Take Point (2018) - full transcript

On the day of the U.S. presidential election in 2024, Ahab (HA) and his team of elite mercenaries embark on a secret CIA mission to abduct North Korea's Armed Forces Minister in an ...

There are North Korean leaders who are
also known as King there

immediately airs on your screen
now, walk to position

it was clear he was alone,
unattended, go inside ...

President of the United States
come and here it is both people,

let's watch the moment.

Yes, that's the beginning.

Where is the moment of peace
the whole world watching.

As they always are
expect something to happen.

But, it takes a long time
to reach an agreement.

North Korea will start
full scale denaturization process.

The UN approved the abolition
North Korean and Chinese sanctions ...

Chinese car manufacturers began importing oil
North Korean iron on a large scale.

The US economy has fallen, due to protection policies
prolonged trade with China.

China found a solution
for the domestic market.

Workers in Detroit will strike today,

projected industrial market
US cars will decline.

Mass strikes spread
to Wisconsin and Ohio ..

What is certain is,

removing the Korean trade ban
The North has weakened the US market.

Three provinces which are the battlefield
biggest for next year's presidential election ..

McGregor lost a third
the province, he will lose.

President McGregor seems
turn things around.

According to military insiders,

The Pentagon gave
very big prize

for the North Korean Supreme Leader
which is informally known as King.

The prize set is not comparable
with Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden.


Because of North Korea at all
not helping this election.

Is the US fighting with Iraq because?

Weapons of mass destruction
Of course not.

President McGregor's rating
go down every day.

The problem is still not
disarm North Korea ...

North Korea's nuclear program

In short, if it's a weapon
nuclear is in North Korea

McGregor won't
get a second chance.

Okay, I've moved
to the anti tapping channel.

Our agent Mackenzie runs
this operation through simulation

and the president's rating will
multiply if this works

- and in just 4 hours.
- 53 / to be exact.

McGregor will win and I will be transferred
back to Langley as part of the deal

Okay, but this bothers me.

I understand and for security reasons

You made a contract with PMC instead
use our own military.

But looking at these archives,
This mercenary comes from Latvia,

Columbia, Mexico, even Sierra Leone.

They are all illegal aliens.

What I want to say is

can you entrust such operations
important to these money-hungry criminals

- What if something goes wrong
- That is precisely why.

If something goes wrong, it will be easy to
sever ties with illegal foreigners.

I'm sure these people
did not make a mistake.

Why can you be so sure

Ahab, he is the captain of the Raptor 16
and at the CIA we all like it.

He never disappoints
we in the last 6 years.

He always completes the right job
time, never leave chaos.

And of course days
this is no exception.

Wait ahab
What is his real name?

That's the password, he got it
in the Korean Special Forces.

After a parachute accident.

- Parachute accident What happened
- a minute.

Mr. Secretary, target
arrived, I have to go.

And you have to make it
his victory speech.

So what are you doing

Here's the question, what
what you will do

Well, what will my answer be
affect my evaluation, captain

Hey, intern. This is
the highlight of the test.

So, think carefully
before you answer it.

My name is not an apprentice,
Logan Smith, I'm from Illinois.

He is a comedian.

Yes, hacking the surveillance camera and
catching police officers beating up civilians.

Upload the recording to Youtube
and CrimeSelf for Japanese youth.

The next American clown is still more
better than illegal citizens, right, captain

With this stupid president being
US citizens like before.

You're an illegal citizen, captain
I think you're American.

Of course.

Pay attention to friends,
the target enters the tunnel.

I want this to be finished in 10 minutes.


Answer this question,

there is a chance of 100 / you can live
if you leave a teammate.

But if you help
team, you won't survive.

Hey, intern.
Think carefully

I will survive,
just like you, captain.

God damn it!

You know, you just arrived
kill yourself, right

Then I learn from you captain, find out
the way we can get out alive from this operation

Tell this operation briefly.

Um, right at 6 p.m., Young Tack Lee,

minister of armed forces of the Korean people
North will attend secret talks

with the ROK CFC commander.

Our team of Raptor 16 will kidnap and take it
safely from the target as the first objective.

And the mission must be finished ...

Say, your teammate is headed
target or foil mission.

Who do you secure first

According to the target protocol is
our top priority, sir.

So, you will leave
your teammate to die

No, no, sir.

I ... I have to find a way.

What if you get shot
Will you still save him

Want to go back to Illinois, an intern.

You can say you
will save someone,

but when you were shot
pierce your stomach.

You will only
think of yourself.

You saved that person, right

Today I have
urinate 30 times.

- This is prostate cancer.
- Prostate right, baby.

Did I tell you
if my wife is pregnant

Only have a little time
to urinate.

The closer they are to
giving birth, the more nervous I am.

When will she give birth

After this operation is complete,
I will go to the airport.

Heading to the hospital in Philly.

He will be induced.

So tomorrow, I will be a father.

Say hello to little Ahab.

Don't talk about it, effeminate base.


Logan, how is the development

No external circuit connected
from one channel that the CIA entered, but

I can access the outlet if
there is a circuit breakdown and entering the satellite.

- But the connection will be limited.
- Wait.

How long

Usually communication satellites
takes 40 minutes,

I might be able to connect
go there for 3 minutes.

