Take Two for Faith (2017) - full transcript

Following a very public fall from grace, country music star Faith Winters seeks refuge in her rural Texas hometown, where she rediscovers feelings for her high school sweetheart, the local pastor. But the homecoming is bittersweet.

(soft music)

(upbeat music)

♪ You know there's
a light that glows ♪

♪ By the front door ♪

♪ Don't forget the
key is under the mat ♪

♪ When childhood stars shine ♪

♪ Always stay humble and kind ♪

♪ Go to church 'cause
your momma says to ♪

♪ Visit grandpa every
chance that you can ♪

♪ It won't be wasted time ♪

♪ Always stay humble and kind ♪

(crowd cheers)
♪ Hold the door ♪

♪ Say please and thank you ♪

♪ Don't stay up don't ♪

(country rock music)
(crowd cheering)

- Hello my lovelies.

This is an exciting night.

Faith Winters is about to exit.

I know that you can't
wait for the information,

and we're almost gonna
give it to you, but,

my lips are sealed until
you hear from Faith herself.

So hang in there.

Five, four, three,

maybe two? (laughs)

All right guys, all right
guys, that's enough joking.

But here.

She's almost in here.

(people cheering)

- [Faith] Hey guys.

Faith here.

I'm gonna tell you
a little story.

I remember this night
like it was yesterday.

I mean, the cameras,
the fans, the lights,

the energy on stage.

It was awesome.

I mean to everybody
else, I had it all.

But, deep down, there
was somethin' missin'.

Lookin' back now I know
that I just wasn't happy.

- Miss Winters and I are
working on our next tour now.

We will announce dates,
venues, as soon as we can.

Thank you.

(people chattering)

Amazing show again
tonight, Faith.

- Oh, thanks Randy.

- Would you like to meet
two of your number one fans?

- Well of course.

- Well come on in ladies.

(girls giggling)

- Hey, now, I saw
y'all in the hallway.

- Hi.

- Hey.

- All Abigail talks about
is meeting you one day.

We both saw your speech at
the National Girl's Ministry

and, well, you're her hero.

You're also my hero.

- That's so sweet.

Well, I don't have any pictures
to sign for you, but, um,

do you like daisies?

- They're my favorite.

- They're mine, too.

You know what's really
cool about daisies?

- What?

- They look like
they're one flower

but they're actually two.

- Thank you.

We should probably
get back going though.

Our mom is waiting
for us in the car.

- Oh, then you better get goin'.

You know what I learned
when I was out on the road?

- What?

- You'll always need your momma.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, Miss Winters.

- Bye.

- Oh my god, we got to meet her.

- Well.

You did it.

Another one in the books.

- Hey now Randy, we did it.

I'm gonna get my street
clothes on and gonna go

hang with some friends,
so, I guess I'll see

you tomorrow.

(country rock music)

♪ Troubles take a high
to make up your mind ♪

♪ Don't need to psychoanalyze
or have a stiff drink ♪

♪ All she's gotta
do is give me that ♪

- Better luck next
time, mate. (laughs)

- Killin' up there Jay.

- We're doin' it tonight Luke.

I appreciate it. Hey, mix me
up somethin' if you don't mind.

- Yeah, what you want?

Usual appletini?

- [Jay] Ha.


Well, you know my usual.

- Yeah, Jack and
coke, I got you buddy.

- I appreciate it, man.

Howdy ma'am.

(people laughing)

- Hey.

- [Jay] Do I know you?

- That's the line
you're gonna use?

- Well I aint lyin'.

You look, you look familiar.

- I don't know what to tell ya.

- Hey, Vanessa is gonna kill me,

and if she doesn't, Faith will.

Wherever you are, Cam,
just get here, like now.

- You come in here a lot?

- Man you're really pullin'
out all the classics

tonight aint ya?

What's next?

"Did you fall from Heaven?"

(Jay laughs)

- I don't know.

If I'd of known that one,
I'd have used that one,

but you look like you
could've fallen from Heaven.

Are you just an open
mic addict like myself?

You know, I got a
record coming out.

- Oh, I heard.

- Just trying to be nice.

- Guys like you are never
just trying to be nice.

- You don't know the
first thing about me.


- Everything okay here?

- I'm good. But your
little old friend there,

she aint being very nice.

- Come on Faith, let's go.

- Faith?

Faith Winters.

(Faith gasps)
(people laugh)

Faith Winters everybody.

- Faith what is going on?

Get her out of here.

Put all the cameras down.

You'll be buyin' new
ones if you don't.

- What the?

What's this?

- Your little
episode last night?

All over the tabloids
this mornin'.

- Who cares?

I didn't do anything wrong.

Man, I'm just tired, Vanessa.

These 14 hour days
are killin' me.

Please promise me you'll
work in some off days

on this next tour.

- Yeah, I'll just work 'em
in, I'll just pencil 'em in.

What about me?

- I don't know, hazard pay?

(Vanessa groans)

- Yeah.

That's just print.

Please don't turn on the TV,
it's even worse in motion.

But don't worry.

I'll handle it.

- Handle what, V?

I'm tellin' you, it
was not that bad.

- Yeah, I'm sure
it wasn't so bad.

Okay, now listen.

You know that high school
you have a lot of money to?

They're namin' an
auditorium after you.

So I need you to
shower, get dressed,

and paint the barn.

- That's today?
- That's today.

Limo, red carpet, abbreviated
set pictures with kids,

back in the car,
home, and to bed.

Knock wood.

- It's gonna be fine.

- Paint the barn.

Just because you throw it
away doesn't make it go away.

(soft country music)

(phone pings)

- Hey baby.

How you feelin'?

- I'm fine.

- Come here and take a load off.

- Look last night didn't end
quite the way I had hoped,

and this morning hasn't
been much better.

But I got it all under control.

Stop stressin' me.

- Okay.

- What are you watchin'>

- Our very own sweet,
Southern, spiritual songstress

from Smithville is
spiraling seriously

out of control.

By now you know, it's none
other than Faith Winters.


- Are you?

Are you kiddin' me>

- Listen, listen, listen...
- What?

- Listen, listen, listen.

I knew that was gonna
be your reaction.

I knew that was gonna be
your reaction and baby,

take a deep breath.

It's all good.

It's actually a
good thing for us.

- Mm mm.

- I spoke to somebody
this morning.

Remember Seth Ingram>

- At Clearwater>

- That's right,
Clearwater Records.


- Yeah, he's a known slimeball.

- Okay, no, what he's known as,

is head of the hottest
record label in town.

- Yeah, but how many
bodies did he have to

step over in order to get there>

- Okay, just listen to me.

I know you have an
opinion about him,

but throw that away
and hear me out.

He's got a great idea.

We can use this publicity
to our advantage, baby.

Think about what's going on
recently in the industry.

Nashville is full of good
girls, up and down the block,

that are not making it.

The fans are buying the
bad girls right now.

They want that crazy
neighbor that will burn down

the neighborhood, and
sing about the flames.

Sweetie, look at society.

People are angry,
they're frustrated,

and they need somebody to be
a voice of their frustrations.

Faith, that can be you.

- No, it aint gonna be me.

Does Vanessa know about this?

- Listen, I know you and
Vanessa are good friends.

And it's fine, but
babe, I'm your manager.

I've been doin'
this a long time.

And if we're gonna
get over this hump,

that we've been fightin'
for the last couple years,

you're gonna have to kick
this goody two shoes act.

- Act>

- I know you're frustrated,
but listen to me.

Every career of every
artist has chapters.

This is your next one.


Now go downstairs and
make us some coffee.

You finish gettin' ready.

It's all good.

(slow country music)

(people chattering)
(cameras clicking)

- [Vanessa] Okay.

Let's go over this
one more time.

- I like the cheese fries there.

Someone might've slipped
somethin' into my drink.

The lesson here is, never
let yourself become a victim.

Now let's talk about
why I'm really here.

- Yes.

That's it.


Okay you got that?

- Got it.

- Show time.

