Take the Night (2022) - full transcript

When a resentful brother organizes a prank kidnapping, he unwittingly hires career criminals who have plans of their own.

[ominous music]

[upbeat operatic music]

[grunting] [muffled yelling]

[ominous music]

[shrill ringing]

[doorbell chimes]

[ominous music]

[gun cocks]

[ominous music]

- [Shannon] Aye yo!

- [Rekesh] Hey,
what's up, cowboy?

- Do I look like a cowboy?

- Yeah, and a scrub.

- Yo, whatcha doing here?

- This is my uncle's store.

- Of course it is.

- Ooh-hoo, racist jokes, huh?

Hey, so tell me why
you so whack in ball?

- Yo, you trash.

- You're just mad
that you can't shoot.

- Look, I know you want
to be like Steph Curry,

but you just curry
goat. [laughing]

Yo, I need you to hook me up.

- Okay.

I give you 10, give me 11.

- Nah, man, for real.

I don't got any money on me.

I need something to eat.

Yo, I really need it, man.

- [Rekesh] There's cameras.

- You think your uncle's
watching these cameras?

This'll just be between us, man.

- I don't know, man.

- Aight, look, if
you hook me up,

next time I see you at the
park, I'll play you 1-on-1.

- Okay, just hurry.

[tracks rattling]

- [William] You in or not?

And you don't have to
be gentle with him.

- [Chad] He gets
dropped in the lobby.

- No, that's not going to work.

- [Chad] You can
bring him up yourself.

- You know what?

I'll just have my assistant
Melissa take care of it.

I mean, [chuckles] how
hard could it be, right?

- Full payment in
cash before the job.

- No way. It's not happening.

[muted, upbeat music]

- [Robert] Who is that?

- [Melissa] It's a
personal meeting.

- Oh.

Oh, do you have the
weekly reports for me?

- Oh...

I am so sorry, sir.

But I can bring them by your
house on my way home tonight.

- No. It's okay.

It's not that important.

My brother should not have you
bringing work to our house.

Our father would never
have allowed that.

- I can wire you the money.

- I said cash.

- It's a fake kidnapping for
a surprise birthday party.

It's not a drug deal.

- [Chad] Good luck
finding someone else.

- I'm just doing
what is asked of me.

I appreciate your concern.

- Good night.

- Good night, sir.

- Fine.


[Melissa hums]

[pen clatters]

- Hm, this guy's no joke.

Doesn't break character.

- Here's the paperwork
you asked about earlier.

- Why do you wear
that every day?

- What? This?

- Yeah, it looks like a
five-year-old made it.

[Melissa chuckles]
- It's from someone special.

It reminds me of home.

Nothing like yours.

- This? This is actually
my favorite watch.

You didn't tell anyone
about the surprise, did you?

- Of course not.

- Okay, good.


[phone ringing]
[television blaring]

- [Todd] Yo, what's up?

- You home?

- Yeah.
- Meeting in an hour.

[muted rap music]

[phone buzzing]

- [Shannon] Yo,
what do you want?

- What's up, ugly?

- [Shannon] Ugly?

Do you own a mirror?

- Bruh, I got mirrors for days.

Yo, listen up.

We got a meeting in an hour.

- Aight.

Say no more.

[soft music]


[phone buzzes]


- [Shannon] You
always chilling, man.

- Yeah, better than working.

- Psh, whatever.

Ayo, can I grab
something to drink?

I had to rush over here.

- Yeah man, it's cool.
I know you're broke.


I get community service
credit for this.

- Yo, broke? Never that.

- Okay. [chuckles]

Oh my gosh, bro.


Yo, check this out.

So this girl hasn't
responded to a single text

in six months, right?

- Yeah?
- I ain't heard nothing back.


she will like literally every
single photo I post, bro.

Our generation is hopeless, man.

Bro, Kobe Bryant was the
greatest of all time,


He had five rings.

He had the second most points

in any NBA game in history, 81.

He's a gold medal- - Hold on.

Six rings, alright?

Multiple defensive
player of the year.

Literally the GOAT.

Michael Jordan. What
are you talking about?

- Your opinion is
isn't even valid, bro.

- How is my opinion not valid?

- You're a Knicks
fan, bro! [laughs]

It's okay.

