Taking Tiger Mountain (1983) - full transcript

Militant feminist scientists brainwash research subject to assassinate the Welsh Minister of Prostitution. Meanwhile World War III is being fought and the USA has been invaded.

- [Woman] What are
your sexual fantasies?

- [Man] I have this one
fantasy about my penis

getting really, really big,

real big, it's
like as tall as me

and these angels
are hovering over it

and their wings are
beating really fast

and you can feel the air
on my big penis, man.

When I explode, it's like
snowing or something,

it's just raining down
all over these people.

Everybody's licking their
Iips and shit. (Iaughs)

And really smiling
a lot and stuff.

How does orgasm make me feel?

Makes me feel, makes
me feel like god, man.

When I come, no not
like god, more like,

more like Elvis
Presley or something.

- [Robotic Woman's Voice]
The female is sociocentric.

The male is egocentric.

But we have found that
men can be adjusted,

improved permanently and
we can alter the gene pool

in such a way that only
convivial men will be born.

Gender is a learned thing.

First we need to understand
the male sexual identity.

We need to know which
parts are intrinsic

and which are conditioned and
we need to know what parts

are essential so
that the rest may be

scraped away and excised.

In the first phase
of our program,

the subject was
deprived of sleep

and kept on a high
carbohydrate diet.

This made him more susceptible
to mental conditioning.

He was fed large
amounts of white sugar

and kept isolated in a
contained observation space,

deprived of human contact.

We have found that a combined
water and darkness context

with a 15 per second
low intensity flicker

is effective in producing
great tension and irritability.

We use this as an interim
conditioning tool.

Later, other reinforcement
and inversion techniques

became applicable.

When Billy Hampton
first came to us,

he was an aggressive
heterosexual adolescent male.

We encouraged his
sexual fantasies.

We fed him aphrodisiacs and
psycho cholic stimulants.

We made him adore his
body, love his manhood,

then we took it away.

First, we found it important

to simulate a
homosexual experience.

We facilitated the change
through electroshock aversion

and a carefully prescribed
regimen of selected films.

We learned we could control
his arousal and preferences.

Then we began to phase out
his attraction to women.

Eventually he was made to
feel only guilt and revulsion

toward his sexual organ.

He was given medical
doses of progesterone,

a female hormone along
with silicon inserts

for female breast construction.

He was then surgically castrated

and restructured with
working female parts.

Several months of
personality tests were given

before the gender
manipulation was reversed,

complete with penis grafting
into the original male mode.

This process was
performed successfully

two complete times
within the last year.

We're now extremely
interested to observe

what his sexual
preferences will be

during his visit to Brendovery.

Besides gender research--

- Who sent him to us?

- [Robotic Woman's
Voice] Experimented with

the personalities--

- He answered the
advert in the Siren.

- Electroshock, hydro shock,
spinal taps, nausea aversion?

This research you are doing

is costing us a
good deal of money.

- Look, we're not just
hitting babies with a hammer

to see what happens
and we do not exist

solely for your
political posturings.

- [Robotic Woman's Voice]
Is given to the subject.

- [Woman] Billy,
this is the same test

we gave you once before.

We'd like to see if any of
your attitudes have changed.

So answer as
honestly as possible.

Do you have any feeling of
resentment against the world?

- [Billy] I don't
resent the world

as much as I resent
buildings and things.

- [Woman] Do you
often feel alone

even when you are with
your closest friends?

- [Billy] I like to be alone
more than with other people.

I can get along with
people if I have to.

- [Woman] Are you
frequently depressed?

- [Billy] Only when
I can't have my way.

- [Woman] Do you
sometimes feel that life

is not worth living?

- [Billy] Only when I
don't have any dope.

- [Woman] Do you think
you have received

your fair share in life?

- [Billy] Yeah, I feel like I'm
getting a pretty fair shake.

- [Woman] Are you
usually confident

of your looks and abilities?

- [Billy] Sure, I'm real
comfortable with myself.

I'm pretty cool, you know?

- [Woman] Do you think
people usually like you

the first time they meet you?

- [Billy] Fuck em,

I don't give a shit if
they like me or not.

- [Woman] Do you think
that you are important

or at least useful
in this world?

- [Billy] I feel like
I am easily used.

I feel like I'm
used by the world.

I don't feel like I'm useful.

Yeah, I'm useful in the
world, an easy tool.

I remember my principal
one time, he said to me,

he said, Billy, we just
can't use you around here.

And I looked at that
son-of-a-bitch and I said,

right, man, that's
fuckin' right,

you ain't gonna use me either.

- [Woman] Do you
think that this world

is a nice place to live?

- [Billy] (Iaughs) Well I
guess I'm supposed to say yes.

Sure, it's a great place
if you're not in America.

- I've been through
all the information,

but Whitfred is the
prostitution magistrate

at Brendovery, Wales.

Looks like a sweet
old man, doesn't he?

Late last year, he organized
an illicit slavery operation

to boost his town's economy.

Many of the farmers in
the area are involved

sending their daughters away
to the Mid East and Africa.

There is, however, a dearth
of good young men available,

so Whitfred has
concentrated on kidnapping

American ex-patriots.

I found in his file
one peculiar thing,

he delights in
telling exotic stories

about his days in India.

One story is about
a tribe of natives

who he found living at
the top of a mountain.

They won't come down because
they're afraid of the tigers

that inhabit the valley.

Maybe we could find some sort of

aggression stimulus in that.

- [Robotic Woman's Voice]
Later, we accomplished

personality reconstruction
through means

of electronarcosis.

This involves 24
shock treatments over
a span of four days.

Next he is given
Phenobarbital under hypnosis

and made to sleep for several
days without dreaming.

This process returns the
subject to a childlike state

where the personality
is more pliable

and responsive to modification.

During the sleep period,
the patient must be

carefully monitored
and turned and massaged

each day to prevent
physical impairment.

Each experiment was
followed immediately

by a memory blotting session
using a combination of

electroshock, LSD and hypnosis.

It is important to us that
the patient have no memory

of pain what-so-ever.

During the periods in
between experiments,

he was kept happy and secure.

There have been a small
number of complaints

about bad dreams which
could conceivably be

some sort of
subconscious outgrowth

of the aversion
therapy, but even so,

this is not without precedent.

Our earlier test subjects
met with similar occurrences.

Our last phase of
preparatory work with Billy

was a program of
heavy drug testing.

We provided him with an
assortment of psychotropic

and psycho cholic
compounds which he was

encouraged to take
at his leisure.

LSD, DMT and LSE were
administered to him

at regular intervals.

We reserved the
antidote, Ergotamine,

in the event he
became overextended.

This lack of psychic
risk influenced him

towards larger and larger
doses of hallucinogens.

He has found these experiments
extremely pleasurable.

- There are not many precedents
for what we are doing.

By the very nature
of this project,

we are forced to
invent our own rules.

- I understood
from the beginning,

we would not be goal oriented.

It's a think tank.

We generate ideas.

Others can use our findings
for warfare or whatever.

- Our purpose right now is to
kill Major Guthry Whitfred.

- A petty bureaucrat.

