Taksim Hold'em (2017) - full transcript

On a Saturday night in Istanbul, despite the pleas of his fiancée, cynical Alper refuses to join the anti-government protests happening on his doorstep. He just wants to stay home for his weekly dose of poker, played with his regular crew of high-school friends. Alper's game is threatened as his friends set off on a series of passionate, and at times ill-thought-out, squabbles on whether they should join the demonstrations or not.




I don't want you to go!
Simple as that!

I'm not asking for your permission!

Yes, you will!

-I'm going!
-I do not want you to!

Can you believe that?
Every single day.

He is screaming at the top of his lungs.
Poor girl.

You won't hear them once you are out.
Ignore them.

Are you wearing these to dinner?

I'm thinking I should blow it off.

People are gathering at the
Taksim Square tonight. Let's go together?

Don't ditch the dinner.

Your boss wouldn't invite you
if it wasn't important.

You were saying
there might be a promotion.

Yeah, only because
the wimps sacked Suat.

They're not publishing my article
and haven't bothered giving me an excuse.

Maybe that's why they invited you.

If they don't print my article,
what difference does it make?

Did you get Tunç's birthday gift?

What are you meant to get
for a three-year-old?

The real question is why would you
throw him a birthday party?

The kid doesn't know what a birthday is.

He doesn't know he is three years old.

Tunç probably doesn't even know
what three is.

I am not going to disappoint
a little child.

Or rather, his mother.

Can't believe a pregnant woman
would bother with all this.

Imagine, people got them
wedding gifts as well.

That smashed plate was probably
carefully picked out by someone.

Stop making excuses.
Just say you can't be bothered.

Could I be any clearer?

Just kidding.

I was about to go out and get it.

Asli is particular about
Tunç's toys being gender neutral.

Don't get anything discriminatory.

Alper, what is this?
This is gross!

It's got bits of skin on it.
Don't leave this around.

It might have walked here.
Nature always finds a way.

Well, you stay home.
Let others fight for your rights.

Yeah, right.

If only the police cracked my head open,
then every problem would be solved.

-Be a man for once!
-Get out of my life! Enough!

Can't stand this!
I'm going knock on their door.

Let it go.

When the police come to collect her body
and ask us "Didn't you hear her scream?"

What will we say?
"We did, but we couldn't care less."

We'll say,
"We cared. We even considered moving out."

She lives there willingly.
She could walk away if she wanted to.

So she deserves it then?

No. I am just saying, not every woman
in a fight is asking to be rescued.

It is not up to us to judge.

Maybe this is the way
they spice up their marriage.




I thought we'd agreed
never to part angry.

I'm not angry.

Hey, handsome!

It's pretty bad outside.
Traffic is gridlocked.

Did you open up the road
with your cologne?

I floored it from the emergency lane.
I'll pay whatever the fine is.

Taksim is closed off.
Not a single place to park around here.

The anti-riot trucks won't drive
into this street, right?

Mate, you parked on the pavement?

Why did you take your car?

I am not spending all night looking
for a parking spot. Got stuff to do.

Plus, no one's gonna bother
writing a ticket tonight.

-So, how many are we?
-Four. Rafi and Altan are coming.

It is so hot in here.
Aren't you boiling in that?

I don't like playing with only four.

I called everyone,
no one is around.

They're either going to Taksim
or they say they're going.

I need to leave by midnight.

What do you mean midnight?

Is Defne playing?

No, she's not.
Why do you need to leave?

It's Tunç's birthday tomorrow.


I need to get back.

Will you set it up during the night?

Come on, Kaan...

I just have one night.

Is that the present you got for me?

You seriously didn't think that
I would buy your present for my son?

You haven't?

No. This is mine.

You really are something.

It would have been better for Tunç.

How could I know what a three-year-old
wants? You'd know better.

A gift is supposed to be a surprise.

It was going to be.
Everything is a surprise to him.

This is not like bringing beers
to the game. A gift shows your love.

Not at all.

Did you ever get me a gift?
Don't you love me?

You didn't get him anything last year.

He was two!
He was walking around in diapers.

What was I supposed to get him?

You might as well celebrate
Susam's birthday.

He is equally aware of the world.

We do celebrate his birthday.
The day we adopted him from the shelter.

I grill him a nice steak.
It makes him really happy.

He must get really pissed off
on his actual birthday.

It's not a crime to show people
that you care for them.

Also, we teach Tunç how to treat animals.

I hope you won't have to explain
where that steak comes from.

If it's too difficult to get
my son a gift, then don't bother.

No, man, that's not what I mean.

Of course it is not difficult.

Defne will give me an earful for not
getting a gift. That's what bums me out.

Once you have a family,

you will learn that
real joys in life are in these details.

Hear me out.

It is already 9.
The others have not arrived.

Are we just going to play for three hours?

Let me call Asli,
then can't you stay a bit longer?

Don't get in trouble for this.
I'll get another tomorrow.

Really? You sure?

Thanks, man.

What is it?

It's a toy gun.

Did you get a gun for a three-year-old?

Don't you want it?
You can always give it back.

No, no, I want it.

You know, isn't three
a little early for a gun?

Don't get me started.

He should learn he is a man.
Asli is already...

So you boys are having
a get-together tonight?

Not really.

Just a couple of guys from
high school are coming over.

All right then...

Don't make too much noise.

This guy embodies everything
that is wrong with this country.

He smokes in the hall
so that his house doesn't smell.

The landlord hung these
"Do not smoke" signs.

He probably thinks they are paintings.

-Which channel is Halk TV on?
-Tell him not to smoke.

And get involved with that moron?

