Take Shelter (2011) - full transcript

Curtis, a father and husband, is starting to experience bad dreams and hallucinations. Assuming mental illness, he seeks medical help and counseling. However, fearing the worst, he starts building an elaborate and expensive storm shelter in their backyard. This storm shelter threatens to tear apart his family, threatens his sanity and his standing in the community, but he builds it to save his family's life.

No, no, no. Don't feed the dog, darling.

Thanks, babe.

You slept late.

Yeah, I need to go.

What you got going today?

I've got to finish up
some curtains for Saturday,

and Nat and Cam
are coming over.

With the kids?

Cammie said she just needed
to get out of the house.

Tell Nat to take
it easy on her.

Cam can hold her own.

We need to send in the
deposit for the beach condo.

I love you.

Just write the check,
babe, okay?

Okay. Bye.

No more food.

You, eat.

Yeah, let's keep
going with that bit.

It'll go another 10 feet.

We won't get the gravel pack down today.

Why not?


We're gonna have to call it.

Happy hour starts
at 5:00, Dewart.

Not if it's raining.

- Ready?
- Oh, yeah.

They were just
drinking and laughing.

And, oh, my God, it was
like I was being in a museum

and I saw the progress from apes to men.

I saw it.

I saw the future.

Dewart, that was him,
that was going to be him in 20 years.

Let me tell you, you laugh.

You laugh. But this
little one in your arms

is gonna be shuffling
in a bar just like them.



Don't listen to her.


- You guys okay?
- Yeah.

No. Don't touch.

You understand?

Okay. Come here.

Go play.

Hey, DJ.
Bring the girls inside.


It's not my fault.
I told you.

Yeah, all right.

All right, I'm calling it.

Shut it down.

Bye, guys.
Thank you for coming.

I'll call you about
the Lions Club supper.

Okay. Love you.
Bye, Sam.

Bye, Cam!

Can you sign



I gotta get home.

Nat and me been looking
into a threesome.

We've been chatting with
this girl online from Canton.

Yeah. Big old girl.

What's big?

She's about 250, 275.

She can't be no taller
than five foot.

Oh, shit, man.

I don't see me and Sam getting
into something like that.

No. I don't
guess you would.

You got a good life, Curtis.

I'm serious.

I think that's the best
compliment you can give a man,

take a look at his life
and say, "That's good.

"That guy's doing
something right."

Well, it ain't
always so easy.

Hell, I know that.

Ah, shit. I gotta go.


Good night.

Hey, baby.

She do all right today?

She was fine.

She's still not playing
with the others, though. Mmm.

She can't connect.

Honey, you gotta clean up
that trash pile in the back.

She fished out a board
that had nails on it.

I'll get to it this weekend.

I still take off my boots,

so I won't wake her up.

I still whisper.


Did you hear me?

You got to be home, showered,

ready to walk out the door
by 6:00 tonight.

What's wrong?

Nothing. I just want her
to eat her breakfast

and stop playing
with the damn dog.

She's fine down there.
She had toast already.

- All right.
- What?

Come here. Hannah.

- Curtis?
- What?

I'm late.

You didn't eat anything.

It's okay.

I didn't say you had
control over the weather, Russell.

What I did say was
that the top shelf

has got to be cleared
by the 15th.

That's non-negotiable.

Um, Curtis?

Curtis? Where we at
on that East 82nd site?

Yesterday slowed us down.

We couldn't get the
second pilot hole drilled.

It rained for
two hours yesterday.

Two hours, and our entire
schedule went in the toilet?

We lose the permit if you're
not out of there, end of day.

Yes, sir.
End of day, Curtis.

All right.
Valerie tells me

that the father-son
pancake cook-off...

Hey, I gotta make a stop
before we head out there.

Think we got time?

Yeah, there's time.


Son of a bitch.

We stripped that bit. Yeah.

Well, bring it up.
We gotta reset it.


You ever see
birds fly like that?


Damn it.

Come on, we gotta go.

Oh, Jesus.

Honey, I can
really use a shower.


