Take Two (2017) - full transcript

TAKE TWO is a true story of a man named Robert and his daughter Kristi. As a decadent Hollywood film producer who bottoms out in Los Angeles and loses everything, he continues to wake up every morning to his same failed life. He decides to leave LA to seek a new life, only to quickly realize he has taken himself with him. In the beginning of his trek he meets a beautiful young woman in a bar in Wyoming and has a one night affair that leads to the birth of a baby girl. He later discovers that he is the father of a 3 year old daughter who is enduring a living hell of abuse, neglect, and poverty; raising her younger siblings on her own. Accepting his new calling to do whatever it takes to rescue his daughter; his journey leads him to cry out to God and cleanup in the process. Together, they discover the meaning of sacrifice, the love of a Father, and God's sovereignty in the midst of brokenness as they save each other through His faithfulness.

Where does this story begin?

I'm not really sure
I can answer that.

My life is so full
of twists and turns,

trying to stay afloat.

Beat down by every wave and
swell that life threw my way.

And that's just how
life is, I guess.


out there.

I had no one, and needed no one.

It was my story, and
I was the writer.



I forgot what I was
even writing about.

Come on, Asher.

Let's go.

So, how is your
writing assignment going?

I'm writing this
one about a solo

surfing trip in Mexico,
20-some years ago.

I got caught up in
this crazy storm...

It sounds like progress.

Let's get inside.

- So what happened?
- What?

In the storm.

What happens in that story?

I don't know.

Something that's
hard to explain.

What are the other stories
you're writing about?

Come on.

Eh, cigarette?


You should quit.

Those things'll kill ya.

You can't write
anything if you're dead.

You're gonna
sit there all day...

- You put this all on me?
- Like every day watching

that stupid game.
It's not my fault

we aint got no money.
You don't even care.

Shut it off and be
responsible for once.

My, Michelle,
would you shut up?

We should talk about this.


They're gonna shut off
our electricity, Jeff.

What do you
want me to do about it?

Well maybe you
should get another job.


Then you can sit around
on your lazy butt

all day doing your hair.

I know.

Why don't you file child support

on the little blonde
girl of yours?

Are you saying you
don't like my hair, baby?

You know why I
married you, baby?

Because you're a real man.



Get off of me, you jerk.



And next thing you know,
I'm on a nightmare of a binge.

I almost died, but instead I
ended up in the VA hospital.

My choices controlled me.

But forgiveness freed me.


Hold up a minute.


Sorry, I just realized that
I never introduced myself.

I'm Clay.

You can call me Roy.

I really liked what
you said in there.

Well, thanks, I guess.

Why are you here?

Just to start over, I guess.

How's that going for you?

Good days, bad days.

Addiction cost me
almost everything.


Family, friends.

Only God was there at the end.

The only one who
stuck with me through

the puke and pain.

The only reason I'm still here.


What are you
runnin' from, Clay?

Your coffee, Mr. Bauer?

- Two sugars?
- Black.

Good man.

Oh, and David Walker called
about the rental contracts?

Did you send those off?

Well accounting
said that we're still

waiting for escrow to confirm
so we can't really do any...

Don't worry about
what accounting says.

Just send off those contracts.


- Hey, Danny.
- Clay.

- How's it goin'?
- I'm very relaxed.

Are you at the spa again?

I have high stress levels
thanks to your man Rudolph.


Yeah, he's depositing 12
million on Monday as planned.

It isn't there
until it's there.

Come on, Danny,
he's good for it.

I'm betting the farm on it.
You're betting my farm.


You're gonna make enough
money on this film

to buy all the farms you want.

Hey, try and have
some fun this weekend.

And remember, your
stress levels.

Try and get Randolph
on the phone.

I haven't been able
to reach him all day.

But just keep that
between the two of us.


Check it out.

It's 1600 an ounce.

And since Martina's your
lady, you're familia now.

At this price, I
could probably move

a couple of kilos for you.

Orale, let's do it, man.

What's that?


Hands up, hands up,
don't move, don't move!

What were you thinkin'?

Look, I've got it handled.

You were in a house
with six kilos of cocaine.

We're about to close
escrow and start shooting.

It'll be okay.

Besides my lawyer
says we can get the

probation dropped
after one year.