I am worried his stupidity might rub off.

It is after 50 somewhere.

If stupidity rubbed off...

-Didn't you get any beer?

Come on, you freeloader!

How gleefully they spray that!

It is reported that the police are using
a different type of tear gas.

Where's Rafi?

He should've come by now.

He isn't working these days.

At least don't drink ours,
shameless leech.

Is Rafi still unemployed?

It is dumb to resign in a time of crisis.

You can't call him dumb.
He resigned because of his principles.

Call him and check
if he is okay or not.

Why don't you call him?
You have a phone.

I'm not sitting around idle like you guys.

One of you should call.

What are you doing that is so important?

I am sharing information.

I'm providing the address for people to
take refuge, giving out the Wi-Fi password

Altan, I hope
you're not giving out this address?

I would have given my address,
but I am not there now, am I?

You know that the police
can read your tweets too?

Why would the police need
to take refuge at your place?

Why are you getting me involved?

One day, when you are the one in need,
don't expect any help from anyone.

Man, call Rafi.
See if he's okay.

And tell him to bring more beer.
We don't have enough to last us all night.

Hold on, we are not going
to play poker on a night like this?

People are putting their lives
on the line, just outside this window.

For all of us.
Don't you care at all?

The country is going down in flames,
and all you want is to have fun.

You are like
the band on the Titanic, I swear.

Close the windows.
Tear gas is going get in.

No. It's already too hot.

The spirit of solidarity.

Odun. You do need to take
all this more seriously.

If we're staying home,
what difference does it make

whether we watch Halk TV or play poker?

Rafi is not a coward like you.

We'll leave once he arrives.
You can do whatever you want.

I am sure Rafi would trust you.

Like that time
you left him to get beaten up.

You should have told me this sooner.
I wouldn't have gone to all this trouble.

How was I supposed to know all this?

What did you expect? That police were
going to hand out sweets this week?

There... This is the problem.
You consider this to be normal.

Are you okay?

This is stronger than usual.

God knows what chemicals
they are using nowadays.

How is it outside?

Bad. People are starting
to barricade the street.

Can you believe these guys
are planning to stay home?

Do you have a charger?

Defne has one in the bedroom.

How much is the buy-in?

Let's make it 100.

Altan is the only one insisting on 50.


Wait, are you going to play poker?

Altan, sit down and let's start.

These days my only source of income
is to drain suckers like you.

Come on, man. Not you too.

Look, everyone is protesting
in any way they can.

And they can see us here.

Let's draw the curtains.

If we do not protest today, when will we?

Come on, man.
I am here to play poker.

You can go out when you want to.

Let's play, but I do think Altan is right.

It's long past time to say "enough".
Soon we won't even be able to say that.

-You're the last one to talk.
-These events deeply affect me.

The future of my children is at stake.

Did you quit your job to play poker?

-I've learned my lesson.
-You resigned for your ideals.

This commands respect...

Look, everything gets quickly
forgotten in this country.

Only fools get hurt along the way.

The day I resigned,
everyone at the TV station agreed to quit.

How many actually resigned?


What did that achieve?

I am unemployed now.

You can't blame yourself because
the others didn't do the right thing.

The right thing pays neither my rent
nor my mum's.

I got a friend from university.
They do wedding videos.

I could ask
if they have something for you.

Could you please deal already?

He said wedding videos.
The nerve.

Nothing is good enough for you.

You should ask yourself
why you can't find a job.

Kaan, come on, mate.

Altan, I am with you,
but this is not the right time.

I can't take such risks
when I have a family and kids.

You're saying
others should risk their lives.

I am raising kids
who will push this country forward.

Let's hope they don't take you
as a role model.

Altan, you just saw
how they are treating the protesters.

Okay. Joining the demonstration
might be the right thing,

but it is not the rational thing
to do.

Outside, you are exactly
where they want you to be.

Defenseless and weak.

You should stay
where you are strong, man.

Okay, but let's not play poker.
I mean, this is like...

It's like having a feast
when there are hungry people outside.

Which heartless person would do that?

This is where you are wrong.
This is what they are trying to do.

To crush your joy of life.

The more they ban,
the more we should enjoy life.

Are they banning alcohol,
we should drink.

Are they banning sex,
we should make love.

Are they banning porn...

Are they banning poker,
we should play.

Are they saying stop at the red light?
We should run it, man.

It is not illegal to play poker.

This is the only way
to resist their tyranny of fear.

This is the real resistance.

Come on, Altan.

Come. Sit down.

Buy-in is 100.

Collect the money first.
Otherwise it becomes a problem.

Did you bring just enough
for one buy-in, you cheapskate.

When did you see me
needing a second one?

Hi dear.
No, we're playing cards.

No, why would I be lying?

No, he is here as well.


Don't you worry.

Don't wait up for me. I'll be late.

Okay. Love you too.

Did you post something on Facebook?

I wrote a lot of things.

Should I just sit here,
doing nothing?

Then we are playing till late.

I told you
I have some business to attend to.

What business do you have
on a Saturday night?

"Those not joining the protests tonight
should immediately unfriend me."

Wow, look how many likes you got.

"We will fight to the death
and make these streets your demise."

And he tagged us all.

You shouldn't have checked-in
to the flat though.

Altan, are you schizophrenic?

Asli was worried,
thinking we are out on the streets.

She doesn't know you that well then.

Why are you rallying people,
if you are not doing it yourself?

It is better than
keeping silent like you guys.

What do you have to do tonight?

What do you think?

Don't make any stupid comments to Asli
tomorrow, about how I left the game early.

If people who say they'd lay down
their lives and actually did that...

The country would be cleansed.