- Once we pass this ...
- Raptor 16, enter.

This is station 10.

Oh no, Mac.

Where have you been
We are looking for you everywhere.

- Is something wrong
- First,

we want to thank you for that
took us to this beautiful suite.

We are only laborers, we will never be able to
go upstairs, a place like this.

Without your help.

But can I ask something

Have you verified the convoy

One, why is a place like that
this is no ESPN channel

Ahab, verify the convoy.

And two, eliminate authorization for
meeting that took place in South Park.

One hour ago your team changed
its place to this underground DMDA bunker.

Like I said, we like this place,
but why is the signal bad, and there is no help.

What is wrong


The bunker is part of a series of tunnels
which was dug up by North Korea during the cold war.

The tunnel was designed
to attack South Korea.

But once found, we will
supervise for 24 hours.

The entire area has been renovated
to be a meeting place.

For secret talks
between the two countries.

How much is the cost for this installation

For security reasons, all places are included
the VIP suite that you really admire ...

get communication restrictions.

Call the number, when
you got a signal.

If you don't do it
before the operation starts, you come out.

You mean what happened
in Vegas still in Vegas.

This is the ideal place for surgery,
now show me that place.

Why do you keep talking about it

Ahab, show me that place.

- Gerald.
- Raptor 16,

The only corner we have.

Confirm negative ID,
need a better angle.

Mom, you saw the convoy
come, who else is it

Find a better angle.

I started thinking, you
don't trust us.

You're always right on target.

But I'm already in Korea
for the past 6 years,

finish the operation and I won't
damage it for something I believe in.

According to professionalism,
you can help me

You mean, what are you giving
know we changed location

You have 5 minutes.

Gerald, try and search
all the corners, please

This is our last job,
so I think we will be fine.

Is it true
We must hurry up

Well, if McGregor failed to be elected
back, his men will be angry

and build walls
and shoot bad people.

What makes it difficult
Is that for us, isn't it?

Don't democrats consider it illegal

You smell so bad today.

When was the last time
you wash your buttocks

You better get used to the buttocks
this, or your nose moves to the buttocks.

Hey, you two. Shut up

Captain, if the opposition takes control

what we don't need
worrying about health insurance.

Children can't go to school anymore, right

We also don't want to talk
this blank too, right

Wake up and see the side
good, friends.

You think politicians care about
what people don't like

People who can't choose
This is bullshit.

No one will help us,
cheer up out there.

We are alone.

You know, I hope we can win.

We cannot choose, we are there
here just to get money.

I can still choose.

Hey, captain.
I have a friend at the embassy.

I see the worst will
Come on, you might be right.

Because of the president

On the Superbowl day.

A homeless woman and her child
shot in front of a supermarket in my hometown.

They ask for help on the sidewalk,
no one is paying attention.

That's not just one or two mistakes
people, it's everyone's fault, you know

Fuck that.

Why are you here

Be the supermarket security.

It used to be my job.

Until what I realize
the reward is as a child.

Alright, say the world,
get bad luck with all this.

What is the connection with the current war

Nobody will stop it.

People don't care unless it's direct
affect, so if that continues

This will all take place
until it finally exploded.

Hey, captain.

Before we take action today,

are you gonna do the thing
same with the parachutist

A little more war
complicated than that, kid.

But if war breaks out
remember one thing.

When you are on a mission,
the most important principle to follow is ...


There is something.

What is this

Station 10 this is Raptor 16,

missiles seen in the south, possibly
lookout, visual confirmation.

I repeat, the missile is visible
in the south, visual confirmation.

Raptor 16, visually confirmed.

North Korean scouts,
intercepted by a transfer missile.


And there are traps too.

This is crazy.

- Okay, start evacuating.
- Negative. Continue as planned.

Mac, we are in military democracy and
I found this from North Korea.

We will do this
soon, and you ...

All patriots from 3 models have
the target level is less than 10 /

this one will touch
market in the second trial ...

You know reconnaissance missiles
will be launched

Yes, because we launched it.

General Lee knows us
will come for him.

We tell him that we will
help him defect on condition

he must shoot
reconnaissance missiles to Seoul.

That gives us reason.

Reason for what

Manipulate disarmament
North Korean weapons.


Seven US fleets anchored in the eastern sea.

US FJ and all US troops
in Korea are getting ready.

After the General gives
we coordinate to the north,

our disarmament only
will take a few minutes.

And the Korean government
North will end tomorrow.


And the White House agreed
it's like today

Because today is like today.

A North Korean missile
destroyed around Seoul,

even though the missile was confirmed
not equipped with a nuclear warhead.

The attack was clearly concurrent
with today's presidential election.

The missile is believed to be a reconnaissance and missile
flew as far as 121 miles from the launch site.

This is not a military operation,
this is an election campaign.

We don't think McGregor is
will never be re-elected

but if the news is about disarmament
North Korean weapons air

just before the poll
starts, he will be re-elected.

Raptor 16, I got it
other point of view.

Be prepared for
accept visual.

Your security still
guaranteed 100 / but ...

let's be honest here,
you want this war to break.

That's how you make a living,
so nothing has changed.

Nothing has changed
You get another 4 years

and you got a promotion
What we got

What is the point, Ahab

This is an important situation, right

We are not paid
worth the work.

