Tactical Unit - Partners (2009) - full transcript

As rumors circulate that the long-disappeared Indian gang boss known as Black Molly is about to return to the underworld, Tactical Unit officers Sam (Simon Yam) and May (Maggie Shiu) are ...

Having kids?

Estimate cost at least $2 million.

For that you can buy
a decent apartment.

But you can't pay by
monthly installments.

Also the constant
care in upbringing.

A toast for Cary -
divorced and unemployed.

To freedom and starting over anew.


We're having a class
reunion tonight,

Why are you two
keeping to yourselves?

They are basking in
amorous re-union.

It's more like spiritual coupling.

You're so vulgar,

no wonder you're still single.

Madam, I'm sexually harassed.

Why harass you...

when I can have my way with Ken.

He's the most eligible bachelor.

Do you have May's permission?

When Ken studied abroad,
May entered the Police Academy.

They've called it quits.

The fact is,

May's my one true love.

May, Ken's levelling with you.
What's your response?

What about?

Ken's divorced and
you are single now.

I'll be bridesmaid.

I'll be Bestman.

I'll be flower child of course.

May, will you marry me.

Are you drunk? Can't you see me?

You knocked my wine over.
Trying to bully me?

No compensation?

Think I'm scared of you?

What's up? What's going on?

Does she have to make arrests even
at dinner?

Always the perfect policewoman.

Serving the public 24 hours a day.

How fortunate I was an
unsuccessful suitor.

It is none of your business.

Police! Is it my business now?

What's the soup?
Dace and kudzu soup.

How much do I owe you?

It's my treat,
since it's your first day on duty.

I can't accept that.

Don't be troublesome.
Thanks then.

Which district were you
stationed before? Wanchai.

Where did you graduate?

UST, I studied engineering.

From engineering to PTU?

You never attended U.

But you're in PTU now.

Three things to keep in mind.

Alertness, agility,
quick to response.

Be a wise guy!

Am I wrong?


Superintendent Chan.

I just have a chat
with Officer Leung.

She's set up a study
group to prepare you

for the interview
before the review board.

She has your contacts.

Make time to attend.

Thank you Sir.

Sam, the pistol range on Sunday.
Don't forget.



Have you heard that
the superintendent's nephew...

will be joining our team?

He's already here.

Should have warned me.

Police. Stop!

Why were you sneaking around?

I need to piss in a hurry.

Where are you going?

Can't you read? This is Nathan Road.

Show me your ID.

ID card.

ID card?
Sir, I just came out for a walk.

Your ID.

Now that I know your face.

I'll show you next time I see you.


Are you ignoring police orders?

It's him who's ignorant.

What's the point of
showing it to him.

Stop bullshitting.
We're taking you in.

You kidding, Sir?

I am serious.

No identification and
we're booking you.

You so smart you
should know the law.

Police have every right
to ask for identifications.

Where do you live?

Nearby, Sir.

He's so cute.

Do you think he's mixed?
Ask him.

Are you mixblood?


Velu, you're being watched.

Keep an eye on him.

He's coming over.

Damn it!

Are you avoiding me?

You've grown unrecognizably plump
and pretty.

Why aren't you returning my calls?

Too busy at work.

What brings you here?

I have a tip-off.

Some agent are hiring assassins.

Happens all the time.

Locals aren't touching it,

Same with hoods in China.

The target must be some big brass.

What's it got to do with me?

No Chinese will
accept the assignment.


It means they will be
looking for aliens.

Pakistanis or Nepalese like you.

I am Indian.

I know. You're also Chinese.

Mr. Chan, right?

Haven't heard anything.

Of course. You've been out of touch.

I need your help. Ask around.

No way I'm getting involved.

Hey, this is a major case.

Major or not,
I'm not getting involved.

I promise after this case is closed,

I'm going to break with you once
and for all.


I heard that your big
brother Moray is back.

Check it out.

It'll be helpful to both of us.

You have so much
entanglements with him.

We don't want any trouble from
him, right?


What's wrong?


Stop blocking the entrance.

We're waiting for friends here.

We're not budging an inch.

It's a big street.
Why choose to stand here.

This is the only point we like.

Get it?

Playing soccer?
What's with the human wall?

Who called the police?

Just happened by accidentally.

Hornet, the securities
here switched hands.

But you're all the same gang,
so why the fuss?

The fuss is that...

this use to be our turf.

They've snatched it from us.

Can't you talk it out?

Don't make it hard
for their manager.


Let's step aside to
discuss the problem.

Step aside your ass.

This is way over your league.

I work here.
Can't allow you to make trouble.

This is none of your business.

