Take This Waltz (2011) - full transcript

While on a plane ride back to Toronto from a writing assignment, Margot meets Daniel, a handsome stranger. An immediate attraction is formed and Margot is able to open up and discuss some of her fears and longings. A taxi ride back home causes Daniel and Margot to realize that they are neighbours and Margot admits she's married. The summer-time heat and her increasing fascination with the handsome artist who lives across the street starts getting to her, and Margot is no longer sure if she's happy in her marriage or if she'd be happier with her fantasies with Daniel.

In the name of the king.

Public humiliation.

Public punishment.

Everyone gather in the square
for the public humiliation.

Tired yet?

We're nowhere near done.

When are we gonna see the stoning?

And ... there's a special treat.
A one-time experience today in Louisbourg.

He shall be subjected to a lashing.

The likes of which he's
never experienced in all his days!

Vive Le Roi!
Long live the King!

Are you sorry? Are you contrite?


I see a lady...

... who'd like to try her hand on the thrashing.

Do I not?

No, please stop!

Please do not do it.
Do not do it!

No, I will not.

I came here to work, to
rewrite your official pamphlets.

Oh, but please, indulge me!

Put your back into it more!


Harder, harder!

Well done.

You've got a lot of nerves, sir.

Welcome to Montreal.

Connecting passengers ,
Please check the boards

for any updates to your departure times.

Hi. On the right hand side.

Thank you.



I think I'm sitting here.

Sorry, I know you from ...?

Public humiliation.

Well, obviously ...

Not before? Don't I know you
from somewhere else?

Not that I know of.

You look very familiar though.

Yes ...

Did you have an accident at Louisbourg;

- Sorry?
- Your wheelchair.

Something happened to your legs?

No ... I
I have just a constant issue with them...

I can not walk for than 5 minutes
without some help.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

No, you don't.

Excuse me?

You do not have a constant issue with your leg.

Okay ...

You must have been walking a lot more than
4 minutes around the fortress.

And you really gave it when it came time
for the whipping, my friend.

Right, look, I'm just reading this.

No, you're not.

You're not reading that.
You were watching me me sleep.

You missed a spot.
This is where it is.

Yeah, got it.


Who orders milk on a plane?

It's tomato juice, asshole, that's what
you order on a plane!

"Dreaming of Hitler."

Includes the famous essay...

Spanking of romance ...

Are you okay?

What are you reading?

I'm scared of airports.

That's why you read about
Hitler's spanking you?

Do you want me to answer or not?

I'm afraid of connections.

In airports.

Getting from one plane to another.

Runing and rushing, and not knowing ...

Trying ... to figure it out ...

Wondering if I'm gonna make it ...

What do you think will happen
if you do not succeed?

I think I may get lost ...

... And that I may rot and die ...

In ... some forgotten
Empty Terminal ...

... that nobody even knows exists.

And you miss your plane.

No ...
that's not really the fear ...

Then what are you afraid of?

I'm afraid of wondering if I'll miss it ...

I do not like being between things ...

I'm afraid of being afraid.

Sounds like the most
dangerous thing in the world.

We are making two stops ...

62, Crescent,
near Queen MacLaughlin ...


Yes, why, where do you live?

Pretty close, actually.

- I will walk from your place.
- Really?


Are you serious?

Yeah, why, where do you live?

Pretty close.

I am married.

Oh. That's too bad.

That's too bad. Because I live here.


Hey, baby.

I love you so much ...

... I'm gonna mesh your head
with a potato masher ...

I love you so much,

that I will put your spleen
into a meat grinder.

And it is gonna be a freaking
rusty meat grinder.

I love you so much ...

That ... I'll gonna inject your face ...
with a curious combination

of Swineflu and Ebola.

Wow, it made me laugh.

What time is your family coming over?

Whenever they manage to put their
kids in the car, so ..

Maybe ... a million o'clock.

I look forward to seeing the little Tony.

She's really, really nice.

I like to play with her.

Will you do the monkey?

That's nice.

I will, really.

I'm gonna play with Tony.

I know you are.

I know, too.

I know already.

I'm taking a shower.

- Knock knock!
- Who is there?