We have to be paid more.

So you're just looking
own advantage.

You don't care about us.

This is no time for
ask for more money.

You're trying to save a few dollars
by hiding something from us

Your company has
sign the contract.

I can't do anything.

You have one minute.

Well, you should find a solution.

Because I will not continue
without the right pay.

You have one minute, Mac.

Raptor 16, there is a situation.

Possible jackpot, me
repeat, possible jackpot.


What is he doing there

Mac, you see what I see

That's King.
I am sure of it.

He brought his medical staff with him.

Langley's phone, search
know what happened.

Logan, turn off the volume.

What King is included in this operation

No, something went wrong.

Please hurry up, captain.

Well. All units are on standby
further instructions.

Mac, we have a chance to catch
the most wanted man in East Asia.

What do you mean
you want to catch King

Are you just going to
skip this just like that

We have not received a report
intel, which explains why he ...

What if King wants to
come instead of General

If the General's intention is to defect,

then King must have pursued the same thing.

But then why is he
bring medical staff

You know, recently
she has heart disease,

of course he needs a doctor.

King shows no signs
want to give up for the past 6 months.

Captain, what happened

You wait. Wait.
Make a way out again.

I mean, think of it from the side.

He knows North Korea is
the ship is sinking,

but instead of drowning with him ...

he wants to improve the end of his work.

Gerald, give the number of guards
in that place and route.

- Are you serious, captain
- Right now!

Even if you're right, Building
White will not allow this.

If we let King defect,
President's rating will drop.

He can't be re-elected.

If he accepts King's defection, isn't he
only King will simulate the North.

The two opposition will choose anti-war.

Re-election has no brain.

Then you will
get a big prize.

If you catch the General
you get a small prize.

If you catch King, you
will become a person in power.

This is the best solution.

I know you Mac, you can't
leave something like this.

- Can you make it happen
- Raptor 16, there are 12 people in that place.

- How many
- 12, they are armed.

Happy holiday.

Ahab, I need confirmation
if you can catch it

I will ask for reinforcements.

Captain, if we will
this, we need reinforcements.

Gerald's Standby,
I'm on my way.

Mac, I'll catch him alone.

I want to clarify one thing,

officially this is an action
invalid which means Raptor 16,

deviate from the original operation.

The government of the United States will not
responsible for damage or failure.

Do you understand

Okay, we don't have many choices.

We will solve it
in a few seconds.

Don't continue until
I gave you a green light.

Logan stop your job
and use your skills.


So how the story ends

The captain saves them, not

You don't need that.

Maybe we'll be back soon.

With the fall of the rating, what
this is McGregor's last chance

That also means how
McGregor responded to the situation.

We will get a big effect
in the upcoming election.

Listen, everybody. Our goals have been revised.

We are chasing King.
I need someone to lead.

You know, what do you think is a delay

Warning. 12th floor has
closed. Please leave the building blank.

When will this nonsense run smoothly

No, who leads

Confirm the number of people, locations and weapons.

All entry access.

The number of victims is very high.

Someone will receive a reply.

This group will be divided
based on everyone's seniority.

If we get help,
it is divided respectively.

So, everyone agrees


Who leads

Then what are the results, friends

Who will advance

I'm just with my feet

Captain, there are 80 / chances are we will lose.

Now it's a bad time.
We don't want to make a wrong decision.

Hosea, you are ready

If we break through some people will die.

We need more people.

I know...

But with your troops, we can do this.

I am because we can't die


We are all on the same ship.

Do you know why I'm bothered
suck just to pick you up

Because I want to get out, just like you.

If you go back to town
as long as you are empty handed,

You won't be more of a problem anymore.

But if you do this,
if we get it.

There will be no more blood in your hands.

There are no more nonsense and military missions.

You can have a farm
you always want, ordinary life.

Together with your family every night.

This is a beautiful ending.

If I die, my family
alone and they will be tortured.

Hosea ...

Show me.

When the President of America
The union gives us orders,

we have to do it somehow.

You're the fastest of us all.

You will be fired.

But if someone else does it and advances,

can you live like that

Just believe me. Paralyzed
two enemies and close the room.

We will return to 100 /


Can I really go home after this

Of course, friend.


Okay, Hosea will lead.

We protect him. Drop the target quickly.

Confirm the target.

King is a priority.

Nothing is kept secret,
just a corpse and remember ...

they are not enemies.


- Yes, here it is.
- Better fast.

You have 3 minutes from
every call is 40 minutes.

Is it fair enough

Not now, damn it.

Yes, what's up I'm working.

Please, hurry up.

Oh, I think something happened to you.

Raptor 16, mission status has been revised.


Station 10, we will move in.

Negative, the operation will be submitted
to the reserve team when they arrived.

The time is 5 minutes.

They will arrest King.

Wait Wait, Meg.

Where are they

Too many enemies.
The reserve team will take orders.

I understand, it looks like it took 5 minutes.

We won't get a chance again.

Sorry, but we play it safe.

That was the final decision.

Safe Let me see everything.

Do you want the big dog to come
and release this from me

We have strength,
we have to break through now.

Captain! Open this door!

What are they doing here

- No, they are not allowed to be here.
- Don't let them enter

This is my operation.

