Taking a Shot at Love (2021) - full transcript

A former professional dancer is using ballet to help a hockey player get back on the ice.

by VaVooM

Come in!


Your life is a perpetual
coffee commercial.

You know this, right?

The only thing missing

is some guy in flannel

coming up behind you
in a tender hug,

and together,

you gaze out
at the winter landscape.

And then two minutes later,

we're both arguing over

who left the coffee ring

on the counter.

You're such a romantic.

I know, right?

Thank you for driving me today.

You didn't have to do that.

You told me
that you would not drive me

unless I baked you something.

Did I?

Well, I also have
a few errands to run in town.

Plus, I'll take any excuse

to leave the lonely confines
of my home office.

Maybe Matt can start
working from home,

you know, keep you company.

I'd like to stay married.

Come on.

After you.

Thank you.

Want to come over later

and watch a movie
with me and Matt?

I would,
but I have dinner plans tonight.

With who?

My cousin, Terry.

I'm really sorry
to disappoint you.

You'll find
your "flannel man" someday.

Who said I was looking?

My life is just fine as is,
thank you very much.



- Happy new year!
- Happy new year!

Only a couple days left
of winter break, huh?

Don't remind me.

Well, I think I know
how to cheer you up.

I just got word

that we are
the featured performance

on the final weekend
of the Avon winterfest!

Where are Avery and Grace?


Are the girls here?

Actually, that's what

we came down here
to talk to you about...

You guys, start warming up.

Let's go, guys!

Move it up, move it up!

Let's go! Move it up!

That's it, that's it.
Good. Good!

Still feeling some pain
in that ankle, huh, Ryan?

"Ryan" instead of "Coop"?

It's like
the hockey coach equivalent

of a parent calling
their kids by their full name

when they're in trouble.

I think maybe
you are having some trouble.

Yeah, okay, fine,

the ankle is still
a little inflamed,

but I haven't played

since the beginning
of the season.

If you don't get me back,

we're not going to have a shot

at the next round
of the playoffs.

We do need you,

but I can't let you play
if you're not 100%.

If you have pain
and a high-ankle sprain,

it means the ligaments
aren't strong enough.

It's showing.

Your transitions are slower

and your lateral movements
are less sharp.

I've done every single
therapeutic protocol

the team has asked me to do,
and then some.

I know you did,

but you're not
where you need to be.

Not yet.

I'm meeting with your agent
tomorrow morning.

We'll have to decide
where to go from here.

So what's going on?

Is something wrong?
Are the girls okay?

They're fine.

It's just, over the holidays,

they tried out
for the dance company team,

and they made it.

That's great.

Of course,
it's completely different

than what we do here...

We know,

and we thought
that they could do both,

it's just the dance team
is such a huge time commitment.

It's four days a week,

plus competitions on weekends...

We had to make a choice.

Are you pulling the girls
out of ballet completely?

We're so sorry
to spring it on you like this.

Would you ever consider
starting a dance team here?

That's just not what I do.

I opened this studio
to teach ballet

and a love of dance.

When it becomes a competition,
it just changes everything.

You know, in the end,

I hope the girls
can still look at dance

as something they love to do.

Thank you for letting me know.

Of course.

Take care now.

You're my favorite
cousin, Jenna.

Nobody does comfort food
like you do.

Are you sure you don't want
to stay the night?

The guest house is yours
if you want it.

Thanks, but I've got to head
back to the city after this.

I only came up to do

a little scouting in Hartford
with the Wolf Pack.

That's a hockey team, right?

You're killing me.


They are the Minor League Team
for the New York Rangers...

Which is also a hockey team.


How's work going for you, huh?

How's the studio?

Honestly, not great.

I just lost a couple dancers

to one of
those competitive dance teams.

And they decided
to raise rent on me

at the end of the month.

It's just bad timing.

I just wish
everything could stay the same.

- One second.
- Yeah.

Is everything okay on your end?

Yeah. I have this client,

who's rehabbing
from a high-ankle sprain,


It's just not going well.

That's a tough injury
to come back from.

But you did.

You got back on stage.

What did you do to rehab it?

I went back to
the basic ballet fundamentals

and I had to rebuild
from the ground up.

I actually have

a couple of dancer friends
in New York

who train
professional football players

with the same technique
that I used.

It makes a huge difference

with strength,
balance, agility...

It works.


Good to know.



Hey, Coop.

Are you back with the team now?

Not quite yet, but soon.

Because my dad bought me
your jersey for Christmas,

and said I could exchange it

for someone else's
if you retire.

Well, I promise,

you won't have to
exchange anything.

Thank you.

Nice to meet you.

We're running
out of options here, Coop.

I need you to be doing
whatever it takes

to get you back

where you were
before the injury.

Terry, I have done
everything there is to do.

Not everything.

What else is there?

I have done infrared therapy,

I have done acupuncture,

stem-cell injections...

What I have in mind...

And what I talked
to coach Jackson about...

Is nothing like that.

Then what is it like?

Well, it's like...


In that it is ballet.

Yeah, right, okay.

And for the record,

tutu is not a good look for me.

All right, listen,
hear me out, Coop.

All right, I was talking
to my cousin, Jenna

about this just yesterday,
all right?

She had the same injury
as you do,

when she was a professional
ballet dancer.

She used
basic ballet fundamentals

to rehab her own injury...

Got her back to 100%.

Is this the part
where you tell me

to become
somebody's ice-dancing partner

and we try out for the Olympics?

This is serious, Ryan.

A lot of pro athletes

are having success
with the same technique.

Jenna can get you there, too.

And the Rangers...

They're fully on board
with the idea.

Listen, as your agent
and as your friend,

I'm going to be blunt.

If you don't do
something right now...

...the closest you'll get
to playing in the NHL again


Don't say that out loud.

I can't even think about
what I would do

if I wasn't able
to play anymore.

You don't have to
think about that

for a long, long time.

Unless you give up.

I'll see myself out.

Terry, I said ballet therapy
is a great idea...

But I teach ballet to kids,

not hockey players.

