morita-kun.


Get a grip, Takeshi?!


Morita-kun didn?t even go to the funeral, did he?

Gii? From here? It seems like
everything has ended, doesn?t it?


This is why we?ve been entrusted
by Takeshi?s parents.

It seems like this was within here.


No direct subjects are there?

Yet, this is probably directed to
all of his Shidou comrades.

And so, he made it out to everyone.

Is it all right that I read it?


by the time of reading this?

I?m probably no longer in this world?

but no matter what, I?

Wanted to tell everyone my final feelings.

All because of this disease I have been born with?

Always, I?ve been meeting
the edges of death practically every day.

Thanks to that, I have from a young age?

Always been given special treatment in everything.

And yet, that never really gave me a great feeling.

Even then, I was avoided by most of my friends.

I did not want to complain.

Even so, ever since entering Shidou?

And upon meeting Gii?

I was able to make a good many friends.

As I could normally affiliate myself together with everyone?

That made me incredibly happy.

As I had truthfully?

Ever since the beginning of my matriculation to Shidou?

Although my parents evidently, along with my doctors,
were extremely against my attendance.

Even so, at the very end, all my doctors
and also my parents allowed me to go.

With the condition that I would leave school
as soon as something was wrong with me.

To the extent of which
it made life easier and more pleasant.

The life here was sure fun and exciting.

For the year and a half I?ve been at Shidou?

That time seemed to glisten with radiance.

Thank you!



The life of Suzuki-kun was after all?

Almost as if it was like
a ?cursed? but jewel-like glass?

- Yeah.

Born as colorless?

And yet shaped into something? At the end of
that life, it will shimmer with many colors.

That way, it?s like a rainbow-colored glass.

That may be so.


I am still happy, you know.

To be like this?
To accompany and be together with you, Gii.

originally hardsubbed by zvarkio