So if you continue
with the basic vocabulary,

this will allow you to communicate
with your children better.

Between the ages
of four and seven,

the focus is more
on the sign.

And then later, we'll
begin adding the alphabet

as more of a support system.

Now, in ASL,

the male sign is signed
at the forehead area.

For example, "father," is
signed up here like this.

Father. Very good.

You're not sorry.

I am sorry.

Well, you stink.
You smell really bad.

I think I smell good.

Do I smell good?

See? Maybe I should
marry her instead.


Oh, man.

You okay?


You okay?

You're okay.

It's okay.






Here, honey.
Put on your shoes.

- Good, you're up.
- Yeah.

Honey, you're soaked.

I've felt better.

I guess we can stay
home if we need to.

Where you going?

It's Saturday. I was going
to take Hannah to my booth.

Oh, yeah.

You look really sick, honey.

I'm all right. It's
just a cold or something.

Let me get you some Advil.

No. Don't worry about it.
Just go. I'll be fine.

You sure?

Better already.

Okay. I got my phone
if you need anything.

Don't forget, Sunday
lunch is here tomorrow.


If you're sick,
we should cancel.

I'll be all right.

Okay, we'll talk later.

Come on. Let's go.

You sure?
Honey, please.

How much you asking
for this pillow?

This pillow is $15.

That's more than
I want to spend.

This is all hand stitched.
It takes a really long time.

That's why I charge that.

I'll give you $7 for it.

I can't go that low.

Well, that's my offer.

How about 10?

I'll give you $8,
but it's in change.

That's fine. Lucky for you
she likes to count change.


Come on.

Get in. Good boy.

I'm sorry about this, buddy.

We just gotta work it like
this for a while, okay?

While rescue workers

made several attempts

to reach the family,

Walter Jacobs' wife
and brother-in-law died.

That's what
I don't understand.

If he didn't do anything,
why did you put him out back?


Did you hear me?

I said if he
didn't do anything,

why did you have
to put him outside?

I just wanted him to
be outside for a while.

He's your dog. He's
always been an inside dog.

He's my dog,
that's why he's outside.


right now with
Hannah and everything,

I just think it'd be better.

Hannah loves Red.

Hold on.

...the gas cloud spread
across their six-acre property.

The only way off their land
was across the train tracks,

which were
blocked by wreckage.

I tried using some wet rags

and some towels
to breathe through,

but that just seemed
to make it worse.

While rescue workers

made several attempts

to reach the family,

Walter Jacobs' wife and
brother-in-law died in the home.

Jacobs survived
despite enduring 11 hours

of exposure to
the gas cloud...

You hearing this?

It's awful.

Eleven hours.

No way out.



Hey! Hey!


You got the number
for Dr. Shannan?

You're still
not feeling good?

Yeah, we got the number?

Yeah, baby,
but he'll be closed today.

Right. Yeah,
I'll call tomorrow.

Honey, if you're
not feeling good,

we got to take you...
No. Stop!


Do you want me to
cancel lunch today?


What is that?
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I just...

I got a sore throat.

I'm sorry
I'm taking it out on you.

I was gonna leave Hannah with
you so I could go to church,

but I'm not gonna
with you like this.

It's fine.
I'll be fine.

No. She needs breakfast.

I got it.

I'm sorry that you feel bad,

but you need to
drop the attitude.

Come on. Just go.

What's wrong with you?

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

Just go.

Hannah's in the den.
We have cereal for her.

We're going out.

We're going out.

It's okay. It's okay.

You stay put, okay?

Let's just start.

Let's all join hands
for the blessing.

Where the hell have you been?

I know. I'm sorry.
I had to run an errand.

You're really late.
I know.

You didn't even
bring your cell phone.

Missed you at
church this morning, Curtis.


He knows what to do if he
wants me to stop asking.

Was it a good service?

It was.
It was good work.

I'm thinking about cleaning up
that storm shelter out back.


Curtis, how you doing, bud?

Hey, Doc.

How's my girl?
She's good.

That's good to hear. Tilt
your head back for me.