Can't he find someone
in New York to do it?

No, no.

He's actually going
to be starting

back with the Wolf Pack.

You know, weight training,

eventually some ice time...

And then hopefully
back with the Rangers

before the playoffs.

And I live near the rink,

so I'm guessing this is
a convenience thing.


I would hire you
no matter where you lived.

All right?
You're the only one I trust.

You know exactly what to do.

And, more importantly,

you understand
more than anyone else

what he's going through
right now.

And they're willing to pay
plenty of money

for you to sign on.

Terry, it's not about the money.

It's just not what I do.

But thank you
for thinking of me.

Let's talk soon, okay?

All right.
Think about it?

Okay, I'll think about it.



How are you, Jenna?

Hi. I'm good.

You know, I'm glad I caught you.

I wanted to talk about
that rent increase

and possibly pushing it
a month or two?

Is the business okay?

It's fine.

I'm just having some turnover
with the older students.

I wish I could help,

but the increase
is for the entire building.

I can't really make exceptions
for one tenant over another.

Of course.

I just thought I would ask.

I really am sorry, but...

I'm sure the Avon winterfest

will be great publicity
for your studio.

I hope you can make it.

If there's anything I can do,
let me know.

You can not raise the rent...

Except that.

I'm so sorry.

Catch you next time.

Exactly how much money
is "plenty"?

Car service is here.

Jenna said she'll be
expecting you

at the guest house
in the next couple hours.

You're sure this "guest house"
is as good as a hotel?

Trust me.
It's better.

Then why isn't it
already booked up

like the hotel is?

Well, she normally
rents it out in the fall

for all the leaf peepers,

but she's doing me
a "family favor".

You're sure
you're not just hiring her

because she's family?

She really knows
what she's doing?


I wouldn't trust your future

to anyone I didn't have
complete confidence in.

And if it doesn't work?

It will.

I'm sure of it.

Time for you
to go show everybody

how strong you really are.

All right.

- Hi.
- I got your message, Jenna.

This is amazing!

Coop's one of
my favorite players!

I thought his name was Ryan.

It's Ryan Cooper.

Ryan "Coop" Cooper.

Okay, you saying it like that

isn't going to make me
know who he is.

You didn't even
look him up online?

No. I just know
he's one of Terry's clients.

Well, clearly, he has veneers.

And since when
do you watch hockey?

I do when Matt's out of town.

He's really
just not a hockey person.

Welcome to my world.

Still, you should study up
on the game before he gets here.

I don't need to.

What I do works for any sport.

I am helping him build
the foundation he needs

to support the entire structure
of the foot and ankle.

Still, you should probably
know something about hockey.

Okay, ice skates, sticks,
pucks, and fighting.

I give up.

Oh, no!
I just fixed that.

Terry was right.




...and the score
remains two-all.

you call that a hit, Adams?


Must be Jenna.

That's me.

And you must be Ryan Cooper.


Sorry, I've got to ask,

do you normally
come in without knocking?

To my own house? Yes.

Wait, did you think this was
the place you were renting?

This isn't the rental house?

No. This is my house.

Let me show you
where the guest house is.

I'm sleeping in the garage?

No, that is a fully-furnished,

impeccably-decorated suite
above the garage.

Okay. Hang on.

You told me to look for the key
underneath the flower pot,

which it wasn't, by the way.

It was underneath the mat.

Because that's where you keep
the spare key to your house.

Bet that happens all the time.

You're the first.

It's a really nice house,
by the way.

- Any chance I...
- Definitely not.


You're used to getting
everything you want, aren't you?

Can I be honest with you, Jenna?

Right now I'm not getting
anything I want.


You're acting like I brought you

into an abandoned shack.

This place is great.

Yeah, but yours is better.


All right,

this binder right here

will tell you

everything you need to know
about the area.

Shopping, food...

Most important.

The big thing right now
is the "Avon winterfest".

They have different events
every weekend in January,

so you have the art walk,

food fair...

Then on the final weekend,

they have performances
from bands, theaters,

and local dance studios...

Mine included.

You're not going
to make me perform, are you?


That's just
for my regular students.


Where's the TV?

It's broken.

Sorry, I'm just not used to
having renters here so soon.

They usually come in the fall.

That's right.

Terry told me
you rent to leaf-peepers.

You know, I prefer
"foliage enthusiasts".

So, Terry was saying

that you have
weight training at 10:30 a.m.

With the Rangers'
Minor League Team in Hartford?

Wolf Pack. Yeah.

So you can meet me
at the studio at 11:30 a.m.

Right from the rink.

We'll have our private lesson.

Can we say twelve?

Man's gotta eat.

Yeah, okay.

Noon is fine.

Just make sure
you eat something healthy.

I don't want you coming in
weighed down.

Healthy eating
is a top priority.


Also, please try not to be late.

My first afternoon class
is at one.

So, guess I'm really doing this.

You know, I'm going to teach you

how to work through basically
the same exact injury I had.

I know what I'm doing
and you're going to be fine.

I hope you're right,

'cause if you're not,

I'm not sure
what I'm going to do.

Knock, knock!


Ryan, this is my neighbor, Erin.

Hi, Ryan!

I just popped over
to say welcome to Avon.

Thank you!


I like to make
a good impression.

Well, Erin,
it is a pleasure to meet you.

And you can call me "Coop".




we're going to just
let you get settled.

If you need anything,
let me know.

Otherwise, I will see you
at the studio tomorrow.

At class.

- Come on.
- I'll be there.

Twelve noon on the dot.

Bye, "Coop"!

Let's go.



Hey, class.

Come on in, let's get started.

You guys ready?

I am so sorry I'm late.

No problem.

It's just there was

a bunch of kids waiting for me
outside the XL center,

and I didn't want
to disappoint them.

That's very nice of you.

So you like kids, then?


That's good to know!

Let's get started.

Wait. Here? With them?

I thought this was going to be,
like, a private class.

It was. At noon.

You can put these on.

Hey, class, listen up,

this is Mr. Cooper,

and he's going to be
dancing with us today.