Let's go.


You got this.

(people chattering)

- [Soozie] Faith.

- Hey y'all.

- Hi.

Soozie from IT TV,
do you have a minute?

- Yeah.

- Awesome, so what really
happened last night?

- Well.

I like the cheese
fries there, and, uh...

- So the cheese fries
got you intoxicated?

- Thank you, thank you so much.

Thank you.

- [Soozie] Listen Faith.

- [Faith] Thank you.

- [Soozie] Is it true
that you knocked down

a drink or two, Faith?

- I know you called Ingram.

- I did.

- Okay, listen, you know,
I know your fans will

forgive if you just
give us the truth.

- Hey, I really
like that blouse.

Where'd you get that>

- Listen.

We can fix this, okay?

Faith's one of the good guys.

Look at where we are.

We are at a high
school auditorium

with teenagers
and their parents.

- You listen to me.

Our record sales are dropping.

Last night is the first
time that Faith's trended

since her first album.

Her first.

I bought out everything
I could to get this

televised today.

Now if all we do is
simply repair her image,

you and I will be in
the unemployment line

before the CMAs.

- Cameron, this is more
than just a job for me.

I promised her daddy
before he died that I would

take care of her.

- You are taking care of her.

Bert didn't want her to starve.

So do us both a favor
and stay in your line.

(soft country music)

- Well aint you a
sight, Pastor Gavin.

- Am I?

I wouldn't know.

- Cute.

- Hey, you seen Zoe today>

- Said she was goin'
to the dance studio.

- You know, if I can get
her to focus on her homework

the way she focuses
on her dancin',

I might be considered
for sainthood.


- Well, we all have our loves.

- Vices, too.

(country rock music)


- You've been practicing.

- Miss Sharp.

I didn't realize
anyone was here.

- Well I didn't wanna interrupt.

Did you make up that
dance all by yourself?

- Yeah.

- It's really impressive, Zoe.

I see you're listenin'
to Faith Winters.

You a fan?

- Yeah, she's all right.

She's got a pretty voice.


- Me?

Oh, I'm a big fan.

Not as big as your daddy though.

- Why's that?

- Wait, he hasn't told you>

You know, why don't you,
um, I think you should

ask him about that.

Yeah, I would love to
hear what he has to say.

- Okay.

- Speaking of your daddy, um,
I think he's looking for you.

Why don't you get your
stuff and we can head over

to the church.

I'd like to tell him good night.

- Okay then.

- Any calls?

- You sure you wanna know>

- We behind again>


- Here.

- I thought we were caught
up with the electric company?

- Uh, we were.

In March.

- All right.

I'll take care of
it this afternoon.

Anything else?

- Sarah Miller called.

She wants to rent the fellowship
hall on Thursday nights

for a book club.

- Rent?

- Yeah.

- She has fair use
of that space just

like everyone else, Amy.

- Gavin.

Now I know it's been a
while since my comm degree

did any real good,

but I do remember
a couple of things,

and one of 'em's you
need to have more money

comin' in than goin'
out if you wanna keep

these doors open.

And I haven't even
started goin' through all

the other bills.

Now, if you want me
to be quiet, I will.

But sooner or later, we
are going to have to start

chargin' for use of
the fellowship hall.

- No.

No, Amy, we're not gonna
start chargin' our members

to use this place, all right>

It's theirs.

- Then how do you
suggest we pay the bills?


- God'll provide.

God'll provide.


- All right.

- You just gotta have faith.

- There she is.

Hi, beautiful.

- Hey.

- You ready to celebrate>

- Celebrate what?

- How many people you
know have a high school

auditorium named
after them, huh?

So loosen up,
let's have a drink.

- Where's Vanessa?

- I'm sure she'll turn up.

But first, I wanna
introduce you to Seth Ingram

from Clearwater Records.

- Faith Winters.

It is a pleasure to
finally meet you.

I feel like our paths
are always crossing,

yet we never...

- Somehow we never meet.

- Exactly.

- Funny how that works.

- Well, the good news is,
now there's no excuse.

So why don't you
two grab a drink

and step outside and
maybe have a talk?

- We have something
to talk about.

Here you go.

Listen, I wanna listen
to your demos, honey.

Come into my office and play
it for me in person, will ya?

Let's go this way.

(country rock music)

(deeply exhales)

Pretty night.

- Is that a question,
or a statement?


- One thing you learn
about me is that I never

ask questions that I don't
already know the answer to.

To the next megastar
of country music.

Oh come on now, Don,
don't leave me hangin'.


To you.

- Did you get your
homework done?

- Not yet.

- Zoe.

We talked about this.

Miss Sharp is concerned.

- With who?


Or you?

- Just do your homework.

- I will.
- As soon as we get home.

- I will.


I am trying to send a text.

- And I'm trying to have
a conversation with you.

- Gosh.

♪ My escape right now ♪

♪ Light is comin',
tunnel's endin' ♪

What do you know about her?

Faith Winters?

(tires screech)

- Are you okay?

- You know,

you can just say "Pump
the brakes" if you don't

wanna talk about something.

You don't actually
have to pump them.

(people chattering)

- We dated in high school.


Thanks, Miranda.

- No problem, Pastor Gavin.

So tell me, any life
changing messages on tap

for tomorrow's sermon?

- You'll just have to show up
and find out, I guess, huh?

- Guess so, I'll be there.

- Right.

Your notebook's
seen better days.

What's in it?

- My homework, dad.

- All right.

I'll stop pryin'.

Where was I?

- You dated Faith Winters.

- Right.

Back then, she
wasn't Faith Winters.

She was just Faith.

- Did you love her?

- The Lord commands
we love everyone.

- I'm not talking
to Pastor Whitfield.

I'm talking to my dad.

- That was a long time ago.

Speaking of time, I got a
sermon to write tonight.

What do you say we put
our boots in the dust?

Thank you.

- Listen, Mr. Ingram, pardon
my ignorance, but, um...

- Ah ah ah, you see
a mister around here?

My name is Seth.

- Seth.

Well listen, I don't
really want a whole lot

out of life.

I just wanna keep sharin'
my music with the world,

and hopefully touch a few lives.

- What was that first part>

- [Faith] Share my music.

- With the what?

- With the world.

- With the world.

You know what you just told me?

You want the world.

And if that's what
you want, Faith,

that is gonna cost
you as an artist.

Now that last record,
I mean, it was,

I mean sure, it was safe.

Actually no, you know what>

It was worse than that.

It was ordinary, especially
coming from someone

who's got as much
to give as you.

And that is why I am offering
you a deal at Clearwater.


- Did Cameron put
you up to this?

- Would that make it
easier for you to hear>

If you knew that you had
a traitor in the camp>

- Well I have a record
deal anyway, so, sorry.

- See that's the thing, uh,

I spoke with Robert
tonight, and, uh,

I hate to be the
bearer of bad news,

but your label is
dropping you tomorrow.

- Wait, I'm sorry, what?

- But the good news
is, if you trust me,

that means I'm in control,
that means good bye to Vanessa,

I can get you a
proper publicist,

I get you a good
wardrobe, a new look,

I even got a new
single teed up for ya.

You know,

a lot of artists, they
don't get second chances,

and I don't need to tell you
what to do with this one.

It's all out there
for you darlin'.

Just take it.

(slow, melancholy music)

(door creaks)
(quirky, suspenseful music)


- All right, ladies and gents.


- Hello.

(acoustic guitar playing)

♪ Good friends
are hard to find ♪

♪ I'm lucky to have some ♪

♪ We've shared the
best of times ♪

- There you are.

- Dad.

- Surprised to see me here>

You're not the
only one, let's go.

- Dad, wait, how did
you even find me?

- Even your dad has Facebook.

- Whoa, 1600 likes already>

That's insane.

- Chad?

Aren't you supposed
to be at home, too>

- Yes, sir.

- See, let's go.

Come on.
- Dad.

- Oh, hey, you did
really good tonight.

(slow, soft music)

- We'll see you at church.