Stop them! Don't let them in!

Ahab! You said you could do it, no

Go, now!

This is an emergency situation. I have to do this.

You're always like that. What is wrong with you

- Are you angry
- What do you expect

You always deny your promise.

I can't accept it
more than this. You hear

Captain! The dogs have sniffed us!

Ahab, what are you waiting for!

- Get away!
- Captain now or not at all!

Sorry. I have to go.

I will redeem this for you.

This is a dead life situation.
Please understand.



- Charles, come on!
- Come on ...!


Team Bravo, go forward ...!

Someone got shot

- No, captain.
- Good, captain.

Everything is OK.

- This is new.
- No need.

Too much lasagna.

Do your job, everyone.

Let's take care of everything.

Everything was messed up by some mercenaries.


Good work. I told you.
You will be fine, no

thanks. I do it
well, captain.

Captain! King is ready.

Station 10. Targets are obtained. Please confirm.

Confirmed vital sign will be sent now.

Pulse and blood pressure are stable.

An official statement will be released soon.

Evacuate immediately, replace.

"Important White House Announcement"

Where is the rest

Only King comes.

I understand.

Hey, are you sure, kid

You might just see
their faces in your nightmare

Let's finish this and go home.

I told you to confirm your goal!

Captain, he lost blood fast!

Captain, he bled quickly!

He was shot in the neck.

Son of a bitch.

Meg, tell the medical officer to
immediately send help, okay

- We need it soon.
- I said evacuate.

They will announce it shortly.

You said they could come here in 5 minutes!

- You can...
- Don't do this to me, Ahab.

You want to wait and divide
the money with the reserve team

Stop playing around and go to the extraction point.

You will be fine ...

Oh, shit!

He will not be safe.
We must leave now.

Shut up!

Captain, I know you will do this.

Do you believe that this is the best way

But, we must save him.



Everyone moves.

Logan, there are no medical staff to
today. Help him bring the King.

- Captain! - We can still save him,
if we ask the medical team.


What are you looking at Moving ...!

Why no one helps
Are we a team!

No, captain. Captain, he is still bleeding!

If you ask the medical team, we can
take it out of here alive!

Captain! If you ask the medical team,
we can get it out of here!

Stop it!

Dark operations like us. We do not
have insurance, not like you.

If we take it out of here,
he will die on the hospital steps.

And when they found out, he was illegal. They
will pursue us and even our families.

You have to face reality!

You will help him,
by leaving it here.

Let's move!

You don't know what to do
What, hah, what kind of captain are you.


Hey, let me tell you something,

The original captain can't come
because he's not too sure ...

Shut up.

They will know who you really are.

- So
- Just shoot it.

Show them your true nature.

How can you know me?

I know more than you.

You're just a chess piece.

You have been used from the beginning.

You are stupid.

Captain! Our position is leaking!

And there is shocking news from Korea.

Emergency report from North Korea TV station.

The mercenaries are hired by
The CIA has killed the North Korean leader,

which was also known as King 10 hours ago.

Reports say mercenaries
arrested by North Korean soldiers.


You sacrificed.
They make you bait.


If we stay here, we will
will end up like them.

We have to do something!

Captain, we have enough C4
to destroy enemy lines.

Okay ... Charles, you go forward.

Come on!

It remains unclear whether the CIA is responsible
responsible for this covert operation.

However, North Korea has
prepare their warships.

According to North Korea, this is the reason
they attacked us today ...

and this is only the beginning of their retaliation.

One hour, again the bodies of the rebels
this plus King will be displayed ...

as evidence of a rebellion against North Korea.

Hey, duck! [SHOT]

There are enemies coming in! That's not good.

Their numbers exceed us!

I repeat, North Korea has stated
that they planned a nuclear attack.

President McGregor still
haven't made a statement ...

Marcus ...!


If they enter, shoot
just and then get out of here.



Duck down!

Did you destroy it



JP, crouched down. We will get you out.

Not yet. Not...

- Meg.
- No, raptor 16. Take out the King first.

- What about my team
- Help is on the way.

Meg, we are pressed here.

We need help now.

King first. Come on!

JP got shot!



Captain, we have to go!

Captain, you have to go!

If the King dies, there will be no help!

- Come here.
- You just go. Bring King. Now!

Prepare C4 ...!

Help is on the way.

Don't go far, we will do this
quickly and don't die!

Come on ...!

Come on ...

Meg, who are they

They are from a company
with heavy weaponry.

They are here at full strength!

Mercenary Company called First
Service. Unofficial and recognized by China ...

who recently bought them.


So China is trying to attack
North Korea first

China uses King as bait,
which means they have mastered the north.

The problem now is the cause.

North Korea said that
they will fire nuclear.

But, China has control
for their weapons.

So they will fire nuclear
under the guise of Korea and ...

the country that shot down the missile was China.

Because they launched it.

Yes. North Korea fired
nuclear weapons because of American mistakes.

And China prevented him, being a hero, wearing it
as an excuse to rule North Korea.

And the only way to
preventing them from being King.

Captain, C4 is in position. Explosion.

- Move!
- Move!

Okay, leave the team on help
and go to the extraction point.

Sorry, all of this is my fault.

That is not your fault.

Leave everything and
take the tracker now.