I don't have a cold.

Oh. Did she get
that down wrong?

No, I just told her that.


So what's the problem?

I've been having...

I've been having
some trouble sleeping.

I was hoping you could
give me something for it.

Mmm. How long's
this been going on?

About four nights now.

You're not sleeping at all?

Well, some,
but real restless.

Well, I think four nights
is a little too soon to tell.

My advice would be to
not eat or drink anything

after 8:00 at night.

Cut back on
any alcoholic drinks,

tobacco, caffeine.

Get some daily exercise.

Well, I think...

I think I might need
to try some medication.

Why do you say that?

The reason I've been
having trouble sleeping

is these dreams
I've been having.

I didn't think
it was anything at first,

but then
the other day I woke up

and the bed was wet.

You urinated in your bed?


Couple days before that,

I had a dream that
my dog attacked me

and it took all day
for the pain

in my arm to go away.

You been out to see
your mother lately?

It's been about a month.


Okay. This is a prescription
for a pretty mild sedative.

It's non-habit forming,

but I'm only
giving you enough

for a few days anyway.

Take it and see if it helps.

In the meantime,

this is the number of a good
friend of mine in Columbus.

He's a psychiatrist.

It's a drive,
but he's the best I know.


I'll give him a call
and let him know

you'll be down to see him.

All right.

Hey, Dewart.

What you say, Curtis?

Not much.

They want us to get a
pilot hole drilled by lunch.

I figure worse comes to
worse, we can eat on the rig.

Yeah, we'll get it done.
Weekend all right?

Yeah. Same old shit.

No. No, I
need the name of the specialist

whose diagnosis
you'll accept.

No. Look it, I've told
you this twice. Please.

Just get me the name
and/or the approval code.


All right.
And the phone? All right.

Great. Well, thank you
very much.

All right, this is the name and
the phone number of the specialist

who the insurance
company approves of.

Just call and
make an appointment.

Now if this doctor signs off,

you should have the implant
procedure fully covered.

I'm sorry it took so long.

Can I give you a hug?

It's fine. It's fine.

You know, your husband's
company actually

has very good insurance
when it kicks in.

Not a lot of jobs offer
policies half as good.

You're very lucky.

Oh. That's okay. We have
your insurance on file.

That'll be $47.64.

What's the co-pay?

That is your co-pay.


I love you.

I love you too.

I have good news.

How about a red?

It was like talking
to a sane person for once.

She made one phone call.
That's it.

I've been trying that
800 number for weeks. You.

It's great.
It's great.

Hey, Hannah.

Are you excited? Huh?

We're gonna
get you some help.

How do you say,
sign, "excited"?

Like this.

Excited? Yeah?

All right.
What've we got here?

I got to do you.

Oh, honey, look at this one.

It's a 2-1, and it sits
directly on the beach.

Wouldn't that be great?
We wouldn't have to worry

about Hannah
crossing traffic.

What's the rent?
$899 a week.

That sounds real nice.

You sleep well?

Yeah. I did.

You look like
you're feeling better.

You want me to come
up there and do it for you?


Hey, how much food you think
you'd need to live on for a week?

What do you mean?

I mean to stay alive.

What do you think you'd need?

Not a lot.

Yeah? You think?

I don't know.

You hear about people
living for days all the time

off bark and melted snow.

I've never heard of that.

Shit, I don't know.
You asked the question.

It's on there.

It's on. Come on.

Damn it.


It sounds like thunder.

What sounds like thunder?

What's the matter
with you, Curtis?


Where you going?
Curtis, where you going?

- Curtis.
- Hey, Mom.

Come in.


I'm gonna get some water.

You want some?


Isn't she lovely?



I need to ask you something.

Do you remember what year
we brought you up here?

To the first place.

It was '86.

Yes. Because Kyle was
going to be a senior.

I was 10.

Can you remember what happened
before you got diagnosed?

What do you mean?

I mean...

I just want to know
how it all started.

Before you had to leave.

Oh, I don't know.

I remember it was
a real stressful time.

