Takedown (2000) - full transcript

Kevin Mitnick is quite possibly the best hacker in the world. Hunting for more and more information, seeking more and more cybertrophies every day, he constantly looks for bigger challenges. When he breaks into the computer of a security expert and an ex-hacker, he finds one - and much more than that...

There's a hacker ethic
out there

that says that all information
should be free.

Sort of a hacker communism,
if you will.

There is a subculture
of people who claim...

24 hours a day
working on a computer.

And they want to show
how smart they are.

MAN ON TV: The cyber thief
had removed valuable files.

WOMAN: The virus
then reproduced itself.

The entire planet
has access to the Internet.

The entire planet has access
to your computer system.

As telephone technology
gets easier...

A growing high-tech crime wave.

Telephone lines are...

With a hacker's
treasure trove of files...

They range from extortion
to industrial espionage

to blackmail
to just malicious behavior.

There are other hackers
eager to cause damage.

It's getting worse because
we're increasingly connected.

As the need increases to
try criminals through...

Cellular telephones
and fax machines.

The FBI is asking
phone companies

to prepare for the day when...

What point did you
first question

the ethical propriety
of what you were doing?

Once the FBI knocked at my door.

What's up, baby?

What's going on?
Sorry I'm late. I'm Lance.

I'm Alex.
This is Kevin.

What's going on?

So, I heard a lot about
you boys, especially you, Kev.

Oh, yeah?
We've heard nothing about you.


Never heard of the Icebreaker?
That's me.


I'm telling you I'm the shit.

Look, we have no doubt.

You set this up.
What do you want?

I thought we should talk
because I like to stay current.

We like staying informed.

I'm not hacking anymore.

- And neither are we.
- Yeah. Right.

I thought we should talk.
I like to share information.

What do you got?

I got DMV access.


We got it.

I got cellphone tumbling.

Your cherry list is tired
old hacker bullshit.

And so are you.

What do you guys know about SAS?

What's that?

Haven't heard of it, have you?

What is it?

A service Southern California
Telephone offers the FBI.

Can monitor any phone,
anytime, anywhere.

Would you be interested
in that service?

Yeah, if it wasn't
"Fantasia" bullshit.

It's insecure. It's dial-up.
It's impossible.

I got it, kid.
What do you got?

To go.

We'll be in touch.
Give you a call.

All right, another possibility
would be let it go.

You know what I mean?
This guy was weird.

This whole thing
reeks of entrapment.

Then there's something to
consider, which is we're older,

and we got jobs,
and you got a wife.

We're not just kids anymore.

This is where you always
get in trouble.

This is where
you cross the line.

We're on probation,
for Christ sakes.

The FBI's been looking
for a reason to nail you.

Don't give it to them, man.
Just walk away.

Why do you have to do this?

I just have to know.

Joe Fredy.

Hi, this is Joe Fredy.

Hi, this is Joe Fredy
down at the Wilshire office.

Hi, I'm Joe Fredy.

I just want to steal some stuff.

This is Joel.

It's Joe Fredy
at the Wilshire office.

I'm putting together
an inventory report,

and he wants it yesterday,
you know?

Bastards always do.

Yeah, they sure do.

What can I do for you, Joe?

I need some info on the SAS
system you got there.

SAS system?
What the hell is that?

You got me. I'm reading
it off the page here.

My guess is
it's probably a gray box,

maybe sort of the end of
the rack, near the bottom?

All right. Hold on a second.
I'll check.

- Got it.
- Great, great.

Yeah, it was where you guessed,
except on the top.

Well, nobody's perfect.
What's it say on it?

Switched Access Services."

While you're at it, can you
give me the serial number?

Oh, yeah, the manufacturer name,
too, please.

[Telephone ringing]


Yeah, hi. I'm trying to get
in touch with Chris Munsen.

This is Joe Fredy at
Southern California Telephone.

I was told you were the engineer
who designed the SAS system.

Yeah, I'm him.

I was sorry Netcorp
went out of business.

You guys produced good product.

Yeah, we thought so, too.

Till the company got liquidated.

Me and 200 other people
found ourselves

out on the street
and out of luck.

Aw, man, that sucks.

Anyway, I just wanted to
compliment you on your SAS work.



It's pretty good, isn't it?

It's beautiful.

It's obvious
you know your stuff.

I'd love to pick your brain

about the design
and application.

No problem. Sure.

Well, how about this?

I've got all the designs
and info on my hard drive.

Let me fax it to you.

And then I can answer
any question you got.

Hell, I'll send you
a copy on floppy.

- How does that sound?
- That'd be good.

Western Electric.

Statement balance.
Constant rate.

This is pretty
damn amazing, Alex.

FBI, L.A.P.D.,
Justice Department.