In this struggle,
you are either with them or us. Okay?

Do you get to wear jerseys as well?

Couldn't you have done it
any other night?

Don't come running to me for help,
when it is your turn.

What will you do,
write a scary Tweet?

Guys, let's put the phones away.

They interrupt the game.

Since we don't have that much time.

If you remain silent to a crime--

Cut it!

Could you cut the cards, please?

Hold on, why are we short of time?

The gentleman here has some
family business to attend to.

Since when is screwing around
a family business.

Well done.

Were you hiding it from me?

I was getting so fed up
with all your talk about family.

I am almost relieved to hear this.

She is pregnant, man.

Precisely, do you think
I am doing it for fun?

Shall we order a pizza before we start?

Let's start first.

Let's order.
I am hungry as well.

Order it from a decent place.

Yeah, order it from a decent place.

Then "Oh, sorry, guys,
I don't have any cash on me."

What kind of a man are you?

Are you keeping tabs
on two slices of pizza?

Just order.
I'll pay for it all.


Okay. It's done. You are paying.

-Now cut the cards.
-Guys, have you seen this video?

The hidden camera footage
of the "Interest Rate Lobby".

Let's begin the game already.

Cut the cards.

This is unbelievable.

Come here. Come up here.


Come inside!

-Come inside!

Mate, what are you doing?

Come here! We're upstairs.

Altan, why are you inviting people here?

They're going to die outside.

Can you close the window?

-What is happening here?
-The police are attacking again.

Damn them.

I opened the front door,
so people can take refuge here.

Well done. Good for you.

Second floor. Come up here.

They almost got inside the building.

Get inside.

Damn you all. Damn you.

Seda, come inside!

You traitors! You scum!

Thank you very much.

Can you believe it, there are people
who won't open their doors?

Are you okay?
Are you trying to call Selin?

-Wait, wait for a second...

Goddamn! This is finished.

There should be some inside.


Okay. Just hold still.

-There wasn't any.
-Thanks anyway.

Are they not answering?

Are your friends outside?

There were four of us,
standing by the barricade.

Then a group with batons or clubs
attacked us from the side.

-They must be undercover cops.
-I don't know.

Then the anti-riot trucks dispersed us.

It was crowded, so we lost each other.


-But they must be fine, right?
-Yes, they were right behind us.

They were running as well.

Then they must be fine.
Don't worry.

Go away!

Leave our neighborhood!

We will prevail through resistance!

Altan, come on, get inside.

We will prevail...

Altan! Altan!
What are you doing?

-Are you out of your mind?
-Can't you see what they are doing?

Then go downstairs and throw
whatever you want from there.

Why are you getting us involved?

There are others down there as well.

Great, let them walk all over us!

Tonight we need to go out
and teach them a lesson.

She's not answering.

Did you get this address from Twitter?


I tweeted this address for people in need.


Sorry, we've interrupted your game.

Poker is a form of resistance
against the system.

Come on, guys!

Come on, guys, what?

We need to help these friends
find their friends.

They could be getting beaten to death
right now.

Altan, stop talking nonsense,
what death?

Thank you, but there's no need.

We'll leave once it calms down a bit.

Calm down? What if he is right?

Everybody should calm down.
It's full of cops down there.

Walter must be so afraid.

Who is Walter?

He is a renowned artist,
came to Istanbul for an exhibition.

We were showing him around.

You brought him here for sightseeing?

No, he wanted to join the protests.

Seda, they must be fine.
They were right behind us.

What if they were ambushed down the road?

He doesn't speak Turkish.

That's better. The police won't meddle
with things they don't understand.

He could be charged for being a spy.

We are wasting time talking.

What will you achieve if you go out?
Will you save him from the police?

Let's get out of here.

Seda, can you just calm down a bit?

Odun, do you have some sort
of a weapon in the house?

A huge knife or a baseball bat?

Defne has badminton rackets.

Are you going to tickle
the police to death?

Come on. Let's go.

-Stop. You can't leave on your own.

We can't?

I mean it is very dangerous outside.

Thanks for opening the door,
but we'll manage on our own.

Elif, he is just trying to help.

Come on, guys, you need to help as well.

You need to?

Look, I would love to help,
but my wife is pregnant with

our second child,
so I can't afford to worry her.

If you didn't stop her,
she would be at the frontline.

He is a foreigner, man.

One second.
We should be discussing this calmly.

Except you, Altan.

If you leave now,
you will walk straight out

into the same trouble you ran away from.

Even if your friends are there
which is highly unlikely,

you won't be able to help them.

You'll be putting yourself in danger
for no good reason.

I'd rather face up to danger
than stay home

and regret not going out.

Also, we're losing time here talking.

We're losing time talking.
Get on your feet.


Come on.

Wait up!

Odun, come on!

Do you even hear me?

-They are gone.
-Because of you.

What if Defne was the one in need?

Didn't you hear the girls?

They said they didn't need any help.

And Defne would never put herself
in such a situation.

Rafi, come on, mate.

Why are you riling everyone up?

Rafi, our only option
is to stick together.

Altan! Can you just calm down!

We don't even know these people.

They ditched their guests
without batting an eyelid.

Let's play our game.

Come on, Altan.

Come on, sit down.

Come on, mate.

You're forgetting your weapon, Altan.

Your selfishness is not as amusing
as you think.

What was I supposed to do?

I didn't go out with Defne.
How can I go out with two random girls?

You thought Defne would be angry.

I don't think so.

The police are up the road.

Don't put on your helmets now.
It's too obvious.

-Are you on Twitter?

It will be easier to share information.

If you type Seda-for-real,
I should come up.