There's always next season.

- [Shannon] Whatever.

- We got a job next Tuesday.

We're kidnapping a CEO for
a surprise birthday party.

- Nah, you gotta be joking.

- Wait, can I be
the clown? Please?

- First we secure him,
then we go for his safe.

- See, now why didn't you
just say that from the jump?

- Yeah wait, hold up. Who
are we even kidnapping?

- The target is Robert Chang.

His brother William hired us.

- Robert Chang?

Why does that sound so familiar?

- [Shannon] Chang Imports.

Yo, I know that family got bank.

I needed this.

- This is it for me.

- [Shannon] What?

But you never even got caught...

and I thought that we
were all in this together.

[tense music]

[door opens]

[door closes]
[footsteps approach]

[birds chirping]

♪ How we got here ♪

♪ But now we on it ♪

♪ Where my city ♪

♪ Fire flooding Gotham ♪

♪ Young wolf spotted ♪

[muffled music blaring]

♪ Watch your mouth, ♪
mess with me ♪

♪ Boy I'll Drogon the palace ♪

♪ The wild card ♪
[music stops]

- Seems like less than normal.

- I don't know, there
were only four eggs left.

- You reading our
glowing review?

- This is serious, okay?

I have a lot of pressure on me.

Trying to work things out.

- I'm sure you are.

- So what you got
planned for your big day?

- Uh...

Nothing, I guess.

- Come on man.

It's the big two-five.

- Yeah, well I don't really
care about any of that.

- Okay.

[Todd sighs]

- I'm gonna visit dad
today, you wanna come?

[Chad sighs]

Come on man, it's his birthday.

Get over it, bro.

How long has it been-[thuds]

- It doesn't matter.

You're lucky he couldn't
make you join, too.

- Well I wanted to go.

- War stays with you forever.

- Oh, don't give me that.

You were old enough to say no.

Dad didn't make you do anything.

- You wouldn't last.

- Yeah?

You wanna test that theory?


[soft music]

- You're a grown man.

I won't stop you.

- Of course you won't.

[Todd scoffs]

You'll be too busy running away.

[door opens]

[door slams] [Chad sighs]

[soft music]

[indistinct Police
radio chatter]

[Robert sighs]

[people chattering]

- What happened with James?

- What do you mean?

- I asked you to
handle the situation.

- [William] Oh,
you mean fire him?

- [Robert] I asked you
to take care of it.

- Aren't you the boss?

- What's that supposed to mean?

- It means stop being a punk.


Get out of my office.

- Unbelievable.

[indistinct Police
radio chatter]

[ominous music]

[unlock fail]

[unlock fail]

[unlock fail]

[door unlocks]

[dramatic music]

[car starts]

- [Man] Hey!

That's my car!

- [Melissa] Thanks.

[soft, emotional music]

[phone buzzes]

- Talk to me. Tell me
what I want to hear.

Everything ready?

- [Chad] I'll meet you at seven.

- Ooh, so romantic.

- Happy birthday, pops.

Just me again.


I'll get him out here
one day, I promise.

I promise.


Swear, man.

If you could see some of this
stuff going on nowadays, dad,

you would flip out.

Aight, so I'm just going
to go ahead and say it,

there's this girl, right?

She hasn't responded to any
of my messages in six months.

Yeah, six months. But
that's not the crazy part.

The crazy part, the
part that I can't even

wrap my head around
is that every time

I post a photo on social
media, she likes it.

- [Man] Hello.

I'm here to see a
Mr. Robert Chang.

- Oh, I'm sorry.

He isn't taking any
more meetings today.

- Tell him it's Isaac.

- I'm really sorry, sir.

Mr. Chang can no
longer see anyone.

- Okay. No problem.

- Sir. Please stop.

There's a man headed
into your office.

I tried to stop him.

- What's up, big boy?
[Robert laughs]

- Hey.

It's okay, Melissa.
He's my uncle.

- Oh, I'm sorry,
Mr. Chang. I didn't know.

- That's all right. Thank you.

Please, take a seat.

What are you doing here?

- Happy birthday.

- Thank you, but it's
not my birthday just yet.

- I know.

But I'm going out of town and...

I needed to give you this.

- What is this?

- This is from your father.

He wanted you to have it.

