Takers (2010) - full transcript

A seasoned team of bank robbers, including Gordon Jennings (Idris Elba), John Rahway (Paul Walker), A.J. (Hayden Christensen), and brothers Jake (Michael Ealy) and Jesse (Chris Brown) Attica successfully complete their latest heist and lead a life of luxury while planning their next job. When Ghost (Tip T.I. Harris), a former member of their team, is released from prison he convinces the group to strike an armored car carrying $20 million. As the "takers" carefully plot their strategy and draw nearer to exacting the grand heist, a reckless police officer (Matt Dillon) inches closer to apprehending the criminals.

You look like shit, man.

I'm all right.

Keep telling yourself that.

That right there?

That is the best homework assignment
the city ever came up with.

Yeah. Me and the kid start this weekend.

That is, of course, unless Amanda botches
everything up, like she always does.

I could have Monica give her a call.
They always got along pretty well.

You know, Eddie, I appreciate it,
but it's best if you stay out of it.

Yo, D'Mac, what's up?

Yeah, I'm interested. What do you got?

Haitians. Boyle Heights.

Yeah, I know the place.

3-B, got it.

Ya yo changing hands.

You really wanna mess with
this low-level shit?

Yeah, let's go.

- Are we good?
- All signs point to it.

Which one of you gentlemen
is gonna sign for this?

Nice suit.

I heard there was a problem with the toilet?

All right, fellas.
We got less than one hour. Let's go.


- Police, freeze!
- Shit!

- Get him!
- On the floor, God damn it!


Don't move!

- You got him?
- He got away.

- What?
- He got away!


Not a word, Welles. Not a goddamn word!

Son of a bitch!


What the...

Chief. We got a problem with the elevators.

- Get down!
- And stay down!

Now that I have your attention,
get on the floor, right now!

- Take it easy, take it easy.
- Everyone!

- You, too, come on!
- Get down!

Everything's reading "Malfunction."

- The hell is this?
- I don't know.

We're not here to hurt you!

You stay calm, you go home for dinner,
you understand me?

Don't look at me.

Nobody move! And get down on the floor!

Shut up!

We got a naughty one here.

Jesus! FedCal, the bank.

All right, that's it, bad girl.
Now we get to go make a phone call.


- News 14 hotline.
- Tell them there's a robbery in progress.

I'm from the FedCal Bank, downtown LA.

There's a robbery in progress.

- Are they still in the bank?
- They're still...

Are they...

Come on, man, let's get out of here.

Let's go!


Get down!

Hey, guys, a bank robbery.
We're headed downtown.

Let's go, now!

- I got the back!
- I'm on it!

They left the bank using the stairs!

All exits are covered.

Look, on the roof, a guard! Land it!

- We're not cleared for this.
- We're first on the scene. Land us, now.

Let's go!

Get the camera out.

Are you okay?

- No!
- Get on the ground!

Get on the ground!
Get out of the chopper now!

Take a seat next to your friends!

What a bunch of dummies! Good boy.

Nothing but glorified paparazzi!

Get us out of here!

There goes Channel 14 going the wrong way.

That's why they're in last place.

Come on, Rivers, you're a free man.

You're out of here.

Any vacant floors?

Yeah, 26 is under construction.

You got security cameras on that floor?

Not in the construction area.

Have forensics go over it.

You'll pick up prints
from half the damn city.

Do it anyway.

- You got it.
- Okay.

Went down pretty fast. We got a mixed crew.

Apparently, one of the guys
had some type of an accent.

- How much did they take?
- North of two million.

Some of the bills might be marked.

Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky.

So, they used C-4 to knock out the elevators.

Residue's being sent to the lab now.

Thanks. Automatic weapons,
precision timing.

Shape charges.
Degree of difficulty is off the charts.

They were hot shit, no doubt about that.

It'll make it that much sweeter
when we take them down.


What is it you want?

You Sergei?

Mikhail, from in the joint, sent me.


Y'all having fun, huh?

Not so fast, my man.

Show me ID.


Think about it.

Cool down.

We... We have vodka
and take care of business, huh?

That's what I thought you'd say.

We've got some serious stacks now.

And I mean it's love, baby.

- Yeah, we did all right.
- All right, my ass.

Our biggest heist yet,
and you, you don't seem too jazzed.

No, I'm good.

I'm good.

Listen, Dad called last night.

He wants us to come see him.

No. Hell, no, Jake.

I've been to see Dad in jail.
I've been to juvie.

I'm not going back. Not for you, not for Dad,

- not for anybody. Ever.
- Okay, okay.

He's got less than five.

So, when he gets out,

maybe we build him a house.

- Cool?
- Cool.

Gordon says you find anything marked,
burn it.

Sounds tight.

You just gonna leave your kid bro up there
with all that paper?

If he runs out with it, shoot him.

I will, too.

Remember the song?


I don't know what to tell you.
We're so... We're so busy. Look at this.

And if we get that empty space next door,
think about how amazing it's gonna be.

- What's this?
- Open it.

Oh, my God.

It's beautiful.

I think you're beautiful, too.

If you'll have me,

I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.

Cocky assholes.

Tapes are ready.

All right, let's see what we got.

There's 20 elevators for the lobby.

Twelve for the lower floors,
eight for the uppers.

You can cross over at 22.

So, over the course of the day,
how many people on and off?

- Ten thousand, give or take.
- Shit.

Well, let's see who got off
on the construction floor.

It couldn't have been more
than a handful of people.

Well, it doesn't work that way.
These tapes are time-coded, not floor-coded.

All these people getting on and off

and we have no idea
what floor we're watching?

Yeah. I mean, that's how it works.

Come on.
This is some system you got here, Chief.

Most of the buildings in the city
are set up this way.

- Whoever set it up is an idiot.
- Hey, I don't need this!

All right, I'm down here trying to help.

Hey. Look, man,
he doesn't mean nothing by it, all right?

- Thanks for coming by, okay?
- Screw you.

Meds not working
or we just need to get you laid?

- What's the problem?
- Look at this.

It's a camera.
They knew the elevator was empty.

They knew the building.
They knew the whole system.

Yeah, must be a hundred hours here.

We don't know
what the hell we're looking for.