You can listen to how
agents get their information.

Their names, badge numbers.

Who works what,
who reports to whom.

You could play Big Brother,
beat them at their own game.

Hey, Shelley.


- Hey, baby.
- Hey.

So, what's next, dude?

Mike Leahy.

Tony Green in corporate.
How are you?

Just fine, Tony.

I'm doing okay. I'm in a bit
of a pickle right now.

I promised my boss I'd have
the phone numbers for the SAS,

but I got wrapped up
in meetings.

- You know the drill.
- Do I ever.

Listen, I need a favor.
I need to get those right away.

Don't sweat it.
I'll fax it right up.

Even better. I'm gonna have
someone pick them up.

- You sure?
- It's that important.

I'll get them ready.

Mike, how are you?
Joe Turner.

I'm sorry.
I don't mean to be rude.

But do you work for
Southern California Telephone?

No, no, I'm in sales at Calcom.

Just trying to close
a deal with Tony's office.

Do you know what this is?

Look, Mike, I'm just
doing Tony a favor.

I was heading to corporate.

He asked me
to pick up a package.

That's all I know.

Just have Tony send it back
through intercompany mail.

Will do.

Hi, Jane.

Jane, would you stick that
in the mail?

I'm late for a meeting.

Send it to Mike Leahy.

I owe you one.
Don't talk to your boyfriend.

I'm not talking to...
Can you hold on a second?

I don't know who that was.

Hey, boys.

Glad you called.

We brought some toys.

Yeah? Great. Love it.

We scanned the place.
It's clean.

Great. Yeah.
Of course it is.

Hey, I got the need to pee.
I'll be right back.


What a nice guy.

Yeah, what a tremendously
nice guy.

And really current.

He's the shit.

He's completely the shit.
Icebreaker is the shit.

Oh, all right.

Got a present for you.


Let's see it.

I think you'll like this.

It's Christmas day.
Let's see it.

All right.


Where the fuck did you get this?

Where did you get this?

When you have something for us,
we'll have something for you.

We gots to go.

Oh, shit.

You told them about SAS?
How could you be so stupid?

The plan was I start a dialogue!
I did what I had to do.

You told me you could
deliver Mitnick,

but instead,
you tell him about SAS?

You know what that means?

Mitnick will now do anything
he can to get that system,

which means we have to shut
the system down!

He's already got it.

The system.


I did my best.


Where are you calling me from?


Where are you calling me from?

My house, why?

If you're Mitnick and Lowe, what
would be the first phone number

that you would activate
with the SAS system?

Might it not be yours?



Oh, man, that is awesome.

That is awesome.

Oh, dude.
They're pissed at you.

They're gonna come
looking for you.

My probation's up in three days.

Yeah, they're gonna come in
3 days, minus 2 seconds.

I know.

Damn it!

Good morning, Osiris.

What time is your flight
to Washington?

Good morning.

- Want me to drive you?
- No.

You want some coffee?

Why don't you just
stay here and sleep in?

Like I ever sleep in.

Listen to this.

"Combining technical wizardry
with the guile of a grifter,

Kevin Mitnick is a computer
programmer run amok,

and officials cannot seem
to catch up with him."

LOWE: "Now one of the
most-wanted criminals,

Mr. Mitnick is suspected
of stealing

from leading cellular telephone

coaxing employees into giving
him passwords and codes

that could be used to break
into their computers."

"While he's thought to be
in California, Mr. Mitnick..."

I just can't get over that.

"Has eluded an FBI manhunt for
more than a year and a half.

Last year, he managed to gain
control of a phone system

that allowed him to wiretap the
FBI agents searching for him."

Kevin's on the front page.
He's a star.

Yeah. He's a marked man,
that's what he is.

And he's got John Markoff
to thank.

Why do they use
that ugly picture?

He looks like
a hit man or something.

You want a more
flattering picture?

Why do you care?

[Pager beeping]

This is great.


It's Kevin.


He's back.

Did you read this?

It's bullshit.

Yeah, but Washington
wants an arrest now.

The article says there's
no proof it's Mitnick.

It's just this reporter
hyping a story.

Mitch, it's the perception
that we're helpless

against these hackers.

I just spent an hour
getting reamed by the director

and the Attorney General,
no less, for that perception.

You want me to arrest him
for violating probation?

I don't know.
It's up to you.

McCoy, I got real cases
with real victims.

Mitch, Mitch,
find Kevin Mitnick,

arrest Kevin Mitnick,
then it's over.

Aren't you taking this shit
a little far, Kevin?

This is kind of creepy.

Thanks for coming, Alex.

I was worried about you.

Were you?


Yeah, I was.

I need a favor.

I'm tired.

I need a place to crash
for a couple weeks.

