Tactical Unit - The Code (2008) - full transcript

Tensions flare between PTU officers and the Complaints Against Police Officers unit when a security camera captures a triad member being brutalized by PTU officers.

Leisure and Cultural Services
Department sent this video to us.

Actually, the use of this
camera is to monitor...

any littering in the alley.

But it has recorded some
policemen were beating a man.

He is not a nice guy for sure.

But it is clear that the suspect
was under control at that time.

According to the law, it can be labeled
as an illegal assault and battery.

The superior has decided
to start the investigation.

this video has not spread out yet.

But there is still the risk.

The vice commissioner hoped that we can
finish the investigation as soon as possible.

So we can avoid all the
troubles afterwards.

The question is no one has reported
on chasing suspects on that day.

And the man has not yet
met with Complaint Department...

to complain about this incident.

That means you are going to find
that man who was beaten.

And we are going to give
you those colleagues.

That's right.
When we have found all the evidence,

we'll see if anyone
had got out of line.

Where did it happen?

It happened in the alley of...

36 Granville Road Tsim Sha Tsui.

It's my West Kowloon area.
What about the time then?

It was 23th August,
2006 at two a.m..

Good afternoon Sir.
Good afternoon.

Chief Inspector Chan Chi Yan.

Good afternoon Sir.

Sit down.
Thank you Sir.

I am Chief Inspector Chan Chi Yan.

I am the vice captain of PTU
Bravo Com of West Kowloon.

Chan Sir, are you in charge of...

Granville Road Tsim Sha Tsui?

According to the police
general rule Chapter 29,

if it is needed,

we can use the least forces
to achieve a mission.

I am the Senior Inspector
Wong Chung Ching.

I am the 3rd platoon Captain of the
PTU Bravo Com of West Kowloon.

Wong Sir, on the evening of 23-8-06,

isn't the 3rd platoon
first column...

in charge of ACP in Tsim Sha Tsui?

Yes Sir.

According to the tape,

Can you recognize the three
policemen in the scene?

It is vague. I can't recognize them.

Sergeant 7366.

Night snack in old place.

I am a sergeant.
Serial number 7366 Lee Wing Sam.

That night we had been
patrol on Granville Road but

we had not reached that alley.

Then what do you think of how...

we have this film?

Two possibilities. Other colleagues
walked into our territory.

Or someone pretended to be police.

I am Sergeant Cheung Pui Yee.
Numbers 26316.

That night We were doing
ACP in Hart Avenue.

In the meantime,
we arrested a drunkard.

From 1:30 to 3:00 a.m.,

we were detained in Tsim Sha Tsui police
station to provide witness reports.

File no. 06-35789112.

At about 2:00 a.m.,
we were having our late supper.

Where did you have supper?

The rooftop of Ka Shing
Building in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Why did you have supper there?

It is our habit.

Usually when we are on the
late-shift, we eat takeaway there.

How long did you stay there?

30 minutes,
then we continued our patrol.

Day off.
Yes Sir.

On the evening of 23th of
August, I got a T.O..

It's fine, thanks.

Goodbye Sir.

Tong Sir, your breakfast.
Put it down.

Four breakfast. Thanks.

Did CAPO get enough evidence?

I don't know.

If there is anything I can
help, just tell me.

Okay, take your breakfast.

Black coffee and fried egg sandwich.

Where is Eight?

Wong Sir had asked
him to go upstairs.

Sam, according to Shing...

We heard that...

CAPO is looking for that guy
who got beaten up, named Shing.

That asshole helps his
Boss Bill for loan-shark.

He did many nasty things if
he couldn't get the money.

I have been wanting to
arrest him for so long.

If you need any help, just call me.

Okay, have breakfast now.

Ham and egg macaroni, ice tea.

Bro Tong,
Cheung said someone called you...

a few times just now.

Did he leave his name?

I got it.

Eight, about your debt declaration,

we will have the result
when Chan Sir is back.