If I stay out of trouble.

Small chance of that.

I'm giving you one last chance.

Now get back to work and
get out of here, go on.

I don't even wanna see you.


It's six am.

First call's not 'til eight.


May I speak with uh,
Mr. Bauer, please?

Who is this?

I'm the editor of
the Neue Zuürcher,

the international
newspaper in Zurich.


You are currently producing
a film with Danny Keith

and Randolph Sexton is
your, uh, financier?


I bet you did not know that

his real name is
Joachim Schmidt.

He is the most wanted man
in all of Switzerland.

And he was arrested on your
film which now I'm afraid

is an asset of the
Swiss government...

I like your dog.

Oh, yeah, this is Asher.

He goes with me everywhere.

So I don't have a sponsor yet

and they said I need to have on

to keep coming back.

Well, I meet with Richard
once a week and we, oh yeah.


- Yeah?
- Sure.

Hey, you wanna
go get some coffee?

I love coffee.

- Now?
- Well yeah.

You know that place,
they have baked goods.

You know what place I'm
talking about, downtown.

There's lots of sweet stuff.

They make the best cakes there.

- Yeah.
- They got coffee.

Sure, how about, uh...

Yeah, Tuesday.


You be there.


You know what I
have in my hand here?

It's a 30 days to pay or quit.


You know what that
means, don't you?

- No!
- You got 30 days

in full or you're out.
No, Jeff just started

his new job this week.

You know what?

Even then it's just
a personal paycheck.

It's not my problem.

- Please!
- I don't wanna hear it.

We're trying our best.

You got 30 days.

Who was that, mommy?

Oh shut up, and let me think!


I'm the one that
caught the fish.

All right.

Oh, look, a letter
from the government.

"Dear Mr. Bauer,

"You are alleged to
be the natural father

"of Sophie Underwood
under the authority"

"of the state of Utah..."

♪ This world tonight ♪

♪ I'll be there holding
you oh so tight ♪

♪ Nobody there but us ♪

♪ But I'll love you
just for tonight ♪


Hey, yeah, he just woke up.

It's James, from the bar.

Hey, James.

What's up?

Please tell me that's not

the girl from last night.

What do you care?

Her husband is here,
waiting for you, bro.

She's married?

Yep, and he's got
killin' in his eyes.

Are you kidding me?

Uh, hey, uh, I gotta get going.

Aww, what?

Playin' hard to get?

I dig that.

I gotta go, I gotta
wash up first.

Want some company?

Nope, sorry.

It's 4:15 pm.




Sure, I'd love some.

Yeah, there's
still some left over.

Did you walk here?

Sure did.

You were late.

Oh, sorry.

What's wrong, Clay?


That's not what Asher says.

Just kiddin'.

I don't speak dog.


I guess.

It says I'm a dad.


I wouldn't make a good dad.

I'm a broke filmmaker.

I could barely even
afford to feed Asher,

let alone a little girl.

It's a girl?


This isn't about
you, this is about her.

Being a good dad
doesn't have anything

to do with what kind
of clothes you wear,

what your job is.

Being a good dad is about
you choosing to love her,

more than comfort, more
than your own fears,

and your dreams.

Loving her is the most important
choice you will ever make.

And maybe the only
thing that can save her.

And you.

Save her?

Listen, can we talk
about this another time?

Just don't wait too long.

Don't wait too long, Clay.

Here we go.



Are you Sophie?

Oh, uh, this is Asher.

And uh, this is for you.

Or you can do that.




Sophie, this is your father.

And this is Cindy and Peter.

Well, it's a nice day.

Come on you guys,
let's let Sophie

get to know her father.

Oh no.

Hey babe, what you doin' home?

I got fired.

What's going on here?

Who is this?

This is Sophie's father,
he came to see her.

What's wrong with mailing
your checks like everybody else?

You know, child support
isn't some open invitation

to come on over
whenever you want to.

Kids, you get inside!


Will you take care
of this guy for me?

I'm gonna come see
you again soon.

I promise.

Come on, Asher.

Oh, man.

I'm so sorry about your truck.

Oh, don't worry about that.

I'm Clay.

I'm Lisa.

So work, what do you do?

I'm in health
and life insurance.