But this is
his first ballet lesson,

so he's going to need
a lot of encouragement, okay?

Can we encourage him?

Okay, I get it.

You're trying to embarrass me
because I'm late.

No, I am trying to give you
the lesson the Rangers paid for.

This is literally
what we'd be doing anyway.

Do you think you can keep up?

Let's go.


All the way up,


Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn.


Good job!

One more time.

Open that up.

Try to feel that stretch.

All the way up.

Skip. Point your toes.

Okay. That's it for today.

And back up. Back up.

All right, what did you think
of your first class?

That was a piece of cake.

Good morning.

I'm about to make some coffee.
You want some?

What did you do to me?

Everything is sore.
I can barely move.

How is that even possible?

I was in class
with five-year-olds!

Everything that hurts

are the smaller muscles

you've been ignoring
your entire life.

If you're sore,
it means I'm doing my job.

Well, I have to weight train
with the Wolf Pack.

How am I supposed to do that
if I can't move?

Well, you're
a professional athlete.

You know how to stretch, right?

You just have to loosen up
a little.

You'll be fine.


Everything will be fine.

How much longer
is this going to take?

This is the last pour,
don't worry.

You're messing with me, right?

How do you make coffee?

I don't know,

you stick the cup in the thing,

press the button, bam,
you got coffee.

Move on with your day.

Here we go.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

It's better, right?

It's snobbier,
I'll give you that.

I am as far from snob
as it gets.

What's that?


Is a bacon and cheese quiche.


If you want,

you can just call it
an egg pie, okay?

Happy now?



It's pronounced "hue-guh".

I can see why you changed
your last name to "Wagner".


It's a Danish word.

Really, it's more of
a way of life.

It was
my grandparents' philosophy

when they moved here
from Denmark,

and that's what
they named the farm after.

It's all about cultivating
feelings of happiness

and warmth and family.

A feeling of being safe at home,

and being cozy.

So, like,
an existential blanket?

Okay, have you ever
sat in front of a warm fire,

drinking a hot cup of cocoa,

and you are surrounded
by your friends and family,

and all you are thinking is,

"this is what life
is all about"?

That depends.

Is there a hockey game on?

You know,

your life can't be
about your career 24/7.

Actually, yes, I can.

I have since I could walk.

Well, maybe you could use
a little more balance.


Isn't that what ballet is for?

That's not what I meant.

Look, no offense,

but I didn't come

for warm blankets
and fireside chats.

I came here to get my life back.

Yeah. I totally get it.

Isn't your ride for the rink
about to get here?


I need to go.

You know, I can actually

put your coffee
in a to-go mug if you want.

Wait, I thought

you needed to make that mug
on a pottery wheel first.

Very funny.


All right,
I will see you at noon.

- Yes.
- That means twelve o'clock p.m.

Yes, yes, thank you.

And make sure
you stretch before practice.

Yeah. Will do.

You're late again.

I got stuck behind
a school bus, so...

You know,

safety first!

Let's just get started.

All right.

All right, good job.
You can bring it down now.



How was weight training?

Were you able to work through
some of the soreness?


Except the team's ice bath
and jacuzzi

are both broken.

Busted pipes
in the training room.

Luckily for you,
I have an ice bath at home.



In the form
of a nearly-frozen pond.

A little polar bear plunge?

Sounds good to me.

You wouldn't
really go in there, would you?

Yeah, it's the exact same thing
as an ice bath...

Plus fish.


We are going to review
your pliés,

so let's get into first.

Can you turn out a little more?

Just a little bit more.
There we go.

And plié.

Good job.
You remembered.

All right, one more.


All right, we're going
to add another element.

It's called a "glissade".


Just think toe-ball-heel,

but it has to sound
almost silent.

So, it looks like this.

Start in fifth...




It should be almost silent.

Why does it have to be silent?

Because it shows

that you have control

over the smallest muscles
in your foot,

creating a base of strength
for the ankle,

taking all the pressure
off of your ligament.

Think of it
like building a house.

You wouldn't build a house

a solid foundation, right?

This right here...

This is the concrete.


It's cute,
you're using "guy stuff"

to try to get through to me.

Well, is it working?

Kind of.

Except if you were
building a house,

what about the rebar?

Quads, glutes and abs.

And once the concrete is set,
everything else gets stronger.

And yes, I know what rebar is

because my dad
was in construction.

Try it again.
Fifth position.


How are five-year-olds
better at this than me?

This is your second class.

You've got to give
yourself a break.

Yeah, well,
the only thing that matters

is getting back to my team.

What if that doesn't happen?

I don't like having
to think about that.

I think it's good
to believe in yourself,

but I also think
you should have a back-up plan.

No. Back-up plans

are for people
who expect to fail.


back-up plans are for people

who know that even if
they do everything right,

sometimes things change
that they can't control.

Is that what happened to you?

An injury ended your career,
didn't it?

I thought this technique
of yours worked.

No, this technique does work.

That's not why I stopped
dancing professionally.

Then why?


this is your studio time, Ryan,

and we're already behind,

so let's not waste it.

We're going to combine
the moves that you just learned.

Plié and glissade.

Plié, glissade.

Watch me and then try it.




Come on.


Remember soft and light.


A little softer,
a little lighter.

So, where is Coop?

I don't know,
in the guest house, I guess.


I wanted to introduce him
to Matt.

You know, you didn't get
this excited

when I said that
you could call me "Matt"

instead of "Matthew".

Do you really want me
to answer that?

You should invite him
out with us tonight, Jenna.

I'm sure he has
better things to do.

Even if he didn't,

I don't think it's a good idea.

I have to keep
my professional life

separate from my personal one.

I made that mistake once,

and I'm not going
anywhere near that road again!

I finally have my life back,

and I don't want
to change a thing.

Are you expecting someone?


Hi. Can I help you?

I'm here with the TV.

I'm sorry, the what?

The TV.

Hey, man, no, I told you
the guest house in the back.

I thought that was the garage?

You bought a television?

