Taking Off (1971) - full transcript

Unable to deal with her parents, Jeannie Tyne runs away from home. Larry and Lyne Tyne search for her, and in the process meet other people whose children ran away. With their children gone, the parents are now free to rediscover/enjoy life.

And with your eyelids closed
continue to look upward.

Now take a deep breath and hold it.

Hold, hold, ready, three.

Let your eyes relax
and let your body float.

Imagine yourself floating, floating
down, right through the chair.

As you concentrate on the floating

I'm going to concentrate
on your left arm and hand.

Your left hand will lift upward,
your left elbow bend,

your forearm float
into an upright position.

Sometimes you may get a feeling
of a magnetic pole

on the back of your hand.

Now your hand in this upright position
becomes for you a signal

to enter a state of meditation.

Are you for your body
or are you not?

Are you for living
or are you not?

Now of course
if you're not for living

keep on smoking,

arrange for a cremation
and end it all in smoke.

But if the idea of living
is still exciting

concentrate on this feeling of floating

and at the same time

listen to these three critical points.

For you body, smoking is a poison.

You need your body to live.

And you owe your body
this respect and protection.

Then reflect on what this means
to you in a private sense,

and bring yourself out of this state
of concentration this way:

Roll up your eyes and do it now

and at one just let your eyes
open slowly.

And when they're back in focus

slowly make a fist
with the hand that's up

and as you open your fist slowly

your usual sensation
and control return,

you let it float down.

Now suppose one or two
hours have passed

and you want to do the exercise,
but you don't have privacy.

Here's the way you camouflage
the method,

you make two changes:

First you close your eyelids
then roll your eyes up,

so that the eyeroll is private.

Second, instead of your hand
coming up like this,

let it come up like this.

Thank you.


I would like you all to know
that I'm also an acrobat.

Thank you, next.

What's your name?

- Arlene Baker.
- Jeannie Tyne

Arlene Baker.

Jeannie Tyne.

How old are you?

- Sixteen.
- Sixteen.

Fifteen and a half.

Would you go over there, please?


This is Lynn Tyne,
Jeannie Tyne's mother.

I'm sorry to bother you
but I was wondering,

have you heard from the girls?

Well, Jeannie and Corinna were
supposed to go to the city today.

No, you're wrong, Mrs Tyne.

Corinna hasn't been to the city today.

I don't understand.

Mrs Divito, could I speak
to Corinna please?

Well, it's just that I thought

that maybe she didn't tell you
that she went to the city

or maybe Jeannie said
something to her and...

No. I don't think so.
No, I'm sure. No, she didn't.

Thank you.

- You talk to Jeannie Tyne today?
- No.

Erica Enright,

Bonnie Marcus,

Jessica Harper.

You should see the girls
in the bathroom though.

They're all throwing up.

They had coke,
they're so nervous.

They're all throwing up
in the bathroom.

Are you here to audition?

So am I.

Are you professional?

No, are you?

I can't even sing very well.

I'm sorry.
Can I come back?

Next please.

Sorry. What's the words?


Why do you think she ran away?

I'm not saying she ran away.
I'm just speaking generally.

Did you check her room?

Who's on the line please?

Is it a wrong number?

I can hear somebody breathing.

Still breathing.

Can you? speak freely?
Just answer "yes" or "no".

They hung up.

- Does she smoke?
- No.

- Does she smoke a lot?
- No, not at all!

Didn't you ever fit her
for a diaphragm?

No, she's just a baby.

I thought she had one
and it was missing.

You know what I mean?

You can't sing well?

Neither can I.

I sing so flat.

I'm awful, you know.

But when I take

this Mighty Quinn,

I sing so good.

Oh, I sing so beautiful.

What's Mighty Quinn?

What? Mighty Quinn?

You know, acid. When I take it...

Oh, it's good stuff.

Do you sing well?


Do you want one?

- No, you can't!
- It's all over.

It's over, I hear it.

It's not over.

I know but I sing so...

Larry, please!

You know what the chances are

I go out in the middle
of the night and find her,

just wandering
around in the streets?

I don't know where to start.
It's a million to one.

Am I right?
It's a million to one shot.

I just can't have it
on my concience

that we're just sitting
here doing nothing!

What if she's out there
and she needs us?

