Taken 2 (2012) - full transcript

The retired CIA agent Bryan Mills invites his teenage daughter Kim and his ex-wife Lenore, who has separated from her second husband, to spend a couple of days in Istanbul where he is working. Meanwhile, the patriarch of the community of the Albanian gang of human trafficking, Murad Krasniqi, seeks revenge for the death of his son and organizes another gang to kidnap Bryan and his family. Bryan and Lenore are abducted by the Albanians, but Kim escapes and is the only hope that Bryan has to escape and save Lenore.

-Mr. Mills, how are you? -l'm fine.
-How are you? -Fine.
-l suppose you wanna see it again? -lf you don't mind.
-You know where it is. -Oh, yeah.
lf l charged you a dollar every time you came to examine the machine...
...you'd probably own it. lt's the one all the pros use.
Mariah Carey. Beyoncé. Gwen Stefani.
Really? Who's Beyoncé?
Just kidding. l'll take it.
Excuse me, sir. The adult party's in the front.
-l'm Kim's father. -Excuse me, l work for her father.
-Her real father. -lt's okay, Cyril. l got it.
-Hello, Bryan. -Lenore.
l just wanted to give Kim her present.
We're letting the kids have their space.
-Put it with the others. -l wanna give it to her myself.
-Still having trouble following the rules. -Oh, come on, Lennie.
-l've asked you not to call me that. -Excuse me. Lenore.
-Dad! -Oh, my darling.
-Hi. -Hello, my sweet.
-Happy birthday. -l was telling your father...
-...how we arranged the presents. -Here.
lt's bad manners to open the one...
-...and not the others. -Go on. Open it.
-Cool. -A karaoke machine?
-Well, l figured she wants to be a singer. -When she was 12, Bryan.
-We've moved on. -Thank you, Daddy.
My pleasure.
-l still wanna be a singer. Don't tell Mom. -You got it.
Here. One for the book.
-We have a professional photographer. -Big smile, sweetie.
That's my girl.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Oh, my-- Stuart!
Stuart, l love you! l love you! l love you!
Happy birthday, sweetie.
-Oh, Stuart, you're impossible. -l know.
-Hey, Bryan. -Stuart.
-She's not a little girl anymore, huh? -l guess not.
-Will you join us for lunch? -No, thanks.
l just wanted to be here to wish her a happy birthday.
-Good to see you, Bryan. -You too.
-Hey. -Hey.
You forgot.
Come on in.
lt's not like l didn't call to remind you. Third Saturday in May?
-Red meat, red wine? Sound familiar? -He probably had a lot on his mind.
Yeah, the busy life of a retiree. Every day a new adventure.
What does a retiree do, anyway? Take naps? Play golf?
-Hit on rich widows? -That takes care of the morning.
Yeah, well, come on, guys. You know why l'm here.
Yeah, how's that going?
Okay. We had her birthday today.
Can you believe my Kimmy's 17?
-To Kim. -Lennie still got a hard-on for you?
She's not Lennie anymore. She's Lenore.
Oh, she's still got a hard-on.
-And the husband? -The same. Perfect.
-Dig deep enough, there's always shit. -We can dig if you want us to dig.
What, you think he hasn't done it already?
Thank you, Bernie.
-How's Kimmy? -Good. She's good.
Yeah? She sleep over yet?
Well, let's say we're working on it.
She appreciate the fact that you've given up your life...
...in order to be closer to her?
What a life, huh?
Hey, remember Beirut after the chief disappeared?
Bry was in deep with that crazy sheik from Hezbollah?
The guy said he'd get us inside then disappeared.
We're scrambling to get the hell out...
...before we get taken down and where are you?
l promised never to miss her birthday.
Yeah, that went down well at Langley...
...when they found out you flew the coop...
...to attend your child's birthday 9000 miles away.
Where did you say your next posting was?
The Arctic Circle spying on penguins, l believe it was.
No, penguins live in Antarctica.
Actually, it was Alaska. What's your point, Sam?
My point is we have an open space. Say the word, it's yours.
Who likes theirs rare?