Your father was gone a lot,

and I couldn't
handle things on my own.

Did you ever have any


Like, bad dreams?

No. Nothing like that.

There was always...

There was always a panic

that took hold of me.

I thought
people were watching me

and listening to me.

It's all right.
It's fine.

Are you okay?


Yeah. I'm fine.

May I have the number
for Dr. George Shannan?


Hi, is Dr. Shannan there?

May I speak with him?
This is Curtis LaForche.

Hey, Doc.

Yeah, sorry...
Sorry to call you at home.

I just... I don't think
I can make it to Columbus

to see that psychiatrist.

Yeah, it's just too far.

Is there somewhere local
you could send me?


Oh, hey.

Sorry I woke you up.

It's okay.

Where you been?

I went to see Mom.

Is she okay?

Yeah. I just wanted
to check up on her.

You should've told me,
we would have gone with you.

No, that's okay.

Come to bed.

I will in a bit.

Well, you've kept up with
the payments on the house.

We've been good about that.

I gotta tell you, Curtis,

banks aren't loaning money
the way they used to.

We've got you a loan today,

but the interest rates
are variable.

We have to tie it
to your house.

That's fine.

Curtis, I've known you a long time.

Financed your house
for you, two vehicles.

I'm telling you, this is
a risky loan you're taking.

I need the money, John.



Sorry I left you yesterday.

Jim came by.
I covered for you.


I need your help
with the depth charts.


Fucking Nat put me in charge

of frying oysters for
that Lions Club supper.


You need another burner?

Yeah, if you still got
yours, I could use it.

Hey, you think you could
help me with something?

What do you need?

I'm gonna build out the
tornado shelter in my backyard.

I could use some help.

The hell you wanna
do that for?

Just needs to be done.

What do you need?

I figure I'll do it
on a Saturday,

borrow some
equipment from work.

You sure about that?

Yeah, I just need a backhoe, a hauler.

I'll rent the rest.

Yeah. Whatever.
I'll help.


You all right, man?

What do you mean?

I just don't
wanna see you fuck up.

I'm not.

Come in.

- Hi.
- Hello.

Have a seat.
I'm Kendra.



I'm gonna start by
asking you some questions.

Okay. I already answered all
the questions on the form.

Yeah, I know.
I looked at them,

but I need to get
a profile started on you.

Right. Well...

Out of the five
possible symptoms

needed to be diagnosed
with schizophrenia,

delusions, hallucinations,
disorganized speech,

disorganized behavior
and the negative symptoms,

I've had two.

Delusions and hallucinations.

So, I took this quiz
in the back of the book.

I scored a five
out of a possible 20.

Schizophrenia starts
at 12. So...

They say it might be
a brief psychotic disorder.

Yeah. Whatever it is,
I need to know what to do

or what to get on

to get this thing
under control.

Look. I'm a counselor.

but I'm not a psychiatrist.

I can't prescribe
anything to you.

I can talk to you, I can
recommend where to send you,

but that's it.

Now, that said, if you
want to talk, I'll listen.

For a lot of people,
that's a good start.

Now you said here

that your mother
was diagnosed

with paranoid schizophrenia
in her 30s.

And you're at 35.

You wanna talk about that?

Yeah, I don't know
my mother's symptoms.

I was just 10.

My brother was 17. And...

I don't know.
She just left me in the car

in the parking lot
at the grocery store one day.

And she didn't come back.

And then they
found her a week later

eating trash out of a dumpster

in Northern Kentucky.

My dad had to put her in the
State Hospital in Columbus.

And she's been in
assisted living ever since.


My dad raised me.

He died last April.

So tell me
about these dreams.

I don't know what
our schedule will be, but...

That's all right.

But I really do think you should
continue with the sign language.

And any additional therapies that
kids need for the cochlear implant.

- Absolutely.
- Okay.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Is anyone seeing this?


It's all right.
Calm down, okay?


Are you out of your mind?

Not a word.

You didn't say one word
about this to me.

Don't you think
you owe me that?