"North Korea declares a nuclear attack."

Raptor 16. What just happened

- Turn it off.
- What really happened

What happened

Turn off the radio.

Raptor 16 Reports, what is your status.

Raptor 16! Ahab!

Oh, shit.

That one too. Come on

I think I'll experience
heart attack, you know

Waw, it's tense.

This is our location. This is a B-21 bomber.

They have waited 2 hours.

Do you understand

Why do you think women
it sent us here

Why doesn't he send the military

He never wanted the general.

He only wants coordinates
us and then the bomb!

All evidence exploded into smoke.

Even if we bring King, you
think he will let us live

No, he will kill us,
because we know everything.

Where did you get the intel?

They contacted me a few days ago.

There is a big prize for King.

We can share it 50:50.


You mean the same person out there

Oh, that's what I asked a few years
then when you offered me this job.

Let's make this short, fine

Right yes

Well. OK, good.

This company offers us two salaries
fold, allowances, also citizenship.

Now after this attack
end, we bring King to them.

And then clean our names.

Da this person will open his mouth because he was tortured.

And we will get the source of their money.

If I disappear so
just what about my wife

When you get out of here, just call him.

You told him to go to the airport.

I mean, fuck it.
You set it yourself.

After all, it's too dangerous
to raise children there.

No, it's impossible.

Will he catch a plane
today, everything is fine.

He is in danger now.

Marcus, this is really crazy.

If we just leave ...
how good it is.


You will say if we ...
we go then they will all die

Today, you are not you.

This is everyone responsible for
themselves. That's what you say.

Earlier, you said that, no

Now, please listen to me.

Do you come with me

Or you don't join

Marcus, sit with me
and we discuss it.

Well. Of course, a good alert offer.

But what if they are
just take it and kill us

As far as I look.

It's easy for them to get rid of us
rather than keeping any conditions.

Yes, yes The money is always good.

- But you have to think about ...
- This is safe.

There are other members

There is no other team.


Hell of it!

We are mercenaries,
we work for money.

What's special about Genes Hah


I know your disability one day
that gets you into trouble.

Look at you.

This is your choice.

Not my choice.

Hell of it!

Logan, are you okay

I told you.

Laptop saves
someone if shot.


Stay focus. Stop bleeding.

- Don't fall asleep. You hear
- yes.


Oh, shit!


Please wait

Marc. Do you hear

King is dead.

Can you bring the equipment now

Need reinforcements as soon as possible.

Motherfucker! Marc, talk to me!

Why did you leave the side
to let us die here


Ahab, what are you ...
Do you hear me

Ahab. Level 1-6.
Do you hear me

Too many threats.
We can't go back to headquarters.

We need help!


Marcus betrayed us.

- Logan and I were shot.
- What

How bad you got shot

King is dead.

B-21 is a lure,
to destroy this place!

Wake up, calm down!

OK, breathe!
OK, calm down!

Oh, I can't ...

- I can't ... It's hard to predict. Maybe 5 minutes.
- How long has King died

Wait. Then they should
already bombarded, right

He is still alive.

This is the reason they haven't bombed us.

They will save
King doesn't care anyway.

If we keep it alive.
They must send reinforcements.

But we are not doctors. How
we have to take care of him here

Gerald, the leader of the doctors is located
between hostages, no

Find him!

We just have to leave here!

Logan, give me a first aid box.

Hold you!

- Logan!
- Captain, this!

Captain, the doctor has been away for a long time.

It is impossible for us to find it.

Hell of it!

- Tjero, how is the situation there
- Captain.

We are in enemy territory.
We cannot join.

Tjero, you hear me, right

The doctor may be near you.
Immediately! Find him!

We get a move!

We have to reach them, fast. Hurry up!

- Doctor, come on! Let's go! What
- You guys first!

Who is this man

Hey! Do not move!

- Stay on the floor!
- Raise your hand!

- Kneel!
- Do you hear me?

Hey, do you hear me
I said raise your hand!

- Please! Do not move!
- What the hell!

Screw you!
Raise your hand when I tell you!

Damn it makes me angry! No, I will
kill you! Do you hear me

I will kill you!

Name: NOH. Alias: JUNS-WOOK. Age: 60. Nationality:
NORTH KOREA Position: The main doctor leader

Hold the bastard and connect the doctor!

Do not move!

He was dead.

- Fuck you!
- Raptor 1-6.

We clean here,
we joined you

Wait, wait, wait, wait!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Name: YOON. Alias: JI-UI. Age: 43. Nationality:
NORTH KOREA Position: The main doctor leader

He is a doctor. Nelson, give me a tool
your communication and show the monitor to him.

- Come on, wake up!
- Get up! Kneel!

Do it here. Come on!

Wear this. From my captain.

Don't look at me!
Look down! Look down!

- Or maybe me ...
- Listen to me. Do you hear

King Jong is in critical condition.
Can you help me

See, his heart rate is 41.

What else should I do
so he stays alive

If you promise to let me go.
I have to leave here.

King is in critical condition.

I understand.
But sorry, I can't help you!

They come.

- Let's just go, forget them!
- Smart, man!

- To leave here!
- We finish it!

You can't shoot!
They will find you here!

Let's go in different directions, agree

Tjero, take out your knife.