Don't worry. It should be fine.

I will call you afterwards.

Thank you Sir.

CAPO just contacted us.

The investigation on the suspected
beating cast is still in progress.

You can still serve your
duty at this moment.

Other columns set out
to patrol already.

You will be in charge of
Sai Yeung Choi Street Nathan road.

There are many burglary cases
recently, so more VBP is needed.

Alleys and public toilets
do needed stepping up patrols.

there is an extra operation today.

This is our own service.

We will not cooperate
with other units.

Our target is the entertainment
venue in Sun Mong Building Jordan.

It belongs to Bill.

his men are getting really active.

They fight around and
be impolite to police.

Go and check their license.

Any Question.
No Sir.

Start off at ten minutes later.

Once the investigation is completed, the
colleagues involved will definitely be dismissed.

CAPO is still looking for the evidence
and they don't have much progress yet.

But sooner or later,

everybody knows even the one who
shouldn't... It will be trouble.

Be careful.


Checking license is more time wasting.
What if we divide our teams?

We will do VBP and the alleys.
We will meet afterwards.

Thank you.
No thanks.

I hope that they can
get it done soon.

Why? Afraid to be involved?

No, I just want to help.

Don't worry.
Bro Sam is going solve it.

They will ask if they need.
Finish the orders first.

How is it, Chiu?
Bro Tong.

You seldom call. What is the matter?

Isn't it someone
complain me to CAPO?

No, I need your help.

Can you recognize him?

He even doesn't have a face.

Take a good look. This guy should be
hanging around in your area.

He is covered with silver hair.
I don't get it.

What did the bastard commit?

I don't know either.

But sooner or later some policemen
will suffer because of him.

Anyway, just get this guy for
me, okay?

I will do it for you of course.

Give it to me.
I will look out for you.

Thanks, Bro Tong.

No problem. I will call you.

I have to go now.
I will dine with my boss.

Thank you.

Can he help?

I don't know. Just another clue.

What's up, Boss?

About the PTU beating case,

CAPO asked me to
find out the victim.

I would even forget who I beat.
He won't bother me.

Your phone rang just now.


Call me back, Shing.

Search from the attic?

4 Floor.

Checking license. Turn on the light.
Turn off the music.

Dak, you help Eight.

Who is the in charge?
He hasn't come back.

Call him back.

Checking license. Wait here.


Sit down!

Sit down!

Didn't see him.

Get the manager here.

Manager, this way.

You deal with them.

Just do it here? Your ID card.

Where is Big B?
He is coming.

Where is the keeper?

Where is the keeper?

Bastard! You should tell me earlier!

Go out, close the door.

Did Shing come?

He came a few days before.
But He was lost these two days.

Do you know where is him?
I don't know.

Or you don't want to say it?

How can I say it if
I really don't know?

Roger so far.

ID Julie 339477,
the last digit is 5. Over.

I need Shing.

Sir, I really don't know.

How can I get Shing?

I don't know him well.
How can I get him then?!

Console calling PTU 5788.

Console calling PTU 5788.


He is not wanted.

Roger. Thanks console.

How can I get Shing?

No, Please don't, Sir.
I really have no clue.

Big B.

Our license holder.

What's up, Sir?

Eight, let Bro Sam do it.

Stand still.

What the hell are you
doing in my place?

I am looking for Shing.
You don't have to do this.

Keung, bring him to a doc.
Stand still!

Big B, I really need to know
where is Shing. Help me.

Leopard, I am Big B, where is Shing?

Bill's men.


He went to Macau.
He will be back this afternoon.

He lives in Rm 508 in
Chan Ma Building. Got it?

Thank you.

Sir, have you finished
your investigation?

I have to do business here.

Did you get anything?

This bastard has two
sticks of cannabis.

Damn it. He got two sticks only.

Are you taking care of him? Need
a team to search it out for you?

I don't know him. Go and arrest him.