Don't you think that you
might respect me enough

to at least consider
what I'd have to say?

I didn't want you
worrying about it.

Well, I'm worried, Curtis.

How are you paying
for all that?

I got a home improvement loan
from the bank.

How could you
do that without talking to me?

You know the expenses
we have coming up.

You want to waste money
on a stupid tornado shelter?

I'm doing it...
I'm doing it for us.

I know you don't understand.

You're right.
I don't understand.

I don't understand half the
stuff you've been doing lately.

I don't understand you
putting Red out back.

I don't understand

you staying up all night in
that stupid tornado shelter.

You don't come to
bed half the time.

You leave, you don't tell
me where you're going.

Explain that to me.


Tell me something

that helps me understand
why you're being like this.

There's nothing to explain.

I'm gonna go
put Hannah to bed.


Baby. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

I need an ambulance!

My husband's
having a seizure.

41800 Tindale Road.

Hurry up.
He's bleeding!




Honey? Are you okay?

You were having a seizure.
I called an ambulance.

No. It's fine. It's fine.
Don't send an ambulance.

What are you doing?
It's fine.


Baby, what's going on?

I'm sorry you fellows had
to come all the way out.

It's what we do.

Now we can still take you in

if you want a doctor to look
at those cuts in your mouth.

Yeah, that's all right.
I'll see somebody on Monday.

All right.


I haven't been honest

with you.

I'm sorry.

What's going on?

I've been
having these dreams.

I guess they're
more like nightmares.

It's why I've been
acting like this.

They, um...

They always start
with a kind of storm.

Like a real powerful storm.

And there's always this, uh...

This dark, thick rain.

Like fresh motor oil.

And then

the things,

people, it just
makes them crazy.

They attack me.

Sometimes they
go after Hannah.

First one I had,

Red nearly
chewed through my arm.

That's why you
put him out back?


What was the dream?

It was Dewart.

We were at the job site.

The storm started
and something happened.

His face...

His eyes were


He came after me
with a pickax.

And we fought.

And he ran it through my leg.

It's hard to explain,

because it's not
just a dream.

It's a feeling.

I'm afraid

something might be coming.

Something that's

not right.

I cannot describe it.

I just need you
to believe me.

I've been to a counselor.

I've seen her...

I've seen her a few times.

You know what I come from.

And I promised myself...

I promised myself
I would never leave.

And I am doing
everything that I can

to make that true.

Okay, since the doctor's
approved her surgery,

we just need to
get her scheduled.

The next possible opening
is the 21 st of next month.

That's six weeks.

Six weeks?

Is that okay?

It's wonderful.

...this point
just to the west.

I don't think
we'll have any problem.

We should be able to get 20,
maybe 30 in this next week.

But we're looking to see how
that's gonna shape up, so...


What do you think?

Yeah. That sounds good.

We'll get it done.

Come in.

What you need, Curtis?

I need a favor, Jim.

What's that?

Can you take Dewart
off my crew?

Just reassign him
someplace else.

What's the trouble?
He not pulling his weight?

No, nothing like that.
He's a good worker.

He's a good man.
He's my friend.

I think it'd be easier

not being in charge of
someone I'm so close to.

You know, I understand.

This is part of what it means
to manage people, Curtis.

You're gonna
have to learn that.

Yes, sir.
I appreciate that, but...

Well, it would just be
very helpful in this case.


Well, I can
put him with Russell.

Anybody else you'd prefer?

No. Whoever
you think's right.

Okay. Okay.

Thank you.

You been missing
a lot of work, Curtis.

I know. My daughter's had
a lot of doctor's visits.

I haven't let
anything get behind.

No. But don't. Okay?

Yes, sir.

I know they just
usually do oysters and fries,

but what if we did something
healthier on the side?

What, like 'slaw?

I don't know.
Maybe a vegetable or salad.

Dewart's been telling me how strange
Curtis has been acting lately.

I am so sorry.

It's not like
you don't have enough

on your plate with Hannah.

Things are fine.

We're fine.

Can I help you?