We can't just sit here.

You just have to...

But the point is "out where"
needing us?

Where am I going to look?

Do something, do anything!

Christ, you're her father!

Can't you just get up and go out.
Is it too much to ask?

What are you gonna do?

What are you gonna do
if I go out there?

What happens if you get
a phone call? What will you do?

I can answer the phone!

- Do you have a picture of her?
- Yes.

Can I see it?

This is one I always carry,
it's the one in my wallet.

That's four years old.

You're kidding!

That's too big. It's too heavy.

You know what I mean,
I can't carry that.

Yes, I can.

Lynn, we're at the station now.

- Here are four pieces, sir.
- Thank you very much.

You're welcome.

They don't know anything.

They've checked the hospitals,

there have been no accidents,
nobody's been arrested.

I don't know.

They've given us
the name of some places

where the kids hang out in town,
we're gonna go look at them.

- What do you want?
- Scotch.

Scotch. Two.

I'm sorry to have dragged
Tony into this.

That's alright.

He has to get up early
in the morning, doesn't he?

That's alright.

He doesn't sleep anyway.

I see the house, it's very quiet.

You mean tonight,

before you came over here?


And before that?

This morning.

And before that?

Last night was bowling,

but in the morning



He's crazy.

I can't even get undressed
that he goes...

I was doing the dishes the other
night and I took off my blouse,

so I wouldn't ruin it.

He came in.

In the kitchen?

He's an animal.

Do you wanna know what happened?

He woke me up
in the middle of the night,

told me to get out of bed
and he wanted me to...


...to sing.

To sing?

Sing. I got out of bed

and I sang,
and he said: "Sing louder"

and I said,
"What about the neighbours?"

"Sing louder" so I sang louder
and he wanted me to dance,

so I danced.

And then?

What did you sing?

It's really stupid.

Please, tell me.

I'm embarrassed. It's so ridiculous.

Don't be embarrassed, what?

Smoking is a poison for my body.

That's very good.

Now two:

I need my body to live.

I need my body to live.

Yes, now...

No, tell me, tell me!

I owe my body
this respect and protection.

Roll down you eyes, then open them.

Like a fist. Tight, tight fist!

# I came down dah wid my
hat pulled in, doo dah doo dah

# I go back home wid a pocket
full of tin, Oh, doo-dah day!

# Gonna run all night,
gonna run all day.

# I bet my money on de bob-tail nag,
somebody bet on de bay.

I think we should get some
fresh air before we go home.

I think they're here.



Yes, this is Dr Bronson.


Who am I speaking with, please?

Oh, Mrs Tyne!

Alright hang on.
I'll be right back.



momma knows
that you took something.

Honey, I have to know what it is.

Did you take something
with a needle?

Did you smoke something?

Did you take a pill?

Ask her if she sniffed something.
I read they sniff it.

Did you? Did you sniff something?

Honey, Moma is not gonna
be mad at you.

I just have to know what it is.
It's very important.

I don't mean to nag at you but

if I don't ask you, you're
not gonna tell me anything.

You won't tell me,
so I have to ask you.

She's alright.
She came home by herself.

Dartling, tell momma.

You know Dr Bronson.

He told me to ask you
what you'd taken

and then he'll tell me what to do.

She's alright, she's on something
but she's gonna tell me what it is.

Jeannie it's very important that
you tell momma what you've taken.

What's the matter with you?
Are you out of your mind?

You are drunk!

What do you mean
she's on something?

- What kind of a father are you?
- What do you mean I'm drunk?

Because she's on something,

I'm drunk
and I'm going to hit her!

You went out to look for her
and you got drunk.

Did we find her?

Come on, Jeannie. Out!
Come on. Out, out, out.

Does she know what
a great father she has?

Do you know how many times
I've tried to give up smoking?

Tell them, Margo.

- Tell them!
- Eleven!

Doctor Bronson!

She never told me what she took!

You talk to Doctor Bronson.



That's strange.

He doesn't answer,
but I hear breathing.



Yes, this is she.



Yes, my daughter is...



Could you do me a favour?


if you could look at that picture
and tell me if you've seen that girl.

It's my daughter.

No, not her.

Maybe you could hang onto it
and if you do recognise her,

it's got my phone number.