Did you call the car?
Not yet. Are we going to sue him?

Of course, call the car.

Give the letter to Eight.

We have to afresh the schedule.

Tell the colleagues when debriefing.

Chan Sir, don't you have any means?

Can we talk about it with Captain?

All is firmed. What can I do?

I have read through Eight's report.
He has great records.

So what?

He was willing to declare it.

Since he thought that
we police force could help him.

He is too optimistic.

If you are worrying
that he can't take it,

just refer him to the counselor.

Give him the letter first.

Maybe he can take it.

We can't settle all by ourselves.

How about the beating case?

Did the three guys say anything?

Right now we still can't
proof that it was them.

I don't care.
What I need is get it done.

Hey, is Big B's
information for real?

We'll find it out soon.

As long as we get Shing
earlier then CAPO.

Sam, if we get Shing,
should we force him to get away?

We are policemen.

If we find him,
I have a means to shut his mouth.

Is it done?
It is done.

He was released on bail.

He is Big B's men though.

Sam, I don't know what you
have talked about with Big B.

You know,
I arrest those who commit crimes.

Okay. Let's eat.

Eight, Wong Sir want to see you.

Thank you.

What happened?
I don't know.

Maybe he wants to praise you.

That's right.
I haven't got enough quotas.

If you have more good jobs like
this, please let me.

Let's eat. Don't make fun with me.

Wong Sir, you want to see me?

We have result already.

What's wrong?
The lock is broke.

What is the noise? Who is it?

Eight, what the hell are you doing?

Handle it yourself.

What are you doing?

I want to know what had happened.

The lock is broken, Sir!

You seem can't control
your own feelings!

If you have any questions,
you should talk to me directly.

Dak, find someone to fix the door!
Yes Sir.

Give me a report afterwards.

Yes Sir.

Sam, wait a minute.

Sorry, Sir!
I apologize for what just happened.

What do you want to say?

Is it possible that you
can ask the superior...

...not to put me to
the civilian post? No.

It's you who encouraged
me to do the declaration.

There's many thing I
can't be in charge.

I am not borrowing from loan sharks. Just
one of the victims of negative equity.

Why don't you help me?

Nobody cares if your debt
is reasonable or not.

If I were failed in rescheduling
debts, I would totally willing to.

But you don't even give me a chance.

If you think I can't help you,

you could come to Chan Sir directly.

You mean it's not your
responsibility then.

It's enough.

It is only a temporary policy.

Doesn't mean that the Welfare
Department will not lend you money.

My case has not reached
the tribunal panel.

But you had already
put me out of the way.

They will not lend me
money, of course.

As long as I can't meet my debts,
you will dismiss me.

I will not take the offer.

This is a violation.

I am not going to
discuss with you now.

Move to the car! Start off now!

Talk to me afterwards.

No need.

Why did you hit him?

He resisted arrest and get rid of the drugs.
I didn't have any evidence against him.

I know exactly what I am doing.

Me too since I've joined the
police force for so long.

Everything I do, I follow the rules.

I never hit a people. I never step
any wrong steps. So what?

I am shifted to another post.

No one will find out I'm in debt
as long as I keep it low.

I can still work as a policeman.
I can still carry a gun.

But I was so stupid.
I turned myself in.

I thought that they would help me.

I was so stupid.

Uncle Tung.

I need your help.
Can you recognize this man?

I don't know him.

What about you?

No. I haven't seen him before.
And the picture is too vague.

Try it.
I can't see his face.

Uncle Tung.

Let's have a talk.

Did you involve in the beating case?

Now anti-triad operation of Yau
Tsim Mong need to get one team to

help CAPO looking for that bastard.

Sam has got into trouble.

Just stay out with this.
I got it.

Take care for yourself.

I go now.

What did you say?
It is none of your business.

I am here as your tour guide only.

I don't have to report
my private life.

We've got his address.
Maybe there's some clue.

Move to the car.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

I'm fine.