- Interrupting starfish.
- What interrupting starfish?

Well, this. Do you get it?

Knock it off!

Jerry! Jerry!

Why do not you want Tony to go
to the Montesouri?

I do want Tony to go to Montesouri!

- That's a lie!
- Speak clearly.

You want to play the princess restaurant?

Hello. Welcome to our restaurant.

Would you like some chicken?

It's okay, do not hit really.

Thank you.

I do not like the place so much.

It's a little bland.

It's a little bland.

Make sure to mark all the things
you do not like, Mom.

That's why we're doing this lunch.

I'll take them.
It's all wonderful.

Thank you.

And I like being served.

And I'd like you to sit down.

You deserve it.

I love these flowers.

I know aren't they pretty?

I tell you it does not help me.

Every book you read about it involves...
you know...

... people falling off the waggon 8 times ...

So you know, I'm good, I'm really good but ...

There is this looming, you know...
"waiting-to-fail"-ness ...

You look so well.

I know.

Really. I look in the mirror and want to fuck myself.

I honestly think that I look
better than before I gave birth to Tony.


Yes ... You look amazing!
- Thank you.

It is that kind of moment when you want
to try and win real quick.

I do not think you're gonna fail.

Don't look at me like that.

With this sincere look ...

... Like a baby dear.

The next time you wake up
inside me vomit ...

... You should feel
guilty about you, too.

Then do not do it.

Do not wake up in a pile of your vomit.

Doing my best.

It'll be 10 months Tuesday.

That's great!

Allright. Now, get off me.

Nobody has died.

I'm "the good news", you know that?

Okay, guys, it's time.

Bye, sweetheart!

- Bye!
- Bye!

- I love you so much.
- Thank you, aunt.

Take me somewhere.

Very French style yourself.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Do not even know what to
make for breakfast.

I do not know what you're making for me you breakfast!


What "what"?


Just... glad you're here.



- Bad baby.
- No, I am not a bad baby!

No? You're not evil baby? No?

You seem like the baddest little
baby in the whole world.

I'm not a bad baby,
I'm mad at you.

Are you mad my baby?

Yes, I'm mad at you.

I love you, baby.

Can't we just drop this baby thing?

And kiss me that's just not good together.




I just keep making breakfast

and you continue to require
how to become everything.

I did not mean to...




Where are you going?

To the grocery store.

Big breakfast?

Big breakfast, early start.

You mean we both
early in the grocery store.

No, no, I just woke up.

Sure you did...

What is that supposed to mean?

Jumpy, jumpy lady.

Who needs a rickshaw at 5 am, asshole?

I go to the lake shortly before the day starts.

And then I go straight to work.
It doesn't make sense ...

I just do not like going home in between.

- You go to the lake?
- Yes.

What? To think things over?


- This is so gay.
- Gay?

You gaylord.

What are you? 12 years old in 1982?

Who says "gaylord"?

Who goes to the lake every morning ?

I do.

Gaylords do.

I think you woke up early to abuse me.

You think?

Well. Nice to run into you ...

We should do this again some
time to get a coffee.

- Is it an invitation?
- Pardon?

Is that a "shouldvitiation" or an invitation?

Like, "I should ask him if he wants to
drink coffee sometime ...

But ... I have no intention of actually doing that. "

Significant difference from an invitation.

No, it is not a shouldvitation.

Okay, how about now, then?

Let the gaylord do this for me.

Shut up.

So what are you gonna do with me?

What do you mean?

You got me this time.
What are you gonna do?

I got you this time?

Yesterday you woke up early,
and watched me leave ...

... and did not get me.

And today, you got me.
Now, what are you gonna do with me?


Can't we just...

Talk to each other normally ...
just us, so ...

So that things aren't so, so...

- ... loaded?
- No, I did not say "loaded".

- Well.
- I never said "loaded".

Got you.

Can I show you something?

It is a bit of stalkerish and everything ..

But ... you're the one who woke up at 5.30;

to follow me, so ...

Oh. That's ...

That's pretty disturbing ... actually ...


I guess my response is: "Fuck you".


One side is full of hope.

Yes, but the other side is a junkie,

about to throw herself from a bridge.