-Guys. -See you, Bryan.
-Good night, guys. -See you, Bry.
Hey, look, look, look. All kidding aside...
...it's a great thing trying to make up for lost time with Kimmy.
But tomorrow's job? Right here.
Four hours' work, 2500 bucks...
...just for taking some pop diva to and from her concert.
-We're one short. -A singer?
l don't know if you'd call her a singer. More like a cash cow.
Twenty million records sold already and she's not even 25.
Job's a piece of cake.
We get her there and back. lnside, they've got their own people.
-Okay. -Okay. Okay?
-Yeah. -Like that's it?
-lt'll be perfect. Just like old times. -Better. No one gets killed.
-Tomorrow. Good night, guys. -See you.
-Get in the back, Wendy. -l always get in the back.
Ma'am, if you don't mind, l suggest you keep moving.
My mother is ma'am, if you don't mind.
-Come on, it's time now. Let's go. -Okay.
Bernie, Casey, you're out here. Bry, you're in the room.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Thank you for coming.
Wow, it was beautiful.
Thanks. What did you say your name was again?
Mills. Bryan Mills.
-Nice to meet you, Bryan Mills. -You too.
-You're on. Come on, let's go now. -Okay, guys.
Excuse me, miss.
l've a daughter who wants to be a singer and was wondering if you had any tips.
Yeah, l do.
Tell her to pick another career.
l got one. We're waiting on an air strike...
...and we're waiting and then my satellite phone rings.
-Who is it? -Hello?
-The guy we're to terminate. -Honey.
-He'd like to know if we want some tea. -Sorry, guys, it's Kim.
The noise?
l'm at a concert.
You know this song? Yeah?
Yep, that's her. No, no, no, l'm not attending.
l'm-- l'm not attending.
l'm helping some friends out with security.
Well, of course l met her.
Who do you think's guarding her?
l'm glad you're impressed.
Hey, l'm happy you called.
l'm happy you called. What?
Lunch? Tomorrow?
Sure, sure. l know the place.
Twelve-thirty it is.
l'll see you then.
-Here he is. And...? -What happened?
-She wants to have lunch. -Okay.
-Just the two of us. -All right. Fantastic.
See? There's progress. That's great.
Who left that gate open? Bry, get her out of here. Take the lead.
-Move! -Go, go!
More security here now!
That's it. Move.
Bernie, stand by, stand by.
-Go, go, go. -Watch your head.
Here, take this. The sugar will take the edge off the shock.
Come on, come on, drink some more.
lt's okay. lt's okay. You're safe.
You're safe now.
Casey. Rambo.
Seriously, Bry, you should think about coming with us.
You've got the edge. There's more of this to be had.
-She's going to college next year? -Yep.
-You're gonna lose her. -That gives me a year to find her.
Mr. Mills, she'd like to see you.
-How are you feeling? -Better.
So your daughter wants to be a singer?
Yep, since she was 5.
lt's not what everyone thinks it is.
Once the glam wears off, it's just a lot of hotel rooms, lots of airports.
lt's what she wants.
The first number is Gio, my vocal coach.
lf he says she can sing, she can sing.
He'll give her coaching she needs, the fee is on me.
The second number is my manager.
lf Gio clears her, he'll make sure she gets a shot.
-Thank you. -No, Mr. Mills, thank you.
-There she is. -Dad.
-Hi, sweetie. -Hey.
-Hi. -Hi.
Don't look so excited.
l was just surprised. l thought it was just gonna be Kim and l.
l asked Mom to come.
One raspberry-banana milkshake, extra cherries, just the way you like it.
-Thanks. -Lennie-- Lenore.
-Would you like something? -l'm fine, thanks.
So, Dad, guess what.
-You know my friend Amanda? -Yep.
Her cousins asked us to spend vacation with them in Paris.
How cool is that?
-Why do you want to go to Paris? -Dad. Hello?
The Louvre, the lmpressionist museum, the Picasso Museum.
l didn't know you were so into art.
Are you kidding? l've been to the MOMA, like, a hundred times.