We're spending thousands of
pounds to kill one old man

who will die on his
own within a year.

- Yes, but what you
fail to realize--

- Look, if you just want someone

to get your major dead for you,

then hire some bitch off
the street to gun him down.

- You are too obsessed with
the beauty of your program

to render it any
practical significance--

- We are established as a
group for a single reason,

which is to reinstate a long
lost balance between the sexes.

There are minor malfunctions
in the male psychology--

- Yes, we're in
agreement certainly,

but you confine yourselves
to the sterile environment

and you lose touch
with the world.

- [Woman] What can you
tell me about your dreams?

- [Billy] I'm in like space.

I'm hanging on something,
but I can only see

like my chest and
my arms and my head.

It feels like it's there,
but it feels real numb

and then I'm in the
water and I hear voices,

people's other voices
and then I feel

kind of like a, something
kind of grazed by my leg

and it's quick and so weird and

the vulnerability
of being caught

just between two
atmospheres 'cause you're

on top of the water, you
can't jump up into the sky

and you can't go
underwater and these things

just can come at
you from any angle.

- [Robotic Woman's Voice]
Billy Hampton is the third

assassin to be trained
at this institute.

Kevin Brown Muldan was
detached to Germany

to murder prostitution
commissioner, Earnst Caln

and Thomas Bear to Switzerland

to murder commissioner
Claude Tanner.

When Billy leaves here,
he will have been with us

for 730 days and nights,

but he will remember
it only as one week.

He will be visiting
in Brendovery

under the impression
that he is being given

a vacation there to
enjoy sexual activity.

He has been conditioned to
react at pre specified times.

His sense of time and place
may be permanently distorted

because of the drugs.

- After the murder, it doesn't
matter if he is caught.

He won't remember
how he found it.

- Well what will cause
Billy to meet Whitfred?

- If Billy wants to get
a drink in Brendovery,

there's two places
that can be done,

the King's Inn and
the Whitehorse.

Whitfred owns the Whitehorse

and spends most of his
time there playing cards.

- The major's lookouts
will spot him,

report his actions to the major.

Whitfred's general method
is to invite a young man in,

then ply him with wine and
entertain him with war stories.

- Billy has been trained
to react with anxiety

to the telling of the
Tiger Mountain story.

When he hears it from Whitfred,

he will be thrown into a rage,

killing Whitfred
with his bare hands.

- [Woman] Billy, do you
know who Major Whitfred is?

He is a tiger keeper.

His tigers killed your father.

They want to kill you too.

Major Whitfred
actually is a tiger.

He has been sent to
Earth by god to kill you.

Here's his picture.

See the claws and tiger stripes?

He wants to kill you like
he killed your father,

so you must kill him first.

- If this experiment
is successful--

- If our experiment is
successful, Whitfred will die.

If not, we as scientists,
must analyze our failure,

improve upon our methods--

- Until we get the
results that we want.

- [News Reporter] An outbreak
of what appears to be

Scarlet Fever, has occurred
in the urban centers

of the upper eastern U.S.
and is now sweeping down

along the eastern
seaboard into U.S. Proper.

Believed to achieve epidemic
proportions by midweek,

this outbreak appears
to be brought on

by the garbage and
sanitation strikes

effective in most urban
areas as well as the critical

shortages of petrol
and synthetic fuels

which has crippled
overland transportation

and interrupted
most food shipments

into concentrated areas,
resulting in numerous

incidents of food
variety and a reliance on

substandard food sources.

In addition, as a
direct result of the

comprehensive prophylactic
medicine program

enacted by the 1987
National Healthcare Package,

massive immunization
has caused the collapse

of natural immunity
systems which has in turn,

irrevocably soiled
the gene pool.

There has been a dramatic
increase of chronic epidemics

in recent quarters
including outbreaks of,

among others, Malaria,
Typhoid, Diptheria,

Syphilis, and Leprosy.

Of all the areas inundated
by troubled signs

of a volatile economy and
the ensuing civil strife,

perhaps the hardest hit
were the five population

bound Burroughs
of New York City.

Due to interruptions of
various information sources

and the increasingly
sporadic output

of the international IISP wire,

Radio One placed
corespondent, Hayes Martin,

in the New York Post.

- [Man] I'm standing in
the 25th ward of Bell Pearl

at mid Manhattan,
approximately 300 kilometers

from the east wall
where stationed riflemen

of the Common Guard
cut off Bell Pearl

from neighboring Queens.

There is refuse
everywhere from the strike

standing in heaping
mounds and the numerous

Ieaking gas and water
veins have turned the city

into a river of sludge.

Most of the subway tunnels
and buildings are derelict

and the lower tunnels
have all been flooded,

now serving as the traffic
way for the low flat barges

that continually
run fresh produce.

There are few people
on the streets--

- I got it!

- [Woman] Welcome to the
beautiful gardens of Brendovery,

the village where your
pleasure is our business.

We were charted in 1988
under the common market

recreational fund as a community
devoted to the refinements

of sexual pleasure.

Only four communities in
Britain have been so charted

and we were honored because
of our thousand year history

of prostitution to have
been chosen the first one.

Now, under the
enlightened leadership

of commissioner Major
Guthry Whitfred,

the village legally
offers girls and boys

in the pique years of allurement

in a civilized
village atmosphere.

Ours is truly a model
cottage industry

of which the common
market can be proud.

Enjoy yourselves in
safety and health.

As part of the common market
restructurilization program,

we work for you.

- [Man] Explosions
occur frequently

and there is occasional
small arms fire

off in the distance.

On most roof tops, there are
vegetable or fruit gardens,

able to grow in the free air
because of the degree shift

brought on by
thermo-nuclear effects.

Makeshift guide wires
and pulleys allow access

to derelict buildings whose
elevators have been disabled

by both the black
and the whiteouts.

There are numerous
post-war refugee camps

and tent cities, abandoned
vehicles house families.

Temporary med centers
have been erected

to deal with the sickness, but
they generally just provide

pain killing or nirvana drugs.

At night, groups gather
around the radioactive

slag heaps to keep warm.

- Sir, excuse me.

- I don't have
time for no yanks.

- Can you tell me how to--

- Filthy rotters.

- Come on, would you be able to

gimme directions to the
Carecan Auction from here?

(dog barking)

The auction, I'm
Iooking for the auction.

- [Old Man] That's
a splendid idea.

Let me looksy at you.

- [Billy] I don't, I
forgot the directions.

- [Old Man] Well,
it may be this way

and it may be that way.

- [Billy] This way, that
way, thank you very much.

- [Old Man] Yeah bugger,

you rack up your sweet
chicks, boyo. (Iaughs)

You damn yank, you bastard.

(animated conversations)

- [Man] Come on, man.

- [Man] Look, you
want one that I let go

at your wound and greasing
around inside of you?

You like that?

All ugly and act
vague in two moons?

- I have, probably
root noise is all.

And Leprosy and Jesus down--

- [Man] But do they
not have rights?

- [Man] Look, I got
my fucking rights.

Now you listen to me, Ace.

Yanks is right in
all our problems.