Can I look at one
of these gas masks?


Which one you want
to look at?

The newest one.

How much?

Anything cheaper?

No. That's the cheapest
one I got in the store.

They go
all the way up to $290.

I don't know what
you want to spend,

but a gas mask ain't something
you want to go cheap on.

You got any kids' sizes?


Kids can't wear those.

They gotta have a special
thing, it's like a hood.

I don't fool with those.

What the hell are you doing?

What you got going on here?

I'm just adding on
to the storm shelter.

- Why?
- Just because.

You running water to it?

Oh, yeah.
From our well.

Running sewer out to the city line.

How much you spending
on this thing?

It's not bad.

Doesn't look it.

You take your eye off the
ball one minute in this economy

and you're screwed.

- You got the cash for this?
- Yeah.

Don't put nothing
on credit cards.

- That shit'll eat you up.
- I'm not.

Samantha called me.

I figured.

Called you to
come tell me to quit?

She called
'cause she's worried.

Says you've
been stressed out.

- So?
- So what?

You stressed out?

No. No more
than anybody else.

Work all right?


Hey, look.
You wanna come by

and have dinner sometime,
Kyle? That's fine.

We'll have a beer and
talk about the old days,

but you got something
to say, just say it.

You can stop
that shit right now.

I'll come over there
and remind you

what it's like to
get your ass whipped.

I'm just coming here
to check on you.

Well, I appreciate it, Kyle.

You been to see Mom?

A few days ago.

She all right?

You should see her.

Take your girls.

Yeah. Yeah,
I'll get around to it.

You need a hand?
No. I've got it.


Call me if you need me, okay?

I will.

Oh, hey, Kyle?

you could do me a favor.

What's that?

You still looking for a dog?


They got a good spot
for you, okay, buddy?

You sure?

I know it'll
make my girls happy.

All right.

Hey, Kyle?



Take care of yourself.

All right. All right.
I will, little brother.

You take care of your family.

Handle your business.

All right. Bedtime.

You okay?

Who's that?

Oh, shit.

Hey, Jim.


Dewart told me
you took equipment

from work for a project at your house.

Said that's why you
wanted him off your crew.

I came out here
to see it myself.

Yeah. It was just
a hauler and a backhoe.

It was Saturday. I had them
back in less than eight hours.

You know that doesn't matter.

I can't even tell you
how many rules you broke.

What if you had
an accident? Huh?

What if you ran somebody
over on your way out here?

Lawsuit like that
could bankrupt me.


I'm sorry, Jim.
I hadn't thought of that.

Thank God nothing like
that happened, you know?

I'll do whatever I can
to make it right.

You can pick up your
last check on Friday.

You've got
two weeks' benefits.

Did you fire Dewart, too?

He's on two weeks
leave, unpaid.

I'm sorry, Curtis.

You did this to yourself.


I've been fired.

What about
the health insurance?

We get two more weeks.

I'm sorry.

Oh. Excuse me.

Are you Curtis?

Come in.

Kendra transferred out. I'll
be meeting with you today.

Please, sit down.

What happened to Kendra?

She got into
a program at OSU,

so she'll be
transferring near there.

I've split her caseload
with another counselor.

It's been kind of
crazy around here lately.



I've looked over your file.

It says your mother was diagnosed
with paranoid schizophrenia

in her early 30s.

Let's start there.

I'm so sorry.
I completely forgot.

That's okay.
Don't worry about it.


Here. I hope
you like them.

I brought cash.

That's terrific.
It's fine.

Call me if they don't
work and I'm sorry again.

Oh, it's okay.
Thank you.

Okay. All done. Done.

Sweet dreams.

What's that?

That's the alternator
from the truck.

I was just trying to figure out
a way to charge enough batteries

to run lights down there.

Yeah, what the hell. Maybe I'll
hook it up to your old Exercycle.

You gonna leave me?

You flinched when I touched
your hand this morning.

I'm sorry.

I was in one of your dreams?


Can you deal with that?


Then I made a decision.

We cancel the beach trip.