Why do you have to listen to this person

Do you think he will help you

How do you save the person
My old man is not stupid!

Leave the man shot,
stop being shot.

Don't ... Don't shoot!

No, no, no, no!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Hell of it!

5 enemies, 10 seconds more!

Captain! What we do, captain

What we do

Do you hear me

I know the way.

- What
- He will die soon.

Nelson, Tjero, give them weapons!

Captain, we can't
trust these people!

That's the order!

Hey, just take it!

Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!

Give him an adrenaline injection
in the first treatment box.

Hurry up and find the injection! Fast!

Did you find it
Besides, beside!

- What's this
- Right!

Inject him! Injections near the heart.

Captain, give coordinated escape.
We have to go.

Tjereo, there's a turn.
The western part of you!

Head to the back door!

Hey, come on!
Come on, come on!

Come on, come on! Street!

Prepare the adrenaline.
Don't get ribs.

- Stab in between.
- Where

Feel with your hands.
It's at the bottom.

- I can.
- No, no, no!

A little close to the heart.

- Here!
- Yes!

Do it!

Just do it! Do it fast!

Stable and don't be afraid.
Up to half a needle.

Nice. Well.

Go on.

- Are you finish
- No, no! Need more!

- Just take it. Pull full.
- What

Already completed

- almost full. Is it true
- OK, enough.

Now, look for an infusion. To help him.

It's in a bag. Hurry up!

Put it on the hangers!

This is not my job!

- Is it good?
- Now, give him CPR.

Raptor 1-6. The enemy is attacking!
We lost!

Come on, come on, come on!

Captain, have an idea!

Gerald, in the area around 10 o'clock.
It leads to the stairs.

Understood. We need protection.

Demitri! Follow me!

We are here!

Hell of it!

Where is Tamil

He is still there.

- ***!
- What happened

Broken ribs!

How can
Don't care, keep pumping!

Please, beat! Come on!
Just beat it!

Don't panic, keep doing it!

- Keep doing it until you get a beat!
- Tamil! Hey!

Die, motherfucker!

Gerald, what are you waiting for

Throw a grenade and close the door!

Gerald, I'm late!

- Damn it! Not!
- Let him! Come on! I said, Gerald! Come on!

- You want all of us dead!
- Close the door!

Floor 10. Close the door, hurry up!


Keep moving, buddy!


- Did he get a heartbeat
- yes.

- He has a heartbeat!
- Good!

Check the device, what it has
heartbeat sign

Has the infusion flowed

It's half!

One two Three!

What, this is a trap!

- Friend! How is Louise
- Gerald! Read the situation!

- I take care of the King!
- Severe here!

Hold on!

Okay, this works! It works!

His heart was beating fast.
What do I need to do next

- Just do it..
- Fast, fast, fast!

Give him a blood transfusion!

Blood. Hah

Blood type O.

Captain! You have to do something!

We will all die here!




Logan, you're fine

Get up. Don't fall asleep.

Don't tell me to talk, this is too painful.

Come here.

I will give something for your pain.

I am fine. Take care of yourself.

Just do what I say. Fast!


Yes, sit here.

You are okay


This. This will make you feel better, okay.


I think I'm not suitable for this.

I want to go home.

Meet my family.

Spending time with my daughter.

What is this thing

What are you doing, Captain

Is he still alive


No, captain.

Captain, wait.

No, no. Please dont.

No, Captain, no.

Logan ...

do not move.

I just need a little.

- No, I've lost a lot of blood, Captain I can not stand. I can't help it.
- It is okay.

- Do not move.
- No, Captain.

No, I can't do it.
Captain, please, I can't do it!

Captain, please.


It is okay. Anyway, don't move.

- Captain ...
- Do not move.

Just don't move.


If King is killed. We all die.

And they will only cover everything.


I don't want to die, Captain.

I want to get out of here alive.

Please ..



I will keep you alive.

If you can give just a little.

We can get out of here together.

Do not worry.

It's like jumping with a parachute, right

Keep breathing, breathe ..


Headquarters 1-0, enter.

King is recovering.

Send help now.

Mack 1-0 headquarters, you can see us

My men gave a blood transfusion to King.

Send us a medical evacuation, hurry up!


While the White House denies involvement,
There are incoming reports about men who are caught on CCTV footage.

According to this news report the suspect
already killed during kidnapping ..

Use the code name 'Ahab'.

And he is an illegal immigrant
illegally rented by a private military company.

Guess ..


Ahab, come in.

- Ahab, come in.

There is a problem with the parachute.

He fainted!

Is he okay

- Ahab! - Yes I'm here.
My height is dropping fast!

Can you and him land safely

I do not know.

What happened

The parachute is floating uncontrollably!

I don't think I will succeed!
I'll have an emergency landing!




Logan. Logan.


Can you hear me

Gerald Gerald




You are there

You are okay

Yes I'm here.

I am fine.

Others survived

What is the King's condition? Is he safe?

Almost, but he survived.

I'm the only one who lives.

Others die.

What happened to you
Are you okay

Did something happen to you

You still hold the tool

If, yes, keep the object continues.

Yes. My leg is badly hurt,
there is something in it.

You have to get it out right away.

You need something to get it out.

You have a wound sewing tool

I have.