No. I rented a television.

You couldn't even live
without one for a month?

Of course I can,
I just didn't want to!

Fine. Whatever.

And here's my dinner.

Thank you.

What next with you?
A hot tub?

That's a great idea.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.


What are you doing
out there in the cold?

Come inside.

Yeah, come on in.

You look great, by the way.

Thank you.

Matt, this is Ryan Cooper.

Coop, this is my husband, Matt.

Hey, Matt.
Nice to meet you.

Sorry for crashing your dinner.

No worries.

We were about
to head out now anyway,

right, ladies?

We should probably get going.

It's "ice bar" night
at Avon winterfest.

It's basically a regular bar,

outside, made of...


Yeah. I got that.

You're welcome to join us.

That may not
be something he wants to do.

Yeah, he probably
just wants to stay here

and eat himself
into a pizza-induced coma.

Actually, I would love to come.


I can eat pizza in the car.

So Matt, what do you do?

I'm a real-estate attorney.

Yeah, it's pretty boring.

Are you into hockey?


No, I used to play
when I was a kid,

but, yeah, I don't really
have time anymore.

Come on,
let's go take a look around.



Hot drinks,

warm clothes, fire tables...

This is totally
your kind of scene, isn't it?

Yeah, well, I am nothing
if not consistent.

But it is missing one thing.

What, the rest of your pizza?

No. Hockey.

You know, you can go one night

without thinking about hockey.


Hey, what about air hockey?

Are you even capable

of doing anything

that doesn't involve
a scoreboard?

I prefer not to.

Well, I probably
shouldn't play you in hockey...

Air or otherwise.

I'll go easy on you.

Okay. Let's go.

Ladies first.

I wasn't ready.

That's fine.
We'll start over then.

Are you hustling me?

What? That's absurd.

Okay, well,
I was taking it easy on you.

I didn't ask you to.

Well, good, because
I'm not going to do it anymore.

There it is.

Wait, you let me score
to make me feel better.

Did it work?


how did you get this good?

I was on a national tour
for a ballet company,

and the crew had
an air hockey table.

Let's just say
there was a lot of downtime.

You know, you never did say

why you went from being
a professional dancer

to teaching.

Hey, word to the wise...

Don't play air hockey
against Jenna

because she is a beast.

Yeah. Thanks for the advice.

Well, thanks again

for the biggest defeat
of my entire athletic career.

You are so welcome.

But seriously...

I had one of the best nights
I've had in a long time.

Thanks for letting me tag along.

I'm glad you came.

And now I have

eternal air hockey
bragging rights.

I'll see you at class tomorrow.

I'll be there.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

Okay, second,
right here into plié fifth,

and relevé up top.

It's a pirouette prep.

How is it harder
to balance on my feet

than it is
on a thin metal blade on ice?

Could you skate
the first time you tried?

No, it took a while.

Yeah, it's the same thing
with dance.

You're learning something new,
it's going to take time.

It's always worth doing.

How do you even know
if this works for hockey?

Because before you got here,
I did my homework.

I spoke with
your orthopedic team,

and with dance teachers,

who do this with athletes

from all different
kinds of sports.

Every single
one of their clients

said they were more fluid,

more dynamic,
lighter on their feet,

but most importantly,

they were injury-free.


I almost forgot
what that feels like.

You're going to be there
soon enough.

All right, let's go through
the sequence again.

Start here.

Don't worry about the hands.


And we're going
to slide into plié fifth,

and then relevé up.

I'm just glad
no one's here to see this.

I'm a viral video
waiting to happen.

Well, I didn't tell anybody
you were here,

and I don't think
Erin did either.

Besides, I don't think

anybody's going
to know it's you.

You were saying?

You're Ryan Cooper!

That's me.

What's your name?

I'm Felix.

Felix, nice to meet you.

Hey, don't tell anyone
you saw me here, okay?

Why not?
What's wrong with dance?

Nothing, nothing.

Nothing. I just...

Well, I'm trying
to stay under the radar.

I don't want other players
to know my secret weapon.

Felix lives
two houses down from me,

and he's one of
our best dancers.

And he plays hockey.

More like sits on the bench.

Hey, we all spend time
on the bench

from time to time, bud.

Just keep pushing yourself.

It's only a matter of time.

You'll get
to where you want to go.

Yeah. You, too.

You saw me, huh?

Sorry. I was just here
a little earlier.

I didn't take videos
or anything.


You guys,

a little over three weeks
until the show.

I can count on all of you

to come to every single
rehearsal, right?

Make a full commitment?




All right, let's go!

You guys can take your marks.

Ella? Hit it.

They look great.

Wow. That... that was awesome.

Felix, wow.

You are an incredible athlete.

I am?

Yeah. It takes real power
to be able to jump like that.

I'm impressed.

Thank you! So much!

- Really good job.
- Thank you.

Three minutes late.

But we're getting closer.

Yes, it's progress.

Go change your shoes.

Shoes, right. Yes.

Nice shot.

It's supposed to get
really cold tonight,

so I'm going to get you

an extra space heater
from the barn.

I'll come with you.


So what do you mean
by "really cold"?


Okay, try subtracting
60 from that

and then we're talking.

Where are you from,
the north pole?

Pretty close.

Thunder bay.

Northern Canada.

It's where I grew up,
before we moved again.

It's where I learned
to love hockey,

and decided that I would do...

Whatever it takes to become pro.

Well, that's why
you're here, right?

To do whatever it takes
to get you back there again.

- Hope so.
- This way.

Thank you.

These all you?


When was this?

Four years ago. Why?

I think I was at
one of your shows!


I remember
taking pictures that night.

That's me!

That's me.

I don't remember
taking that photo.


I mean, we took
a lot of pictures with people.

You were the lead dancer, right?

The prima ballerina.

You are incredible.

I remember being
blown away by your performance.

Thank you.

Who's that?

That's my ex.


Started dating right around
the time that picture was taken.


Don't be.

After I got hurt,

and the spotlight
I was always under

turned off...

So did her heart.