If you want to watch, stand aside.

Great, I'll ask my
friends to come watch too.

Before they arrive,

I'd finished them off already.

Back up needed at 388 Disco.


Disperse if you don't
want to be hauled in.

So many of us,
can you handle everyone?

We have enough manpower.

What manpower? Flunkies and waiters?

You call your people
and I'll call mine.

Let's see who's the tougher force?

There's 30000 in police force.

We Hung...

Think I'm really drunk?
Think I'll mention names?

Are you hurt?
Do you want file a report?

Take his statements.

Why are they treated better?

It's not fair.

Police assault.


Pick up that beret.

Pick the beret up.

If I pick it up,
it's not going to end here.


Officer let me pick it up.

Hornet sir,
please tell your men to leave.

Don't make trouble here.


Please ask your men to disperse.

Don't cause trouble.

Do you want the police to raid your
big brother's business as well?

If you don't do it,
my men will split,

Think you can leave this street
in one piece?

It's fine...

Thank you.
You're being polite.

Let's go.

Thank you, Sir.

Friends, back to work then.

Back to work.


Where to?

Place with no troublemakers.

Who wants breakfast?

How about beef noodles?
Who's treating?

Doesn't matter. Coming Jason?


The food's good
at the joint round the corner.

Sam, are you joining us?

Endure your time
with the Police Tactical Unit.

And you'll be a genuine policeman.

Sorry M'am. Let me.

Yes, M'am.

It's for your sister on her wedding.

What's wrong?

My sister's not getting married.

Don't cry. Sit down.

My cousin Shirley...

borrowed $100,000 from me.

The money to pay for the wedding.
All gone.

Where is Shirley then?
She's disappeared.

Have you looked everywhere?


Her boss said she stopped working
there a long time ago.

Have you report it?

Why don't you file
a complaint first?

Relax. We'll solve it.

Don't worry about the money.

I can't borrow your money.

You've been working
here for 9 years.

You are family now.

Just help me find Shirley.

I'll get the money from her.

Do you have Shirley's photo?

We can crack this. Stop crying.

See if you like it.

You're released?

Long time no see.

How are you?
I'm fine.



Have you seen my brother Ricky?

Ricky's not in touch with you?

He's doing great hanging
around with Jaga.

He's under Jaga?

Happened right after
you were jailed.

You and Jaga were
Moray's dream team.

Don't mention the past.

Moray hightailed back
to India already.

Heard that he's back.


Ask your brother.

Where does he hang
around these days?


Who is it?

Heard that you're with Jaga now.

You partnered him before. Why can't
I? You have a problem with it?

Why follow my treads
knowing it leads to prison?

I tried the straight life.
The money's not good.

You can be more frugal.

I'm used to the lavish life.

When will you earn enough to stop?

No such thing as enough.

Don't you know you're
breaking the law?


Moray thought he was invinsible...

He's back.
You've seen him?

No, but he contacted Jaga.

Kid, listen to me.

Think of your future.

Don't follow Moray's or my treads.

You don't trust I can
do better than you?


Not another word.
I know what I'm doing.


When were you released?
I'm visiting my kid brother.

Family re-union.
Why wasn't I invited?

Everybody's here.
Let's go for a ride.

A ride? Where to?

Have you made plans for the future?

I'm going straight.

Open the locker.

What for?

Open it first.

What's the meaning of this?

Same as always.

Drop the stuff up ahead.

You're asking me to peddle drugs?

It's not like it's your first time.

If the goods' not
delivered, we're done for.

Remember, you're still on probation.

Can't take a joke?

Joke? It's not funny.

Think I'm still your subordinate.

Think of it as a favour
for old times' sake.

Where were you when I
was thrown into jail?

Did you even think of visiting me?

Bro, time's up.
Get in.

Excuse me, have you seen this girl?

Excuse me, have you seen this girl?


Excuse me, have you seen this girl?

Sorry. Don't know her.

Excuse me, have you seen this girl?

Excuse me, have you seen this girl?

I know this person.

Can you speak English?

I know this person


I think he recognized
Shirley from her photo.

See what he is talking about.

You know her

I know this person.

You know her.

You know her whereabouts?

She still owes me 300 bucks.

He said he knows where Shirley is.

But she owes him $300.

Fine, tell him that...

We'll repay his $300.

But he has to tell us
how to find Shirley.

We'll repay his $300,
how to find Shirley?

Shirley is in Tsim Sha Tsui.

She's with a Nepalese
man named Adler.

Tsim Sha Tsui.

Sarge, May here. Can you talk?

I'm looking for a
Nepalese called Adler.