Mine is Altannn, with three n's.

The most common injury is to the head.
I am not taking it off.

But we can claim
we are coming from a friend.

And they would believe that?

I am not leaving without my hard hat.

Okay then. Let's go.

We'll attract too much attention
if there are four of us.


Go. I'll join you later.

You said our only chance is
to stick together.

My battery is dying. I'll charge my phone.

How will I take pictures, follow Twitter?

Why will you check Twitter?

To know where the danger is.

You'll see it with your own eyes.

If we split up,
how will we find each other?

-Why would we split up, Altan?
-Not to draw any attention.

I'll find you.

-Did you come to the second floor?

-It's the second floor.

-How are the roads?
-It varies.

Your job is difficult too,
with all this chaos and commotion.

Doesn't make much difference to us,
we get around.

Take it easy, mate.

Rafi said that it was irrational.

Sometimes you shouldn't care
whether it is rational or not.

-What did you think of the girls?
-You're saying "just follow the herd".

If that is the best for the herd,
you should.

Selfishness ends in solitude.
The one that wasn't frowning was okay.

If you're going to screw around,
why do it on poker night?

You are getting me involved.

Because Asli won't question
where I am tonight.

I am not asking anything from you,
just keep your mouth shut.

Come on, cancel it.

We won't have any problems tomorrow.

Also, we can play poker
when the guys return.

Man, I'm tired of drinking beer.

I'm getting a single malt.

Do you want one?

Sometimes I can't believe the things
you do to Asli. I really like that girl.

At least stop using your family
as an excuse for everything.

You think I don't love her?

You won't understand.
Wait until you become a father.

I'll give you
the father of the year award.

Don't open the window,
there is still tear gas outside.

-How am I supposed to smoke this?
-Don't smoke it now.

Just because we have a few issues
should I leave my wife?

Have my kids grow up
with separated parents.

Were you happy?

They got divorced
because my father was cheating.

Well, you shouldn't get caught, mate.

If marriage is like this,
I'd rather not get married.

True, yours will be different.

How is it going between you and Defne?


You know Defne met up with Asli?


She told her that she had
doubts about marriage.


She said she didn't want to get married.

It is natural for women to get cold feet
before the wedding.

Asli calmed her down.

She figured this out with
only two months to go?

Don't mention it to Defne.

Asli swore to Defne she wouldn't tell me.
I swore to Asli I wouldn't tell you.

When did Asli tell you this?

Sometime last week.

When marriage is on the table,
women's perception of men change.

-And you're just telling me now.
-I wanted to tell you face-to-face.

A husband needs to be trustworthy.

Defne needs to know
you are not selfish.


So you knew this for a week?

You need to prove
you care about her values.

She needs to know she is your priority.

Did Defne say all this?

Listen to me,
I noticed there were problems.

If there is one thing I know, it is women.

If she doesn't want
to get married, then...

Do you love this girl?

Then you need to convince her
you'll be there for her.

That you'll be a good father to her kids.

Tell me exactly what she said.

Trivial stuff.

Like your indifference to all
that's going on.

That kind of thing.

Look, she writes about politics.

Of course she cares about
this kind of stuff.

You just need to play along
until you get married.

Then you'll have all the time
to disagree with each other.

Can't believe I am taking
relationship advice from you!

I am warning you so you can do something
before the ship sails.

Otherwise she'll marry
someone else in a month

and you'll say
I wish I had listened to Kaan.

Who is the girl you're going to meet?

Someone from Rafi's old workplace.
I met her at their New Year's party.

I'll smoke this in the hallway then.

-I just told you it is forbidden.
-But your neighbor smokes.

Am I not going to enjoy
a cigar with my whiskey?

We'd smoke in this house.

You've given up the reins
before you got married.

Sorry, do you mind?


Could someone bring a cloth or a towel?

What happened?

She must have stepped on
something sharp as she was running.

Do you have a first-aid kit?

In the bathroom, underneath the sink.

Damn them!

Could you pass
the hydrogen peroxide, please?

This won't hurt, just relax.

Such a small thing can inflict
so much pain.

-What is it?
-Shard of glass.

-Where did it happen?
-Over there, up the road.

Bastards don't care
whether they hurt men or women.

-Are you okay?
-At least the wound isn't deep.

I'll put on some iodine tincture
just in case.

This might sting.

Okay, okay.

There, there.

Don't step on it for a while
and you should be fine.

Shouldn't we go to the hospital?

No way. They arrest the protestors there.

That's bit of an urban legend.
Where's the bathroom?

Just down there.

Thank you very much.

Are you okay, dear?

Much better now that the shard is out.

-Get well.

Were you at the demonstration?

-We were about to go out too.
-Glad you're better.

Were you with people from work?

Were you alone?

-How's Asli?

At home, following what's happening
from Twitter and getting all worked up.

Did you bump into them on the street?

Hi, I'm Kaan.

Fuat. Nice to meet you.

You must be a qualified first aider.

Beer, my friend?

That'd be great, mate.
I learned it for work.

You never know when it might come handy.

How is it outside?

Typical Saturday night.

Our friends are outside as well.

Where's Rafi?

We play every Saturday.
But not today obviously.

Is he also a journalist?

Don't know. I don't know him.

Where did you not meet him then?

We didn't get a chance
for introductions.

What other games are there?

He looks like a nice guy.

Why didn't you tell me
you were going to the demonstrations?

Of course he is a nice guy.
He helped me in all that chaos.

If I told you, you would have
tried to talk me out of it.

He might have had other motives
for helping you.

Just saying it is a possibility.

Would you have come with me
if I'd let you know?

Of course I would.