Oh, so that's why you
agreed to have lunch with me.

You thought I'd
make a good client.

You caught me.

I just get cute guys to
get into fender benders

and take me out to lunch.

Well, it's effective.

Thank you.

So, do you have
any family here?

My kids.

Kids, huh?


I've got two of 'em.

A boy and a girl.

And you?

Uh well, actually,
I have a daughter

I just found out about.

Um, it's complicated.

I can't see her without
her mom's permission.

♪ You made ♪

♪ Made the sun shine ♪

♪ Made the moon bright
through the night ♪

♪ You came and made
these blind eyes ♪

♪ Open wide and see the light ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ♪


Yes, Cody?

May I please be excused?

Looks like you still have
some greens on your plate.


Good chicken.

All right kids,
you can be excused.

You're an amazing mom.

Thank you.

I try.

Are you okay?

Uh, yeah.

It's just been a long time since

I've had a family style dinner.

I'm glad it
finally worked out.

If you want, Kelly and I are
going to make pizza on Sunday.

Hm, I'll be going to
Salt Lake on Saturday.

Oh, okay.

Thank you.

Maybe next time.

Yeah, sure.

Look, if you're not
comfortable here,

you don't have to stay.

No, no, it's great here.

Everything is just so perfect.

But all I can think
about is my little girl

living in a different world,

not having any of
this nice stuff.

Just one mess after another.

I'm sorry.

I don't mean to weigh you
down with all this baggage.


It's fine.

No, really, I'm sorry.


I'm here, and I wanna be here.

Woo hoo!

Come on, Sophie.

Give it a try.

You do your own stunts?



Do you need any help?

We're fine.

What are you
doing with this guy?

Listen, you're sweet.

But I know what I'm doing.

You wanna stay for lunch?

No, I got plans later.



Come on.

Put your new bike away.

Here you go.

All right.

I'll stop trying
to give you hugs.

Can we at least shake hands?

There we go.

All right.

Hey, say goodbye to Asher.

Bye, Asher.

Bye, sweetie.

I'll see you soon.


Why did Sophie get a
new bike and I didn't?

Sophie's father is just
trying to buy her affection.

Gifts like that never last.

My bike got stolen.

You let it get stolen.

I bet, with your
dad's new job,

he'll be able to buy us
all some nice, new things.

I'm all done.

Finish your food.

You heard your mom.

Finish your food.


Jeff, go cool down.

Open the door, Michelle.

Open the door!


Don't do anything stupid.

Don't tell me what to do.


Anybody home?

Come on in.

I'll be down in just a minute.

I'll be ready in a minute.


I hope you're hungry.

Our reservation is for 5:30.

All right,
let me get my lipstick

and eyeliner on,
I'll be right there.

Shut up.

Clay, we need your help.

Things got out of control
and I've got the kids

and we're at the diner
in the west valley.

What's wrong?

Hey Michelle.

How's it taste?

What are you doing here?

I, I'm so sorry.

I got out of control.

That's right.

But I'll make sure
everything's cool

and that you don't hit
her anymore, right?

I'm so sorry, Michelle.

I messed up.

Can you give me one more chance?

I'll do whatever you want.

You promise?

What's going on?

You called him?

What are you doing here, Jeff?

You need to leave now.

Oh yeah?

Are you gonna make me?

It's okay.

No, it's not okay.

Look at her face.

We had a little

It's all better now.

Beat it.

That's a little

Thanks for breakfast, Clay.

We'll do this
again another time.

You expect me to let
you leave with him?

Let my daughter leave with him?

This has nothing
to do with you.

You aint go no right tellin'
anybody in here what to do.



Come on kids.

I'll call you later.

This isn't gonna
get better, Michelle.

It's time to leave, pal.

Now's a good time.

♪ Bring me back to Jesus ♪

Oh you don't, you don't
mind if I, you know?

Would you like some
coffee with that?

Oh, yeah, yeah.

It's a new dust on
your truck out there.


I just got back from Salt Lake.

How's Sophie?

Good, I guess.

Whole situation's just a mess.

You know, I just have
a sinking feeling that

one of these days,
they're gonna run,

and I'm not gonna
see Sophie again.

Pretty bummer of
an outlook on life.


Life aint always
got happy endings.

So you've been,
uh, staying sober?