Haven't come back yet.

Let's move to the backstairs.

What's wrong? Move.

Sam, I will go upstairs.

Dak, go with him.
No need.

Bro Sam, can Eight go alone?

Leave him alone.
We will get Shing's done first.

Hey! Police!

Stop running!

Bro Sam!

Stop running!


Console PTU Bravo three 39622 over.

A drug dealing was found
in 5.

We are hunting for the suspect.

He is running towards Ferry Street.

You can remain silent ..

Unless you want to say...

You bastard, hit me!

Bring him to the car.


You saw he hit me!
I need to go to hospital.

Eight! Don't you know
what're you doing?

Wong Sir, the suspect
resisted arrest and hit him.

Then he could beat the suspect, huh?

Go and return your gun!

Return your gun immediately!

I have been carrying my gun for 25 years.
You have shifted my duty already.

And you asked me to
return my gun now.

You can't serve with your gun today!
Move to the car!

You are just using your
authority, Huh?

If you don't see
yourself as a policeman,

I will put off your uniform
and lead you away in handcuffs.

Do you dare to try?

Seven, bring him back
with the suspect. Yes Sir.

Move to the car.
Let's go.

What happened?

We were going after another suspect.

Where is the suspect then?

He was lost. How about Eight?

I will take care of it.
Just concentrate on your job.

Yes Sir.



Cheng Sir.

We couldn't get the bastard
in Chan Ma Building.

Man has just contacted
with the broadcasting station.

The PTU has been there too.

That means our clue is right.

Inform our colleagues
to concentrate on...

searching for Chan Kam Shing.

I'll arrange another team
to take care of the PTU.

Roger. Just help me to get this guy.

Are you sure?


This is much easier.

Stand still.

Eight, I help you.
You just take a rest.

Stand still.

Cheung Sir, PTU Bravo three,
the first Column.

Four colleagues just found a case of
suspected drug dealing.

In Chan Ma Building, Yau Ma Tei.

PC 5788 ran after the
suspect to the market.

They got to the fish stall
and the suspect resisted arrest.

In the mean time, they both got wet.

PC 5788 is taking a rest over there.

This was left by the suspect.

Go and see your colleague.

Wing, bring the
suspect to the search.

Yes Sir.

Eight, Eight.

Is he okay?
Need to check with a doc?

He's fine, Sir.

Put away your gun.

Put away your gun.

You return your gun first.
I'll call you when Wong Sir is back.

Bro Sam.

Have a talk.

How is Eight's situation now?

Wong Sir will definitely
put this on his file.

Let's talk to him
when we're off duty,

Let's finish this first.

That's all I know.
Thank you.

Not at all. I can't really help
anyway. Get back to work now.

How is the situation?

Nothing. Look for another one.

Bro Sam, I am Orderly.

Eight seems a bit different. When we
handed over the suspect in the DO room,

He took his gun out
and wiped it there.

I talked to him and he ignored me.

Also, Wong Sir asked me to rearrange
the schedule roster.

No need to put Eight's
duty from tomorrow.

I wonder if you could
talk with him afterwards.

I got it. Thank you.

I am Eight.
I am busy at the moment...

There is a fight in
Sing Bo Night Club.

Address is Rm 4.

We'll see.

I don't care who he is.

Now our bro was stabbed.

Just to find that bastard out.

What a favor.
Here comes the revenge.

Boss, we couldn't catch him.

But I know him.
He is Shing. Bill's man.

We also found a knife downstairs.

Yes, Sir.

Console EU Car 18 over.


A wanted person.

He was found involve in the
fighting of Sing Bo Night Club.

Chinese male. About 40 years old.

5 feet and 7 inches tall.
Covered with Grey long hair.

In a black shirt
and a pair of light blue jeans.

His clothes may carry some blood.

He ran along Nathan Road towards
Yau Ma Tei. Out.


Pay attention to...

the wanted person described
by EU colleagues.