No, I mean if you really
think about the odds...

and break down the problem.

When you consider the danger...

is this action really rational?

Is it worth taking this risk?

I wouldn't have been wrong, would I?

There you go.

Would you help me,
if you saw me hurt on the street?

It depends on the variables.

What is the threat?
Who is there? What is their goal?

What are the odds
of me being successful?

Of course I would help.

Why, because you fancy me?

Because you're a human being.

But it is a fact that animals
which are more attractive to humans

are more likely to be saved.

Pandas or dolphins for example.

What if something bad had happened to you?
Would you talk the same?

It did happen.

Something genuinely bad.

The guy said it was nothing.

Now you trust him?

Darn. A coupon worth
270 liras just gone bust.

They were all sure bets.

Sure bets?

Sorry, I didn't thank properly
for helping Defne.

I am Alper.

Anyone would have done the same.

Don't say that. There must be
plenty of people outside

who are not being helped right now.

Nice chips.

The baize is top-notch too.

Are you operating a poker joint here?

Just a hobby.

And these guys come here weekly
and drop off some cash.

-Do you play?
-I do. But I'm slightly intimidated now.

Great. We lost our fourth player.

If you have time,
we could play few rounds.

Maybe he wants to return to the protests.

That was enough excitement
for one night.

You're right.
Everybody should do their bit.

Now isn't a good time anyway.

You're playing nice and amicably here.

It wouldn't right of me
to take all your money.

I won't lose.
They should worry about that.

Everyone thinks they're the king
until they sit down to play.

Then start the excuses;
bad luck, bad beat and all.

You find out who someone
really is at the poker table.

It is just like life.

I wish that was the case.

Anyway, I'll take off.

As you wish.

Well, since you insist so much,
let's play a few hands.

With all that commotion outside,
I hope you weren't disturbed?

-We didn't play.
-Why not?

Rafi was here.
Two girls took refuge in the flat.

Undercover cops had chased them.

They had lost their friends.
We helped them.

Did you find them?

We were talking about what to do.

Finally, Odun said we should stay home.

Then I thought about it.
He was right.

It's a virtue to admit
when you are wrong.

For instance,
I always admit if I am wrong.


I'll provide logistical support from here.

You know Asli's situation.
I don't want to worry her.

My wife is pregnant
with our second child.

Really? Congratulations.

They weren't really in need of help.

I told them to wait
until things calmed down.

They weren't even sure
if their friends were in danger.

We didn't know who they really were.

They could've been undercover cops.

No prejudice, 'gender-neutral.'

Guys, I don't want to
trouble you anymore.

No, please stay. Finish your beer.

If we start now, we could easily
play for an hour and half.

Are you going to play poker?

What should I do?
Kick people out?

So you wouldn't have helped me.

Defne, you don't know the situation.

I shouldn't be pissed off.

I don't have the right to.

You've always been like this.

Go on, don't keep your friends waiting.

I thought you were putting on this act
as a bit of a joke.

A part of your pessimistic,
cynical persona,

pretending not to care for people.

But now I get it.
You are actually selfish.

Why would we go out to the same threat
they ran away from?

I tried to explain, they wouldn't listen.

Look, the guy is in there.

If he questioned everything
and had been rational like you,

what would have happened to me?

I am not sure how strong
that guy's reasoning is.

He believes in sure bets.

For God's sake, go play your poker.

I am sure you'd appreciate it
if I had gone out with those two girls.

I'd appreciate it if you did anything
for anyone other than yourself.

You can't even be bothered to move
your ass for your best friend's son.

My friend's son
isn't being run over by a car.

They are throwing him
a stupid birthday party.

Plus, they didn't ask me about it.

Why should they ask you?

Why should they ask you such a thing?

Some things, you do for other people.

Like marriage?

You haven't lifted a finger
since the protests began.

What's marriage got
to do with anything?

It is not as simple as that.
We talked about this so many times.

You just talk.

You do nothing but talk.

I am tired of making excuses for you.


Defne, you might believe
that truths are universal.

Therefore you might think you have
the right to impose them on others.

But the world is not
black and white for me.

Therefore I don't find
taking sides that easy.

You might tiptoe around the problems,

but there are undeniable truths in life.

Everyone claims that.

You just can't agree on
what those truths are.

You know how to tell right from wrong
when it suits you.

Let me tell you a lesson
I learned when I was a kid.

One night I woke to my parents
loudly fighting again.

You can find millions of excuses
for yourself,

tell whatever story
for not doing anything,

but I don't want to find excuses!

Maybe marriage is not for everyone.


I should attend to our guests.

We don't have to play
if you don't want to.

I said we'll play.

He's a cool guy, man.

We're playing No-limit Texas Hold'em.

Buy-in is 100 liras.
Small blind is one. Big blind is two.

-And we'll play till two o'clock.
-I have to leave by 12.

All in.

Did you hit a set on the flop?

What do you have, man?

You just had a jack?

Didn't you have anything?

It's not what you have that counts,
it's how you play it.

But it was a good all-in.

So why were you not out with your wife?

-We're not married.
-Oh, why?

The real question here is not
why I was not outside,

but why my "wife" was?

-It is a matter of principle.
-Not to get married?

No. Taking part in the protests.

Alper, you thought this was suitable
for a three-year-old?

Are you doing this on purpose?

Actually it's not such a bad gift.

In my opinion.

I can't imagine Asli's reaction
when you give this to Tunç.

-Would you care to play?
-No. I'll watch.


If you only protest
when you're personally affected,

you can't call it a matter of principle.


Why were you there?


You saw the psychopaths.

The state didn't just
acquire these habits.