Amanda went last summer, she came back, she could practically speak French.
And because you're under 18...
...you need my permission to leave the country?
Dad, please. l really, really wanna go.
They've got this sick apartment overlooking the river.
-Just you and Amanda? -And her cousins.
Don't make a big deal out of this, Bryan. Just sign the paper.
-What? -l'm not comfortable with this.
-Dad. -l know the world, sweetie.
-Dad, please. -A 17-year-old should not travel alone.
-l'm not gonna be alone. -Two 17-year-olds.
Amanda's 19.
How about this? How about if l go along?
You won't know l'm there. l'm very good at being invisible.
As you so amply demonstrated for most of her life.
Just sign the paper, Bryan.
l'll think about it.
Everyone at this table knows what that means.
Hey, Kimmy, there's something else.
-l don't want anything else. -Kim.
-l don't get you. -What?
You sacrificed our marriage in the service of the country.
You made a mess of your life in service of your country.
Can't you sacrifice a little this time for your daughter?
-l would sacrifice anything for her. -What's your problem?
l'm not comfortable putting my daughter at risk.
Putting our daughter at risk by going to Paris?
You're pathetic.
-She's coming. -Thanks.
Three conditions.
The address and phone number of where you're staying.
You move, l wanna know where and with whom you'll be staying.
Call me when you land. Call me every night before you go to sleep.
lt's international. My number is in.
-Okay, awesome. -Kimmy, you're not focused.
-l am. -What did l say?
You said call you when l land, every night before l go to sleep...
...your phone's international, the number's programmed in.
Okay, one last thing. l get to take you to the airport.
-There you go. -Yes.
Thank you, Daddy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
l love you, Dad.
Mom, he signed it, he signed it. l'm gonna go call Amanda!
Wouldn't it have been easier to sign the first time?
Wouldn't it have been easier if you and l had talked about it first?
Certain areas in Paris you should avoid. l've written them down.
-Dad. -Come on, take it.
We're gonna be spending 90 percent of our time in museums. Don't worry.
That's like telling water not to be wet, sweetie.
Mom says your job made you paranoid.
Well, my job made me aware.
l used to ask Mom what your job was that you were away all the time.
And she would tell me to ask you.
Whenever l did see you, l was afraid to ask.
Yeah? Why?
l don't know. Maybe because...
...l was afraid to find out.
Like, maybe it was something l wouldn't like.
l worked for the government. You knew that.
So you were like a spy, right?
-What happens if l push this button? -Don't touch that button.
Well, no, l was a-- l was a preventer, actually.
-A preventer? -Yeah.
What did you prevent?
Bad things from happening.
So it was a good job?
Yes. Yep, it was.
Do you miss it?
l missed you more.
-Kim! -Dad, there's Amanda.
Go ahead. l'll get the bags.
-Jimmy'll give you a hand with those. -l can manage.
Do you know about this? She's not just going to Paris.
-l know. -She lied to me.
Yes, because she can't be honest with you.
Why? What are you talking about?
Your rules and conditions.
What is this?
lt's U2's European tour dates.
She's following a rock band around Europe?
All kids do. Stuart got her tickets, arranged her to stay in the best hotels.
Best hotels. You know, you live in your little bubble here...
...behind your wall, with your maids and chauffeurs and servants.
No idea what the world is like.
Yes, and neither will she unless she goes out and experiences it.
Don't tell me l don't know the world.
For five years l waited for a phone call that didn't come for weeks at a time.
For a knock on the door telling me there'd be no calls anymore.
Listen, l know you moved here to build some sort of relationship with Kimmy.
But you're not gonna do that by smothering her.
Let her live, or l promise, l promise you'll lose her.
l love you.
Let's go. Come on.
l'll teach you the French words l know.
-Which may not be that much, but-- -Okay. Yeah, right.
Three. Okay, now take one--
Need some help? One with the two of you?
Yes, please.
-Okay. -He's really cute.
Okay. Yeah, great. Very nice.
Where are you from?
No. l'm Peter.
-This is Kim. -Hi.
-Nice to meet you. -Hi.
You're going into Paris?