(slow, soft music)

Do you have any idea
how dangerous it is

to be out at this time of night?

- It's not dangerous at all.

We know almost
everyone in there.

- It's 11 o'clock, Zoe.

Anyone can snatch you.

- Dad.

I'm not a little girl anymore.

- [Gavin] Yes, you are.

- No I'm not!

- What are you
doin' here anyway>

- I want to perform.

- You perform every Sunday.

- I wanna perform
outside of that bubble.

- Well save it for Sundays.

- So, bury my talent>

- Performing at church is not
burying your talent, okay>


Look at me.

Don't pull a stunt
like that again, okay>


I know you probably saw this
comin', but you're grounded.

- [Zoe] Grounded?

- Yes, grounded. You snuck
out of the house in the middle

of the night, Zoe.

If there's ever an open and
shut case for grounding,

it's this one.

- Why are you always like this?

- Because I'm your father.

- No, you're just
a giant cliche!

I am not a baby.

Why won't you just
let me be who I am?

- And who is that, huh>

I mean, do you even know?

- I miss mom.

- Me, too.

(slow, dramatic music)

- Okay y'all, so I don't
understand why I have

to change my accent?

I mean, this is the way
I've talked my whole life.

- Cameron, your manager,
thought that if you really

wanted to make yourself over,
getting rid of your accent

is an important step.

- Okay, but I thought this
new look was plenty different.

- Your manager says your
voice is going down one lane,

meaning that there's a
whole handful of fans

who will understand you.

You're a pop star now.

We want to steer your
speech to the entire road,

to appeal to the masses, thus,


Just got to put your voice
box through a little bootcamp.

You'll be fine.

With me, your lips
will be doing push ups,

and your vocal chords will
be doing 10-mile hikes.

In other words, your mouth
has just been drafted.

- Okay.

People, okay.

This part is just for the stars.

Thank you.

Okay, I think I've got a
good handle on what you want

for the new album cover.

So we get to work?

- I guess.
- Okay, let's do it.

Oh you are beautiful.

I like it, I like it.

Yeah, beautiful.
(Faith giggles)

Oh my god, yes.

Oh, you are so beautiful.

Yeah, give me more
smiling, more smiling.


Oh my goodness, yeah,
I love it, I love it.


Yes, it's your moment,
it's your time, yeah.

You are my queen today, eh?

Yeah, perfect.

Yeah, you are so beautiful.

Yeah, more energy.

Yeah, give me
more, give me more.


I love it.

- Woo. (giggles)

- Oh my god.

We have amazing photos.

Do you like it?


- [Faith] What was I thinkin'>

I don't even know how I could
possibly have fallen for this.

This isn't me.

Thank you.

Maybe I started changing
a long time ago.

Cameron, why are you not
answerin' your phone?

I mean, you were supposed
to be here at this shoot,

and it was a disaster.

I'm not wearing this outfit,

I'm not wearing this
wig tonight at the show.

I guess I'll see you backstage.

(phone pings)

Cameron, you left
your phone in here.

(country rock music)

(phone pings)

(country rock music)

(slow, somber music)


(slow, somber music)

- Well hello everybody.

Welcome to the world
famous Wild Horse Saloon.

My name is Stormy Warren,

and after a whirlwind tour,
Faith Winters making her

45th stop right
here in music city,

and gaining the whole world
with her with her hit song

"World On Fire," it's time.

Ladies and gentlemen, would
you please make welcome,

Faith Winters.
(audience applause)

(slow, somber music)

- Vanessa.

Hey, will you just
meet me at the house>

- Faith, Faith, I
don't blame you.

- This is not what I wanted.

I never wanted this.

- I know, I know honey.

Let me help you.

I know.

How, how long do you
plan on being gone?

- As long as it takes.

- Faith, as long as
it takes for what?

To what>

- Find my joy again.

Can I ask you somethin'>

And would you be honest with
me? Please be honest with me.

- Yes, yes, anything.

- Cameron and Pia.

- I'm sorry.

- I knew it.

Gosh, I knew it.

I'm not gonna let them
make a fool out of me.

- Faith.

- Take care of my
place, would ya>

And whenever Cameron shows
up, throw that in his face.

- You know what, Faith?

I think I'm gonna enjoy this.


Listen to me.

- I love you.

- I love you, Faith.

Now you listen to me.

I want you to forget all
about Cameron and Pia,

and I mean, my gosh, I want
you to forget about me, too.

This isn't about us,
this is about you.

What do you wanna create next>

And if runnin'
aint the answer...

- Then like a daisy, I'll grow.

(country pop music)

My daddy always said,

"Honey, you can always
follow your dreams.

"And no matter where
those dreams take you,

"you can always come home."

♪ Are you afraid
of what you feel ♪

♪ Are you hiding 'cause
it could be real ♪

♪ Are you worried that
eventually you will give in ♪

♪ Don't you think you're
way too hard on yourself ♪

♪ Oh I need to see you
come out of your shell ♪

♪ Are you worried that
eventually you will give in ♪

♪ Tell me what you're thinkin' ♪

♪ My heart's sinkin' ♪

♪ I'd like to hear
your thoughts ♪

- The road to Him is
littered with pain and hurt.

Through night's over,
he did provide a path

to forgiveness.

Your anguish is not in vain.

♪ Are you afraid ♪

The almighty God paved
a way so that we could

experience a new day.

- [Congregation] Amen.

- Amen.

Go, be blessed.

There's no prayer
meeting tonight,

so we'll see y'all Wednesday.

(congregation chattering)

- Look what the breeze blew in.

- Faith.

What are you doin' here>

- Hey Gavin.

- Have you met my daughter, Zoe>

- I don't believe I have.

- You're Faith Winters.

- Last I checked.

- Zoe, will you give Faith
and I a couple minutes>



- [Amy] Come on now.

- All right, thanks.

- I'm sure you'll get a chance
to do more than stare soon.

I'm sure you will too, darlin'.

Come on, let's go.

- Well that was a little
more uncomfortable

than I thought it'd be.

I didn't realize so
many people hated me.

- No, they don't hate you.

They just don't understand you.

- Does that include you?

- What are you doin' here>

- I just, guess I
just needed to get out

of town for a bit.

- Isn't that what you said
when you left Smithville?

- Sounds like me.

So, um, I'm gonna be in town
for at least a few days.

You know how it
is when you visit.

Gotta make the rounds, but, um,

maybe we can catch up.

- You stayin' with your momma?

- Yeah.

I mean, I mean I think.

She doesn't even know yet.

- You haven't talked to her yet>

- No, this is the
first place I came.

- Why?

- Because it's Sunday
mornin', pastor.

Actually, I thought
she'd be here.

I'm kind of surprised she's not.

- Yeah, I haven't
seen her in a while.

She's actually on my list
for a home visit, so.


Is everything all right?

- Yeah.

Just workin' on me.

- Workin' on you.

Well it's good to see you.

- It's good to see you, too.

- All right.

(soft acoustic music)

- Faith!

You stole my car, you know!

I should call the cops!

(gun cocking)


Well what are you
gonna do Vanessa?

Shoot me?

- Well.

Faith wouldn't.

But I would.

- Okay.


- Cameron.

- Look, all I wanna know
is where's Faith at?

- Well, let me see.


I don't know.

- You haven't seen her?

- Nope.

- Then let me guess.

You're upset about
what happened.

- Oh, you mean about
Seth firing me?

- Oh Seth didn't
fire you, sweetheart.

I did.

- Surprise, surprise.

- I don't know what you
think, but the only thing

we've ever had in
common is Faith.

And once I started to see
that you were driving a wedge

between the two of us,
something had to be done.

- Yeah, well, I've been with
Faith since the beginning.

- Oh who cares>

When I met Faith, she was
nothing but a little girl

with bad hair and
stars in her eyes.

And I built her into a brand.

I'm the one who made her.

- No, that's where
you're wrong, Cameron.

She made you.


- Now let me guess.

These same lights
that she longed for

suddenly became too bright.