He gave it to me
before he passed.

- Why didn't he just
give it to me himself?

- You were away on business
and ah... he asked me

to hold on to it for you.

I thought it'd be best to wait.

Hold until things calmed down.


How's big bro?

- I don't know. It's
been a little rough.

- Don't sweat it.

I have a good feeling
you'll work things out.

Come here.

[soft, emotional music]

And try to enjoy your
birthday, Robbie.

- Thank you.

[soft, emotional music]

[soft, tense music]

- All right, listen up.

My brother's birthday
is in two days.

Tomorrow night at midnight,

we're going to throw him
a little surprise party.

Gonna need you all there.

- I have a family.
That's not possible.

- That's six hours after work.

- Look, he doesn't
have many friends.

I need you all there
to pull this off.

- I can't stay out that late.

- Alright.

The best I can do is 10:00 PM.

You all get paid overtime.

Melissa will give you
the rest of the details.

Take care of them.

[employees chattering]

- Mr. Chang, I know
you have a meeting,

but please help me finish this.

- I can't. Just handle it, okay?

Wait, what did you say?

- You mentioned you had
a meeting after work.

- Did I?

Oh, I have to go.
- Please, I can't do this-

- Just take care of
it, Melissa. Okay?

[door closes]

[soft, tense music]

- Everything set? [chuckles]

I can't wait to see
the look on his face.


- Oh, I need him back by 10 now.

[upbeat electronic music]

- Get those.


[upbeat electronic music]


[buttons beeping]

- [William] What's this?

- Put that back.

It's from dad.

- That's why Uncle Isaac
came by the office, huh?

Why haven't you opened it?

[Robert sighs]

- I'm not ready to just yet.

- It's probably the
deed for the house.

I've been looking
at some nice places.

I'll be out of your hair soon.

- Why? This is your home, too.

- It's fine.

We both know you
were dad's favorite.

- Okay, William, I didn't
want all of this to myself.

Okay, I didn't want
all this to happen.

- Yeah, well...

Sure worked out well
for you, didn't it?

Have a good night.

[Robert sighs]

[gentle, emotional violin music]

- Oh my gosh.


[Robert sighs]

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

[laughing] [cheering]

- [Mother] Give mommy a smile.

Yeah. [laughing]

- [Young William]
Happy birthday.

[party horn blowing]

- Hey, stop.

Okay? Come on,
get out of here.

Hey, happy birthday.

- Thank you.

Thank you daddy.
- Oh!

Here, let me help you with it.

Let daddy help you.


Look at that.


- I like that one.
- Oh! [laughs]

You like this one, huh?

Well I'll tell you what,

someday, you'll have
one just like it, okay?


[soft, emotional violin music]

- [Father] I thought we
decided this already.

What are you gonna do
after high school, huh?

What's your plans?


[dramatic music]

You have to stand for something.

[sounds of war]
[dramatic music]


[soft, emotional music]

- Hello, sir.

- Hi.


Good morning.

- Can I help you with something?

- I um, I've seen you staring
into that drawer and I...

I'm sorry.

It's really none of my business.

- It's okay, sir.
- I apologize.

- It's okay, sir.

- Is that your son?

- Yes.

- Oh.

I didn't know you had one.

- I miss him a lot.

- I am so sorry for your loss.

- He's not dead.

He's in my country
with my mother.

- Oh.


Are you planning
to bring him here?

- He has a condition
and he requires

a lot of medication
and doctor visits.

- Mm-hm.
- And it would be

too expensive here.

It's very hard to
be without him.

- I'm sure you'll
figure things out.

[soft, tense music]

- Hey, where are you going?

- Home.

- You might want
to read that first.

- [Robert] What is this?

- [William] Enjoy.

[ominous music]

[tense, dramatic music]


[tense, dramatic music]

[Robert yelling]
[dramatic music]

- [Robert] Help! Help me!

- [Shannon] Man, come on.

- [Robert] Please, stop!

- [Shannon] Shut up.

- [Robert] Stop, please!

[Robert shouting]

- [Todd] It's okay.

We're going to go for a walk.


- [Robert] Oh my god.
- [Shannon] Shut it!

[Robert panting]

If you don't sit
down and shut up.