May, they are looking for
the guy in Bro Sam's case.

Let's move to Yau Ma Tei.

The bastard should not
appear in this situation.

If he is found by others,
there will be a big trouble.

Did Wong Sir know that?

If you see him,
please take care of him. Thanks.

What happened?

Seven said that Eight has not
returned the gun to Armory yet.

Wong Sir does not know that.

Switch off the engine and ID
card, please.

From CAPO.

UI No.28967, Dak, check this too.

Thank you.

I'm sorry. Someone may
pose as a police officer.

Sorry to disturb you.

It's okay. I'm afraid that I may disturb
you for getting Chan Kam Shing.

They are valid licenses. Over.

Cheung Sir, I'm sorry.
You may go now.

You can go now if you are
in a hurry. I have time.

May, I'm Sam. Can you do me a favor?

Just say it.

CAPO is stalking us.
I wonder if you could go for me.


Shing is getting really trouble now.
He will run away at anytime.

He may go to Bill.

Also, Eight is in trouble.
We'll go back to the base first.


Sam just called.
He wants us to get Shing for him.

Let's go.

Bro Bill.

Where is that bastard?


What's the matter, Tong?

They want to talk to you.

Bill, we are from Complaints
Against Police Office.

Where is your man Chan Kam Shing?

What crime did he commit?

He is in connection
with one of our cases.

I asked you what did he commit?

This is none of your business.

We only want to know where is he?

This is ridiculous.

You come for news and you don't
even tell me what happened.

Don't you think I would
tell you the answer?

Please cooperate with us.

What would you do if I don't?

You even haven't a gun.
Don't be so cocky, okay?

You only know how to fix the police.

Is it okay, Tung?

I'm fine.

You can't get anything here.
Let's move on.

You've been troubled me
for a whole day already.

Are you going mad with drugs?

Not only losing all the drugs,
you also attacked Big B.

That bastard betrayed me.

How can I hang out there
if I don't deal with him?

Now the police and Big B's
men are both looking for you.

You can't hang out either.

You even get CAPO looking for you.

What the hell did you do?


Bastard, hide yourself.

I will deal with Big B.

Thanks, Boss.

I'll call you afterwards, bastard.



Put your hands over your head.

Hello, Cheng Sir.

We have followed those PTU
back to the base.

I think they will off duty soon.
Should we continue to trail?

They can't do anything
at this moment.

Look for Chan Kam Shing first.

Move to Jordan.
Yes Sir.

Split off.

Not in the briefing room.

Restaurant either.
They said they didn't see him.

Let's continue.


I arrested him at Bill's place.
But I had reported to the station.

Chung is showing him
to the small room.

But Serious Violence and Crime Unit
will come in fifteen minutes.

Bus Captain had told me
Eight's case already.

How is he now?

We haven't found him yet.

I will pay attention to that.
Move to the small room first.

Thank you.

Move to the rooftop.

Seven, Eight is temporality on
holiday starting from tomorrow.

Take off?
Just follow what I said.

Ask him to see me.
I'll be back soon.

Yes Sir.

Suen, move to the east wing.

Nothing. What should we do, Bro Sam?

Let's inform our vice captain.

We have to deal with Shing.

Eight is wandering around with
his gun. How can we ignore that?

Look for Eight.
Let's go.

Chan Sir! With regard to Eight...
About Eight's.

Captain informed me already.

It's surprise me that you
convinced them to let him stay.

Sorry Sir.

It's alright.
We need to be opened up.

But you've seen how Eight
behaved in the toilet today.

How can I let him
on duty with a gun?

I'm going to let him taking
day off from tomorrow.

Afterwards you can talk with Captain
in the meeting.

Even if we can't change the
decision of Eight's shifting,

the Welfare Department might have
approved his rescheduling already.

The situation will be
really different then.

We had over a hundred policemen

who were deeply in debt last year.

They all need support.
How many of them you can help?