I've got something for you.

Roy, answer my question.

Oh yeah, of course.


But that's not why
you wanted to meet up.

Oh really?

You wanted to know how
to be a good dad, right?

From you?


From him.

Who are you trying to be like

when you wanna be a
better dad with Sophie?

I don't know.

More like my father, minus all
the things he wasn't good at.

You said it yourself.

Well, no dad is perfect, but,

what if I told you, as
dads, we act like pictures

of something bigger
than ourselves?


I don't know what to do.

Help me, please.


I can't always just talk to you.

They are so screwed
up down there,

and it seems like
there's nothing I can do.

You'll probably never
get to see her long

if you don't get serious and
take some responsibility.

Get a job.

Pray for clarity.

Pray for clarity?

♪ Oh oh ♪

♪ Oh oh ♪

♪ Oh oh ♪


Clay Bauer,
back from the dead.

Hey, Danny.

How you doin'?

I didn't call for small talk.

You need a job?

How soon can you be in LA?


Hello, daughter.

Hello, daddy.

How you been?


This is our new house.


Does your mom smoke?

No, Ace does.



- Jeff's friend, right?
- Yeah, good memory.

No thanks, I
don't drink anymore.

All right.

Jeff just wasn't
the man I needed.

Rocky came in at
the perfect time.

Yeah, Jeff was
a bad, mean daddy.

Ace is a good daddy, like you.

Where's Peter and Cindy?

They don't live with us any...

Well not right now, anyway.

Now, look.

I understand that
things were tense

between you and
Jeff but just know

you can come visit
Sophie any time.


But don't mess
with what's mine.


No, don't, don't touch anything.

I'll be down there in a minute.

What's the matter?

I gotta go down to the shop.

Bye, sweetie.

Goodbye, daddy.

You clean up good.


I got a job in LA
I gotta get to.

It's cute, seeing
you all cleaned up.

Listen, I wanna talk to
you about Sophie's name.

What, you don't
like her name now?

Her last name.

I think it should be Bauer.

Sure, Clay.

Go for it.

But don't think that
makes you her daddy.

You push too far, I'll make
sure you never see her again.

I love him, Stan.

Give me a break.

You don't think that I
can change, now do you?

I don't think
you'll ever change.

You're impossible!

Oh, Stan.

Oh, um, uh, crap.



Lily, her name is Lily.

Okay, everyone let's go.

What's wrong with you?

Where did you go
to acting school?

Actors of Idiots?

Do you even know anything here?

You're costing the
studio a lot of money.

- Hey, buddy.
- You're costing me money!


That your '66 out there?

'65, actually.

Hm, is she for sale?

Oh, not a chance.

I'll give you seven
grand right now.

Nah, I think she's
worth more than that.

I'll give you cash, man.

Right now.

No, thanks.


If you're ever...
Clay Bauer!

Are interested
in selling her...

Clay Bauer, I need you!

Here's my card.

All right.

That guy can't act his
way out of a paper bag.

I know, I've been watchin'.

I need him replaced today.

All right.


All right, well, let's
break for lunch now,

and I'll go get
you your new Stan.

That's what I like to hear.

All right, we're
gonna break for lunch.

Hey, baby girl, what's up?

Ace says it's okay if
you come to my party today.

Your birthday's
next week, right?

No, my party's today.

Oh, shoot, honey.

I'm not gonna...

Sweetheart, I'm at work far
away, and I can't make it.

We'll just celebrate
your birthday next week

when I get there, okay?

Oh, okay.




- But he's on set with...
- No, not anymore.

I've already talked
with that producer,

and he owes me a favor.

Well, you certainly still know

how to get what you want.

I gotta take this.


Yeah, this is him.

Wait, what?

Are you okay?

You missed my party.

I'm sorry.

What happened?

We got hit by some
jerk in a truck.

Flipped us a few times.

Hey, keep it down.

What took you so long?

I drove as fast as
I could, sweetheart.

You should get a helicopter.

I got to ride in
one after the wreck.

It was awesome.

That's a good idea,
I'll work on it.

Well, you're a whole
lot better than a frog.

Hey, doc.


I'm Sophie's
biological father.

Is there anything
you can tell me?

What do you mean?