You need to find some scissors
to open wounds and tongs.

Okay, hurry up, cut the wound and insert the tool.

Enter, and it will hurt.

Hang in there, and try
to look into the wound.

Can you see it

Insert the clamp slowly and look for the object.

Hang in there, it will hurt.


Do you get it Slowly, you
it is necessary to pull the object completely.

Hey, talk to me.

I need to know, you succeeded
put it out or not.

Talk to me.



- Wait, I got it.
- You got it

Just pull it. Slowly, hold on.

Hang on, come on.

It hurts a lot, now shut your mouth!

You can do it! You're the only hope.

You managed to pull it out

Hey, Ahab! Talk to me!


Hey, you succeeded

Now, stop the bleeding, hurry up!

Find something for
stop the bleeding, fast!

Close your wound tightly! Very
tight, otherwise it will give you trouble.

Hurry up.


I know you can do it.
Are you okay

You do a good job.


I don't want all this to be in vain.

Many people have sacrificed for this mission.

I can't disappoint
another. They trust me.

I have to save the person
this bastard, so the world will be safe.

Yes. You think they know
What's going on here

I don't know, I tried to contact
them, but there is no answer.

Everyone is gone, and I don't
get answers from headquarters.

None at all


My men die for this mission.
Only to save one person.

No, no.

We sacrifice our lives for the King.

I know this is a life or death mission.

But, I only hope for our government
acknowledging the sacrifice of my men.

My men must give
his blood to King.

And I made it do it,
no, I forced it.


Logan, sorry for him.

Poor man.

Am I making a bad decision

You do what you have to do.

You're sorry

This is for the greater good.

The stakes are too high, between
between your men and the whole world.

I think you did the right thing.

Good The world depends on you.

Be proud, but for
now you save him.

And come back alive.


Remember with the people you love, okay

We will die.

Delta 16.

- This is 10. Enter.
- Gerald.

Gerald ...

Delta 16.

I need you to hear me.


What is this

Ahab, do you see it now

I need you to hear me.

Gerald, it's me.

What's your situation

Carlos is dead.

The rest are only four of us.

We can't last much longer.

Gerald, hang in there.

Without help troops ...

Maximum 3 minutes.


He is died.

Gerald, do you bring nightvision

You said we don't need that.

Of course, I brought it.


Today we will go home, Captain

Get ready. I'll
find the exit route.



- You hear me
- yes.

You see there

That's your way.

You have to go there.

That's your only chance.


Still not dead


You're still alive.

I'm still alive, not because of you.

You bombed us.

We don't have much time,
so I'll be short.

You know King is still alive.

Why are you bombing us

With this, we only
have a few minutes.

Answer my question!

Why are you bombing us

Are you really
will kill us all


We tried to bury your team, King,
and all the evidence in that bunker.

So we can deny
Chinese statement.

But that didn't work
the community does not believe it.





I promise.

Command or not ...

Send us help and ...

McGregor ordered
second bombing.

He will destroy all
proof, no matter what.

After they refill,
we have 15 minutes.

And my position has been withdrawn, me
can't give official orders.

Agent Mackenzie, you don't
have the authority to be here.

Get rid of your hand from me,
I can walk alone.

The protocol requires us
to confiscate the telephone.

- I'm calling ...
- Captain, this is my last ammunition.

You see

Listen Ahab, I won't run away from this.

From now on, if you do accordingly
my words are a way out for us.

You can be trusted

This is for both of us, before I didn't
need you, but now i need it.

You have seen your face
on the news, aren't you ...

become a suspect for
King's murder, right

If you survive
from here with him. That...

change everything. I
will take you to the press.


So we sent the story to
save King, but we are ambushed.

The White House does not ignore
you guys, they saved you guys.

I guess ...

we have to use
the right words.

Whatever it is, if you do this,
we will reverse public opinion.

I will make McGregor selected
come back and you can survive from there.

It's equally beneficial.

Are you sure

Gerald, we have a way out.

Good, Kap

Press the button.

Hurry up.

How are the help troops

How is King, me
don't see his vital signs

Bullets lodged in his chest, but ...

The Korean doctor saved him.

Hurry up there.

Mac, we are running out of time, us
need help now too.

I will convince McGregor no matter what.
Bring King from there safely.

And when the help arrived, they
will take you out with him.

No, wait, wait ...

Mac, what about my men

What happened at
there can't be spread.

The aid force will
eliminate your men.

You can kill that doctor.

And when you come out, you
will interview with the press.

And in order to maintain a good name, we will
lifting you into an American citizen,

there will be a new document ...

Mac ...

I won't go home alone.

We are fighting desperately for
come home from here safe.

MAC Call ends 1:30


I'll be free soon.



I have to hide.

Team 13, start searching.

Take the gun.

Refill the bullet,

Hurry up.

Get it down now!

Drop your gun!

Alright, raise your hand!

Get up!

Get out of there.


Get out of there!


This is team 13, we found
someone here.

We will take care of it.

Wait, the badge, he's a medical member.

Wait, where is King Dan
another person caught him

Are they together

Do not listen to them.

Tell them where they are.

And we will protect you.

Damn, don't listen to them.

How can I trust you

Go first, me
can handle this. Come on

They will betray you.

Here, bring my gun.