I will have a meeting
in the headquarter.

CAPO has checked the
guy is called Shing.

If it proofs that it was
done by these three guy,

I will definitely remove them.

If we dealt with him
first, all would be fine.

Wong Sir.

What's the matter?

May has just arrested a guy.

The suspect is sending to
the Serious Violence and Crime Unit.

Isn't it that wanted person Shing?

We will off duty in thirty minutes.

We can talk about it
in the briefing room then.

Yes Sir.

Tong, I'm Sam.
Shing has gone to your place.

Can I talk to him for a few minutes?

No problem. But he is not here yet.
I'll call you then.

How is that?
Wait for Tong's call.

Damn it! He said we can call him
if we need help.

We still have chances
about the beating case.

We'd better look for Eight first.

We have to return the gun
in thirty minutes.

What if we inform the vice captain.

We don't know if he is
going to kill or suicide.

If we were not chasing for Shing,

Eight would not turn out like that.

If we could find him return the gun,

we could solve other problems.

Tong, I'm Wong Chung Ching.

Do me a favor.

It's easy.
Just let me meet that guy.

I would do everything for Wong Sir.

But my boss is here.

I will deal with him first
and call you later.

Cheung, I have to see a doc.
You take in charge.

It's okay.

Boss, where are you going?

We take over this guy. Let's go.

Chan Kam Shing, 43 years old, right?

Isn't it?

Where do you live?
Mong Kok.

Which part of Mong Kok?

Rm D, 3.

Boss, he is Shing.
His name is Shing.

He is in connection with the bodily
harm of the Nightclub keeper,

whose name is Big B.

EU saw him on the crime
scene but he ran away.

Did you find any witness?

No. Big B's men are not willing
to say anything.

We found the knife near the scene.

Where do you work?
Wing Lee financial company.

You are a loan shark then.

I'm a PR manager.
Sir! I have to pee!

Where have you been
between 3:00-5:00 p.m.?

At home. Sleeping. I have to pee!

Don't fool around!

No, Sir, I really want to pee.

I'm Tong. I am busy at the moment...

Wong Sir, we can't find Eight still.

Where is he?
I don't know.

But he was strange.

When we were in the DO room, he took
his gun out and just wiped it there.

Armory just said
he hasn't returned the gun yet.

It is done, right?

I just brought Shing to the
Serious Violence and Crime Unit.

But Bro Sam didn't
come to talk with him.

They were going to the small room.
How come they haven't talked?

I don't know. I saw them
when I returned the suspect.

"Sam, I'm May.
Why don't you look for Shing?

We saw Eight at the rooftop
when we're on the way.

But we can't find him when we went up there.
So we just split up and search now.

I got it.
If we find him, we'll call you.


May, have you seen Eight?

Eight was shifted. This was
supposed to be his last duty.

I am not clear about his situation.
We have to find him out.

Let's split up our search.
We'll see in the armory.

Yes Sir.

Bro Sam.

We have to hand in our guns.

We have got a case already.

If we don't return the gun on time,
things would get more trouble.

We have done our part already.
We even gave up Shing for him.

If we don't return our gun,
we would be another Eight.

Why did you attack Big B?
Dispute over places?

Damn it!
I don't even know who is Big B.

You don't know?
You are from the same industry.

Why don't you ask Big B to
recognize me? I need to crap.

Just leave it. I'll let you go soon.

Big B's men are waiting for you
at the front door right now.

Are you bluffing? What do you want?
I need to crap.

Do you have enough?
I need to crap.

What are you doing? Sit down!

Bastard, you'll get into trouble
if you can't make it.

Go! If you don't sit down properly
still, you'll be in big trouble.


Chiu, I am Cheng Sir.

Man checked that Chan
Kam Shing was wanted.

And he was arrested in West Kowloon.
Go and have a check.


Chan Kam Shing is in West Kowloon.

West Kowloon Office.

Tong Please.

He is not here. Who is it?