No, you become melodramatic.

One side just does not live up to
its full potential, maybe

One side of me, or one side of the picture?

So ...

... it was not a good idea, clearly.

You want something to drink,
or another coffee ...?

No, no, no.

- Water?
- No, I should go.

So why don't you?

So you're an artist.

Why don't you sit down?

No, I paint.

What does that mean?

It means that I paint for
myself, and I...

... I paint for my rent,
carrying the rickshaw ...

... Through the city streets,
like a modern day hobo.

Do you show your stuff anywhere?



Because I'm a coward.

So that's that.

- No.
- No?

I'm not sitting down.


So what do you do?

I want to write.

- So do you?
- Not now. Not yet.

Well I write, but not those
that I want to write.

But yes.

So why don't you just ...?
What's the hold-up?

What's the matter with you?


You seem restless.

I mean, not just now ...

...in a kind of permanent way.

I remember when my niece,
Tony was a newborn ...

I'd baby sit her... ...

... And sometimes she'd cry
as babies do, and ...

And ... I'd do everything I could
to find the source of the problem.

Was she hungry, was she tired?

Did she have a rash?

9 times out of 10 I could solve the problem,
I could figure it out but ...

Sometimes ... I do not know ...

Sometimes ...

I'm walking along the street, and ...

... A shed of sunlight falls in a certain way
accross the pavement ...

And ... I just want to cry ...

And ... a second later it's over.

And I decide, because I'm an adult.

Decide not to come to the momentary

... and I had that sometimes with Tony.

That she had a moment just like that.

One moment of not knowing how and why

and she just let herself go into it.

And there was nothing anyone could do.

To make it any better.
It was just her.

And the fact of being alive ...



Or maybe you just did not figure out
what it was.


I suppose that's possible.

The fact that I met you.

Seems inevitable.

I think I saw something in your eye.

No, I think I saw something in your eye.

Indeed I think
I saw something in your eye.

No, I saw something
in thine eye.

It's so weird, because ...

I was so sure that you had something!

I guess that I saw
something wrong in your eye.

Come on.



We got to get this looked at!

I'm getting spurts of cold water!



- Are you busy?
- Yeah.


I wanna kick the snot out of you until you're dead, and sell you for a glue..

I want to rape you
with a pair of scissors ...

Until you bleed to death.

Too far.

Too far? No, it was not too far.

I Will peal you with the potato pealer.

That's it ?

That is scary!

Not the potato pealer!

When did you start winning this game?

I do not know.

Perhaps it means that
I love you more now.

I love you.


I love you the most.

I really love you.

Really love you.

I love you ...

This ... much.

I can not love you so much.

Take me away.

OK, OK. Be Careful. It's hot.

- Bad time?
- Bad time.

You gotta be so careful with chicken.

The groins are poisonous.

Full of bacteria, salmonella.

You're hot and sweaty.

I know, it's hot.

You need to cook it at such a high
temperature for germs.

I missed you.

Me too.

It's lonely up there.

Up there is lonely?

Should we get a dog?

A little dog.


I like dogs.

If you feel lonely, you
should have a dog.

A dog is like
a starter for a kid.

No! A dog's like a starter for a cow.

Or a bigger animal.

That's all.

Usually, when a couple gets a dog,
in two years they have a kid.

Perhaps if we get a very young dog,

we'll make a kid in 6 years, or something.

I don't think about it now, so...

You do not know how stupid I feel.

Come, my sweet,
not spoil me.

This is my joy.

All right ladies,
eyes on me, okay!

Are we ready to rock the pool?

My name is Terry, and I am happy to
see some new faces.

Hello, Irene, how is the surgery?

- Well!
- Good. Let's start our walking.

We're walking on spot.

And punch.

And punch.
Putting bad person.

And punch, punch.

I wanna see knees up.

I can see, because the
water is transparent.

It's the marionette,
hand toward the heel.

I am a marionette,
I am a marionette.

On the move by move.

And three more.

And two more.

And I lied to you.
And I lied to you again.

I'm a big liar.

No more.
Come close to the edge of the pool.

You know what is coming.

We're gonna work the legs.