I only hear one side
of the conversation.

I just wanna know the truth.

There's bruising that
I can't account for.


I've seen children
in family situations

like this in a lot of
so-called convenient accidents.

So what are you saying?

If she was my
daughter, I wouldn't let

her out of my sight.

Let her out of my sight?



Can I come in?

It's all my fault.

I got too close.

My daughter's malnourished
and homeless again.

I tried to be something I'm not.

Now, I'll never
see Sophie again.

I'm proud of you, papa bear.

Roy, she's gone.

I'm done.

I don't think so.

You're still
breathin', aren't ya?

They'll show up
again, they always do,

and then you gotta
snatch her out.

Snatch her up, get
her out of that mess.


What are you so
scared of, Clay?

Just stop, Roy.

What's keeping you from
taking that next step?

Roy, stop.

You know, I don't see
you doing anything

to fix up your life.

So who are you to
give me advice?

Roy, I'm sorry.


You're right.

I can't save her.

God can.

He saved you, so that
you can save her.

I try to pray.

I try to read the Bible.

Until you can
be real with God,

you're not gonna get anywhere.

You've been breathing
too much of that LA smog.

Let's go get some altitude.

Feels like the
higher up you get,

the smaller your problems seem.

- Thank you.
- Oh yeah.

It sure is nice up here.

Well, I'm gonna turn in.

Right here.

Well, I'll stay up and
mind the fire for a bit.

♪ The Lord is my shepard ♪

♪ I shall not want ♪

♪ He makes me lie down
in green pastures ♪

You want me to be honest?

Okay, I'll be honest.

♪ He lays be beside
still waters ♪

You know, if you're this
God of love and mercy,

then how come my little
girl is suffering?

Where are you?

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪

What do you want from me?

Then I baptize you.

Clay Bauer, in the
name of the Father,

the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

he raises you to new life.

Stop looking out the window.

I'm your real daddy, Sophie.

He's never coming back.

We'll see.

Mr. Bauer?


Hi, my name is Cassidy.

I'm Mrs. Morris's assistant.

She can see you now.

Okay, thank you.

And now I don't
know where they are,

or if she's even okay.

That's quite a story.

Yeah, I know.

I'm going to have to ask

you a few questions.

Do you own your home?


I rent.

Are you married?


Ever file for bankruptcy?


Do you have
any children other than Sophie?


Look, I know I'm not
the best of guys.

But I love my daughter.

I believe you, Clay, and
I'm willing to take your case.

Our firm requires
a deposit of $7000.

One more question, Mr. Bauer,

have you ever been
convicted of a felony?

Mr. Bauer?

Uh, deposit check.

Is that going to be a problem?

What now, God?

Well, where in the
world did you get that?

You want valet parking, too?

What, you jealous?

Come on.

Now run down to the set and
make sure everything's in order.

You got any kids?


I don't know, it's
just something that's

never come up between us
before, I was curious.

I don't like to
mix work with family.

But yeah, sure, I got a few.

They live with their mother,
it's better that way.

Do you get to spend
much time with them?

Listen, I didn't
get to where I am

by becoming a good family man.

I got here by making a
choice to do one thing good,

and this is it.

You're fooling yourself if
you think it'd be otherwise.


Hold on.

Come on.


There, you happy?

Now go.

See you later.


Same time.

I miss Sophie so much.

Hello, this is Clay.

Eh, Rocky's in jail.

He beat me up.

Is Sophie okay?

We need help.

Where are you?

We're at
a motel in St. George

just off the interstate.

Did he hurt her, Michelle?

Room 103.


Hey, I just got a
call from Michelle.

She's at a motel in St. George.

I guess Rocky beat her up.

If they go off the grid again,

there'll be nothing
that I can do.


This may be our one
and only shot, Clay.

All right, Lord.





Hi, honey.

Oh, I missed you so much.

Hi, Asher.

Hey, what happened to the truck?

Oh, that old thing?

I needed a little change.

Mommy said I can go
with you for a few days.


Wow, that's great.

Are you okay?

You shouldn't have come.

I thought you
said he was in jail.

He just got out two hours ago.

Hey Clay, old buddy.

It's been a while.

Is this your new ride?

Hey Rocky, what
are you doing here?

You're here to pick up my
daughter for the weekend?