You know, taxis here are so damned expensive.
Want to share?
-Yeah. Sure. -Okay, perfect.
To check arrivals, please press one.
Please enter the flight number.
Flight 288 arrived in Paris Charles de Gaulle...
...at 8 a.m. local time.
Oh, are you serious?
-Oh, my God. -Nice address.
Oh, yeah, thanks.
lt's my cousins', but they're in Madrid, so we have the whole place to ourselves.
How cool is that?
-l didn't know that. -lt's no biggie.
Well, l have to be going.
-Nice to meet you. -Oh, okay.
-You too. -Bye.
There is a party tonight at school. Want to come?
-Sure. Yeah. -We don't even know him.
What is there to know? He's hot.
-l come pick you up around 9? -Okay, yeah.
Okay, great. Your apartment?
-lt's the whole fifth floor. Hoffmann. -Okay. See you tonight. Bye.
Fifth floor.
Two girls around 18.
Oh, my God.
-How sick is this? -Are you kidding me? lt's great.
l just wish you would've told me they weren't gonna be here.
-What's the difference? -l told my dad they'd be here.
You told your dad you were going to museums too.
Oh, come on. He's not gonna know.
-l'm gonna sleep with him. -Who?
-Peter. -You just met him.
l hear French guys are amazing in bed.
-Maybe he has a friend, huh? -No.
-No. -Oh, come on.
You gotta lose it sometime. Might as well be in Paris.
-Amanda, where's the bathroom? -What?
l have to pee!
-Hello? -lt's me. Has Kim called you?
Bryan, she's 17. She's in Paris. Give her some space.
She'll call. Take a sleeping pill.
Have a drink or something. Good night.
Good night.
Hi, Daddy.
What did l say? You were supposed to call me.
l'm sorry.
I thought something was wrong with the phone.
-No. lt was such a rush at the airport. -All right.
Well, if l'd had the number where you were staying...
...I would've just called there.
What's the number?
-I don't have it. -Kimmy, come on.
This is one of the conditions. Let me talk to the cousins.
I'll get it from them.
Dad, they're in Spain. l didn't know. l swear.
To Spain?
Kim, is there anything else you want to tell me?
-There's someone here. -The cousins are back?
-Oh, my God. They got Amanda. -What?
What are you talking about? Kimmy?
-Dad. -Kim.
-Kim. -Dad. They took her.
-They took her. -All right, listen to me.
Oh, God.
-Did you meet anyone on the plane? -No.
-ln the airport? -No. Yes, Peter.
-Peter? Peter who? -I don't know.
-An American? -No.
Did he know where you were staying?
He took a cab with us.
Dad, they're coming.
-Please, I'm scared. -l know you are.
Stay focused, Kimmy. You have to hold it together.
How many people are there?
-Three, four. l don't know. -Where are you?
-l'm in the bathroom. -Go to the next bedroom.
Get under the bed. Tell me when you're there.
-l'm here. -Now, the next part is very important.
They are going to take you. Kim, stay focused, baby. This is key.
You will have five, maybe ten seconds. Very important seconds.
Leave the phone on the floor. Concentrate.
Shout out everything you see about them. Hair color, eye color, tall, short, scars.
Anything you see. You understand?
They're there. l can hear them.
Remember, concentrate.
Put the phone closer so l can hear.
They're leaving. l think they're--
Beard. Six feet. Tattoo right hand, moon and star.
l don't know who you are.
l don't know what you want.
lf you are looking for a ransom, l can tell you, l don't have money.
But what l do have are a very particular set of skills.
Skills l've acquired over a very long career.
Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.
lf you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it.
l will not look for you. l will not pursue you.
But if you don't, l will look for you.
l will find you...
...and l will kill you.
Good luck.
Sam, it's me. l need a favor.
l'm gonna download something. l need it analyzed. Right now.
-She's been taken. -What?
-Any enemies overseas? -Why would l have enemies?
You do business overseas through multiple shell corporations.
You were involved in an oil deal with a bunch of Russians that went south.
-How do you know that? -l was not gonna let my daughter...