- I don't know where Faith is.

I do know that she
left that for you.

And this for me.

We all knew.

Maybe that little ring looked
better on Pia's finger.

- This is going back
on Faith's finger.

You just watch.

- I'll do that.


(gun cocks)
(gun shot)

- Dang, that felt good.

(gun cocks)

- [Faith] Mom?

- Faith?


Honey, what are you doin' here?

- What am I doin'>

What are you doin'?

- Oh, just blowin' off steam.

Late night at the
hospital last night.

- Hospital?

What are you doin'
at the hospital?

- I went back to work.

I'm going crazy
around here by myself.

- When?

- Oh a few months ago.

Look at you.

- Why didn't you tell me>

- 'Cause I didn't
want you to worry.

Now come on, let's go inside
and get you cleaned up.

Sweet tea?

- Oh, that'd be great.

Sorry for just
showin' up like this.

- Honey, you never
have to apologize for

that kind of surprise now.

I'm so happy to see ya.

Now tell me everything.

- You mean you hadn't
heard what's been going on?

- I have.

Sometimes it gets
hot in the spotlight

and you gotta take a break.

I understand.

- Yeah, it wasn't nearly
as bad as it looked.

- Never is.

So how long are you gonna stay?

- I don't know.

I just needed to get out of
Nashville for a little while.

You now I literally felt
like I was losing control

of myself.

- Well those nails
are different.


- Yep.

- You know, I went through
a bad girl phase when I

was on the road
for a few months.

- Nuh uh.

I never saw any pictures.

- 'Cause I burned
'em. (chuckles)

When that part of
my life was over,

it was over.

- Yeah, but do you ever miss it?

- Hm, sometimes.

- Now was that
before or after dad?

- Both, actually.

That's when we met.

I was going through
that phase, poor thing.

He probably thought I pulled
a bait and switch on him.

Turns out the bad girl
he thought he was gettin'

was a goody goody after all.


- And he didn't seem to mind.

Always loved watchin'
the two of you together.

I still wish I could see
those pictures, though.

- So, uh, how's Cameron?

- He's fine.

- [Liz] What happened?

- Just, stuff.

Let's just say, we don't
want the same things in life.

- To be honest, I
never liked him anyway.

- Mom.

- I told Wanda Templeton
he was trouble the minute

I laid eyes on him.

- Well Wanda Templeton
didn't seem to be

too happy to see
me this mornin'.

- Where'd you see her>

- At Movement.

- You went to
church this mornin'?

- Yeah, I mean, I
thought you'd be there.

- You thought I'd be there?

Or somebody else?

- Don't read too much into it.

I was just passin' through town.

- Yeah, sure you were.

- Seriously mom.

Congregation looked awful thin.

- I know.

It's been bad for
a while now, Faith.

I don't know what
the problem is.

Poor Gavin's been
working himself to death

to try to get to
the bottom of it.

I'd be there if I
wasn't workin' so much.

- Do you need money?

- No.

Don't be silly.

Honey, your dad's
been gone for a while,

but he's still taking
great care of me.

- I know.

I just...

Do you think Gavin needs money?

- You came here to
solve your problems.

Not mine, not your

You need to be sweepin'
around your own porch

before you go sweeping
around everyone else's.

Now tell me what the heck
happened with Cameron.

(soft acoustic music)

- What does she do on
that phone all day?

- Lord knows.

- Hey.


Faith just shows up at
church this morning?

- Well yeah, if you were
there, you would've seen her.

- You know I had
that Skype with Mike.

So, let me guess.

She arrives after the offering.

Let me tell you somethin',
I'm gonna go on the record

and just say that 1/10th
of her weekly income

could keep your lights
on, for a while.

- Annie.

- How'd she look?

- You've seen her.

- No, no, I've just seen
her in those music videos.

I don't know what kind of
special effects they use.

- She looks great.

And she's still beautiful.

- Oh no, not again.

- What>

- "She's still beautiful."

No, I am serious, you are
not gonna do that again.

- Do what again?

- You know.

- No, I don't know.

- Oh, okay, okay, let
me reel it in and spell

it out for you.

You are not going to fall in
love with Faith Winters again.

- I know.

- Do you?

Yeah, you've got that same
dumb look on your face

you had when you first
met her in 11th grade.

- It's different.

I'm different.

And heck, I'm a father now.

She's, she's way different.

- Yeah.

Way, way different.

Way different,
you remember that.

Hey, Gavin.

Janet's been, she's been gone
for almost three years now.

Don't you think it's time>

- Time for what>

To date>

Date who>

Jenny Sharp?

- What's wrong with Jenny Sharp>

- She's Zoe's
teacher for starters.

- Well there's always
summer vacation?


- We have nothin' in common.

- Same church, same home town.

- I don't think one of
those things is an accident.

- She's a good girl,
Gavin, and she's pretty

and she thinks the sun
rises and sets in you.

- Annie, I'm not
interested in Jenny Sharp.

- I don't really care.

I don't care who you
date or if you date.

I just want you to be happy.

And the last time that Faith
Winters put a spell on you,

I had to peel you
off the pavement.

- It wasn't that bad.

- It was bad.

You didn't eat for three days.

- I was fasting.

- You didn't shower for seven.


- I don't want it.

- Have some, it's good.

Did I ever steer you
wrong, little brother?

- So I walked out, drove
all night, and here I am.

- So you left Nashville
to find your joy>

Honey, when are you ever gonna
find what you're lookin' for?


Well who in the world?

- No, stay momma, I'll get it.

Hey, Gavin.

I'm glad you came by.

- Yeah, is your mom home?

- My mom?

- Yeah, I told you she's
on my list for home visits.

I just was checkin' in.

- Gavin.

What are you doin' here>

- You haven't been in
Movement for a few weeks.

Just wanted to check in,
make sure you're all right,

didn't need anything.

- I'm fine.

I picked up a few extra shifts
at the hospital and, uh,

as soon as I'm clear
of that, I'll be back.

- Yeah, well,
Movement misses you.

And the choir is not
the same without you.

- Well I miss it.

I miss y'all.

Look, I'm off on
Thursday nights, so,

maybe I could come back and
help out with choir practice

if that'd be okay?

- Yeah, that'd be great.

- Consider it done.

And here I thought you'd
come to find Faith.

- Mom.

- Don't tell me you
didn't think the same.

- I didn't.

- Mhm.

- All right, well
you have a good day.

- Gavin, hey.

I know you gotta make
your rounds, but,

what do you say you just
take a break for a bit

and go with me>


- Go with you where, Faith>

- It's crazy.

- What's crazy?

- Just the fact that it
all looks just the same.

It hasn't changed a bit.

- It's exactly the
way you left it.

- The way I left it?

- You know what I mean.

Why are we at the high school>

- Dang, it feels like I
was down there cheerin'

just like yesterday.

- Time flies.

- Do you remember the time
that the student section

collapsed and Benny Daniels
got hung by that nail

on his pants? (laughs)

- I remember looking up
from the sideline thinkin',

"The band just got a
whole lot smaller."

You know at that point,
I think I was 10 for 10,

two touchdowns,
game of my career,

before the ref stopped play.

If it wasn't for those
bleachers and that wedgie,

I might have a scholarship.

- Yeah, but would
you have taken it?

- The scholarship>

- Yeah, would you ever
have left Smithville?

- Of course I would.


Why'd you bring me here, Faith?

- I got somethin' to say, I
just don't know how to say it.

- Just open your
mouth and speak.

- Zoe's growing up.

- Time does what it does.

- Yeah, and what's that>

- It ticks.

Right now I'm trying to
manage the wonder years.

Being, I wonder how I'm
ever gonna get through 'em.

I mean, Zoe's a teenager
in every sense of the word.

Needs less of me and
more of everything else.

Games, friends.

- Yeah, kids nowadays
always textin'.

- Facebook.

- Snapchattin'.

- What's Snapchattin'?


Guess I am gettin' old, huh?

- No, you're not.