Someone pushed you down on the
sidewalk, what are you gonna do?

Kick him in the face!

As loud as you can!
Kick him in the face!

Kick, kick!

Let me hear you say, "Yeah!"

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.

Move away from the wall, into the center.

Come on.

Keep the legs high.

Arms in circles.

- Are we having fun?
- Yeah!

Hands in circles.

Shoulders. Clapping ...

Shoulders. Clapping.

- Everybody "yeah".
- Yeah!

- Can't hear you!
- Yeah!

Now for skiing.

Skiing! Jog ... and shoot.

Push, pull.
Push, pull ...

Into the prospector.

Gold! I found gold!


Let's make jazz
movements as we march.

Here we go.


Make my faces jazz.

Persons jazz.

And toggles.

That's right, ladies!

And alternate.

I think I'll pee myself.

No, no! Don't!

They put something in the water,
that makes it coloring.

Everybody out, please!

There's been a fouling of the pool.

I need everybody out.

It's very funny.

Yeah, it's very funny.
Peeing in the pool.

Not cool, guys.
Not cool.

Everybody out.

Here piss, Margo.
In the shower, like a lady.

It is extremely difficult for me,

to refrain from sending
nasty e-mails about this.

There was no need to come with me.

We did not finish the class.

At least I managed
to work out on my stomach.

Sometimes I wonder if there is any point

in shaving my legs.

And I'm pretty sure James
would not notice either way

Who am I shaving my legs for?

Love in marriage.

It's kind of depressing.

Sometimes I think, after 10 years ...

Who's gonna take a really active interest
in whether I shave my legs?

At least after all this time I like James.

Is it worth trading all that in for...

Something exciting with someone

I may not like in 10 years?

I do not know.

Sometimes I just want something new.

New things are shining.

New things get old.

Well, that's right, new things get old ...

Just like the old things did.

I fucking hate you more than
anyone I've ever met

in my fucking life!

Although I do not like to swear
I admit that I hate completely.

I need a drink.

It's two in the afternoon.

You sure will
sit in a public place ...

Not ashamed ... after
what did you do in the pool?

You are infinitely hateable.

Let's get Martinis.

- Drink.
- You drink.

You first.

I do not want to get drunk with you.

I'm impressed by your consistence.

I want ...

You want ...?

I want to know ...

I want to know what you do to me.

- Wow.

- I just said that.

You just said that.

I just kissed the top of your head.

Ever so gently...

- You did?
- Yes.

And then ...
I kissed your eyelids ...

They flattered underneath my lips.

- Just a little.
- A little ...

And ... very, very slowly ...

I grazed your lips ...
with mine.

But because you're married,
I did not dare kiss them.

- No.
- No.

Instead, I worked my way slowly down your neck...

And ... I kissed every inch of it.

And I lingered over...

your birthmark on your left shoulder.

Yeah, that one.

And ...

I smelled you.

I really inhaled and I smelled you.

What do I smell like?

You smell like you do.

Like you smelled on the plane.
The way you smell right now.

A mixture of...

Sweetness ... and ...

... Fuck.

And then I kissed your breasts.

And I licked your nipples ...

And stayed there for about an hour.

And ... I was gentle at first, but ...

I found out how that worked...
And that ..

You were not that interested in being so gentle.



And then I thought to myself that

I need to find out how she works.
how every part of her works.

And I spent about a week and a half ...

... With your body ...

And ... I began to learn it.

And know it.

Every detail of it.

And ...

I played with you ... ...

Before ... I entered you.

Before I spread your legs ...

And fucked you hard.

I fucked you harder than I wanted to.

But I could not hold myself.

And I pulled your hair gently...

While I rocked inside you ...

I fucked your mouth ...

And every part of you ...

Until we were so intensely fevered

that we could not see straight anymore, and ...

I filled you with my cum...

And ... ...

I told you ... and again
again, "I love you."

I love you.

- So these martinis are ...
- Redundant, I think.

I want to leave.

One thing.


Because none of this are actually going to happen ...

Can I make an appointment with you?

What kind of appointment?

I'd like to make a date to kiss you.

My schedule is fairly flexible.

Is it flexible on 30 years?