All right.
All right.

We thank Tsutomu Shimomura

for appearing before
the committee today.

Mr. Shimomura is
a computational physicist

and one of the leading experts
on computer-security technology.

He's done consulting work
with Fortune 500 corporations,

as well as the State Department,
Defense Department, and others.

He's currently senior fellow

at the San Diego
Super Computer Center

at the University of California.

Mr. Shimomura, please proceed
with your demonstration.

What I have in my hand

is a cellphone sold by
the Nokitel corporation.

But really, it's a radio
controlled by a small computer.

That is, a scanner.

WOMAN: Babe, can you
make it next weekend?

Margaret's still in Spain,

MAN: Come on, sweetheart.
I'm needed on the Hill.

- I mean, all this talk...
- That will be sufficient.

Honey, I need
to get on top of you.


I want to point out
the scanning features

were put in by the manufacturer.

All I did was discover them.

Oh, bullshit.


Who does he think he's kidding?

He's like, "I just found them."


Mr. Chairman, in the future,
the public will find itself

vulnerable to the prying ears.

What he meant to say was
"the unsuspecting public."

God, this guy bugs me.

Is he even an American?

Come on, man.

It's the same
sanctimonious crap.

You know what I want?

I want that Nokitel code.

With that,
I stay ahead of the Feds.

I can hear them coming,
and I'm gone.

- Hey, baby.
- Hi, honey.

- How are you?
- I'm good.

You have a nice day?


Hello, Kevin.

So, did you go by Tim's?

Yes, I did.

Did you feed his piranha fish?

Yes, I did.

[Telephone ringing]

Speak to me.

Is this Mr. Shimomura?

- Who's this?
- Right, sorry.

This is Bill Rondell
at Sun Microsystems.

- We met at Comdex.
- Uh-huh?

Well, we here at
Sun Microsystems

saw your testimony,
and we were pretty impressed.

A fine, wonderful piece
of reverse engineering.

Well, thanks.

I'm calling in regards
to an advisory

posted on sendmail

and, frankly, I need
help trying to fix it.

Bill, I have another call.
Can you hold on?

- So, Bill. It is Bill?
- Right. You got it.

Bill Rondell
at Sun Microsystems?

If you could send me...

There is no Bill Rondell
at Sun Microsystems.

If you're gonna con somebody,
get your story straight.

Is that so hard?
How lame are you?

[Click, dial tone]

Whoa, whoa, man!

He said I was lame.

He didn't know who you were.
He doesn't know it's you.

[Telephone rings]

Speak to me.

Shimomura, speaking of stories,
you still fucking Julia?

I believe it's Julia, right?

Peter Maddox's old lady?
Peter's a friend, right?

When you're fucking,
does she call Peter's name?

I mean, that would be
pretty perverse, wouldn't it?

Who are you?

Someone who cares.

That was really productive.

Don't start with me, Alex.

Look, Kev,
that guy's not gonna be easy.

It was a crank call.
Nothing more.

You didn't hear him.

Tomu, the thing between
me and Peter is over.

It's been over.
You know that.

You're missing the point, Julia.

This is a guy who took the time
to find out about you.

If he's good, he can
be looking into everything.

I've got to get going.

I've got a long night
at the clinic.

See you later.


You know, they can wait
a little while.

[Telephone ringing]

Don't you dare.


Who is this?

Hey, I got a new story for you.

It's the story of the nation's
top computer-security expert.

He gets hacked, and, believe me,
I got the story straight.



Come on.

You want to tell me
what's going on?

Good evening, Mr. Shimomura.

No way.

No fucking way.

No fucking way!

35 cents? Fuck.

[Auto-dialing beeping]

What's up?

You won't believe
this hack, man.

Our brother Tsutomu's
deep in toys.

I mean, Nokitel's just the tip.

Shut up, man, okay?

I'm listening.

There's a Crown Victoria
across the street.

Government car.
It's been there all morning.

They talk to you?

No, they're like vultures.
They're watching.

Fucking Markoff and "The Times"
is what this is about.

That and SAS.

You switched
the pair assignments?

Day I moved in. They're
listening to the neighbors.



Did you hear about Jim's father?

The one that coaches
Little League?

I heard he's
only got one testicle.

Well, Sam went in
for a vasectomy.

Died of a blood clot.

- Oh, my God.
- Son of a bitch!

Son of a bitch.

Fuckers are good.

Fuckers are real good.

They're leaving.

Do me a favor.
Leave the door open.

I'll see you later, okay?

I get paid to stay
one step ahead of hackers.

It's my job to create the cure
for the ultimate disease.

But the first step
is to create that disease.

I've done that.

And I named it "Contempt."

Contempt breaks down
known system defenses.

Obliterates them completely.