They're sucking up our
jobs and all a crackle

and they'll use up us like
they did the bloody U.S.,

just ship the lot of them
back to god sucking America

if you ask me.

You want Leprosy, what?

Well it's your fucking
fault for, why not?

- Don't be cross,
man, I have a reason.

- [Man] But weren't they
friends in the second war?

- [Man] Hey what, like rubbish.

(slang trails off)

- [Billy] Can you
give me some help?

- [Bartender] Yeah, what
kind of help you need?

- [Bartender] I'll take
him, may I help you?

- [Billy] Yes, I'm
a tourist, American.

I'm looking for the Carecan
Auction or the Castle Hotel.

- The Castle Hotel is
two blocks down the road.


- [Billy] Thank you.

- [Man] Can pop this one over.

We're the ones with all the
jobs and we got all the crackle

and they can hold it up
the asses, all I care.

- [Man] A postwar
reconstruction project

to interlace a system of
canals across lower Manhattan

to be used as alternative
routes of commerce

was left uncompleted
when the church attacked

nearby New Jersey and
dismantled the program.

The unfinished and rusting
Iocks are now a home

for alligators and
fresh water sharks which

cruise the Hudson
and East Rivers

and the inbred Spaniel sized
rats on which they feed.

There are rumors of tunnel
pirates in these parts

and a band of armed
vet mercenaries

who pray on those who stray
too close to the river.

The city most resembles London,

following the battle of Britain,

except that there has
been no federal money to--

- [Man] You would
be Mr. Hampton.

One moment, please.

- [Man] And the people
look a fair sight worse

for the experience.

- [Man] Your key, sir.

That's 29 upstairs.

- [Man] Centers on Earth,
now a badly scarred,

badly burned testament
to the worst tendencies

of civilization.

Hayes Martin, Radio One, in
the New York Polis, outer U.S.

- [Newscaster] On
the economic front,

the U.S. depression
continues to widen

as world economic
powers continue to take

counter productive measures

rendering U.S. policy
increasingly impotent.

A new barter standard
was offered today

by the federal control board

with the dollar equal
to 0.84 grams of bread

or roughly 1*2 of
an English penny.

The new barter rating is
promised to last the week.

U.S. representatives
today walked out of

the National Boden
Conference in Munich

in protest of the conferences
refusal to consider

the possibility of
first world loans.

The common market did not
participate in those talks.

Incidentally, with the
interruption of the IISP wire,

there is still no word on
the Detroit, Toronto riots

or the situation in Atlanta.

This is Radio One, a
British information service

operating under the auspices
of the common market media.

We remind you that it is
imperative for any free people

to keep abreast of
the world's situation.

Please stay tuned to Radio One--

- [Woman] Why don't
you go talk to him?

He seems quite approachable.

- [Woman] Yes, I think I will,
but in a little bit though.

- [Woman] But did you see him?

He looked just like Sean Tull.

- [Woman] Yes he did.

(cheery music playing
from the speakers)

- [Newscaster] The following
items have been added

to U.S. ration list for
the week of September 11.

- [Woman] Sugar,
potatoes, soap, aerosol,

all perfumes, paint
thinner, aluminum foil--

(Ioud menacing music)

- Hello.

Yes Mr. Shepherd,
there's a boy in my room.

Well, okay.

I'm sure of it, later.

You're the American boy, Billy.

Is that your name?

Do you mind if I rest a minute?

You remind me of someone I knew.

I'm sure you'd have liked him.

- [Woman] Hello, sorry
about the inconvenience.

I've brought you some wine,
compliments of Mr. Shepard.

- Thank you.

I suppose you're exhausted
and I bet you'd like a bath.

I'm Mrs. Davis.

I hope you don't mind.

I believe you have
to make an effort

in this life, don't you?

To be with people.

The major doesn't
think I should care

about those kinds of efforts.

An old woman like me, he says.

Old woman, I was the
best he ever had.

Here you go, love.

I've given you a
little something

to make you good with the girls.

I've turned six tricks and hour.

No matter what, young or
old, I'd get them off.

They'd be coming
before I got going.

But I was in love
once with John Tom,

the boy I loved, John Tom.


He was so solemn that when we,

when we were lovers,
something happened.

I went to see the major

and he said I shouldn't
marry my lover.

You're a little
quiet, aren't you?

You aren't afraid of me.

Oh, I'd have a grandson your age

if it weren't for the major.

Come on, love, we
could have some fun.

Well, but if you want
to go to the auction,

you'll have to wait an hour
before a runner can take you.

We can talk until then.

(soft menacing music)

- [Boy] My real name is John.

It's just that everyone
calls me Sally, Sally John.

I don't like girls very
much, but if you do,

I'd recommend Judy Church
if she's available.

She's the major's favorite.

- [Man] Randy, 17, straight
sandy hair with a pinched mouth,

slender and willing,
the smile of a killer

who take French,
Roman, Greek cultures,

firm knowledge of
the European scene

goes for three ways
coppers sandwiches groups,

good with animals
at 14 and seven.

Dallas Ringo, 18,
tall and slender,

finger on the trigger,
she's wet and waiting.

Will try anything, straight
up, sideways or domino.

Also boxed lunches
and golden showers.

- [Man] All right gents,
let's get up (mumbling)

Once again, lovers for sale,
let's see if we can't--

(people all talking at once)

- [Man] Scrotum and nipple
piercing, hands of a surgeon.

Philata, 19, Persian,
dark cupid hair,

with a body like a
whip, expert tongue,

offers hand to mouth,
mouth to mouth,

helicopter in, oral worship by

(multiple people
talking over each other)

Carl Sampson, 21, seven inch
chest, a wall of muscles,

good with body work
(cross talking).

Takes it as it
comes, active only.

Rosa Lee, 23, (cross talking).

Expert at French
maiden, gentle nursing,

good with (cross talking),
specialty is French pastry.

All fetishes considered,
diapers, toilet slavery.

(cross talking)

Judy Church, 23, thick
black horse mane hair,

straight only,
clean and discrete--

- [Man] Judy Church,
oh you're a lucky one.

Just go out past the
confectioner's to
the railway station

and follow the tracks north,

the junction with
the Shenandoah Line.

There right to the riverAfton

and cross it by the auto bridge

and on to the little
cottages on the far bank.

Hers is the third one just--

- [Woman] The women of
Brendovery are uniformly happy

with their positions
in the village

as hostesses and courtesans
as well as mothers and wives.

There is always a
smile on our faces

and a lilt to our
voices and we support

the liberality of the
great common market chart

and the freedom it has
given us, every one.

Our own enlightened
village charter

tells us the proper attitudes
and duties that all citizens

must want to exhibit,
that which woman were made

by nature to do, we do
proudly with enthusiasm

in Brendovery while hard
Iabor and complex tasks

are kept for the
men of the village.

Everyone in Brendovery is
grateful to the brilliant men

of the role model
commission whose ideas

are embodied in the very
fabric of our village.

Brendovery is like
a living organism

in which each cell
adapts to the function

for which it is most
perfectly suited.

We all find ourselves
in our ideal roles,

the roles to which we were
biologically predestined.