...live with someone without knowing everything about them.
-l have a few resources-- -Now is not the time for dick measuring.
-Anyone looking to hurt you? -Not that l know.
-Which room's Kim's? -What happened?
l got a call from her. There were people in the apartment. She was taken.
-Oh, God. -Which one?
That one.
ls there something l should be doing?
You have a lease agreement with NetJet through your company.
l do.
-Get me a plane to Paris. -For when?
An hour ago.
-l'm gonna make the call. You all right? -Yeah, yeah. l'm okay.
Would you please get her back to me, Bryan?
First l have to find her.
Sam, what have you got?
They're speaking Albanian.
Based on their accents and dialects, they must be from Tropoja.
The place is ground zero for scummers.
Even the Russians give these guys a wide berth.
The one you spoke to, his name is Marko.
We have information that a mobster boss...
...by the name of Marko Hoxha moved to Paris about six months ago.
If he's the one, he's a big fish. The tattoo, by the way, is a group ID.
-Am I on speaker or are you by yourself? -Lenore is here.
-Hey, Lennie. -Hello, Sam.
She needs to hear it, Sam.
The specialty of the groups coming out of this area is trafficking in women.
-Keep going. -Okay.
Their previous m.o. was to offer women from emerging East European countries...
...like Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, jobs in the West as maids and nannies.
Once smuggled in, they'd addict them to drugs and turn them into prostitutes.
Lately, however, they've decided that it's more economical...
...just to kidnap traveling young women. Saves on transportation costs.
Oh, my little baby.
What else?
Based on the way these groups operate, our analyst says...
...you have a 96-hour window from the time she was grabbed.
-To what? -To never finding her.
No, no, no.
Mustache. Six feet. Tattoo on right hand, moon and star.
Good luck.
Good luck.
Good luck.
Good luck.
Oh, my God.
Dad, they got Amanda.
Oh, God.
Dad, they got her.
They took her.
Go to the next bedroom. Get under the bed.
-Tell me when you're there. -I'm here.
Stay focused, baby. Leave the phone on the floor.
Concentrate. Shout out everything you see about them.
Hair color, eye color, tall, short, scars. Anything you see. You understand?
They're there. I can hear them. Remember, concentrate.
They're leaving. Daddy!
Beard. Six feet. Tattoo right hand, moon and star.
-Hi. -Hi.
-l'm Peter. -l'm lngrid.
-On holidays? -Yes.
-Me too. -Cool.
Cabs here are so damned expensive. Want to share?
-Sure. Why not? -Great.
-Excuse me. -Hey.
-Hey. -Drive.
-The two American girls from yesterday? -l don't know.
The next rib drives into your lungs. The two American girls, where are they?
-Just like the old days. -Would you have it any other way?
Between you and me? No.
But now that l sit behind a desk, the world looks different.
-You mean, looks boring. -l mean different.
Okay, a little boring. But is being retired any more interesting?
lt wasn't. Until my daughter disappeared in Paris yesterday.
She and her friend were marked by a spotter at the airport. Albanians took her.
-How do you know this? -l'm retired, not dead.
And l assume you don't want to go to the police.
l was told l have 96 hours. That was 16 hours ago.
-Okay, first, we should find the spotter. -l found him, he's dead.
You found him that way?
Bryan, you cannot just run around tearing down Paris--
l'll tear down the Eiffel Tower if l have to.
-Don't forget who you talk to. -l'm talking to a friend.
You are. But please remember, your friend has a desk now.
''Deputy director, lnternal Security.'' Very impressive.
The Albanians?
They showed up from the East, six, seven years ago.
Fifteen, 20 of them. Now there are hundreds.
We don't even know how many. And dangerous.
So l heard. Where do l find them?
The best place to start is Porte de Clichy. Bryan, try not to make a mess.
-Gregor Milocivic? -Yes. Yes, l am Gregor.
l'm Mr. Smith. Get in.
Here is my résumé.
The employment agency said we would be doing translations.
Yes. Albanian to English. You do speak Albanian?
Albanian, Serbian, Croatian. l was a teacher in primary school...