[Robert Sobbing]
- [Robert] What are you doing?

- [Shannon] What was that?

Oh, I thought you said something

[tense, dramatic
music] [Robert panting]

- [Robert] Oh wait, stop


- [Robert] Who are you?

Please don't hurt me.


Do you want money?

Yeah, is that what you want?

Do you want money from me?

I can give you- - Calm down.

- [Robert] I can give you
money. Please, don't hurt me.

- [Chad] Your house
staff needs to leave now.

We don't want any complications.

[phone buzzing]

- Help!




- [Chad] Yeah?

- [William] I've been
calling you all night.

Where were you?
- Everything's on schedule.

- [William] I don't
wanna hear that.

You better be here on time.

- It's under control.

[Chad sighs]

[Robert panting]

[ominous music]

- [Shannon] If they
stop us, it's over.

[ominous music]

- Yes. Hello?

I just seen a man
break into a house.

Yeah, it's on the corner of
36th Avenue and 215th Street.

It's a blue house.


Please come quick,
right now. Please.

[ominous music]

- [Shannon] Come on, man.

[ominous music]


It's about to get crazy.

[ominous music]

[police radio chatter]
[ominous music]

- [Officer] 1062, a couple
blocks away. Let's go.

Let's go.

[ominous music]

[police siren wails]

- [Robert] Help!


[banging from trunk]

- [Shannon] Come on, let's go.

[Robert grunting]

- [Robert] Listen, guys.

Please, hear me out.


- [Shannon] Dang.
- [Robert] Wait.

- [Shannon] This
is how you livin'?

[Robert Panting]
[safe button beeps]

What's in here?

[Todd laughs]

- Wait, hold on,
those are my family's.

They're old... they're
old and worthless.

- [Shannon] Yo,
that's a nice watch!

- Hey, wait, look.

- [Shannon] Stop it, shut up!

- No wait, listen.

I can give you, I can give
you priceless art, okay?

Anything you want, please,
just let me keep the watch.



Hey! That's a
personal letter, okay?

It's worthless to you!

- [Chad] Take him out of here.

- [Shannon] Shut up, let's go!

- [Shannon] You got a lot
of gold in there, man.

- [Robert] You won't
get away with this!

- [Todd] One bar, two bars.

- [Shannon] No, for real,
I appreciate the watch.

- [Todd] It's your watch?
What about my watch?

- [Shannon] Bro, I
did all the dirty work

and you want my watch?

- [Todd] How about we
share custody, huh?

[ominous music]

[William sighs]

- Where are you?

[Robert panting]

[ominous music]

[tense, dramatic music]

- They're here.
- What?

- Yeah.


Make sure you record it.

[tense, dramatic music]

- [Todd] Hey. Over here.

[keys jangling]

- [Shannon] Come on, man.
- [Todd] Go.


Oh, holy smokes,
that's a lot of money.

- Yo, how much is it worth?
- It's like millions, bro.

- What?
- We rich, dude!


Okay, come on.


[keys clacking]

[tense, dramatic music]

- [Robert] Hey!


[tense, dramatic music]

[Robert panting]

[eerie silence]

- [All] Surprise!

- Call the cops!

[tense, dramatic music]

- Hold this.

- [Todd] Hey, let's go man!

I'm trying man, my knee.

[Shannon panting]

- What happened?
- They emptied our safe!

- What? How?

[tense, dramatic music]

[car starts up]

[tires squeal]

- [Shannon] We got it.
- [Todd] We got the Bitcoin.

- [Chad] Where's Justin?
- [Shannon] I don't know.

He was right behind us.

- [Todd] Justin.

- [Shannon] Come
on, let's be out.

Let's go!
- [Todd] We gotta go.

- [Shannon] Yeah, baby, come on!

- Drive!

[tense, dramatic music]

[car starts up]

[tense, dramatic music]

Okay, wait, give me your phone.

Where is it?

- Melissa has it.

- What?

[Robert pants]

- [Todd] What happened?
Why are they following us?

- [Chad] He escaped
from the trunk.

- [Shannon] What?

Nah man, for real?

Stupid Todd. You're
an idiot, man.

You had one job, bro.

Bro, let me drive.
They not catchin' me.

[cars revving]

- What were you thinking?
- What happened?