Could I look at those pictures?

Thank you.

Psst, miss?


Take a look at that.

Look over there, in the booth.

See the girl?

It's this girl.

It's the girl in the picture.

I don't know.

No, that's not my business.
Leave me alone.

Look at the picture
and look at the girl.

- It's the same.
- No, I don't know.

What do you keep, what's all this?

What if my...?



Is Mr or Mrs Lockston?

Mrs Lockston?

Mrs Lockston,

do you have a missing daughter?



Tyne, Larry Tyne.

It doesn't matter Mrs Lockston.

You don't know me.

I think I found your daughter.
She's in a luncheonette.


No, I saw her picture in a luncheon...

Yes, I'm sure it's her.

Her picture's in a luncheonette
and she's sitting right here.


I don't know.
Wait a minute, I'll find out.

Wait a minute.


What's the address here?

The address here.

I don't know.
I don't wanna tell you nothing.

I don't know nothing.

It's on First Avenue,

between 6th and 7th.

It's just a little lunch counter.

Yes, of course I'm sure it's her.

I'll wait.

Yes, right here.


can I have a cup of coffee, please?

Excuse me,

can I talk to you for just a second?
Let me ask you a question.


Hey creep, what are you
bothering my chick for?

I'm not bothering her, I just
want to ask her a question.

You're bothering her.

What are you doing off your stall?

Sit down and take care
of what you gotta take care of.

- I'm not bothering anybody.
- So what are you doing with her?

It so happens this girl
is a missing person.

Where'd you get my picture from?

- Nancy Lockston. She's missing from...
- You a detective? You carry a gun?

- No, I happen to be a father.
- Her father?

Then what are you worried about?
She's not your kid, she's with me.

You know, tell to mother/father,

I got her, they want her,
they can't have her, she's mine,

Wherever she is, goodbye, uh?


Nancy, come back here!

Lady, you didn't pay!

Nancy, will you stop?


- In here!
- What?

She went in one of these places.
I called you, I'm Mr Tyne.

Oh, thank you.

It's impossible.
I'm exhausted.

I'm terribly sorry.

Please, don't you be sorry.

My goodness, it was so sweet
of you to help me.

I don't know
how you find anyone in this city.

I know.

It was so kind of you to call me.

How long have you been a member?

I beg your pardon?

You are a member, aren't you?

Of what?

Oh, you're not a member of SPFC?

I don't know what that is.

Oh, it's the Society for the Parents
of Fugitive Children.

You've heard of it, haven't you?

I don't know.

It's very well known.

It's been in all the newspapers.

We had an article in Time magazine.
Didn't you read about it?

I think I read some... You know,
there's been no reason for me

to pay any attention
to anything like that until now.

- How long has she been gone, Mr Tyne?
- Larry.

About a week.

What about your girl?

Oh, mine's been gone
for seven months.

I don't feel any responsibilty for it.

I'll tell you what my philosophy is.

I think that everything
that happens to us in life is

it's just another life experience

and we should get everything out
of it we can.

It's a life experience.

You know what I mean?

It's a marvellous philosophy.

You know, you could

find that this experience could be
a very profound one for you and your...

You are married, aren't you?

You're not divorced or

widowed or anything like that?


Well, Ben and I, Ben,
that's my husband,

we found since Nancy's been gone,

just in looking for her
it's brought us closer together.

Really our relationship is closer.

More profound.

Maybe you and I can look
some more, together.

For your girl.

- Not up on those roofs?
- No, I mean on the street.

Oh yeah, that would be very nice.

I'd like that.

- Good. Let me make one
short phone call, ok? - Alright.

Lynn, don't get excited.

I have not found her but I have
found someone who's seen her...

She's arrested.
She's arrested for shoplifting.

She's in jail. She's 300 miles away.

She's in upstate New York.
We have to go and bring her home.

What did she steal?

A Japanese portable television set.



- Mr & Mrs Tyne?
- Yes.

Where is she?

- What?
- I said where is she.

- Where's who?
- Where's our daughter.

She's sitting right over there
in the bench.

No, that's Corrina Divito.

No, this is Jeannie Tyne.

- No, no. That's...
- Now wait a minute.

- You're Mr & Mrs Tyne?
- Yes, of course but...