Yet the freedom that we find
within our lives is wonderful.

The freedom to move within
the anchor of our being

as Commissioner
Major Guthry Whitfred

has so well expressed it.

Nature has made women
less complex than men,

yet able to work far
longer with less sleep

and for that, we
are justly proud.

In Brendovery the
life of the homemaker

is a creative and
rewarding challenge.

She keeps the house
tidy of course

and bears her
husband's children,

but also she participates
in a wealth of

productive enterprises
outside the home.

Perhaps she manufactures
wooden spools for thread

or hand paints lovely
calendar pictures

or if she is
particularly gifted,

she may act as one--

- Sit down.

- [Woman] For intimate
encounters which

bring Brendovery such
fame and admiration.

- [Judy] I'll put some
water on the fire.

Make yourself at home.

- [Woman] Spreading deceit
and out and out lies

about the common market
role model commission

and we would be less--

- [Billy] My name's
Billy Hampton.

- [Woman] There is
no question that they

comprised the rabble rousers of

the Yorkshire
women's riots of 1987

and it is they who
continue to flog

the dead horse of
the homemaker's union

and it must be said
that many of them

have profound psychological
problems, but in Brendovery,

we have long abandoned
such selfishness.

We recognize that a woman's
biology is a woman's freedom.

It is our patriotic duty
to do our best to make--

- Been a while since
I've made love.

But I feel so nervous.

It's not you.

I don't know why I feel
this way, but I do.

Well I guess I'm as
ready as I'll ever be.

- Come on.

Oh, you'll do fine.

It will be good, yes.

You're just sensitive.

- [Billy] Mm.

- [Judy] That's nice.

- [Man] Buddha told
a parable in a sutra.

A man walking across a
field disturbed a tiger.

- [Woman] Did you ever
have sex with a boy

from top to bottom.

- [Man] The tiger
chasing after him.

Soon he came to a precipice
where he caught hold

of the root of a vine and
swung himself over the edge.

The tiger growled
at him from above.

Trembling in fear,
the man looked down

to where far below,
another tiger

was casually waiting to eat him.

Only the vine sustained him.

Two mice, one large
and one small,

little by little, began
to gnaw away at the vine.

The man saw a lush of
strawberry near him.

Clutching the vine
with one hand,

he plucked the strawberry
with the other.

How sweet it tasted.

(soft distorted music)

(soft murmuring)

(heavy breathing)


- [Man] German freeman, Earnst
Keln was shot and killed

today in the German
capital of Berlin

as he was leaving
parliamentary chambers.

Keln was principally known as
a prostitution commissioner,

running the common market
prostitution service

in the Lieberstad
section of Bon.

So far there are no suspects

or apparent motives
in the killing.

This marks the first
assassination ever

of a common market
public official.

(quiet menacing music)

- [Man] Mafia Mormon
warfare continued to rage

throughout most of
Utah and Nevada today

marking the third straight
week of such clashes.

The IISP wire reports scattered
outbursts in both states

with the heaviest--

- Mr. Hampton, I
spoke with Mrs. Davis.

She won't bother you again.

- [Man] However the watchtower
brigade and several--

- Here's a second key, okay?

- [Man] Have landed
counter insurgent strikes

far into mafia territory
and a unified Mormon front

appears to be closing
in on mafia strongholds

of Reno, Tahoe and Valhalla.

The president of
Kansas, Armando Mercado,

was assassinated
early Thursday morning

when a bomb exploded in
his mid ground bunker.

Unconfirmed reports are
that the apparent coup

was the result of
power struggles

within the Mercado government.

Members of both
the Spangle society

and the Rosicrucian army
claim responsibility--

- [Man] An editorial
from Radio One,

British Information Service,

one of the more
disturbing stories

to come out of
this U.S. business

is the increasing
instances of cannibalism

reported in major U.S.
metropolitan areas.

Unconfirmed news reports tell us

that numerous partially
devoured carcasses

have been found in
various coastal cities.

Generally those most have
nearly ravaged by the war--

(announcement interrupted)
- [Woman] Please hurry.

(low menacing music)

- Atta boy.

(water running)
(wind blowing)

(disjointed audio)
(announcements and memories)

- [Man] Seems to emerge
with the head and trunk

are left fairly in tact and
the flesh eaten from the limbs

and around the
genitals and buttocks.

In several reports,

the entrails have also
been removed and eaten.

Reports have it that
many of the victims

have been homosexuals.

We find this not only
gruesome and sickening,

but if true, then
particularly indicative

of the moral consistency
of the U.S. people.

One would not be hard
pressed to remember a time

when the English people
faced similar kinds

of crisis during the bug
bombings in World War II

or less obviously, during
the weeks of evacuation

and shelter scares in
the second mega war.

(whispering voices)
But the English people

take these and other challenges
with a pride and honor

that only centuries of
character can provide.

Yet oft times,
being a poor people,

but always one that
has known great ages

of hardship and sacrifice.

Ever since their revolution,

the Yanks have armed
themselves with the special

condescension of benevolence.

It is quite easy to
see, in retrospect,

that such full hearts were
contingent exclusively

on such poor standards.

(soft menacing music)

(eerie squawking)


(distant animated conversation)


(auctioneer voice
in the distance)

- [Man] And who is the
most beautiful girl

in the common market?

The matter will be
resolved tomorrow night

in the Austrian province
where 880 lovely misses

will show their legs
and flash their smiles

and flub a few lines on
their way to stardom.

The winner will receive
a week long vacation

in Nepal and a kiss
from Jason Biddleman,

voted tops in the sexy
16 contest last month.

And good news from
(bell rings)

from the Frontier Weekly.

Rumors of meat eating villagers
in the Spanish Provence

have been shown to
have been in error.

An investigation by
police and the SPCA

found no evidence
of the practice

and it is now believed
that the particular

preparation of
eggplant was mistaken--

- Hey man, the bench
is free, you know?

You might as well sit as stand.

Come on over, man.

You've really been
standing there a long time.

I don't think I could
stand up that long.

I read books all the time.

This book's about a phantom man.

He's stronger than steel.

He can break through walls.

Just last night, he
tore out the whole back

of the Westminster
bank in Felnarcly.

He smashes people all the time.

He can take a chick and
wreck her in three seconds.

He captured the old man in

the tower of Felnarcly
just a while ago

and he pounded his face and
like tore out his nostrils.

Fuck he's strong and his
skin's shiny black man

and smooth like metal.

- [Man] Assassination
of freeman, Earnst Keln,

commissioner of
the common market

prostitution service of Berlin.

- You're strong, huh?

I'm pretty strong.

I've got a place
out by the ocean.

Why don't you come
up there, huh?

- [Man] Sophisticated
high beam, electronic

heart and brain
monitoring devices,

surgically implanted
in the chest and scalp.

- [Boy] Shouldn't
stay here much longer.

They don't like young
fellows in Brendovery.

I don't do any harm and
they're really out to get me.

- [Man] Prostitution
commissioners in other parts

of the common market
have been alerted

to the possibility of attacks

and guards have been
assigned to those

who have requested them.
- Come on, man.