Thirty years?

I'd like to meet you at the fountain ...

At the lighthouse ... in Louisbourg.

I'd like to meet there.

I'm gonna be 58 ...

I do not know how it will be.

I'm 59.

I would like to see you there,
on this day at ...

2.00 ... p.m., Eastern Standard Time.

On August 5, 2040.
And I 'd like to kiss you.

Until then, I'm married.

But after 35 years of being
faithful to my husband ...

I think ... I'll have
win a kiss.

I'm going home to clean myself up.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- I need a shower.
- You did not shower there?


I think I'm gonna accept
the offer to stay on here.


Oh, fuck!

Is "katsatore."

Chapter I
the "katsatore" ...

I'm gonna make a whole lot of "katsatore."

I'll put in hot peppers this time.

What do you think it will be like
with hot peppers?

I do not care.


Okay, could you ...

Look ... I do not want to fill
Part of gravy, so ..

Okay, seriously ...

What? Where are you going?


You know that it takes courage to do that?

To do what?

To seduce you.

It takes all my courage,

And you're teaching me to be
utterly and completely without bravery.

It takes courage to
seduce your husband?


It takes all the courage in the world.

This is ridiculous.

Is it?

Then why do you always prove that I was right?

When I feel that I'm taking
a great risk to consistently prove ...

that I was right...

... and that it was a greater risk than I can manage.

What ...

the fuck ...

are you talking about ...?

I'm just making chicken.

You're always making chicken.


I'm going for a swim.

I must get out.

Afraid of being afraid?

I'm so sorry ... it was a bad idea.

Okay, okay. Yeah.

Oh, I see.



No, that makes sense,
that makes perfect sense.

That makes...
Makes very good sense ... ...

Okay, okay ...

No, do not do anything ...

Oh, that wasn't clear to me ...


Two months Yes, that's definitely doable.


That's very nice, I appreciate that.

Likewise, yes.

Aha ...

Yeah ... Okay.


Oh, I did not realize that
you had that option contractually.



Can I hold

Yeah, I can hold.

What are you doing?

Okay, stop, seriously.

I almost laugh 5 times.
Watch out!

Yes, I am still here. Yes ...

I'm not doing anything... sorry ...

My wife just got home.

And she has a funny outfit on.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Sorry about the pool.

No need to apologize.
I had a good swim.

I have to go.


- Today is our anniversary.
- OK. I mean ...

We've only known each other
about 5 weeks, but I. ..

If you want to start celebrating
anniversaries ...

there's a 17-inch Macbook.

How long have you been married?

About five years now.

What does your "husband" do?

Why the quotes?

Because the word "husband"
is hillarious.

He writes cookbooks.


Chicken books...
Chicken cook books...

Books ... on how to
cook chicken.

Just chicken?

Yes, just chicken.

- Do you eat a lot of chicken?
- You have no idea!

But he is a really good cook.

If you like chicken...

Do you like chicken?

Sure, When it is in food form.

My house always smells
really good when he's cooking ...

Only ...
the smell of chicken garbage is disgusting.


What's up?

Daniel, this is Lou.
He is our neighbor.

Hey! Cool! Did you just move here?

I moved in pretty recently.
Just over there.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

Feel like walking?
If we leave now, we make it.

Where are you going?

It's our anniversary.

We every year go to see
a movie at the Royal.

Climb up, I'll give you a ride.

No, that's fine.
We'll make it if we walk.

- Are you serious?
- Yes, I am.

I always wanted to climb
in one of them!



Really, yes.
Come on, what are you doing? Come.

We have enough time.

Let's ride with the rickshaw, just get in!

Get in, it's your anniversary.

Come on! Just do it.

What are you doing? Get in.

We'll go ride rickshaw!

- Come on!
- Just a second.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Thank you for everything.

You're all in?

This is for the history books.

Okay, hang on.

Hang on.



Thank you so much.
How much ...

How much do we owe you ...?

- It's on the house.
- Oh, no!

Maybe you could make me some chicken, someday.

Oh, Margo told you about ...

Yeah, of course.
We'd love to have you over.

I could use new audience.

I think Margo overdid poultry
a long time ago.