- What's your name?
- Corrina Divito.

Please Mrs D.. Mrs Tyne!
Go ahead, what's your name?

Give me a couple of minutes.
Thank you very much.

What happened?

I don't know.

This girl is not your daughter.

She now maintains her name
is Corrina Divito.

She says she knows nothing
of your daughter's wherebaouts

and used her name as an alias
at the time of apprehension to...

for fear of parental disapproval.

I'm sorry this had to happen, but

if you'd like some coffee...

When that call came
from the policeman

and he said Jeannie was
arrested for shoplifting,

it was so awful.

Anything but that, anything!

And then when we went there,

and we saw that little
girl sitting in the chair,

I wished it had been Jeannie.

Look, Lynn. There's nothing
wrong with her.

She's not under arrest,
she hasn't had an accident.

She's off somewhere having
a terrific time with her friends.

She's having fun while we're breaking
our necks running around

and driving from place to place
like a couple of maniacs.

If we were smart, we'd be having
as much fun as she is!

That's what we ought to do,

go somewhere and have some fun,

I'd like another gin gimlet
on the rocks.

No, wait a minute!

- Another gin gimlet on the rocks.
- Hang on a minute, we've had enough.

- But you're the one that said...
- Just the cheque, please.

- No, just a second.
- Just the cheque, that's all ok.

We've had a good time but we've
got 4 hours drive back to New York.

- Are you tired?
- I am tired.

- Are you very very tired?
- Yes, I'm very very tired.

Well, why don't we stay the night?

I'd like that gin gimlet now.
On the rocks.

Honey, don't take the keys.
Sit here.

Come on, let's go to sleep.

Oh, I wanna dance!

I'm tired.

I can't do that kind of dancing.

- Yes, you can.
- Oh, come on!

Well, let's just watch them.

Or we could just look at each other.

- Ok.
- Look at me.


- You're not looking at me.
- I am looking at you.

- You're not seeing me!
- Of course I'm seeing you.

What am I doing?

What am I doing?

Well, look, I'm gonna go to bed.

If you wanna come on, come on.
If you wanna stay here, stay.

- Is somebody sitting here?
- No.

- Somebody was sitting here?
- Yes.

Are they coming back?


My name's Norman.

- This is my friend Schuyler.
- What?

My name is Schuyler.

- That's a funny name.
- Yeah, he's a funny guy.

- What's your name?
- Lynn.

What are you drinking, Lynn?

Gin gimlet on the rocks.

- Gin what?
- Gin gimlet on the rocks.

Gin gimlet, alright.

You didn't look funny to me.

He's got some funny stories,
he cracks me up.

You could take him to a funeral,
you'd be on the floor laughing.

Tell her that, you know,
that one about Bob.

It's the funniest story
I ever heard in my life.

But this is not a joke,
this is a real story.

It's a story, it's a joke. If you tell
something terrible very funny

people are gonna laugh,
don't you understand that?

Gentlemen, it's been very nice.

You gotta go to the little girl's room?

- Very nice meeting you, Schuyler.
- You coming back? Lynn?

What are you looking?
Go after her, she wants you.

- She doesn't want me.
- Do you want her?


- Can I go after her?
- If you want to.

If I want to? What am I up
here for, to play ping-pong?

Don't put up the light.

It's me, Schuyler.

You know,
the funny guy from the bar.

I'll be with you in a second.

I'll be right there.

Do you have anything
you'd like to add?

Yes, I do.

We have with us this evening

Miss Ellen Lubar.

She is seated right over there.

Now Miss Lubar

has been away
from home for six months.

She may have seen your child
or children, as the case may be,

and she will be very happy
to answer your questions.

If you will, form a line and show
her pictures of your child,

you might be one of the lucky ones,

and you might be able to locate
your child through her.

Yes, let us give her
a good round of applause!

- I think I know her.
- This is my son.


Honey, somebody's waving at us.

Hey, Ben, come on.

I want you to meet a friend of mine.

She's coming over.

You know, you remember
that man I told you I met.

Excuse me, please. I'm sorry.

Hello, how are you?



Is anybody home?


- ladies and gentlemen...
- Annie, come on. We're starting.

- See you later.
- Nice seeing you.