Not to piss on Grand Cayman,

but I think I can get you an additional
75 basis points

in the Dutch Antilles. I say why not?

Yeah, but the way the markets
keep jumping around, man,

another four, six weeks,
who knows what the rates'll be?

And have you seen
the latest Bloomberg report?

- Shit is bleak out there.
- "Bloomberg reports"? Are you kidding me?

Come on, college guys.
Let's not over-think it.

Yeah, come on.
Dutch Antilles wanna pay us more money.

- That's a no-brainer.
- I like the Dutch Antilles,

as long as the banks don't pack up
and take my money overnight.

Of course. 10% to the usual charities?

- Absolutely.
- Cool by me.

I chartered a jet.
It's taking off Van Nuys Airport tonight.

Anybody wants to come,
I got your private parking passes right here.

It'll be sweet.

Man, life's looking pretty good
from right here.

I'll let you know later.

Nice house. Cool view.

Great scotch.

You know, jacking that news chopper
had "A.J." written all over it.

How'd you get in my house?


They let you out early or what?

Good behavior. About a year early.

But I guess you guys kind of lost track, huh?

No contact. That's what we agreed upon.
So, what's up?

I think I'm gonna have another scotch.

It's good shit, John.
You gonna drink with me, right?

Sure you are.

You see, I came to you, John,

because you the one with that
higher consciousness and shit.

- All right, I'm listening.
- Well, you asked what's up.

I miss my homies. That's what's up.

That, and some unfinished business.

Your money from '04 is safe
and accruing interest.

Gordon's got the bank account numbers.

What about Lilli? Who's got her numbers?

She's with Jake now.

Well, good for them.
I got a deal we need to discuss.

- A job.
- You're kidding me, right?

You're coming at me with a job right now?

Think I'd come at you on some bullshit?

Once in a lifetime, John. You know me.

I do my homework.

All right, so what do you
want me to say here?

You ain't got to say shit.

Just remember I was the one left bleeding
on that fire escape in '04.

And they tried everything they could
to flip me.

I ain't budge, 'cause we had a deal.
I kept my end.

I kept this, too. You owe me, bro.

All of you.

What were you, boosting Camaros
back in Riverside

when me and Gordon decided to let you in?

So, don't be so quick to write me off.

All right, I'll talk to the boys
and I'll get back at you tomorrow.

You do that. Love the place.

Alarm system sucks, though.

There she is.

Hello. How's my baby G doing?

I'm good, I'm fine.

- You look good.
- I feel good.

- Yeah? Yeah?
- Yeah.

They tell me maybe
you finish the program next week.

It's been a tough eight weeks.

Don't worry. I'm gonna do it this time.

That's what my mind
and my body's telling me.

I'm with you. I'm with you.
You know that, right?

- Yeah?
- I'm not gonna need these anymore.

By the time I leave here,

I'm gonna be cleaner
than the day I was born.

You know I'm grateful, don't you?

Stop it. You don't need to say that to me,
all right?

- Did you get my letter?
- Yeah, sure did.

I've been non-stop tripping over this,
I tell you.

- Caribbean, huh?
- Look at the water.

Clear and blue.
Cool and warm at the same time.

I've just got to get back there.

Soon as you're out of here,
I'm gonna take you there myself.

- I promise.
- All right.

I love you.

Turn that off.

I know, so I walk into my house.

He's standing there,
he's drinking my whiskey.

I was gonna shoot him
in the back of his head.

Should've shot him.

The guy's been out 24 hours,
already wants to do a job.

- He's crazy.
- Or he's got huge balls.

Yeah, Ghost doesn't play
when it comes to money.

He's too smart for that.

- The bastard's not that smart.
- That's for sure.

He's clever, not smart.

You guys, we always wait
at least a year between jobs.

- There's a reason for that.
- Gordon, you guys go way back, right?

Think he's being straight up?

Ghost could've ratted us out
a long time ago,

but he didn't. Kept his word.

What's to stop him from doing exactly that
once we give him his cut from '04?

- See, that's the problem.
- Yeah.

- That's a big problem there.
- Something ain't right.

- I don't trust him.
- Relax.

- He's trouble.
- I think he's onto something, though.

- He says it's big.
- Do I look like I care what he says?

Well, whatever you decide to do,
I'm down with you.

- All right.
- I'm going to the loft.

Private party!

- Where you going?
- None of your damn business!

- Gentlemen.
- It's Lilli.

- Baby, who ordered the Dom?
- That's for Johnny-boy.

It's the girl in the green at the bar.

She's cute.

- Don't let her pay for it.
- No, no, she's gonna pay, man.

This is how it's done. Let me show you.

Slow down, lvy League.
This ain't the frat house, man.

Well, that's some funny shit, man.
That's some funny shit.

I'll come back up later.

- Ghost.
- It's been a long time, girl.

- When did you get out?
- Why? You miss me?

Ghost. You need to back up.

Easy, Jake. Easy.

I wish you guys the best. Really.
It's the past.

I'm here to discuss the future.

If I may.

Told you tomorrow, Ghost.

I'm not here to bust any balls. Just business.


A.J. Any new tats?

- Yeah, man, couple.
- Me, too.

- G.
- Ghost.

How's my man?

I'm doing good, mate.

Lot of tension in the room, huh?

What do you want, Ghost?


It's like that?

It's like that.

Well, I'll be brief.

Let's say we go Italian Job on that ass.

Why don't we take this upstairs, Ghost?

Fair enough.

Same plan as before, gentlemen.
25 to 30 mil.

All the cash we can carry.
Got to move fast, though.

When you say "fast," how fast?

Next Tuesday.


Ghost, you want us to take down
an armored truck in five days?

I mean, it's not even worth talking about
unless you got the route,

and they change the route all the time.

- That's what screwed us last time.
- Yeah, man, you got the route?

I got it. Exact one from next Tuesday.

Any more questions?

- How'd you get it?
- In the joint.

I got in good with this Russian.

Had the pleasure of keeping them guys
from Compton off his ass.

In exchange, he had his comrades
on the outside

put the arm down on the dispatcher.

So the dispatcher do anything
to screw the job up,

they're wiping out his whole family
back at the Ukraine.