I'm surprised you are surprised.

Just because we let things slide
in the past, should we not oppose it now?

Don't listen to Alper.
He loves to agitate people.

Just to have an argument.

Every view should be heard.

Every view is worth listening to.

This could be the most important...

movement of our generation.

You spent all that time
on theories at university,

politics is alive on the streets.

History is being written right now,
aren't you even a bit interested?

Do you have a wife or girlfriend?

No. If two people love each other

it doesn't matter
whether they are married or not.

True. Love is important
if they are getting married.

If you are silent to a crime,
you are also a party to that crime.

You didn't see the energy,
the solidarity on the streets.

Thousands were acting as one.

I'd worry if I was thinking the same
with thousands of people.

No one should be criticized
for not joining the protests.

I respect everyone's opinions,
but his are just plain dumb.

How do you know?
Maybe he's a conformist.

Someone who likes his comfort.

It's his right.

I mean, I like my comfort too,
but this is just too much.

For example,
why are you wearing that robe?

Because it is comfortable, right?

No, it's his lucky bathrobe.

So, what do you suggest then?

I am not suggesting anything.

Everyone should do whatever they want.

I just want to play poker
on a Saturday night.

That's why
those people are on the streets.

That is precisely the struggle.

So people could lead
the life they wish to lead.

If you don't fight for your freedom,

it will be taken away from you.

Then I got the right gift for Tunç.

Come on.

Let's not romanticize this
by calling it a struggle.

Is the government the only problem?

The people are the problem.
The people.

That woman who is protesting with pots
and pans for the last hour

the one you admire,

she never cleans up after her dog.

Plus she throws her cigarette packs
to the floor.

Fine, education is the key.

Why, does she litter because
no one taught her gravity at school?

She does it because she doesn't
care about anyone but herself.

You can't generalize like that.

You get bicycle lanes, either motorbikes
use it or they become parking spaces.

People park on the pavements anyway.

Some stop in the middle of the road
just to get a cup of coffee.

If the same person is delayed a second at
a traffic light they would blast the horn.

On the highway, they speed right up to
your bumper, force you off the lane. Why?

"Me. My lane. My right.
I need to pass."

If you mention these to them,
they'd be oblivious.

They'd agree saying,
"Yeah, man, they are all brutes."

Right at this very moment, people are
being suffocated with tear gas.

And you are talking about
cigarette packs and horns.

There are legal repercussions for all
these. You don't need to get so worked up.

What happens when
the police don't obey the law?

If they can only learn
through punishment,

how are they different from your dog?

Why should I care about
the freedom of the people

who only look out for themselves?

How can you talk politics with someone
who has no qualms about cutting in line.

My, my, my, those selfish people!

If you say that freedom
is too much for this country,

then this monologue would be complete.

Not sure if freedom is too much,
but bicycle lanes definitely are.

We're a society who doesn't know
how to think, talk, or discuss

and we are very proud of this.

Should I stand
shoulder to shoulder with them?

No one respects the laws when it
doesn't suit them, but the police should?

By the way, we don't train
Susam with punishment.

Because you look down on
these people, they--

I mean everyone.

You, him, her.

I especially mean the ones who assume
I must be talking about someone else.

So, we don't know how to think.

The poet said: "Keep your thoughts
to yourself, don't philosophize."

He summed up the country.

Sure, you are the only one who
can think or see. We are all blind.

They say in the land of the blind,
the one-eyed man is king.

In Turkey they would gouge out that eye,
shove it up his ass

then ask "What do you see up there?"

Why don't you just leave the country
if you hate it so much?

I can't stand this kind of intolerance.

Alper loves his country,
but he's upset with the people

as they aren't living up
to the standards it deserves.

Don't feel like you should defend him.

You are talking just for the sake of it.

When the police break the law,
it is something like...

If you're trying to say ironic,
don't bother. It isn't.

The people who park carelessly
drive me nuts as well.

My sister has been wheelchair bound
for the last six years.

You start seeing Istanbul
from a whole new perspective.

-I am sorry to hear that.
-How did it happen?

Thank you.
We're trying to get used to it.

A drunk driver.

I'm sorry.
Did they catch the driver?

Does it matter if they did?

These pavements must be difficult
for you too, with a stroller?


I just don't get it.

Are you okay with the way
the country is governed?

A bus full of nutjobs is hurtling down
a cliff, with no brakes

and everyone is worried
about who is at the wheel.

What if people could join forces
and mend the brakes--

Don't push it,
you're going to hurt yourself.

But you don't respect anyone's views.

I don't respect my own either.

Which is why I don't impose it on others.

-You keep raising me, man!
-Just luck.

Hello. What happened?
Have you found the guy?

-What happened?

-What's he saying?
-Something like "Altan, you fu..."

Now his phone is off.

All in.


I don't believe it. At the river.

What did you think you had, going all in?

You survive on luck.

If you fool around with two girls,
you're bound to lose, mate.

Ace was the last card.
If this isn't luck, what is it?


I needed to leave anyway.
Would be rude to win and take off.

Sure, sure.

Tomorrow is a big day.

Don't be silly. Sit down.

Rafi can take my place
when he returns.

Are you driving?

Do you need a lift?

I mean I can give you a lift
with a cab?

No, thanks.

Good night all.
Nice to meet you.

You too.

Say hi to Asli.
See you tomorrow.

Don't be late tomorrow.

If Asli calls tell her I just left,
then text me.

I never deal with the police.

You say so, but you might need them
some day.

Let me show you what I think of them.

They are also sons of our country.

I know very well what they are.

It's like you are proud of yourself.

That's what I find hard to accept.