It's not true.

- Thank you so much.
- Please.

- Have fun.
- Bye.

So ...


So how is everything?

Fine. What do you mean?

I mean ... I do not know ...

Say something ...


So that we have a conversation.

I don't have anything to say.

That's not a good sign.

I will not say anything just
to open a conversation.

Why do not you ask me how I am doing?

Because I know how you're doing.
Don't I?

Yeah, I guess. I just ...

Don't you think it's a bit weird that

we sit here without talking?

And what can we talk about?

We live together,
we know everything already.

Then what is the point
in going out to dinner?

To eat. Good food.

To be someplace nice.

It's not to catch up.

Hey, come here, come here.

I love you.

It's our anniversary,
I love you.

Happy anniversary.

I love you.

Now who is the stalker?

- You see I met my husband.
- You did?

How was your anniversary?

It was okay.


Yeah. It ...

He is the kindest and gentlest
person in the world.

He seemed sweet.

He seems to love you very much.

He does. And I love him.

Is that you came here to tell me?

That you love your husband, and
your anniversary was okay?

Why was it okay?

I feel that there is no
greatest betrayal ...

than complaining
about your husband to your ...

to your what?

Let's go for a walk.

I feel like going out in the world with you.
Can you do that?

Can we spend the day together?



Let's do that.

Have you ever been to the Flyers
carts at the amusement park?

It is in the dark and they are playing music ...

And it goes way too fast
to do something stupid.

- See you.
- Sometime.

- Soon.
- I guess.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- What are you gonna do now?
- Nothing.

It's for you to do something, not me.

I don't have to tell you again
that I love you, do I?

You never did.

In that case ...

In that case ...

I can not!

I can not ...

I think you need to go home now, Margo.

- What?
- I do not know.

These here ...

Do I have a pimple?

I woke up, and you know when you have
one that has just come out ...

And you can ...
to see it yet ...

I think it's there.

I love you.

So, the great thing about not being
totally absorbed in the AA community is ...

that ... your friends and family throw
a big drunken party

To celebrate ...
your sobriety ...

Which is ...
totally inappropriate ...

And ... plain awesome.

So I raise my bottle of Perrier

Cheers ... to all of you who
can get shitfaced

without guilt ...

The amazing brother ...
sister-in-law ...

For getting me more than just
a piece of sober cake ...

Wonderful ... to my amazing kid
who is not here, Tony ...

... I thank you for putting up with
the worst years ...

And to my amazing husband, James ...

James, right?

ah..., for trusting me enough

to be around you, drunken assholes.

Enough of this bullshit ...

Let's turn on some music ...
and dance, you bunch of dicks!

- Lou!
- Hey, I did not think you're gonna make it ...

You missed her speech.
It was great.

You got an ashtray?
Yeah, good.


Come over, have a drink.

- That's OK, I just...
- Come on!

One drink!

I actually have some work to do ...

It's Saturday night.
Be a neighbor!

Come on!


- Can I get you something to drink?
- Yes.

Did you say hello to Daniel?

Yes, you can not imagine
what it took me to have him over here.

- Tandoori kebab?
- Yes, for the book.

- Did you grab a beer?
- Yes, they are out.

- What do you think?
- Delicious!

Thank you.

- Interesting choice!
- I tried not to come.

He's pretty persistent.

Something tells me you could have found a way.

I've been thinking about that airport fear of yours.

Being in between things ...

I think I kind of hate it, too.

I know it's a kind of in
the nature of being alive, but ...

I'd like to avoid it whereever possible.

I do not think I wanna be in between things.

- I should go back to the party.
- You're the hostess.

- You can stay as long as you will.
- I shall not be staying too long.

Hey! You're leaving already?

Good luck with chicken, dude.


August 5, 2040. 2.00 p.m.


I do not think ... I do not think ...

Gosh, I do not know ...

I thought you were gonna be there when I die ...

Do not say that!

What the fuck does that mean?

I think somewhere I knew that
something was wrong, and I...

just hoped ... it will go away.

You are so beautiful!

And I feel like I never deserved you ...

No, no!

I feel like ...

If I begged you to stay,
I would be humiliating myself...