I think Tsim Sha Tsui's his turf.

Ask Velu.

Indian guy who got slapped by Hornet

outside the disco.

Tell him I referred you.

I've got some tip-offs.


It can lead to operations
to impress the board.

Let's talk over it tomorrow.

Curry King. Delicious curry.

Genuine Indian curry. Try it.

All kinds of curry available.

Come and try it.
Curry King is tasty.

Try it.

Sarge referred me.

We met outside the disco.


I'm looking for someone.

Aren't police suppose
to be good at that?

Her name's Shirley.

I've met many Filipinas.

But I've never seen this one.

Before she went missing,

she was with a Nepalese named Adler.

Seduced, swindled and abandoned?

After ripping off these girls,
these Nepalese.

Would hopscotched it home.

Spend all the money,
switch identities,

Then return for another scam.

That means you can trace him.

Nothing's impossible.

Madam, you want to break a case...

why not find something
more worthwhile?

Even if you succeed in
helping this Filipina

your superiors won't be impressed.

I just want to help a friend.

You're friends with a Filipina?

What's wrong with it?
You're friend's with Sarge.

If you think so.

He arrested me.
I was imprisoned for 3 years.

He wanted to help you start over.

I'll keep a watch out.

But wouldn't a professional con man,

be shrewd enough to
cover his tracks?

You're sure of yourself.

I've conned quite a
few girls in my days.

Look around the cheap
hostels in this area.

These Filipinas,
after they're fleeced,

often hole up there.

Thank you.

I'll call Sarge if I have news.


Didn't think you'd
still think of me.

Why didn't you come to see me soon
after your release.

I wanted to settle
down at work first.

Have you found work then?

Waiter full time and
security part time.

So hardworking?

Yes, I just got paid.

Buy something nice for yourself.

Save it for yourself.

I owe you so much.
Think of it as interest.

Your mother is my sister after all.

Arranging her funeral
is my duty as well.

Keep the resolve to stop gambling.

I won't be around forever
to take care of you.

Uncle, just take it.


Be upright and decent.

Just like Jaga.

Be good.
I know.

Time to patrol.

I'm off, uncle.

It's my birthday next week.
Come for dinner.


What's wrong now?

This restaurant's not
on the authorized list.

What do you want to do then?

Jason, eat with him.

Where's Rocky and Jason?

Rocky thought this restaurant's
not good enough.

Jason accompanied him
to a designated eatery.

Set lunch please.

Should have told him it's suspicious
in here.

We are here working, not eating.

That said,
he would turn away faster.

You know how "brave" he is.

He's in the right.
You shouldn't laugh at him.

At least his paperwork is excellent.

After all he is a college graduate.

Right, university graduate.

He speaks multi languages.

Saves us a lot of translation costs.

What a happy occasion.
Talking about me?

Tea please.
First the congratulations.

What about?
Due for promotion.

I have yet to see the review board.
You can't fail.

Thanks for overrating me.

It's a sure thing with this tip-off.

It'll add to your accomplishments.

Car thieves are sighted...

Get it?

Now it's time to ask for a favor.

I knew the generosity comes
with a price. Say what?

This agent's an organizer
for assassinations.

He's in high gear hiring assassins.

You have information
about target and buyer?

Only that South Asians are involved.

That's all?
That's all.


Why is this case genuine?

Because the clues are slim.

In fact, the more noise a case has,

the less credible it is.

Sarge's logic is all his own.

How can you say that about me?

Ask Superintendent Chan.
He tackles South Asians.

He drove Moray back to India.

Superintendent Chan is busy tackling
a big case.

I dare not disturb him.

How is his nephew doing?

He's not a shame to the family.

Nobody can believe that

they have any blood relationship.


We have a mission tonight?

We're setting out when ready..

Why aren't we
informing headquarters?


Safety in numbers.

Go home if you're chicken
and not ready to police.

Don't think you can hide

behind your uncle.

You don't have to take part
if you're afraid to risk it.

No, Madam.


This car is just
right for your family.

Sure. Who can afford it?

Rocky, don't!

Get out!
Go away!

Get out!

Rocky, let go!
Stop the car!



Rocky, let go!

I stole a car.
It's not murder or arson!

Are you okay?

Step out.

Do you know your problem?

Sorry, Madam.

Saying sorry everytime doesn't help.

If you're not conscious
of your faults,

the problem will never be solved.

Tell me! What is your problem?

How can you improve if
you don't realize it?

Maybe you've never
comprehend improving?

No, Madam. Sorry.

Let me tell you what
your problem is.

not attentive to your surroundings,

leading to a deficiency in judgment.

Inability to get along
with your colleagues.