You know what,

she clearly didn't deserve you.

You're gonna find somebody

who loves you for more than
just playing hockey.

That's the thing.

I don't know
who I am without hockey.


I said that
when I left the ballet.

Okay, so what did happen?

Yeah, let's just say

that dating a co-worker
is never a good idea...

Especially if that co-worker
is your boss.

Enough said.

Good, because
I don't want to talk about it.

Let's get this
back to your place.

Here, let me help you with that.

Not with that bad ankle.

Let's go.

Did you hurt your ankle?

Yeah, just a little bit.

Did you tweak it
in our class this morning?

No, not in class.

I went back to the rink


And I got back on the ice.

Wait, you what?

I wanted to see how it felt,

and it felt great,
didn't hurt at all.

So I pushed myself a little bit,

and it still didn't hurt.

So I skated drills
with the team.

What were you thinking?

You could've re-torn
the ligament!

I had to get back out there.

It's hard to explain.

Ryan, no one understands
wanting their life back

more than I do.

But you have to trust
the process.

You have to trust me.

I do trust you.

Well, then quit messing around.

Take tomorrow off,

and we'll start
fresh again on Thursday.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Come on.

Good morning.
You are up early.

I need to talk to you.

Yeah, okay.

Is everything okay?

Okay. So I was meeting
with a client yesterday.

Jackie Olsen.

I love Jackie!

Her daughter, Alyssa,
is a student of mine.

Well, I was going over
her expenses,

and she mentioned

she's looking for ways
to save money next year,

and she said dance company
had another tryout.

They're offering a big discount
to new dancers.

I think she's going to take it.

And I don't think
she's the only one.

Well, if people care
about winning competitions,

then that's
where they should be.

What are you going to do?

My first instinct
is to go back to bed,

and when I wake up,

maybe it'll be November

and everything will be
how it was before.

Solid plan.

Do you want some coffee?




Check it out.
Right on time. Boom!

Yeah, except you were supposed
to rest today.

Yeah, but my ankle feels fine.

I didn't want to waste
any more time.

No, you said
that you would trust me.

I don't want you doing anything

that would put stress
on your ligaments, okay?


Okay, I didn't know
me wanting to take my lesson

would upset you so much.

It's not that.

I just have a lot going on
with the studio, and...

I just took that out on you.

I'm sorry.

Do you want to take a walk?

I don't have class
for another hour,


Yeah, sure.

So any idea where a guy can get

a decent cup of hot cocoa
around here?


the town square has, like,
five different drink carts.

You need a hot cocoa,
cider, hot toddies...

I knew even talking about
something "warm and cozy"

would put a smile
back on your face.

Thank you.


- Better?
- Much. Thank you.

So what's happening
with the dance studio?

I just have to get
my enrollment numbers back up.

You know, I'm sure I can get
the Rangers to pay more.

Thank you,

but that's not
a long-term solution.

I get that all these dance teams

are a trend right now, but...

I mean, ballet is not

supposed to be about
winning or losing.

It's a form of self-expression.

Sometimes, I think I'm doing
the same thing with hockey.

I love the game, but...

Right now it just feels like
it's about winning.

When was the last time
you played just for fun?

I can't even remember
the last time I played for fun.

Maybe we can do something
about that.

So what is going on
with the studio?

Well, right now,

my plan is to just

get the word out
to the community

during winterfest,

and tell them
all about Avon ballet.

That's a wonderful idea,
but what if it doesn't work?

What's your back-up plan?

I thought you said back-up plans

were for people
who expect to fail.

Okay, I don't
expect you to fail.


I just care about
what happens to you.

Thank you.

We'll be fine.

And for the record,

I care about
what happens to you, too.

This is looking
really good, you guys.


Felix, can we practice
your transition

in and out of the jump?


Whenever you're ready.

That was perfect!

This is going to be
the best show we've ever done.

Enjoying the rest
of your day off, I see.

Just trying to beat
my personal record

at puck juggling.

So you're bored.

So bored.

You know, it's funny,

because you seem to hang around
my door around mealtimes.

Like a stray cat.

Must be the smell
of home cooking.

Haven't had that in a long time.

Well, if you're bored,

you can come inside

and I can teach you how to make
a really easy healthy meal.

Is it healthy nachos?

Get inside, mittens.

Let's get you
some culinary therapy.

You just don't seem like
the type of person

to quit their job over some guy.

He wasn't "some guy".

Daniel was the creative director

of the national ballet theater.

I bet no one was allowed
to call him "Dan" or "Danny".

He hated that.

Anyway, we were so in sync
for so many years.

We were touring
the world together,

at the top of our game,

in love.

I mean, everything was perfect.



One day in rehearsal, I fell,

and I ended up getting
the same injury that you have

right there.

A grade-three high-ankle sprain,

with an almost
fully-torn ligament.

I honestly thought

I would just be
right back into it

a few weeks later, but...

It took longer for you to heal
than everybody thought.


But I wasn't worried about it.

I mean, I knew when I was ready,

I would be right back in there
as prima ballerina.

And I had no doubt that Daniel
or the ballet company

would be as loyal to me
as I had been to them.

I'm going to take a wild guess
that they weren't.


I was replaced by my understudy.

And then, a year later,

I found out
that she was engaged to Daniel.

I was just completely
pushed aside.

That one injury
changed everything.

But, you know,

it was out of my control,

so I just had to adapt.

You make it sound so easy.

No. It... it wasn't.

But, you know, in the end,

I ended up realizing
that it was for the better.

It's funny,
because I came back to Avon

to fix this property up
to sell it.

I ended up falling in love
with it all over again.

And I didn't regret
that decision until...


You know, I don't understand

how people can just walk away
from things so easily.

And this time from my studio.

It's just really disappointing.

Yeah, I kind of feel
the same way about my team.

If I don't get back there soon,

they might not
be there for me anymore.

You're going to be okay, Coop.

No matter what.

You too.

Do you want some dessert?

Let me handle that.

Meet me outside in 10 minutes.


What is this?