-...before the war began in Pristina-- -What's your rate?
My rate?
lt is 25 per hour for the first three hours and then it goes up--
Okay. Now, here's for 10 hours. Wait here.
Mr. Smith, l do not understand. What is the job exactly?
Right now the job is to wait here.
Good evening.
-Hi. Looking for a date? -l love your dress. ls that silk?
l don't know. You want to know the prices?
Just the way it falls, it must be silk.
How it compliments the natural curves of your body.
The rate is 40 euros for the standard.
Standard? Could you be more specific?
Back home, the standard covers a range of possibilities.
Like kissing, you know, closed lips, open lips.
-lf you're not buying, piss off. -l didn't say l wasn't buying.
l like to get comfortable before l purchase.
Like this karaoke machine l bought.
l must have read that manual from cover to cover so many times.
l don't give a shit. You're gonna get me in trouble if you don't buy.
-Trouble? Really? With who? -Piss off.
Okay, okay. Listen, l'm sorry.
lf l want a package deal, do l get a discount?
-You cost me two now. -My name's Bryan.
-Oh, God. You better leave. -l thought we were negotiating.
Anton, l swear, it's not my fault.
-l told him-- -Why are you bothering the girl?
-None of your business. -She is my business.
And if you're not spending money, you're costing money.
-l was negotiating. -No negotiating. Price is the price.
Now you owe me for two that got away.
l don't owe you nothing.
-Fifty euros or l kick your ass. -Sure, sure, okay.
Okay. Here's your 50.
And another 50 for being an asshole. Now get the hell out of here.
lf l see you again, l'll kill you.
Mr. Smith, l do not know what kind of job l'm supposed to do for you, but--
-You are to translate. -Yes. But translate what?
-They're talking about you. -What about me?
-They're not saying nice things. -Be specific.
They're saying-- Excuse me, Mr. Smith. --what an asshole you are.
Please, if you can explain to me why we're doing this--
Just translate.
One of them says, the sausage gave him heartburn.
Keep going.
The other one is suggesting something his grandmother used to give him.
-Do you really want to hear all this? -Every word.
Now they're talking about football. The game between Lazio and Marseille.
And they lost money on the betting.
-Perhaps if l knew the purpose-- -You're better off not knowing.
ls it still football?
One is on the phone.
He has to do a job at the construction site.
Something about fresh merchandise giving problems.
Mr. Smith, l do not understand any of this.
You're not supposed to. Goodbye.
l asked for an English-Albanian dictionary, did you bring one?
Thank you.
l love you.
Where did you get this?
Where did you get this?
-l'm good. -Who gave this to you?
-Who--? Who gave this to you? -l'm good.
Come on.
Monsieur Allen, how are you?
Hello, Gilles. How's the wife?
Well, still in charge.
-Been a long time since l've seen you. -Way too long.
-The usual accommodation? -Plus one.
-We need to talk. -l'm listening.
Well, can't you come and meet me first?
l can't see you. Where are you?
l can see you and hear you very well.
You can tell them to stop jogging now.
Didn't think l was gonna come down, did you?
l didn't think you were gonna make such a mess.
l didn't have time to worry about neatness.
-I know. You have 7 0 hours. -Now l have 56.
No, now you have none.
My chief wanted to arrest you, l convinced him to send you home.
Air France 001 leaves today at 2. First class.
Courtesy of the French government for past services rendered.
-And what about my daughter? -l told you, l sit behind a desk now.
I take my orders from someone who sits behind a bigger desk.
Come on, seven dead bodies, three in hospital, a building destroyed.
Total chaos at the airport.
He wanted your ass in chains. lt's the best l could do, l'm sorry.
Sorry doesn't cut it, Jean-Claude. Not this time.
You can't beat the state, Bryan. You know that.
l'm not trying to. l'm trying to save my daughter.
lt was a trailer, not a building.
No, no, no. Leave it.
lt's all right, it's fluids.
And medication to counteract the drugs.
lt's all right.
Where'd you get this?
Where did you get this jacket?
Did you get it from her?