Yeah, a wedding.

Well that's nice.

No one told me about it.

Well I suppose if you quit
changing your cell number.

This weekend's not gonna work.

We have our own family plans.

Sophie's gonna be with
her father this weekend,

so she can be around a
real man for a change.

And who knows,
maybe I'll go, too.

Sophie, go with your father.

Wanna see
a real man, Michelle?

No, no, Rocky!

I thought I told you to
stay away from what's mine!


She's mine.

Come on, honey, we gotta go.

My dad gave me that knife.

Michelle Howard?

- Yes.
- This is an emergency

court order for the
custody of Sophie Bauer,

signed by a judge up
in Salt Lake City.


This is a long trip.

Are we really going to
Aunt Susie's wedding?

Yes, but not yet.

They don't get married
'til later this summer.

Then, where are we going?

Just try it.

It looks funny.

It's gluten free.

Does gluten make
stuff taste any better?

Please, just taste it.

She made it especially for you.

Yuck, I don't like.

Hey, where's your manners?

I ate all mine, mom.

I ate all mine too, daddy.

That food was gross.


I know, right?

I love you, honey.

Everything's gonna be all right.

Get some rest.

You have a big day tomorrow.

Good night.

Good night.

Hey, um, we should pray.


Well it's just talking to God.


I'm not very
good at it, but...

Dear God, thank you for
bringing Sophie and I together.

Thank you for having a
plan, helping us out,

even when I doubted you.

You're the best, Lord.

Lead us home and please,
help us in court.




I love you.

- I love you too.
- I love you more.

I'm glad you finally
got to meet her.

She's just not used to
that kind of food yet.

It's not about the food.

This whole lifestyle's new.

Why didn't you call me
last time you were in town?

It was a weekend trip.

And I had some things I
needed to talk about with Roy.


You can confide in your whacked
out, drunk friend, not me?

Roy's not a drunk.


I supported you
on your move to LA

and your constant on and
off again stuff with Sophie.

I need you to understand
my position right now,

and where my life is going.

And what does
that life look like?

Are you going to
move back to LA?



You don't even have a plan.

Your job is fixing
problems of other people,

but when it comes to
your own problems?

You're right.

You're right, Lisa.

I can't fix my problems.

Truth is, I have no
idea what I'm doing.

And for the first time in
my life, I'm okay with that.

How can you be okay with that?

I ran my life into the ground,

trying to fix myself by myself.

I'm okay with not being
in control because

as corny as this
may sound to you,

I know God's in control.

Oh, is that it?

You found God now?

No, he's been there all along.

Now I know I have a father
who paid it all to get me,

and that's the kind of
love I wanna give Sophie.

What now, Father?

Did I do the right thing?


Thank you.

How do I look?

You look like a president.




Okay, be back soon.

You got your books
and your drawing stuff

and Asher will keep you company.

I love you.

- I love you too.
- I love you more.

Remember, daddy, don't cry.

Blessed be the Lord, my rock,

who trains my hands for war

and my fingers for battle.

He is my steadfast
love and fortress.

He is my stronghold,
my deliverer.

He is my shield, and the
one in whom I take refuge.

Mr. Bauer.


I met her in
Wyoming, in a bar.

Michelle Howard?

Well, her name
wasn't Howard then.

She was married
to somebody else.

So, when did Mrs. Howard
inform you that she was married?

She never did.

I found out the next
day from a friend.

And were you
aware that she had

two children at that time?


So how did
you find out about Sophie?

I got a letter from
the state of Utah,

saying that I had a little girl

and that I owed child support.

And what did you do after
you received that letter?

Drove seven hours, from
Bozeman to Salt Lake.

First, I needed to
know it was real.

And if I had a daughter,
I wanted to meet her.

I saw the kind of world
that they were living in.

You're a pretty lucky girl

to have a daddy like yours.

He's a good daddy.

I wish we all had good daddys.

We all do.

You've never been married,

never raised children,
you're currently unemployed,

and you have an unstable history

moving from state to state,

which suggests that you
are totally unpredictable.

Objection, speculation.

Can you honestly
say that you are

capable of raising a child?

Well it was sad
more than anything.

He tried so hard to
turn her against us.