- They took everything,
thanks to you!

- What?


- You told them everything!

You have such a big mouth.
- No!

Why would I do
that? [cars revving]

- [Shannon] Turn
here. Come on!

[cars revving]

- [Shannon] The gate
man, the gate's closed!

- [Todd] Yo, Chad.

What are you doing, bro!

- [Chad] What does it look like?

- [Todd] Bro, if
don't do something

we're gonna get caught.

- [Shannon] Ah man.

- [Chad] I have an idea.

[cars idling]

- I'm going to talk to them.
- Whoa, are you insane?

- Stay here.
- No, don't!

- Stay in the car!

- We could go to the police.

What are you going to do?

- Fix your screw ups,
like I always do.

Why do you think dad
put me in charge?

He didn't trust you!

Embarrassment to the family.

[ominous music]

[tense, dramatic music]

Get back in the car!

- Robert!
[gun fires]


[dramatic music]

[tires skid]

[tense, melancholy music]

[Todd laughs]

[Todd mimics trumpet]

- [Shannon] Woo!

- [Todd] Yo, bro,
we just did that.

- Surprise! Took ya Boicon!


- It's Bitcoin, you idiot.
- What?

Yo, watch your mouth, man.

Boicon, Bitcoin, who cares, man?

We are turning up.
- Yeah, facts, man.

That's facts right there, bro.

Aye, do you feel how
heavy this is, man?

Feel that weight, bro.
- I know, man.

Yo, this gotta be
worth stacks, man.

- [Todd] Dude, easy.

These bars?
- [Shannon] What!

We are gettin'
paid, man. Yeah!



- Is he trippin'? What was that?

- [Shannon] The paper.

- What?

- [Shannon] The wrapper.

- No!
- Yeah.

- No!


Bro, Justin, you
are funny, dude.

Come on, man.

No, dude, that's not OCD, man.

That's not.

That's something deep, bro.

He's on the spectrum or
something dude, 'cause that...

- Yo, it's not
that serious, bro.

- It's just a little
piece of paper, bro.

Dude, we just robbed a joint.

A little piece of paper
falls on the ground,

it's not a tragedy, man.

- Word, yo.

- Stop.
- Yeah, you feel me, though?

Like, that's so funny, dude.

Justin, you get funnier
every day, bro, I swear.

You got these little ticks, man.

- Stop it.
- Freakin' A, bro.

I bet he goes home,
he's got these little

pieces of paper lined up,

does origami with each one.

He got little cranes,
you know what I'm saying.

- [Shannon] Aight, yo,
chill. Let it go, man.

- [Todd] Bro, he throws it
at the trash can but doesn't

make it in, ruins his whole day.

- Yeah, man.
- You know what I mean, bro?


That's not OCD, bro.

I'm telling you bro, I
swear. [shrill ringing]

- I said stop!

[Chad sighs]

- [Todd] Yo.

Yo, what's good?

- Everything's a joke to you.

- What?

- I can't baby you
anymore. Grow up.

- Nobody asked you to.

- You can't do
anything on your own.

- What, you think I need you?

I'm by myself all the time.

I live with a freakin'
zombie for a brother!

- You think I like doing this?

You think I'm proud of these?

Me and him are at war everyday!

I can't escape.


[car starts up]

October 5th, 10:00 AM.

We meet here, we
split everything.

- [Shannon] Aight.

I'm with it.

Yo bro.

You wanna crash at my crib?

[Todd sniffles]

- Yeah, all right.

- Aight.

- I'm just letting you know,
I got a big hole in my couch.

I'm just saying.


Come on man, let's go.

[soft, melancholic music]

- We'll be all right.

[soft, melancholic music]

[gold bars thudding]

[gentle music]

- [Detective] So
you mean to tell me

you didn't know them beforehand?

How'd you come in
contact with them?

So we have to figure
out how they found you.

Trace it back.

We can't go back in
time. Let's move forward.



- I might have
something for you.

[soft music]

[birds chirping]

[soft music]

- Hey, what's up Beastie Boy?


- What's up, Kesh?
- How's the camp?

- Yo man, these
kids are mad good.

I got these five-year-olds
that'll give you buckets, bro.

Yo Shannon, tell him.

- Oh, no, he already
know he trash.