So it's a virus.

You don't understand.

This is not just
any attack virus.

Contempt understands the
Internet links infrastructures,

so in a few keystrokes,

you could bring a city,
maybe a country, to its knees.

You could overload phone lines,
disrupt air-traffic control,

black out a city,
scramble software used by banks.

And nothing could stop you.

And now it's out there.

The hacker stole literally
thousands of files from Osiris.

Research articles,
papers, e-mail.

I save everything.

Take him less time to go through
the Manhattan phone book.

Odds are, he was after
the Nokitel code.

That'll keep him busy
for a while.

You're gonna have to get help.

You're gonna have to tell.

- What?
- Not about Contempt.

But Brad and those guys here
can help you track this guy.

Use them.
Use me.

Because you were right.

You can't stop looking.

[Rock music blaring]

- Lowe!
- What?

Could you turn the fucking
music down, please?

All right!

[Music stops]

What's your problem?
Why don't you ask politely?

It's in my fucking house!

I could be so rich right now.

Right now, I could be
on that computer this minute.

I could take money from any bank
anywhere in the country.

I could put it into any account
that I want to, and I don't!

I don't!

And I get that!

I'm not John Dillinger.

"Warrant was issued."

You scare them.
That's all, man.

Look, come on, you're
reading their e-mail.


Let's do this quick and easy.

Will somebody check
the bedrooms?

MITNICK: We're going down, man!
We got it!

We got it, man!

We got it!

What's up?

Morning, Mr. Lowe.

Special Agent Gibson, FBI.


Hey, buddies.

Come on.

What's going on here?


Come on. What?

What the hell's going on here?

What the fuck is going on here?

That little fucker.

Saturday, 8:34 P.M.

Mr. Shimomura, I'm the best.

My boss is number one.

I know sendmail technique.

Hey, you!
Your Kung Fu no good!

You been naughty boy.

Don't you know me?

Me and my friends will kill you.

This is Osiris in my bedroom.

This is the machine where
I keep the Nokitel code.

This is Ariel on my desk
in the center here.

Osiris can't talk to the world.
She only communicates to Ariel.

Ariel is the firewall.

[Siren wailing]

Ariel, in turn, is connected
to the Internet via modem.

It was Ariel whose log files
began to be subject to deletion.

Now, he got to Ariel,
which is password protected.

But to get to Osiris.
Not possible.

The 4-minute mile.
Not possible.

We're talking about
a lot of money here.

Make it happen.
We delay, we lose the deal.

I am making it happen.

Nobody knows better than me
what a delay would mean,

and I don't need you
to point it out.

Last night, I found a piece
of code left behind on Osiris

by someone interested
in finding out

if any of the files contain
the sequence "l-T-N-I,"

as in Mitnick.

You think Mitnick did it?

- You cracked the Nokitel code?
- I got it.

Now I need pictures
of the Feebs.

You know what else is weird?


The phone call
announcing the hack.

What about it?

Well, why did you even get it?

- Gibson.
- This is Warren Fox.

I'm an investigator

at the California Department
of Motor Vehicles.

I got a call from someone
saying he was you.

What did he want?

He requested photographs
of a dozen Bureau agents,

including his own.

In the perfect hack, the victim
doesn't even know, right?


So, this guy called to gloat?
To rub your nose in it?

That would imply
it's someone you know

or someone that
you've really pissed off.

Try everybody, Julia.

I love you, too, Brad.

You got a weird way
of showing it, boss.

This guy's smart.
Check this out.

The number he gave us
was an FBI fax number.

But when we were faxing
the cover sheet,

the fax said he was at
a copy center in Culver City.

The guy just simply
call-forwarded the number.

Give me the address
of that place, would you?

I think that's addressed to me.

You're right. It's addressed
to "A. Cocksucker."

Oh! [Groans]

Come on. Go, go.

Son of a bitch.


Fucking Nazi.



Keep going.


Are you typing?

- Are you typing?
- I'm not typing.

Are you sure?
Because that's extremely rude.

I would never be rude.

It's rude when you're
talking to somebody.

Can you say where you are?


You're typing!

Will that be window or aisle?


You know how it is.
I travel light.


Are you checking your luggage?

The way I look at it, the
Internet's a storage facility.


- Do us a favor, all right?
- Yeah.

Just don't get caught.

You can't catch
what you can't see.

You been naughty boy, huh?

Don't you know me?

Me and my friends will kill you.

Are there any questions?


Would you comment
on the speculation

that this break-in is
the work of Kevin Mitnick?

No comment on that.

Was he after the Nokitel code?

That would be
a logical assumption.

What else they get?

That's confidential.

Not anymore.

Hey, what do you know?

I'm sorry.
That's confidential.

Yeah, not for long.