Well, you took care of dinner,
so I'm taking care of dessert.

- S'mores night!
- S'mores night!

Thank you.

Guys, we haven't done this
in so long!

Here you go.

Thank you!

Did you guys
help him set this up?

Nope. This was all him.

Pretty sweet of him, huh?

It is very sweet of him.
Who knew?

Take a marshmallow.

Thank you.

That's a beauty.

Give it a go.


Well, so you do know
a thing or two about hockey.

Maybe a little.

Where did you play?

It was a long time ago.

But I had to stop.

You got hurt?

No, my dad died.

I was the only one who could
take over his business.


Yeah, I was actually

a couple days away from
getting drafted into the NHL.

I guess me being here

kind of pours
salt in the wounds.

At first, maybe.


I mean, I know
you worked your tail off

to get to where you are.

I respect that.

I respect what you did more...

Sacrificing your future
for your family.

Thanks, man.


Who invented the s'more?

Oddly enough,

it was my distant cousin
from Toronto, "Bob s'Moore".

That is so not true.

It was the girl scouts.

Believe what you want...

Hi, guys!

What are you doing here?

We saw the fire on the way home,

wanted to make sure
everything was okay.

Yeah, we're just making s'mores.

Here, you want some?

Felix, how was your hockey game?

We won...
But I barely got on the ice.

They didn't let you play?

They did...

But every time I got the puck,
I just couldn't hold onto it.

Hey, Felix,

I know a really great coach
here in town,

and I think
he's available tomorrow.

Is that okay, dad?


Matt, you mind giving me a ride
to the rink?

Yeah, no worries.

We'll pick you up at seven.

What's that all about?

You'll see.

You know what, guys,
this firewood is getting low.

Let me go grab some
from the barn.

I'll give you a hand.

Thank you.

I'm gonna run by you.


Oh, boy.

Who wants a mallow?

You know, this is
such a great space.

You ever think about
fixing this barn up,

teaching your classes in here?

That way, you wouldn't have to
worry about rent.

You'd be in complete control.

I know.

I tried,

but this is a 200-year-old barn.

It's not up to code,

and it would cost a fortune
to convert.

My dad tried years ago,

when he wanted to make
this place a cider mill.

- Really?
- Yeah.

He wanted a tasting room,
a store, the whole thing.

That's a...

That's a wonderful dream.

I'm just sad he didn't get
to see it through.

But you could.

If anyone can do it, it's you.

Come on, how do you know that?

I mean,
we barely know each other.

Actually, you know me better
than almost anyone else.

I guess you know me better
than almost anyone else.

The fire's almost out.

I guess we better
get back out there.

Hey, Felix, help me
with this firewood.

All right.

This is going to be awesome.

So, what exactly
is happening here?

Well, Felix needs help,

and I can't go on the ice,

so I need you to do it.

I... I don't have any skates.

I'm a professional
hockey player.

I never leave home

without at least
three extra pairs.

And lucky for you...

We are basically the same size.

I... I haven't been
on the ice in years.

You'll be fine.
It's like riding a bicycle...

Except the bicycle

has sharp metal blades
on the bottom.



Wish me luck.


Good job!

Okay, Felix,
show me what you got.

Incredible footwork, Felix.

Yeah, amazing agility.

Yeah, until I get the puck.

Let's see.

Come on, come on.

You're up right here.


Hey. That's not as hard a fix
as you think.

You're just squeezing
that stick too tight.

All right, you gotta keep
those shoulders loose,

those arms.

Let that top hand
do most of the work, all right?

Listen to the man.

He knows
what he's talking about.

I'll give it a try.

A tip that helped me
when I was your age...

Think of a nonsense word
and say it over and over again.

What kind of word, though?

My personal favorite...


- Never failed me.
- "Flump"?

All right, let's try it.


Flump! Flump!

Nice shot, Felix!

Hey, guys, look who's here.

- Flump!
- Good job, Felix!


I am very proud of you
for staying off of the ice.

Well, I am not about
to mess this up.

I haven't seen you
smile like this

in such a long time.

It's all part of
Coop's master plan.

Thank you, Coop.

Now there's no excuse

not to watch
the Rangers' game with me.

- Totally.
- Yes!

All right,
let's get back out there.

You know, the only reason
I said you couldn't lace up

is because you pushed yourself
way too hard last time.


You know,

if you promise
to take it easy...

It might be helpful to see
how your ankle is feeling.

But the key words
are "take it easy".


Thank you!

Take it easy!

Good job, you guys!


You looked really good
out there.

How does your ankle feel?

- It feels great!
- Yeah?

No pain at all.

That's so good!

This is the critical part.

You're getting
the strength you need,

now you just
have to build on that

to prevent re-injury.

Well, you look like
you're having a lot of fun.

I haven't had
that much fun in years.

Can we keep playing?

It's getting late

and there's an ice storm
coming in.

We should all head home.


Thank you so much, Matt.

And you, too, Coop.

Anytime, bud.

Hey, you think
if I keep doing ballet,

I can be as smooth
on my cuts as you?


We can take you home, Felix.


You know, you are

a really good person,
Ryan Cooper.

I just saw a way

of helping them both
at the same time.

And you inspire people.

Not everyone can do that.

That figures.


Are you guys out, too?

Yeah, well,

you know what that means...

Power outage game night!

Okay, can you
get over here safely?

I'll see you guys soon. Bye.

That was fast!


I know my life
is "all about ice,"

but even for me,
that is a bit much.

You should not
have walked over here in this.

It's slippery out there.

You could have
tweaked your ankle.

Hey, I wanted to make sure
you were okay.

Yes, yeah, thank you.


I have my fireplace for heat,

and a gas stove,

and storm snacks.

Storm snacks...
That's not a thing.

Oh, it so is.

Ballet dancers eat junk food!

That's what I've been
trying to tell you.

I realized living
an "all or nothing" existence

isn't living at all.

Then why aren't you
expanding your dance studio?


That's just...

That's different.

- Can I get some of that?
- Yeah.

Hey! We brought the poker set.