We have enough to cover bills

for the next two months
with your last check.

I'm going to get a job.

You're gonna
find another job.

I'm going to call
to see if we can move

Hannah's surgery up.

We'll need to see
what it costs

to extend your policy
to the end of the year.

I want you to
see a psychiatrist.

Not a counselor
from the free clinic.

Someone good.

Dr. Shannan gave me
the number of somebody,

but I just don't
think we can afford it.

We'll find the money.

Also, the Lions Club
supper's this weekend.

I want you to come with me.

I don't want to see
any of those people.

I want you to go.

I need to do
something normal.

All right.

How many pieces
does Hannah get?

Just one.

What're you doing here?

Not here, man.

I said, what are
you doing here?


I've told people
what you've been doing.

I know.

You cut me loose.

Everything we been through.

I know. I'm sorry.

Hey, hey.
You ain't fucking sorry.

All right.
You ain't fucking sorry.

You sorry, you wouldn't cut me loose.

We're fucking friends!
This how you treat friends?

Come on.

God damn it.

Stop it, Dewart!


I said not here!

God damn it!

You think
I'm crazy? Huh?

Is that what he told you?

Well, listen up!

There is a storm coming

like nothing
you have ever seen!

And not a one of you
is prepared for it!

You think I'm crazy?

Hey, I'm talking
to you, Russell! Huh?

You think I'm a thief?

Sleep well in your beds.

Because if
this thing comes true,

there ain't gonna
be any more.



Wake up! Wake up!

Come on.
It's okay.

It's okay.


All right. Come on.
Sit down.

All right.

Okay, honey, here you go.

No. Don't do that.

It's okay.
It's oxygen.

Here. Put this on.

Are you kidding?
Please, just do it.


There we go.

All right.

Keep it out of
your eyes. Okay?

Hey. I love you.
It's okay.

All right?
All right. Okay.

Wake up, babe.

Where's your mask?

We took them off.
It's fine.

Take it off.


We're fine.

Take it off.

You need to
open the door now.

What if it's...

What if it's not over?


What if it's not over?

It's over.

Get the keys.

Open the door.

It's still storming.

No. It's not.

I can hear it.

I don't hear anything.

Put your hand on the door.
You can feel it.

Do you feel it?

You feel it?

I'm sorry.

Baby, there's
no storm outside.

I'm sorry.

I wouldn't lie to you.

We love you very much.


open the door.

I'm sorry.

I can't.

I love you,
but if I open the door,

then nothing's gonna change.

You'll see that
everything's fine,

but nothing will change.


This is what it means
to stay with us.

This is something
you have to do.

Could you move Hannah back?

It's fine.

Do you have any vacation
time that you can use?

I don't have a job right now.

Well, I know
that times are hard,

but I think it's really important
for you to separate yourself

from that storm shelter.

I think you need to break
away from it for a while.

We can start you on some
medication that I think will help,

but that action alone
would mean a lot.

We usually go on a trip
to Myrtle Beach each summer.

We were gonna go this month.

I think that would be okay

if we start
the medication now.

And it would give you all some
time to prepare as a family.

But I want to be clear,

when Curtis gets back, he'll
need to take more time than that.

What does that mean?

I mean that he'll need hands-on
therapy at a real facility.

You mean I have
to leave my family?

I think you need to seriously
commit to some treatment.


Good, huh?


There we go.

Let's make a river.

Good. Yeah.

We put a top on it.

What is it, honey?




See those storm clouds
rolling in

Just like I knew
it would begin

Midnight sky
at noon today

Shelter's still
so far away


And I don't know
just what we'll do

I don't know
just where we'll go

All I know is
we've got to move

All I know is
to keep you close


Never been
like this before

Storm at your paler horse

Water's red,
the sky is black

Take my hand,
now don't look back


I don't know
just what we'll do

I don't know
just where we'll go

All I know is
we've got to move

All I know is
to keep you close


All I know is
to keep you close


I don't know
just what we'll do

I don't know
just where we'll go

All I know is
we've got to move

All I know is
to keep you close