Anything else you find hard to accept?


You spoke to Asli.
Kaan told me.

It was meant to be a secret.

-Secret from me?

Your friend is taking his car after all.

He isn't going far.

Is Tarabya close?

He's not going home.

Where is he going?

Is it my turn to deal?

-What were you going to show me?

You were going to show me
something on your phone. What was it?

Oh that!
Just filmed the guy next door.

He was throwing bottles at the police.

Whatever you might think of the police,
violence is not the solution.

They are just kids.

You are right. If we want change,
we first need to learn to empathize.

But it is very difficult.

Of course, we warned the guy,
but he wouldn't listen.

We end up being in the wrong,
even when our cause is right.

True. For instance,
the bottle that idiot threw

might have been
the one that cut Defne's foot.

You have to understand him as well.

He's rebelling against oppression.

Sorry, I need to take this.

Are you okay?

-The man is an undercover cop.

An undercover cop.

He has a gun, holstered behind,
I saw it bulging from his shirt.

What else can it be?

-Are you sure?

Why? Is he too handsome?

First, we need to make sure
what he saw was a gun.

Even if it is a gun, it doesn't mean
he is an undercover cop.

He knew first aid as well.

Why do you play poker with
a stranger anyway?

He could be calling the cops on us
right now.

Why would he?
He is here because he helped you.

Why did I need help,
who was I running away from?

Goddamn it. This is too much.

He might be sending someone after Kaan.

I hope he does.

Let's just finish the game
and everyone can leave.

He doesn't have that many chips
left anyway.

Let's pretend nothing has happened.

Why am I not surprised?

We should ask a question
to catch him off guard.

A question that only the police
would know the answer to.

How would we know that question?

Then let's have him win and leave.

Give him some pocket money
while you are at it.

If he is not a policeman though,
we'd be losing all our money for nothing.

If this guy is a cop,
I don't want him in my house.

Why are we suddenly kicking him out?
What did he do to us?

Why are we kicking him out?

We're not even sure if he is a cop.

We're not sure if he has a gun or not,
that is what he claims.

I am still amazed how you two didn't
drive him away with all your jabbering.

Hold on a second.

Why don't you want to get rid of him?

It would be rude.

Come again.

I said it would be rude.
We said we'd play until two.

You can't just cut poker off like that.

For someone who thinks
so little of humanity,

why do you care what anyone thinks?

All I know is that he helped
my girlfriend in her time of need.

We invited him and said we'll play cards.

I can't kick him out without a reason.

These men are beating people up
on the streets

and you are talking about etiquette.

You can't say that
every policeman is the same.

He looks like an okay guy.
Are all journalists the same?

Did you just compare
journalists to the police?


At least you know where you stand
with the police.

If you can't tell him to leave, I will.

So sorry. It was my sister.

She is in pain again.

I'll have to take her
to the hospital tomorrow.

Oh, you're not playing.
Sorry, I am a little out of it.

Just a young girl
and now her life his destroyed.

First her marriage fell apart,
then they kicked her out from her job.

-Are you the one taking care of her?

I do. My mother helps as well
with the daily chores and all.

God bless her.

If it helped, I'd give my life.

Her pain just doesn't go away.

She looks a bit like you, you know.

She is a strong soul, with a big heart.

She is always smiling.

Even when she is in pain,
she tries to hide it from me.

It's really unfair.

It's fate.

How much are police wages these days?

A friend of mine was curious.

As they work nights and all.
Do they get paid hourly or monthly?

Let's even out the playing field.

What happened to the guy who hit her?

The woman.

She was supposed to go to jail,
but she managed to wiggle out of it.

Apparently she was a public servant.

I hope she dies.

Our friend who just left
is a great lawyer.

If you want, he can look into
your case again.

If you leave your business to lawyers...

There, if a country loses its trust
in the judicial system or the police,

it loses its peace.

It has calmed down outside.

So what do you make all of this?

Do you think the police are
in the right with this behavior?

Of course not.

People are trying to stand up
for what they believe.

They want to make their voices heard.

But the demonstrations would be
very dull without the police.

You would never hear about them.

Anyway, who would choose to be a cop
under these circumstances?

We want to defend their rights
as well, but they don't let us.

I don't mean the ones who throw rocks
or Molotov cocktails obviously.

Actually, some claim
they are undercover cops.

Legal or not, the demand
for justice is always right.

Precisely. Bravo.

What do you think about
the guys with the batons?

Are they undercover cops?

Some probably are, some not.

The country is full of people
who are more royalist than the king.

They too think they are
struggling for justice.

It is not a struggle
if you're siding with those in power.

Or if you carry a gun.

Those with power take their true strength
from the silent ones.

What if I say it's fate and accept it?

Let's see your hand.

If this isn't luck, what is it?

Bad luck.

I don't enjoy a game unless I fall behind.

Actually it is getting late now.

Why? I thought
we were playing till 2 a.m.

Let's carry on.
It's almost time anyway.

One minute.

Did you decide to finish after I lost?

You should play.
If you want to.

Aren't you giving me a new buy-in?


Is this proper poker etiquette?

If you want,
I can give your money back.

Are you feeling sorry for me?

No. So that it wouldn't be unfair
because we're finishing early.

Let's play.

It is nice getting to know each other.

Rafi is still on his way.

Alper dear, just play, it is almost 2.

Alper, do you believe in justice?


I believe in divine justice.

And it manifests itself in this world.


Are you saying that your sister
deserved what happened to her?

No. I am saying the drunk driver got
what she deserved in the end.

What happened to her?


But sometimes you need to nudge karma
for it to find the right way.

Then it is not really that divine, is it?