Leave there.

So, you are what they are looking for.

I came here to save you.

Honest to me, and me
will save you.

Ahab attacked this place.

You're sure you can be trusted

Delta 16, is a team
we must destroy.

Ahab's team betrayed our country.

So, we have to kill him.

Please believe me.

I can save you
from here alive.


You see this

Pass the door, go to the stairs.

Don't move if
no I will kill you.

Use this.

Delta 16, we have reached Sector D.

Gerald, two more turns, you
will see the stairs before the fence.

The doctor will be there.

Take him away with you.


Through this way.

- Damn it!

Someone got shot!

We met the enemy, they were five.

Watch your bomb throw.

Throw, throw, bomb!

Damn, ammo is up! Ammo runs out!

Captain, I need to walk
circling them. Lead me.

Follow me.

Follow me, come on.

Fight 4 enemies in the main tunnel.

If you see a doctor
North Korea, kill in place.

Let us go home.


Gerald, hurry up!

Captain, we were held up.
Where is the doctor

Wait, wait, he is coming.

Go to the end of the hall.

Hopefully I made it out.

Gerald, the way the doctor is blocked.

You will find the picker
after crossing the fence.

Spin and return for him.


Street! Fast!

Captain, we've arrived at the end.

Where is she

Doctor Yoon



too late.

We can't bring everything out.

You and I can leave here.

I do not...

I don't want to die here.

I don't want to die here.

I would like to ask you.

When the new kid comes, you
tell me about all this nonsense.

Yes, right

But that confused me
with my logic is ...

you should let it go.

But you didn't do it, right
That way, you will land

without problems and still have your feet.

Why don't you help me

Ahab, why did you not let go

Because you want to
save him. Right, right

This is my parachute, I'm not
will release it again.


Vladimir, you bastard!
Dimitri, Paul, Martin!

- Blackbird 16, answer and tell your position.
- Martin, Paul!


Blackbird 16, do you hear

- They held me here.
- Ahab, do you hear

Can you show
to me I am here.

Okay, Ahab, we get
full support from McGregor.

Reinforcements are there.
Are you in your position?

Gerald, reinforcements will come.

Hold on. You have to hide.

Station 1, Logan can't
entered because of a heart attack.

Respond immediately.

Ahab, what happened

Ahab, Ahab!


Here ... Here!

Go up.

What are you doing here

What happened to your feet

This is just a scratch, me
will be okay.

God damn it!

What are you doing

I gave him blood, this will work.

Are you sure

Come on, get ready. I'll
shoot if they enter.

Are you sure?
It's good if you stay here.

Right, you just stay here.

Are you shot

The Delta team faces the enemy.

Affirmative, the Echo team secured
their territory, they got the King.

Ahab, you're fine

I am fine. He..

King is still alive.

While the United States
carry out covert operations,

enemy countries accuse us wrongly

in an attempt to destroy
balance of peace.

Our soldiers are forced to face
life or death situation.

Yes, I just leaked it
military confidential information.

I hope my president's status will
keep me away from the charges for now.

And what will happen next,

I will be criticized politically
until the end of my term

not to mention the results of
upcoming elections.

For those who want
criticize me, please do it.

Because now life
my politics are not important.

What's important is every life
soldiers who carry themselves

into battle for his country.

And that is my serious duty as president
United States to protect them.

I can confirm
again if Ahab is still alive.

Today he is fighting for our country.

And I will fight as best I can
make sure he is sent home safely.

God bless Ahab.

And God bless the United States.


Yes, Sir.

Ji-Su Lee, there will be difficulties inside
the process of giving birth. Contact as soon as possible.


Okay, forward, fast.

- Be careful, be careful.
- Alright, let's get the infusion bag.

Alright, check vital conditions.

He lost a lot of blood.

Let's prepare this pipe, us
must move quickly.

One, two, three, lift.

- Let's cut the bandage. Help me.
- OK

- We have to wrap this tightly.
- Ahab, it's me, King, congratulations.

We will arrive soon
station 7 in the east sea.

The TV crew will broadcast
your return directly,

you have a guide there,

and your guidelines, so you know what is
You can and can't say, right

Alright, King is stable.

I can't believe this happened.

When this is aired,
you will be a hero.

Ahab, are you listening

- What about the doctor
- Forget it, he won't survive.

- Hey, sir!
- Hey, hold on, calm down!

Hey, did I send you down

Take care of him now too. Take care of him!

Everyone, step back.
Lower your weapons.

I repeat, lower your weapons.

Ahab, of course you are
must save him.

No matter what happens, but
when you feel the land,

approach you, you must use
whoever is there.

- Whether it's a load bag or whatever ...
- Mack.

I have to save him!

Enemy aircraft, change direction!

Emergency, marines, we are attacked.

King has been secured!

I repeat, we are attacked
by the Chinese air force.

Station 10, we face the enemy.

Open the door, use it
parachute to King.

Ahab, both parties failed to intercept
the missile, but now the track changes.

It will fall into the sea
and there will be damage.

Look below you, 300 meters.

Can you see it

Take him.

Now we need you more than
before, you must pursue, Ahab.




Hey, are you okay

Are you alright

Hey, you're fine Hey ...

Thank God, you're fine.

Now you are a father.