Was it from this girl?
l didn't steal it.
-l was cold, she gave it to me. -Where? Where did she give it to you?
-ln the house. -What house?
The house with the red door.
He said it was a party.
The girl who gave you this, was she in the house?
She was nice.
l know.
She's my daughter.
l need to find this house. Do you know where it is?
-Good morning. -May l help you?
-l'm here to see your boss. -No boss.
We're doing nothing wrong here.
One button, and 30 agents will be here...
...before you have time to scratch your balls.
Stop jerking around before l close you down for wasting my time.
Wait here.
You have weapon?
You're holding it.
Black, one sugar, please.
What is it you want?
l'm here to negotiate the rates.
We already negotiated the rate with Mr. Macon.
Mr. Macon has moved to another division.
l'm here for the renegotiation.
Unless you think l'm being unreasonable, let me explain ourselves.
Nice coffee. We have you under satellite surveillance, 24 hours a day.
We hear everything you say, we know everything you do.
Do you have any idea what it costs just to change the angle...
...of the lens on a satellite orbiting 200 miles above the Earth?
And those costs have gone up.
Our costs go up, your costs go up. lt's only logical.
By the way, which one of you is Marko?
Why do you want to know?
l was told Marko is in charge.
We are all Marko.
Marko from Tropoja.
We are all from Tropoja.
lf that's the game you want to play, the rate just went up 10 percent.
lf you are trying to extort us because we are immigrants, we know the law.
l'm extorting you because you are breaking the law.
Which charge would you like to be arrested for?
Drugs, kidnapping, prostitution? Take your pick.
You come to this country, take advantage of it...
...and think because we are tolerant, we are weak and helpless.
Your arrogance offends me.
For that, the rate went up 10 percent.
Now, do you want to get down to business or to keep playing?
-How much? -Twenty percent.
And you have my word it'll not go up for a year.
How do you say ''sugar'' in your language?
You've made a very good investment, gentlemen.
See you in a month.
A friend gave this to me. lt's Albanian. You mind translating it?
Good luck.
-Good luck. -Good luck.
-Good luck. Good luck. -Good luck.
You don't remember me.
We spoke on the phone two days ago.
l told you l would find you.
Wake up!
l need you to be focused.
Are you focused yet?
Where is this girl?
Where is she?
You know, we used to outsource this kind of thing.
But what we found was the countries we outsourced to...
...had unreliable power grids. Very Third World.
You'd turn on a switch, power wouldn't come on...
...and then tempers would get short. People would resort to pulling fingernails.
Acid drips on bare skin.
The whole exercise would become counterproductive.
But here, the power's stable.
Here, there's a nice even flow.
Here, you can flip a switch and the power stays on all day.
Where is she?
Now, l don't have any more time to waste, Marko from Tropoja.
Give me what l need or this switch'll stay on...
...till they turn power off for lack of payment on the bill.
Where is my daughter?
We don't keep virgins, we sell them.
She was virgin, lot of money.
You sold my daughter? You sold her?
To who?
l don't know.
-What? -Saint-Clair.
Saint-Clair? Saint-Clair. ls that a person, a place?
Person. Patrice Saint-Clair.
Patrice Saint-Clair.
Where can l find him?
l don't know, l don't know.
l don't know. l don't know. l don't know.
Please! l don't know!
l don't know! No! Please! Please.
Not that. Please.
l believe you.
But it's not gonna save you.
Look who dropped by.
Bryan, what a pleasant surprise.
The children waited up for you.
lf you tuck them in, maybe we can eat before everything gets cold.
Bryan, will you do the honors?
-Sure. -l'll be just a minute.
l was just telling Bryan how nice it's been...
...since you left the old job for the new one.
Home every night for dinner, get to see the kids more.
Yeah, must be nice coming home every night, seeing your kids.
Bryan has been thinking about relocating.
-Really? -Yes.
To Paris, he's been visiting houses.
-White or dark meat? -Dark, please.
Find anything interesting?
As a matter of fact, l did, in the 10th arrondissement on Rue Paradis.
People there know someone that works in your office.