Friends, as you know,

the purpose and the aim
of our "Society for the

Parents of Fugitive Children"

is not only to try to find
those children,

but to try to understand them.

How many times have
we found our children

only to lose them again?

And perhaps the most difficult
problem we now face

lies in the fields of understanding
the urges and pressures

that lead our children
into the taking of drugs.

And with us, please,
please, ladies and gentlemen,

with us tonight we have the
eminant American psychologist

Dr. Besh, Dr. Bob Besh,

whose book you probably know.

Doctor Besh?

Friends, everything
I emphasized at dinner

is all true

but really useless.

For you to understand your youngster

and what he's going through,

you really have to have
a similar experience.

Friends, I propose that we

conduct an experiment here
this evening.

As you know, or many
of you I think know,

I'm a lawyer and what I'm
doing here now is illegal.

However there are considerations

that transcend the legalities
of the situation,

and that is the consideration
of our children,

about whom we're all
deeply concerned.

And that is why this marijuana,

which I am told is particulary
pure in form,

and therefore perhaps particulary
effective as to reaction,

is what I propose that you

indulge in here, with me.

This is my first indulgence

and perhaps this will aid us
to understand, hopefully,

what it is that our children

are involved in

and perhaps why.

To help with our experiment tonight,

we're all fortunate

to have one of my patients,

Vincent Scarelli. Vince?


This is a joint.

The joint has two ends.

It has one end which is rolled shut
and another end which is open.

Take the joint
with the open end facing you,

firmly between between your
thumb and index fingers, like this.

Do you know what I'm saying?

Then you take it
and put it in your mouth,

like this.

Then you take out a match,
you light it,

you put it to the end
and you inhale very deeply like,

like that.

And as you inhale, curl up
the edges of your mouth,

so that you let in a lot of oxygen
along with the smoke.

It is very important to get
a mixture of grass and oxygen.

After you inhale,
do not exhale immediately,

but inhale very far into your back

and hold it in with your diaphragm
for a count of ten.

And then exhale,
preferably through your nose.

You got that?

Now the other thing
you must remember

is that after you inhale

you take the joint and pass it
to the person sitting next to you.

Do not, repeat,
do not hold onto the joint.

This is called bogarting the joint,
and it is very rude.

So you take it and you pass it
to the person sitting next to you

until the joint gets passed
around and it's very very small.

That is called a roach.

- The remnant is a roach?
- Yes.


And I will collect those.

Now, are there any other questions
before we light up?

Yes, you said we should count to ten.

How fast should we count?

Just fast enough,
so that you don't pass out.

How many years in prison
does this represent?

A man in Michigan

was sentenced to ten years in prison

for having two joints.


For a person who has quit smoking

is it dangerous?

Marijuana contains no nicotine.

Any other questions?


I think we all had drinks with dinner.

The dope and the alcohol mix?

Oh, they'll mix.

Thank you.

Alright everybody,
now we're going to light up.

Get your matches ready.

Strike the match.

We're waiting for you.

Very good.
Light the joint.


Pass the joint.

3, 4, 5, 6, 7,

- 8, 9...
- Think of bogarting hands.

Don't forget to curl your lips.

Hey lady, don't cheat!

- Who me?
- Yeah, you!

- I have trouble with my windpipe.
- Well, just pass it along.

- Do you feel anything?
- No.

It smells like stinkweed.

Do you feel anything?

And now, feel anything now?


Just relax everybody.

Relax and just fly.
Feel like a big bird.

Relax, just breathe.

That's all you have to do,
just breathe.

Let the rhythm take you
and go with the music.

Just fly away.

Float, just float all the way up.

Just feel your whole, dig your
whole body just floating away.


I think I'm beginning
to feel something.

Well, go on!


It's like a strange fuzzy.

See, isn't it beautiful?

Just do whatever you like,
whatever you feel like doing.

Whatever comes into your mind.

And go with it, go with it
all the way. Don't hold on.

Relax and let it happen!
Don't sit on it, just...

Let it fly!

What is it? Here it is!

Don't think about it.

Just move with the moment.

Take the impulse and move with it!

I don't feel anything.

Oh, what a beautiful house.

Hey, Ben. Come here, look!
No, that one over there.

- Look at it here.
- Yeah, looks very nice.