Down to the sheepdog.

Why should we trust the Russians?

They love their sheepdogs.

All bullshit aside,

I'm in for a quarter mil with the Russians
out my cut when the job's done.

It's not your concern,

so don't trust the Russians. Trust greed.

- Why should we trust you?
- Well, shit, A.J.

I'm fresh out. I ain't in no hurry to go back.

Besides, why would I screw over my guys?

Especially when
you're holding all my money, right?

Okay. What about the setup?

I mean, there's knowing the route,
and then there's the logistics, you know.

Five days. Jake's right.
That's a real, real short fuse.

That's where you come in.

But I trust that when you and Jake
put your heads together, you'll figure it out.

Either way, I need to know tonight.

You ain't got the heart to pull it off, a'ight.

We'll settle up on the money you owe me,
I'm sayonara.

Appreciate your time, gentlemen.
Thanks for the cigar.

- Hey, G, let me check out that route.
- Yeah.

This is not the way we do things, gentlemen.
It's too fast, it's too rushed.

It's a lot of money,
but this whole thing feels forced.

Five days? Five?

Yeah, man, but, you know,
we can get the setup right.

Bet big, win big.

It's the only way to play.

We're takers, gents.
That's what we do for a living.

We take.

It's a lot of money, Jake.

- And that's what we're here for.
- You sure about this?

If it checks out.

If it checks out, I'm in.

- Yeah, what's up?
- Thought you'd wanna know,

your Haitian buddy?

His lawyerjust filed on you
for excessive force.

All right. The guy was 6'5", he was resisting.

What was I supposed to do?

Yeah, well, you must've hurt his feelings.

The bank. Hey, listen, what about the C-4
they used to blow the elevators?

Well, from the taggants, forensics traced it
to a mining company out of Nevada,

stolen about... About two months ago.

All right. And what about the marked bills?

Bank finally sent over a list.
Max is gonna fax out a memo right now.

Listen, man,

it's been a couple of weeks now.
You hear anDhing from Amanda?

Listen, I appreciate it,
but I don't need any help.

We can work it out on our own. But thanks.

All right. I'll talk to you later.

All right, so, for this route
Ghost is talking about.

The only place we stand a chance
is right there.

- What's there?
- It's an old subway car turnaround.

It's large enough,
and it runs parallel to the street.

It's kind of perfect.
I mean, we can get access on Hope Street,

but I say we hold them up
at Olive and Fourth.

All right.

And we need to get down there
first and get some intel on,

you know, street patterns, traffic density,
that sort of thing, but it looks good.

Once we determine the blast radius
and street density,

I can tell you how much C-4
you're gonna need to score.

What about the exits?

Work in progress, G.

You know, we got to get down there first,
check it out.

- Give me some exits.
- You got it.

- It's good work.
- Cool.

- All right, gang.
- Good to go.

Easy money, baby. Same as before.

All the cash is in the front truck.

Second truck's totally empty. Just an escort.

Two men up front, two men in the back.

Pump action 12-gauge
and.40 caliber Glocks.

Maybe 9mm.

They may have upgraded
their communication by now,

but the same standard bulletproof windows.

They ain't gonna know what hit them.

Here we go. Must've taken up the tracks.

That's it.

Yeah, he's still working it.

Got brand-new wheels to show for it, too.

All right, let's go.

All right, wait for my go-ahead.

- Good morning, Franco. Nice wheels!
- What do you guys want?

- Get up against the car.
- Turn around.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, I'm clean, man.

Hands off. All right?
Why don't you move your car?

What do you know about some
C-4 boosted out of Nevada?

Nevada? I don't know nothing about that.

Come on, if it's guns or explosives,
you heard something about it.

You know, you get busted again,
you're facing 10 years minimum.

- You know that, right?
- I know this is a public place.

I ain't done nothing.
So, why don't you move your car?

- Do me a favor.
- Hey, Hatch.

- Look at this!
- What you got?

- What's that?
- Come on, Franco.

- It's a damn shame.
- Looks like you caught a nail.

- Yeah, you got a flat.
- Twice.

- Come on.
- You got a spare in the trunk, right?

- Come on, I'll help you. Come on.
- You wanna check my trunk,

why don't you go get yourselves a warrant?

Hey, Dispatch, we got a disabled vehicle
on 9th and the 110.

How long would it take to get here?

Yeah, right around the corner.

You got one in the area.

That's great. It's my lucky day.
I'll see you in a minute.

You guys must think I'm stupid
or something, right?

- Bring it in!
- Man, what the hell is this?

Come on! This has got to be illegal!

- No.
- Entrapment or some shit!

This looks like a disabled vehicle to me.

Hey, don't worry about it.

We'll do a full inventory,
including everything in the trunk.

Yeah, we wouldn't want you
accusing the LAPD of stealing anything.

- Hey, come on, all right? Hey!
- Give us something, Franco.

- Give us something.
- This here is bullshit! Come on, man!

Come on, Franco, what do you wanna do?

You know, you two guys,
you're a couple of...

- All right, hook it up!
- What are you doing?

- Come on! Be nice, it's a new car!
- What are you doing?

Okay, okay, okay, all right!
I got something for you guys, all right?

- Come here.
- What do you got?

There's... They got these guys,
they're trying to go upscale.

- They're planning something big.
- What?

They're definitely planning
something real big.

- Like what?
- I don't know like what.

But I know they're gonna use a C-4
on the job.

What's up?


You alone?

Like I said on the phone.

He's clean.

- No one.
- You Paulie?

Like the sign says.

So, you're the one who wants some C-4?

Like I said on the phone.

I know, the street's gone dry.
Someone bought up a big pile of it.

That what brings you to me?

- Smart man.
- Yeah.

So, let me see your category one permit.

Permit? Thought this was
supposed to be simple.

It is. You got a permit.

My category one.

Yeah, it is simple.

See, we take your money,
and you don't get shit.

Get over here!

Hey, whoa! Hey. Come on.

Move, I put three holes in your head
like a bowling ball, big boy.

Should've kept it simple, huh?

- Thought you might need some backup.
- Backup?

Looked like you getting your ass kicked.

Man, I told you guys to wait in the car.