Come on up, you'll like it.

Come on.

Come on, man.

Come on up, you'll
like it, come on.

Pirates still come, you know?

And they bury their treasure
just like they used to,

but it's hard to find.

You have to know exactly
what you're looking for.

I've got a pirate's knife.

It'll cut through steel and
it's hundreds of years old

and it never gets
dull, you know.

- [Woman] What's your name?

What brings you
to this institute?

- [Woman's Voice] That's
essentially correct,

although there is more to
it than you just seeing

what happens.

We'll be giving
you written tests,

ink blot tests, and a large
number of other examinations

using many different techniques.

Then after you've
taken these tests,

we'll give you certain drugs
and repeat some of these tests

in an effort to find
out how particular drugs

affect you--
- I'm not sure that ever

happened to me.
- [Woman] You have a question?

Please, Billy, feel
free at any time

to ask any question you want
about anything we are doing.

If you're nervous, it will
interfere with our testing,

so please feel free to
be completely honest.

- I'm tired all the time now.

- [Woman] What do you mean?

Billy, at any point in the test,

you can refuse--
- I can't seem

to get enough sleep.

I think my brain's fucked up

from my dreams or
drugs or something.

- [Woman] We are a
corporation that has

absolutely no connection
with the government.

- I'm not too hungry
anymore though.

- [Woman] Will be held
in strictest confidence.

- Maybe they gave me
something for that.

I just hope they don't
kill me in the end.

- [Woman] Well if
those things happen,

of course we'll
call your family,

but an accident
is very unlikely.

(soft menacing music)

- No sense, man.

What are you trying to do,
you think I get off on that?

- [Woman] As honestly
as possible to this
Iist of questions.

Are you a decent person?
- Blood doesn't mean

nothing to me.

You're no hero, man.

Nobody cares what you do.

- [Woman] Are you a nobody?

Are you popular with men?

Are you interested in
what other people do?

- Actually, I'm pretty
sure it's the war.

- [Woman] Do you
get angry sometimes?

Are you a religious person?

- You know, maybe
it's a religious war.

- [Woman] Are you a
morally weak person?

Are you a hateful person?

Are you popular with women?

Do you ever think of things
too bad to talk about?

(soft menacing music)
(gulls squawking)

(soft menacing music)

- [Man] Well, he has
to be somewhere, huh?

(jumbled voices)

- [Woman] Is he all right?

- [Man] Are you all right, boy?

- [Woman] Did Tony
do this to you?

- [Man] He can't even speak.

- [Woman] How do
you feel about god?

Do you believe in god?

What does god look like?

(church bells ringing)

- How in the world
did you do this?

It just looks terrible.

And mom's sitting
here looking at you

with her heart and all.

You young people don't
realize how hard it is

on old people seeing
blood like that.

I know what you do at night,

cutting yourselves
and diddling around.

I know what you do
and I don't like it,

bleeding in front
of an old woman,

not to mention upsetting
Ernie and me and our marriage

on a rocky path
like it is anyway.

It just isn't very thoughtful.

If you can't keep from bleeding,

at least you could
do it in a hospital.

All right, come on.

You should eat.

Come on, you'll feel
better if you do.

- [Man] He must be hungry
after all that bleeding.

(church bells ringing)

Lads like him ought to
have more weight on him,

right Love huh?

- [Woman] Make yourself
at home, Billy.

You're welcome to
stay here if you like.

We'll be in the next
room if you need us.

(door closes)

- [Man] Well I think
they're going about

the whole business
all wrong, yeah?

If they come to me,
I'll plain write off.

- [Woman] Well they didn't and
the lord be praised for that.

- [Man] He isn't
supposed to even wonder,

let along have clues.

- [Woman] Well of
course he wonders.

The poor thing doesn't
even know who he is.

- [Man] The whole idea of
trusting something like this

to a bunch of farmers is dumb.

- [Woman] There you go--

- [Man] What do they
know about slavery?

- [Woman] You're the one wants--

- [Man] Kevin Brown,
indicted murderer--

- [Man] It's daft.

If it wasn't daft,
it would be working.

And if it isn't
working, so, it's daft.

- How is it?

- [Man] The suspect
began to lock into fits

of extreme feminist rhetoric
berating what he called

world patriarchy and
calling for the elimination

of the male species.

(doorbell rings)
The market god is now

speculating that the
murder may have been linked

to some feminist
terrorist organization.

- [Man] All right, pay a call.

He's here, he's eating.

Everything's under control.

- [Woman] Is there
something not right, John?

- [John] You might say that.

The major's not at all happy.

- [Man] Oh for he's so sick.

- [Woman] Ernie.

- [Man] We're watching you.

- [Woman] There wasn't
anything we could do,

he just got out of
our sight is all--

- [Man] Be more careful.

Use Barbara if you need to.

Do you have him on the medicine?

- [Woman] All that medicine
isn't good for him.

I don't see why you
don't just lock him up.

I mean--
- [Man] Oh quit blathering.

You'll be next.

- [Male Voice In
Billy's Head] Attention,

young men between the
ages of 16 and 25,

a private research
institute needs you

for experimental drug
research, minimum pay,

room and board supplied, for
information ring, 22-22-7822.

It would be a nice way to
disappear, wouldn't it?

- [Man] Look you, at
least we're the ones

that gives them a family
and makes them think

someone loves them even
if they do get sold away.

- The Dutchman is coming
at the end of next month.

The major wants this
one ready for Morocco.

He can't have Tony getting
a hold of him again

and fucking him up--
- [Man] Don't you be telling

us what's right or wrong now.

- Look old man, don't I
know what you've been up to?

- [Man] It's true,

we've got tenfold more
on you and you know it.

We're the only ones that
cares what happens to them.

You vipers would just as soon
pack them in the cattle boats

off to Tangiers or Botswana or
wherever it is they send em.

- [Man] The major's got
his reasons for everything

that he does and he doesn't
have to give them to you.

Your job is to nurture the boys.

Whatever you think you know
about cattle boats or Tangiers,

you just better forget.

- [Man] Puerto Rico,
Bermuda, the Bahamas, Rio,

Jamaica, Hawaii--
- [Billy] Operator?

Oh thank god.

I want to call London.

- [Operator] Do you
have the number?

- [Billy] Yes, I have it.


- [Operator] Can
you wait a moment?

- [Billy] Yes, I'll wait.

(ongoing reporting
in the background)

- [Recording] You have
reached the offices--

- [Billy] Doctor Ingrid?

- [Recording] Pharmaceutical
research group.

Business hours are
from 10 to seven--

- [Man] This is Radio One,
British Information Service--

- [Billy] Hey, wait a minute!

(woman yelling)
(radio announcement sounding)

- [Man] To remind you for
you convenience and safety

that there is a state
curfew in effect

until 6:00 a.m.
tomorrow morning.

The police are not
in the streets,

so you shouldn't be either.

Radio One will resume
its broadcast schedule--

- [Woman] It's all
right, go away.

- Poo.

(soft gentle music)

The major beats me
if I'm half asleep.