I am Wu Wai Chiu Inspector of CAPO.

Did you get a suspect
Chan Kam Shing?


He is related to one of our cases.

Keep him there for us.

We need his statement.

How? He is related to
a serious crime too.

We have our job either.
I can't make a decision.

Can you come over and
talk to my boss directly?

Damn it! Move to West Kowloon!

Sam, have you met Eight?


He hasn't returned the gun and
we couldn't find him.

He didn't answer his phone.

Wong Sir, nothing.

Wong Sir had convinced
the Captain changed his shifting...

to off duty.

He doesn't know this yet and
he is still holding the gun.

We worry that he
would lose his mind.

Five minutes left. If he doesn't return
the gun on time, he would be wanted.

Just wait a minute.

Hope that he would come and
move no more wrong steps.

Stand still.

Talk to me finally, huh!
I thought you didn't recognize me.

You didn't listen my
call for a whole day.

What do you want?
Solve this for me.

How can I? I am a policeman.

The only thing does
matter is the knife.

Help me to wipe out the fingerprint.

I will deal with Big B then.

Just give him a few
hundred thousands is fine.

I'll find a lawyer to deal with it.

I can't bear the risk to do it.

You don't do this for me.
Do this for your debt.

You owe us nearly
six hundred thousand.

Where is the interest
of this week then?

I borrowed from your boss, not you.

But I know!
I might be in jail for two years.

What if people found out you
borrowed from loan sharks,

you cannot be a cop anymore.

Just think about it.

West Kowloon.

I got it.

Damn it! Bothering me.

Boss, I just got a called
from the hospital...

He said Big B has died.
I got it.

Hey, what are you doing?

Big B has died from
internal bleeding.

Let go.

You have committed murder.
It is irreversible now.

Seven, call him one more time.
Yes Sir.

I am Eight,
I am busy at the moment...

Nobody answer.

Return your gun first.

I am going to inform Chan Sir.

Let go! Let go!

He has taken my gun.

Cordon base.
Guard all the exits.

CAPO Colleagues.

What is happening? What happened?

A suspect has taken
the gun and run away.

The base is cordon now.

Nobody can get in.

Cheng Sir, West Kowloon has
lost a suspect. We can't get in.

Everybody knows. Also, there's
a report from headquarter said

the suspect is Chan Kam Shing.

Wait there.
Call me if there is news.


Listen, there is one suspect
who got away. He fired one shot.

Wearing a black shirt, blue jeans.

And covered with Grey long hair.

He is carrying a gun.

The gun was taken from the sergeant.

It has approximately 5 bullets left.

The ground floor is all cordoned.

We may divide into
four sweeping teams.


Responsible for the No.3 ladder
of the barrack.

Yes Sir.


Responsible for the No.4 ladder
of the barrack.

Yes Sir.


Responsible for the No.1 ladder
of the main building.

Yes Sir.


We are in charge of
staircase No.2 of the main building.

Yes Sir.


Arrange four colleagues to do
the observation at the top.

Others will move to the car park.
Yes Sir.

If Eight is still in the base,

we may find him by chances.

I have seen him just now.

He comes for me.
Try to appease him if you see him.

If there is a risk, you may shoot.

Yes Sir.

Any Question?
No Sir.

Be careful. Go! Go! Go!

Sam, what should we
do if we meet Shing?

If he is not pointing
his gun at you,

Are you still going to
have a chat with him?

Bro Sam.


What's wrong, Sam?
Eight is at the rooftop.

Bring your men upstairs
to check with it.

Be careful. We haven't
got Shing yet. Yes, Sir.

Suen and Dak go to rooftop with me.

Jack, you keep doing the sweeping.
Yes, Sir.

Eight, there is an escaped
suspect inside the base.

Are you still trying to hide?

If you don't come out, I will
deal with you like an offender.

You think you are right.
You want to fix Wong Sir.

In fact, he has convinced
the Captain already.