- You had it under control, huh?
- Yeah, I did, actually.

- Where's the C-4?
- It's in the shed.

- Speak English! Where's the C-4?
- It's in the shed!

- Back in the shed!
- In the shed?

- It's in the shed?
- Back in the shed.

It's in the shed.

Nice job squeezing Franco.

Looking at 10 years,
funny how he gave up that address.

Think it's the FedCal guys?

Only so many people know
how to use C-4, Chief.

- Duncan!
- Lieutenant Carver?

- Moving and grooving, Jack!
- I wanna speak to Detective Welles!

I can't do this right now.

We're executing a search warrant.

Police work. Remember what that is?

Internal Affairs will have to wait.

Hey, you call me, Welles. Get back to me!

You don't want me to
have to come find you!

The hell is wrong with you,
coming down here now?

I wanna show you something.

Police, on the ground now!


Welles, I got nothing.

Hatch, he's coming up on Spring!



- You all right?
- Yeah.

Our two dead guys,
Ethan and Constantine Symanski.

Brothers. Suspected Russian mob,
but they're no good for the FedCal job.

- Why's that?
- INS said they were being sworn in

as U.S. Citizens at the time of the robbery.

- Couple patriots, huh?
- Yeah.

They burned a bunch of stuff
before we got here.

This is all that was left.

Looks like a map of LA.

Yeah. Maybe.

Look at this stuff.
C-4, automatic weapons, blasting caps.

They were definitely onto something big.

Staples Center, Pershing Square,
Union Station.

The hell were they up to?

- We're good to go.
- Jake's all connected. You ready?

All right, Jesse, we're up.

Show it to us.


All right, tell Jake to stop showing off.

All right, man, turn it off.

- Good job.
- Good job.

But the point is, I mean,
can we do it in three days?

Not only can we do it,
but we're gonna play it safe.

All right, we're gonna drill at
about an inch an hour,

16 holes in 64 hours.

Split the work, keep the schedule.

So, that leaves us one last day for prep?

Exactly. Enough time for Jake and I to wire.
It's good.

All right, I'm gonna call Rahway
and see if we can get down there tonight.

Who's there?


Naomi. What are you doing here?
You're supposed to be at the...

I know, I know, I...

- Catch up with you later, man.
- All right, man.

Wow, look at this place.

What is this? Naomi?

Look, I am really clean now. I feel great.

Naomi, what are you talking about?

Look, another week in that place
wouldn't have made any difference.

- We spoke about this, didn't we?
- Come on.

I was doing really well.

I asked if I could leave early,
and they said yes.

If you don't believe me, call them.

Look, they told us that when you get out,
you got to have a plan.

Yeah? Without a plan, you're dead.

So I started thinking about you and me,
our plan, and going home.

And that's gonna happen.

You had one more week, that's all,
one more week.

It's a busy time for me, Naomi.

- You don't remember it, do you?
- No, I don't.

Look at how cute you were.
Mum was so beautiful.

I was truly happy back then.

I'm not gonna be right until I get back there,
so I can start again.

And we can. In just three days.

I'm working. I need to put you in a hotel.

What? Why can't I stay here?

You can. It's just a bad time for me.

All right?


Well, I can tell you it's not a street map.

It's some kind of a public works project.

But without a reference number,
there's no way I can work it out.

All right. Thanks.

You got it.

Rivers, Delonte.

Put your body in it.

Right here, Eddie. Up with it.

Yes! That's what I'm talking about.

Hey, Eddie.
Take it easy on Uncle Jack, all right?

Time out. I did some work last night.
Wanted to talk to you.

Hey, if you're gonna puke, do it on the grass.

Come on, Dad, let us finish.

Yeah, why don't you take my place?

I'm good. Go ahead, keep playing, Eddie.

- Eddie looks like he's doing a lot better.
- Yeah, he's doing great, man.

I mean, it's been about a month
since his last dialysis.

Down for a couple days,
then he bounces back. I mean...

- So, anyway, what's up?
- All right.

You remember the jewelry job
in Koreatown, few years back?

They used wires
and went from one building to the other?

Guard got loose.
He ended up shooting one of them?

Yeah. The guard ended up being
like a big hero.

The perp got shot on a fire escape, right?

Name's Delonte Rivers, a.k.a. Ghost.

He just finished serving five at Chino.

And somehow, his prison ID ended up
at the Russians.

I saw it in the Polaroids.

So, you think this guy's good
for the FedCal heist?

I don't know. He was released the same day
the bank was hit.

There's got to be some type of
connection there, right?

Yeah, Max. What's up?

- Morning, Jack.
- Hey, Monica.

Whoa, whoa, slow down.

- Marketing rep.
- You got to be kidding me.

Look, Max, you can just tell Carver
he can call me Monday.

I don't work weekends, okay?

Internal Affairs.

Well, can I make you some breakfast, Jack?

No, that's all right. I got to pick Sunday up.
We're gonna go look at some landmarks.

- I'll see you Monday.
- See you, Jack.

So, what do we got?
What's the assignment for today?

After we go to the Walk of Fame,
I'm supposed to write about us going there.

Honey, the Walk of Fame's not a landmark,
it's a tourist trap.

I got a better landmark.
Let's go over to La Brea Tar Pits,

and then afterwards
we can go to the museum,

we can look at the fossils.

And then after that, we can go to
the Farmer's Market and get some burgers.

Good idea.
Burgers and shakes at the Farmer's Market.

Yeah, what do you got for me?

Sweetheart, we're gonna have
to make a stop somewhere first.

When I got your message from last night,
I pulled Rivers' file,

saw he was due this afternoon.

Cons like him,
they're good for a visit or two.

But four years of lockdown,
I wouldn't bet on him.

There's your boy now.
Want me to hold him? Rattle his cage?

No. No, keep it routine.

- You got an address on this guy?
- Some dump in Long Beach.

Probably good for a week, if that.

All right, thanks.

Little Tokyo. Let's go.

Now are we going to the museum?

Just a sec, honey. We will.

- Anything else?
- Give me a couple of these, too.

Here, on the right.

- Thanks, man.
- You got it.

- What's up?
- You're late.

- How'd the parole meeting go?
- We good.