You're looking good, baby.
Thank you.

Thank you for enlightening us.


Hey, weren't there
supposed to be free doughnuts?

Take a deep breath.

Step back, Tomu.

That's how
you're gonna beat him.

Mr. Shimomura!

Mitch Gibson, FBI.

Got a minute?


Could it be Mitnick?

It could be
a number of people.

I've been trying to get
a better grasp of you hackers.

I'm a hacker.
Mitnick's a cracker.

That's a big difference.

Look, I've been given
a mandate to catch Mitnick.

For what crime?
Damned if I know.

He's a punk and capable
of doing damage,

but short of violating probation
and unlawful flight.

- What's your name again?
- Mitch.

Do you understand any of this?

I mean, are you qualified
to be handling this?

You may look at me and think,
"This guy is just stupid."


"I don't have the time
to bother with him."

To your thinking, I am stupid.

But my way of thinking
is all that matters.

To my way of thinking,

I'm a guy with
intelligence experience,

and you're just a desocialized
computer geek,

not including
the pretty girlfriend.


Mitch, what's up, baby?
You remember me?

That's Alex Lowe.

Close friend of Mitnick's.

Hey, Tomu!
Number one on super speed!

If I was a betting man,
he left the message.

Your Kung Fu style very good!

I think we got off
to a bad start here.

I know you can help me.
Maybe I can help you.

Hear me out, okay?

LOWE: Come on, Kevin.
Know what I'm saying?

My stepfather was radical
Jewish Defense League.

The bastard was "an eye
for an eye," all that shit.

Get this.

He used to take Adam and me
for target practice.

He'd put up these large Hitler
posters, and we'd blast...

You see this?

What? What are you looking at?

TAR file.

In a directory named "Contempt."

Some of the code is encrypted.

What is this?

I don't know.

This is like no code
I've seen before.


What have we got here, Tsutomu?

Looks like some worm and virus
code all rolled into one.

Like some stealth-attack code.

But I don't see any
government classifications.

In fact, there's no
propriety designation.

There's no CIA, no FBI, no NSA,
which is weird.

The "G" likes to take credit.

I don't think he did it
for Big Brother.

Come on, that doesn't
make any sense.

He would do it for himself?
Why would he do that?

Because he can.



Thanks for telling me.

I didn't know.

Can I get you anything else?

Another espresso, please.

Reading about cyber terrorists?

The First Amendment
freedom fighters.

This is like the Contras
and the Sandinistas.

It's all a perspective thing.

Well, anything anti-Big Brother
is good, don't you think?

I'd have to agree with that.

Well, I'll get your espresso.


I think, in the interest
of a free and open society,

that we should continue
this conversation.

You're on.

I'm Karen, by the way.


This is in Seattle?



You confirm the MINs?

Jake, give me your number.
I'll call you back in an hour.

- Tsutomu?
- Yeah.

Jake Cronin,
Cellular One Fraud Division.



Man, 15 minutes ago,
the sun was out.

In half an hour,
it will be again.

Welcome to Seattle.

So, for two weeks,
I've been tracking a suspect

who's been hijacking
cellular numbers.

You know, cloning MINs.

Well, their bills are
approaching $ 10,000.

When I check the numbers,
it's mostly modem breath.

He's hacking.

This morning,
I went out with a CellScope,

I cruised the district,
and I got lucky.

The CellScope identified
a suspect MIN in use.

I tracked the call to an
apartment on Brooklyn Avenue.

What makes you think
this guy's my cracker?

When I locked on
to the call, I recorded it.

Check this out.

Did you see Tsutomu on
the front of "The Times"?

- You were front page.
- Yeah, but he's a hero.

Me, I'm public enemy number one.

- Where's the justice?
- The article's shit.

20 million computers at risk
of being hacked.

Like they weren't before.

It's pretty obvious
that's your guy.



You want to go?

We ran Brian Merrill
and got a T.R.W.

But we got no library fines,
no W-2s, no 1099s.

So, it's clear we're
dealing with a legend.

After conferring
with Mr. Shimomura,

we decided to proceed
under section 61 -A

and draw a circle around
suspect, fugitive Kevin Mitnick.

I think the First Amendment
is pretty significant.

You know, it has value.

I couldn't agree with you more.

I'm just not sure what,
you know,

hackers breaking into the DMV
or whatever

has to do with
the First Amendment.

The public has a right
to know what's going on.

Who are you gonna trust?

Are you gonna trust Big Brother?

Corporations? Think
they're looking out for you?

Think of hacking
as a public service.

If I knew all hackers were
that altruistic, I would.

But there's a seriously creepy,
voyeur-type thing going on.

I mean, looking into someone
else's stuff, it's creepy.

It's usually not that way.
It's usually self-defense.