Okay, that is so not fair.

You know I can't bluff
to save my life.

But Ryan doesn't know that.

You should invite him over.

Come on.

Everyone can see how you two
look at each other!

Just admit
there's something going on!


Hey, Coop.




Who invited this guy?

Well, it's just
you and me, Wagner.

What're you going to do?

I'm all in.

You have the worst "tell"
I have ever seen.


I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Really? Okay.

I call.

I had eights!


What do I win?

"Power outage poker"
bragging rights.

- That's it?
- Yes, that's it.

I guess I can live with that.

I can't believe how late it is.

Yeah? Oh, yeah.

We should get home
to start the generator...

Because the power
could be out for hours.

Are you sure it's safe to walk?

Oh, please.
We're not newbies.

We brought the crampons.

We'll be fine.

Well, I guess
I should get going, too.

Wolf Pack has conditioning
all morning.

Assuming the roads get opened.

Yeah, and I have my make-up
rehearsal for winterfest.

I'll get you my crampons.

No! I left those at the studio.

I'm sure I'll be fine.

Absolutely not.

If you slip and get hurt,
I will never forgive myself.

Well, I'm not sure
what else to do

besides sleeping on your couch
till morning.

Yeah, that's fine.

Well, except with the power out,

the living room
is the only one with heat,

so I was going to sleep
on the couch, too,

but technically,
it's two separate couches,

so, I mean, it's fine.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

So do all your guests
get this level of service?





Wait, what?

Are you serious?

Okay. All right,

just keep me updated
when you hear more.

All right, bye.


What's wrong?

A power line went down
in front of the studio,

so now I can't get in,

which means another rehearsal
is canceled,

so we are two days behind.

Well, I've seen the dancers
practicing on their own.

They know the routine.

I know,

but the difference
between a good performance

and a great one

is being so prepared,
the dance is second nature.

Well, there's nothing
you can do about it.

And I'm sure they'll call
if something changes.

You know, why don't you
come to the rink with me today?

It's about time
you saw a bit of my world.

I've spent
a lot of time in yours.

I'd love that.

Where is everybody?

Practice is canceled.

If practice is canceled,
what are we doing here?

Like I said,

I wanted you to see

how I spend
the other half of my day,

and I thought...

I could show you how I destress.

You conned me?

I thought it was my turn
to teach you something for once.

Ryan, I didn't say
I don't know how to ice skate.

I said I didn't like it.

Well, that's not
all we're doing.

That's it,
just keep leaning forward.

You're doing great!

I can't stop...

I can't stop!

I got you.


Just follow my lead.

You saved me.

You saved me.

Is your ankle feeling better?

I'm not talking about my ankle.

The rink is a great place
to destress.

The cool air,

the sound of blades
on the ice...

What do you think?

It's amazing.

- Oh, ho!
- Oh, yeah!

- Yeah!
- Come on!


Can you hold this?

Hey, main street's clear!

I'm going to be able to do
the one o'clock class after all.

Come on.

I'm going to hang these flyers

around the neighborhood

before my class gets here.

I can help.

Okay. Let's go.

- I'll get this.
- Thanks.



We were supposed to be
the grand finale,

but the dance company

must've talked to the organizers

because now
they're performing last.

Sounds like they're pulling
a power play.

Do you really think so?


but just like in hockey,

don't let it fluster you,

defend your house,

and when it's your turn...

Make it count.

You know, I'm going to do that.
Thank you.

Who knew that hockey and ballet
were so similar?

Come on.

Hey, Felix,

we're meeting up at the rink,
do you want to play?


I have dance.

Hey, Felix!

- So what's up?
- Hey, Coop.

You're Ryan Cooper.

What are you doing here?

A little dance rehab
for my ankle.

A lot of pro athletes
are doing it now

because ballet is a total thing.

In fact, Felix has
better footwork than me

because of it.

Okay, guys,

let's get to class.

See you guys later.

You know, maybe this
doesn't need to be a one-off.

What do you mean?

Helping me.

Why not make athletic training

part of what your studio
has to offer?

It could be big business.

I could set you up with meetings

with all the major trainers
on the east coast.

I appreciate that,

but I just don't think

that's the right direction
for me or my studio.

Okay, you don't want to do
dance competitions,

you're not open
to athletic training.

I'm going to tell you
what Terry told me.

You gotta do something

because you're running
out of options.

Right, but training people
to win trophies

is literally the exact opposite
of my philosophy.

Well, like I had to learn

to be more flexible
to reach my goal,

maybe you need to learn
to bend a little, too.

- Let's go to class.
- Okay.

Going to bring it in.

Very nice.

Really pretty, really pretty.

Watch your spacing,
watch your spacing.


- That's it, Felix!
- Yeah, yeah.

- He's through.
- There it is, there it is.

Felix is looking great
out there.

Yeah, he just needed
a few small adjustments.

Well, you were the first person

to explain it in a way
that made sense to him.

I already talked
to the other parents.

A lot of the locals remember
how close you came to going pro.

Man, it just wasn't
in the cards.

Maybe coaching is.

We still need a new head coach
in the spring.

I appreciate the offer, John.

I will think about that.


You know, Matt,

there are always
a million reasons to say no,

but if you find the courage
to say yes...

Great things can happen.

Hey, Coop.

We're short for a quick
4-on-4 drill.

What do you say?

I was just here for a physical.

Which you passed
with flying colors.

You are so ready

to take that ankle out
for an all-out spin.

Get out there.

- All right!
- All right!

Let 'er rip, Coop!


You were amazing out there!

Yeah, it felt great.
I'm not even sore.

I knew you'd get there.

Yeah, and there's
one more lesson to spare, so.

So, what happens

now that you passed
your physical?

Well, I start practicing
with the Wolf Pack full-time,

and just wait for the Rangers
to call me back up.

How long will that be?

No idea.

I mean... it could be a while.

Well, the guest house is yours
as long as you want it.


If you're not too tired,

tonight's the last night
of winterfest

before the big
performance tomorrow.

Do you want to go?