You know they try and turn pissing in a cup
into a seven-game series.

We straight, though.

- Can I help you?
- Relish.

- Jesse.
- What's up?

What's happening? Where the guys?

I'm take-out. They're waiting on me.

Sounds good.

- So, did you get it?
- Come on, man. It's me.

What are you looking at, Daddy?

Just a second, honey.

Same thing the rescue workers use.

Easy as shit. Works just like a can opener.

- Speak to the dispatcher?
- Yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I spoke to him this morning. We good.

- Come on, man.
- Hey, the route's a lock, G.

Talk to you later.

Hey, man, find you something else
to worry about, G.

I got you, homes.


Hold on to your seat, honey.

What are you doing, idiot?

You see a pen, baby? No?

There, you see that blue sedan back there?
Two cars back?

- Yeah.
- He's sharking us.

Make a right.

You have a pen, baby? Anything?

All right, make another right.

- He's staying with us.
- Yeah.

Let's pull over.

- Who are they?
- They're just some guys.

- Is it a cop?
- With a kid?

What's so important that you'd drag my ass
all the way down here?

- I found him, Hatch.
- Who?

Him, FedCal. Gordon Cozier.
I mean, look at that.

Same height, same build, same everything.

Wait, hold on. What are you talking about?

- Where's all this coming from?
- I followed that guy, Rivers,

from his parole meeting.

- And he gets out of a cab downtown.
- With Sunday?

What, are you gunning for
Father of the Year now?

And from my car,
I see him go to this hot-dog stand.

And Cozier's there.
Now, he's got his back to me.

But I swear I see Rivers
pass something to him.

A second later, this guy on a motorcycle,
he looks at Cozier.

And then right before he takes off, bam,

the same gesture
the asshole used in the bank.

And then I followed Cozier
and got his license plate number.

Yeah, it's very official. What is that, crayon?

Look, man, I'm telling you, it's him.

Except you can't see his face.
The guy's got a clean sheet.

Come on, man, you follow an ex-con

who's no good for the bank job to,
what, a hot-dog stand?

- Then he meets somebody...
- Listen to me.

Maybe he meets somebody there,
maybe he doesn't.

- Maybe he passes something...
- Look, Hatch, I'm telling you I was there.

...and buys a hot-dog
with ketchup and relish,

- and then, some guy on a motorcycle says...
- Call me crazy.

"So long," and rides off.

Come on, man, give a brother a break.
Are you kidding me?

Can we still go
to the Farmer's Market, Daddy?

Baby, I'm sorry. Geez.

I can't believe it's this late.
We can go eat somewhere else.

Just gonna take a few minutes here.
Wherever you want.


Your daddy loves you very much,
you know that, right?

- Don't ever forget that, okay?
- Okay.

Take care of the real stuff, Jack.

Hey, how about some pizza, huh?

I just wanna go home.

Let's go.

Well, when'd it happen?

No, no, no. It's all right.
If she comes back, do me a favor,

you just keep her there, all right, Jimmy,
and you call me.

She doesn't leave the hotel.
Do you understand me?

All right.


I left Jimmy some money at the hotel.
He didn't put it in the safe.

- She took it?
- She's gone and so is the money. Shit!

- What you doing, mate?
- I'm pulling over.

- Why?
- 'Cause you got to find her.

I'll take your time in the tunnel tonight.

- Thanks.
- You got it.

Damn it.

- How's it hanging?
- Funny guy.

All right, come on down.

We'll go hot tomorrow morning.

This is gonna be lovely.

Hey, G.

We good?

All signs point to it.

- Any word from Naomi?
- No.

This time, I think she's gone.

She'll turn up fine.

What makes you so sure?

If I had any family left, that's where I'd be.

You know, if anything goes wrong
tomorrow, we can't let him walk away.

He could still hang us for '04.

I'll bring the insurance.

There he is. How's it going, Ghost?

I can't call it, gentlemen.

- Yeah.
- What's happening?

- G. Cool.
- Yeah, man.

Feels good to be back in action again.
It's like old times, huh?

So, where we meeting at after the drop?

Scott's giving me the information.
I'll let you know tomorrow.

"Come sip from the cup of destruction."

- Genghis Khan.
- Yeah. One of my heroes.

Saw what he wanted,
reached out and took it.

Like us, tomorrow.

Just like us.

- To tomorrow.
- To tomorrow.

To tomorrow.


Slow down, slow down. What?
Where are you?

All right. Wait, no, no, I'm coming.
I'm coming.

Where do I find Processing?

Through the far door. Follow the yellow line.

Where's Vice?

Take the stairs to the basement.

We got your fax last week
about the bank bills,

so when we nailed this scum
with a bunch of fresh hundreds,

thought we'd call you.

This low-life? You gotta be kidding me.

He was hustling some stolen shit
with his girlfriend when we stopped him.

None of the bills were marked, but we figure
they gotta be from some job.

Did you question him?

No. He didn't go easy.

He's high as hell, too.
We decided to let him chill.

All right. Let me talk to this guy.

All right, I don't have time for this bullshit.
Where did you get the bills?

I got him!

I'm not gonna ask you again.
Where did you get the bills?

- It was a loan, man, it was a loan!
- A loan. Bullshit!

I want a name. Give me a name.

- Naomi.
- Naomi what?

- Naomi what? She got a last name?
- I don't know, man! I just met her.

You bust her, too?

Yeah, her name's Naomi Cozier.

Cozier? Did you hear that, Hatch?


I ain't going back to no hotel
to sit on my own.

Right, you ain't going back to the hotel,

you ain't going
to the freaking Caribbean either.

You're going back to the rehab
to start your program again.

- Hell, no, I ain't!
- Yes, you are!

I'm tired of them nurses and doctors
making you stand up

and chat your business in front of strangers.

Every time, you do the same thing!
Every time! Two days out of rehab!

Just two days
and you're in the police station already.

Where's the money I gave you?
Is it in your veins?

You know, your problem is
you're too into my shit.

Let me see your arm. Your shit.
You're not into your own shit!

Why don't you get a life?
You don't care about me.

You wouldn't even let me stay
at your apartment.

- That's right.
- You're ashamed of me. And I raised you!