Better to keep you from me.

I worry that he'll sell me.

Sometimes he keeps his
favors away from me.

Some people got together
to kill him once,

but he flew away from them

and then the farmers hid
him out for four days

and the potter
shriveled up and died.

- [Woman] I'm going to count
backwards from 10 to zero,

starting with your toes.

10, feel all the muscles
slowly relax in your feet.

- I don't like girls very much.

- [Woman] Nine, all the muscles

from your ankles
up to your knees.

Eight, your legs feel warm.

Seven, all the muscles
relax from your hips

up to your back and
across your shoulders.

- I'll bet you smell nice.

And I don't really want
to leave you anymore.

But the major will probably
send me away after he finds out.

I'm not too afraid
of him really.

There's not much he can do.

It doesn't even matter if I die.

I just don't want it to hurt
like tonight when you hit me.

That wasn't fair.

Tony likes that.

He likes people to hit him.

- [Woman] Zero, that's
fine, very good.

Just let yourself drift
into a deep comfortable

state of relaxation down deep,

comfortable and completely
letting yourself

breath easily and comfortably
as a deep profound

sense of relaxation sinks in.

You can always hear
my voice and you will

listen closely to what it
is I am about to say now.

As you continue to relax,

all outside sounds will fade
away and lose importance.

The only thing that matters
is listening to my voice

and sinking ever deeper into

that nice deep
state of relaxation.

That's fine.

Now I'm going to count
to five and as I count,

you will slowly come
up toward wakefulness

and by the time I reach five,

your eyes will open and
you will be wide awake

feeling alert and
rested and refreshed.

Ready to come up, one,

two, three, coming up,

four, five, wide awake.

(soft menacing music)

- [Man] We'll have
to mutilate you, lad.

First fingers then ears.

- [Man] Christian Democratic
government of the U.S.

today released the list
of state executions

for the week of September 11th.

Among the 11 names were
four more military officers

implicated in the
Charlotte coup,

plus Captain J. Spense,
chairman of the board

of the Xerox corporation,
former senators,

Paul Krasner and
Shirley McClain,

comedian Richard Dreyfus and
underground Marxist playwright,

John Stockwell.

The secretary at
Falwell has announced

that he expects an
end to the executions

by the first week in October.

To quote secretary Falwell,

the whole nation
breaths a sigh of relief

to be rid of these
vicious animals.

More interracial rioting
was reported today

in the cities of
Bloomington, Lexington,

Knoxville, Fort
Lauderdale and Atlanta

in reaction to the
Christian government's

announcement a week ago of a
return to Apartheid policies

within perimeters
of the U.S. Proper.

Fortifications have been
increased along the borders

of the 10 states
South Eastern area,

separated from the
rest of the U.S.

by the Ohio and
Mississippi Rivers.

There have been numerous
mercenary counter attacks

by the national socialist
and Manson Lincoln clan

on isolated black outposts
around the periphery.

Meanwhile, the black
army past centered

in Washington D.C., the former
the capital of the U.S.,

continues to beef up
Blackwater operations

through various military
and economic aid

offered by the coalition
ofAfrican states.

The executive council of Niamia

of the Christian
Democratic state

has announced its
willingness and intention

to use all military
capabilities if provoked.

Earlier this year, the
province of New Jersey

was pounded with several
small scale tactical

nuclear warheads as punishment,

according to the church,
for its moral negligence.

The sciences of micro

computers and penology have
anything to say to each other?

Well, according to engineers
in Bisparten German Province,

micro-electronics are about
to have a very large role

in crime and punishment
in the near future.

Among the space age devices
the German technicians

have developed are tiny,
almost invisible implants

for the teeth, which when
activated by criminal thoughts,

cause severe and unrelenting
pain for 10 hours at a stretch

in the teeth, jaw,
and lower skull,

new wonders from
the world of science

from the German Province.

University students in
the Norwegian Province

report yet another record broken

in the great gum
chewing contest.

Neil's Nielsen, also
known as Jaws Nielsen,

claims to have masticated
some 380 sticks

of the gummy concoction

(engine humming)

(radio reporting
in the background)

- [Billy] You made it
all up, didn't you?

- [Boy] No, no, I--

- [Billy] No one's making
you do anything, are they?

Are they?

(horns honking)

let's go talk about it.
- [Boy] No,

you're hurting me.

- [Billy] I'm not hurting you,
man, come on, you can walk.

You wanted it, so
now you got me.

- [Boy] The major
takes care of us.

He's good to us.

He makes the food
come on the trains

and he's the police.

He's always been here.

He made the laws.

The major's men, John and Nemo,
they'll do anything for him.

Most of the time, they
just check up on the girls

to make sure they're not abused

by the men that they service,

but they're meaner than he is

and sometimes they go overboard.

So I'll hate to see
what happens to Tony

when they catch him.

Tony hates the major and
the major hates Tony,

but the major doesn't
think that Tony's important

enough to have an
actual manhunt for him.

Many people are afraid
to go to the ocean

because Tony might
appear all of a sudden.

He really knows that
beach like no one else

and he says there's
treasure there,

but you really
shouldn't befriend him.

I'll be your friend.

I'll be enough.

The Dutchman is this
man who comes to town.

He picks up boys
when we've got them

and he takes them to places
like Arabia or North Africa.

I've gone before several times
actually and it's not bad.

(many voices talking at once)

- [Woman] Billy, I want
to talk to you about pain.

Do you remember pain,
it's a sensation?

Look within your mind for
means of controlling pain.

You can learn how to use this.

It is a fact that it is
absolutely impossible

to feel any kind of pain when
you are completely relaxed,

when your mind and your
body are totally relaxed.

(voices speaking
over one another)

- [Boy] Major says I
have to earn my food

because I don't
have any parents,

but that's not my
fault and anyway,

I'd work if they'd
give me a proper job.

I want to be a chef if I
can get away from here.

I think I'd be a good chef.

(voices talking
over one another)

I'd be very careful
not to burn anything

and I'd learn how
to make sauces.

- [Woman] How do
you feel about men?

- [Boy] You're rich I think--

(voices talking
over one another)

everyday if you had
that much hot water.

I could cook for you
and answer the door.

If they let you go,
they're not so smart--

(voices talking
over one another)

- [Woman] You have
learned this quickly.

- [Woman] Have you ever
felt there was anything

feminine about you?

(voices talking
over one another)

(soft distorted music)

- [Woman] Billy,
do you understand,

Billy, do you understand,

Billy, do you understand,

Billy, do you understand,

Billy, do you understand,

Billy, do you understand,

Billy, do you understand,

he wants to kill you, like
he killed your father,

like he killed your, like
he killed you father,

father, father, so you
must kill him first,

so you must kill him first,

so you must kill him first.

(soft eerie music)

(dog barking in the distance)
(soft eerie music)


(soft eerie music)

- [Woman] Roast the
joint at 375 degrees,

allowing 20 minutes
to the pound,

thus a three pound leg would
take one hour and 20 minutes.

Baste frequently with
drippings during roasting.