I'd love to.



Your favorite TV show?

I don't know.
I was always dancing.

Come on.

Let's go say hi.


We could leave them alone.

Thanks a lot.

I'm rubbing off on you.

You know,
I think you need these.

And I think you need these.

- I'm getting them.
- I'm getting these.

- Thank you!
- Thank you.

You're so very welcome.

Thank you!

Jenna, I...



I didn't even know
you were coming up!

I've been looking
all over for you guys.


Terry, what're you doing here?

Well, I'm just coming back
from a meeting in Boston.

I figured I'd come get you
on the way back.

Get me? For what?

You obviously
haven't seen this yet, have you?

Somebody posted this online?

Yeah, and a lot of people
saw it, too...

Including coach Jackson.

Just had a conference call
with him,

the Wolf Pack coach

and the orthopedic team
you met with.


And they see no reason to wait.

Pending one last physical
with the team doctors,

they think you're ready

to practice again
with the team in New York...

And have you back
on the active roster

soon after.

Are you serious?

That's amazing!

I told them
I'd bring you back tonight.


Yeah, coach wants to meet
with you

first thing in the morning,

get the physical done,

and then back on the ice
in the afternoon.


That's really soon.

You made this possible, Jenna.

Thank you!

I am so happy for you.

Terry, could you
give us a minute?

Of course. Yeah.


I mean, he's right.

I couldn't have done this
without you.

I'm just sorry
you're going to miss the show.

Jenna, I really, really wish
I could be there.

Hey, stop.

This is way more important.

Well, maybe I can talk to Terry,

he can talk to coach,

I can get an extra day.

You can't do that.

This is what you came here for.

And now you're back on the team.

This is everything you wanted.

Of course you have to go.

I just really wish
we had more time.

It was only ever
supposed to be 30 days.

We both knew that.

And now that time is up.

Hey, Terry,

can you give Ryan
a ride back to my place?

You're not coming with?

You know, I just have
so much to do at the studio

before tomorrow.

But, hey...

You're going to be great!

Thank you.

Good luck.


Go get 'em, Coop.


Did you know
Ryan's playing today?


I thought he was only going
to start practicing with them.

Apparently not.

And the score remains two-all.

We're 15 seconds into overtime
with a tied game...

Don't you want to watch him?

I have to get ready
for the show.

Heading into the far corner,

and, oh, my,
Cooper headed toward the net.

He takes a shot, he scores!

He scored! He scored!

Ryan Cooper
wins the game for the Rangers

in overtime!

- Way to go, Coop.
- Unbelievable!

You okay?

Of course I am.

I'm happy for him.

He's doing
what he was meant to do,

and so am I.

But can't you find a way
to make this work?

This is what he wanted.

Well, at first, maybe,

but now I think he wants

a little more
of what he found here.

I just want him to be happy.

What about you?

I'm really going to miss him.

Oh, honey.

And here's your first star

in your New York Rangers...

Ryan Cooper!

You looked 10 years
younger out there, Coop.

Glad to have you back.

Thank you.

Hey, do you mind
if I skip the press conference?

Why? You have
somewhere else to be?

Funny you should ask.

Okay, you guys, we're up next.

I want you to go out there
and have fun.

You already put in
all the hard work.

The rest
will take care of itself.


Hey, Jenna.

Hi, mayor Andreen.

Are the kids ready to go on?

Yes, they absolutely are.

You know, everyone in town

is talking about

how you got Ryan Cooper
back to the NHL.


I didn't think that many people
knew he was here.

Are you kidding?

Of course we did.

We just didn't want
to bug the man.

You know, my son's football team

heard from some of
the hockey kids

that ballet training

would give them
more agility on the field

and help them win more games.

But ballet
isn't really about winning.

- Hi!
- Hi.

I have so much to say to you.

I thought we said everything
that needed to be said.

We didn't say anything
that needed to be said.

Ryan Cooper, you're here!

Ryan, this is mayor Andreen.

- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure's all mine.

Are you going to be
a part of the show now?

Well, I'm not officially
a member of the company.

Yes, you are.

You worked just as hard
as everyone else.

Well, I would
if I knew the routine.

But if you don't mind...

May I introduce them?

The mic's all yours.

Thank you.

Let's go.

Good evening.

I'm Ryan Cooper.



You know, it was nice
to hear that again

my first game back.

And I wouldn't have been there

if it wasn't for
my incredible teacher...

Jenna Wagner.

Opening myself up to ballet

not only made me
a better athlete,

it made me a more humble,

more flexible,

and more balanced person.

And Jenna showed me...

That even if I never play
pro hockey ever again...

Which I fully plan on doing
by the way...

...that I don't have to fear
my future,

because, no matter what happens,

I know I'll be okay...

Because of her.

I almost forgot

the most important thing
I learned...


Now "for the love of dance"...

The incredible
Avon ballet studio.

So good.

You guys, I am so proud of you.

That was the best show
you've ever done.

Excuse me, Mr. Cooper,

would you mind signing
an autograph for my son?

Yeah, of course.

There you go.

Can we talk
somewhere more private?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I have to ask,

how did you make it here
so quickly?

I took the owner's helicopter.

Of course you did.

Well, I'm really glad
you could make the show.

That's not
the only reason I'm here.

Well, I thought
getting back to the team

was all you wanted.

It was...

Until I met you.

Don't you have to get back
to your real life?

This is more real

than anything in New York
or any place else.

Yeah, right.

Plus, there's no rule that says

I have to stay in New York
during the off-season.

Those moments together,
off the ice,

being close with you...

That is what life is all about.

I believe in Denmark
they have a word for it.

What is it?

Yeah, "hygge".

You actually said it right.

I know you've been hurt

by people
who are here one minute,

gone the next,

but I swear,
I will never do that to you.

Nothing's going to change
how I feel about you.

And when I'm not playing hockey,

I will always come back.

I just...

Need to know if you want me to.

I want that.

More than anything in the world.

I love you, Jenna Wagner.

I love you, Ryan Cooper.

by VaVooM