You raised me?
My crackhead sister raised me?

- Can't even raise yourself.
- You ungrateful bastard!

- Shut up.
- But you ain't worth shit, man.

- I should've let Welfare take you!
- You're right, you're right.



No! Naomi! Naomi!

Gordon Cozier.
Signed for her 20 minutes ago.

- Second time in two days.
- Yeah, I hear you.

Even if we tie those bills to a certain job,
it doesn't prove Cozier did anything.

Question him now, he lawyers up,
splits town. We can blow this case.

If we can put him in the elevators
on the day of the heist,

we'll have plenty to talk to him about.

It's time. Let's go, Casanova.

I'll see you tonight.

You be careful.

- I love you.
- Love you, too.

Come on, lover boy! Let's go, mate!

Got a job to do, baby. Come on.

Let's go, let's go!

You want a coffee? Donut? Anything?

Naw. I'm okay.

Hey, Jack. Carver wants to see you.

Not now, Max.
We're getting close on this FedCal job.

It's not a request, Detective Welles.

Orders, Jack.

All right.

This is chicken shit, Chief.

The Haitian, the Russians.
I make judgment calls every day.

- The union says I get an attorney...
- Before you go on about this,

- you need to...
...just like the assholes

- I gotta deal with out there.
- Jack, stop!

Look, if you still want to see a lawyer
in five minutes, you can have one.

Sit down.

Get down! Get on the ground!
Get on the ground! Spread your legs!

- Keep your head down.
- The day you busted the Haitian,

Narcotics had surveillance set up
in the building across the street.

- Shut up! Stay down!
- I said they'd give you money!

- What? What money?
- Money, right there!

Stay there, don't move! All right.
All right, get out of here. Go.

Turn it off. All right, turn it off.

I wanted you to know
who you were working with.

Felt I owed you that much.

Internal Affairs is bringing charges.
Papers are being drawn up today.

You wanna drop Hatcher? I understand.

No, no. No. No.

How'd it go?

You know, same old, same old.

Shouldn't have roughed up that drug dealer,
you know?

- That's the beef? That's it?
- Yeah.

Warning, short and sweet.

Check it out. That's our guy. We got him.

Time to turn up the heat on Mr. Cozier.
Let's go pay him a visit.

All right, we're hot. Ready to rock, man.

All right. Kill the traffic light.

Let's go.

Officer on duty.

All right, Officer.
Package is due in five minutes.

Crow's nest. Put an eye on him.

Copy that.

You're driving.

Come on, let's go!

Come on, man. What's wrong with you?

Why'd you do it, Eddie?

Why'd you take the money?

What are you... What are you talking about?

They got it on tape.

Why'd you do it?

Shit, man.

Monica's laid off. We got a mortgage.
Insurance doesn't pay shit.

All these medical bills.

You gotta help me, Jack.

It was right there.
It was right there, and I took it.

Why didn't you come to me?

I'm Eddie's godfather.

Come on. You're like my brother.

The kind of money I'm talking about,
you couldn't save it in a lifetime.

Look, you've had my back
for the last six years.

I'm gonna do whatever it takes to help you,


Package is late.

Must've gotten hung up. They'll be here.
Goddamn! Get off my ass.

This is not good. This is not good.

Let me know, G. I'm ready.

Come on, boys, have some faith.

I never trusted this guy.
This is bad, we gotta do something.

This is LA, man. Nothing runs on time.

Damn all that. We got a shitload of C-4,
and we're live down here. Come on.

Just be cool, all right?

Where the hell is it, Ghost?
Talk to me. Where is it?

They're coming, God damn it.
They'll be here.

Say the word, G. I'll send it.

Y'all need to relax. I told you they coming.

G, we gotta make a move. Come on, man.

All right!

Where you at, John?

I know you up there, son of a bitch.

Well? Is there anDhing?

Nada. If he bolts, this may be
our last shot, right now.

- G.
- Everybody, stay sharp.

They'll be here, G.
Theyjust running a little behind.

We gotta do something. Come on.

Come on, bitch. Where are you?

Take him out.

They're here! They're here, God damn it!
I told you they were coming!

All right, hold up, hold up!

Buckle up, boys!

They're turning down the ramp now.

Train's about to leave the station.

A'ight, G. Here they come.

Merging onto 4th.

God damn it. You kidding me?

What's the holdup?

Come on, guys, I'm holding traffic.
Just give me the word.

All right, boys, we've still got cars
inside the cones here.

All right, keep me posted.

Come on.

Come on, already! Yo, what's up?

- Let's go!
- You gonna move this or what?

Cones look clear to me. Holla at me.

Go on ahead and wave them through,


Where you going?

Showtime, boys!

- All right, it's on.
- All right, here we go.

- It's on!
- It's in your hands now!

Let's get paid, man!

Fifty yards!

Twenty-five yards! Ten yards!

- Look out! Bike!
- Hit it!

Holy shit! Goddamn bicyclist!


- Jesus Christ!
- You all right?

Damn it, too soon!

I still see the trucks!

We missed! Where is it?

- Truck stopped short.
- What's going on?

- Shit!
- God damn it, Jake, you went too early.

Shut up, Ghost, shut up!

The street blew up! We're in trouble.
We gotta get out of here!

Stay in that truck! We'll get you out of this!

- Get out and move that traffic, let's go!
- G, now what?

- What we doing?
- Crow's nest! Where are you, crow's nest?

- Talk to me, talk to me!
- Jake, it's a bust, man.

- We gotta get out of here!
- What are we doing, G?

- I can't see shit!
- Follow procedure! Stay in that truck!

- Okay, let's clear this!
- G, call it off!

- No, no, hold on!
- What are y'all doing?


Abort! Abort!

All hell broke loose up here, man!


Let's go, let's go!
We gotta abort this, we gotta abort this!

- Abort, abort!
- Hold on, hold on! I see something up here!

We got a man on the move.

No, Officer, we're aborting this now!

Not yet, God damn it, we got action!

You don't see what I see, G!
Just keep them busy!

What's this crazy son of a bitch doing?


Shit! He just jacked a guard!

Open this door!

We got a vehicular, people!

He in the truck!

Crazy son of a bitch is going for it!