And when I saw that he
was having a negative

effect on Sophie, I got worried.

Mrs. Howard, have
any of your husbands

ever physically abused you,
or any of your children?

Nothing worth mentioning.

Nothing like what Clay Bauer
would like you to believe.

Thank you Mrs.
Howard, that is all.

Your Honor, we wish to
call the court Guardian

ad Litem, Mr. Roberts
to the stand, please.

The essence of my
job is to investigate

the living situation
of the minor child.

So please tell
us the findings of

the outcomes of
your investigation.


Your Honor, the
respondent has not had

the opportunity to read
Mr. Roberts' report

prior to this hearing.

I'd suggest you
request a copy next time.

Please proceed, Mr. Roberts.

The daily violence
described to me

by the minor child,
Sophie Bauer,

is the worst case I
have seen in 15 years

of serving as
Guardian ad Litem...

No way.

I'm a good mom.

And you all have a
problem with that?

Mrs. Howard.

He's a selfish liar,
and he just wants

to rip her away from me.

Please continue, Mr. Roberts.

Along with the findings of
14 domestic violence reports...


You only told me of three.

Mr. Bauer, I will
not have anymore

outbursts in this court.

Now sit down before I
find you in contempt.

I believe that the minor child

could suffer
irreparable harm if she

were to remain in her current
situation with her mother.


I didn't mean for things
to happen the way they did.

I just want what's
best for Sophie.


And is that what you
wanted for Martina?

As we have heard from
the Guardian ad Litem,

this case is about finding
a solution for Sophie Bauer.

The petitioner has
suggested that Mrs. Howard

is incapable of providing
this level of security.

However, what the
Guardian ad Litem

failed to disclose
is Mr. Bauer's past.

Mr. Bauer, have you
ever been arrested?

Mr. Bauer?

Mr. Bauer, have you
ever been arrested?


Yes, I have.

You were arrested
in California

at the home of a
Mexican drug dealer

with six kilos of cocaine
and $200,000 in cash.

Your girlfriend at the
time, Martina Hernandez,

later died of a drug
overdose and you were

nowhere to be find,
having fled to Wyoming

where you seduced my client
and this whole story began.

Can you honestly say that
you deserve to raise Sophie?


I don't deserve Sophie.

I won't deny it or try
to make any excuses.

I've made mistakes, and
some pretty big ones.

But one mistake I
don't regret is Sophie.

I know God's given me a second
chance at life through her,

one I don't deserve.

And I'll continue to
change, because that's what

a real father does: gives his
very best to his children.

And that is what
I'll give Sophie.

My life was a story
I didn't wanna tell.

Every mistake,

every choice,

every failure.

I thought it was up to me.

I thought it was about me,
until I met my daughter

and I realized I didn't know
how to be a good father.

And no matter what I
tried, I couldn't fix it.

But I've learned that
life is about more

than second chances alone.

Through my story, I've
found the Father's love,

or he found me.

This court finds that it is in

the best interest
of the minor child

to remain in the petitioner's
custody full time.

Now I could
start loving my daughter,

because I have been
given a whole new life.

A whole new hope, and
a whole new purpose.

I guess I just needed the
help of a little girl.

Now this is a story worth
telling, worth living.

The kind of story that
changes more than just me.

It brings life and hope.

A love story, wrapped
up in a father's arms.

♪ You made ♪

♪ Made the sun shine ♪

♪ Made the moon bright
through the night ♪

♪ You came and made
these blind eyes ♪

♪ Open wide, I see the light ♪

♪ You turn your main suffering ♪

♪ Into blessings right on time ♪

♪ When I was so much younger ♪

♪ So much younger than today ♪

♪ I made paper airplanes ♪

♪ But you, oh you ♪

♪ Oh you gave the hummingbirds
their crazy wings, so ♪

♪ This is the song
that they sing ♪

♪ The words that you bring, oh ♪

♪ They fill up my heart ♪

♪ I just wanna share, I don't
know where to start, oh ♪

♪ This is the song
that they sing ♪

♪ The words that you bring, oh ♪

♪ I don't even think that you ♪

♪ You made ♪

♪ Made the sun shine ♪

♪ Made the moon bright
through the night ♪

♪ Now ooh ♪

♪ La ooh, oh oh ♪