- Do you want ice cream?
- Yeah.


Okay, fan out.

Sounds like you admire
this guy Mulrick.



No, I don't admire him.

I don't know.
I feel compassion for him.

Why is that?

Well, he must feel
all alone out there.

He's being hunted.

He's being hunted
down like a rabid dog.

And, you know, being a fugitive
has to change a person.

- Hey, Brian?
- Mm-hmm?

Where are we going?

No idea.
Race you, though.

- Hey!
- [Laughing]

They should have waited.



It's okay.

Do you ever scan?


Like we were talking earlier.

I want to show you how.
It's not creepy.

Basically, you program this
like a computer.

Normally, it's
programmed to be a phone,

but with a little modification,
it becomes a scanner.

So you scan what?

You go up and down frequencies
until you find a conversation.

You learn things.
Lots of things.

Brian, I'd rather not.

Bear with me.
I think you'll like it.

MAN: If I catch you again,
I'm gonna kill you.

WOMAN: It was an accident
that I ran into him.

He saw me and wanted
to show me his new car.

I am not lying to you!

Don't keep lying to me!

Fucking mad!

Are you threatening me?

I'll tear
your fucking throat out.

Or I'll just smash your head in!

Oh, this is great.


That wasn't such a good one.

No, but I'm sure there are
some really good ones.

Where you can learn a lot.

Listen, I'm gonna have
a pop quiz tomorrow,

and I have my shift
at the coffee shop,

so I was just thinking.

Maybe I should crash.

You know, my mom was a waitress.


She was a bitch, too.

We need to talk!


What do you want from me?

You stole from me!

You know what I want!
You've got my files!

What else do you want from me?

- You stole from me!
- This guy stole my wallet!

- Give him his wallet.
- I don't even know him!

- He stole my wallet!
- Bullshit!

I don't have his wallet.

- Give him his wallet.
- Get off me!

Give him back his wallet.

[Grunts loudly]

Where am I?

Let's just say somewhere
less rainy than Seattle.

You sound tired.

Yeah, well, I am, Alex.

I don't know.

The whole fucking thing
just sucks.

Why the hell would
Tsutomu be there?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Yeah, you know what?
You're a lot of help.

Hey, don't get pissed off at me.

I'm on your side, you know?

I know, I know.

The wolves are knocking,

you sound like
you could give a shit.

What happened with that
virus code of Shimomura's?

Well, it's really, really dense.
I don't know.

I know one thing.
He cared a lot about it.

Most of the source is encrypted.

You could put it on the Net
and make it community property.

Yeah, it crossed my mind.

And you could just get the fuck
out of the country.

If I go, I'm not gonna be
able to come back.

It might come to that, but I'm
gonna crack that code first.

You're running out of time,

I just have to know.

Look, Kevin, we both know, man,

that Shimomura did work
for the NSA, right?

So it's safe to assume

that the Contempt code
is encrypted in 56-bit.

There's, like, 37 trillion
possible combinations

of encryption in that code.

With your little computer,
it's gonna take you

about 100 years or so,
give or take a decade,

to crack that code.

I know that, Alex.

But I was thinking of using

10,000 state-funded university
computers to crack the code.


Hey, buddy?

Good evening, Ray.

Don't see computer guys
this late during the summer.

This is late?

I'm usually here when Andy's on.

T.A. In a class next semester,
and it's got me busy.

- I'm sure you know how that is.
- Oh, yeah.

Have you got your I. D?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Sorry about that.

I'm sorry.

Oh, just bring it next time.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

All right.


Good night, Martin.

Mitnick is good.

He's better than good,
but he's not perfect.

He's not a machine.

Somewhere, he's made a mistake.

I need to find that mistake.

We look for patterns

by cross-referencing
the data from my hack

with the Brian Merrill
phone records.

I'm certain he's using
Netcom as his main provider.

The log-in times will match
one of their client accounts.

An account Mitnick
has probably hijacked.

Mr. Shimomura,
the log-in times you sent us

did match one of our accounts.

The account belongs
to G. Kremen,

a 52-year-old divorced
advertising exec from Minnesota.


Probably reads
e-mail once a month.

He's at a telnet session.

The other party
is somewhere inside Israel.

Did you say Israel?

Positive. JSZ is
somewhere inside Israel.


Martin has to be our boy.

Any way to trace Martin's
P.O. P?

I can try.

Just keep typing, dipshit.

Oh, please.

Okay, check it out!

In the course of six hours,

he's dialed into Hawaii,
Boston, Port-of-Spain, Dallas.

Man, it's teleportation!

Ron, we just need
his real P.O.P.

Just stay online
a little longer. Come on.

Come on!

Local call.

No area code.

I got it!