Lacking confidence
while being pigheaded.

Anyone can make mistakes
but in our case,

lives are at stake.

The next time you commit an error,

I hope you can name it.

Yes Madam.


This is a private club.
What are you doing?

Waiting? You're not a member.

My girlfriend is.
She's in the washroom.

Please come to
security and register.

Won't be long.

She's in the washroom.

We don't have any
colored in our club.

What do you mean by "colored"?

Boy, don't make a
fuss, come with me.

Or else, I'll drag you there.

Fine, I call her now.
Stand still.

Let go!

What's wrong?

You are his girlfriend?

Your member card?

Can we go now?

Go, go now. Damn darky!

Come again? I'm filing a complaint.

Miss, as decent looking as you are,

why go out with a black man?

How can you face your parents?

Damn you!

What did the security say to you?

Did you break that sign?

Why did you do it?

Did you call him "damn darky"?

No, I didn't call him "damn darky".

I just called him darky.

If you don't know his name,

just refer him as an Indian.

I don't want any word
"darky" in the report.

Yes, Sir.

Did he break the sign?

When he smashed it
I called the police.

If you don't co-operate
we can't help you.

Say something.
You're still on probation.

You want to be jailed again?

I am the Manager.

Sir, you seems to be the superior.

The club has decided to sue him.

Take a statement from this lady.

Yes Sir.

Over here.

Did you call him "damn darky"?

I didn't use the word "damn".

Swearing is not illegal.

But making a false statement is.

Maybe it slipped my mouth.

Protection by the police.

No wonder girls throw
themselves on them.

What did you say?

Your girl's demented.
Adores your rotten smell.

Put It down.

Put it down.

Velu, don't...

Black people aren't human?

My blood is as red as yours.


Let's take a look.

You're crazy.

Your security was
using racial slurs...

to provoke this man.

I suggest you make reconciliations.


You are a high-class club house.

If news of racial discrimination
spreads out, it'll be disastrous.


The club is dropping charges.

Ambulance will arrive soon.
Have a check up.

If you want respect,

you mustn't abandon yourself.

Only you have the
right to discriminate

against yourself.

Yes, Sir.

It's decided then.

Suen, Tat.

You're assigned to May today.
You two follow me.

Shane, Jason, that way.

Yes Sir.

You come with me.

Sir, what's our target today?

You have any suggestions?

There's report of pickpockets
in the mall nearby.

We should go take a look.

Good to pay attention to data.

Intelligence gathering is crucial
to crime-busting.

Studying is useless if
it's not put to use.

Work with the right attitude.


Stand still.

What are you hiding? Let's see.

Soap. Must have swiped
it from the toilet.

Sir, please don't arrest me...

Show me you ID card please.

It's at home.

Where do you live?

Mister, we'll take you home.



Stay here...

Do you know where he's taking you?

His home.

He said it's nearby.

What if it's a set-up?

Think about it.

Let's call the patrol van.

Mister, we're taking you in.

Listen, just listen, okay?

Please give me a chance...

Give me a reason.

I just took some soap.

I will return it back.

Tell the judge.

You live nearby?

Have you heard or seen
anything recently?

I'm not in the line
of illegal activities.


I'll tell you everything.

There's people stealing iron here.

If I tell you everything,
you'll let me go?

What people?

Three Nepalese are stealing...

iron manhold covers.

Where are they?

The rubbish collection center
is their hideout.

Radio, PTU 68748,

arrested a man on Hillwood Road,

please send patrol car here, over.

Why are you doing this?

Still not here. Where's Velu?

Almost time.

Happy Birthday uncle.
He is here.

It's for you.

Thank you.

Sit down.

Give you a beer.

Happy birthday!

Haven't gathered like
this for a long time.

Dad, Velu's back now,
we'll have plenty of chance.

It's his mom who
brought me to Hong Kong,

You wouldn't be born here otherwise.

You'd still be in
India tilling the land.

No house and land of our own.

Take good care of Ricky,

and help Velu out for me.

We're cousins.
I'll do my best to help.

But he might not accept it.

You should bond together.

We realize it, uncle...

You wouldn't have strayed
if you really did.

You mum and I searched everywhere
for schools.

But they all found you unacceptable.

No colored allowed.
You simply stop studying.

So hard on you,
why not go back to India?

Here we earn good money.

Save enough to buy land back home.

Dad, maybe it's time
to call it quits.

I've lived here decades.
I'm used to it.

No money to earn, nothing!

Let's change the topic.

Happy birthday.

When we're kids,
you're called "dirty dark-skin".

You scrubbed your hands
with a wire-brush.