The world just moves at
a different pace now.

- You know when Janet
and I took her in,

we didn't really
know what to expect.

She was a kid in a
shelter, a stranger,

and neither of us had any
idea how to raise a kid.

I mean, heck.

We were kids ourselves.

But God told me to reach
out my hand to that

scared little girl.

And when we got
home that first day,

she made me promise her that
she'd never be alone again.

If I hadn't made that promise,
I might not be here today.

- What do you mean>

- When Janet got sick,
I had some dark days.

Questioning everything
kind of dark,

and it's like when I
looked into the mirror,

I didn't recognize the
face staring back at me.

- How'd you get out
of that darkness?

- Thankfully I had Zoe
to keep me laughin'

and Annie to keep me sane.

- Yeah, but what if
you hadn't of had them,

then what would you have done?

- What are you asking me, Faith?

- Would you have called me?

- I did try calling you but
you were always too busy.

Your people were more than
glad to let me know that.

- I'm sorry Gavin.

- Why'd you bring me here>

- Mom said things at church
aren't going so well.

- They're fine.

- Listen, if you need
me to float you some...

- I'm sayin' no.

I appreciate the offer.

But God will provide,
he always has.

- But what if he led me
home so that I can help?

- What if you came home
because you don't know

how to be still?

- Is that what you think?

- I think you're afraid of
letting go and letting God.

- Yeah, and what's
so wrong with that?

- If the bird never let go, it
wouldn't have learned to fly.

- There's the
pastor speak again.

Can you talk to me in
something other than a parable?

- What do you want me to
do, Faith? Be angry at you?

- Yes.

- Why?

- Because then maybe
I can stop being mad

at myself for the both of
us and just be mad for me.

I may never forgive myself
for not being there for you

when Janet died.

- You chose your life.

Nobody begrudges you that.

- Dang it, Gavin,
stop giving me a pass

and start making me accountable.

- You knew what you were Faith.

What good is that gonna
do anyone now, huh>

Look, if you want me
to be angry at you,

so that you can live
with yourself, I'm sorry.

I can't do that.

- But you can forgive me.

- Yep.

I need to go check
in at Annie's.


Why did you bring me here?

- Because I missed
you, Gavin Whitfield.

- Me, too.

But the canyon between
our lives is too great

for a few words to fill.

(slow, melancholy music)

- All righty handsome.

What'll it be>

- I'll take a black coffee
and a grilled cheese.

- [Miranda] All right.

- You have brie?

- Brie?

- Yeah.

Cheese, for the sandwich.

- Take a look around, sweetie.

We have American, Swiss,
cheddar, and provolone and,

since you seem kind of fancy,
I'd go with the provolone.

- Scratch the sandwich,
I'll take the coffee.

- All right.

Suit yourself.

- [Cameron] Thanks.

Excuse me?

- [Miranda] Yeah?

- So this, uh, open mic
thing you guys have going on

tomorrow night, anyone
good ever perform?

- Sweetie, you're not
from around here, are ya?

- Afraid not.

- Yeah, I could tell
with that whole cheese

business thing.

But the truth is that we
do have a lot of talent

and people perform here.

As a matter of fact, Faith
Winters is from Smithville.

Heard of her?

- The country music singer>

- Word has it,
she's back in town.

Kind of hoping she swings
through and gives us

a private concert.

- That'd be very special.

- [Miranda] Yes it would.

- [Cameron] Faith, I'm in
Smithville, please call me.

(soft acoustic guitar playing)

- Here you go.

- Thanks.

Can't get enough of this.

- They don't have
sweet tea in Nashville?

- Oh, they do.

It just aint the same.

Well, I guess I'm
gonna turn my phone on.

- Is that supposed to be a
big deal for some reason?

- Well it hasn't been on
since I left Nashville.

How much you wanna bet I
got a hundred messages?

- Girl you got the
gamblin' from your daddy.

You got the singin' from me.

- This is the stuff I miss.

Man, I forgot how quiet it
can be without all the noise.

You get to actually
see the stars out here.

- Yep.

Aint nothin' like it.

I can see the whole
world from right here.

- Maybe that's what I need.

To see the world a little
differently for a while.

(soft acoustic guitar playing)

♪ There's a little spark ♪

♪ Growin' in my heart ♪

♪ What am I supposed to do ♪

♪ Darling, I ♪

♪ Got my eye on you ♪

♪ I like the way walk ♪

♪ I love the way you talk ♪

♪ And you don't even
know that I do ♪

♪ Darling, I ♪

♪ Got my eye on you ♪

♪ You're like a soft summer
breeze in the winter ♪

♪ A little ray of
sun in the rain ♪

♪ I couldn't think of
anything more gentler ♪

♪ Than the thought of
you holding my hand ♪

♪ I ♪

♪ Love to hear you say ♪

♪ You're seein' me today ♪

♪ I hope that it's
tomorrow, too ♪

♪ Darling, I ♪

♪ Got my eye on you ♪

♪ Darling, I ♪

♪ Got my eye on ♪

♪ You ♪

- I love you.

(insects buzzing)

- What's this>

- Homework.

- You workin' on your homework?


Hold that pose.

I've got to preserve
this moment.

Who do I get to thank
for this miracle?

Your aunt Annie.
- Howdy Gavin.

- Jenny.

I didn't even realize
you were here.

- Oh yeah well, Annie
called me and told me

that Zoe was having some
trouble with her homework, so,

I wasn't doing anything
else tonight and I figured

I might as well come
over and help y'all out.

I mean heaven knows
y'all have enough

to worry about right now.

- [Gavin] That's
very nice of ya...

- How's Faith>

- She's good.

- Oh, there you are.

I was gettin' worried.

You know, I know how you
Whitfields like to sneak

around at night and all.

- Too soon.

- Did you have a nice visit>
- Yeah.

I didn't realize Jenny
was gonna be here.

I just was thanking
her for helping Zoe.

- I think I'm finished.

Would you take a look?

- Happy to help.

That's very good, Zoe.


Well, I'm gonna get
my stuff and, um,

I'm gonna be headin' out then.


- Bye, Jenny.

Thanks for comin'.

- Thanks, Miss Sharp.

- Zoe, you ready to go>

(phone pings)
- Oh, oh wait.

Mike's gettin'
ready to Skype in.

Y'all come say hi.

- Why don't you get your
stuff together, okay>

- Come on, come on guys.

- Hey babe.

- Hi, honey.

How are you?

- Hm.

I'm good, hangin' in there.

It's been a quiet
few days, thank God.

- Oh wait, I got a couple
of folks that wanna say hi.


- What's up, bubba?

- Hey did you get the
care package we sent you?

- The unit loved the
cookies, thank you so much.

- You mean you didn't
eat 'em all yourself?

- I wish.

Wait, is that Zoe
back there, too>

- Yes.

- Hi, Uncle Mike.

- Hey, Zo.

How's music class and
dance and everything?

- School's almost out.

- And your singin',
it's coming along well>

- Yes, sir.

For the most part.

- Hey y'all, sorry to interrupt.

- Oh hi Jenny, what's wrong?

- Well, y'all aren't
gonna believe this, but,

my car won't start.

- I believe it.

- Oh, wow.

- Pastor, um, do you mind
giving me a ride home?

- Of course, I'll
give you a ride home.

- That's so nice of you.


That's nice, isn't it nice?

That's nice.

Um, oh hey, Zoe, you can
just stay here with me

until they get back, right?


- Oh sis, I don't
wanna put you out.

- Oh no, no, no.

Time with my precious
niece, it's a blessing.

- Okay.

All right Mike,
you be safe, buddy.

- Thank you bud.

See you later.

- All right, take care.

- Are they gone>

- Yeah.

- Annie, you're still
trying to set 'em up?

- You know what, she's a
good person and she'd be

really good for him.

- Never gonna happen.

- You know, I thought I was
gonna take you straight home.

- Oh come on, don't
be such a dud.

Everybody's gotta eat,
even pastors, too.

