Taken 3 (2014) - full transcript

Liam Neeson returns as ex-covert operative Bryan Mills, whose long awaited reconciliation with his ex-wife is tragically cut short when she is brutally murdered. Consumed with rage, and framed for the crime, he goes on the run to evade the relentless pursuit of the CIA, FBI and the police. For one last time, Mills must use his "particular set of skills," to track down the real killers, exact his unique brand of justice, and protect the only thing that matters to him now - his daughter.


Have you seen my checkbook?

Down stairs in the living room

Darling, are you OK?

I'm fine!

I'm just gonna take the dog for a walk!

Nice office

Nice family

Sorry to disturb you at this time of night,

we have a little problem.

your boss owes me money,

a lot of money

and I'm here to collect it.

I'm just account. I don't know anything.

You don't need to know anything

Except the combination to the safe

You do know the combination, yes?


Perfect, please.

Get in

Hello my friend, it's Malankov

I came to your office to collect my money

What a disappointment to see it's not here.

But I'm leaving you
something here in return.

as a reminder

I can not wait any longer

My best to the family



How old?

No matter how old they are, my friend.
They will always be our baby

Ain't that true?

Come on big guy.

Thank you!


Happy birthday!

My birthday is not even for 3 days.

Your always saying I'm so predictable.
I wanted to shake

things up a bit and make it
a little less predictable.

Sorry, come in

Champagne glasses

You know me.
Why would I have Champagne glasses?

Or a giant stuff panda.
I heard that.

Inappropriate, huh.

Well, I mean...

Not if I was 7.

Well I can I can return
it or you can hang on to it

until you have a
7 year old of your own

Not funny.

Hey baby! Babe!

Hey, look who's here.

Mr. Mills

Hello Timmy

How are you?
Good, you?

You know.
Hey! Hi.

Hey, if you guys are having father
daughter moment I can really...

No, no, no,
I just dropped by thought I'd do something.

Unpredictable. Kim is always
pointing out how predictable I am.

That's funny coming from her.
You wanna talk about predictable.

I'm not predictable.
Come on!

Every single day she goes
to the same exact store,

right off campus, every
morning before class

gets the same peach yogurt drink, right?
The 4th one from the back,

not the 5th one,
not the 3rd one, right? Stop.

Cause it's still cold.

I know. I would do exactly the same thing

Yeah, the OCD gene

So, whats with the bubbly?

Pre-birthday celebration
- Nice

If you don't mind, I think it's just
a little early to pop open a bottle.

Yeah. Yeah, no problem.
I'll put it in the fridge.

What was that?

Well, I'll leave you two

Dad font...

You don't have to take it. Now I feel bad.

Yeah, you should feel bad. I'll exchange

it for something more predictable.

Love you. Take it easy, Jimmy.
- Alright!

Hey, how you doing?
Is something wrong?

- You sure, babe?

How'd it go?

Great, fantastic.
It couldn't have gone better

The panda was not a hit, i take it.

Careful what you say.
He's sitting right next to me

When did she grow up, Lenore?

I know

It goes so fast. All of it

Where are you?

just going home. Make a little dinner

If you'd like to join us. Us?
Me and the panda

I'll uh...

I'll take a rain check on that.
If thats OK with you?

And the panda

That's fine by us

I'll see ya.

See ya

I know what your thinking

Keep it to yourself

- Lenny

You changed your mind
- Yeah

You left the door open.
- Come on in


I'm not intruding or anything.

Of course your not,
I was just preparing dinner, drink?

Yes, please.

Thanks for coming over

- Cheers

You look stressed.
- Yeah. Why?

Stuart and I...

we've tried everything.
Therapy, counseling, together, separately

He wants it to work. He really does.

And you?
- I know I'm hurting him

I just don't feeling anything anymore.

I hate that. I hate not feeling.
I hate going through the motions.

They only thing I feel is trapped.

I have the worst taste in men.
- Thanks

Oh my God!

I wasn't talking about you.
Oh God, I'm sorry.

Its OK.

Do you know what I fantasize about?

I'm afraid to ask



Right after the guilt comes roaring in,
I feel like such a shit

Does that make me a bad
person? Being married

to one man, fantasizing about another?

Confused, maybe. Bad, no

You must think I'm crazy

If you are Lenny, you're not the only one


I'm sorry.
- No

This lead that you are apologizing.
It's not that I don't want to, believe me

But until you and Stuart
clear up your situation,

I think it would do more harm than good

For all of us

Why do you have to be so damn honorable

Believe me, right now I wish I weren't

I'm gonna go.
- Wait!


I'm going out of town in a couple of days,
for a month, on a job

If you ever feel you need to go to
someplace just to be by yourself

Use it

Thank you

Will the rest of you gentlemen please.

Seriously, it's money. It'll be fun.

I know. I can't go

It's a four man job.
We can't do it without you

I know, I know,
but a couple of things have come up and

I'm not comfortable being
away for a month right now.


It's not Kim.

Man, you got to let this go. Lenore is a
grown women she can take care of herself.

Your not her husband any longer.

But she is my friend

I think you better talk
to somebody about this.

A shrink maybe?

Why would I go to a shrink
when I got you guys?

Well there's a good point

Could somebody drop the flag stick?

Hey Kim, what's up?

-You want me to take it out?
- If you wouldn't mind.

Sure! When?

-Oh come on.
- OK, baby.

Come on!

OK, the big moment.

-That's a good...
- Oh!