Why do you care?
You don't believe in justice anyway.

Come on, stop dragging it out.
Give me another buy-in.

You shouldn't play cards
with a gun on your belt.

Altan saw it.

I am not certain.

Shouldn't you be outside,
as an undercover cop?

Protecting the people and all.

Do you think I need a gun to beat you?

It does affect the odds.

Are you messing with me?

I know exactly
what your hand is on right now.

Fuat, thank you very much
for helping me,

but you cannot come into our house
and threaten us.

Yes, or I will call the cops.

Sure, you are a public servant,
you'd get away with it.

Are you hiding behind your girlfriends?

If it is Defne, that's fine by me.

If there was an undercover cop here,

the likes of you would
never be able to figure it out.

Conformist doesn't mean
someone who likes his comfort.


A conformist is someone who complies
with the rules of a group or society.

It comes from the word conform,
not comfort.


Apologies, folks.
I didn't mean to bother you.

You supposedly studied French
for eight years.


-Rafi has been taken under custody.

Yusuf, get inside, please.

We went back toward the square
to look for Walter.

Suddenly the cops ambushed us
and took Rafi away.

Goddamn them!

But of course,
they are just doing their jobs.

Last we saw him was
when they put him on the bus.

They are probably taking him to the
Vatan Precinct. You need to go right now.

Come on. Let's go!

They only allow lawyers in.


Did you stay behind to play poker?

He is not picking up.
I'll call Asli.

Don't! We shouldn't disturb
a pregnant woman at this hour.

-I told you not to call her!
-Why not?

-Yusuf, stop.
-Let go of me.

I said I am just going to talk.

Why are you ringing our bell at this hour?

Sorry, it was actually us.

We didn't know which bell was theirs
downstairs so we tried--

Didn't I tell you not to
make noise at this hour.

Really sorry.
A friend of ours is arrested--

Do we have to
put up with your racket!

Excuse me, did we interrupt your quarrel?

What is this fighting every single day?

Aren't you ashamed
to yell at this poor girl?

Why don't you try listening rather
than shouting for once?

Who do you think you are,
talking to my wife like that?

Someone needs to teach you two
how to talk like human beings.

It might as well be me.

We'll speak to each other
whichever way we like.

Can you all just fuck off!
Just fuck off!

Who are you swearing to,
you moron?

Mate, are you the next door neighbor?

-What's it to you, jerk?
-He's a cop.

He has a gun!

Sorry, man.
I am really sorry.

Quarrels are normal between neighbors.

Did you throw a bottle at the police?

No way. Policemen are our brothers,
our lifeblood--

Can't you talk to your friend, please?

There's been a misunderstanding.
Tell him to put the gun down.

Yes, neighbor.
Please. I am truly sorry.

You're not going to smoke in the hallway!

I promise.
I swear, my neighbor, I swear...

I'll come and find you.

Fuck off.

It's fun, isn't it?

Sure, it is easy with a gun.

Very well. Then keep it.

What did I tell you?

It's not what you have that counts,
it's how you play it.

So long.

Was he really a cop?

Yes, undercover.

Do you understand now why
I had to return?

-We should be going.
-What happened to your friends?

They ran back to the gallery in panic,
but there was no reception. They are fine.

Anyway, thanks.

I'll find you.


Please don't answer it.

What's going on?

Rafi is in trouble and he is chasing tail.

Are we supposed to protect him?

And you knew about this.

We are going to their son's
birthday party tomorrow.

And what was I supposed to do?
Tunç, here's your gift.

Play with it while I go and
break up your parent's marriage.

Well, what do you expect from me?

Act as if nothing has happened?

Sit back and watch Asli
wandering around, blissfully ignorant?

I am not expecting anything.

It's their relationship.
It's none of our business.

None of our business.

Who's the girl?

Someone from Rafi's old work.

Hi, Asli.

No, I am fine.

Rafi has been arrested.

I was calling to see if Kaan was around.

Is he still at our place?

No, I am not home.

I'll get hold of him through Alper.

Okay, dear.

Yes, I spoke to them today.

If I resign,
they will find a pen-for-hire.

If I stay,
I still have a chance to change things.

Can we talk later?
Okay, honey. Good night.

So Kaan is still here.

He called five minutes ago and told her
the game was going to last a bit longer.

Hey, Kaan. Where are you?

Serves you right.
Fuat turned out to be a cop.

We got rid of him.
Anyway, I'll tell you later.

Listen! Rafi is arrested.

We're going to Vatan precinct now.

Don't you start...

We're leaving now. We'll see you there.

He got a flat tire.
He couldn't go to the girl.

It doesn't count then.

Are they going to publish your article?

They say the timing isn't right.

They are right.

You go on and get Rafi.

Your neighbor won't
bother you anymore.

Come on, let's go.

You go.

-Are you going to ditch us now?
-Altan, just go.

Then cash in my chips.

I owe the house nine liras,
I'll give that later.

See you later.

You and I are both prisoners
Won't be silenced if you try

Just think about it one day
What happened on the streets



Sheriffs and cowboys
They fought everywhere

It all got messed up, they forgot all



May you get your every wish
May you never be questioned

May you sleep peacefully
Detached from everything

Tears on the streets, but you are still
King and queen of hearts

Let it be so today, because you are a log

Just go out one day and shout why

You act as if you have it all
Remember us anyway

A desert of impossibility
With eyes everywhere

If someone asks for help
You'll just stare



May you get your every wish
May you never be questioned

May you sleep peacefully
Detached from everything

Tears on the streets, but you are still
King and queen of hearts

Let it be so today
Because you are a log














I love Texas!