- Ooh, shots fired.

Yeah man, you got
this goofy shot.

Looks like you're
taking a deuce.

- Oh, how cute, the Two
Musketeers think they funny.

[Todd scoffs]

- So ah... I got to be out.

- Yeah, just no
more leaving early.

Okay, cowboy?

- Keep talking and I'ma
smack the fire out you, man.

[Todd laughs]

We out.

- Yeah, that's
right, keep walking.

You're lucky this
counter's in the way,

otherwise I'd jump you.

[birds chirping]

[ominous music]

- Yo, I've been dreaming
about this for the past month.

- Like us walking together?

Do you want to hold my hand?

- Aye yo, stop playin', man.

You need like a girlfriend or
something to occupy your mind.

- Nah, man.

All I need is them
fat stacks, bro.

- Facts, son.

[tense music]

- [Todd] Yo man, so what are
you going to do with your cut?

- Probably going to
buy me a new crib.

- And a new couch, and new gear,

and new boots!
- Aight!

Just open the door.
- Yeah.

Tell me about this chick
that was texting you.

- Oh.
- What she talkin' about?

- I got an update for you.

So she texted me.
- Right.

[tense music]

- [Todd] She changed her
number six months ago,

so that's why I wasn't
hearing nothing back.

- Oh.
- I was playing hard to get

and I didn't even realize, bro.


[ominous music]

- Yo, what's up?

- Chad.

[ominous music]

Hey, what's going on?


What's he doin'?
- Yo.

[ominous music]

- It's nice to finally see you.

- [William] Robert!

[gun shoots] No!

[tense, dramatic music]

- I'll admit this was
a birthday to remember.

I hope you don't mind
me crashing the party.

So where's my stuff?

- I don't know.

- You don't know?

Look, all I want is my
watch and the envelope.

That's it.

You can keep everything else.

I don't think you understand
what those things mean to me.

- I think I do.

- My brother started this
all, and I can forgive him.

- Yo, this can't
be happening, man.

- Bro, what are you doing?

- Yo man, we gotta go.

Now, man, we gotta go.

Yo, we gotta go, now.
- Lay off of me!

I'm not leaving my
brother, you crazy?

[Todd grunts]

[Shannon sighs]

Stupid man!

[ominous music]

[distant police sirens]

- Your father must
be very proud.

- I made my own choices.
[sirens blaring]

I'll live with them.
[sirens blaring]

- [Officer] Put your hands up!

Hands behind your head.

[indistinct Police
radio chatter]

- Thank you.

[jewelry clatters]

[soft music]

- [Father] Dear Robert,

from the moment mom brought
you into this world,

you have given me
unimaginable joy.

You've surpassed
all my expectations

without any of my shortcomings.

Robbie, keep making me proud.

I love you.

Dear William,

I'm sorry that your
mother left us so soon.

She understood you in all
the ways I refused to.

The truth is, I used
to be more like you.

Grandpa was a man of tradition,

so I conformed to
gain his respect.

I'm sorry I didn't
accept you as you are.

Will, I'm proud
of you for having

more courage than I ever had.

I love you more
than life itself.

I've amended the inheritance.

Everything is now equal.

Please forgive me and make
amends with your brother.

I am so blessed to
have two unique sons.

Be not afraid of growing slowly.

Love, dad. [melancholy
orchestral music]

- [William] I'm so sorry.

[melancholy orchestral music]


[William chuckles]

My watch.

[soft, mysterious music]

I might have something for you.

- We need to know
where everything is

or we won't be able to help you.

- [Melissa] Sir.

- [Robert] Perfect.

[soft, mysterious music]

- He made a huge deal out of it.

- That doesn't change the plan.

- Okay.

I love you.

- [Robert] Call the cops!

- Here, hold this.

- [Melissa] No,
wait. It's okay.

We don't need to
call the cops, okay?

- Do you want to
see your son again?

Because that's what
you're up against.

- That's all I know.

- You're going to be
under surveillance.

I wouldn't leave your
house for any reason.

[soft, mysterious music]


[soft, mysterious music]


[soft, mysterious music]

[ship horn blares]
[tense orchestral music]

[birds chirping]

[tense, dramatic music]

[soft, Mysterious synth music]

[soft, melancholic music]