Well, this is an unexpected treat

Yeah, I um... need some advice

OK, shoot.

So, its um...

I guess its not something I was really
planning on here or even thought about.


Anyway, I just wanted your advice.

I'm flattered.


Poor lady.

That it going to be serious trouble
in a few years. You mark my words.

So, what was it you wanted to ask?


Um... Puppy.

A puppy?

Yeah, I was thinking about getting a puppy.

-From where?
- Um, my friend found one behind a building.

-Uh huh
- We were trying to find it a home.

You know we put it on Facebook,
but nobody claimed it yet, so.

Wanna know what I think?


I mean its alot of work,
alot of responsibility,

and with your lifestyle
and your going to college

But a puppy you have to
be there all the time.

Feed it, walk it.
No different than having a kid

-Have you had a chance to look at the menu?
- Not yet, Annie.

What will I have?

- Hey Brian.

-What are you doing here?
- Um...

Everything alright?
- Yeah, its fine, its fine.

Can I talk to you inside?

Yeah, yeah, sure.
I was just making some coffee.

-Milk? Sugar?
- Um, both please.


-Milk, cold or hot?
- Uh...


So, how's business?

Oh, you know. Some days good.
Some days great.


-One sugar or two?
- Two, please.

-Here we go.
- Thanks.


I'm sorry to bother you this late,
but I thought it was more um...

respectful to say what I have to say you.
Face to face. Man to man, so to speak.

Listen, I know that Lenore has

she's spoken to you about the
problems that we've been having.


Your a good guy, Brian.
I like you. Your a respectful guy

And listen, I'm not accusing
you of anything. But

Lenore and I If your
marriage is gonna work,

that can't happen with you in between us.

Stuart, there's nothing between
Lenore and I other than we share Kim.

I didn't say there was.

You know obviously you share a daughter and

your tried to be the best
father that you can.

Under the circumstances.

And part of that means the two of
you talking and staying in touch.

But, I still want you
to stop seeing my wife.

Until we sort things out.

-Does she know your here?

Doesn't matter if she does or
if she doesn't. That's not the point.

I'm asking you to stop
seeing my wife. Can you do that?

I can do that.

Wow, that's great. Thank you.

You know I got to go to Vegas tonight some
business meeting tomorrow.

I really don't want to be worrying about

-you know
- Yeah.

Thank you.

I really appreciate it.

Need to see you. Urgent. Bagels.

I'll have four bagels and
some cream cheese, please.

OK, be careful they're really hot.


Have a good day.

Take care. -Thanks.






Jesus Christ! Lenny, wake up!

Come on, come on, come on! Lenny!

Freeze! Don't move!

-Step away from the knife!

-Get your hands up!
- Sir, back away now!

-I didn't do this.
- Get your hands up, now!


-Get your hands up!
- You got to listen to me!

-One the floor, now!
- Listen to me!

-Down on the floor, now!
- Listen to me!

On your knees!


Put your hands up!

Hands up!

Hands up!

Higher! Higher!

I didn't do this.

Shit! Over there!

Get em!

Come on, he's heading west!


Get inside. I'll be back.

Police, freeze!

-Door is sealed. I just saw him inside.
- Shit!

Clear! Moving in!

You see him anywhere?

He disappeared.

God damn it, he's gone.

This is 103, suspects gone.

- Kim, Its dad.

Where are you?

I'm at mom's. Looking
for my yellow sweater.

Are you alone?

Stuarts in Vegas, why?

I have something to tell you.


Dad, whats wrong?

Something terrible has happened and I
wanted you to hear it from me first.

Your mom...

She's dead.

Someone murdered her.

In my apartment.

It looks like I did it. I don't know why,
I don't know who, but I'm gonna find out.

Listen carefully, Kim.

No matter what anyone says,
don't trust them.


-You hear?
- I'll find a way to contact you.

- Try to be strong.

- I love you.


You need to check this out, alright?

Sargent Dotzler, suspect
name is Brian Mills.



Not his.

Your officers happen to see him because?

We got this call. Came in reported a women

screaming, "He's killing
me, he's killing me"

Her name is Lenore St. john.

We sent a card to her address
that was listed on her license.

Her daughter was there but her husband
was in Las Vegas on some business

He's, uh, taking the first flight home.

Any witnesses?

The cameras didn't see anything at all.

Call came from an unlisted number

I'll had them checked out the cells as well

Download both the phones. Encrypt the data.

I wanna know when these two people...

spoke, text, emailed.
Every form of communication.

Date, times, durations of calls.

Lets bag this.

Take that. Bag it up.

What's wrong?


Right now this is still a
very active crime scene.

investigators have been here,
on the scene, all morning but so far,

police have not told us what
happened inside the apartment

where, earlier this morning,
a women's body was discovered.

Brian Mill's is the owner of the apartment
and the ex-husband of the deceased.

-Who's this?
- It's me.

-Your on the news
- I didn't do it, Sam.

Obviously you didn't do it.
Are you alright?

I'm going down the rabbit hole.

-The code still the same?
- Yeah, yeah, its still the same.

-I'll be in touch.
- Be careful.

So this is the area we lost him, sir.

It got fetched.

Uh, thats the gun that he took
off one of our officers, sir.

He had a gun?

And he didn't fire at you?

No, sir.

And the Helicopters? So whats their view?

Choppers didn't see anything, Sargent.

I know he's good.


Vanish into thin air?

Lets move the truck.

Do you know why your wife
went to visit Mr. Mills?

No, I don't know.

You know there relationship was