P.O.P.'s in Raleigh-Durham!

- You sure?
- Yes.

Your boy's in North Carolina.

Mr. Shimomura,

Special Agent Gibson
has kept me apprised,

but this is not
about computer security.

It's law enforcement.

Agent Rollins,
I'd like to stay involved.

Well, I understand that,
sir, but I'm sorry.

I cannot authorize civilians
going on what has now become

criminal apprehension.

I will, however, have everyone
keep you informed.

Thank you.

Oh, he's thrilled we're coming.

Who are you calling now?

Brad. He should have
just arrived in Raleigh.

I don't know. There's
something about this guy.

I was on this telnet session,

and it was like
he was watching me.

Do you know what you're saying?

Listen to me.
He was there.

You're getting jumpy. How could
he figure out where you're at?

He was there!

Alex, listen to me.

9:00 A.M. Tomorrow.

Don't forget and don't be late.

I'm limited as to what
information I can give you.

- I'm not authorized.
- You said that.

Look, Mr. Shimomura,

I understand this is important,
but I can't give out that info.

You promised me you'd help.

I want to help,
but what you're asking me for,

I could lose my job.

I traveled over 3,000 miles,
and I'm not gonna leave.

You heard what he said!
He could lose his job.

At least show some respect!

You're the genius here.

Think about what
you're doing, man.

Man, what's it...

Okay, Dan, how about this?

We look for the calls
to the Netcom P.O.P.

Specific times.

We match them
to the sessions we have.

Can we do that?

- Can we do that, Dan?
- Come on, Dan.

All right.
I can do that, I guess.

It took thinking.

Good morning, Rachel.

How was your weekend,
Mr. Fiori?

Way too short.

[Telephone ringing]

That was fast.

Computer Sciences.

Hey, is that you?

What you doing
answering your phone?

Well, I...

Who is this?

Greg Mundy, B.E.C.
Your service rep.

Tom, we've had complaints

about the latest
tape update we sent out.

Are you having problems?

No, not that I know of.

Hold on.

Rachel, we having problems
with last month's B.E.C. Update?

Well, this problem's
causing some systems to crash.


Which is why I'm sending
one of my maintenance guys by.

His name's Joe.
He should be there shortly.

I'll just feel more comfortable
if he's been by.

If there's any problem,
he's gonna fix it

because we at B.E.C. Like to
stand behind our products.

Hi. Joe Turner,
Binary Equipment Corporation.



At 15:29, do you see

duration, 44 minutes?

Yes, I have that.

What a way to start a Monday.

Okay, Joe, it's all yours.

Let me just try
a different P.O.P.

It's the same day.

It's a call
to 612-555-6400.

It's at 22:22 for 49 minutes.

I have it.

Rachel, hi.

Just in time.
Would you do me a favor?

Get me a cup of coffee, please?

- Sure.
- Thank you.

Do you see a call Sunday?

It's at 02:21, 919-555-8900.


Now, are they all going
to the same cell site?

As a matter of fact, yes.

So, where is it?


Cell site 19.

It's outside the city
near the airport.

How big of an area is it?

It's a radius
not larger than a mile.

Hey, Dan.

You ever go trolling?

- Trolling?
- Yeah.

Yeah, in the van,
just like trolling for albacore.

Do you guys like fishing
for real because we could go.

You're all set.
Couldn't find a thing.

Hey, thanks, Joe.

Bye, Nancy Drew.

Afternoon, folks.

I want to officially
thank all of you

for your invaluable help
with this matter.

Okay, now that that's
out of the way,

what I want to tell you is this.

We have a delicate
situation here.

We're trying to build
a case against Mitnick.

We want the case to hold up.

We want the case to hold up
even if he hires a Dershowitz

or that wiseass Johnnie Cochran.

Can you believe this?

He wants to take the case,
or Jerry Spence shows up,

walking all over us

because of one single, little,
fucking, faggot detail

we neglected to take care of.

Okay, do I make myself clear?

We get warrants
for everything, fine.

If we don't, we do nothing.

There'll be no discussions,

just plain old fucking

We gather all the information.
We lay down the paper trail.

We will apprehend.

All right, good day to you.

Fucking bullshit, man.

Dan, can Brad hang back here
and use your phones?

Yeah, that's fine.

Link up with
Ron Bowie at Netcom.

Monitor the Kremen account.

What are we looking for?

Patterns. Our guy's working
from a cellular phone

like he did in Seattle,
which means we can catch him.

LOWE: 10,000 computers
at your command?

That's like your own
computer network.

That's awesome.

What do you think
your exposure is?


With the system patch,
they can't tell I'm logged on.

There's no record.

That's awesome.
How long to crack Contempt?

36, 24 hours, maybe.


I'm a genius.