Now look, look, look.

Now look at it here.

Hey, that's the damnedest thing
I've ever seen!

- Ain't that something?
- That's remarkable.

That's what I mean
by a work of art.

Oh, the bottle collection!

Cards, are we really gonna play?

We are gonna play a hand
of the Duchesses Fanny.

But I don't know how to play that.

It's very simple. We're not gonna
play that, we're gonna play...

I don't know how to play anything.

- You mean you don't know
how to play poker? - No.

I never heard of anybody who didn't
know how to play poker before.

Look, I don't wanna lose.

I don't care what happens,
if I don't lose it's alright.

No, if I lose I quit.

Well, that's silly. I don't think
this woman's got no backbone.

I know but we're
having her operated on.

I wish I said that!

- We are gonna play...
- I wish you had too!

We are gonna play,
Texas one card showdown.

- I never heard of it.
- Everone takes one card

and the low man is the loser.

- Wait.
- What?

I'm not ready.

- All right.
- Ok, you ready now?

- Are you ready?
- I'm ready.

- Oh, she's ready, ok.
- You cut the cards, Larry.

You want to take the first?

- I don't wanna be first.
- Lynn?

Anybody but me, you!


I knew it, I knew I would lose.
I don't wanna play, I'm gonna lose.

Well, c'est la vie.

- Ok!
- Ok what?

Come on, you gotta take
something off.

She's gotta take something off.

Yeah, you have take something off.

The rules of Texas one card showdown

is that you have to

- take something off.
- I did.

What did you take off?

- My shoes.
- Hey, she did! Look!

- You gotta take off your shoes...
- Hey, those are beautiful shoes!

- Thank you.
- This is Texas one card showdown!

You hold 'em up.
Now down on the floor.

That's Rhode Island showdown.

They would lynch you in Texas.
You're beautiful!

- Bravo!
- Again!

Go ahead.

- Who is it now?
- Not me!




It's me!

You're gonna let me play this game?

You got a dirty laugh, lady.

Oh, come on.
You can't sit like that.


several doctors have told me
that it's very bad for your spine.

You're a bad man.


She's wonderful, you know!
She's really wonderful.

- Come on, draw.
- I can even reach for it.

I didn't lose this time!

Okay, oh see.

He lost again.

I don't know, he hasn't got
anything to take off.

He's naked!

Okay, Larry, get up!

You don't have anything
to take off, right?

I think that we should be going.

Yeah, I guess that means we better.

Let's go, Annie.

I guess we better...

- I guess we better be going.
- Thank you.

for taking us into
your home here.

Watch your trousers there.

It was... thanks very much.


It was really a terrific evening,
wasn't it, Ben?

- Are you ready?
- Yes.

Oh, I have to get...

You know that marijuana's
really amazing.

The way it affected...

I'm so high.


Don't you think
we ought to talk to her?

I just don't wanna argue.

I don't wanna argue.

Are you alright?

We were worried about you.

Where were you?

Were you with a boy?

You were with a boy, weren't you?

Do we know him?

Don't you think
we should get to know him?

Don't you think
we should meet him?

You tell him
that we would like to meet him

and you invite him to dinner here,

and if he's not a coward, he'll come.

Do you understand?

This is Jamie. This is my father.

Come in.

Hello, Jamie.

I'll get your mother.

Come in, sit down.


there's nothing to worry about.

Don't cry.

So you're a musician, huh?

What do you play?

He plays the organ and the bass
and the piano. And he sings.

Ah, really?

He writes his own music too.

You make any money at it?

How much?

Last year I made $290,000.

What did you say?

$290,000, before taxes.

It's a very funny thing.

You see a lot of things
that the government is doing,

that it makes you kinda angry.
So you write some songs about it.

You try to reach
as many people as you can,

and in the end you end up paying for

those very same things that made
you angry in the first place.

I guess I accept contradictions.

But I live on a very frugal budget.

I'm saving up so I can buy
an intercontinental ballistic missile.

I think that we ought to change
the balance of power a little bit.

Maybe after dinner
you'll sing something for us?

He didn't bring his instruments.

Well, he can use the piano.

I really don't know.

I'd like to hear something,
I really would, I'm interested.

I really don't know if I could,

under the circumstances
get my rocks off.