Take eight large mushrooms--

(voices talking over one anther)

- I've been wanting
to meet you, boy,

more out of curiosity
than anything substantial.

We get very few young
Americans down here.

Would you care for some wine?

Not awfully good, but drinkable.

By the way, Sally
tells me he took

you up to the auction yesterday.

- Listen, what's this all
about anyway, you know?

- Well, it's not about
anything, I imagine.

Drink up.

When you get as old as I
am, you get nosy, you know.

I only want to know about any
interesting new faces around.

Julie Church is a
fine gal, isn't she?

Did you enjoy yourself?

- So you are having me
followed, aren't you?

Sally John told me you're
having him spy on me.

- Balls.

You see that fly up there?

It's got more brains than Sally.

You know, it
certainly is a shame

that you young people today
can't join the foreign service

because you can't work
yourself into society.

You can't influence society.

You can't give orders and that's
how you get to know people,

isn't it, giving them orders?

- Yeah, whatever.

What's this have to do with me?

Why do you want me?

I think you're trying to keep
me here to be one of your boys

like Sally John.

- I'm not keeping you here.

You're free to go
anytime you'd like.

There's a train out
for Swansea at 1:00.

You can still make
it if you hurry.

(church bells ringing)

(car hums by)

What do you think, Smith?

The kind of gossip that
Sally John is spreading

could bring pestilence
to our model community.

He's giving away
our family secrets.



(bell rings)
- [Announcer] Kevin Brown,

convicted murderer of German
prostitution commissioner,

Earnst Keln, today committed
suicide in his cell.

He apparently bludgeoned
himself to death

by hitting his head
against the concrete wall.

Brown, whose speedy trial
gained him life in prison

was a young American
Army deserter.

It is speculated that he may
have been a male auxiliary

to a technically sophisticated

feminist terrorist organization.

American refugees continue
to land on the western coast

of England in
unprecedented numbers

ever since the announcement by

the Holy Catholic Empire
of Consolidated Ireland

that it would no longer accept

the tattered and
starving survivors.

The Catholic government
has reportedly

been turning away the
boat people from America

at all its ports.

The current flow of refugees
has been greatly increased

by the growing number of
draft dodgers among them.

Surveys indicate
that public sentiment

is turning strongly
against the illegal aliens

from the states from
U.S. president, Calvin

has labeled war criminals.

The American chief of states
has called for all nations

of the world to turn
back the boat people

to the punishment of the sea.

- [Woman] Welcome to the
beautiful gardens of Brendovery,

the village where your
pleasure is our business.

- [Woman] Billy, do
you understand the
dread consequences?

What are the dread consequences?

Do you understand the
wonderful rewards?

- [Billy] Yes.

- [Woman] What are
the wonderful rewards?

So what happens when
you kill someone?

- [Billy] They go to Heaven.

- [Woman] Are you happier there?

- [Billy] Yes.

- [Woman] Are you happy, Billy?

- [Billy] Yes.

- [Woman] Do you want to die?

- [Man] There are large
crowds collecting outside

the theaters beginning to
amass in early morning hours

before the first feature.

They mill about attempting to
pilfer or appropriate tickets

into the small air
conditioned cubicles.

Several riots have broken
out within the past week

and the small security
forces being maintained

within each theater.

The U.S. film industry, centered
in the emirate of Texas,

is one of the most prolific
film industries in the world,

producing as many as 500
motion pictures yearly.

Spokesman for the
industry have indicated

that security costs for
the protection of prints

are the singles largest
item in their budgets.

- Hey friend, the bench is
free, you know what I mean?

Might as well sit as stand.

Take a rest.

- [Man] About their
marketing difficulties.

- Oh, by the by, do you
want to get high with me?

- [Man] Which of course,

would normally work
to our advantage,

but the crowd seeking
admittance are so anxious--

- All right, but isn't
your name Billy Hampton?

I've been hearing about you.

You came to visit Carrie Kennon.

Hm, you like to get high?

It's very good dope.

- [Man] We are
furiously considering
divesting the company

of its motion picture division
and placing all our resources

in the promotion of our
line of recreational drugs.

- [Boy] Did you come
over on the boats?

Are things really
that bad back home?

- [Man] In a related story,
at the premier last week

of a film in nearby
Ocean City, Maryland,

movie goddess, Steva
Maria Ahoe was attacked

by zealous fans--

- I left Richmond last year.

I got busted for dealing
dope to college students,

good market, but dangerous.

They caught me with
paper acid and hash.

They just about put me
away for life so I split.

- [Man] The gas mask was
a method of protection--

I've got a place
up near Greenbrook.

Do you want to stay
there for a while?

Know what I mean,
sleep a little?

My old lady'II make us some tea.

(engine revs)
Come on!

- [Man] You should
know the location

of the evacuation
centers in your area.

Keep your television or
radio on at all times

and you will be notified the
instant a disaster occurs.

Then proceed immediately
to an evacuation center

with only the possessions
you can carry in your arms.

When you are away
from your home,

make no attempt to return there.

At times, it will
cost you your life.

This message has been spoken

by the Atomic Energy Commission.

- [Man] The universal
Holy Catholic Empire

on the consolidated Ireland,
today issued an ultimatum

to the common market
central calling for

an enforced compliance
with its recently issued

moral charter drawn up to--

(audio interrupted)

- Look, it's okay,
you know what I mean?

I know who they are.

They just want to scare us.

Come on, fast!


(suspenseful soft music)

(fires gun)

(running water)
(suspenseful soft music)

(fires gun)


- [Man] There he goes!


I can't get across.

We'll get him later.

(rushing water)

(running water)
(birds chirping)

- [Man] Of delinquent
payments on current contracts

constituting what
Israel contends is

a breach of contract.
(church bells ringing)

Today's action appears
to be the culmination

of the long U.S.
Israeli Cold War,

stemming from the early
80's Christian Democratic

backing of a Palestine state

and the related mandatory exec--

- [Billy] I remember
watching this lizard

crawl through the fence one time

and he got his head stuck
in the fence and everyday,

I would go out and look at him.

By about the second day,
I guess he was dead,

but each day I went back, he
was a little more decomposed

and then after
about a month or so,

there was just the skeleton

whose head still stuck
through the fence.

(disjointed audio voices)
(eerie slow music)

I built this little village
out of sand and mud and sticks.

The sticks were telephone poles.

It was just my little village
and I worked on it everyday.

When I was 13, I could
remember that because

I had Rheumatic Fever
and I was in the hospital

for almost a year.

There was a couple days
like when they didn't know

what I had, but they
knew I was real sick

and I knew from just
the way about everybody

was acting around me
that I was real sick.

And I remember a kid was
in the room next to me.

They told me that he
went in for surgery.

(disjointed voices)
(eerie music)

And I was really worried.

I remember my dad come
in one night and he said,

and he was holding me,

and he was looking at me
and was crying and he said,

man, I wish I could trade
places with you right now.

I mean, my old man's a great
son-of-a-bitch, you know?

He had this big Rolls Royce.