He hit the car!

Keep it clear down below, boys!

- Shit, man, here he come!
- Here he comes, here he comes!

He's ramming the truck!

- Here it come!
- Get out of the way!

That's what I'm talking about! Damn!

- Get the jaws, get the jaws!
- Keep them back!

Shit! Little bastard!

Soldier boy done lost his damn mind!

Shit! What's he doing?

Our man got a problem here.

Hit the guard!


Hell, yeah.

Take his shit!

I've got you, man. Come on. Got you.

We got it.

All units, 211 on an armored vehicle,
4th and Olive.

Repeat, armored vehicle robbery
in progress, 4th and Olive.

4th and Olive. That's them.

Turn the car around.

I'm taking you home, Eddie.

Come on, turn the car around.
It's a couple blocks away.

- No, man.
- God damn it, man, I'm still a cop!

Turn the car around!

All right.

Let's hustle, boys, come on!


- Come on!
- Come on, Jake!

Go, go, go, go!

Yeah, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go!

Move it, move it!

Look at this.

Took a shitload of explosives to do this.

- C-4.
- Yeah.

- What do you got?
- We got two down in the hole.

Guard got a look at one of them.

Caucasian male, adult, in his 30s.

I got a sketch artist coming here now
to work with our witness.

Jesus Christ.

They're long gone!
Sewer tunnels in every direction.

Sewer tunnels?

Remember that public works map
we found at the Russian safe house?

The burnt fragment? The sewers, explosives.
High-powered weapons.

So the job went down
without our two dead guys?

Yeah, well, you remember the map?
There was a subway map at the Russians.

Yeah, you think the sewers
connect to the subway station?

Could be, let's check it out.

- What was the closest station circled?
- Pershing Square.

Pardon me.

That's him, Hatch! The guy with the gray hat!
From the hot-dog stand!

- Shit!
- Freeze!

- We have a runner!
- Stop!


Get out the way, get out the way!

Look out! Look out!

- Are you crazy?
- Shit!

You all right? Hey! Where you going, pal?

We're in pursuit!

Headed toward Pershing Square.

He's headed through the park!

Move. Move. Move.

Get off my car! Hey!

He just left Grand!
He's headed towards the library!

Yeah, man.


Police! Freeze!


Move, move, move, move! Get out the way!

Police! Watch out!

- Which way did he go?
- Back there.

- Can we exit this way?
- No.

- Get out of the way!
- Cover those doors!

- Move, move, move!
- He went that way.

- He went that way.
- Down the hall.


Move it!

Hey, hey!

Get out of my way! Get out of my way!

Everybody, out!

Come on, Jesse.




Hold on, buddy. Just hold on. Jesus.

- The son of a bitch was fast.
- This is unit 14.

I got an officer down.
Sixth floor, Monroe building.

I need immediate assistance.


He's outside!

Come on, come on.
Just keep breathing, buddy.

Keep breathing. Come on, stay with me.

I need that crash unit fast! Now!

Come on, buddy. Hang in there.

We lost him!

Line of duty, Jack. Line of duty.

Yeah, come on. Come on.
You just keep breathing.

You gotta make it, man. Come on.
Look at me, look at me.

My family, man. Monica.
You take care of Eddie.

I'm gonna take care of your family.
Don't worry about that.

They're gonna be taken care of.
You just keep breathing.

- Come on.
- Tell Monica I love her.

- I will.
- Tell her I love her.

Come on, buddy. Hang in there.

It's me.

I know who it is. I watch news.
You think I'm stupid, you punk bitch?

Hey, cool it, brother.
I sense a little too much hostility.

I was just trying to make everybody...

I give you dispatcher, and you do job
with somebody else!

Two of my men dead. I kill you!

You do not wanna kill me. If I'm dead,
how am I gonna get you half the money?

You do want the money, don't you?

You listening now? Thought so.

Hey, we meeting at the Roosevelt Hotel.
I'm gonna convince them to give you half.

I'll call you later with the room number.

We're all real sorry, Jack.
I just spoke with his wife.

What about the surveillance tape?
His family?

Forget the tape.
He was killed in the line of duty.

He'll get a cop's burial and full benefits.

Good. Thanks.

You were making headway
with FedCal Bank. Was it them?

I don't know.
Guy started running, we chased him.

Eddie got shot. I got nothing.

You okay, Jack?

Yeah. I'm fine.

- Jake? You heard from Jesse?
- No, not yet.

$19.3 million, so far.
Easily the biggest lick yet, gentlemen.

Witnesses report...

I can feel it, man. Something's not right.

This is my fault, man.
I should've never brought him in.

- Hey, Ghost?
- Yes, sir?


That's the account card for the '04 job.

That's $250,000 for the Russians.

That puts us even now, Ghost.

Say what, Rahway?

You heard me. That puts us even.

Yeah, a'ight. My plan, your command.

I knew I could trust y'all.

Who is it?

It's him. Where you been? I been calling you!

- Police chased me.
- Police? Where?

You brought them here?
Jesse, you brought them here?

No. I shot one of them.

- What?
- What?

- Hold on! You shot a cop?
- I had to, man.

- Where the money?
- I stashed it.

- You left the money? Damn!
- Goddamn!

Stashed it? Hold, hold on! Everyone,
hold on. What happened, Jesse? Talk to me.

At the subway station, there was two cops.

And they just started chasing me.

And they chased you
out the crowd because of what?

How, how the hell am I supposed to know?

- Why?
- Ghost. Hold on.

- Hold on! Hold on!
- No, man, let him tell me why!

- So, what happened? You shot because?
- I don't know!

- I had to. He had me...
- Why'd you shoot him?

'Cause you stupid.

I had no choice!
He had me. He had me cold, man.

But he never fired at me.
It was... It was kind of like...

Like what?

Like he wanted me to shoot him.

Stupid ass!

Shit! I'll beat the shit out of you.

- G! G! Wait!
- Let him go! Let him go!

Get off me! Yo, cool it.
Get your hands off me!

- Back off! Back off!
- You understand what you just did?

- It wasn't my fault!
- You don't shoot cops!

I'll deal with it! Let him go!

You deal with it then, Jake!