- I just gotta
hurry home to Zoe.

- [Cameron] Faith,
I'm in Smithville.

Babe, please call me.

- It's Cameron.

- [Liz] What does he want?

- He's already in Smithville.

- [Liz] What?

- He's at Sammy's Cafe.

I gotta go.

- I wanted to tell you
that I didn't realize

that video was gonna
be such a problem.

But pastor, you
have to understand,

people are really
affected by Zoe's music.

- Zoe's talented, but she
shouldn't have been up

here at that time of night, so.

- Well, she silenced the
crowd, that's for sure.

- You know what they
say about talent

without discipline, don't ya?

It's like an octopus
on roller skates.

A lot of movement, just
don't know what direction

it's goin'.


- Okay.


Y'all hungry>

- Starved.

Um, I'll have steak and eggs.

Steak, medium, eggs
over easy, dry toast,

and a diet coke.

- Okay, lady knows what
she wants, I like it.

And for you pastor?

- Black coffee, my regular,
grilled cheese, American please.

- [Miranda] No brie?

- Huh?

- It's a joke.


- Oh, Zoe, I'm so
glad you're here.

I need to talk to your dad.

- Oh, he's not here.

- What, he just>

He said that he was
comin' to get you.

- Well, look who
the cat drug in.

Faith Winters.

- Annie, hey.

You look great.

- Do I>

- You do.

Listen, I'm sorry it's so late.

I was just telling Zoe I
really need to find Gavin.

- Well I think you heard Zoe
say that Gavin's not here.

- Well, I mean, do
you know where he is?

I mean, he's not
answerin' his phone.

- I think there's a
good reason for that.

- Annie, I know you
would rather have opened

the door for
literally anyone else,

but can you at least help
me get in touch with Gavin?

- Why would I do that?

You broke my brother's heart.

- I know, I know, and I
wanna have that conversation

with all of you, but
my ex is in town.

And he told me, he said if
he ever had the chance to

come to Smithville, that he
would hunt Gavin down and...

- And what?

- Well he never
finished the sentence,

but it can't be anything good.

- He's with Jenny,
at Sammy's Cafe.

- Jenny>

- Jenny Sharp.
- My teacher.

- Oh right, right.



But um, wait, you
said he's at Sammy's?

- Yes.

- Uh oh.

- She's unbelievably talented.

I mean she sings, she dances.

I just gotta get her to
focus on her studies.

I mean, she's gonna have
to get a scholarship

because I don't know how
I'm gonna pay for her

to go to college.

- You are such an amazing man.

- Jenny.

You gotta stop sayin'
that, I'm just a man.

- [Jenny] Gavin, you do not
give yourself enough credit.

- I'm doing what any
decent father would do.

- Excuse me, is your name Gavin?

- Yeah.

- Pastor Gavin Whitfield?

- Yeah, that's me.

- I always told Faith
if I had an opportunity

to meet you, I'd say
thank you for allowing her

to come to Nashville.

- Cameron, stop.

- Oh, I'm sorry, I'm Cameron.

I'm Faith's fiance.

- Ex-fiance.

What are you doin'?

- I was just
thankin' Gavin here.

- Thank you?

What are you thankin' him for>

- For allowing you
to come to music city

and spread your wings.

I always told you if
I came to Smithville,

I'd give him a thank you.

- No.

No, you never finished
that sentence.

- Well I sure did intend to.

I owe this man a lot for
bringing you into my life.

- Well stop.
- Stop what?

- Stop acting like we're
still together, Cameron.

Obviously I left you, remember?

- Okay, babe, I made a
mistake but as of yesterday

we were engaged, so calm down.

Let's go some place
where we can talk.

- Don't tell me
what to do, okay?

- Can we just go
some place and talk?

- No.
- What about our history?

- What history?

- On top of being
engaged, didn't I get you

your first record deal, huh>

And your second?

Doesn't that mean
anything to you>

- Yeah, yeah, you
know what it means?

Remember that 10% you collected>

Yeah, check your bank account.

That's how much it meant.

- Faith.
- How's Pia doin', huh?

- Faith.

- How's precious little Pia?
- Faith.

Look, can we go
some place and talk?

- Are you crazy?

Did you just come all the
way here to Smithville

and thing everything's
gonna be all right, huh?

- Can we go some place and
talk about what you're doin'>

Turn around.

(slow, dramatic music)

- Even in Smithville.

I guess I can't run this time.

Hey y'all.

- [Cameron] And your second.

Doesn't that mean
anything to you>

- Oh my.

- [Hope] Yeah, remember
that 10% you collected>

Check your bank
account, baby boy.

That's how much it means.

- This is better than streaming.

- How's Pia doin', huh>
- Faith?

- How's precious little Pia>

- Faith, turn around and look.

Can we go some place>
- Are you crazy?

Did you just come all the
way here to Smithville

and think everything's
gonna be all right, huh?

- I wonder what he's doin' here.

(slow, dramatic music)


- Pastor Gavin.

I'm sure you're shocked to
see me, but I assure you,

I'm not here for trouble.

I wanna talk to
you about somethin'

I'm truly interested in.

- Okay, what's that>

- What's the population
of Smithville?

- I don't know,
six, 7,000 maybe.

- And how many churches
do you guys have here>

- Don't know.

- 17.

- You counted?

- Yep.

I even counted the, uh,
converted convenience store

at the edge of town.

- I didn't realize
that was a church.

- Well, I guess it is.

But, the point I'm
trying to make is,

once you figure in the
agnostics, those who are

no longer practicing,
people who just don't care

about religion, and
the downright atheists,

I guess you could say this
town's a little church heavy.

- Church heavy>

- It's the law of
diminishing return.

They taught us in economics.

I'm sure you took econ, right?

Let me try to break it
down in a way that somebody

like yourself can understand.

- Oh, I understand.

Too many churches,
not enough people?

- More or less.

- Yeah, you see, I
don't believe that.

I believe people worship
where they're led.

- How many people are
actually in your congregation?

- That's none of your business.

Why don't you show up Sunday
and maybe you'll find out.

- The other night when
we were at Sammy's Cafe,

before I ran into you, I was
speaking to the waitress.

She let me know that
Faith Winters is not

the only musical
prodigy from this town.

- She's right.

There's a lot of talented
people around here.

- You guys do have
a lot of talent,

but you know what
you don't have?

A record studio.

- What's this>

- Just read it.

- We're not being foreclosed.

- Well not today.

But this morning I took
the liberty of driving

over to the bank and
speaking to Mr. Daniels,

your mortgage broker.

He let me know that
you're about 30 days out.

And that's if you're lucky.

So the way I see it,

we'll have a big fountain
here at the front,

a couple of benches,
and out back,

we'll put gazebos
along the tree line,

so the artists will be able
to listen to the birds chirp.

I'm gonna call them
inspiration spaces.

Now of course the
church will be gone.

But in its place will
be a state of the art

recording studio,
top of the line.

I heard your daughter
is very talented.

I'd love to speak with her.

- The church is
staying here, buddy.

- I'll see you in
30 days, pastor.

Matter of fact, I'll
see you Sunday morning.

- Pastor?

- Is Benny serious>

He's really gonna foreclose>

- He's serious.

But he did say he'd give
us a little bit of time.

- That's nice of him, but,

I don't think that's
gonna do us any good.

- I'm sorry Gavin,

but you need to take a look at
the ledger though, all right?

(slow country music)

- Why are you doin' this to me?

What did I do to deserve this>

Is it your will that
I lose the church?

(slow country music)

You took my wife.

And I was faithful.

And then my flock,
to other pastures,

and I was faithful, and now you,

you rip very the
pulpit from my grasp.

And I'm faithful.

(slow, melancholy country music)

- [Faith] All
right, there you go.

- [Girls] Thank you.

- Thank you.


- Hi Faith, um, Miss Winters.

- Faith's fine.

You have one incredible gift.

- You really think so>

- Think?

Girl, I know.

Come here.