What do you got?

An inexpensive version
of your CellScope.

It's not very directional,
but it'll pick up both channels.

How does a private citizen
get his hands on that?

I designed it.

Makes me a little nervous.

Will you read me
those minutes, Julia?





Got him!

Left here!

- How's the signal?
- Strong.




All right, slow down.


We're very close.

This may be this complex.


Wow, that's close.

Pull in here.
Pull in here.

This building.
Definitely this building.



There's cream and sugar.

If he goes outside...

We've got him on
probation violation.

Your people know to halt
cellular traffic?

Gonna have
transmissions scrambled.

What do you think he'll do when
he hears a scrambled message?

You got a point.

Well, in an hour or two,

Gibson will be in front
of Federal Judge Dickson.

Despite the fact we don't know
which apartment, he'll okay it.

And with a warrant,
we can make the arrest.

It's 3:00, and I'm hoping
we will have this wrapped up

by 10:00 or 10:30.

That'd be nice.

I wouldn't drink
too much of that coffee.

At least we can
keep tabs on him.

[Loud beeping]


[Modem connecting]


I don't like when I hear that.


All he needs to do is upload the
files, cache them on the Net.

Last time he used Netcom.
Next time, who knows?

He uploads his files,
erases his hard drive,

and when the feds
knock on the door...


Tomu, what?

Knock on the door.


The knock is the only
warning he needs.

He uploads his files
someplace else.

They just disappear, and only
he knows where they are.

No evidence.

That's our window.

We can get the files back.

We just have to be
in position by then.

- What are you doing here?
- I need a favor.

Anybody in Raleigh
have a cell-site simulator?

- What do you mean, to borrow?
- Yeah.

I know a guy who knows a guy,
but he's not exactly a member

of the Better Business Bureau,
you know?

Look, you did not
get this from me.

I do not want Kevin Mitnick
coming after me.

We'll respect your privacy.

Never heard of it.

- Gibson said what?
- They got the warrant.

- They go at 9:30.
- Rollins said 10:00!

Then the hell with
what Rollins said!

Get your ass there.
We're running out of time.

They ain't gonna make it, man!
They ain't gonna make it!

Tomu, Tomu, Tomu.

So this is what you're chasing.

ROLLINS: We've narrowed it down
to about four apartments

on the second floor
on this side,

and Special Agent
Mitch Gibson here

will be using the cellular
scanner to make the sweep.

Once he locks in, we move in.

They're on the second floor.

Almost there.
A couple more seconds.

[Scanner beeping slowly]

[Rapid beeping]

Get Rollins.

I think they're there.

This is gonna be good.

Here comes Rollins.


Who's there?

FBI! Open up!

Let's go, Mitnick!

Oh, Christ.


Time to share
your dirty tool, Tsutomu.

The world has a right to know.

Apr├ęs moi...

...the deluge.

1, 2, 3. Fuck.

Can I help you?
Whoa! Hey! Hey!

You're under arrest.

In Raleigh, North Carolina,

the world's most-wanted
computer hacker...

WOMAN: Suspect Kevin Mitnick
was arrested early Wednesday

at an apartment in Raleigh.

Led the FBI on a chase
over two years...

Mitnick was tracked down

by computer-security expert
Tsutomu Shimomura...

Kevin Mitnick is accused
of cybertheft

of information worth more
than a million dollars...

And at the time of his arrest,

the FBI's most-wanted
computer criminal.

Kevin Mitnick
has become a symbol

of the insecurities
of the information age.

Kevin, thanks for
letting me visit.

I just wanted to get
a chance to meet you.

Sorry it had to be like this.

What happened to my...

The files.
What happened to them?

I had a cellphone
simulator in my car

outside your apartment.

When you thought you
were talking to Netcom,

you were talking to me.

I took the upload.

You were the machine.

Yes, I was.

Kevin, why do you do it?

The question's "how?"

The question's always "how?"

Let me ask you a question.


Why am I in here and you're not?

No answer?

Why am I in here and you're not?

What did I do that was bad?
What did you do that was good?

I cracked that code.

What I did was wrong,
and I know that now.

And all that research,
I destroyed it.

That's very touching.
Glad you can sleep.

Do you want to know
why you're in here, Kevin?

I got this in the mail.

It's a bill from a company
that specializes in bondage

for $29,450.

You're no victim.

I didn't do that.

But I know who did.

Yeah, it's just a game to you.

Yeah, sometimes.

Prey on people, take advantage?

Since when did you
respect anyone?



Oh, that's right.

You walk away.
You go home, motherfucker!

You motherfucker!

Now it's finally over.

You glad you went?

Glad? No.

He's in there because of me.

That can't be.
I just deposited a check.

This stupid machine
just ate my card.