A Mr. Macon. Do you know him?
Oh, Henry. l call him Mr. Nervous.
Always seems like he's about to have a problem. Carrots?
l got to the bottom of it, Jean-Claude.
l know everything.
l hope you're not involved in this shit.
-What shit? -This is not the time or place, Bryan.
-Are you involved? -lnvolved in what?
What are you two talking about?
-Are you? -My salary is X, my expenses are Y.
As long as my family is provided for...
...l do not care where the difference comes from.
That is my entire involvement.
-What about my family? -l told you...
...l would help as long as it didn't cause trouble.
Who is Patrice Saint-Clair?
l don't know, l don't care. l am driving you to the airport.
Let's get going. Dinner is over.
-l'm not finished yet. -Yes, you are.
-No! -No, l'm not.
That's what happens when you sit behind a desk. You forget things.
Like the weight in the hand of a gun that's loaded.
lt's a flesh wound.
But if you don't get me what l need, the last thing you'll see...
...is the bullet l put between her eyes.
Now, Patrice Saint-Clair.
You could've made this less painful...
...if you had been more concerned about my daughter and less about your desk.
Please apologize to your wife for me.
-Can l help you? -Yes, l'm here to see Mr. Saint-Clair.
Your name, please.
l'm sorry, your name is not on the list.
Oh, please check again.
May l help you, sir?
-Your champagne. -Yeah, l will take it.
I have 50,000. Fifty thousand.
Fifty thousand.
One hundred, 100,000.
One hundred, 150.
I have 150.
Your champagne, sir.
Two, I have two, 250.
May l serve?
-Please. -I have 250.
Sold for 250,000.
The last item.
As usual, we save the best for last.
Speaks English, some French.
Certified pure.
-Sorry. -Get out.
The bidding will begin at 100,000.
One hundred.
One hundred thousand.
-l said-- -l heard what you said.
Buy her.
I have 100.
-Buy her. -One-fifty.
Two hundred.
Two-fifty, three, 350.
Three hundred and fifty thousand.
Four. Four.
Four-fifty, 450.
Four hundred and fifty thousand.
Five hundred. Five hundred thousand.
Five hundred thousand. Sold.
That concludes the sales for tonight. Thank you all for coming.
-You can collect your purchases directly. -Move.
-You will never get away with this. -lf you wanna live, you'll make sure l do.
Now, Mr...?
Well, we know you're not this man. So, what do we call you?
lt doesn't matter what we call you...
...what does matter is what you're doing here.
The last girl, l'm her father.
-Oh, my. -Give her to me.
l wish l could, honestly.
See, l'm a father myself.
l have two sons and a daughter...
...but let me tell you something, Mr. Whoever-You-Are.
This is a business.
This is a very unique business...
-...with a very unique clientele. -l'll pay.
ln this business, you have no refunds, returns...
...discounts, buybacks. All sales are final.
Besides discretion, it's about the only rule we have.
Kill him. Quietly. l have guests.
Would you please go see which part of ''quietly'' ...
-...they did not understand? -Yes, sir.
Okay, we can resolve this. l know how you feel.
We should talk, okay? We can work this out.
You have no idea--
-Where is she? -Please.
Understand. Please try--
There's a boat by the quay.
Please understand.
lt was all business, it wasn't personal.
lt was all personal to me.
We can--
-Daddy. -Kim.
You came for me.
You came for me.
l told you l would.
May I have your attention. If you're waiting for oversized bags--
Oh, my God.
Oh, sweetie.
Oh, here, let me get that for you.
Bryan, if there's anything you need....
l've got everything l need.
l love you so much.
Thank you.
Attention, travelers. You are not required to--
Shall we go?
Sure you don't wanna ride with us?
-l'll be fine. l'll take a cab. Thanks. -All right.
-l love you, Dad. -Love you too.
-Where are we? -l told you. lt's a surprise.
-Hi. -Hi.
When someone says ''hi,'' it's usually polite to say ''hi'' back.
l heard you wanna be a singer.
-l do. -She does.
Well, come on in. Let's see what you got.