It's really a cool car
and we stopped down

in front of like
a store, the bank,

or anywhere in town,
people would come out

and people would be gathered
around looking at it and stuff

and I always felt really cool
cause he'd be driving me away,

he'd put me in the back seat
and he'd open the door for me

like I was some
diplomat or something.

(distorted eerie music)


I like men.

I think I feel closer
to men than women.

Soft, warm, there's a
camaraderie, coveted
I feel with men.

I feel like there's some
things I can share with men

that I just can't
share with women.

It's rounded, rounded.

It's not that I have
anything against women

or that I think they're
Iesser or anything like that,

it's more--

- [Billy Overlapping Voice]
Protective of my mother.

- [Billy] A kindred spirit,
I find through my fellow man.



(birds chirping)
(soft eerie music)

(wind gusting)

(thunder rumbling)
(wind gusting)


(low menacing music)

I'm like a ghost, you know.

I go wherever they call me.

- [Man] Following the
U.S. nationalization

of all private oil holdings
and reserves last August,

representatives of
the lateral nations

of Exon, Dow Chemical, and
Shell Carbide announced today,

they have issued formal
petitions for asylum

within the Emirate of Texas.

- [Woman] Why Billy, we
were worried about you.

Well it's good to have you back.

Stay as long as you like.

- [Man] 1983 oil embargo
and the first mega-war--

- [Woman] You caught us
just right when we were

leaving to go shopping.

Our daughter, Barbara is home.

I'm sure she'd love to meet you.

- [Man] I wouldn't
associate with Tony boyo.

He's an outlaw.

You're very lucky that we
came along when we did.

That boy can do a
lot of damage to you

if you give him the chance.

I guess you found that out, hm?

- [Woman] We'll
see you in a bit.

(door closes)

- [Man] The nationalization
of any 5th world

or lateral arm holdings
and all such holdings

are protected by
world council charter.

So far, however, the U.S.--

- [Billy] What were
you looking at?

- [Man] Has managed to
override the oil nation's

partial voting
privileges and to table--

- [Billy] Hey come on,
what are you doing?


- [Man] In a related incident,

the church has mandated
its foster company,

Texas Instruments, to take
preventive strike measures

against any attempts
to tamper with

or dismantle current
oil possessions

exclusively at Texas company
prior to the Texas succession,

TI has been responsible
on several occasions

for the leasing of private
nuclear weapon systems

to the church.

TI has given no formal
indications of its intentions,

but the company's lack
of any quick response

appears to be some indication

of being caught up in
conflicting allegiances.

(bell rings)

(heavy breathing)

- [Woman] Oh.

- [Billy] Why do they want me?

You know, I know you know.

(heavy breathing)

(church bells ringing)

(heavy breathing)
(soft eerie music)

- [Woman] Oh, you
mustn't leave now.

- [Man] No Billy, stay here.

- Have a seat, we'll
put on some music.

- [Man] You've already
caused enough trouble--

- [Woman] Having poor
Sally John killed.

- [Man] Mm, you mustn't go,
they'll get you too, you know.

- [Woman] Billy,
where is there to go?

- [Man] The Nirad arms cartel,

spirited by the radical
members of Israel

and South Africa (audio
becomes distorted).

(Ioud disjointed music)
(radio announcement continues)

- [Man] Today's action
appears to be the culmination

of the long U.S.
Israeli Cold War

stemming from the early
80's Christian Democratic

backing of a Palestine
state and the related--

- [Billy] You little
fucker, you betrayed me.

You knew all along.

They're gonna cut
me up, aren't they?

(Ioud distorted music)
(radio announcement)

Jesus, Jesus, I let you love me.

Why are you doing it, man?

Why are you with them?

Don't you care?

They'll kill me,
can't you see that?

Well you don't have
to follow them.

- [Man] Down to current
U.S. economic woes.

The weapons deal currently
under consideration

consisted of 100 S99
strategic landium

and air to water fighter crafts

manufactured in
France and Pakistan

and an undisclosed
sublets of laser, canon

and satellite technology.

(eerie distorted music)

- [Billy] Hey Judy!

Judy, wait!

(eerie distorted music)

(wind gusting)
(eerie distorted music)

(distorted melancholy music)

God is a river.

God flows, has a
rhythm, has a feeling.

It's an encompassing
kind of a thing.

I feel like I'm in the river.

I only let people see
what I want them to see.

I feel god watching birds.

I feel god looking at insects

because our bodies
are like masks.

We'd like to thing that we're,

we're open and all
this bullshit (Iaughs),

but we're not, we're
not, no way, no way.

- [Woman] Are you generally
a trusting person?

- [Billy] You can't
trust anybody really

with anything real personal

cause the only people
that ever fuck you

are the people who
really care about you.

(slow eerie music)

(waves crashing)

(slow eerie music)

Control how I act?

Well, I don't like people
to tell me what to do.

I mean I'll do what
you guys say and stuff.

You know, it's cool.

I don't care about that,
but I don't have any time.

I don't have any family,
I'm not married or anything.

I don't like to be told
what to do all the time.

Well what's wrong, is
there something wrong?

I mean, you're not
gonna hurt me, are you?

I don't care about that.

I thought it'd be interesting.

You're not gonna take me back.

I'm kind of interested
in medicine and stuff,

science, biology, I
used to like biology.

Yes, well yeah.

The experiment.

Well, I need the
job, I need the job.

(distorted voice)
(distorted music)

Rats eating or
something like that.

You guys make me feel kind
of like there's something--

- [Woman] You have a question?

Please Billy, feel free at
any time to ask any question

you want about
anything we are doing.


- [Billy] Paradise.



- I was a major in the
Indian Army at the time

and we were in the
southwest corner of India

and we had, we
were on an exercise

and I took a platoon of
men up to a mountain,

it was shown on the map,

and there was a plateau on top

and when we got up, it wasn't
very difficult getting up,

when we got up to the top,

we suddenly discovered
there a native village.

Because apparently these men
Iived on the plains below.

This would be only about up
to three or 400 years ago

and they were living
in constant fear

and not only of fear,
because it was happening, of

young children and old
people being taken away

and killed by, well there were
tigers and they got really,

they weren't ever killing
any tigers themselves,

so they had us all a
pow wow and they decided

that we will try and
get rid of the tigers

and to do this, we
will, well work out

a rigorous kind ofArmy
maneuver you might say

and to go up the mountain
and get them out of the lairs

which we know they were in.

Well they duly went
up the mountain

and tried to flush
these tigers out

with very little success
because the tigers

were always managing
to kill more of them

than they ever
killed tigers, so,

we finally made the top and then

they were running a bit
short on food so they'd

sent one man down to,
half-way down the mountain,

to obtain some of
their provisions

and he never came back.

Another victim.

They sent a second
man and indeed,

I believe they
sent three or four,

but none of these
every came back so

they thought to themselves.

We are now absolute prisoners.

We're up here, it
looks pretty obvious,

we're gonna stay up here.

I, at the time, had
absolutely no explanation

what-so-ever and after
they had originally

Iived down in the plains,

and they had finished
up on the plateau

where they still were and

they had been driven
out by these tigers

and then it suddenly came
across my mind to hear about it,

but there are no tigers in
that part of the country.