It's the same everywhere.

The Chinese reviles me as black,

Indians curse my surname Chan.

You ripped and flayed
your skin badly.

I thought I could
wash the black out.

I wanted you to scrub also.

Smartly, I refused.

I thought I could turn white.

Only if you are Michael Jackson.

With money, anything can be done.

At the end it's not about racism,

They're bigots because I'm poor.

If you're loaded who cares
if you are multi-hued.

Still angry with me
for taking Ricky in?

It was him who sought me out.

I let him join the brotherhood
for your sake.

For my sake, let go of him.

If you can talk him out of
it, I don't mind.

But now you're his big brother.

How about if you join us,

I'll return your brother to you.

Stop joking. I'm serious; Help me.

Seriously, I can't help you.

Hong Kong Police...

Sit down.

Take photos to show the fences.

Yes, Sir.


There's more of them.

Stay behind to help.


Don't move!

Police's here.

Don't move!

Don't move!

Hold still. Watch him.

Put that knife down!

There a cache of weapons.



Don't move!

Stay away.

Stay away.

Don't come nearer.

Don't come closer.

Help me!

Where's my money?

Stand still...

Shut up.

Quiet down or I'll shoot.

My money!
Dunno, dunno!

Shut up!

Shut up. Hands up.


Don't move! Get down!

Shut up.

You could have just called.

Better to talk face to face.

Every time you show
up, it's bad tidings.

Good news,
we've bagged the assassins.

So what?

But the case hasn't close yet.

Some loose ends to be cleared
with your help.

What's that?

Agent is mobilizing
another squad of killers.

So what?

Seems like he's receiving
a good response.

We like to know who's
the intermediary.

You're asking me to go undercover?

Just get in touch with them and see.

No way.

It's the only lead I have.

Nobody can help if you don't.

Sorry, I can't help either.

Velu, you can do it.

It's whether you're willing or not.

It's my life that's at stake.
How can I?

Wouldn't trouble you
if I can help it.

You don't need to commit murder.

Just go for an interview.
Snoop around.

Easier said than done.

More experiences auditioning will

do you a world of good.

It's dangerous.

Your firm's not generous
giving welfare aid.

I'll personally recompense you.

Sounds more like condolence fund.

This is urgent.

And it's life or death.

And my life doesn't count?

Let me think about it.


You're applying for the job?

Aren't all of us here?

Who introduced you?

Third party referred
me to a fourth party.

This is big time.

How do you know?

Only guys who'd been
in jail need apply.

You're crazy? Committing murder?

Can't avoid bloodshed in my line.

And didn't you say
you're going straight?

Why are you here?

Did Jaga bring you up to it?

Damn Jaga.

This is none of your business.

It's manslaughter.
You could be put away for life.

What about you?

Just don't bring it
to Jaga's attention.

Or else, we're finished as brothers.

And also...

I'm not joking.

If Jaga catches wind of
this, you're dead..

Have you heard the scoop?

A troop of Nepalese were nabbed.

I heard that.

It's major.

A horde of weapons were confiscated.

I wonder who's involved.

Can you check it out?

Rumours everywhere.
Can you believe it all?

The hell with them.

The girls initiated this and
now, no show!

They're coming.

Let's get started first.

Hi, I'm Shirley.

You must be Jaga.
This is my friend Jojo.

Hi, Jaga.

Maria told me about you.

Which Maria, I know a bunch of them.

She said you got a
lot of good stuff.

So you want to enjoy
with us or buy from us?

My English is so poor.
How can we talk?

Don't use your mouth to talk.


Why didn't you answer my call?

I didn't know it was you.

The Nepaleses got caught. What now?

I have replacements.

If that cop gets to the witness box,
you're done for.

You took my money. Don't dillydally.

No problem.

You better get it right this time.

I'll steer other lucrative
deals to you in future.

Thank you.

Get the hit men organized.

Make sure you do not hire Velu.

Remember... Velu.

Why are you calling Daddy?

We've been through this last time.

I know.


That means you don't care about me.

She is your daughter,
how can I be jealous her?

You are.

I am then.
So perfunctory?

You're so hard to please.

How about if I try pleasing you?

Remember when you
went to beauty school?

And learned massage.

You had it good then.

I was on call as your
personal masseuse.

You forgot, after your graduation,

you didn't once give me a rub down.

If I'm promoted I'll
give you 10 massages.

Your coupons always expire
before they can be used.

We've gone through hell before
finding each other again.

Can't let anything go wrong again.

Used to think nothing
can separate us.

Who knew our parting
lasted ten years.

You went to study abroad.

You joined the Police Academy.

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