You know,

when my daddy was alive,
he used to always say

that he believed that music
was a direct connection

from our mouth, to God's ear.

- Why?

- Because think about it.

I mean, if you're God,

you got a lot of people prayin'.

That's a lot of noise.

But with music,

he just has to sit, and listen.

- I like that.

- I think Movement Church needs
God's ear again, don't you?

- So does my dad.

- Has your dad told
you anything about me?

- He said that y'all dated.

And that he loved you.

- I loved him, too.

- No.

You don't understand.

He like, loved you, loved you.

Like enough to marry you.

And then you left.

- Yeah.

I might never forgive
myself for that one.

- He has.

- I know, he told me.

So, um,

I heard that there's
some problems here.

Are you afraid that y'all
are gonna lose the church>

Well what are we
gonna do about it>

- What do you mean>

- I wasn't there for your
dad when your mom died.

And I can't change that.

But I can be here now.

- You have something
already planned, don't you?

- Only if you promise to help.

- I promise.

- Great.

Well I got somebody
who wants to say hi.


- Hi Zoe.

- Hi Miss Liz.

- How are you?
- Good.

- Great.

Are you in?

- Yeah. (chuckles)

- Great.

- Good, well, we
need one more person.

- Yeah.

- Aunt Annie?

- Yeah, but we're gonna
need your help with her.


- Hey dad.

- Hey.

- What ya doin'?

- I'm lookin' for every
red cent I can find to

buy Movement some time.

Nobody will be able to tell
you your daddy never tried.

How was practice?

- It was good.

Great, actually.

- Miss Sharp bring you home?

- I think you two need to talk.

Love you.

- Love you too.

(soft music)

I thought I made it clear on
the bleachers where I stood.

- You did.

So I heard about
Cameron and Movement.

You got a plan yet?

- You're lookin' at it.

- Well I made some
phone calls today,

and I was able to buy
us some more time.

- Us>

- Yes.

Gavin, I'm here, aint I?

- For how long?

- As long as it takes.

- Listen, Faith, I'm
not taking your money.

- Gavin, I don't even
have enough money

to do what I'm
gonna propose we do.

- What did you have in mind?

- We're not just
gonna make payments.

We're gonna pay it off.

So like I said, we're
gonna save Movement Church.

You're supposed ask me how.

- Okay, I'll play along.


- This place is
gonna be packed out.

For a Faith Winters concert.

- Seriously?

- Yeah.

- Why?

I mean, why would you do that>

- Gavin, don't you remember>

15 years ago, right
here, you told me that

you believed in me.


- Yeah.

- So what do you think?

- I think you don't
have to do this.

- Hey, I'm not doin' anything.

We are.

- A good man aint worth
nothin' without a bunch of...

- Good women holdin' him up.

- Gavin, you've done
a lot for Smithville,

and it's time you
let us do our part.

- Dad, I'm so sorry.

I didn't realize how much
pressure you were under.

- All right, girls.

Let's give him a little preview.

♪ Amazing grace ♪

♪ How sweet the sound ♪

♪ That saved a wretch ♪

♪ Like me ♪

(soft music)

- Howdy Gavin.

- Hey.

- What ya up to>

- I'm just thinkin'.

- Thinkin'.

Well, Annie sent me
over here to make sure

that you aren't thinkin' too
hard or stressing yourself out

or overworkin' yourself.

So, I think it's my
duty to take you out

and do somethin' fun.


- Listen, I, I'd love to.

I would, but...
- Well then let's go.

- I've got so much goin'
on with Movement right now.

I've got Zoe who's sneaking
out of the house at night.

I'm trying to be a good father,

I'm trying to be a good pastor,

and I just can't seem to
get everything done well.

And, listen, if I had more time.

- I understand.

I do.

Look, Gavin, I, I know I'm
not some big star or anything,

but, I promise you that
I'll be a good friend.

Listen, if there's anything
that you need, at all,

I'm your girl.

- I appreciate that.

- Absolutely.

Don't work yourself
too hard now.

- All right.

You have a good night.

- [Jenny] You, too.

(soft music)

- [Miranda] Hey Faith.

- Her Miranda.

- Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, wait a minute.

Uh, listen, I think you
ought to know he's here.

- Who>


Cameron's here.


- Sorry.

- Well, thanks for
the heads up, girl.

- I think he's up by the stage.

- Okay.


- Is that your homework>

- No.

It's my song book.

- Oh.

That would explain
why it looks so worn.

Are you ready>

- What do you think?

- I think you're
gonna blow 'em away.

- I'm nervous.

There's so many
people out there.

And, they're all watching me.

- Remember that promise
I made you when you

first came home with us?

That no matter
where life took you,

you'd never be alone?



You were born for this.


I'll see you out there.

All right.

(soft music)

- You ready?

- Man, I haven't had these
butterflies in years.

But I've never been more ready.

- I'm kind of scared.

- Hey, you know how
they always say to just

imagine the audience
in their underwear?

Don't do that.

It'll just make you laugh.

You're gonna be just fine.

- [Liz] We got you, Z.

- I say we give 'em
what they came here for.

- Let's do it.
- All right.

How y'all doin'?
(audience cheering)

I said how y'all doin'?
(audience cheering)

There we go.

My name's Gavin Whitfield.

I'm the pastor at
Movement Church.

I wanna sincerely thank
you all for coming out.

I wanna thank you in
advance for your donations

as your donations will
help us better serve you

at Movement, and I also
wanna welcome my daughter

Zoe Whitfield to
the stage to, uh,

go ahead and sing one for us.

Let's hear it.

(audience cheering)

♪ Feet don't fail me now ♪

♪ I gotta get away from here ♪

♪ I lost my way somehow ♪

♪ Gotta face my fears, yeah ♪

♪ Could it be I'm lost without ♪

♪ The very thing
I'm runnin' from ♪

♪ It's time for me
to figure it out ♪

♪ Wasted too many tears ♪

♪ I'll stand here on my own,
not afraid to face the crowd ♪

♪ No more second
guessing who I am ♪

♪ I'll wear the crown ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm a winner ♪

♪ No matter how
many times I fall ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm a winner ♪

♪ And at the end I'll
be standing tall ♪

♪ I'm making my own rules ♪

♪ So I know that I can't rules ♪

♪ Call me a winner ♪


Hey listen, I just
wanted to say thank you,

for doing this, I mean,

I couldn't do it without you.

- Faith, we're ready
for you right now.

♪ Yeah I'm a winner ♪

- I gotta go.

♪ And at the end I'll
be standing tall ♪

♪ I'm making my own rules ♪

♪ So I know that I can't lose ♪

♪ Call me winner ♪

♪ 'Cause at the end
I'll be standing tall ♪

♪ I'm a winner ♪

(pop rock music)

(audience cheering)

- All right.

Y'all give it up
for Zoe Whitfield.

(audience cheering)

- Let me guess, you're not a
big Faith Winters fan, huh>

- Hardly.

- Really>

- Eh, she's all right.

I've heard better.

- Well it's really
good to see y'all.

We're really excited to be here,

but I really wanted
to introduce to y'all

a couple of
beautiful ladies here

with me tonight.

Um, y'all give it up for the
super talented Zoe Whitfield.

(audience cheering)

And, y'all give it up for
my inspiration and momma,

Miss Liz Winters.

(audience cheering)

- Thank y'all for
comin' out tonight,

we appreciate it for
such a great cause,

and we're gonna get on with
what we came here to do.

(soft acoustic music)

♪ Lilies of the field
don't toil or spend ♪

♪ A king in all his glory
don't look like them ♪

♪ They don't bother
worrying their lives away ♪

♪ They live a little every day ♪

♪ We've been runnin'
since we hit the ground ♪

♪ Never even thought
about slowin' down ♪

♪ Nothin' figured
out, but it's okay ♪

♪ To live a little everyday ♪

♪ Sun goes down, sun comes up ♪

♪ Right this minute,
that's just enough ♪

♪ I don't have a lot,
but I don't need much ♪

♪ Just two fishin' poles
and my old straw hat ♪

♪ Don't know where I'm goin',
might never come back ♪

♪ If you wanna know where
the rainbow's at, well ♪

♪ It's never too late to
live a little everyday ♪

- Um (clears throat) Gavin>

- Hi, I don't believe we've met.