I wemt to high school with a guy ...

Who lost a testicle in a hockey game ...

And ... I'm sure that had
a very different life ...

From the one he ultimately did.

At least I have my testicles.

Maybe you should take a shower.

It will make you feel better.

I do not want to take a shower.

Just ...

... Do me a favor, okay?



- Every ...?
- Every day.

There's no ...?

There's no problem with the water ...

Or ... something has to be corrected
I just thought ...

One day I'll tell Margo ...

That ... I've been doing this through her whole life ...

And ... will make you laugh.

It's kind of a long-term joke.


Come on.


Here you are.

I love you.

I said I love you!

I love you.

I'm glad we did not wait.

Me too.


- Hi.
- Hello, dear Margo.

Tony wanted to say "hi"
Say "hi", Tony.

Hi! Hi!

I missed you auntie Margo.

Oh, I missed you.

Okay, I'm going to eat right now, bye.


- Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.

Geraldine just kind of disappeared,
and Tony got left alone ...

For hours ... ...

James called the cops.

Say ... and will go
within a few hours ...

I'm not sure what
I'm supposed to do here ...

I do not think
I can stay here for this ...

Oh, God ...

Oh, well.

- Miss Verok ...
- Okay, just a sec...

Madam, we would like you to come with us.

Geraldine, you need to go with them, okay?

Just a sec.

Geraldine, go with them, honey.

We'll be here when you get back.

Okay, just a sec, Mom.

Look, James, I got chicks.

They need, er, ... milk. I think ...


They're for Tony, I got them at the pet store.

There is ...


Are you back?

- I missed you!
- Okay, madam...

Can I just have a minute?

I really need to talk to that lady.

Let her go.

Hey! How are you doing?

I haven't seen you for a really long time.

Really long time.

This is what it takes to get you back?
Where have you been?

What happened, Geraldine?

I am an alcoholic, moron.
Nothing happened.

This is my natural state.

What happened ... really?

Why would not I ask that of you?
You just disappeared, Margo.

What a fucking obvious move!

You think that everything would be worked out
if you just do the right move?

It must be thrilling.

I think it's thrilling.

I do not agree.

Do not! Do not do that.

I am the embarrassment? Me?

Do you know we are doing
the same fucking thing here?

Okay, I do not understand
what you're trying to say.

I think you're a bigger idiot than I am.

I think you're really fucked up, Margo.

In the big picture ...

Life has a gap in it and we are just us.

You do not go crazy to fill it in,
like some lunatic.

Talking about fucking up...

Okay, let's go.

It was kind of fun.

It's harder to talk ...

honestly ... with people
when you are sober ...

As I'm sure you can imagine, officer.

You fuck any prostitutes lately?

- Smash any big faces ?
- Get in the car, please.

You see, it's fun.

Am I driving?


Tony really wanted you here, and
I did not know what to do ...

Jerry ... and just you, too.

No, no, that's okay.

I should have called.

I just did not know what to say.

It is hard to know, I guess.

How are you?

Okay. Actually, unexpectedly ...

Finally ... ... Okay.

Your book did really well.

Really, did you see?
Thank you, I know.

Who would expect that people like
chicken so much?

And in so many different ways.

We'll see how the chicken sequel does.

You're writing a sequel?

No, do not be silly.

It is on Guinea hens and pheasants.

- Yes?
- No, you moron, no.

How is your life?

- You mean am I seeing anyone?
- No!

I do not want to ... Yes.


No, not really.

Do you ever think ...?

No, I don't.

I don't think so.

You said you're not seeing...

Some things you do in life,
they stick...

- I'm so sorry ...
- There is no reason to be sorry...

... How could you be sorry for doing
what you had to do?

But I did not think that ...

We did not have this conversation then...

...I'm really not interested in having it now.

Naturally. Sorry. I got it.

I'm so sorry .

Will you let me know, if there is anything
that I can do for Tony,

or Jerry or ... for you?

Yes, I think we'll be okay.



Hey, Margo!


I just bought a new melon baller ...

And ... I'd like to
gouge out your eyeballs with it.

Yeah, me too.

Bye, Margo.

Bye, Lou.