That's a death sentence, young blood,
and I ain't going with you.

Nice one, Jesse.

Still taking passengers tonight?

Van Nuys Airport, 8:30.

Look, with everything that happened
today, nothing personal,

I'll take care of your finances
and then I'm out.

- Okay.
- Fair enough.

I'm standing about a block away
from the Monroe office building

in downtown Los Angeles

where an LAPD detective
was shot and killed about an hour ago.

Right on time.

Witnesses describe...

So, Jesse, how'd it feel
losing that money, shooting that cop?

- Ghost. Easy.
- What?

Now, we can't confirm,
at this hour, but the suspect...

Ghost, we ain't gotta act
like we friends anymore, do we?

Hey, business is business. Money is money.

I never said we were friends.

- Now, me and Lilli, however.
- Come here! You wanna...

Hey! Take it easy! Hey, Jake, Jake, Jake!

Hey, come on, take it easy!
He's not worth it, all right?

All right, let's get the fellas
and get out of here.

I'm here. Which room?

1116. A'ight.

Hey, Welles, where you at? You got a 20?

Come on, man, I know you're out there.
Pick up.

We're worried about you. Where you...

All right, fellas, we're good.
We're out of here.

So, here's the deal.
Anyone wants to fly with...

- Where's Ghost?
- In the bathroom.

Get Ghost for me.

Tonight, Scott, 8:30, Van Nuys Airport,
all right?

Plane's ready. Bring your passports,
your bags, and your guns.

Ghost? Hey!

If you need anything,
make sure you give us a call.

What's he doing, taking a shower?
What's going on in here?

- What was that?
- Shower's on.

Hey, he's gone!

- I told you! I told you!
- What?

- I don't know about this.
- Damn!

- What are you talking about?
- Where'd he go?

- I knew this was a bad idea!
- Damn it!

Let's get out of here, let's get out.

Oh, shit!

Take out the automatic!


Hey, Jake, you okay?

Get up, man, get up! Come on, buddy!
Come on, man, come on!

- Out the back!
- Jesse, Jake, let's go!

Come on, let's go!

Go. I'm coming.


Come on, come on!

Where's A. J? Where's A. J? Where's...

Down, get down!

- Shit! Who are these guys?
- Sounds like Russians!

Jake! Check the hallway.

Let's put these beds up, let's go!

We got a shotgun in the hallway!

Stay low, stay low!

Shit! I'm out of ammo! I'm out, I'm out!

Where's Jake?

We gotta go, fellas. We gotta go.

Ghost set us up against the Russians.

Son of a bitch, he must've sold them
on the same plan.

That's why they gave him the dispatcher

and that big hurry-up
was just to get us to do the job first.

- Yeah, and we bought it.
- Yeah, all of it.

Shit, the heat's gonna be coming down now.

I know. See you at the airport.

Lilli? Lilli?

Hold on, baby. Oh, God, baby, get up. Baby.

Oh, my God, baby, wake up. Oh, just...

Goddamn, the money's gone!

Jesse, help me! Help me!

Ghost. Ghost, I'm gonna kill you. Oh, God.

Jake, we got company.

Jake, we gotta go. We have to go.

Oh, God. Ghost.

Los Angeles Police Department.
Exit the building slowly.

You have 20 seconds to come out.

Look, Jake. I was wrong about Ghost.

I'm sorry, man.

It's not your fault.

Jesse, you ain't gotta be down with me
on this one.

You got your own life to think about, man.

I already told you. I'm never going back.

And this is my life.

My car's out back. Where's yours?

In front.

Let's take yours.

Thought you'd say that.

You ready, bro?

Just me and you, big brother. Let's go.

- Naomi.
- G!

- What are you doing? Come here.
- G!

What are you doing? Are you all right?

- They won't let me in your building.
- We've gotta go.

Come on, let's get in the car. All right.

- Just wanna go home.
- All right.

There you are.

- Talk to me.
- I'm almost to the airport.

Yeah, me, too.

Hey, I'm tripping.
Hear me out right quick, all right?

Yeah, what's up?

Ghost has had the jump on us
from the get-go, right?

So, why would he take us all out

and then only settle for the cash
from the '04 job?

- He wouldn't.
- Unless...

- Man, he plans on taking all the money.
- Shit, Scott. Scott has all the money.

Exactly. I'm on my way. I'm right behind you.

I know this is a little last-minute.
Have him meet me at the bank.

Come on, Scott, pick up. Scott, pick up.

Yeah, I'm coming in tonight.

You have to make yourself available
at 9:00 a.m. Tomorrow, all right?

Can you do that?

You've reached Scott. I'm away from my cell.

Oh, God. No, Scott, pick up. Damn it.

All right.

Okay. Let's get out of here.

It's been a long day.
Can you pour me a Scotch?

Yeah, where are you going? You just
had to have it all, didn't you, Ghost?

- I'm just taking what's mine!
- Oh, yeah?

I should've shot you on the street today.

Naw, you should've shot me five years ago
on that fire escape.

You got caught, Ghost! You got caught!

You knew the game
when you was playing it!

You left me back there to die like I was shit!

You ain't shit, Ghost!

I helped you put this crew together!

So what? Now you wanna take it apart?

Drop the weapon! Drop it! Police!
Put them down!

- Put them down!
- Stay out of this!

- Better listen to him, cop.
- It's between me and him.

If you interfere, I'm gonna kill you, too.

- Last time, drop them!
- Shit.

What you expect me to do, G? Huh?

You took my money. Took my bitch from me.

Just put me out the crew, huh?

What you thought I was gonna do?
Let that shit go?

You got caught!

Yeah. A'ight. I see now.

It's all business for you.

Well, this shit just got real personal.

- Should've waited for me, G.
- The shit went too fast.

Hold, hold it, hold it, hold it.

Don't move! Don't you move!

You're that cop with the little girl.

You should've stayed out of this.

- Let's get that money and get out of here.
- Yeah.

Emergency dispatch.


You got an officer down.
Van Nuys Airport, hangar 12.

I've been shot and I need help.

Units en route.

I want help.

G? Are we going home now?

Yeah, baby. We're going home.

Are we good, brother?

All signs point to it.

gns point to it.