- Hi, I'm sorry.

Vanessa Hill.

- Faith's publicist.

- Um.


It's a long story.

I'll spare you the
gruesome details.

Let's just say I'm
forging a new path.

I'm starting my own label.


♪ They live a little everyday ♪

So Zoe, she's your
daughter, right?

- She is, yeah.

- That girl's a star.

I mean, I don't know if
you know it or not yet,

but she is.
- Oh, I know.

I just don't know if
I wanna believe it.


- A star's gonna shine
whether you want it to or not.

♪ Might never come back ♪

♪ If you wanna know where
the rainbow's at, well ♪

♪ It's never too late ♪

♪ Sun goes down, sun comes up ♪

♪ Right this minute,
that's just enough ♪

♪ I don't have a lot
but I don't need much ♪

♪ Just two fishin' poles
and my old straw hat ♪

♪ Don't know where I'm goin',
might never come back ♪

♪ If you wanna know where
the rainbow's at, well ♪

♪ It's never too late ♪

♪ To live a little everyday ♪

♪ Live a little everyday ♪

(audience applause)


I heard about Cameron was
trying to do to your church,

and however much extra it
is to cover the costs of

the church and the
land, I wanna pay for it

or find someone who can.

- No, no, no, no, you
don't have to do that, no.

- Just Gavin, stop.

Okay, look, Faith told
me all about you and

in some round about way,

I feel like you're
responsible for my success.

You know, that girl
did everything she did

because she knew
you would see it.

- That was awesome.

Great job.

- I'll be right back.

I have to go get my notebook.
- Okay, all right.

- You are beautiful, beautiful.

- Thank you.

- That was so good.

- Good to see you.
- You too.

You remember my mom.

- Could I forget you>


- Vanessa.

Thank you for everything
you've done for Faith.

- My gosh, please, what
about everything Faith's

done for me>

- You should take my number.

- Yeah, it was nice meeting you.

- Looks like
Cameron's had enough.

- Yeah, I'll be right back.

- Careful with that one.

- Cameron.

- You know what,
Faith, I get it.

Your stupid little
Footloose town likes to take

care of their own.

I won't take their property.


- No, you can't admit
defeat to something you

already lost.

- Maybe.

But you could have been a star.

- No Cameron, I could
have been myself,

and clearly that wasn't
good enough for you.

But it's good enough for me.

All right, well, I
guess I'm gonna do

a song for y'all.

Um, I know it's been
quite a bit of a shock

to see me back in Smithville.

I know maybe some of
you might not have been

too happy to see me, but, I
was really happy to see you.

Since I was a little girl,

I've just been in
love with daisies.

And, uh, as beautiful as
they are, it takes many years

for their roots to
grow strong and deep.

And, I just realized that
I've spent most of my life

puttin' down roots
and pullin' 'em up

at the first sign
of danger or change,

or a challenge, or commitment.

And, uh, I've decided I'd
really like to plant myself

here for a few seasons
and see how high

I can grow with you.

This song is about
that, it's called

"Runnin' From My Roots."

(country pop music)

♪ Got my keys,
loaded down Mazda ♪

♪ Hug my daddy, kiss my momma ♪

♪ One last turn down
that gravel road ♪

♪ Pass the church at
the caution light ♪

♪ Drove by the hometown sign ♪

♪ But I didn't plan
to come back soon ♪

♪ All I ever wanted
was to be free ♪

♪ When my feet left the ground ♪

♪ I thought I had the
world in my hands ♪

♪ Live on love, knew enough
to never look back again ♪

♪ I thought I was ready to fly ♪

♪ But I was just
chasing the wind ♪

♪ What I want, and who I am ♪

♪ I thought I knew but I was
just runnin', runnin', runnin' ♪

♪ Runnin', runnin',
runnin' from my roots ♪

♪ New faces, crazy weekends ♪

♪ All nighters,
trying to fit in ♪

- How are you?

♪ Hear my conscience anymore ♪

♪ I forgot who I believed in ♪

♪ The new me just wasn't me ♪

♪ And I started to miss
the girl I was before ♪

♪ Yeah, I guess the
grass aint always green ♪

♪ When my feet left the ground ♪

♪ I thought I had the
world in my hands ♪

♪ I'd live on love,
and I knew enough ♪

♪ To never look back again ♪

♪ I thought I was ready to fly ♪

♪ But I was just
chasin' the wind ♪

♪ What I want and who I
am, I thought I knew ♪

♪ But I was just runnin',
runnin', runnin' ♪

♪ Runnin', runnin',
runnin' from my roots ♪

♪ You don't know
how deep they run ♪

♪ Don't know how
fast you can fall ♪

♪ When your lone home is
the first place you call ♪

♪ When my feet left the ground ♪

♪ I thought I had the
world in my hands ♪

♪ I'd live on love,
and I knew enough ♪

♪ To never look back again ♪

♪ I thought I was ready to fly ♪

♪ But I was chasin' the wind ♪

♪ What I want and who I am ♪

♪ I thought I knew but I was
just runnin', runnin', runnin' ♪

♪ Runnin', runnin', runnin' ♪

♪ I was just runnin',
runnin', runnin' ♪

♪ Runnin', runnin', runnin' ♪

(country pop music)

♪ Momma's calls and
daddy's prayin' ♪

♪ Brought me back to
where I was raised and ♪

♪ To one last turn
down that gravel road ♪

(audience applause)

(country pop music)

♪ Got my keys,
loaded down Mazda ♪

♪ Hug my daddy, kiss my momma ♪

♪ One last turn down
that gravel road ♪

♪ Pass the church at
the caution light ♪

♪ Drove by the hometown
sign but I didn't plan ♪

♪ To come back soon ♪

♪ All I ever wanted
was to be free ♪

♪ When my feet left the ground ♪

♪ I thought I had the
world in my hands ♪

♪ Live on love, knew enough
to never look back again ♪

♪ I thought I was ready to fly ♪

♪ But I was just
chasin' the wind ♪

♪ What I want, and who I am ♪

♪ I thought I knew but I was
just runnin', runnin', runnin' ♪

♪ Runnin', runnin',
runnin' from my roots ♪

♪ New faces, crazy weekends ♪

♪ All nighters,
trying to fit in ♪

♪ I didn't hear my
conscience anymore ♪

♪ I forgot who I believed in ♪

♪ The new me just wasn't
me and I started to miss ♪

♪ The girl I was before ♪

♪ Yeah, I guess the
grass aint always green ♪

♪ When my feet left the ground ♪

♪ I thought I had the
world in my hands ♪

♪ I'd live on love
and I knew enough ♪

♪ To never look back again ♪

♪ I thought I was ready to fly ♪

♪ But I was just
chasin' the wind ♪

♪ What I want and who I
am, I thought I knew ♪

♪ But I was just runnin',
runnin', runnin' ♪

♪ Runnin', runnin',
runnin' from my roots ♪

♪ You don't know
how deep they run ♪

♪ Don't know how
fast you can fall ♪

♪ When your lone home is
the first place you call ♪

♪ When my feet left the ground ♪

♪ I thought I had the
world in my hands ♪

♪ I'd live on love
and I knew enough ♪

♪ To never look back again ♪

♪ I thought I was ready to fly ♪

♪ But I was just
chasin' the wind ♪

♪ What I want and who I am ♪

♪ I thought I knew but I was
just runnin', runnin', runnin' ♪

♪ Runnin', runnin', runnin' ♪

♪ I was just runnin',
runnin', runnin' ♪

♪ Runnin', runnin', runnin' ♪

(country pop music)

♪ Momma's calls and
daddy's prayin' ♪

♪ Brought me back to
where I was raised and ♪

♪ To one last turn
down that gravel road ♪