You don't have to shift anymore.

He has solved all
the problems for you.

Why can't you wait a bit more.

Things are getting worse now. Are you
gonna push yourself to the dead end.

Bro Sam, it is Shing!

Police! Come out! Come out!

What's wrong, Sam?

What's wrong?

Sam, answer me.

Shing is in the rooftop.
He is shooting at us.

Sergeant, bring your men to
the rooftop and guard Exit B.

I am going to guard
Exit A with my column.

The rest guard on the ground floor.



You are not going anywhere.

Put down your gun and surrender now!

Sam, at you 12:00 position.

Seven, stay at this exit.


Sam, we are at Exit A of
the rooftop, where are you?


Eight is chasing Shing
towards East Wing.

We are at your 3:00 position.

Sam, surround him.

Sam... Sam... Sam...

Put down your gun.

Put down your gun.
Don't come any closer.

Run away! I will kill him! Run away!

Run! I'll kill him! Run!


Eight. How are you?

Command post 38166 over.


Command post, two ambulances please.

5788 and the suspect got
shot at the roof top.

The scene is under control now.

Commander Wong Sir is here too.

Command post,
ambulances were arranged already.

How is the situation, Over?

Our colleague has got a shot.
He still has breath and heartbeat.

The suspect has got four gunshots.
No vital signs. Over.

Command post, ask one of the
colleagues to call back. Over.

Eight, wake up now.

Eight, Eight, look at me.

PTU Sergeant...

I was patrolling with PC 39622

in Tsim Sha Tsui on that day.

At about 15:30,

When we went through
Carnarvon Road and Hanoi Road,

we saw the defendant
beating the victim.

I stopped them with my partner.
The defendant tried to flee.

We succeed to stop the defendant in the
pedestrian which is opposite to...

42 Carnarvon Road.

I saw the mouth of the
victim was bleeding.

After investigation,

we've found that
this was done by the defendant.

Do you get used to it?

But it is much better than
typing in front of a computer.

It is difficult to predict.

That shot supposed to
be fired at either.

Wong Sir or myself.

But at last it was
fired at the criminal.

And what I did is legal.

The most important thing is...

you have stopped me getting wrong.

As long as you are okay now.

Wong Sir helped me wholeheartedly.

He didn't tell anyone about
I wanted to kill him.

He knew that you had lost your mind
at that time.

But I had really done that.

After serving five
years civilian post,

I can pay back all the debts to
the Welfare Department.

But I wonder if I have the
confident to pick up my gun then.

I can't face myself.

Just leave it to that.

Don't bother about
the early retirement.

You said you always know...

what you are doing.

How about your beating case?

Shing is dead.
CAPO has closed the file.

Hey, my son has graduated.
He is a Probationary Inspector now.

He will service into West Kowloon.

If he becomes my boss,
ask him to take care of me.

Of course. So that you'll never beat

any suspects again.

Stand still.

Don't try to fix me with false
evidence. I'm going to sue you.

Shut up.

We can see those faces clearly.

It is the three men
from Bravo Three.

Maybe you can use a vacuum
cleaner to collect them.

Go away, bastard.
I can run many times.

Why don't you chase hawkers
since you are such a runner.

He is so bluffing.

How did you get the movie?

A bar girl recorded this in the
alley with her mobile phone.

She planned to put it on web.
But her boyfriend took it to us.

Her boyfriend is my colleague.

Is he trying to make a issue?

He didn't hand it to the CAPO
so he might just want to help.

What for?
We should remove them from office.

Wong, Although they have
gone across the line,

we have to consider the pressure
of our frontline forces.

If you were the one who
got insult like that on the street,

You would even shut down Yau
Tsim Mong for a whole week.

You handle this then.

CAPO has closed the file already.
What if we give them a chance?

I suggest that we delete this video,
does everyone agree?

Do what is needed in the right time.

I will check on you
whenever I see you.

I don't think that...

...you can get away next time.